Part 06

“We should probably talk…

… Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

Thanks for starting.


Now I’m only a b… let’s switch seats, Hucka.

Hucka D.: (after the switch)

Settled in, yeah.


Did you secrete something on the back of this chair?

Hucka D.:

Nah, must be you.


Anyways, so I visited Billfork again today — certainly no big news there since I’ve visited TILE Creek 3-4 times a week since February — but this time I brought in objects from the north.

Hucka D.:

Yes, Billforkers thought of the north as up the hill, as in around the Smooth Rock area, which they knew as Moon Rock. They found evidence of human avatars there, as they called them. Brought them back by lifts. B_hivia was born. You have merely re-created it. They wanted you to find the b_hive today; that was their main objective.


“They” being the Billforkers working from the past to the present.

Hucka D.:

Yes. The Billforkers, those Billforkers, wanted the b_hivia rebuilt in that particular place and even that particular spot. You are thinking like a Billforker now — beginning to think[ like one].


Then I also have the jars, the part of a plate, and also a toe of a shoe in Pluto now.

Hucka D.:

Pluto is a bee. You know that now.


Music by Sorrel Hays
Libretto by Charles Flowers

VOX says: “This imaginative historical fable uses the arrival of the first giraffe in Paris to show the clash of cultural expectations from different societies. Sorrel Hays’s eclectic, hybrid musical writing has earned her eight commissions from the Westdeutscher Rundfunk’s Experimental Drama department, with her subjects ranging from the microtonal fluctuations of tone generators to a post-modern opera on the life of bees.”

Upper Tile Creek, 01

We have moved past The Wye (sometimes called the Wey or Way) into the very upper reaches of TILE Creek now. Pictured below is one of the larger rocks of this region, which may also be the lowest or most downhill of what are called the Block Rocks, numbering 4-6. More on those in the next post up.

Just beyond lies this stream that I thought represented the head of TILE Creek for a very long time. But just this day my suspicions were confirmed — this is not TILE Creek but instead forms part of the next stream system to the immediate east of it. A total reformation of creek names in this area is in order, then. I’m tempting to call this particular creek Yd Creek, or at any rate I believe that name will come into play in the reordering.

Just turning around in my steps to take a picture of another larger rock in the area, which this particular creek runs around and perhaps even under.

Upstream a bit now, the flow of the creek splits in two, allowing a beautifully green grassy area to manifest between them.

At the upper end of this grassy region lies Hand Spring, the traditional source of what I thought was TILE Creek but is instead another stream. I posted pictures of this spring in 2010, and for that reason as well as others I’ll go into soon enough I decided not to directly visit this source today.

Carcass Rock just below Hand Spring, which I think I’ll call Talisman Rock instead or The Talisman. It is a healing device for the spring, working its magic slowly and patiently over time.

Upper Tile Creek, 02: Block Rocks

The following series of pictures are of the Block Rocks, larger and distinct boulders positioned on a ridge just east of TILE Creek.

All the 4 or 5 or 6 involved rocks are roughly block shaped; that is, they all have 4 basically discernible sides, with each visible side planar (and often startlingly flat and smooth), and also approx. perpendicular to its 2 adjacent sides. Hope that makes sense.

I have not yet named the involved individual rocks beyond just this group designation, but there’s one central example that’s more visibly block-like than the rest. Below we have pictured one of the other rocks in the group — from this angle you can clearly see how 2 planar sides meet at right angles to form a distinct corner.

One of the 4 sides of the central Block Rock I mention above, namely its West Side. And this is also the only one of the 4-6 in the set that has an easily discernable 4th side or 4th wall.

Another Block Rock. I’ll have to make a map of the group asap, along with the entire span of Upper TILE Creek perhaps.

The central Block Rock again, with another (non-blockish) rock on top of it. This would be its East Side.

Details from this central Block Rock’s South Side now.

And then we round it out with North Side, aka its 4th Side or 4th Wall.

Same Block Rock as appeared in picture #1 of this post.

The central Block Rock once more, with topping rock prominently display. Nice view from that fern decorated perch.

More Block Rocks scenes:

Upper Tile Creek, 03

Picture of part of a microcosmic landscape near Block Rocks. Perhaps more on this particular location soon. TILE Creek has so many interesting bits and pieces to attempt to put together!

Closeup of Head Rock, at what I now know is the true head or source of TILE Creek, the same stream that runs through New Hope, Jonesborough, and Hermania on its way to Drink Lake. Very interesting to me that this declared Head Rock actually has teeth to back it up (!) Sure looks like a row of teeth to me, and there’s more oddities about the rock that I wasn’t able to take satisfactory pictures of this day. A return trip will come quite soon. An important stone!

Details of Head Rock from the south side, with interesting moss and lichen highlighted cavities.

Head Rock as a whole, with the source of TILE Creek just to the left here. The teeth parts are appropriately in the “front”, facing the creek.

A somewhat blurry picture of what might be another type of teeth formation on Head Rock — better pictures coming up asap once more.

