Chat, Hikes

“Collages are coming in right and left, Hucka (!)”

Hucka D.:

Pressure creates art. You are seeking help. Art responds.


Have even revisited Greenup Gill now[ in last 2 collages, completed just yesterday].

Hucka D.:

You are playing the border between animation and collage. You see how hard it is to make good, competent animation. It really should be *lived*.


Interesting, Hucka D. Oh, I need to talk about my hikes this weekend. And last weekend, actually.


Hiking season perhaps has officially opened, with 2 nice mountain hikes this weekend, both in Frank Park. But to back up, *last* weekend I also hiked in Frank Park and also Mytholopolis on Saturday. No pictures from the latter, however — forgot to take my camera along with me for the 50 minute drive. To summarize, what I basically discovered was an alternate or *southern* route from Carrcassonne into the heart of the new Mythos, or Redlands as I’m calling it now. I’ll attempt to provide types of maps asap.

Now to Frank Park. Last week I revisited Bill Mtn., but was quite depressed still about my interim evaluation and the whole work situation now. So I *dwelled*. Instead of walking toward the summit, I headed away through southern meadows toward places not seen in a while, including a ridge between Bill Mtn. and Frank Lake that I’d earmarked for a possible toy happening some time ago — a flat, relatively clear spot centered by a hemlock. The former passage into this clear space had now become overgrown with rhododendron. It was effectively sealed off, and if this was my first visit I probably wouldn’t have even known there was a clear space back in there. Not sure exactly what this means — must return when I’m in a better state of mind. The meadow just south seemed to contain poles marking some kind of, I’m not sure, race? Anyway, that added a little to my depression for some reason. Maybe just another human intrusion into a former pristine settin. Oh, and *guns* were being shot not far off. Hopefully not in Frank Park itself! But I think hunters are around the edges of the park. And I heard them again the next day, if I remember correctly. Upsetting. Started in the afternoon both days.

It’s difficult to write about my Frank and Herman Park hikes without pictures. I’ll try to put what I have on the blog tonight so that I can write more effectively later on. The 2 hikes this weekend were more successful, and both days I explored new territory, especially yesterday (Sunday). Found another hutch in the woods where someone perhaps got refuge from the elements at times. Bullrocks type rocks below it… this would be the summit of Greene Knob. Or maybe that’s Gene Knob. Should Gene Knob be a new blog category?

Hucka D.:

I’m back. Yes, Gene Knob should be a new category. But don’t call it that. Think of Allen Knob to its west north. Think of Green Stream between. Allen the Purple Martin.

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