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The blue eye is closed on the Moth Man as he stares out at Bottle Mound on Fishers Island. Interesting. Noting.

On to Wallytown proper to view the bell shaped rise with the crashed UFO beside it on the beach from a different angle, as it turned out.

“He won’t get off my car, Mr. Z,” complained Zapppa’s seated brother-cousin Zipppy, a well thought of Wallytown mechanic in its California half. Nevada beyond the wall is a different story, where he’s wanted for at least 3 criminal acts: grand larceny, manslaughter, murder even. “Screams he’s in love with it and wants to speak to someone named Wheeler about buying; thinks he can get a good deal that way. Thanks for coming by and helping me. It’s kind of an antique you know. It’ll cost him X amount of dollars. Could he just be talking about buying the wheels off this jalopy? And since it’s split in two pieces currently to make a novelty couch, we’d have to charge mucho extra to put it back together. Could he be… insane? Mad?”

“I’ll see what I can do,” replied Zapppa, who was indeed Mr. Z but not the one we’ve already met. Better resist call him that from now on. And we’ve already also run across someone with the tag of “Mad”. Best not to use that again as well. Let’s just go with Mercury. Mercury X. Mr. X. Because that’s what they’ll have to charge him. And let’s similarly name Zipppy Mr. Y. Although this is probably a one-off for him in this here photo-novel; we’ll stick with Zipppy, then. And Mercury X. Mercury X. Rising, let’s say, with the X silent. Like the original Star Wars movie from 1898.

They end up just deciding to give the car away for basically free. Madness. All four of ’em: W mixed in with the other three now and turning them all back into letters, shall we put it.

Wheeler (Ms. W) then returned to her well placed friends at the Annapolis MD consignment shop we saw toward the end of photo-novel 20. She had no need for money with besties like that.

Dorothy inside promptly wrote W a check for X amount of linden dollars to make up for Y and Z’s loss.

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hunger games

Ahh, the imposter. “Hi Reddie.”

Now if I can just find a standing version of Saffie here we can go on more diverse dates. Otherwise… might be back to Audrey, etc. Theater and dinners only go so far.


Strange foreign accent; woman: “I’m look-ing for Norm the Cash-ier.”

“You’re looking at her.” She recognizes the war paint. “Oh God.”

“Yes. Pay-ment time.” Norm barely resists putting out both of her hands in defense. She *knew* this day was coming. At least Barry isn’t here to see all this.

“2989 per month for the pipe-line to the ri-ver, just like we a-greed. Sixty-one times forty-nine.”

“Okay, okay.” Norm the Cashier knew she didn’t have the money. Could she faint to distract? How about a fake heart attack. Polio. That’s it. “I’ve been diagnosed with something.”


“Poli- poli- po-LICE! POLICE! POLI–!”

Burt, did you hear anything just then?”

“Oh, sorry.” He turned a bit red. “Burritos for lunch.”

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Whitehead X-ing Studies 03

Diamond Beach:

Pooh searches for Master Bee at 4 Sticks, crossing Big Log to enter. 4 Sticks misses him. Gift of honey stuck on knob of Big Log. This is legend. 4 Sticks knows this is Crossroads and 49 x 61 = 2989. 2989 is the Master Number. 2989 is the Master’s Number.

Where does Pooh come from to visit 4 Sticks? He has planned and planned and planned for this trip.

Pooh sometimes said he was a swan and not a bear.

Is Master Bee Hucka Doobie? Did Pooh go to the wrong location (4 Sticks instead of Greenhead, where the Bees actually lived)?



“It’s that “2989” detail where Pooh’s red umbrella attempts to cover the Fal Mouth Moon Gallery but can’t. This predicts the creation of the Red Umbrella gallery and its 3 inclusive series by a number of months. Pooh’s umbrella can’t cover Fal Mouth Moon because the two are separate things. And now in Minoa’s Collagesity the two sit side by side with each other.”

“When you walk in the gallery, this same image appears on the opposite wall smack in the middle of the tetraptych running along that whole side.”




Hucka D.:

I suppose we have no choice but to bring Pooh physically into Whitehead Crossing. Collagesity I mean there, of course. My bad. I’m getting as bad as Carrcassonnee[ on the word mistakes]!


Yes, he’s already been to The Crossing and left a pot of honey outside the city gates, or the inner city sometimes referred to as 4 Sticks. He thought the Master Bee was there. He thought *you* were there. You and your bottles.

Hucka D.:

Don’t start with me again. You were just as responsible!


Back to the detail — so the Clarksdale crossing sign is directly above Pooh and his umbrella in the overall collage (“2989”). Pooh’s honey cart gets stuck on High Knob [= Knobby?]on Big Log, right in front of the the place where we know the Fal Mouth Moon structure was located in Whitehead X-ing. This would be on top of the Cliffs of Dundee, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Precisely there. Highlighted by several other [Whitehead Crossing related] collages.


So here’s the one with the honey stuck on Big Log…



[In the second, ]Winnie’s already left the scene, given up on 4 Sticks receiving the gift. But now 4 Sticks is there, which is the same as Zoso I suppose, or the town’s spirit deity.

