Part 04


Loads and Loads

Big changes this year. Top of the list, perhaps, is the switcheroo from the old Baker Blinker Blog to the new Frank and Herman Einstein! Blog. Why the switch? Well, the idea is that the new blog will always be focused on “out there”, which means the neighborhood Frank and Herman Parks comprising a hefty 8800 or so acres between them. This is a permanently protected space hopefully, unlike the shifting sands that is Second Life. More energy is found in these parks than Second Life now and explorations/building therein. Second Life serves First Life in terms of blogging and picture taking, and always will from now on. Actually, this shift has been in motion since about September 2011, and the last year of the Baker Blinker Blog is kind of a long prelude for F&HE!

But we must move on for now because other changes need to be reviewed, like an incredibly surprising upgrade for “Dark Side of the Rainbow.” Jamie of “Dark Side of the Rainbow: Art on Trial”, a new and very large site on the subject, has introduced me to the concept of a DSotR2, or, in essence, a Dark Side of the Rainbow that begins with the *2nd* 3rd lion roar within The Wizard of Oz film as a whole. Those familiar at all with the phenomenon may recall that the 3rd roar of Leo the Lion introducing the film acts as a cuing point for the start of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon within. Much, much fewer will know about several other distinct 3rd lion roars occurring later on in the film, all emitted by the *Cowardly* Lion in this case. But all these come after what is now obviously, in my eyes, the true, second 3rd lion roar, another Cowardly Lion utterance. This would come when he first shows up in The Wizard of Oz on the Yellow Brick Road, after Dorothy has already gathered together the Scarecrow and the Tinman in that order. This 3rd lion roar happens to be kind of hidden within a group of 4, as it were, making it harder to spot than the others.

Jamie and I are still working on the details together (for in the meantime I have befriended him), but we agree on several things for now: Dark Side of the Rainbow simply doesn’t work very well with Dark Side of the Moon merely set on “repeat”; that is, allowing DSotM to play over again throughout The Wizard of Oz till the latter ends, resulting in 2 1/2 repeats total. Instead you cut this version off after the first play of the album within the film (again this all starts at Leo’s 3rd lion roar introducing the film), and somehow segue to the version which begins at the aforementioned 2nd 3rd lion roar, this “DSotR2”. But DSotR2 is a misnomer, because — and I think Jamie also agrees with this in general — there is only 1 Dark Side of the Rainbow and it has to include *both* versions, or both the one that starts with the film’s 1st 3rd lion roar and then the one that starts with the film’s 2nd 3rd lion roar about 55 minutes later.

Where Jamie and I are having some difficulties is nailing down *exactly how to run this DSotR2*, because it doesn’t seem to be cued in the majority of versions to precisely this 2nd 3rd lion roar of the film. This is in contrast to DSotR1, where the 3rd lion roar start is generally agreed upon. But, again, I must move on to other subjects because I don’t want to get bogged down in DSotR revision technicalities for this review. But this is big big news, and a shocking addition. DSotR2 is simply *better* than DSotR1 — no other way to put it. *However* it also *depends* on DSotR1 to set it up. Fused together, they *are* “Dark Side of the Rainbow”, the true one.

But back to the review. So we’ve covered the shift of blogs from the Baker Blinker Blog to the Frank and Herman Einstein Blog. Actually, the discovery of true “Dark Side of the Rainbow” (DSotR1 + DSotR2) egged this on. Jamie has mysteriously come to play the role of Tin S. Man early on in the current blog, where a separation ensues between Tin S. Man and Wallace3 (latter played by me, baker b.). Tin S. Man has overidentified with the Baker Blinker Blog or its energy. Wallace3 must move beyond him by creating the new blog. Tin S. Man is kind of me stuck in the past, in the old blog of 2233 posts.

Other news: Well, Pietmond Stage 2 was destroyed in early February of this year, when a huge spaceship/warship came a-visiting operated by someone named Michael, according to resident blog spirt and wise guy Hucka D. Why did this ship then destroy Pietmond? Was it sent from Philo (a loose Nautilus continent community on the rise at the same time)? So Pietmond Stage 1 lasted from October 2010 to the end of April 2011, and Stage 2 from September 2011 to February 2012. Now we even have a 3rd stage of sorts with New Pietmond (early November 2012 to present). But I think New Pietmond is just that — beyond the old. A new Pietmond for a new blog if you will. And perhaps it is not coincidence that New Pietmond was born at the same time Philo itself suffered a devastating blow from an unidentified enemy, losing the Temple of TILE and the Toxic Art Gallery simultaneously.

Then there’s more. Another crazy development this year came in the revitalization of the Synchronicity Phenomenon Board, basically dormant for a year and a half before this after the untimely death of its guru/sage Don Boulet. My friend Flynn was part of this rebirth along with me, and the resurgent group did some incredible work in a short span. My foremost contribution to the energy was the piecing together of what I called the Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area located between Abingdon and Bristol, Virginia. A review of what I found there is now collected within the Sink Lair virtual gallery, still present in New Pietmond as of this writing. Unfortunately, the rebirth seems to have been brief, as the Synch Phenom Board has again returned to basic dormancy. Is there energy for yet another rejuvenation? I doubt it but who can tell.

Briefly, other Pietmond/New Pietmond developments include the evolution of the X-Spot Gallery (shaped like a giant “X”), and the addition of several new structures including the Tower of A. Mann, my tallest Second Life structure yet, I believe.

But let’s now return to Frank and Herman Parks to check out in more detail what happened there this year. Another big bunch of information (!) First came the remarkable expansion of TILE Creek mythology, culminating in both Hermania and Billfork “communities”. Then in the summer we have Con Creek, another hefty information addition. *Then* this Fall we build upon the story of Wealthy Mtn. with extensive explorations and written down afterthoughts. I’ve mentioned the Tin S. Man development above, and, er, physically, this takes place in his Tinsity, in the heart of Wealthy Mountain’s prominent Green Oz Valley. Afterwards, we have the amazing evolution of Byng/4 Valleys, taking the present blog to a stabilizing point where the past is obviously cleaved away. And this directly leads to New Pietmond as well.

What of the future? I believe all bets are off after this heck of a year!


Bill Mountain 01

And so it begins… the road that led to possible contact with an alien being. Quagaars? Well, possibly related. But… anyway let’s get to it.

So the below picture comes from just next to the possible place of contact, which I’ll get to right afterwards. These appear to be old signs of some, identical type. Perhaps now they give the directions (or non-directions) to a type of abyss inside or outside time and space.


Right behind the signs is this shallow pit containing numerous empty beer cans. All seem quite old, perhaps from the 60s or 70s even. I’ll try to remember and take some pictures of specific cans soon.


And here we are at The Place itself. It’s just a large pile of old rusty junk — some folding chairs, cabinets perhaps… but what subsequently happens to it in the next 16 hours is the story. See the post Bill Mountain 04 just above.




More alien-type weirdness: Is this the remains of a beer can? A cup? Hard to tell. The physics in this area didn’t seem to be operating normally.


A nearby, rock-topped knoll.


Meadow across the dirt road. This is not a public road of any kind but people do employ it as a sort of unofficial walking and biking trail. I’d say on any given weekend you may have half a dozen visitors to this road.


I should also add here that I’ve taken pictures of this road for the old Baker Blinker Blog, and featured the higher meadow bordering it (about a quarter mile south of the one pictured above) in the post Seven Stones from back in June 2009. And here’s one more old post about the road, from way back in Spring 2008 now, but with only minimal text involved. And that’s all the posts I have for this area. Surprising, since it’s always been one of my favorite walking places in either park. High time, then, my attention shifted to it for blog purposes. But now there’s the, er, Bill Problem to deal with. First Michael Too, now Bill.

With the below photo, we’ve arrived at a second, fascinating place on Bill Mountain, and possibly another contact site, although of a much more subtle nature at least to this point. This is what Hucka D. and I have decided to call Tiny Wiltshire, after the famous English county that Edna and I plan to partially move to when we get a bit more older and grayer, perhaps when I’m about 65. Wiltshire County is one of the most amazing places on Planet Earth for certain, being home to an incredible quantity and quality of crop circles during the spring and summer months of each and every year, no exceptions. I’d estimate that 50 percent of all the world’s crop circles have been found here.

What does this have to do with so-called Tiny Wiltshire in my immediate neighborhood? Well, a considerable number of crop circle enthusiasts feel that the circlemakers, as they are popularly called, are attempting to make a safe and meaningful link between humanity and their own, extraterrestrial or extradimensional culture through patterns in grains. Likewise, Tiny Wiltshire may be a place of contact with Bill, another possible alien entity. My first clue about the latter contact came through this juxtaposition of a plastic bottle and bone underneath one of the many pine trees in the designated location. Almost all of Tiny Wiltshire is enveloped in a bed of brown needles fallen from these trees, and also the area is quite flat in comparison to most of the surrounding terrain. Perhaps this makes the location a natural gathering place for blown-in objects such as the bottle pictured below…


… and also this more crushed bottle not far away. But I wouldn’t bet on it. The bottle below seems unnaturally crushed, for example, as if all the air had been sucked out. More evidence of that Bill Mountain weird-o physics perhaps?



And what of this bottom half of a beer can nearby, seemingly twisted and wretched from its larger top part instead located in a neighboring patch of needles? Does this seem like the actions of a normal forest?


