Part 05


Update: Bill Mountain, Etc.

Today revisited Bill Mountain for the first time in about 6 weeks, I suppose. And this represents my first excursion into the local woods since then as well, now that the snow and ice have finally gone away, at least for a bit. In just checking the weather, looks like snow will return by the coming weekend. Oh well. But spring is on its way.

I didn’t take any pictures today, and felt I was nibbling around the edges of some central mystery in a literal, physical way as well as a symbolic way. There is a central valley that seems impenetrable, maybe a very good thing. Is this the Forest Home or Mountain Home? I returned to Bullrocks and stared down into the woods, only to see a pair of eyes staring back at me, almond shaped and black like tree trunk holes (which they probably were). It was not really unsettling now, but different looking than when I first saw the effect and described it in this earlier post. I also revisited Little Wiltshire today, but no new highlights there. I didn’t go down toward Rust Spot from the road, not necessarily because I was scared (I was a tiny bit) but because it started to rain a little as soon as I reached L. Wiltshire. And I didn’t realize that darkness was catching up so quickly with me until I started ascending the mountain again, so it’s good I left anyway. Tomorrow I might return to Bill Mountain, but I also received the impression that I can’t ignore other parts of Frank and Herman Parks this spring, and should let this blog and attached hikes progress in a natural way, and that if there *are* aliens there (I have little doubt that they exist in these here woods), that’s the best way to get to know them and set the boundaries between our two camps. Certainly they must be very experienced about dealing with humans and hiding techniques. Camouflage.

Gilatona [collage series] seems over, and the focus shifted back to these parks. Great deal of information received, and I should create a more in-depth analysis of the Latona half of the twin set next week. Can’t wait.

I also need to upload my pictures from the second part of last year to my flickr account. Review the woods pictures again — another fun project. Should be another marvelous year of hiking.

“The aliens are concerned you’re nibbling around the edges of their compound. They asked me to tell you to stop if you could.”


Don’t go to Twin Falls tomorrow?

Hucka D.:

Um, not sure. Certainly don’t try to get into that central valley, their Forest Home away from Home.


I think it’s all a red herring, Hucka D. I don’t think anyone is in that valley.

Hucka D.:

Good thoughts to think. So you don’t have to nibble.


You know I’ll attempt to set up another Billfork, another Lion’s Roar this spring. If not at Bill Mountain, then where?

Hucka D.:

How about Lion’s Roar again? You need to go in there early to beat the bugs. That’s a place I’d choose. Think of maps through that location. Think of Lisa the Vegetarian and what she learned from Marty.



In The Tracey Ullman Show shorts, Lisa was something of a “female Bart”: equally mischievous but lacking unique traits.[20] As the series progressed, Lisa began to develop into a more intelligent and more emotional character.[45] She demonstrates her intellect in the 1990 episode “Krusty Gets Busted” (season one), by helping Bart reveal Sideshow Bob’s plot to frame Krusty the Clown for armed robbery.[46] Many episodes focusing on Lisa have an emotional nature, such as “Moaning Lisa” (season one, 1990). The idea for the episode was pitched by James L. Brooks, who wanted to do an emotional episode involving Lisa’s sadness, to complement the many “jokey episodes” in the first season.[47]

In the seventh-season episode “Lisa the Vegetarian” (1995), Lisa permanently becomes a vegetarian, distinguishing her as one of the first primetime television characters to make such a choice.[48] The episode was written by David S. Cohen (in his first solo writing credit) who jotted down the idea one day while eating lunch. Then-executive producer David Mirkin, who had recently become a vegetarian, quickly approved the idea. Several of Lisa’s experiences in the episode are based on Mirkin’s own experiences. The episode guest stars musician Paul McCartney, a committed vegetarian and animal rights activist. McCartney’s condition for appearing was that Lisa would remain a vegetarian for the rest of the series and would not revert back the next week (as is common on situation comedies). The trait stayed and is one of the few permanent character changes made in the show.[49][50][51] In the season 13 episode “She of Little Faith” (2001), Lisa underwent another permanent character change when she converted to Buddhism.[52]

Lisa plays the baritone saxophone, and some episodes use that as a plot device. According to Matt Groening, the baritone saxophone was chosen because he found the thought of an eight-year-old girl playing it amusing. He added, “But she doesn’t always play a baritone sax because the animators don’t know what it looks like, so it changes shape and color from show to show.”[53] One of the hallmarks of the show’s opening sequence is a brief solo Lisa plays on her saxophone after being thrown out of music class. The Simpsons composer Alf Clausen said that the session musicians who perform her solos do not try to play at the second grade level and instead “think of Lisa as a really good player.”[45]



Today I found Epsi, a new location for woodsy art happenings, most likely. A small area, and closed in except for a single entrance/exit, but still quite exciting. And quite near Bill Mountain, while still separated a bit. Seems to fit the bill for a new Lion’s Roar, a new Billfork. Of sorts.

Below is what I found on the ground immediately after relieving myself in one of the water flows there — a piece of glass from a Pepsi bottle with the beginning “P” prominently missing. I took it for a clear sign; my “p” had just gone missing too at that point, you see. The aliens were contacting me again, most likely: “This is the place. We will allow an art happening (of sorts) to occur here.” I got the distinct impression that “they” were laughing about it even, like they were tricking me into setting up something in this rather unusual space. Or better, found it hard to believe I could use such a space that they would have no employment for, really. Hafta ask Hucka D. about all this tonight, or tomorrow. I plan to go back in the morning.


Interesting rock found in the dry creek bed near the “epsi” glass fragment. Appears to be a squid-like alien with two triangular eyes waving at me with a grotesque hand. Interesting that the left triangle “eye” here points up and the right down. Two ears can also be distinguished, and perhaps a mouth. “Howdy!” it seems to say.


