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She had come to see the band but they were away. Well, Jim A. was *permanently* away, replaced by this mysterious Jim B. who was 20 years younger. And what about herself? Also 20 years displaced. It was 20 years ago today (etc.).

The Band; a make-believe one inside a real one. But the make-believe one had come to overshadow the real, like a Virtual Reality within Reality Reality begins to take over and work its powers outside in as well as inside out. Glove.


“Hell-o hell-o hell-o.”

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section’s end

“Personally I don’t like to look at the thing,” she spoke, facing way from the map. “But there it is. The Maebaleia blue galleries of lore. Notice — and I’m not going to turn around for this — that Cassandra City near Bluestocking is closest to The Moon here.”

“I know,” cooed the staring Heart Queen, thinking back to the previously examined map on the second floor of the House of Truth. “Barracuda. Just like in ‘Moby Prick’. Gypsies. Karoz! I’m remembering. He was there!”

“He has been disguised as (similarly blue-green) Tealy for the current run of Collagesity photo-novels,” admitted Grey Scale. “Waiting to reveal himself.”

“Now’s the time!” requested the queen.

“Not quite yet,” tempered Grey Scale, who was still in charge despite the niceties. The Heart Queen, like Chesteria before her, was learning when to keep in line; bend her own will. “Don’t cross Grey Scale,” urged Chesteria as newly appointed executive advisor. “She knows what she’s doing. Despite the purse.” They both had a laugh about the yellow handbag after that — so unfashionable, both agreed. Doesn’t really go with any of her earrings, for example.

“Then… when?”

“We have to determine the identity of Tillie, the accomplice. She may be Baker Blinker, the wife in Our Second Lyfe. Or she may be…”


“Very close.” Grey Scale turned to the Heart Queen. “Very close.”

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“He is coming.”

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“We negotiated a deal. The North will remain Linden (Lime World) territory through and through, with origin in DaBoom.”

.De Boom

“The South: Another matter. Lemon comes into play. World of. A Man named Pierre who goes About Time will give us more details soon.”

“Is Lemon, then, the same as Lennon?” I asked, attempting to get more information in the moment.

“Kind of,” came the answer.

“And Yoko, who is kind of Yoko Ono, Lennon’s wife, negotiated the deal.”

“She helped with the deal, yes. The Scarlet Triangle, the A.Team, has been isolated from the rest of the war machine thanks to her aid. The B.’s come to the fore again. Keith (Bower) and Jim (Brown). They are screeching and spinning their way up to Golden Sink as we speak, which in the days was known as Golden City. Where it all ends, where it all goes down. Rocketship that is. We had to shoot it out of the sky. The war is over and the rocket cannot reach Chip Shot (Pipersville in the future).” She paused.

“Another Lemon?” I asked about the ship, getting warmer.

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“You here for the Table interview as well?” Mmmmmm Salad Bar Jack asked, fresh from the new portal Wheeler installed just yesterday in Carrcassonnee’s *former* gazebo. John Lemon utters complete gibberish back to Mmmmm, but he understands and interprets.

“I see. First to interview. Luckey you.”

More incoherent speech from Lemon.

“Well, it will be a pleasure to serve with you sir on The Table. If I’m chosen. I don’t have much hope, actually. I worked with Baker Bloch over in Jonesborough.”

Gibberish from Lemon.

“No, not Heterocera. The Real World. TILE Creek. Ever heard of it?”

Gibberish. Salad Bar interprets that John Lemon doesn’t know where this is. Lemon asks (again only Salad Bar can hear this, if anyone was listening in — like us) if he was in a carrcass either positive or negative.

“No,” came Salad Bar Jack’s reply.

After Lemon’s next round of static, Salad Bar proclaims: “Instant disqualification, eh. Well, maybe it’s best I don’t show up for the interview. This Wheeler lady may have misinterpreted my resume. I play in *my* movies. Action adventure ones in the main, although we’ve branched out a bit lately, Gene and I. Don’t suppose you’ve ever hear of actor/director Gene Fade either, my close associate and colleague?”

We can understand from Salad Bar’s next reply that Lemon hasn’t. He begins listing out his filmography. “‘Salad Bar Jack in the River of TILE’? ‘Salad Bar Jack Be Nimble’? ‘Salad Bar Jack of All Trades’?” Lemon shakes his head. “Nothing?” It’s difficult for SBJ to comprehend this lack of recognition, but Lemon shakes his head again.

Lemon goes on a bit now with his incoherent talk, explaining something important to Salad Bar.

“Child, eh?” he replies after a pause. Lemon shakes his head again and corrects Salad Bar Jack. “Chilbo? Then we *do* know each other!”

Salad Bar Jack and John Lemon embrace.


15 minutes later he also receives a chair at The Table. Wheeler remembers him as well. Curled Paper puts a check mark beside his name. On his way out he talks again to fellow Mmmmmm King Bill. “See you later you complete bastard, hehe.” But Bill is still worried about time and getting back to The Hill.


It seems it is too late. Bill Hill is no more.


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Ahem, remind me what he likes to call himself now?

Baker Blinker:

Bogota. Like the projected collage series.



Ah yes. Bogota, Bogota. Got a sort of ring to it I suppose. Is this related to Boos-gota? (Bogota enters the gazebo) Ahhh… here he is now, fresh from a power nap. Hello David Bowie. Drat! I mean: Bogota.


Bogota is my name, while I’m here. Do you like it? Baker B. chose it for me. It’s one of his future collage series, hm-mm.


Yes, we know. But you are also S-y-d or S-I-D from the woods.


Um, yes, I am recalling that now, sir. Just now, though.



You can reveal yourself for who you are here. No need for a mask.


Oh, okay. (Bogota fades out the mask)


So what is your true business here in Collagesity? We are honored to host such a distinguished guest. We are collectively a bit awestruck, actually.


Yeah (sniff). I do that to people. Actually I’m just here to read one book in particular and then leave. It’s the book by — Blood Curdling isn’t it? I’ve read the early chapters and am up to the one about, well, me again. (He smiles at both Baker Blinker and Carr.)


Yes, I’m sorry Blood Curdling is not one of our better town writers. Pete has a nice set of fictional detective stories if you’d like to read those instead. (turns to Baker Blinker) Pete… isn’t that his name? Pete Good… Pete Best… something. (Baker Blinker just shrugs.)



Um, sure, thanks. I’ll take them with me.

Baker Blinker:

Where will you go next?


Out there. Mars. Saturn. Uranus. The universe beckons.


Baker Blinker is wondering if the woods will still be haunted.


Well, that’s what I’m trying to determine. We’re trying to figure out what those, er, woods are about. This Collagesity depends on it for energy. A fire burning.




Me and my mates. My mates and I. I’ve finally got to meet Syd now. We’re catching up. Planning the future. The skies the limit. (turning to Baker Blinker) Next life I might be Pink!

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