Hucka D.:

Winnie is Winnfield. Are you going to meet up with Karoz Blogger tonight? Have you found the old interview? You can’t do the new one until you look what happened with that one. Karoz is important as a gap filler. He was *there* in Whitehead Crossing — just like Spongeberg is presently. I’m not sure the two knocked into each other, but you need to know that. Karoz was there to negotiate the founding of the Falmouth collage college in Castle Dundee, and the creation of a virtual town surrounding it. The students had to have a place to live. The faculty and staff as well. So a village had to be built, if it were to succeed. But this was not 4 Sticks, but across Whitehead Stream from it. The village knew it would be the central source of The Crossing. It *was* The Crossing, the energy. But white magic instead of black. That ol’ white magic. Who is Dundee and his wife? You know from your “High Octave Story” that he cherished paintings, and collected everything from the year 1812 he could. “The Cliffs of Dundee” hung on the far wall across from his office. The triangle.

“The Cliffs of Dundee”, oil painting by Waverly Knapp, c1812.

Now this is a better representation of the cliffs as [Mr. & Mrs.] Dundee saw them. Your collage “Promised Land Revisited” uses many of the same elements, but the perspective is reversed, with the cliffs on the right side of the stream instead of the left. Put that up as well…


… and this is from the Falmouth collage series, 6 years after “Promised Land”, the actual collage behind the supposed painting “Cliffs of Dundee”. But it *was* a painting… to the Dundees. How did they accomplish this? This is what you must find out next. How did they go into the landscape of The Crossing. They used the power of 2989 to enter. The vortex[ again]. The stone on top of the Cliffs of Dundee in the second collage above has a cross on it. 49×61. 2989. It’s an imported rock, however, actually coming from neighboring Norris Creek. It’s only there in the collage and not in reality. This is an important collage — *these* are important collages. Because both are. But one is also a painting. How is that?


I don’t know, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Find out. Talk to Karoz tonight but dig up that old interview in the meantime. We’ll speak later. Have a super nice day!


Thanks! You too.

Bubbles' Unequal Marriage06
Hucka D. later indicated that “Bubbles’ Unequal Marriage” also hung in Castle Dundee.

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Whitehead X-ing Studies 01


“There it is still, Hucka D. The 2989 Winnie the Pooh lego set. 10 images down in a search for that particular number in google images. Wonderful. Let’s take a closer look.”


“2989 is 61×49. I’m still around, baker b., [as well]. I’m still your neighbor. Carrcassonnee has taken over many of my old responsibilities. But that’s just because she’s suppose to at this point. I hear Karoz is back.”


That’s another thing, Hucka D. I believe Karoz appears in the collage most directly related to this 2989 lego set image. Here’s the collage (for the reader)…

Falmouth series: collage 46

… and here’s the detail.


The Green Man with removable head, after some experimenting with that “gap”, as I call it, ultimately acts as the replacement for The Contraption seen in that spot in the original picture. It’s just a flower pot or something — doesn’t matter.

Hucka D.:

Doesn’t it?


But the Green Man was selected because he is green, like The Emerald [green grass patch in Whitehead Crossing]. I removed The Contraption initially because I wanted to keep exposing the beautiful green color of this grass in a certain part of the collage. But then the replaced Contraption begins to take a life of its own, starting perhaps in collage 53, another important work in the series.


Hucka D.:

Why don’t you show a picture of The Contraption itself. Like you did with the Green Man just now.


Good idea. Let me dig that up. (pause) Well, I can’t find it. Let me make a new one quickly.


Hucka D.:

Ah yes. The Contraption. I remember it being a very versatile instrument.


It could duplicate itself but not infinitely. It could update its own facebook profile picture. It weighs less than an uranium paperclip and could eat its own weight in aluminum. And so forth.

Hucka D.:

I think you’ve figured out more recently that the Green Man faces the same way as the 61 sign [from the same collage], and the Grey Man below him, 1/2 the size, represents the 49 part of the Clarksdale sign. 61×49 — 2989. That’s the crossroads or crossing. That’s where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil so that he could play blues guitar unlike anyone else.


Green Man is 61; Grey Man: 49. Greater and Lesser. Filling the gap, because Grey Man fills it too. Grey Man’s head becomes Green Man’s foot. Let’s call him Grean Man with an “a” for fun. This is the head and foot[ stone] of a particular grave again, don’t you think? I mean… (pause)


But [the Grean Man is] Karoz? Don’t you think? I mean… (pause)

Hucka D.:

You go. See, we’re interfering with each other. Almost cancelling each other out. You should talk directly to Karoz. Tell him all of this, or fill in the *gap* of what he doesn’t know. Then you can go from there. Contact me when you’re done. I have a heavy investment in the Falmouth series. I need to get you through all this. Preparation. Talk soon!


contraption play
noun con·trap·tion \kən-ˈtrap-shən\
Simple Definition of contraption
Popularity: Bottom 40% of words

: a piece of equipment or machinery that is unusual or strange

Quinten Metsys-Triptique de la confrerie Saint-Anne a Louvain mg 2989.jpg

Overshadowed Baby 2989 explains The Contraption to a group of office workers.

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