Although Epsi is in a remote place, there’s evidence of former rhododendron cutting, like a path was made through here. But by whom? Like I said, there’s only one possible entrance/exit practically speaking, as the more open area is otherwise completely surrounded by tightly packed rhododendron. In fact, that might be the town motto: “Epsi: One way in, one way out.” Not a very good motto, however. Might attract those seeking a dead-end life.


Then in a neighboring valley was found another water pipe of mysterious origins, and it seems to be exactly the same type found at Bill Mountain’s Twin Falls one creek valley south of here (about a quarter of a mile away as the crow flies). I simply can’t figure out what these are. My brain turns around the possibility of a vast alien complex existing under Bill Mountain and perhaps neighboring mountains. Perhaps more clues will soon be received at Epsi on the nature of this overall mystery area. Did I mention the eyes in the woods staring back at me yesterday when visiting Bullrocks?



“P” Creek emerges back into the road bordering the Epsi region on the west side. This is the same road that can carry one to Rust Spot and Little Wiltshire… if one dares.




… we’re definitely out and about now, Hucka D. How do you like Epsi?”

Hucka D.:

One way in and one way out. Like the town sign says.


It’s a little cramped. But no more than Lion’s Roar. Not really.

Hucka D.:

You will go back in the morning, I’ve heard.


You’ve heard correctly.

Hucka D.:

There’s two things to look for…


Land and water?

Hucka D.:

The black rocks, the white rocks. Black and white. (pause) Red.


Thanks. Anything else tonight?

Hucka D.:

Epsi qualifies as a safe enough spot, not technically on Bill Mountain but quite close. You can walk across The Way to many other destinations. You are not obliged to visit Bill Mountain when you head to Epsi. You can skip that part. But you can also visit Little Wiltshire and bypass Rust Spot. And I’d keep bypassing it if I were you. And *definitely* don’t use the dumpy junk there for your Epsi builds. Even import material if you have to. Go there tomorrow and map out the place. It has interests.


Black rocks and white rocks, eh?

Hucka D.:

Yes. (pause) Red.


Thank you.


Coke is ordinary glass…


… while Pepsi is a diamond.

The album was an attack on the highly competitive soft drink companies Coca-Cola and Pepsi, who are believed to flood the airwaves with advertisements. The title is a variation of dyspepsia, which is synonymous with indigestion. The word “Dispepsi” deliberately does not appear anywhere on the album artwork, but a telephone number was set up to provide the proper title. It is scrambled into anagrams including “Pedissip” and “Ideppiss”, as the band originally believed they would be sued for trademark infringement if the actual title was shown. Once Pepsi lawyers indicated that they had no intention of suing Negativland, they began referring to it by its actual title.[2]

Also compare with Glass Island (on other end of bay from Gloucester and attached county) here:

It seems like Epsi acts as an alternate path to Con Creek (also revisited today, or at least The Island part). It is a rebranding of The Island perhaps.




3 hills of Thrill:


The supposed portal into the heart of the middle ridge known as Methril. Compare to a similar two tree “portal” at Billfork, at the old Pluto core of that civic unit.


One of the two column trees of the portal, in this case, contains a peculiar, truncated second tree projecting from its base. Perhaps it has been lopped off in this shape, and perhaps not. At any rate, it looks a bit too much like a pine cone at the top or perhaps even a pineapple to be an accident for me.


Looking from the basic position of the portal into Methril’s heart. In the background there’s an unusually varied array of colored objects for such a winter’s scene.


Closeup of the objects in the above photo. On either side you have the two most sacred rocks in all of Methril, or Parry (left, greyish-white) and Gary (right, dark green). Between them from this angle are three different colored mossy rocks, and the rotted trunk of a small tree.


3/5/13 Correction: Parry has been renamed The Diamond. Plain and simple. It appears to be a most sacred rock, and apparently balanced and grounded, as it were, by the larger, moss covered rock formerly called Gary (rename not complete at the time of this writing). The Diamond now appears in 2 collages of the new Lis series, and “Gary” appears in one of the two with it. The Diamond in Lis 00 to begin the series, (“Welcome Back”), accompanies the Confederacy of Diamonds welcoming me back to Wiltshire and collages based thereon after I thought I’d exited that process at the end of Gilatona. It may even be a (7th?) member of this confederacy. In order to defeat the aberrant collage system arising at the same time, I had to return. And also to make me understand that I simply *have* to go to Wiltshire and England this summer. I can’t wimp out, as much as my negative self wishes to and stay home with the kitties and do my standard and safe local hiking instead. No I must head to the equivalent of Mars, nay, outside the Solar System for me. For this is beyond the comfort zone of Sol (that probably doesn’t make sense; work on it later).

So to return to my comfort zone… below we have pictured a line of small rocks that may mean something in the larger scheme of developing Methril mythologies. But maybe not as well… worth a picture, I thought, at any rate.


“Gary”, featured in Lis 03 (“Gargoyles Cometh”). The rock seems to come to the rescue of his partner The Diamond, which has been sat upon (captured? de-energized or made redundant?) by the foremost gargoyle of the collage. “Gary” seems to be swinging on a tree branch from the left to attack the advancing gargoyles, and keep the scene of the twinned collage “Meating Meet Shake” (right half of overall diptych) a safe harbor free of monsters.


The Diamond, projecting fifth dimensionally from the Methril forest floor. This is the photo of the rock used in Lis 00…


… and this is the photo used for both it and “Gary” in Lis 03, along with a couple of accompanying tree limbs or branches. Methril is already remotely wielding its powerful magic in England. The seemingly defeated gargoyles in this case are most likely my fears of travel and leaving the comfort of my safety zone here in the Appalachian Mountains. These fears must be embraced and conquered, a Lis 06 theme most likely (bearing in mind especially that one of the advancing gargoyles in Lis 03 bears a strong resemblance to Bart Smipson, as pointed out by Brian Robert Marshall).




