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(wo-)man in black

He unfortunately found himself on the opposite side of the Greek village from the parish, staring into a mirror and admiring himself. Typical.

Later he went down to visit John. Jack was now playing the preacher, churches over liquor stores. A marriage was taking place. John was not allowed to perform marriages. Not after Reno.

“We need to *talk*,” he hissed over as the “I dos” were spilled out like fine wine.

“Meet me at the bar,” he whispered calmly back. Bells rang out. It was over.

(to be continued?)

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stepping out

John thought and thought and realized he wanted a Corona-V. “The new one,” he uttered in calm, stoic way, fit for a Man of Faith. Lamb was behind him now, supporting him, uplifting his career. He must get back to the parish. “I hate to do it but cancel that, Jack.” Man of Science was not amused. “John, *how* am I suppose to keep in bus–“, but he was cut short. John had disappeared (again). Jack re-turned. “I guess this one’s on you,” which user Peter Oesso didn’t argue with.

Come on, *dance* with me boys, the blue haired witch requested in her mind from the corner. Soon they were with her.


“*Just* escaped, whew!”

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He had followed John down to the Ravine (bar) but he was no saint. Lamb equals Ram; he sees himself in his own face, the user power.

I was a beautiful little girl before becoming such a handsome man, he thinks, still changing, still metamorphasizing.

“I’ll have what John’s having, please.”

Brother Jack the bartender turns. “Yeah, what’ll it be, *John*??”

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Bar None

He ran.


“It’s good you changed shirts and came here, Guy. She won’t look here: too far in the past.”

He wanted to say that he didn’t change his shirt he merely added another one on top of the first but just thanked his lucky stars it worked anyway. Now he could talk openly about the Heart Queen with his old friend Fish Head, the one who he could depend on to give him directions when he got lost. Which was a *lot* here.

“Who is she?” he asked, heart still thumping from all the excitement.

“Goes by Helen.”

Helen, Guy pondered. Like Troy. Destroyer of Men.

“What happened to Feng Sui and Qi?”

“Gave up the store. Left town.” Guy knew Fish Head was talking about Store Zero, where it all started and revolved around and shite. Murderous past. Which was, again, present. But he had no real choice. He had to escape (!). Gunshots outside. He’ll have to get use to it, he figured.

“And the uncles?” Two more shots, then a scream. Then quiet (for a while).

“One remains.” But Fish Head didn’t reveal which one. Could be Jack. Could be John. He didn’t have the guts to open that door and find out — the body could be slumping right against it; spill into the establishment and cause a bloody mess he’d have to clean up. And he’d lost his mop, dangnit. Probably stolen (again!) by the Mopheads down in Ragtown, the bloody gang. Maybe them outside right now, causing all this commotion. The Heart Queen had hidden him but for how long? It was up to her to open the door — not him.

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Feng Sui and Qi stare at the door waiting for customers that never come. “Damn that Fish Head,” sitting Qi exclaims at one point. “Damn the Head and the Fish,” reinforces her standing sister at the time, then later thinks, while still standing and staring over: maybe we should fix the bullet holes in the door. Maybe that doesn’t help with the customers. The Store Zero slaughters were a long time ago, after all. Maybe it’s time to finally heal the wounds. “We can’t have a repeat of the past, sister of mine,” she speaks down to Qi after telling her the same. “Oh *no*,” Qi doubles down. They both know, no matter what’s going on with Fish Head and the Bird above them, that they cannot return to the ugly, brutal past. The Dark Days.

Qi rises from the stool. “I’ll go try to find some sealant.” ‘Bout time.


Later: back at their nearby apartment…

… Qi dwells on the dark past…

… while Feng Sui discusses what to fix for supper with Uncle Jack.

“Quinoa all right?”

Jack: “You’ll have to ask Uncle *John* about that,” indicating the man sitting in the rocking chair on the balcony. John Lockfry 01. Been a long time.

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Tronesisia sits out of the way on the docks so that Baker Bloch can get a shot of “pipe alley”, leading to the doctor. He suspects this may be the Dr. of “Lamb”….

But then Baker Bloch changes his mind and has Tronesisia interact with this so-called doctor, who turns out to be an old friend: Dr. Diper, who helped her (and her parents) out immensely when she was a mere baby. Before she became, well, robotic. Gynoidic.

“It’s so so good to see you old friend,” he began, instantly recognizing his work. Perhaps his greatest work.

“Likewise Dr. Wiper!” cheered Tronesisia, just glad to be in a scene again.

“Diper,” corrected the doctor. “But we’re both grown up now. Call me…”

“Peter?” Tronesisia guessed. Yes. It was Peter. One of ’em.

Clanking within. The doctor was working on another case. Another Peter.

“It wasn’t going to hurt me,” he practiced, and then swiped his bloodied knife in front of him again, a built-in reflex action.

“Good, good,” the tv doctor cooed. “*Why* wasn’t it going to hurt you?”

Jack appeared beside him. Glowering. “Yeah, *John*. Why???”

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“Mind you I’m still working on it, but I’d like to present it to the John Lockfrys as soon as possible. What do you think? Go ahead and get up and take a look if you wish. There’s an awful lot of detail involved.”

Karoz stands up and moves toward the picture.


