Mythos 01

Edwardston and its railroad trestle.


Edwardston, Pattonsburg and Gillalex (latter not revisited yet).


Increasing range: Calypso comes into view. Calypso is the traditional 5th largest city of the Mythos country of Wazob, as Edwardston is no. 3 and Gillalex is no. 4. This is obvious reference to the 3-4-5 Pythagorean triangle, in retrospect. The city of Calypso is (or was) located on Morg Island at the confluence of Silver Creek and Gold River. It is now part of a walking park. Wazob is built around the Silver Creek, and Calypso represents its “top”, a sealing or even entrapping lid.


Expanding out again we can view old Eoc above Wazob, and also more of the Federation whose outline is basically the same as old Mythopolis. More on that association soon enough.

Note: We have now escaped Calypso representing the whole of Wazob after 6 nights (almost a full week) and returned to normality. Comparison to Ulysses’ entrapment on Ogygia by nymph Calypso might be necessary. This is the meaning of the Spine Line, along with an absence of Edward now. Spine Line travels up first Silver (Wazob) and then Gold (Eoc). Edward has likewise escaped silvery Wazob through the help of goldeny Eoc.

The province of Spinel, shared between Wazob and Eoc, lies fully between Calypso and Bridge01 above it.


A key is what I’m presently calling, for lack of a better term still, Bridge02.


Unfortunately I haven’t taken any pictures of the location yet. Much deepness here. Bridge01 to Bridge02 defines the lower and upper limits of Eoc. Now I don’t think Eoc is still an active political unit but perhaps that doesn’t matter. Smithston represents the old 3rd eye of Mythos. Bridge02 could be a new, transposed eye for the planet, perhaps even improved in ways. It lies at the upper tip of Spine Line or maybe Bridge Line, because it “begins” at a bridge (rr tressle bridge at Edwardston) and ends with one as well (Bridge02) according to present theories.*

Each place that the Spine or Bridge Line touches either Silver Creek or Gold River seems highlighted by a landmark.

Edward has left Mythos now, perhaps not even saying goodbye.

no Edward


* note: I met a Pearl Gray Grey in Second Life tonight and the capital of Eoc (Campbella) is or was in a Pearl Province with an official color of gray. Interesting juxtaposition, then. Pearl knew of my blog, or at least the pictures. 🙂 SL’s funny like that. That represents my first visit to Second Life after returning from my 6 night “entrapment” (without internet) in Wazob. Aiding Eoc is showing its colors, once more.

Another interesting shadow picture with circle, this time from Collagesity in Rubi. I call it “Squaring The”. Very accidental shadowing, once more.


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