The Diamond viewed from the north — can’t see the trademark diamond shaped quartz face from this direction.


The only manmade object I could find in Methril, or an old pot with the bottom rotted away. This would be west of the “Gary”/Diamond central complex, or near the overall west end of Methril proper.


Looking east over top of this pot back toward the core of Methril.


Mouse & Cheese


* compare to Tolkein’s mithril


Spacial, er Special


When people ask me about the spacial relationships between Frank and Herman Park locations I mention in this and the Baker Blinker Blog, I usually tell them to f— off.

Hucka D.:

Wise decisions. But this time you’re showing a map. Why? Is it because you’ve found *the center*? Have you found the heart of the heart of Frank and Herman Parks, baker b.?


Not sure about that, Hucka D. But I think I’ve found Diamond. The legendary Diamond. Priceless indeed. We know from long ago that Frank Park has a set price, a very high price but a figure can be named, given enough time. Herman Park is in contrast priceless. Now I’ve found the priceless Diamond, but inside Frank Park. It should have been in Epsi but instead there I find a piece of ordinary glass with the word “Epsi” on it — “P” removed.

Hucka D.:

That’s then also Pepsin, baker b.


I get that. With an extra letter instead of a letter removed.

Hucka D.:

Dirty Dozen.


So instead of Coke, Virginia next to Ordinary and Glass, it should have been Pepsin. But the words were switched, and Pepsin moved to Missouri and positioned near Diamond, close enough for me to make the association. But The Diamond is that special special rock in Methril, Hucka D. Obvious now that I’ve revisted the place and taken blog pictures. Next might be a marble race event.

Hucka D.:

I think you have to. Interact with the energies of the hill in that way.


And I think there may even be some kind of Bee’s Line up there, Hucka D. Can you tell me more as of now? Since I probably won’t be able to get up there for about 2 weeks at least.

Hucka D.:

Methril will throw open doors. Make you forget about the aliens on Bill Mountain. That’s the main purpose, or a main purpose. The Diamond was held in reserve. You knew about it but you didn’t really *know* about it.


Welcome Back!

In Tolkien’s Middle-earth, mithril is extremely rare by the end of the Third Age, as it was now found only in Khazad-dûm. Once the Balrog destroyed the kingdom of the Dwarves at Khazad-dûm, the only source of new mithril ore was cut off. Before Moria was abandoned by the Dwarves, while it was still being actively mined, mithril was worth ten times its weight in gold.[2] After the Dwarves abandoned Moria and production of new mithril stopped entirely, it became priceless.


Rhombus — How Old?

“You have to establish The Diamond first, for it is truly priceless. Then you can position all around[ it].” Words uttered to Lisa V. by Marty of the copse.


So Lisa V. comes to Amereca and plants The Diamond.

Hucka D.:

The Diamond saves you from the aliens. Carrcass-8.


Think I understand. It is the protective energy of Frank and Herman Parks. But if it is priceless why is it in Frank Park when Herman Park is suppose to be priceless?

Hucka D.:

The two parks had to be equalized. This was the way[ to do that].


Interesting. Hafta think about that, Hucka D. So The Diamond is also Arkansas.

Hucka D.:

Yes (!).


In collage #3 from the new series, the night sky is illuminated through the stars on the Brazil flag, with Vega substituting for the star representing the capital of Brazil in Brazilia (probably need to study that city, come to think of it). Billville is revealed… Northfork does not exists by itself any more (nor does Billville). The subsequent collage after no. 3, or “Billfork Announcement” (no. 4), shows that this union did indeed take place… in the center of the (purple) night like a conception by a loving couple. This is an announcement, thus like the birth of a baby. The night is rescinded, and the ark in the picture is illuminated, seemingly by the weak light of a new, dawning day. The ark is the thing created, the center of the center, and in another way represents Arkansas or Synchpatch, USA in that state. The ark is in the center of the Billfork synch, as I’ve discussed it on the Paradox Forum, and then the elements to the right in collage #4 also highlight this center, or the boat seen during the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds song floating on the central lake, and also the stack of diamond rings below it also referring to this central Lennon song (the “diamonds”) from his Beatles days. So the announcement is for Billfork, but also the center of the synch (art, L.S.D.) is highlighted to show its edge over the otherwise parallel SID’s 1st Oz… this would be the hint of platinum at its more manipulated center, which is also parallel to the Elmertown underground opposite to Billville in the Boom Dot Bust album… Elmertown, in the Billfork synch, represents video editing in ways, especially seen in track 16 of the album in the synch (the core Elmertown scenes, overlapped with 4 separate scenes of Irwin trying to convince the angels of the movie that he is also an angel.. the lost angel they seek… the “glueing of these 4 separate scenes together is parallel to the Martha Glue-it track (16) spanning all 4 scenes from the movie. This would also be like the collaging of the 3 separate towns of Leaksville, Spray and Draper in NC to make Eden , or L+S+D.)



Will probably stay in Sansara Snow Country till about the end of March and no more. That will give me about 2 solid months there. The Power Tower Gowlery is almost finished, and has become the new center of any community I have in My Second Lyfe. I have an option to rent in Jasper sim, which is attractive because the Art 10×10 has strong ties to Jasper County, Illinois. I don’t think New Pietmond will be rebuilt with galleries holding other people’s art, but could be wrong. Am happy with my 4096 parcel for now… probably won’t reduce down from that.

