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Collagesity Status

Collagesity North, started in late December 2016, is no more as of this writing. Key elements of that land, about 4600 square meters worth, have been incorporated into what’s left of Collagesity, about 10,000 square meters. These include shifting the Temple of TILE over to Art Oluja’s old parcel in the extreme western part of town (innards still being worked on)…

… and moving the VWX Fairy House *inside* Castle Jack, an interesting fit for sure and one I’ll be highlighting fictionally soon enough, I’m guessing.

The Snowlands parcel I had my eye on was purchased last night, mere hours max after I completed the collage “You must have patience” based upon it. Narrow window of opportunity vanished. But I think it’s fate. The temple and fairy house integrated so well into the remaining part of town, the core. I’ll miss Allen Martin’s garage especially, I believe, but the rest was comparatively expendable. I’ll soon be down to a single premium account (Baker Blinker’s will go away before the end of the month) with an 8192 tier payment. I think that’s still quite manageable for the spring, summer and fall, at which point I might upgrade again for a time. We’ll see.

I have 377 prims remaining to play around with, and that’s without cleaning up creative town clutter for a while. I’ve got enough.

Carrcassonnee is in charge of the town again while Wheeler still resides in Snowlands. This arrangement *could* be permanent, however. And I’m a degree more certain that Old Mabel and Buurb/Urch, “marriage” partners at the end of “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter”, won’t be returning to the village. The projected 4th Collagesity book will be different once again. Onward and upward hopefully! Thanks for reading.

Collagesity, 3/16/17.

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