Continue to Bill Mountain 02.


Bill Mountain 02

Continued from Bill Mountain 01…

Echoing those classic Ronco gadget commercials, I say: “But wait, there’s more!” Like this self sharpening knife… sorry, this line of what might be equal spaced pecan nuts with an attached dangle of 3 pine cones. Notice there are no other nuts in the immediate area, nor anywhere nearby that I recall (but I admittedly didn’t check real close for this particular aspect of the phenomenon). Is this some kind of message about the star system that Bill came from, kind of in the spirit of these mid-90s “Galaxy formation” crop circles? If so, is there even a more direct relationship implied, like the nuts are *planets* themselves?


Another Tiny Wiltshire shot, with the uncrushed bottle pictured in Bill Mountain 01, accompanied by a bone, glinting in the background.


One of several Tiny Wiltshire humps or mounds projecting from its flat terrain. Should all these have names as well?


Who knows what messages may still lie hidden within the vast pine needle weave?


Bramble separating parts of Tiny Wiltshire.


Broken pine tree branch on western edge of Tiny W.


And here’s another, central mystery: an overturned T. W. rock that I’d taken pictures of perhaps a year or two ago, but which didn’t turn out well enough to include in my blog. But the thing is, it *wasn’t* overturned at the time. This is another example of something I’d taken a snapshot of, and then was physically tampered with by what have to be human or humanoid hands in the meantime. I don’t think deer could remove the rock. Maybe a bear, but why?


I turned the rock over to its top side for this picture. Amazing microcosm, eh? And a stark contrast to its bottom side, which appears very plain. Do these rock patterns represent another type of star map? I can’t count this possibility out. Not coming from wild, fantastic Bill Mountain I can’t.


A larger rock near the formerly overturned one pictured above. This is near the southern end of Tiny Wiltshire, I believe.


Below this, or just further to the south, we come to the end of Frank Park itself and the beginning of civilization again. Amazing, then, that such magic as Tiny Wiltshire contains is so close. But perhaps it draws at least some of its energy from this proximity; hafta think about that possibility more.


Some sunset shots from Tiny Wiltshire. Notice the “photograph spirit” in the second picture especially.





“Bill is friendly. Don’t build on Bill. Bill is a mountain. Billy the Mountain.”


Thanks Hucka D. I obviously have many questions. How many can you answer?

Hucka D.:

Bill is a psychic entity as you’ve guessed. Knows your photos (smiles). Wanted to let you know he was there… in the woods. But also that he is psychic. It is a he.


Obviously… well not obviously I suppose, but perhaps we can run to Bill if something dreadful happens in the world. A catastrophe.

Hucka D.:

Attempt to communicate with Bill at the pine trees… get a name for the place. Bill turned over the rock, true, but that’s another photo you took[ and then discarded].


Hucka D.:

You’re not going to be able to figure out Bill[ right now]. Just don’t build a type of Billfork, a type of Lion’s Roar, on his mountain. He’s doing the same.


Anything else?

Hucka D.:

You can ask more questions if you like. Not often you make contact like this.


How old is Bill?

Hucka D.:

Old as the hills. What did you want me to say? (smiles again)


What’s your involvement with Bill?

Hucka D.:



Does Bill have a computer?

Hucka D.:

No. But he wants one.


Is Bill just me in the future? Giving myself messages?

Hucka D.:

Not really, no.


Did Bill actually come from Wiltshire, since I’ve just yesterday or so decided I am A. Marlborough Mann?

Hucka D.:

That could play a part.


I mean, is this a creature or whatever from Savernake Forest, say?

Hucka D.:

Not really. Give credit to the area you live in.


This is a *response* to Wiltshire.

Hucka D.:

Yes. In a way. Little Witshire[ out there on the side of Bill Mountain].


Should I attempt to communicate with Bill? Perhaps through Tiny Wiltshire?

Hucka D.:

Tiny… better. Go back to Tiny Wiltshire. *Don’t* disturb anything else there. Think of a reply. Look at the photos you have.




Hucka D.:

Don’t build on his mountain. He is paranoid. He has been hurt. He has abilities. Rocks.


Bill Mountain 03

Continued from Bill Mountain 02.

One more photo from Tiny Wiltshire…


… before moving almost directly across the dirt road to an unnamed place with rock ruins, perhaps the sight of an old cottage or house. Notice the stacked bricks.



Back to Rust Spot, as I’ve recently dubbed it, we have a kind of keyhole shaped depression near the same road, and just beyond the place where all the rusty objects were moved about by apparently alien hands this weekend (Rust Spot’s epicenter). It reminds me of the New Pietmond sinkhole, but I don’t think an art event should happen here now, what with all the aliens about. Bill Mountain, at least for the present, has become a no build zone for me. How tempting it would have been to create a new and improved Billfork or Lion’s Roar with all the junk material lying about in the Greater Rust Spot Metro Area. But it’s been claimed, apparently. I’ve met someone on the Other Side now, and have to respect their boundaries and what they’re trying to communicate to me. “We are here! This is *our* stuff. These are *our* shiny things!” (thinking again of how only the shiny objects were actually removed from Rust Spot over the weekend). Which brings us back to Red Dwarf and the alien Cat, who also appreciates and collects shiny things. Instead of Quagaars am I dealing with alien felines instead?? Interesting that the Cat mythology is most fully explained in the same Red Dwarf episode (“Waiting for God”) where Rimmer believes an old Red Dwarf garbage pod is an alien Quagaar capsule.*


The aforementioned, unofficial hiking/biking road running on the west side of Bill Mountain. The alien was heard loudly stomping through the woods just to the left from my position on the road while taking this shot. It was *not* a deer. A bear, again, could be an explanation, but I’m pretty sure now that the alien wanted me to know he was there, and making a connection to the entity rearranging all the old rusty objects at Rust Spot: One and the same, in other words.


Entrance into the keyhole shaped sink taken at about the same position as the above picture.


3 objects on the side of the road not far from the keyhole sink, which, as mentioned in Bill Mountain 04, were removed by my return the next day.


More objects in Greater Rust Spot, this time on the north edge of the same clearing bordering Rust Spot’s central region.


Another mysterious object in the same area: the stuffings of an old chair ripped apart and strewn about? Bits of it were lying about in other places of the clearing as well.


And now we (thankfully!) move away from Rust Spot and into a different space, taking a barely traceable path from the clearing to the stream tumbling down Bill Mountain’s northern side. I don’t have a name for this stream yet, but according to the Bill Mountain map I created yesterday, I do have a name for this particular place depicted in the next several pictures: Twin Falls. The name was chosen because 2 drops in the stream of about the same height (approx. 3-4 feet) occur about 50 feet from each other here. Immediately to their south is some kind of inactive spring or well (2 below pictures). I’ll report back when I’m able to revisit the area.



The more upstream of the twin falls.


* Quote from wikipedia’s article on Red Dwarf’s “Waiting for God” episode:

…. Holly tracks an Unidentified Object and brings it aboard. Rimmer believes it to be a stasis capsule carrying a dormant member of an alien race. He even invents a name for this race, “the Quagaars”, and convinces himself that they can give him a new body. After a closer inspection, Lister discovers that the capsule is actually nothing more than a jettisoned Red Dwarf garbage pod. The pod’s lettering was partially obscured by space dust. When he asks Holly why he didn’t tell Rimmer what the pod really was, Holly replies “Well, it’s a laugh, innit?” Lister decides not to tell him either.[6]

And then immediately following this in the article, we have a summary of the main plot of the episode:

Lister learns more about the Cat people’s god, “Cloister the Stupid” who was “frozen in time” to save the Cat race, and informs the openly skeptical Cat that he is their God, only to subsequently become depressed when he learns that the entire Cat race destroyed itself in holy wars over minor details of ‘Fuchal’- the Cat heaven, really based on Lister’s plans to open a hot dog and doughnut shop on Fiji-, and that they lived their lives according to five sacred laws of which Lister himself has broken four. Later, the Cat, who is known to go “investigating”, goes off on one of his excursions, and Lister follows him, deep into the cargo hold. There Lister discovers an old blind cat priest, the only one of their race left other than Cat, who is dying and proclaims that he has lost his faith, feeling that he has wasted his life following Cloister. The priest takes his hat off, asking Cat to burn it. In his final moments, Lister shows up and convinces the priest that he has led an admirable life and has served Cloister well, and as such will reach ‘Fuchal’. Lister takes the hat back from Cat and puts it back on the priest’s head. Convinced by this “miracle”, the Cat Priest joyously exclaims that this is the happiest day of his life and promptly dies.[7]

“Waiting for God” video:


Bill Mountain 04

So the attempt at communication begins. Slowly. Because… well because. Little or Tiny Wiltshire may hold the big key or giant key.



Give up building another Billfork, another Lion’s Roar, in favor of communication. But what is already there?

AND now… the communication from yesterday/today. The “before” pictures are mine from Sat. afternoon. The “after” pictures are by Edna at about dusk on Sunday. Drum roll please (because this may be a magic trick of high order).





The old chair skeleton in the first photo had been moved about 6 feet forward and away from the saw.





I’ve labelled identical trees in the scene A through H.