On weekend hiking: Was able to get out quite a bit and walked around Mytholopolis both days, for a change. It was my standard walk down the Green Worm River on the north side of town, a spot I found maybe 2 years ago now. Can even see an art happening taking place there at what I’ve renamed Sunfish Creek (name subject to change again). But since I didn’t take any pictures I think I’ll hold off on talking about the particular creek I see as a center for now. If I do anything there, it will in all likelihood be a November through March project (but that’s 5 months, or almost 1/2 a year). Can work on it sometimes when I’m down at mom’s house… there’s junk in the area to use (bottles, pots, lots of other stuff). I may even create a map of the location soon.

The other place I hiked (yesterday) was on Greene Knob in Frank Park. There was a delapidated cabin that eventually drew my attention while I was walking around — again I didn’t have my camera so I didn’t snap any pictures to put in the blog here. But as I’ll take pictures soon of, there were 4 symmetrically arranged cement lined “containers” near this cabin that I have no real explanation for right now. And the cabin is situated about halfway between Methril (home of The Diamond Rock as featured in the Lis collage series!) and the infamous Rust Spot, so maybe it has ties to the nearby Bill Mountain aliens as well. And it’s almost directly across the street from the newly found Epsi (which I *thought* contained a diamond but what turned out to be mere “ordinary glass”). Did an alien even *live* in this cabin at one time? Or did whoever lived in the cabin know the Bill Mtn. aliens at least? There’s another ruin in the area that I’ll also be examining soon. Photos should be forthcoming this weekend. Although this weekend is supposed to be “nice” (which means “normal” for mid-March, pheh), another shot of cold air comes during the work week before this, and then another one is due next week. Winter is turning out to be long and protracted this year. In contrast, last year I’d already been hiking heavily in the woods since mid-February. It was a uniquely warm winter last year. On the other hand, maybe since spring arrives late this year I can extend my hiking season on the other side, or into May. Also last year, the season ended in April because of the warmth, as poison ivy, bugs, etc. came out early. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen this year.

Hucka D.:

Bert lived in the cabin, baker b. Bert Liar. If he were living [and still lying] he’d tell you all about the aliens and those 4 containers. They’re baths. (pause) Devices. They were left behind. Red, green, blue and yellow were the color of the liquids, but that was just dyed. The aliens died within them.


You mean the aliens were dyed within.

Hucka D.:

They were dyed the colors of Tyle. This is where Marbles come from. This very spot.


So marbles were made in those, er, vats.

Hucka D.:

No one really lived in the cabin. It was a workstation. To supervise the operation of the vats. The actual factory was in the meadow just above. You weren’t suppose to really think about it until now. We’ve been blocking it, or it’s been blocked. Strange, eh?


It is (!) Never trapsed down to that cabin although I’ve walked only several 10s of yards from it for many years now. Maybe I went down there once, but I didn’t see the vats at that time. But now I’m trying to poke into every nook and cranny of Frank and Herman Parks.

Hucka D.:

The Diamond is in contrast all colors. Bold that… or capitalize that. You will continue the Latona series interpretation today, maybe even finishing it. Then later in the week you will run through Lis and be done. Power Tower Gowlery should be finished, then. Are you virtually moving yet?


Not yet Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Of course keep thinking about Wiltshire even after this. You are building up.


Yes. We haven’t channeled any “spirits” on this blog in a while, Hucka. Should we try now?

Hucka D.:




I woke up this morning and couldn’t for the life of me find the cover to the steaming part of my new cappuchino machine. It threw me completely off-balance, just that little thing. And I’m suppose to *survive* in Britain on my own for a week and out of my comfort zone. Maybe I should rethink the whole thing. Plane tickets presently are 1400 dollars. My car is leaking almost a quart of oil a day. We need *lots* of work on the house (not that I’d do that kind of work if I stayed here, but you never know…). I’m scared to drive over there, and a car would cost an additional hundreds of dollars. But I think I need a car still… not sure how I’d handle buses.

Not that I’m not convinced we shouldn’t go over there later in life for months at a time. I’m *convinced* we *will*. But maybe not this time, not for 2 weeks.

But then again I feel the whole collage process of the past 2+ months has been pushing me toward the trip. I *have* to go. Yet I’m not sure I’ll survive mentally. I just wouldn’t enjoy it enough. I think I was suppose to go this far in the planning and then back out. That’s a lot of money for a plane ticket — the next trip will most likely be cheaper 3 years down the road. If I back out then I can take days off now — get out in the woods in the middle of the day. This cold weather is driving us both bonkers. I want to *hike*. Last year at this time I was on about my 3rd woodsy mythology story.

But then again I’m very pleased with the collage process I’m on the outer edges of now. I should finish a Lis interpretation this week. The collages themselves seem to be completed — 36 of ’em (!) I have my virtual gallery all set up with supporting galleries around it, all for about 18 dollars a month rent (given up my premium Second Life account — not sure if I’ll ever go back to that).

So I think that’s it — I’ve thought and thought and *thought* about Wiltshire, but am not sure I can take the step to physically going over there right now. I had to trick myself into thinking I was going.

Unless *this* is the trick.

My guess is that it’ll take me weeks to readjust to the US of A. *Your* US of A. Amereca. I live in a virtual paradise within your country, an oasis. That’s the only way I can stand it. You have your poison ivy, your blacksnakes, your red ants. Your *heat*. Your greenways crowded with people because they’re very few public paths really for such a *lot* of open space still in this country. And houses on top of mountains — no: *cities*. Yes, there’s a *town* being built on the mountain directly in front of our porch, stretching from left to right as far as the eye can see. So if I have to save a little money to get out of here for a number of months *later* then it’s worth it. I *know* I have to go. “But baker,” I can hear you say, “Britain will have its problems too. There’s a lot of people and much less land. You don’t like people, baker.” No, I don’t. Not that I hate people but they annoy me. I think *mentally* I understand that the girls and the boys of the US of A are just trying the best they can in their own way. Many of them, esp. the younger ones of the children people, don’t understand the world is falling apart around them like rotting fruit. People are not healthy any longer. Commercials of our — your — tv tell us the joys of eating food full of refined sugar and flour. Grocery stores line their shelves with Pepsi and Coke and Gatorade. Something is wrong here folks. It was different when people raised their own food, however harder the process was to get the food to your plate in the first place. We lived closer to the land. Not that I’m a big hippie freak and want everything to revert back to the 18th Century. I can’t do without my flush toilets, for one thing.

