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Collagesity Ruminations


Baker Bloch admires the jagged Collagesity skyline and thinks, “this could be it. This is where the buck stops.”


That night he head over again to Carrcassonnee’s place for needed guidance after a fairly rough day. But Carr. herself has had a choppy spell recently. What’s going on? Interface is what’s going on. Collagesity is being affected by those that observe from the outside. So I think they need to talk — this most representative of representatives for myself, the chief artist of Collagesity, and then the chief deity of the town whose very existence has been threatened.


How are you holding up Carrcassonnee?


Baker Blinker took care of the problem. That’s all I’m going to say about it. I’m not going to rattle on so that you can put my inner hopes and fears on the blog for all these people to look at and dissect. I’m not like you.


Oh sure you are. You *are* me.



You’re going to have to get up soon when Baker Blinker arrives. That’s one of her special privileges now. She gets to sit in *that* seat. She’s such a beauty. She’s helped me so much recently. You are lucky to have her as a sidekick. You should just let her take over, eh? Just let her sit in your seat, acquire your friends, your memories. She is the male inside the female, a better balance. She has changed since entering Your Second Lyfe. My Second Lyfe. Look at you.


I know. I haven’t changed much. I did remove my mask about 6 years back. It was scaring the kids. But what of you? You don’t change.


I’m changing all the time, however. I am you. I am [ delete name]. I am Fitz. I am Lisa. I’m a lot of people you don’t know about yet.


What *did* happened between you and Wheeler?

(Baker Blinker enters)


Good. Now we can start in earnest. Get up Other Baker, for that is what you’ll always be now.


Alright, good enough.




Good *evening* Baker Blinker. My special friend. I thank you so much for just being here. For helping me. I haven’t had this much help since another special friend Dr. Horace P. Blood left the scene. He or she knew my peculiar ins and outs. I’ve kind of been lost without her all these months. I was at wits end to be frank. I *allowed* a vulnerability. Wheeler slipped in. But it’s good you two guys are still buds.


We are. She’s under control, Carrcassonnee. She’s sorry it happened. She got carried away. She *is* powerful. But I’m strong too. I took care of the problem.


Just as I was telling Baker Bloch over there.


What *did* happen? I know you won the wrestling contest.


Listen close Baker Bloch. Listen to what real change does to a person. Increases their mettle. Makes them tough.

BBlinker (to BBloch):

It wasn’t much. Well, it *was* scary. I almost lost. I turned it around in the end. I thought of Karoz, and how he cares for me so much. That pulled me through to the end. The marriage is still on.


Oh it has to be. I’m marrying you! Right here. Right where these chairs are now. ‘Cept Karoz will be in Baker Bloch’s place. He’s secondary too. He doesn’t change neither.


He’s trying.


He’s so transparent he’s basically grass. His ass is grass, as they say. Barney Rubles?


Wheeler also wants to talk to you Carrcassonnee.


Don’t let that *bitch* back in here.


Now now, it wasn’t that bad.


Baker Blinker, with all due respect, it *was* that bad.


Now I think you’re overreacting Carrcassonnee Cazzcark.


My full name as well. You must be convinced of this. Well… go on.


Wheeler was doing what Wheeler was suppose to do. She *can* take over the town. Destroy it even. If we didn’t have a central core, a central fire. And it can’t be just you, just me, just Karoz, just Baker Bloch, just Hucka Doobie. It has to be all of us, working together. Working as one.


The old one for all thing. I’m buying.

BBlinker (finishing):

*And*, it has to be Wheeler too. You and she must make amends. We’ll leave you alone. Get up Other Baker (she laughs and waves Baker Bloch up).


*No*, you can’t take advantage of my relative immobility. You *know* I can’t… oh… hello Wheeler.


Hello Carrcassonnee.



We’ll be right outside Carrcassonnee.

(Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch leave the gazebo)


“You can stop running now Baker Bloch.”


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Collagesity Remakes

Some more changes over in Jorondip, but I’ll have to get to those later. I wonder if Karoz and Baker Blinker would be interested in this kind of quickie wedding? Probably not.


But the main focus of this particular post will be recent changes to Collagesity. First off, it seems my probable reality where I own land in both BoB and Minoa next month has closed up, with one of the 2 targeted parcels in BoB’s Gormthoog sim having been sold just yesterday. I’m locked in at Minoa for a while, perhaps the winter, perhaps longer. Quite a bit longer. Come November, I will have been in Minoa for *2 years*, by far the longest stay I’ve had for a major installation in My Second Lyfe. First stage Pietmond, for example, only lasted about 6 or 6 1/2 months. That was my first full fledge virtual village. Minoa’s Collagesity may be my last, in terms of just Second Life alone.

Well… to the changes. My apologies to those who might still be creating films in Collagesity (*several* films have been or are being made of the town recently! — get to that also in another post), but I’ve essentially swapped out the Toxic Art gallery for the 32×32 version of Gallery Jack. I’ve centered it right on the Collagesity Tower (or Town Tower, I believe I might have called it; hafta check), the one with the name of the town written across the top. There are advantages and drawbacks to this swapping, and hopefully the former outweighs the latter. Both contain essentially the same set of collages, or the bulk of the Art 10×10, still my cornerstone creation in that category. It took me 5 years.

The big box of a gallery sits squarely in the middle of the below photos.



The swapping has freed up this passage on the north side of Gallery Jack. The building to the left below is also new: the Sink Lair, whose story is here LINK. I’m not sure how long it will stay there, however.


The Confluence Ballerina has returned to Collagesity. For now, again.


New, aesthetic juxtapositions of Collagesity features have manifested.


A new shop has been built directly underneath Gallery Jack. Nothing in it yet, though. Could it turn into some kind of history museum? Souvenir shop?


Then I had to create some new stairs to connect the east and west parts of town, the former totally dominated by galleries now with the exception of Karoz’s still evolving Norum College. He needs to start working on that again.



And then yet another new building has been rezzed on the far east part of town, next to Art Oluja’s nifty cardboard house centered art installation. This would be the SoSo Gallery containing the 20 collages of 2007’s Oblong series, perhaps the most consistent of that type within the Art 10×10. I felt the need to do this since Oblong is not included in Gallery Jack, unlike with the Toxic Art gallery. That’s a major difference between the two.


And then the front of Gallery Jack itself. The whole 32 meter long front wall is phantom; the back one as well. Just walk right in.


Center of Gallery Jack. I first concocted this alternate home for (the bulk of) the Art 10×10 back in 2010 on a plot I owned at the time in Orion’s Vale, at the bottom of one of two identifiable sinks of the Corsica continent. A quite sacred space. And we now have the return of the Eternally Bickering Newton and Jasper statues to Collagesity. Neat-o.



One more fairly significant change: the return of the Small Gothic Castle to the Friends of the Rubi Woods parcel, replacing the Victorian House formerly there.


I’ve also added some more vegetation to Collagesity. Hopefully, again, it’s been an aesthetic upgrade from before.


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