Summary: It looks like basically *everything* in that junk pile has been moved in a significant way. The “computer”, as I call it (last 2 pictures above), has been moved and also turned over, and it’s pretty heavy. This was not a weak person. Note: the saw pictured in 1st 2 photos above was not moved.

Since I returned to the scene about 1 to 1:30 Sunday afternoon, the deed had to occur between about dusk Sat. (when I left) and then. So it was either Sat. night or Sun. morning, in essence. This person wanted to make his presence known (crashing sound in woods to my left as I was leaving the junk and heading up the road to a higher pasture area). This person *took* all the white stuff at the junk scene but seemed to leave about all the rest. The white stuff may have all been aluminum, perhaps from an old ladder.

This material stacked up at the edge of the road on Saturday…


… seems to also have vanished by Sun. afternoon.


Never Mind The Bullrocks…

Here’s Bill Mountain! The dotted lines represents the boundaries of Frank Park, which basically follow streams on the north and south side of the mountain. Near the top comes Bullrocks, a brand new find as of Sunday with an amazing view down into the heart of Bill Mtn.’s vast rhododendron fields from the highest of the 2 involved rocks. Pictures asap.




I originally named Bullrocks Bullocks, after the Sex Pistols album I planned to pun upon. But swiftly I thought it was too crude, and thus the change. Just now in googling “Tiny Wiltshire” (another location on the Bill Mtn. map above) to see what comes up in Google images, my newest blog pictures on the subject took up the top 10 spots in the 1st and 2nd rows, but this place in Wiltshire County was found in the 3rd row: another Bullocks (Bullocks Horn Cottages). It’s in the “tiny Wiltshire” hamlet of Charlton. Once more I must ask: Is this chance? “Maybe” will be my answer in this case. But probably not.

So moving to “The Bullocks” for images, get this…

ca la bullocks wilshire v clr


And this…


May be grasping here.


Bill Mtn. to much of rest of Frank and (esp.) Herman Parks



Last Post?

In all likelihood not. But I plan to return to Bill Mountain today. Are they even monitoring this *blog*?

Here’s the deal, then… ALIENS. I think this is what you want. I will not take my camera to Bill Mountain except to Tiny Wiltshire perhaps. Is THAT okay? 🙂 I cannot take pictures of *you* for God’s sake (The Bill). I will enter the mountain area from the top with camera. Go only to Tiny Wiltshire. Okay, no I won’t even take my camera to Tiny Wiltshire, not today. Do you have a camera? A computer, I mean? I think that means you monitor this blog. You do not want your story as part of this blog. But it’s a JOKE, right? Like crop circles themselves… it’s all hoaxed. Bill Mountain is based on Frank Zappa’s Billy the Mountain in combo with Firesign Theatre’s Billville (a mound in the middle of Heartland, US of A). See, it’s all a joke. Zappa’s Billy the Mountain isn’t *real*. It’s a mountain and mole hill in one. I am fine to create a cover-up. I am experienced. I am shut-mouthed.

You isolated what I called The Computer from the rest of the junk at Rust Spot Central. This means not that you want a computer (like Michael Too indicated to me when I first met him in the Frank Park woods), but you already have one and are monitoring the blog for pictures. I have already said enough.

Hucka D.:

No, take the camera. Just don’t take it to Rust Spot[ again].


You sure Hucka D.? Not trying to get me in trouble, are you?

Hucka D.:

Nah. Just don’t take pictures of anything but Tiny Wiltshire. And, sure, give them some gifts. They’ll think it’s cute.


So this really is the King and Queen… or Queen and King.

Hucka D.:

Yes there are two of them. They have already been in contact with me. They’re nice. Nice enough. No, they’re *really* nice enough. They won’t eat you.


How big are they?

Hucka D.:

8 feet[ tall].


They have a ship.

Hucka D.:



5-sided? 7-sided?

Hucka D.:

11. (pause) Any more questions? Knowing what you know about the peeking in?


I don’t think I’m going to take my camera even to Tiny Wiltshire.

Hucka D.:

Your choice.


01/09/12, 3:48pm:

Made it back, fans. Some more pics soon from Tiny Wiltshire and the top o’ Bill Mtn.


Return to Tiny Wiltshire

Since taking these pictures yesterday, Hucka D. has relayed to me that the Bill Mtn. aliens have gone away, taking with them my presents I left under what is probably the most prominent Tiny Wiltshire rock. But I’m still suppose to stay away from Rust Spot, pheh (and by default Twin Falls behind it, since the only way back there is through Rust Spot).

There are a considerable number of thorn trees in Wiltshire. The below photo is a close up of the same tree in the center of picture 3 here. The 2nd picture shows a neighboring thorn tree which has been bent over but apparently isn’t dead yet. Don’t think.




Tiny swirls like this in Tiny Wiltshire make me speculate on the possibility of miniature parallels to similarly swirled crop circles in the real deal Wiltshire. Probably not, but I thought I’d just bring up what was in my mind when I took the picture.


Bramble acting as a barrier between parts of Tiny Wiltshire. I’m very interested to see what this turns to in spring and summer months.


Another interesting tree in the area.



A triangle of fungi snuggle together at the base of this pine tree.


The 4 nuts and attached pine cones I’ve already blogged about at the top of the Bill Mountain 03 post were found in disarray when I returned several days later for the present picture. Actions of animals, or weather elements… or more alien mind games?


A tree shaped like the top of a fork. I suppose I’ll call it Fork Top Tree.


As I stated before, Tiny Wiltshire contains a good number of rocks projecting from its flat surface, including these 2 found in a more weedy environ.


Presents for the aliens.



Return to Bullrocks (but first visit with pics!)

In returning to Bullrocks for the second time after ascending Bill Mountain from Tiny Wiltshire, I looked down in the woods and immediately spied some kind of suspicious discoloration in the distance. Were these fused blue-green (left) and white (right) blobs the aliens themselves, perhaps playacting for me as frozen mimes?? The thought had to cross my mind, and I’m sure it would yours too given the same situation.


Closeup of the discolorations; difficult to get a picture of. Obviously more convincing in person.


This more out-of-focus picture may even give one a better idea of what I saw. Another possibility is that it’s an alien artifact instead of the aliens themselves (more sensible, since it obviously was not moving as I continued to gaze upon it), perhaps a corner of their spaceship, even. The next time I go to Bullrocks I’ll have to look again.


Bullrocks themselves are fascinating even without the alien backstory. They consist of 2 large rocks, on on top of the other, with a small ledge area between the two. Here’s a section of ground at the base of Upper Bullrock, as we’ll start to call it. Notice the mysterious ebony stone.


Looking across the bottom of Upper Bullrock from basically the same position.


Amazing collection of small, rounded rocks in this basin area (detail of above). They seem to signify deeper things.


Perhaps even more mysterious “black hole” in the wall above them. I am toying around with the idea that it represents a rift in space and time, perhaps the one the Bill Mountain aliens used to enter our solar system. Are the rocks below, then, stars? Stars that, er, fell out of this black hole or this black rift? Or were formed in it? Still working on all this obviously.




Show The With On Now

“Congratulations baker b. The aliens are gone. They told me to tell you they appreciate the bugs, and the golden one was especially delightful. I think they ate them. Anyway they took their 11 sided ship and went away. Aldebaran was their next destination.”


Thanks Hucka D. That was a relief.

Hucka D.:

Don’t go near Rust Spot still, because some devizes were left behind. Devices I meant.


Okay I won’t.

Hucka D.:

Tiny Wiltshire is okay. The top of the mountain is okay. The Old TILE Road parking where you usually park is still not okay. Okay?


Got it.

Hucka D.:

Now on with the show!

Baker Bloch, sitting in front of the newly christened Power Tower in New Pietmond, is okay with the aliens leaving.


“I thought…

… I’d walk the New Pietmond labyrinth each day.”


Hucka D.:

Great idea. Dark Side of the Rainbow is the root. Power Tower in the sky. You need both. Dr. Blood or Knok will help with the big tower. That’s where The Table will be set up. Already has. But you need the temple too.


Baker Bloch has his private office again, Hucka D. It’s pretty nice.

Hucka D.:

Pretty nice.





He feels like he needs to deepen his connections with TILE.

Hucka D.:

Walk. Study. E. Build.


Jamie of Dark Side of the Rainbow: Art on Trial, is pulling the plug on his web site. Another one[ bites the dust]. No…

Hucka D.:

No family[ of synchers] now to support. Only you, and you and he have split already over the 3333 protectorate. He is sealed.


A kind of Sealston, eh.

Hucka D.:

Now you can begin to dissect what the protectorate is — means. It is 5 sided but maybe also 11 sided.


So like the Frank Park alien’s spaceship.

Hucka D.:

Look back on those notes. Thank you.


Interesting that Jamie tells me he’s getting rid of his site just as the aliens show up in me life. Anger?


