Whitehead X-ing Studies 01


“There it is still, Hucka D. The 2989 Winnie the Pooh lego set. 10 images down in a search for that particular number in google images. Wonderful. Let’s take a closer look.”


“2989 is 61×49. I’m still around, baker b., [as well]. I’m still your neighbor. Carrcassonnee has taken over many of my old responsibilities. But that’s just because she’s suppose to at this point. I hear Karoz is back.”


That’s another thing, Hucka D. I believe Karoz appears in the collage most directly related to this 2989 lego set image. Here’s the collage (for the reader)…

Falmouth series: collage 46

… and here’s the detail.


The Green Man with removable head, after some experimenting with that “gap”, as I call it, ultimately acts as the replacement for The Contraption seen in that spot in the original picture. It’s just a flower pot or something — doesn’t matter.

Hucka D.:

Doesn’t it?


But the Green Man was selected because he is green, like The Emerald [green grass patch in Whitehead Crossing]. I removed The Contraption initially because I wanted to keep exposing the beautiful green color of this grass in a certain part of the collage. But then the replaced Contraption begins to take a life of its own, starting perhaps in collage 53, another important work in the series.


Hucka D.:

Why don’t you show a picture of The Contraption itself. Like you did with the Green Man just now.


Good idea. Let me dig that up. (pause) Well, I can’t find it. Let me make a new one quickly.


Hucka D.:

Ah yes. The Contraption. I remember it being a very versatile instrument.


It could duplicate itself but not infinitely. It could update its own facebook profile picture. It weighs less than an uranium paperclip and could eat its own weight in aluminum. And so forth.

Hucka D.:

I think you’ve figured out more recently that the Green Man faces the same way as the 61 sign [from the same collage], and the Grey Man below him, 1/2 the size, represents the 49 part of the Clarksdale sign. 61×49 — 2989. That’s the crossroads or crossing. That’s where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil so that he could play blues guitar unlike anyone else.


Green Man is 61; Grey Man: 49. Greater and Lesser. Filling the gap, because Grey Man fills it too. Grey Man’s head becomes Green Man’s foot. Let’s call him Grean Man with an “a” for fun. This is the head and foot[ stone] of a particular grave again, don’t you think? I mean… (pause)


But [the Grean Man is] Karoz? Don’t you think? I mean… (pause)

Hucka D.:

You go. See, we’re interfering with each other. Almost cancelling each other out. You should talk directly to Karoz. Tell him all of this, or fill in the *gap* of what he doesn’t know. Then you can go from there. Contact me when you’re done. I have a heavy investment in the Falmouth series. I need to get you through all this. Preparation. Talk soon!


contraption play
noun con·trap·tion \kən-ˈtrap-shən\
Simple Definition of contraption
Popularity: Bottom 40% of words

: a piece of equipment or machinery that is unusual or strange

Quinten Metsys-Triptique de la confrerie Saint-Anne a Louvain mg 2989.jpg

Overshadowed Baby 2989 explains The Contraption to a group of office workers.

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