So, yeah, I want to go to Britain where they care about their past and preserve their land with their right-of-ways. Not that they haven’t been just as savage as Amerecans are presently, just that they seem to be more beyond all that macho posturing, shall we say, now that they’re not *the* world superpower, and clearly will never be in that particular leadership role again. Civilized — yeah, it seems more civilized over there, the way it should be. A show like Luxury Comedy would *never* air on prime time television over here. All we watch any more is British tv and cult American comedy quite far away from the 8-10 prime slots. 12 Oz Mouse is a work of genius, but even with a miniscule budget that creative juggernaut was cancelled after 2 short seasons.

I look down the list of movies and tv shows and music that I like. I’ll give Amerecans the edge on movies, probably simply because they churn out so many and there’s bound to be a collection of good ones within. British, like I’ve implied, clearly have the edge in popular TV. Their music is also top rate, and least the popular stuff. Granted again that their classical composers have equals in other countries, and it is in this area I may champion more some, gag, *French* exports like Satie and Messiaen. I seem to be so British underneath the surface that I have an irrational hatred of the French… no other, real reason for it to be there.

So I’ve spouted on enough. Back to collage interpretation.


Falmouth *Creek*

Want to keep up-to-date about Frank and Herman Park explorations. Recently, despite the unusual cold weather, I was able to make it out on a sunny day and explore more of Falmouth Creek, which has become my Spring hiking center for certain. This is where I’ve now taken about 34 bottles for a future art happening — set them on the ground where the center of the event will apparently take place. Yesterday I was able to walk the creek down from this place to a popular path of the area for a second time. I like the way the creek can be seen from the path, but one would really never think about hiking up the creek from there — *normal* people, hehe. Me, I look for those kind of spots. So I’m sort of leeching or mooching off public energy again. A link is what I call Visible I., which is an island in Falmouth that can be seen from the path, and could represent that first stepping stone toward my perceived heart of the creek not far upstream — you can, in fact, hike the whole length of the stream rather easily now (all the way to “Stream’s End”), thanks to my dead rhododendron branch removal efforts. Visible I. is an almost circular island of mainly white or off-white rocks, about maybe 10 feet in diameter. So it’s round like a human eye, and also white. Although it’s visible from the path, for many it will be *in*visible because they won’t see it. They’ll be involved in their own thoughts, their own discussions. Most will pass it by, not even giving it a glance. That’s a beauty of my little setup.

Hucka D.:

I see you’re concentrating more on the spring next to the stream. Do you have a name for it yet?


Not quite yet. Is *this* TILE Creek, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

A TILE Creek.


Were Mossmen here? Marbles? Mmmmmmm’s?

Hucka D.:

Let’s see, this is Frank Park — close to Gnirps [on the border of Frank and Herman Parks] but a little south and west. But it could represent a center between the two parks still, since Gnirps is not really that accessible. And you know the stream just to the north, while very pretty, is the same — a quite similar location as Gnirps. But you didn’t take any pictures today of Falmouth.


Nah. Guess it was just a little too cold for me to mess with the camera, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Mmmmmmm’s maybe. Marbles will move in, definitely, if you wish. Already you have taken this location beyond Con Creek from last summer by placing bottles/glass objects there. You never did that at Concreek Falls, for example.


No. And I hiked down Con Creek recently for the first time in a long time, all the way to Green Stream. Falmouth Creek is actually considerably more open and free to traverse up and down. At Con Creek, you get clogged up around the second island. But I plan to go back *there* and take pictures. My sunglasses were strangely in the creek at the lower tip of the second island — The Other.

Hucka D.:

Falmouth[ Creek] should be your focus for a while. Away from Con Creek, away from Methril, away from Epsi, yet close to all of these. Along with Rust Spot of course. Heard you heard a dog there.


Yeah. Maybe a coyote, since I understand they can sound like dogs now. It looked like a coyote, what little I saw of it. I once saw a fox enter those same woods at basically the same spot. He appeared in a field beside the road I was walking, and then entered the woods to continue his barking. I never saw him again, even though the barking was just as loud. He must have been standing or pacing on the very edge, looking out at me from the foliage.

Falmouth Creek so far.

Falmouth originally called Old Baker Settlement… Second Life Pond also named for The Bakers. Bloch Ridge (blocking Second Life Pond from Falmouth Creek and Old Baker Settlement) as well. Bloch Ridge seems unusual — perhaps a manmade ridge. Visible I. may stand for the white star of the Cygnus X-1 system, also called Meet Shake. “How’re *you* doing??” The unnamed spring may be the (accompanying) black hole eye? Must think about Old Baker Settlement and who lived there. Obviously I think The Bakers — Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker. And maybe Hucka Doobie and the rest (Karoz, Esbum, Bracket).


The first “WIS” map (but not the last?).


“WIS”, pronounced like “wiz” (center center), is the 3rd, hidden element of the triangle whose 2 known points are Health [Lake] (right center) and Wealthy [Mtn.] (top center). We do not even know what kind of element WIS is presently. It is a black hole I believe Hucka D. wants to say here. WIS exists in the gap between Herman Park, seen as north in the above map, and Frank Park, south on the map. I am not unconvinced that Whitehead Crossing (SW of WIS) won’t be the main station for these parks in future times, as I move more out in the woods at retirement (8 years if all goes well; *I* will be the Whitehead in the Woods (!)). WIS is close to Whitehead Crossing but not the same. WIS is close to Wealthy Mtn. but not the same. Close to Health Lake but… not the same. It is in a gap in a map which does not logically make sense topographically but does psychologically. It is a hole that everything folds around, like flower petals.