Tiny Wiltshire Phenomena (Can’t Make Heads or Tails of ‘Em)

(1). Weird, vertical serpentine cloud formation, strongly reminding me of the horsehair worm found in Spoon Fork in early November, and also in Frank Park. Unlike an airplane contrail or vapor trail, there was no obvious source for the vapor — it had no head or tail, just like the horsehair worm. Also it was moving very rapidly across the sky, indicating a low altitude and ruling out a plane source as well. Just before I saw the cloud whizzing by in the sky, I heard what appeared to be an unusual popping noise, like a firecracker. I don’t think a firecracker is the answer to the source. The cloud, outside of having no head/tail, was well defined, and looked much like a very elongated, whispy cumulus cloud. It seemed to be moving about the same speed as the only other (normally shaped, in that case) cloud in the sky within my vision range. The unusual cloud was maybe 20 times as long as it was wide. I remember running through part of Tiny Wiltshire in an attempt to see the bottom of the cloud for a possible plane. I eventually found a clear enough spot to see the bottom (remember, the cloud was moving very rapidly and I knew it would disappear soon), but no plane present, and it just tapered off on both ends. That’s when I starting directly connecting it to the horsehair worm, rightly or wrongly. But I think rightly.

This occurred on Saturday, before I knew about the Rust Spot shifting but had already heard the aliens in the woods just beyond. From Tiny Wiltshire, the cloud appeared from the direction of Rust Spot, and I have to believe the 2 are related.

(2). Train whistle where there’s no train. I’ve heard this phenomenon once before; about 6-7 years ago I think. Thing is, back in the early 1900s there *use* to be a train running through the valley north of Frank Park. The whistle was distinct in each case. The noise came from the west this time, and not from Rust Spot to the north.

This occurred on the day after (1), or Sunday, when I already knew about the Rust Spot shifting.

Below is a video of what might be related phenomenon of (1).


The Pullllll

This was I believe the next post up in Michael Glickman’s blog I was planning to read sometime soon, and then just a minute ago it came up as the 4th hit in my Google search for “eleven sided” + “crop circles.” So I’m reading the post *now*.

A newer theory has it that the alien spaceship landing sometime in the past in Frank Park may have left in the trail of smoke I saw Saturday a week ago from Tiny Wiltshire. The mystery (train) whistle heard at the same location the next day might be directly related as well, thinking of such a whistle producing a cloud of stream. So maybe Hucka D. is right about them being gone man gone.

Seven is considered to represent spirit, revelation, the eternal feminine and that which lies behind the veil. Eleven is the first number of the Master Number series that is said to indicate degrees of contact and interaction with other dimensions. [my emphasis] Given these credentials we cannot be surprised that these two noble numbers choose to hold themselves slightly aloof from such as the ordinary fours and nines.

The Oliver’s Castle snowflake formation can be seen as a pivotal point in crop circle history, deepening a rift between those who believe there is most definitely a real mystery phenomenon going on in Wiltshire and elsewhere and those who believe there is most definitely no mystery atall to examine — just the work of very terrestrial and very human crop circle “artists”.



Hucka D., didn’t you spend some time in Oliver, Wisconsin last year?

Hucka D.:

I lived there. It was the first virtual reality town created by GoogleEarth. I hid there, yes.


Then of course Carcass-6 comes along that summer; Oliver at center. *Flower*, like in Flower of Life.



It looks to me for all the world that Screven County Georgia and its outlying Oliver (highlighted in red below) duplicates Michael’s revelation that seven lies at the root of the Oliver’s Castle formation. Screven = seven. “Cr” may even be important: *cr*op circle?



Going deeper into this, it may be significant that Oliver, Georgia’s town boundaries are no longer circular, although the other 3 circular towns in the county (Hilltonia, Newington, Rocky Ford), according to the above map, remain so. The limits of the largest city and county seat, Sylvania, is also based on the circle, but a significantly larger one than the rest. Here’s a comparison of all 4 along with Oliver, the 5th incorporated town of the county that doesn’t fit the pattern any longer. Or never did.


Why is Oliver marked as a circle in the outline above when it’s not? Was it *ever* a circle? Maybe not. Is Oliver’s Castle a legitimate (non-human artist) circle and is the Oliver’s Castle video a legitimate film of a crop circle forming and not another piece of art? How much did the videographer get *paid*?

Is this another video of Oddball Oliver killed by King Circle?



“Yes, I am there now.”


Tiny Wiltshire Again

A view one of the smaller toy avatars, say an Mmmmmm, might see while walking around weird, mysterious Tiny Wiltshire.


Fork Top Tree again. When I head to T.W. one more time, I should have enough information to create a map, perhaps of the whole of Bill Mountain even.


Tiny Wiltshire offers many views toward rocks positioned in the neighboring woods. Separate but related in this manner, almost as if the rocks act as guardians, and that’s their point. Cleveland Rocks? Probably, now. Ley lines running into and through T. W.?






Fucliecester: a cluster of thorny trees itself guarding and protecting Tiny Wilshire from the west.


This is the only way through, and you have to bend down still.


The Green at the south side of Tiny Wiltshire.


Mysterious floating tree.


Main path into Tiny Wiltshire, apparently worn by deer. Yet to see a deer in the area, though.


One more look at the dense thicket of trees making up Fucliecester.



“I think…

… if I saw this list without knowing anything about MapS, I’d make the association with Drew Carey and Whose Line is It Anyway?”


Hucka D.:

That’s the point. (pause) Sorry.


That’s okay. So Cleveland does rock. Cleveland Rocks. Almost ringing Tiny Wiltshire.

Hucka D.:

Almost. (pause) To a point.


And so there are ley lines running through Tiny Wiltshire.

Hucka D.:

That’s next. T. W. is a place of contact between man — you and alien — them. But the aliens are not actually aliens, just the surrounding woods and inhabiting spirits. Now. Rocks that watch[ like in SID’s 1st Oz].


But this is, once again, about Carcass+3.

Hucka D.:

Yes. In MapS.


Carey is a Host as well.

Hucka D.:

Just because the alien aliens are gone doesn’t mean that Tiny Wiltshire isn’t still relative.


If I wait to go to Real Wiltshire…

Hucka D.:

Don’t wait. Tom is waiting for you. You need to go. It’s an expense well worth it.


The second or third day, I’d actually go to Oliver’s Castle just blogged about below, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Oliver is an Oddball. More MapS.


Who is Pansy Mouse?


line 001


Pansy Mouse:



Hey Pansy Mouse!

Pansy Mouse:



Are you an alien? Are you one of *the* aliens?

Pansy Mouse:


Hucka D.:

So you know that Pansy Mouse isn’t one of the aliens. Want to know more about the alien aliens, then?


You know I do. I’m wondering about the role of Twin Falls. It seems they are warning me about Twin Falls and a trace from the past.

Hucka D.:

They are warning you not to build a Billfork, a Lion’s Roar, at Twin Falls. Not yet. Someone has already built one there. It would be like building Chicago on top of New York[ then].


I should be able to upload those pictures tonight, Hucka D. So this is coded into Lion’s Roar and Kansas, even?

Hucka D.:

There the Rock Island containing the whole of Chicago was blocked[ by Periwinkle Falls] from coming down and irrationally combining with New York like Lion’s Roar. Here there’s no Periwinkle Falls. Or the aliens act as The Falls.


More US MapS, then.

Hucka D.:

Yes. From the past. Rock Island is a floater (pause).


“What does that mean?”





I’m worried, Hucka D., because I know you’re back there. Someone is mean.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Like the past. A floater.


Something is coming to a head. Floater.

Hucka D.:

You’ll know soon enough. You must organize. You must create. Freedom, but responsibility. Own up. Say you’re on a track now. Going forward. Start the engine. Toot toot[ and all].


Can I ask more about Twin Falls? Because I don’t think we can talk about Rust Spot. Not yet.

Hucka D.:

We can talk about Tiny Wiltshire and a failed attempt at communication with the alien aliens. Not the woods aliens but the ones from Jupiter that are now steaming to Aldebaran. As fast as possible.


They steam and I should steam.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Fast as you can.


So Hucka D. buzzed away. Twin Falls… very mysterious place. Rust Spot protects, even? Chicago and New York, but not on top of each other. 1 and 2. 2 and 1 I mean. Mean. Why is someone mean? Not living up to expectations. Need someone who can work with electronic records. Need someone more knowledgeable, more responsible. Not you. “I can change.” “Let’s see it.” “Klutzy Kamper was preparation.” “I saw it, and my predessor saw it.” “The Woods of Howl, yes.” “Yes.” “Well, that’s why I ask you what you thought of me.” “I think you are very creative.” “But not fit for this job?” “Can New York combine with Chicago? In reality?” “Not in the woods, no. Not now.” “New York and Chicago, baker b.” “Thank you.”


In the end…

… Tin S. Man believed that 2001 synched to Dark Side of the Moon, not The Wizard of Oz. But it’s really both in one.

My take:

2001-Echoes is not a purposeful synch. That is, “Echoes” was not created as a soundtrack to the end of the 2001: A Space Odyssey movie (separately titled “Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite”). I believe Stegocat’s Contact-Echoes proves this by itself. The Wizard of Oz + Dark Side of the Moon likewise is not purposeful. Many synchs prove this, including my modest Dark Side of the Yellow Submarine synch (an earlier synch itself, like Contact-Echoes). And in this spirit I do not think 2001 + Dark Side of the Moon was created on purpose. And frankly even if it was, I’m not going to spend my time listening to Dark Side of Moon while simultaneously watching the grindingly slow 2001. The faster paced Wizard of Oz is obviously a better match for the musical smorgasbord of DSotM. I’m not that big of a fan of 2001-Echoes for the same reason, and that only uses the last section of the film. I’m not saying that 2001: A Space Odyssey isn’t a great film. I think, as a whole, it works better by itself (as do the vast majority of movies). You’d have to chop it up, perhaps into little pieces, in order to successfully employ it for a synchronicity.

