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World of Lime? 01


I could hardly believe it. We would need a road map to figure it all out. It could be said to begin with the letter to Liquor. Rhoda says that Liquor says Mouse is up to his cans. Now here’s the trick. Liquor got the wrong letter. This Mosquitor penned piece of paper, which also has something to do with Quito *and* *mos*quito LINK, was suppose to be delivered to Roostre. But Roostre, in turn, couldn’t open his letter he mistakenly received that was Liquor’s. Instead he’s [time] GAssed by this kooky (cuckoo?) clock.** Carr. then says this is the same clock that is in *our* Rhoda’s bar now. Let me insert a picture.

Oh, I forgot. It’s not there any longer.

Missing Clock.

But anyway, We The Family noticed quite some time ago that this clock actually *moves* on its own volition. We understood this because it started projecting from the back wall of the bar on the outside, and when Baker Bloch would push it back through to the inside wall, it would simply work its way out again. True story. Finally Other Baker got tired of messing with the obviously cursed thing and deleted it. But [12 Oz Mouse character] Clock is *real*. In *Collagesity*.

So that’s one element. Carr. is stating that “12 Oz Mouse” is not dead and that it will live on through her.

Rather early on in the short lived “Mouse”, bartender Rhoda is killed — telepathically sliced in two — by Square Businessman, also just referred to as Square. This comes shortly after Rhoda talks about Liquor’s letter and some other things he’s obviously not suppose to. Now our Rhoda was similarly killed, as documented in the “Baker’s Dream” section of “Collagesity Winter 2015-2016” (and there’s a picture of the now deleted cuckoo clock, three down). But [12 Oz Mouse’s] Rhoda’s death is foreshadowed by a hallucination (?) shared between him, Fitz, Skillet and Man-Woman. This is repeated in Carrcass-1, accompanied there instead by the music of Slint and the track “Rhoda” — no relation to 12 Oz Mouse’s Rhoda. But there’s another strange attractor[ involved]. And “Rhoda” is the only one (of 7 total) Slint songs used in Carrcass-1 not from their fantastic album Spiderland. And that’s Spider again… Spider is another character in “12 Oz Mouse”, and, as Carr. states, has been remodeled as a dog for Collagesity and kind of merged with Skillet, I suppose. So the [central] Fitz/Skillet duo of “Mouse” has been reshaped as the Carr/Spider duo of Collagesity. Getting confused yet? Phew!

But I must plug on… Equador is then mentioned indirectly by Rhoda before his death when he describes or attempts to describe the relationship between New Guy and Skillet. He says that New Guy is not as much cheesy green up on squirrels (Skillet’s species, as verified by Mouse), but more like Ecuadorian sleep. I have no idea what that means, so let me google it. This is indeed important.


I have no idea still. And a kind of creepy thing is that this blog post will now show up in the hits for the phrase. If future people do the same google search, they’ll be confounded by the same riddle, add this post.

Ecuador… Quito. Ecuador commonly misspelled as Equador, with a “Q” like “Quito”.

Next door is Columbia and its Bogota. We have jumped up a level. Wheeler.


**an unofficial script for the associated episode (04) has been found here:


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Morning Meeting

Baker Bloch sips his morning beer and contemplates further changes for Collagesity. The focus *must* be on that Friends of the Rubi Woods parcel, he believes, the 512 that will remain when all else goes away. That is the foundation, he rationalizes.


But right now, all that’s on it is a still almost empty Home o’ Fibs partnered with a quite premature Christmas tree. Yes, gift giving has come early this year, Baker understands. Wilson-Wheeler.

He heads over to Carrcassonne for a prearranged meeting. Baker Blinker is already there.



Other Baker! Come join us. Baker Blinker and I were talking about changes. Ch-ch-ch-changes. David Bowie will return. What was his pseudonym again?


Bogota. Like the projected collage series.


Yes, I remember now. Bodega.


No. *Bogota*. Like the capital of, um, Ecuador? No, sorry, Bolivia Columbia. [The smaller] Ecuador and its Quito are next door.


That is precisely what I want to talk about with you guys tonight. I hear you are watching “12 Oz Mouse” again up in the real world. The oh so cool real world. Should that be capitalized?


Well, we’ve had our time to chat so I might leave you and Baker to talk about that.