All I can do is move from Frank/Herman Park focus to Frank/Herman Park focus. A new focus is Falmouth Creek (lower right corner of map). I’ve now determined that the original village on this creek was called Old Baker Settlement. I have a rough picture for now; it exists in the basic center of Falmouth Creek, about equidistant from both source and mouth. Old Baker Settlement, or what remains of it (ruins) is white-ish rocks in a moss bank below a clump of trees.



We’ll get to more of the story behind Old Baker Settlement (OBS) shortly. Hopefully I’ll be able to take more pictures of Falmouth this weekend, despite the continued cold weather, PHEH. On the bright side, I’m definitely going to England once more. I had a panic attack in the middle of the night, and started thinking negatively about the trip. Now I’ve turned around again. Analysis of Falmouth collages is helping. Falmouth is centering — in Avebury. Might Avebury have something to do with Old Baker Settlement?

Falmouth, Indiana which lies on the line between Rush County (west) and Fayette County (east) was originally called Old Baker Settlement. That’s obviously where I got the name. The synchronicity to this, ‘coz there’s always synchronicities when it comes to Frank and Herman Park names it seems, is that the ridge separating Falmouth and Second Life Pond (named later) acts as a peculiarly extended *block* between more public land around that pond and Falmouth Creek, essentially and effectively isolating the creek while allowing it to be quite proximate to tourist attractions in Frank Park, Second Life Pond basically. So I decided to name this ridge Block Ridge, then remembering Old Baker Settlement as an original name for a US Falmouth, decided to change this to Bloch Ridge, after my main Second Life avatar Baker Bloch. Second Life Pond, lying on the other side of this ridge from Falmouth Creek, is named immediately after this, then. Second Life Pond is the origin place for not only Baker Bloch but also Baker Blinker, who was my original, dominant Second Life avatar during my first half year or so of involvement in that virtual reality. When I moved to mainland SL from Azure Islands in Fall 2008, Bloch, the male, took over as the dominant one. The story of my avatars is found in the Where Are We On That art exhibit I still have up in my flickr site. Accompanying the first two stories about Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch in that exhibit is a 3rd story about Hucka Doobie, in case you’ve ever wondered about *his* origins (this is the same as Hucka D.), and then Esbum Michigan and Wilsonia Foxclaw, my final two avatars I was using at the time. After the exhibit was created, I made 2 more Second Life avatars: Karoz Blogger (formed right after the exhibit) and, about a year later, my last one called Bracket Jupiter.

Hucka D.:

I heard my name and woke up. Howdy baker b. Heard you talked to Headburro Antfarm for the first time in a long time.


Yes. I just asked him if there’s a virtual reality out there to rival Second Life yet, at least as far as making pictures and galleries go. He suggested Minecraft, but I’m not sure it is a rival yet to SL, or will be in the future. The best hope is to attach something directly to a web browser, with a first person viewpoint and simply getting rid of the avatar.

Hucka D.:

But that wouldn’t be any fun.


Maybe not for me, but it would make things easier for people to see your work.

Hucka D.:

Oh you can’t do that. You have to have Second Life. What about the Pietmonds??


Yeah. Not sure. But back to Falmouth, if you want to talk about them. Second Life Pond, a logical name for reasons I can’t go into here involving the *actual* name of the pond. Another virtual reality.

Hucka D.:

Maybe that should be your new virtual reality. Is it still around?


Check the link I just made with your last sentence.

Hucka D.:

I’ll check it later. It was just a rhetorical question anyway. Second Life began in that pond in Frank and Herman Parks. Bloch Ridge blocked Baker Blinker from proceeding over the hill to Falmouth. Only Baker Bloch exists in the attached collage series[ Falmouth 02 and Falmouth 04]. Falmouth 01 02 03 04 is Old Baker Settlement. So, yeah, it *is* the same as Avebury, if you will. Falmouth is Avebury.


There’s Lean Rock in the creek just below OBS.


There was the mysterious writing “Fi” in a rhododendron leaf at OBS as well.


Hucka D. (guessing):

Hifi. Or High Five.


This is a picture of a cascade on a creek just north of Falmouth, just over another ridge, or I gues it is an extension of the same ridge [Bloch Ridge]. This creek lies between Falmouth and Gnirps.


Hucka D.:

That’s a pretty cascade. A popular vacation spot for toy avatars, much like Gnirps nearby. They stay away from Second Life Pond and Second Life Creek, however, because of the humans. Humans and toy avatars as yet do not mix.


I can imagine. So there are toy avatars at Falmouth?

Hucka D.:

Oh yes. Mouse and Shark. Bart and Lisa. Baker Bloch and Baker Bloch. Red Lion man/woman and Man/Woman. Hand. Non-President R. Booger Hayes. Sunfish. Patrick Star and his friends. Lots of toy avatars.


So it’s the same as the characters in the Falmouth collage series. The 2 Baker Blochs which are actually different Baker Blochs, for example.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Non-President Booger Hayes wants to speak with us again soon. He has some ideas about Falmouth.


What of the other parts of Falmouth presently? — Visible I., Stream’s End, the unnamed spring which contains the mossy bank with *no* rocks, unlike OBS.

Hucka D.:

That’s a black hole. And the spring is a black hole. Rush.


How about X-Ray. Or Ray-dium, the follow-up?