So what’s the end story for Tin S. Man in this blog? The mini-myth really starts to take off in the 10th post, or “So We Are At Tin…”, and continues into 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22. Posts 20-22 create a trilogy of sorts, and represent the end of the main part of Tin S. Man – Wallace3 interaction, with Wallace3 played by me. Another early trilogy of posts just after this (24, 25, 26) demonstrates a shift from Tin S. Man-Wallace3 interaction centered by Tinsity at Green Oz Creek to Byng Creek mythology on the west side of the same mountain (Wealthy Mtn.). The creation of Lion’s Roar after this definitely seals the deal, and totally isolates the Tin S. Man energy from the rest of Frank and Herman Parks, Einstein.

Now this sealing is being unsealed, with the understanding that the incorporated Tinsity has run its course and Tin S. Man is pulling out of his namesake town. The separation started with Lisa the Vegetarian, owner of sacred Wealthy Mtn. or at least the great majority of it, enacting the 3333 Protectorate around Tinsity, allowing Wallace3 to escape the negatively charged energy surrounding it. Tinsity becomes South, Gray, 2233, Baker Blinker Blog, old blog, Rebel, Korean and not English. Tinsity absorbs the energy of the Baker Blinker Blog and its 2233 posts. It becomes the past, but a window to the past as well through the Supersity Super Hoop. Supersity and its hoop provides an answer to Tinsity.

Lisa the Vegetarian has supposedly compared this sealing to the Union Blockade of the South during the Civil War during one of her speaking engagements in Lion’s Roar. I suppose the end of Tin S. Man’s involvement with Tinsity and Green Oz Creek is his Appomattox. Saying that 2001 is the intended video accompaniment to “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd is like Lee signing the treaty with the North there in the courthouse. Lee, South, Lovely, Love Lee. Decker. (pause) Sunfish.

Yards Creek, New Jersey with Sunfish Pond.




… was not Rock Island but *Bloch* Island, filled with rocks. Slackwood gives the primary key, directly uniting Sunfish Pond and Block Island through *rock cairns*. But it’s not Rhode Island’s Block Island per se — that’s a pointer. *

And it’s not quite Baker’s Island which acts as the first post of the whole, enormous 2233 post Baker Blinker Blog, although that’s related like Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch themselves. And it’s related to the only post of the present blog which I haven’t provided text for yet, featuring cairns as well.

A knot of associations. The Tight.

AND this (Frank and Herman, Einstein!) is actually in a way the Baker Bloch blog, the successor to the Baker Blinker Blog: as opposed to This is the Bloch Island that it’s all built up from (!)





Seeing this, I couldn’t resist the urge to make a stack of my own.

Okay, so I was showing off a bit. That gray rock with the notch in it was just too good to pass up.


Wiltshire: Streetview Style

Avebury: Man waving at long headed alien getting into car.


Avebury: 2 uprights dragonflies hovering near house.


Broad Hinton: Man walking dog oblivious to Fuzzer House beside him (house was fuzzy from all angles).


Rockley: Mysterious fireball in meadow. Only appeared in this one shot.


More mystery Streetview scenes from Wiltshire coming up!


Twin Falls

















As regular readers of my blog can perhaps tell, I’ve been working very hard lately on generating energy for a type of “next step”. Part of this involves plugging the blog into an area of higher energy — Central Wiltshire, which appears to revolve around the Alton Barnes white horse situated south of Avebury. And Avebury itself. And The Barge, the famed hub pub of crop circledom lying, in turn, not far south of the A.B. horse. The link between “Frank and Herman, Einstein!” and Wiltshire comes from the fact that I have made plans now to go there this summer for a full 2 week period, accompanying my wife and our best friend Cammie. However, the 3 of us will *not* stay together the first week, as Edna and Cammie explore London again, as they did in October 2010. Instead I will already be in Central Wiltshire, or on one side of it (west). The place will be Devizes. Then during the second week of our England stay we’ll all reunite and compare fabulous stories on the east side of Central Wiltshire. The place this time will be Marlborough, and it is in Marlborough that I predict we will also stay a considerable amount of time during our later years in life — all 3 of us but especially Edna and I. And Devizes could also come into play during this time.

Let’s take a look at the 2012 splay of crop circles in not only Wiltshire but England itself:

I’m also going to take a screen shot of that to display here — hope the people that own the web site don’t mind.


Let’s also zoom out while keeping Wiltshire in the center of the map.


This is a truly amazing pattern, if you understand or believe that the majority of crop circles are not made by human “artists”. For the fact is that probably 50 percent of not just England’s but the *world’s* crop circles appear in this small 15 mile radius basically framed by Marlborough to the east and Devizes to the west, not only in 2012 (as the above map indicates) but year after year after year during the growing season of farm crops here. I may create more concise future posts about the phenomenon, but there’s a lot of material on the web to peruse if you wish.

It’s almost like I’m being demanded to go to Wiltshire, as it is turning out. Pieces are rapidly falling into place for the journey. GoogleEarth and its very sharp, panoramic Streetview pictures of the area equips me with another powerful tool for preliminary “virtual” exploring and prepping for my actual visit. In fact it seems that Streetview has replaced Second Life as my choice for virtual exploring in general. I plan to give up my New Pietmond land in Sikkima in early February to help save money for the trip, and also because I don’t really have to own land now in that reality to get what I need out of it seemingly. I have other, non-cost options for developing future creativity in Second Life (I don’t think it will go away totally). And Wiltshire will not in any way/shape/form replace my US of A Frank and Herman Park exploring but will *sharpen* my acumen for deciding what to put in this blog relating to it. Frank and Herman will always remain front and center here, and the blog can now certainly live on if ties are severed with Second Life (unlike the Baker Blinker Blog).

So just this alone — the switch of virtual reality preference from Second Life to GoogleEarth — is a pretty big deal. I don’t think it would work in reverse, that is, if we were instead living in Wiltshire and planned to visit Blue Mountain, NC. Streetview is, perhaps even strangely, not nearly as effective a tool for virtually exploring around *this* area: pictures aren’t as sharp; not nearly the amount of streets/roads involved. I’m sure this will change in the future, but for now the reverse situation couldn’t take place. And I also don’t think we’ll live in England full time and move from Blue Mountain to over there, perhaps Marlborough. But I wouldn’t stake a whole lot of money on that — it *could* happen. Can I leave Frank and Herman parks behind? Frankly it may not be a choice, but more on that later as well. I’m hoping not. But it almost feels that not only Wiltshire but Britain as a whole is our home, not NC, and Edna feels the same way if not stronger.

Which reminds me: I’ve now opened up the “Britain Britain Britain” module on my rainbowology site. Link here:

Hucka D.:

The aliens come from Wiltshire as well. Good night to you, baker b.


Hi Hucka D. Thanks for showing up once more.

Hucka D.:

Always here to help. Glad to do it. Gives me points, actually.


How much I use you? I mean, how much you show up here in this blog, and the other blog?

Hucka D.:

Yes. Not saving up to get some wings, mind you, as much as wanting to go to England with you (!)


Well of course you are invited along. But you’ve already gone, Hucka D. — with Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker.

Hucka D.:

We are, in fact, still there. We never left the company of the King and Queen in Rockley. We’re still there. Come visit *us*!


Well I’d like to make it down into that valley for sure. Can’t follow the road all the way into the house in Streetview.

Hucka D.:



I’d like to ask some questions, Hucka D. I don’t know if you can answer them. What *is* happening in Central Wiltshire.

Hucka D.:

Easy: contact.


It seems like it *must* transform into something else, a higher level of contact soon. The crop circle phenomenon just keeps getting more complicated, maybe.

Hucka D.:

Yes. (pause) Contact.


How are the Queen and King anyways? It was almost 2 years ago that you visited and also I visited through both Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker. Maybe I’ll send the two back.

Hucka D.:

They’re already there.


Hmmm… but Baker Bloch has been busy in Second Life building New Pietmond, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

With your help. I know: your line. I’m saying your lines again. Can you see me? How do I look today?


Goofy eyes as usual. (seeing Hucka D. looking hurt) Oh… sorry.


Hucka D. (after recovering):

The King and Queen have also visited Bill Mountain in the 7-11 sided space ship. It’s an LOL. Engine’s leaking a bit of oil, though.


Is it a Screven?

Hucka D.:

Could be… yeah, good one. Anyway they said hello — obviously — and hope you visit them in Wiltshire. They’ve gone back already. Actually they were going to do that thing on Aldebaran first before heading home. Have you googled Rockley lately?


No. Thanks for the remind.

Hucka D.:

You better get hopping once more. Talk to you soon and thanks for the points!

bb (laughing):

You’re welcome.


Sunfish, KY

All Sunfish, Kentucky is is a crossroads. And this is what I found less than a minute into the “visit” — very easy to spot in Streetview. It only appears in 1 shot, seen in the middle picture below. Otherwise the location is very nondescript.




I must ask you. Does that look like a flying sunfish?


The Way

The Way.