This picture of an overturned tree just a bit down TILE Creek from Head Rock certainly came as a surprise when I subsequently viewed it on my home computer. Appears to be a one eyed monster roaming the forests! I playfully call it Tilie — or perhaps Hucka D. named it that. At any rate, Hucka D. states that Tilie is quite real, and roams back and forth over top of TILE Creek searching for its true home, which is ironically in the creek itself. Again according to Hucka D. — take it as you like.

Tilie and TILE Creek.

A shot of the pipe that TILE Creek runs through to pass under The Wye (or The Wey or The Way). with the “other side” positioned centrally. Hucka D. has further claimed that this picture has something directly to do with Tilie and its similar “tunnel vision”. Can’t wait to hear more details about that.

Another interesting rock just below the tunnel pictured above. I call it Staff Rock.


… it was you who came to Pluto, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

No. Collective soul, a giant bee thinger… thingie. Like the monster you saw in Upper Tile Creek just today. Like that.


What *was* that thing??

Hucka D.:

A collective soul — I told you. Tilie. Like Knobby.


In that one picture, Tilie, as we’ll keep calling him…

Hucka D.:

Her, actually.


her, then… but Tilie is [almost] superimposed over top of the rock at the head (Head Rock) of what we today have justified as the true Tile Creek.

Hucka D.:

Hence the name. Tilie roams all of Upper Tile Creek. The Way or The Wye keeps her confined there. Hays is the last name. Tilie Hays. Ms. Hays to some.


What’s that single eye for?

Hucka D.:

So she can see where she’s going. Stuff in the woods and all. Tilie roams back and forth over top of Tile Creek searching for home. Well, home’s the creek actually.


A collective, eh? Collective of what?

Hucka D.:

You must draw parallels between Tilie, the collective, and Pluto, the collective. Pluto the Bee. Came to Pluto and deposited, well, perhaps bee marbles. Swarm of bees. Collective, then, like the woman you saw on Reaper tonight.*


Hucka D.:

[That] Head Rock has teeth just like an actual head.

Tilie has no head[ in contrast]. No teeth, no head.


While we’re here, maybe we should just post some pictures of Pluto/Billfork’s B_Hivia, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

A given.**

B_hivia seems to be pointed to by all these sticks, an unintentional alignment.


My idea is that the winners of the Billfork Marble Race had to have a place for their increasingly elaborate awards ceremonies, and thus b_hivia was built just beyond the traditional finish line. Now the finishing line “cup” and b_hivia have been nudged together by the forces of nature, apparently.

Hucka D.:

The Billfork Marble Races had blues, reds, whites, and greens but no yellows. Tilie demanded the void to be filled but it was overfilled. The bees misunderstood. They came in a swarm. They came to search for Diamond. Billrock. Diamond.


Like the quote unquote diamond I found in the creek today, Hucka D.? And just in front of b_hivia, actually.

Hucka D.:

It is not a diamond really. It is a marble. It is a marble to make All Marbles. Tilie.


And you might as well pull up that last picture. The pipe (above Smooth Rock) will soon be a part of Billfork as well.






3. “All Mine” dir: Mike Rohl soul power: Transformation (Into Swarm of Insects)(mostly bees) vessel: Defective Toaster air date: October 9, 2007 production no.: 103

Sam discovers everything going into his mouth suddenly spawns cockroaches, an interesting hint as to the nature of his next target soul–the jealous lover of an elderly widower. Guess what happened to his wife? Now, the lost soul is a swirling mass of angry insects while Sam and his friends desperately attempt to repair the broken toaster vessel delivered by The Devil. Meanwhile, Sam struggles with encouraging Andi to return to college despite the pain of separation, but perhaps his adventure in the love life of the damned might inspire hope for his own life.

** Earlier on the same day I inserted B_hivia into Billfork/Pluto, I found “instantly appearing” wasps at the convex bottom of pots I was filling with dirt for my mother. First I covered the small holes at the bottom of each pot with a coffee filter per instruction from mom. Then by the time I had gotten back from the shed with the dirt, wasps had somehow manifested at the bottom of 2 of the 3, on the coffee filters themselves. Were they attracted by the smell? At any rate, I believe B_Hivia and these pots must be related now, since B_Hivia is also a pot, and also has a hole at the top (bigger one!).

Tilie predicts Greenup 10 predicts Tilie.

Re: race in the woods

Hi Lynn, all,

As far as sync goes, it interested me that a 2004 collage of mine seemed to
predict the race’s outcome, the same collage (and within the same collage
series) that I’ve been associating with other parallel, outer events lately,
like the Boris sync complex here. And also the actual founding and focus on
Billfork “real town” itself beyond Pietmond/Boris virtual towns and Second Life.
Still studying… but I don’t think all this should really be a part of the flow
of this board, if we can still call it that. 🙂 Basically I injected the post
w/ the marble race videos into the mix to lighten the mood at the time; things
were getting a little tense around here ya know.