Falmouth Creek is Falmouth, Indiana extended from point to line. Left side of creek is Rush, and right side, with source at top and mouth at bottom, is Fayette, which doesn’t count. It’s mundane. On the right side also enters the magic spring just below Old Baker Settlement. This is the black hole, the X-Ray source, Cygnus X-1 but also a bit of X-3. Rush the band. Eyes. Eyes. The Visible I. [symbolic Falmouth *mouth*] is the white star, visible to the invisible, sucking and ripping black hole.


I also think of foul mouthed basses…


I must raise The Kniks out of the X-Ray source, back into the light. Back into Avebury Light. In the X-Ray spring which is the black hole, there is Gila 00, the null before the 01.


(into The Light).

Reconnected. Reharmonized. Peace with Zapple and *that* twinship, which continues after a brief period of independence in Carrcass-1. A lot hinges on Carrcass-1 Hucka D. Hucka D.? Not here.


Falmouth Creek Again

I should be able to finish an interpretation of Falmouth collage and also the Lis collages next week. Then I can fully move beyond Gilatona-Lis and collages in general and focus on the outdoors. Next week is going to be another cold one, with snow even in the forecast for a number of days.

The first picture shows ruins of some kind of building, perhaps a barn but perhaps a house. But in Frank/Herman Park mythology, I believe Hucka D. wants to turn this into some kind of *toy avatar* factory or enhancing facility. Included in this is certainly the neighboring log cabin, also now in ruins but not quite fallen down all the way, and its 4 backing vats, very mysterious indeed. Hucka D. associates the vats with the 4 TILE colors, and then divides at least the marble toy avatars into these 4 specific groups (red, green, blue, yellow *and* odd). He also wants to connect the ridge full of glass just north and east of the log cabin with the glass used to make marble avatars, perhaps a type of special or blessed glass.

We’ll have more on all that soon enough.*


A very interesting tree I’ve known about for years and years on the western edge of the same meadow pictured above. Might it too play some kind of role in the so-called factory? At any rate, it’s a spectacular sideways place log of a former tree (not a living tree).


A stream which merges into the Falmouth Creek near the log cabin. It runs in front of the “factory ruins” in the meadow as well. I do not have a set name for this particular brook yet but a logical appellation might be West Branch (of Falmouth Creek).



Nearby is a tree whose limb has for some reason angled all the way down to the ground and then back up. The first tree described is seen in the background.


Another view of the sideways tree.



A handle on the larger of the two containers pictured above beside this brook, made from a horseshoe it seems.


A more marshy area of this West Fork just downstream.


* Video on making marbles:


Notes; Falmouth Creek Again.

Study relationship of Gnirps and GNIS, as in the query site. Came up on successive google searches and just barely caught it (!)

Gnirps is location of marriage of Frank and Herman Parks [link needed] by *Map Rat*, after all.


I think I’ll wait to hopefully finish off the Lis interpretations posts (already numbering 5) until tomorrow or Monday at the latest. Instead I’d like to talk about my hikes today. Working basically backwards, time-wise, I last explored around Second Life Pond and didn’t find anything seeming of interest there, which may be strange in itself. It is a very public place, and people fish in the pond from around the shores. No people were there today because of the weather, and I took advantage of this vacancy. The hills around it, as well as the feeder stream, are quite fascinating, though, which would include Bloch Ridge just across The Way from it. If the long Bloch Ridge wasn’t present there, Falmouth Creek would be exposed to at least the noise coming from the Second Life Pond area, and thus be spoiled for me. We’ll see in the summer, but my guess is that the noise will be effectively blocked. That’s why I speculate the ridge may be artificial, but of course this is most likely more Frank/Herman Park mythology in action. There’s also the mysterious TILE Cabin, as I’m presently calling it, to deal with. I’ll go ahead and insert some pictures of the cabin.


Not much to see now, with a wall and part of the roof missing, but obviously a 1 room log cabin that someone probably actually lived in at one point, although not for a long while. A stove was present within.

But it’s the mysterious, long cement containers present behind the cabin that interests me more presently, four in number and symmetrically arranged 2 in a row. Each container is about 25 feet long and maybe 10 feet wide… here’s the rounded ends of one of ’em.


If I remember correctly, Hucka D. has associated these 4 vats or pools or whatever they were to the 4 colors of TILE, thus the name TILE Cabin for the attached log dwelling. I’ll provide a more detailed map of TILE Cabin and these “vats” soon. They lie at the basic mouth of the short Fal*mouth* Creek, maybe a hundred feet below Visible I. I’ve talked about before just off the nearby public path. The TILE Cabin environ is also where I procured the bottles for my Falmouth Creek art happening, not quite initialized yet I don’t suppose. They were found in the rhododendron covered stream just north of the cabin, and just west of Falmouth Creek I suppose (more feeder streams for the creek). Just to note: I cannot get to the actual mouth of Falmouth Creek because of the thick rhododendron, so the exact location still remains unknown, although it has to be a short distance north of the cabin somewhere. A marsh lies just west of the cabin, and it is in this swampy area, once dammed by beavers according to the remains of their handywork, that the cold but still singing frogs also mentioned in an earlier post were found. A passerbyer I met on The Way said he hears turkeys. I corrected him and said they’re frogs, and directed him to the bank just in front of me (he was on the opposite side of the road) where you could actually see the congress of frogs gathered. The vats or whatever they are are positioned between this swampy area and the cabin.

More pics of the cabin…




… before moving once again to Falmouth Creek, starting my journey up the creek this time at the public path, quickly reaching the circular Visible I. covered with white-ish rocks all around. My guess is that Falmouth Ck. will provide me with just as interesting a collection of rocks as Con Creek last summer. Like this square example found just around the bend from Visible I., in an as yet unnamed open area.