Lisa the Vegetarian is smarter than I’ll ever be. She was taught well. She created The Way connecting Kansas and Kentucky, or 5 and 6 (Fifty-six). Paul/Quetzlacoatl told her this. He told her about the secrets of Sgt. Pepper. He told her that Billy Shears is Billy Shakespeare, and he was a Spear Shaker. Fascinating. Marge on a stick. Lisa is not a Simpson but a Smipson. Paul is a Beetle. Or was. “I am very much alive,” Marty says to Lisa, for Marty is Paul in this 5 and 6 world. “baker b. will not be able to connect Kansas and Kentucky if you do not create The Way. There is a big way and a little way. Line it with white rocks so he’ll know you created it. This is the path of the Sunfish. You are the Sunfish.” “And you are the Teacher,” Lisa says back. She looked over to the huge head in the distance — her mother; her aunts not far behind. “What about Plant?” I asked from beyond the picture frame. But Marty did not seem to know where the voice is coming from. He looked around in confusion, and Linda with him. Then he saw me and stared. Connection.


If Lisa the Vegetarian is educated by Marty, then we must reexamine everything in this Frank and Herman Einstein! blog. Lisa sealed up Tinsity and made it South, Lee, Love, Decker SUNFISH. She initiated the 3333 Protectorate. She promises the second coming of Fort Wayne Rainbowology. She probably created Rainbowology. She certainly had something to do with Byng and The Way, which displaced Tinsity in my focus early on in the blog. She centered thoughts on Lion’s Roar, and separated New York and Chicago through Periwinkle Falls, trapping Rock or Bloch Island above in the Byng flow. She protected again in this way. More recently in Frank Park and on Bill Mountain, New York and Chicago were allowed to combine, with results (aliens). Lisa V. is keeping out the aliens. A link of Kansas and Kentucky with no New York and Chicago fusion involved. 5 and 6. Linked but separate.

Heart is within The Way. Hand which is the same as Head is right on the lower edge, it appears. Health below. These become the 4 lakes of Herman Park, with TILE Creek also coded into Arkansas (doppleganger Hermans). TILE Creek is Yards Creek. SUNFISH. Head perhaps displaces Hand; Hand becomes source of TILE Creek which “ends” in Drink Lake. Lisa was warned to steer all toward Arkansas (light) and not Missouri (dark). Hucka D. fully agrees. Others work for the dark. A village called Light lies on the lower edge of The Way as well (like Hand/Head), just below Faulknerville and shadowed by Crowleys Ridge in Crowleys Ridge State Park. There is always a reminder that Faulkner, son, outshone his father, Anderson. “Faulkner cannot be revealed at this time.” “Fine,” I said back. I have enough to deal with with TILE Creek and Hand Spring to Drink Lake. “That is the father,” she said back. For this was Lisa V. again. “Light is also located in Dimmit, Texas at a Blocker Tank. Blocked. Light. Evening Shade.”


Hand Valley is a Populated Place in Marion, AR with an elevation of 699 feet, or 213 meters above sea level. This place is also known as Head Valley.


* Note: the location of Hand (Head) on The Way map above is not Hand Valley/Head Valley per se, but the site of an actual, nearby historic community called Hand, now inundated by Norfork Lake. The 2 are considered parallel and probably identical in this research, with Hand AR identifying the actual location and Hand Valley/Head Valley merging identifying the union of hand and head here, probably also referring to the hand above Paul’s head on the Sgt. Pepper cover. To add to this, Hand (Head) is quite close to being halfway along the southern line of The Way, and Paul’s head (and accompanying Isse Bonn hand) is in the center of the Sgt. Pepper cover. The angle and basic dimensions of The Way, as discovered previously, is indicated by the Sgt. Pepper drum in front of Paul.


The only US Heart, to reinforce this, is also in The Way (Heart, Fulton County, AR), attached then to Loney Hearts.


To Your Health

“I’m not saying that happened but, lo, I’m not saying it didn’t happen. But it probably happened.”

~ Master Shake from the album Have Yourself a Meaty Little Christmas, speaking of an amazing, forgotten weapon possessed by Baby Jesus.

According to this post, I came up with the theory that Health Lake, located across The Way from the other 3 major Herman Park bodies of water, was the last formed, and spun in an opposite direction from the others. I also theorized that Head and Heart, perhaps jointly, were the first lakes created. This jibes now with Head (Hand) and Heart in rather close conjunction on the lower line of The Way in Arkansas (or the Arkansas Line of The Way, as opposed to the more northern, parallel Missouri Line). So Head and Heart first, and maybe Hand in direct conjunction with Head since the two overlap directly in Arkansas (and almost precisely at the center of Arkansas Line) via Hand Valley = Head Valley in Baxter County. The conjunction of Hand and Head has something to do with the hand held over the head of Paul McCartney in Sgt. Pepper: this was the point of entry between two systems (a wormhole?).

But I think Hand, Head, Heart all were created closely to each other in space/time. Hand has a special story, which becomes “Hands”.

Which brings us to the sacred coded book. Winesap it is sometimes called in the Baker Blinker Blog.


Red Collie seems to be a voice of reason, a signal in crop circle research noise.


Collie claims Quetzalcoatl has been the author of most of the recent, legitimate or “non-faked” crop circles, with 2002’s Crabwood alien face being a landmark work. In the crystalinks site, Quetzalcoatl’s first depiction is that of a blue feathered reptilian. His name means “feather-serpent”.

There is strong reason to suppose Second Life’s Craboo and its Blue Feather Douglas famed resident is actually “Crabwood” and “Quetzalcoatl” respectively. A key pointer is the Chilbo-Crabwoo resonance [link needed]. If so, and it appears to be so, we can gleen further information from this psychic link. Crabwoo is the site of a famous college or university called Crabwoo U., or “Woo yoo”. Biggie, a beached or caught fish, was brought to the campus from neighboring Blue Feather Sea, instigating a curse upon Crabwoo where its energy would be transferred to Chilbo instead on the parallel continent of Jeogeot. Again all this is set up in the Chilbo-Crabwoo resonance discovered by me in summer 2009.

Fact: there is a huge *Mayan temple* at the southern end of Second Life’s Blue Feather Sea, and I had already surmised that Blue Feather Douglas built it as a Temple of TILE of sorts. Pictures here [link needed].

A huge pyramid was built in Quetzalcoatl’s name in Chichen Itza. Readers of the Baker Blinker Blog: Do you remember my repeated sighting of chickens/chicken legs in the Crabwoo area from 2009/2010?? [link needed].


*And* my only sighting of a crop circle in Second Life occurs near Crabwoo, just on the opposite side of the Blue Feather Sea from it. [ link needed] Crabwoo exploration in the summer of 2011 represents one of my last extensive explorations in Second Life. In Spring 2012 I would create Carcassonne not far below the now defunt Crabwoo, near the shores of Rubisea which has also been directly linked to the Blue Feather Sea.


The huge fish caught by researchers and brought to Crabwoo U. might have been like an ocean sunfish, even? South, Lee, Love (“Love Lee”, as the Southerners certainly did) might represent the curse, or a city “gone south”. Decker is another key word found in the Mammoth Cave, Kentucky UmapS field along with Sunfish and several “Ready” references. “Ready” might refer to Blue Feather Douglas as well, since Genesis’ “Supper’s Ready” is directly overlapped in a basic 1:1 relationship with Green Acres in the Carcass-6 synchronicity. Broadway is also nearby.

The 13th sink of Second Life was next to Crabwoo, or perhaps within its ancient borders. This was called the Super Bowl, and perhaps Biggie was put there, or Biggie’s offspring (was it pregnant when caught?), called Oliver in some places in that blog, I believe (related to Chester — with Green Bay, winner of the Super Bowl that year, midway between Oliver, Wisconsin and Chesterton, Indiana). It would have to be filled with water first, I believe Hucka D. would add here.

This whole Red Collie article on Quetzalcoatl and crop circles and post-WWII alien contact scenarios is a fascinating read for me:


If odd, crazy things become consistently common…

… well, I think you know what I’m getting at here (odd crazy things turn into common ordinary things). Like this image I found while googling “‘Baxter County’ Arkansas map” just a minute ago, before logging in here. It was in the 5th row of hits, about 29 images down. But it stuck out, you see, because of my recent mentions of Hand in relation to this county (posts immediately below this one), and how Hand lies at the center of the lower line (Arkansas Line) of The Way and assoc. with the hand of Sgt. Pepper, et al.

Hand of Oppotubity

A very odd picture — it represents an upside down map of the county since the Missouri state line is to the south instead of the north where it should be. Here’s the web site it’s from:

Here’s the first of 3 posts on the subject from Vincent S. Anderson’s Ozarks’ History blog:

The map on the hand is very stylized and not accurate in scale atall, although the directions of the listed towns on the fingers and wrist roughly correspond to (reversed) directions away from central Mountain Home, the county’s seat and largest city. The actual former village of Hand, now inundated by Norfork Lake (SEE: Billville) would lie somewhere in the space between the pinky and the ring finger, I think.* Is there even a connection between this kooky map and the name of the Hand village itself? Probably not, but I thought I’d just mention it anyhoot. Hand *Valley* (also called Head Valley) would lie just beyond the tip of the index finger, near the junction of the Buffalo and White Rivers. Master Shake (also just mentioned in the post below) mouths or “channels” the phrase “White Buffalo” in Carcass-0, which is then equated with a white spaceship with “horns” containing Plutonians. Let me see if I can pull a picture of it up even — and before I forget, Master Shake is also very white. Check out the last section from the Quetzalcoatl wikipedia article here; I’ll highlight the key words:

The British author Graham Hancock published a pseudo-historic theory that Quetzalcoatl is a being that is shared across many cultures including Egyptian, Aztec, Mayan and Olmec. The stories of a bearded white man bringing “knowledge” are alleged to be common, and sprouting from a central source or “master” culture. (Source: Fingerprints of the Gods, Graham Hancock, 1995)

Quetzalcoatl was a known “master” jester or joker as well. Is Master Shake Quetzalcoatl in disguise as it were? A knowledge of Carcass-0 would be helpful here, but I can’t relay that information. Perhaps a study of Carcass-0 is in order.