I’ll personally miss Stefan, but he threw me with that entry stating
synchronicity is soooo 20th Century and we’re in a different Century now and a
name change is needed, etc. I really didn’t get to know Ama but certainly her
energy is strong and will be hard to substitute for as well. And I appreciate
the fact that she was here to help out an “old” friend.:)

So what now? We seem to be in a similar situation that Synchpatch, USA was 8
years ago — just you, Gwen, Edna, me and a couple of others hopefully. We also
have the SP Archive and Don, in a manner of speaking (and all the other past
souls in there, including our Before Selves I suppose). We have some momentum;
just not sure it’s enough to continue as a flowing group. I don’t want
everything to return to the desert…

Oh, and I will get to the “Begin the Begin” 6 part thingie (speaking of
Synchpatch). And I have some additional info about a “committee” beyond the old
SP Archive involving keyword “Hays”, mainly pivoting around Hays County where
Don also resided. Quite a lot about that actually. It’s relevant, but I’m not
sure within the scope of this forum. Hmmm.

See ya’ll later this week!


NOTE: Last two links to SP forum posts added “after the fact.”

Upper TILE Creek Again, 01

The Tilie monster again.

From the side: not so threatening looking.

The “Tilie Monster” tree falls across an old, grown-up road that runs through the entirety of the Upper TILE Creek area, a distinct longitudinal landmark.

Top of same fallen tree, which *almost* reaches Head Rock positioned next to TILE Creek’s source. An identifiable pointer.

Source of TILE Creek from Head Rock, once more.

I believe these are trout lilies sprouting next to Head Rock’s south side. Trying to take more pictures of wildflowers for this here blog.

Another interesting rock positioned on the other side of TILE Creek from Head Rock, as yet unnamed. Distinct omphalos shape going on here, so maybe I should call it Omphalos Stone.

Pebbles in TILE Creek beside Head Rock.

Head Rock, with TILE Creek (and Omphalos Stone) to its left.

Upper TILE Creek Again, 02

This same day I revisited Block Rocks and attempted to grasp more their relative layout, with some success. The smaller rock in the foreground may also be a Block Rock, but of a considerably smaller variety than what are probably the 4 or 5 major examples. I think I’ll stick to this appellation only for the larger rocks which have a more obvious block-like character; makes sense.

West side of the lower such rock in the main cluster. As you can hopefully see, we have a distinct 2-plane effect on this particular side, with the planes meeting about halfway up.

A corner of the centermost Block Rock. This is the one that has the most visible 4 sides going all the way around, with this particular corner representing the meeting of its south and east angles. For this particular stone I’ve also decided to name the attached, outward faces, resulting in South Side, West Side, North Side, and East Side. But as yet I have no name for the rock itself. Directional Rock? Stand Rock?

Detail of South Side. Notice the hacked off rhododendron plant at the base, attesting to a human presence here a some point. There are several other such rhododendron stubs in the immediate area. Perhaps boulderers? At any rate I believe people into bouldering would like these rocks, which is yet another reason not to tell anyone reading this blog *exactly* where they are in the real world. I share their obvious mystique through photographs instead. 🙂

Another South Side detail.

Another corner, this one from the rock next to the central one of the bunch.

South Side through the rhododendron.

Lowest Block Rock proper, once more.

An addition for today: check out this almost perfectly rectangular slab below the lowest of the major Block Rocks pictured above, and just above a faint path running below them connecting Head Rock, Microcosmia (see next post), and perhaps some other prominent area features. Almost like it was used as a sign or sumtin for the Block Rocks themselves in the past, and a very interesting effect even if not. Very synchy vibe going on here as well.

Upper TILE Creek Again, 03

Picture of what I’m now calling Microcosmia, another name subject to quick change. Legend will perhaps have it that certain toy avatars came from this upper TILE Creek area microcosm, perhaps of a Simpsons variety again. Homer included this time?

I believe a related 10×10 collage might be Oblong 17, “Little Big Hand”.

Young ferns uncoiling their leaves nearby.

Microcosmia from the opposite direction (east).

Perhaps mysterious bare ground area in the midst of a grassy region just uphill from Microcosmia and just east of Block Rocks.

More baby ferns next to a spring separating the grassy area mentioned above from the more open woods. Block Rocks would lie just beyond the top of the picture.

A look toward Hand Spring from the same general area.

Interesting tree shapes.

I have a hard time not calling this TILE Creek, since I’ve used that tag so long for the stream flowing from Hand Spring below Yards Mountain. But I suppose I’ll have to get use to calling it something else since it’s obviously not TILE Creek. Not any more at least. I’m leaning toward Yards Creek after the mountain, and a resulting, perhaps permanent disentanglement of the TILE and Yards stream designations.

More upper TILE Creek curiosities.

I admittedly am not sure what plant this is. A species of plantain?

Woodland violets.

Upper TILE Creek Again, 04

Intriguing style of rock found in some profusion along a certain portion of the upper TILE Creek area. I briefly thought of relocating some of these to the Billfork area, but now am more unsure about that possible decision.

Another interesting rock, but of a diff. type.

Same style now as the first pictured above. All are what appears to be veined quartz set in a darker type of rock which I don’t know the identity of yet.