Steptoe Series 06: Other Considerations

(continued from?)

Giant Ear of Listening.

Close Encounters was used in Carrcass+2, a candidate for the best carrcass, plus or minus. Wyoming’s Devil’s Tower is featured in several ways. It represents place of contact. In real life now, Frank Park’s Bill Mtn. seems to represent a place of contact for me personally, transposed down from TILE Mountain in Herman Park just to the north. TILE Mtn., in 2006’s Carrcass+2, becomes directly related to CE’s Devil’s Tower. In Collage 04, in its 4 parts, we have what well might be symbols of this new contact, since a bull’s ear is indicated. Bill and Bull become one here through Bullrocks. Slowly but surely we slide into spring hiking season resonances. What’s next for these parks? (etc.)

Steptoe Butte is another form of Devil’s Tower is another form of TILE Mtn. is another form of Bill Mtn.


Fascinating that Kubrick most likely linked the Overlook Hotel’s mountain to Devil’s Tower as well.

Wendy’s projecting lid reminds me of the ear projecting from Steptoe Butte in Collage 04. She has removed the top of the mountain/can, making it flat on top.


A link with The Beatles’ Abbey Road can be made through the VW(s) and white lines.



Since it is a bull’s ear and not a bulls eye now, Danny’s dart suddenly becomes useless (theory). It transforms into a cigarette (or maybe a joint?) as useless becomes useful again. Jack partakes. Lloyd shows up as the supplier (“What will it be?”).

Lloyd is the best bartender from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine… or Portland, Oregon. West and east coast combine as one. We begin in Washington state from the other side. Lloyd is there, on Steptoe Butte. People are now lighting up legalized marijuana joints all over that state now, as well as in Colorado, setting for The Shining. Probably factors in. We had a joint in our car when we were beamed up into Grayson space.

Mr. Beam.

Hucka D.:

So now you know that the bull’s ear is the Bullrocks. What are you going to do about it? You are at Bullrocks and you see twins, right?



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