“It’s a remarkable product already if I say so myself,” Carrcassonnee continued. “The 36 tiles of Carrcass-1 to the left, and then the 18 of Carrcass-2 and [Carrcass-]3 to the right. That brings us to late 2009, approaching Christmas. Little Robert Plant Variant has just purchased a $L5000 antique zeppelin at the Chieut Mall as a present to himself. Cpt. Beefheart is still searching for his blimp.”

“I don’t understand,” Karoz says. “This is a picture of a well dressed rooster with 3 squares around him. But rooster is spelled r-o-o-s-t-r-e. This must be something to do with “12 Oz Mouse” again.”

“There is no rooster, Karoz. There are only tiles. TILE.”

Suddenly a huge roar came from the direction of the House of True Lies. John Lockfry 01 had taken the opportunity to steal Karoz’s rocketship and head to the moon without him.


Carrcassonnee comes outside and stares with Karoz at the ascending spacecraft. “Fire, I suppose.”


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Blood Dr.


“You watched a collage film by baker b. called “Blood Dr.” John Lockfry 01. What did you think of it?”

“Confusing,” he said. “Bizarre. I don’t understand any of it, really.”

“Well, you obviously remember Jacobi’s cabin within,” continued Carrcassonnee. “You crossed the ash line to enter, with Benji back then. How is Benji anyway?”

“I don’t know,” replied John Lockfry 01.

“I have a picture of Benji here, actually,” the great olive being then said. “Perhaps you will recognize it. Let me put it against that far wall, above Baker Blinker’s bed she sometimes uses while staying in my Collagesity. Oh, it appears she is still sleeping there… didn’t see her, ha ha.”


John Lockfry 01 pivots to view the picture above a still drowsing Baker Blinker Karl. His curiosity piqued, he gets up. “Is it okay if I take a closer look?”

“Maybe we should rouse Baker Blinker first. Baker Blinker?” Carrcassonnee pauses. “Baker?” She paused again. “Well, I hate to wake her up from such a sound sleep, so go ahead and approach the picture. Just do it quietly.”

John Lockfry 01 gets up and moves toward the picture, stopping just in front of the bed. He stands there for a moment…


…and then returns to his seat in front of Carrcassonnee. He speaks to John Lockfry 02. “That’s the picture in the cabin. You remember, don’t you?”

“We don’t exactly have the same memories, Past Lockfry.” he responds. “I remember entering the cabin with a dog and seeing a picture of a human on the wall. It is backwards for me. I stand outside the magic circle now, looking in wistfully.”

“But that’s the dog Benji,” reinforces John Lockfry 01. “From the movie.”

“Yes, that’s how I entered the cabin. With Benji.” John Lockfry 02 stares at John Lockfry 01, wondering if he understands the ramifications of what he’s saying.

Carrcassonnee attempts to explain. “John Lockfry 01, we’re in a collage film right now, as I speak. Collagesity is a perpetual collage. It doesn’t stop at the movie theater up in Collagesity Heights any longer. It is here with us. It is now. It is. But we better talk about Crabwoo. That’s in [Blood Dr.] as well. Let me put the image in your mind this time.


John Lockfry 01 lurches back. “Whoa… yeah, I remember that. What the heck?”

“Crabwoo,” Carrcassonnee repeats.

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Gloomy Gus


“So you see, Past Lockfry. This has to be the equivalent of Jacobi’s Cabin in Collagesity. It is protected by a magic circle, a disused railroad in this case…”

“… and a circle of ash in the past,” completed John Lockfry 01. He was starting to catch on.

“Then there’s the rocking chair powered on its own, without anyone we can perceive sitting there.”

“Jacobi, again.”

“Yes. I cannot cross the magic circle, which tells you, if you’re perceptive, what I have become in the future. Can you guess?”

John Lockfry 01 didn’t know.

“You will see,” came the reply. “I will leave you on your own to examine the cabin, er, house. Meet me at Carrcassonnee’s at 0900 tomorrow morning. Don’t be late. Good luck.”

John Lockfry 02 disappears from John Lockfry 01’s side. John Lockfry 01 approaches the circular railroad. He’s left the magic circle, but can he return the same way?


In his case: yes.








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“So Mr. John Lockfry. Tell me about this island you are from?”

“Well, Jack my large blue friend, it’s the most beautiful place you’ll ever see or visit. Lush vegetation. Climate that’s always comfortable. Rain, but such that refreshes. And the most important thing of all: it’s alive.”

“Sounds like where I’m from, actually,” responds Jack in his lower register voice. “The moon Pandora orbiting a gas giant in the Alpha Centari system. Well, actually I was originally from Earth like you, and only inhabited this body as an avatar or distant soul. But then the central Tree of Souls allowed me to enter it permanently as almost all other Earthlings and their avatars left our moon.”

John examines his knife again. “Hmph. Taking it all in, it does sound like we have a lot in common. But what about this wheelchair?” He pointed toward it with his knife. “It’s parked here in front of us. We both feel… uncomfortable with it being there.”


“Very true.” replied Jack. “It is a joined past. I was wheelchair bound before permanently entering the strong Na’vi body you see before you. You were a wheelchair bound mortal before coming to your special island and having your own crippled body healed.”

John Lockfry had an insight. “Maybe, deep down, the island and the moon are the same.”

“That is correct, comrade,” said a well dressed man appearing at the door. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am John Lockfry Two and I am from the future.”


“John Lockfry too??” both exclaimed.



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