“You better grab one of those dolls or you’ll be stuck with a flamingo over there.  Thanks again for apologizing to me about that thing.”

“Did I?”

“Close enough. Yeah, that one coming in on the tide without any costume. Nab it while you can.”


One week later, not far away atall:

“Those dykes better show up soon. Right Wanda?”

Wanda has no opinion on the matter. “What-ever,” she might say if she could actually talk. But she’s a good enough companion otherwise. For the time being. Until the others arrive. Albert is suppose to, how did Claude put it? Convert them, yeah. Knowing Roberts and Franklin like I do already,  I’m sure this will go swimmingly.

Here they come!

“Get ready to pull out your surprise,” says smirking Roberts from the bow as they glide in.

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