Enter Karoz


Writing abstract stuff about Whitehead Crossing always seemed to make Baker Bloch hungry. So he decided to take a break and walk up to the Bodega market to get a snack.

He was attempting to pay for his Yum-Oh Chocolate Bar when he recognized the figure behind the counter. “Karoz Blogger, as I’m living and breathing! I didn’t know they brought you back as well. How long you been working here?” Baker Bloch realizes he hasn’t visited the market in maybe 2 weeks. Trying to lay off the sugar, you see.


“Day after Christmas. I think it’s a good gig,” Karoz responded.

“Well cool. How have you been doing my friend? How’s tricks?” Baker thinks how low Karoz has sunk from being a college president, but, of course, doesn’t say this out loud.

“Pretty good. I’ve got a gun now.”


“Everyone’s got a gun,” says Baker. “So you own this place outright or just manage it… or just work here?” Baker realizes he’s getting into awkward territory. Don’t mention the lowering of status! he reminds himself.

“Tom Wilmot owns the place. He bought it from Hucka Doobie. You know Tom, don’t you? The town busker? He’s not been playing outside for a while. I think he went to medical school for a couple of weeks in Mexico.”

“Good one Karoz. Firesign Theatre references are springing up everywhere. I just used one in my last Whitehead Crossing post. Do you remember US Grant having General Lincolns in his back pocket?”

“Kind of…”

“Oh, and “The Giant Rat of Sumatra” just came up in a facebook reply to a friend. You know Cammie by chance?”

“I don’t think I do,” says Karoz. “Is that your sister?”

“No, she’s the wife’s best friend. And my best friend as well. She’s *like* a sister to us, so maybe that’s where you got the idea.”

“I thought *I* was your best friend.” Karoz tries to smile here but only manages to laugh maniacally. He apologizes afterwards, saying he needs to expand his gestures and that he’s a little behind the times.


“So am I my friend,” gives Baker back. “So am I.”

“We need to catch up my old friend,” Karoz says. “When can we do it? I work the night shift, obviously, but have the days free. Not much to explore in Second Life any more, as I’m looking around. I suppose we need to talk about… the end.”

“That’s exactly what we need to start talking about, all of us. I want to get your story so it can carry on. I think you have a lot to say.”

“I do,” responds Karoz. “So how about tomorrow? And you can keep your linden dollar. Put it in a museum with the rest of everything.” He laughs maniacally again.

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