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My Mission for tonight. Thank you Braynard!


I’ve seen the central figure before, Axis thinks after flipping over all the cards. Red Umbrella. All turning their back on me.

Axis wonders if he could turn his own hand into Heterocera. That would make him, as a whole, let’s see…

Axis hovers this hand over his heart, as if he could feel something beating in there once more.


Yes, here it is, he thinks later, returning to NWES for more of his fun. And *this* cave must be *my* cave. My new coffee shop, yes.

He worships Lu Ellen again before entering.

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Hill Bill Bill Hill

So much more could be written about the continent of Maebaleia or Satori, the focus of the current Collagesity novel, 15th in our continuing series. It was also the focus of the 14th — bookend works, as I’ve described them previously. But we must soon move on.

I believe now that the continent represents the closest approach Our Second Lyfe ever came to Earth. This virtual reality was at its peak when the large and long landmass was forming. Greed bred by the success even permanently scarred its landscape by creating an artificial division between North and South via severed, main highways — arteries originally designed to connect and culturally bind the two into one — eventually resulting in the short but still rather devastating Maebaleia-Satori Civil War we’ve been talking about so much lately. Who won the war? For us in the Real World, it was the North, as our American Civil War best resonates with this virtual conflict. But in Virtual Reality *below* Real Life if you will, the situation was turned on its head. The *South* there had the principle burgs, the most resources despite less area.  And they were the ones who developed the Bomb, thanks to the time traveling A.Team historically based in Cassandra City. A bomb was launched from near Regaltown with little effect on its destination of Chip Shot. Although wiping the city out, almost everyone who lived there was currently in another location for various reasons. To this day, no one knows why. And then a different kind of (retaliatory) rocket-bomb from the North hit Golden City at or near the original’s launch site. Apparent loss of lives this time, although, again, details remain fuzzy. The South negotiated with the North. The North, like ours up here in the US, seems to win. Then novel 15 took up the story from 14 and we understand that Golden City and resulting impact crater of Golden Sink was not exactly what it seemed. Neither was Sink X (bomb crater for Chip Shot, which became Pipersville after the war), but not quite in the same way. A new strategy for winning the war emerged from this confusion over time, space, options. Bit by bit, outlined in this novel 15, the South regained the advantage over the North and eventually enacted a victory with a direct strike at the X, the crossroads, the heart of X-City and, indeed, the heart of the North as a whole.

Axis married Teebestia; heart turned into a spade. The menacing black figure in the skies will always be there now, like a modern day Death Star. It has the surface appearance of a Mickey Mouse silhouette to novel 15 producer/director Eraserhead Man, true, but more: one of the ears (especially) withers down and turns into a droopy dog’s. A corruption is revealed in the center of Florida, directly etched into the land (again). The South wins the war through a central black hole that inverts the left hand into a right hand. This black hole was placed by smart Southern scientists, engineers, managers in the center of Golden City. It was a counter-weapon to the Bomb. This black hole eventually became the silhouette. Takes two to know.

(to be continued)

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across the road

Inertia had finally found her. Wonderful, smart, pretty, dedicated Teebestia, love of her life. A *castle* at that, she thinks. I knew she’d go further than her dead end lawyering job in Olde Lapara Town. But, trouble is, does this also mean she’s *married*? One way to find out; hope she’s home.

She came one day too late. Axis had already seen this probability and taken steps to avoid it. The gay life of Inertia and Teebestia, happy together, would not play out now. Shame: such a good match, a *positive* relationship. But Axis had won the battle of the heart. You cannot outbrain him.


“Finally found a place to hang my painting, Teebestia.

I think — I’m home.”

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castle 02

“Lovely tea, thank you,” Axis compliments after taking another sip. “So tell me more about yourself. Tell me more about this Omicron City you are from. Fascinating story! Serial killings and a demon. What was the demon’s name?”

Well, *he* sure cuts to the heart of things, Teebestia thinks, rubbing the front of her own exposed heart reflexively. But that was a name she dare not utter. Does — Axis know something about all this? How did he get so quickly to the unspeakable center? “I can’t recall,” she instead answers. “Something like Aspartame.” It was a joke name concocted during a particular drinking binge in a particular bar. With a particular person. Another seer, although in this case not also a seeker (of Truth).  It served the purpose.

“Ahh,” he answered innocently (or tried). “Like the sugar substitute. Very clever. That always makes me nauseous — don’t know about you.”

“Oh I stay away from all that. Because of the name, see.”

“You’re smart.” He takes another sip. His voice was as bass as Baker Bloch’s. Teebestia’s was, how to put it, musical? She hits all the right notes for him at least.  He looks at the heart again.

“And you? Tell me about your search for the heart of the X.”

We synchronize! “Well — a particular person at the heart who is also the heart.” He stares again. He *knows*.

Her room sealed it.

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“Ahh. Good to be home.”


“What is that enchanting music, eh?”

“And how are you tonight, Ms. Teebestia. Long time no see!”

“H-how did *you* get here?”

“And good to see you too(!). I got here the same way everybody does. By logging in and changing clothes if needed.” Axis inspects Teebestia more carefully. “But, hmm, I see you don’t have that need. The logging in, I mean. You are just a prop!”

“Shhh. Baker Bloch is listing in.”

Axis turns toward the piano; sees a large, pale, somewhat blood splattered vampire playing the tune he was so admiring before and after entering the castle. So captivating. He must ask the name. But: Baker Bloch?

