Rodeo 02

Then they were at the sod house, local lights switched on. Looking around, Baker Bloch became concerned that he had advertised the wrong place to Karoz. But then he discovered the Nautilus City map tucked around a corner. Relief!


“The pin,” Karoz said, not being able to hide his impatience now. “Where does it take us? Don’t *go* there — just tell me where it leads.”

“Quito,” Baker said back. “That’s another thing I wanted to tell you. You land on the lawn just opposite his front doors. And you know what I found within earlier today?”

Karoz threw up his arms, indicating he didn’t know. “And I’m not playing one of your guessing games either,” he tacks on. “Just tell me. Then we’ll head home. Actually you can tell me back home. Time’s up.” Karoz taps his wrist like he’s wearing a watch there.


Baker decided not to tell Karoz what was inside the house. There’s certain doors that seem to want to remain locked. Their choice. But Karoz did spill wine all over his portion of Baker Blinker’s squid the same night.

Missing elf.

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