No no, Baker Blinker. I want to speak with both of you. This involves both of you. “12 Oz Mouse” is very important. And not just because I was the *star* of the show, mind you. (Carr. laughs here)

BBloch (smiling):

You were very good in it.


Good? I was spectacular. My finest role. Perhaps by a good margin. Whadda ya say we go up to the theatre and watch some episodes. Oh, I guess that would spoil it for the user, however, the one that types these things we speak of and orchestrates what we do. Are you up there baker b.?

(All look heavenward. No answer.)


You say that Karoz is also involved in that.


He is my double in the show. As I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me say, I play Fitz the Mouse, the star. But in *certain* ways, Karoz is also Fitz. And then in other ways, *both* you guys are Fitz. And Spider over here is Skillet, who is a squirrel and not a dog, as Rhoda ponders, or a rabbit, as Roostre guesses. Both are wrong.

(The Bakers exchange glances with each other, like, “here we go again”.)

BBloch (finally sitting down):

Okay, Carrcassonnee. We’ll bite. What’s going on with “12 Oz Mouse”?


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My collages in other people’s spaces

First off, I have a new and artsy neighbor in Collagesity: Art Oluja. I halfway suspect this may be another incarnation of my old friend Veyot, who was a neighbor and actually integral part of Collagesity/VWX Town in 2 other locations in past years. But whatever: welcome! I’m very excited to see what develops on the 624 sq meter parcel in the coming days and months. And she’s added Collagesity as one of her picks.:)


Newer friend Pearl Grey then sent me an inworld notecard giving locations and brief descriptions to some places virtual renditions of my collages are being displayed in Second Life. Many thanks again Pearl! A very nice gesture indeed.

The first (Boos 10: “The Martian”) is found on a back wall at Sojourner’s Ground on the Maebaleia continent. It’s owned by Klaus Bereznyak, who’s been around since 2007. An old virtual soul, then; here’s his homepage.




The final collage of the 2007 Oblong series (“Lymeyen”) is then displayed in a parcel under construction called A Little Piece of Art owned by, well, it’s owned by my new neighbor Art (!). The plot thickens…


I really like the idea of a “judgmental alien”. I can identify!


This is found on the oldest continent of Sansara, by the way.


Next up is a somewhat larger parcel called Art and Weird Words, with a quite creative treehouse display of Rose Hill 06: it’s sideways! But I think it works in this environment. I forget to have Baker Bloch sit in front of it for the picture. Oh well.


The owner here is — yes, Art Oluja again. Next door is Saul’s Place Cafe, with a display of Saul Goodie’s very interesting abstract art pieces. Whether chance or not, this is also quite near Soujourner’s Grounds. Just down Route 8B. Is this the start of some kind of art city along this route? Only a couple parcels of abandoned land separate the two. And I should also add this: “Art and Weird Words” is found in a sim called *Wyrd*. Wyrd is a type of portmanteau of “weird” and “word”. Interesting!


And then as I kept poking around, I found Rose Hill 07, the next one up in the series, displayed in the other treehouse on the Art and Weird Words parcel (or should that be Art and Wierd Words?). Hmmm… interesting again. Actually, as I’m remembering now, Pearl mentions in her notecard that both treehouses contain collages. I still recall creating both of these works late into the night back in 2005. They’re based on some similar motifs. Kinda scary stuff — darker than most of my works.


Here’s the involved treehouses and a connecting bridge.


Treehouses and Saul’s Cafe.


The last link in Pearl’s notecard took me to her own residence in Rosieri, not far atall from Collagesity, being only about 500 meters away. I had a old friend named Cocoanut Koala who use to own a considerable chunk of that sim. I mention some of her intricate and detail oriented work in this 2014 blog post.

I was very pleased to find a piece by Earl Dinkin within. Now I’m not friends with Earl, but he has numerous galleries all over the mainland continents I’ve run into, by accident or not, again and again. A bit more of his very cryptic story here. He’s another old virtual soul.


And then me as Baker Bloch in Pearl’s living room before yet another one of my Rose Hill collages (Rose Hill 03: “Just Passing Through”). Another Baker Bloch shows up as I take this picture. Or is that Wilson again?


If so, then who’s on the porch offering watermelon to all?



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