He calls over to the vampire. “Baker Bloch?”

The piano playing screams to a halt. Literally: a scream, a very high pitched one and nothing like Pitch’s actual voice. He was channeling a certain spider, but the spell has ended. He doesn’t know how to play the piano. He lifts his suddenly non-talented hands away from the keyboard. Pitch Darkly no more.


“W-well. What are *you* doing here?”

“Exactly what I said,” Teebestia quickly followed.

“Well,” Axis replied after a pause. “Aren’t *we* a fine 3-n-1, eh?”

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Teebestia tries to understand. She had followed Paul up to this sim line but didn’t cross when he changed from white to black. Then she didn’t follow him again across the same line when he entered Malone Central through Owls Head. She *is* scared. Something deep down keeps her from doing so. And now Hoss has had a vision! Omikron City… black lady, he said. Teebestia suspects David Bowie’s wife but then tries to remember if she had ever *been* this wife back there. Hmmm. “Something doesn’t add up,” she says aloud.

Teebestia huffs and turns toward Clownski’s. I can’t wait to hear those kids play this weekend, she thinks. My former paper boys!

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two and one

“You don’t mind if I take notes do you Wheeler?”

“Not if you don’t mind me watching tv while we talk.”

“Fair enough. Oh me, what iz that?”

“It’s comedy. Blowtorch to the head. Side splitting.”

“I guess so,” says a confused Hoss. “So we better start. Teebestia warned me I have to get above ground by sunset.”

“She’s smart. Have I met her?”

“I’m not sure. She sent me down to do the initial interview. She may enter later.”

“Cool. So what do you want to know about me pumpkin?”

Hoss blushed slightly. “First off, where are you from? Where are you born?”


Hoss gets chills. So that checks off, he thinks. “And your birth name is Wheeler Wilson, like it is now?” Others warned him that this may not be so.

“Nah,” Wheeler admitted. “I was born a man. Wilson Wheeler. I reversed the name when I reversed sexes. Or changed sexes, whatever. How’s that?”

Hoss scratches his head. He didn’t expect this! How to proceed: he decided to ask the most obvious question to get it out of the way. “Why… why did you do that, Wheeler?” Then he realized he probably went too far and backed off. “I mean, only if you want to tell…”

“I was in disguise. I was a woman all along. Except I didn’t realize it. Until I became one. 21.”


“Years. 21 years. That’s when I became Wheeler Wilson and not Wilson Wheeler.”

Hoss was, fer sure, thinking that Wheeler was lying now. She knows about Henry Wilson!

“What’s your stance on civil rights, Wheeler Wilson?” He eyed her keenly.

She threw up her hands. “Civil rights for all. Man, woman, black, white, Muslim, Christian. Why wouldn’t I be for civil rights since I’ve been on both sides of the fence? Gimme a break. How can you be prejudice of someone you’ve been!”

“Have you been black as well?”

Without answering, Wheeler locks stares with Hoss.

For a moment he was somewhere else.

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Casey Memorial

Teebestia sits on the southern edge of Olde Lapara Towne, just beyond the Magill House, and looks out from whence she came: the Atoll Sea. Will she return now to life beneath the waves? “There’s always Story Room,” she says to herself, trying to stay. Teebestia ponders some more. “Yes, I’ll go in that direction next.”

“So long for now, Omikron City.”

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Usually puffing on one of his favorite cigars, Hoss liked walking the streets of town after dark when no one much was around. Killing two birds with one stone, as he called it: thinking and walking/exercise. Tonight he was dwelling on the confusion he and his boss Teebestia (playfully: “Hoss Boss”) had over the Malone book found in the law library. Teeb thought he was talking about Malone Central in the bowels of this city’s underground. But no, the book was about a Malone, New York, very much above ground like Olde Lapara Towne and indeed with a most famous resident called Wheeler. But certainly not the Wheeler Wilson temporarily holed up with Paul, Mary and the rest in Malone Central. No, this was William Almon Wheeler, the 19th Vice President of our US of A under Rutherford B. Hayes from 1877 to 1881. “Booger” Hayes. Although, curiously, upon further digging Hoss had uncovered that the vice president *previous* to Wheeler was called Wilson — Henry in that case. But his birth surname was Colbath; he had it legally changed upon turning 21. Curiouser and curiouser, as they say.

Then he spotted the red shoes in the tall yellow grass underneath the train ramp. Hoss catches his breath. Dare he take a look?

Thinking about racial profiling again, he decides to go back to Rocky’s market and phone up Teebestia. “Wait there and we’ll check it out together,” his boss advised. 15 minutes later she and Hoss find out who the victim was. The most famous clown Renaldo O’Donnell. Yellow like the grass around him and red like the blood oozing out of his several stab wounds.

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olde name

“Thank you again for coming in on your day off, Hoss, to help me.”

“Well,” he answers. “Sounds like the fate of the whole town depends on us finding some facts!”

“So right,” Teebestia replies. “According to this ‘Big Book of Moths and Butterflies’, the name Astarte comes from a particular moth, just like Lapara and almost all sims of the continent we’ve checked. Not a local demon. How ’bout you? Found anything?”

“Still looking through this old book on Malone, the one that told us its most famous resident was Wheeler.”

“Which is impossible. She just showed up there! Still, we should interview her.”

“Hold on, Teeb… here’s a section on Owls Head.” He turns the page, reads a bit further, then utters: “Oh me Godz.”

“What is it?”

Owls Head use to be called Ringville!

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