Backpack laden Mr. Z arrives at the islet home of Tina and Louise but decides not to bother them, knowing he must get to Alan and Hale on the main island before the worst of the storm hits. He takes one more look from his center position on their mooring deck before moving on, a closer lightning flash bristling the hairs on the back of his neck next to the mask that screams the most.

“Watch out!” it seems to say. The watch-over says watch over. Too late: he’d been spotted and then invited in for a spot of tea.

He soon learned that the girls remained friends but had split up as a couple, with Tina keeping the main house and Louise sleeping over there in the former guest treehouse, at least until she could find new digs, perhaps with the man they called the Professor up in Trueblood, The One, she sometimes called him. Tina technically owned the property after all — Louise felt she had no choice except to take the smaller place. The black haired beauty invited Mr. Z to stay with her, jumping the gun on her former redheaded and at least equally stunning roomie. She wasn’t going to accept second place no longer.

Later at the treehouse they lit a joint and got down to it. Scrabble. After smoking Mr. Z admitted to Louise that redheads were more his bag and that he was disappointed that Tina hadn’t invited him to stay in the main house instead. After turning over the scrabble board and spilling the pieces all about the place, she slapped him and said he could go to his Tina, his dream girl, and that she had the Professor after all, no matter how distant he was from her in the moment, those many sims to cross to get to him up in Trueblood. She could wait until they’re together, PHEH. “Out… OUT!” she screamed, waking up the screaming mask who did likewise. “Told you so!” it seemed to say as another lighting storm started on the coast.

Next up: Alan and Hale and the attack of the howling Howell monkeys.

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