Just down the White River from Hand Valley is Buffalo City, where the Buffalo and White Rivers actually meet. The next population place on the White River down from this junction is Cartney, which reminds us that it is Paul McCartney’s *head* on Sgt. Pepper that The Hand lies just above. And then just downstream from that, continuing down the White, is Shipp — a reference to the Plutonian ship or “White Buffalo” again? Cartney would lie about in the fingertip at the top of the Baxter County “map hand”.


* White Buffalo reference in Billville Guestbook:

The “River of Buffalo” is described starting at about 11 minutes into the below video, and “the trip” ends about 1 minute later with the last mention of “white buffalo”, just before the phone rings (in Carcass-0, this corresponds with us seeing the white, Plutonian shipp ship). Master Shake channels “white buffalo” of 11:13, mentioned above. God I love this new blog!


non sequitur

Lisa the Vegetarian wants me to start studying Winesap. Lisa the Vegetarian wants me to understand that the basic design of Herman Park comes from Arkansas and The Way and Winesap. 56. The end of March 2013 may be a decision point.

“The governments know of my return”.

“Quetzalcoatl?” I asked. “No: Master. Master Shake. Of the Aquamarine Rebel Strike Force.” “Great,” I answered. “Sapphire’s precious Aquamarine grew into the rebellious Aqua Teen and psychologically became split from her.” “Baby Jesus and the lasers,” came his non sequitur answer. Should have known.


Lisa started with Hand + Head at the center of the Arkansas Line. “Go there,” Marty said. “Unite Hand and Head so that I will be revealed.” So she did and came back and he said she did pretty good for a young’n. She took it kindly. “Go there again and insert Heart.” So she did. She came back. “You did okay,” Marty said to her. “You did kind of good.” She was not fazed. She stood her ground. “Now the most difficult part, young lady girl woman.” Marty seemed drunk but wasn’t. “Create Health *off the map*. No… create *Hustle* and then change it to Health by spinning it in the opposite direction. Which direction are your creations spinning now?” Lisa had to think. “Clockwise? Yeah, clockwise.” “We are in the northern hemisphere so that is good and correct,” Marty answered back. “Now you must make the southern hemisphere come to the northern hemisphere.” Lisa was confused. She tapped her finger to her chin in thought. She thought of her mother Marge and her aunts Selma and Patty back in Wiltshire, England. But she was now in Amereca, land of the freaks and home of the braves. Indian braves, that is, before White Man took it all. White Buffalo Men like Marty himself. But she didn’t say this aloud. “Do I really *have* to go to Amereca?” she asked Marty, who then looked at her reprovingly. She knew she had to. She looked down at the books strewn around her feet, around the rock she sat upon. She was still in Wiltshire but she was in Amereca.


She picked up one. “Light in August” was its title. She picked up another, and another. “Those are no good,” Marty said to her. “They’re all protected. No, you have to use *this* one.” He handed her a somewhat smaller book, a red book. No title. Instructions for building an ATM sperm bank machine? Not quite. Let’s look at Tennessee, a new blog category under UmapS, then.


“How confusing, Hucka D. Herbert Do*main* overlapped with *Main* Street Winesap.”

“Expand out please.”

So I did.


Winesap *and* Old Winesap. I knew, well, Herbert Domain refers in part to Frank Herbert, the famous science fiction author of the Dune series. In the Dune movie directed by David Lynch, an especially powerful scene is where *Paul’s hand* is inserted into a Pain Box.

From the folds of her gown, she lifted a green metal cube about fifteen centimeters on a side. She turned it and Paul saw that one side was open – black and oddly frightening. Paul slowly put his hand into the box. He first felt a sense of cold as the blackness closed around his hand, then slick metal against his fingers and a prickling as though his hand were asleep…

“What’s in the box?”

“Pain.” He felt increased tingling in his hand, pressed his lips tightly together. How could this be a test? he wondered. The tingling became an itch… The itch became the faintest burning… It mounted slowly: heat upon heat upon heat… . The burning! The burning! He thought he could feel skin curling black on that agonized hand, the flesh crisping and dropping away until only charred bones remained.

It stopped! As though a switch had been turned off, the pain stopped… “Take your hand from the box, young human, and look at it.” He fought down an aching shiver, stared at the lightless void where his hand seemed to remain of its own volition. Memory of pain inhibited every movement. Reason told him he would withdraw a blackened stump from that box. “Do it!” she snapped. He jerked his hand from the box, stared at it astonished. Not a mark. No sign of agony on the flesh. He held up the hand, turned it, flexed the fingers. “Pain by nerve induction,” she said. “Can’t go around maiming potential humans. There’re those who’d give a pretty for the secret of this box, though.”


We also know from Carrcass+3 that this Pain Box is the same as an ATM sperm bank machine. Whose Line is It Anyway? Paul inserts his hand instead. “My what?” Colin asks in return, obviously surprised.


“No you have to use *this* one,” Marty said in parallel time. Lisa took the book… not really Herbert Domain but Public Domain. Winesap is in public domain, which means she could make cash from it. Cash and credit and more cash and credit. She could rule the world… no, rule *Wealthy* Mountain and its Healthy Lake. “Use this to make Health in Arkansas,” he said. She needed cash, she needed to be *wealthy*. Then she could create the parallel domain in parallel time. I think.


She brought her father Homer to Wealthy Mtn. through the use of virtual reality technology only she could afford to her knowledge. The Kniks knew of this and approved. This was at Quartz Brook. He was a Plastic Man, meaning he was a toy avatar. Plastic Man is bookended by Plastic People by Zapple. Through this, Lisa knew that she could not make Plastic Man because it implied or led to Plastic People. But she herself was Plastic. So this was the great sacrifice.

“Yes, 2d to 3d,” said Hucka D. He was on Mars.

But then it was the 3rd, Tin S. Man, also sponsored by The Kniks, that drew her interest next. Another A. Mann. This was at Tinsity, in the next valley over from Quartz Brook but still on her mountain: Wealthy Mountain. She was experimenting with different locations. But this was a failure as well, at least initially.

“All were successes,” Hucka D. perhaps corrected.

Superman was the last man and the 4th. This was Lion’s Roar. Lisa on Byng. She created The Way here, connecting Kansas and Kentucky, while just before this establishing Kansas and Kentucky themselves. Lisa knew that this 4th was the best and most perfect… the *most* successful. It is here that Paul’s legacy was secured.

Pauls’ Switch comes then. 5 to 6. 56. End of March 2013. 5 to 6.

cemetery 018


The Residents – The Electrocutioner

The time for all the followers of doom is drawing near,
Deceiving no-one, knowing nothing but the bite of fear.

Smiling as I throw the switch
That takes away their breath,
I see life as an interruption
To the tune of death

She is the electrocutioner…!

Playing with my birds, I wonder how the world could be
A perfect place to sin about, for anyone but me.

I see the shimmer of the dewdrops as I drink my tea.
And when the foolishness is over, I am much more me.

I wish that all the suffering and all the misery
Could be consumed inside my room, where switches set you free.


Where switches set you free, my friend, where switches set you free.



Pine Apple

But it’s *Herbert* that’s not where it should be. Like Frank Herbert, and representing Frank Park. The Saucer belongs to the Frank Park aliens. It is their Forest Home. (pause) Herbert should be miles and miles away in Conecuh County instead, nearer Paul. I don’t think Hucka D. is going to help me with this one. It must relate to Dune’s Pain Box just brought up in a post composed earlier today. Let’s see…

The first Herbert is in Conecuh County but not on the Forest Home topo map, which instead covers part of neighboring Butler County to the northeast. The distance between the Herbert indicated in GNIS in Butler County and the actual Herbert in Conecuh County is about [appears to be about 20] miles.

The wrongly located Herbert appears to be “on” Pineapple Highway, and pineapple came up in one of the more unfunny jokes of The IT Crowd episode we watched last night, which kind of stood out because the show is so funny overall. It concerned pizza with pineapple topping. Could “pineapple”, then, be another clue. I automatically think of SpongeBob SquarePants’ home under the sea, not a forest home but a sea home, and SBSP is sort of an alien, I suppose.

(Is that Master Shake in the background?)

Saucer is also on Pineapple Highway (in reality this time). Odd name for an Alabama highway… don’t think they grow pineapples there.

Hmm, turns out there is an actual town named Pine Apple that this highway leads to from Saucer. Cute… both a Cherry St. and a Banana St. in the handful of town streets.


