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*More* changes….

I decided that the TILE Chapel should be switched out with something more promising and substantial. The old Norris Gallery/Temple seemed to fit the bill exactly.


The view down Flower Lane has not been significantly altered…


… nor down Arrow Street. Busker still aligned and in aim.


Baker still waits for Carrcassonnee within to procure her needed Eye so that he can worship properly.


But which one will get it??



6:30 pm:

And now it has a rocket launcher! And also some smaller, upper floors for, yes, possible additional town gallery space.



And only one Carrcassonne now. Still without Eye so far.



It’s all bleed’n coming together. I also still need a Moon to land on. Will I find Carrcassonnee’s needed Eye there, by chance? Ehh.



I decided to switch out the potential Rubi Museum Building with the Stair Gallery structure to reduce prims. I plan to reinsert the Kollage Kid exhibit within, as it has been in a number of my virtual villages now. And I’m back up to 333 available prims all of a sudden… well, 332.





The Moon has been established as a rocket destination.

But prims needed to be pruned elsewhere. I decided that the Stair Gallery structure had to go. I replaced it with a nice 2 prim urban building. So that’s eliminated as a gallery space. But Collagesity has a Moon! And that’s perhaps about all the building I can do in the town. All’s that’s left is filling in the gallery spaces, it seems.

nice 2 prim structure

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One more bit…

… of Collagesity Underground completed, linking the rooms beneath the Red Umbrella with the basement of Fal Mouth Moon through a narrow passage underneath Main Way.



But I think that’s about all the digging I can do in the town. Cool that I could accomplish as much as I did, though. Next might be a pod tour. 🙂

Hucka D.:

Stop smiling and build your damn rocket ship. 🙂


Oh yeah, forgot about that. The Scarlet Triangle. And then in the middle, the ship. Can you tell me how that works, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

You tell me. Okay I’ll tell you some. You use the woods for energy. The Woods. Position the ship as close as possible. Are you simply going to revamp the TILE Tower on your old lot? That might be the best way to go. It’s already in the shape of a rocket.


Thank you.


You’re welcome. I don’t know how to answer your question.


Tonight I also opened up a new version of the Something To Chro About gallery, featuring my pre-Art 10×10 collages from the 80s/90s, and created the old fashion way using paper and glue. It’s in the Collagesity Underground, directly beneath the Toxic Art Gallery. Great place for it.


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