Morning Meeting

Baker Bloch sips his morning beer and contemplates further changes for Collagesity. The focus *must* be on that Friends of the Rubi Woods parcel, he believes, the 512 that will remain when all else goes away. That is the foundation, he rationalizes.


But right now, all that’s on it is a still almost empty Home o’ Fibs partnered with a quite premature Christmas tree. Yes, gift giving has come early this year, Baker understands. Wilson-Wheeler.

He heads over to Carrcassonne for a prearranged meeting. Baker Blinker is already there.



Other Baker! Come join us. Baker Blinker and I were talking about changes. Ch-ch-ch-changes. David Bowie will return. What was his pseudonym again?


Bogota. Like the projected collage series.


Yes, I remember now. Bodega.


No. *Bogota*. Like the capital of, um, Ecuador? No, sorry, Bolivia Columbia. [The smaller] Ecuador and its Quito are next door.


That is precisely what I want to talk about with you guys tonight. I hear you are watching “12 Oz Mouse” again up in the real world. The oh so cool real world. Should that be capitalized?


Well, we’ve had our time to chat so I might leave you and Baker to talk about that.


No no, Baker Blinker. I want to speak with both of you. This involves both of you. “12 Oz Mouse” is very important. And not just because I was the *star* of the show, mind you. (Carr. laughs here)

BBloch (smiling):

You were very good in it.


Good? I was spectacular. My finest role. Perhaps by a good margin. Whadda ya say we go up to the theatre and watch some episodes. Oh, I guess that would spoil it for the user, however, the one that types these things we speak of and orchestrates what we do. Are you up there baker b.?

(All look heavenward. No answer.)


You say that Karoz is also involved in that.


He is my double in the show. As I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me say, I play Fitz the Mouse, the star. But in *certain* ways, Karoz is also Fitz. And then in other ways, *both* you guys are Fitz. And Spider over here is Skillet, who is a squirrel and not a dog, as Rhoda ponders, or a rabbit, as Roostre guesses. Both are wrong.

(The Bakers exchange glances with each other, like, “here we go again”.)

BBloch (finally sitting down):

Okay, Carrcassonnee. We’ll bite. What’s going on with “12 Oz Mouse”?


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