That’s the only Pine Apple or Pineapple pop. place in the US.,_Alabama

So add this town perhaps to Apricot, Washington as fruit villages of blogg’n significance. Interesting perhaps that one of two noted residents of Pine Apple listed in the wikipedia article is Fred *Cone*, like a pine cone. I think of the many pine cones in Little Witshire, Frank Park here. Fred Cone was a former NFL running back for the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys. I also think of Herman Park here for obvious reasons I won’t divulge. I further think of *Cone*cuh County and the actual location of Herbert, Alabama.



More Alien Information

Quote (my emphases):

Image: An aerial view of the 1st Igniting The Fire Gathering at Manito Ahbee in the Whiteshell provincial pARK. The Circle and dot is the sacred fire that was lit as part of the gathering. As Cree Elder Don Cardinal explained to me – it was the 8th Fire of Life. The 7th Fire was the human fire and it was almost extinguished. So this gathering and sacred fire ceremony was designed to use the 8th Fire ceremony to re-ignite the inner fire of Humanity. This is the gathering that Juan and is wife Sandra came to Canada to attend.


This appears to be the first so-called synchromystic related post of the Centralportal blog. I stumbled across it while doing a google image search for “circle with dot in middle” to be used in combination with the maps below, which I’ll get to in a moment. Here’s the image:


Also here’s a slightly later blog post, mentioning a circle with *cardinal* points.

But to my map pictures created today. In the first, I attempt to illuminate the fact that Saucer and Fake Herbert are equidistant from Forest Home, or a distance of 2.8 miles. Fake Herbert is discussed in this earlier post a bit: when you look up Herbert AL in the GNIS database you are directed here instead of the actual location of Herbert in this state, which lies about 28 miles south in neighboring Conecuh County.


As I scanned this 2.8 mile circle in continuing around Forest Home from Saucer and Fake Herbert, I eventually unveiled two, different roads named Cardinal — Cardinal Road both. I should add this is a sparsely populated area with few marked roads. For the upper or northern (or western) Cardinal Road, the beginning point seems to be highlighted by the circle. For the lower or southern (or eastern) the end of the road is instead apparently emphasized by the same. I thought this beyond chance.

On the maps below, each Cardinal Road is represented by a (cardinal) red right angle, with the hypotenuse of both roughly giving the length of the road. While nothing (yet) came of the actual measurements of the roads, my thoughts turned to other Cardinal references in UmapS, and, shortly, Baker’s Creek, Mississippi with a Port Gibson just beside its mouth.


Here’s some further research into this. The latitudes of both the Cardinal Road Beg(inning) and Cardinal Road End points on the Forest Home 2.8 mile circle both happen to cross the approx. 10 mile long Baker’s Creek in this neighboring state. Where the Cardinal Road Beg latitude line crosses the creek is 3.11 miles below its mouth (beside Port Gibson). Where the Cardinal Road End latitude line crosses the creek is 3.11 miles above the source of same, this source point being determined beforehand. The distance between the two places where the latitudes lines in question intersect Baker’s Creek are 3.31 miles apart, seeming to divide the creek into 3 symbolically equal parts, then. Is this the meaning of the “333” cloud in Gila’s collage 02, especially given that each line is a little over 3 miles long, and 1/3 equals 0.333…? Notice also that the “Cardinal Road End” point on Baker’s Creek is situated almost on a county line. Basically speaking the first 3rd of Baker’s Creek is in Jefferson County, MS and the upper 2/3rds in Claiborne County.*

Further thoughts:

The 2.8 mile Forest Home, AL Circle emphasizing Cardinal “beginnings and endings” is meant to be the same as the Manito Ahbee circle pictured at the first of this post, where the 8th Fire of Life is now burning thanks to a 2006 celebration led by Cree elder Don Cardinal.

I’ll get to the whole Port Gibson-Cardinal association later on. I promise.





* The first and third heads in front of the house of Gila’s collage 02 are also identical, like the 3.11 common length between the 1st and 3rd parts of Baker’s Creek, as also defined by the Claiborne-Jefferson County line. The middle head is instead turned the opposite way, indicating it is a bit different, though still squarely in the middle. Have we now entered the inner sanctum of Apricot Bone? Does the solar related crop circle to the left of this collage represent the Forest Home circle with its own symbolic inner fire thanks to recent efforts of Don Cardinal?

Foreset Home Circle

Is Baker’s Creek like Tie Creek, a needed feminine balance to the Forest Home solar circle in neighboring Alabama? Could very well be. Obvious resonance with Ti*l*e Creek as well.






“Zinger at the end[ of the Latona series], Hucka D. Selma Patty Smipson turns into Paul McCartney. Seems to summarize the whole wave of information.”

Hucka D.:

Thank you for returning to me this morning, baker b. These are the 3 sisters, once more, Selma, Patty and Marge. McCartney is Marge, as we know from Latona 00, when he appears inside her hair on the Smipsons DVD cover — both front and back. This is a continuation from Gila 09, where we find his head in the middle of the Marge beech copse on Hackpen Hill. He and Marge have merge[d]. And here we have just his head again, atop Patty’s body this time. His head takes the place of Patty’s head. Why?


I suppose because he is central.

Hucka D.:

This is a lot about your trip to England, to Wiltshire. Your hopes and fears. Patty and Selma are guardians of the gate. Selma, in Latona 08, offers enticing cigarette smoke to the Spaceman — you — to make him A. Marlborough Mann. You will then be in Marlborough. You are tethered to Harrison, who represents the US of A. Your home away from home. England is your true home. You are an exile, as Edna already knows and you will know but know more. Correction: you know but will know more[ when I go on my trip]. You are a Spaceman like Dr. Who, but one who does not like to travel. Dr. Who *loves* to travel. You do not. You need a strong rope to hold you back in the US of A. Harrison can give you that. Sorry once more: that would be Hayes. R. Booger Hayes. He reveals the blue sunfish, which means open passage[ to England and Marlborough]. The sunfish is a ship. (pause)


Thanks for that information, Hucka D. So Latona 08 is about me just *getting* to Marlborough in the first place. Setting aside the corndog and just doing it. Different kind of smoke, but the same. Enticing. Marlborough. A. Marlborough Mann. Think I’m channeling you again.

Hucka D.:

The space tether runs through the beautiful bluebells, hooking you to Hayes. You have completed your journey. But is the tether a rubber band instead?


Hope so! [ meaning I hope there is a return trip home!]

Hucka D.:

Let’s examine the middle dike — all these dikes are one dike, just spread out in space and time. This is Wansdyke, which Brian Robert Marshall points out, has its own website.


I think this is the dike Baker Bloch was looking for in Spring 2010, during his own journey to Wiltshire [ “Baker Bloch in England” exhibit]. Instead he appears to be lured away by the King and Queen to Rockley. Is this correct?

Hucka D.:

Not sure. Continuing with the current collage, then, we have the middle picture or section, where *fears* are dealt with. Spaceman falls into a black hole. Condition overwhelms. Is this you? Yes, it is you. The singing Hermans around you sing your doom. You will encounter fear in England. Just don’t let it overwhelm you. Expect it. Embrace it, even. For you are the Space Cowboy. Lisa the Vegetarian from Wealthy Mountain fame will help you, baker b. She is home but not home at the same time. In the middle panel she looks toward McCartney again, his head atop the Patty Smipson body as you mentioned. Or as I mentioned — can’t remember. Anyway, the head is looked toward. McCartney charges Lisa the V. to center the US of A in Arkansas, and kind of tells her how to do it. She creates Head Lake, Heart Lake, Hand Lake, and then Health Lake spinning the opposite direction. To control the spin she must buy all of neighboring Wealthy Mountain — actually Health Lake and Wealthy Mountain are part of one complex, along with Wysei [ which you haven’t found yet]. Then she expanded Hand Lake through the TILE Creek, which was showing off her genius for the first, real time.


Real genius for the first time, you mean.

Hucka D. (continuing):

That expansion is very important. You must study it this spring. For without that expansion, Herman Park does not exist. All would be in the aether still.


I will. I promise.

Hucka D.:

She is there in the present picture to comfort you, and tell you that there is a mission involved and she is part of it. Queen of it, actually. The 3 sisters are her mother and 2 aunts. She will and will not become the mother. She is and is not Marge.


Looking at that picture again, perhaps the orange sunfish — backwards from its ordinary colors — is suppose to represent my fears, when I myself am thinking backwards, or negatively. I also say negative things at those moments.

Hucka D.:

You are truly a mess (!)


Thanks (laughs). So the only hopeful image in that middle panel, really, is Lisa the V. And she looks to the third and last panel, Latona 10, for reassurance. This is McCartney-Patty. The Spaceman has a rope again. Perhaps he is even going home at this point, back to his US of A and his Frank and Hermans. He’s made it through. Patty-Paul see him off, saying goodbye. They are England herself. They are smoking[ hot]. So I do think the first panel is about getting to England, and then the 3rd panel is about leaving. The middle is where I could get into trouble. The stay itself.

Hucka D.:

Or you could experience greatest joy. Your choice.


I am cut off from the US of A, floating aimlessly.

Hucka D.:

No. You will have a purpose. You will be okay. Your choice.


Who are the singers?

Hucka D.:

They are the genius of Lisa the Vegetarian. They are the expansion of Hand Lake. They are TILE Creek. They will protec