Then we come to the side spring I’ve also been talking about recently, which Hucka D. indicates is symbolic of a black hole, particularly the strong X-Ray source of Cygnus X-1 made more famous by the Rush double track of the same name (extending over 2 successive records!). The spring is about as long as 2 of the vats near TILE Cabin laid long end to long end, and about as wide as 2 of these same vats laid side by side. Hmmm…

Here’s a picture of the moss bank which flanks the mouth of the spring. As also noted before, the moss bank contains practically no rocks in comparison to the one at Old Baker Settlement just north of here, although it is not totally devoid of rocks as I suspected before, with several small examples of white specimens projecting here and there from its large green surface. But to remind anyway, Hucka D. says the void of rocks here in comparison with the OBS mossbank indicates the black hole symbolism of the spring. I can see this interpretation as valid still.



The ridge then dividing this spring from Falmouth Creek, which starts just opposite the mossy bank pictured above, is just as interesting in its own, small way as the much longer Bloch Ridge to its west. This is because I believe the an ancient toy avatar civilization (I’m supposing) had a larger community here at one point. This is obviously a mythological angle to Falmouth Creek I’ll be examining more soon.

Pictures from the top of the ridge from, say, the perspective of a toy avatar once more:



The as yet unnamed spring looking from source to mouth, a distance of maybe 70 feet or so. I’ll get a more exact measurement soon.


Rocks just above the head of the spring, seeming to mark it in some fashion, even.


And then shortly beyond the end of this ridge separating the spring from Falmouth Creek, after we descend down to the creek again heading south to north still, comes the second moss bank we’ve been talking about: the somewhat smaller one much more fully encrusted with white rocks beside a much smaller spring as well. This is the symbolic heart of Old Baker Settlement.



My cache of bottle procured from near the source of this same stream lies just behind.


Looking down the small spring from the top, with the mossy bank just visible to the right now behind one of the three trees projecting from the top of the hillock here.


Middle of these 3 trees; Falmouth Creek just beyond.


A bit of detail from the top of this moss bank. More details soon. Old Baker Settlement hides many secrets still, most likely.


The Impasse just north of OBS, similar to the same named obstacle of Byng Creek but in this case not truly impassable, just acting as a porous resistance. As I said before, the whole of Falmouth Creek, minus the small area at the very mouth clogged with rhododendron, is now hikable by me at least, or all the way from Visible I. past the “black hole spring”, OBS and The Impasse, all the way to Stream’s End, a total distance of probably several football fields.





The sim my new PTG Town is located within was offline when I logged in a couple of hours ago. I had to teleport just outside the sim to see what was going on, and landed in the parcel just in front of Baker Bloch here, called “Fi’s Home”. I thought back to the rhododendron leaf in or *just outside* Old Baker Settlement on Falmouth Creek that had the word “Fi” on it. Is there a direct connection, then, between PTG Town and Old Baker Settlement? Certainly something to think about, and an interesting synchronicity for certain — worth logging into the blog here.




Whitehead X-ing Revisited

I believe I’ve mentioned that Whitehead Crossing may ultimately get the most business from me in future years concerning art happenings, including an actual *stay* there 5-10-15 years down the road. There’s just so much room to work with in this location compared to, say, Falmouth Creek or Epsi. So I feel it’s important to keep taking snapshots of this region during different seasons.

The first comes from Green Stream (not to be confused with Green Oz Creek across the highway from here), and a fallen hemlock first appearing in the Baker Blinker Blog from spring 2011.


Looking up Rock Path or Rock’s Path heading toward Whitehead Crossing proper. To remind, this is the path astroexplorer Rock Meadows took to reach his creator Sinclair after crash landing his starship near Green Stream.


The fartherest rock seen on this “Rock Path” from the picture above, up front and close now. Doesn’t have a proper name yet. Nor does the similarly shaped and colored rock in the foreground of the above photo. Maybe Stepping Stone for this particular one (below). Or Doormat Rock. From the rock, you ascend quickly up to the plateau of the piney woods where the heart of the community can soon be reached (present “5 Bottles” region).


Two remaining, standing hemlocks from the Green Stream area bordering Whitehead Crossing to the south. These, however, appear to be dying or dead as well.


A line of rocks coming down from a neighboring hillside seems to point out or indicate Whitehead X-ing’s heart. There are at least 4 fairly sizable rocks along this line.


Hucka Doobie’s bottles mentioned in this spring 2011 Baker Blinker Blog post are still around… Is an art happening involving these bottles on the immediate horizon? Will train tracks once again be included? If so, the Frank Park focus of energy seems to be shifting from Falmouth Creek to this older known location. It is time.


Photo of another candidate for the center of Whitehead Crossing. This may be where Rock the human or humanoid toy avatar met his creator Sinclair, making it a sort of Emerald City-type goal. But its name may have actually been Edwardston — still creating all this myself as I go along. 🙂


Fence post…


… part of a line of posts forming yet another interesting Whitehead X-ing phenomenon. Barb wire is still attached in places.


To the south is a flatter plain covered largely with an evergreen plant I don’t yet know the name of. Small hemlocks seem to center or define various clumps of trees in this particular area of Whitehead Crossing. I envision this as being filled with nature sculptures one day. One day not too far off but still some distance away.



There are many mysteries yet to be solved at Whitehead Crossing.



Whitehead Brook will soon become greener. Can’t wait!




Gilatona-Lis interpretations may be over, which are divided into maybe 20 parts with about 7-10 supplemental pages. May read over the Wheeler-Jasper interpretation from 2009 to compare. Also need to read Beth’s England trip material and finish it this time (!). Maybe start that this weekend. I’m committed now (!!) — plane tickets bought; so excited. Collages are definitely over for now, but could even return before we head to England (?) Probably not until afterwards. I’m eager to work with Savernake Forest photos soon. And *of course* I’ll have *my own* photos to work with at that time, along with Edna’s obviously. The blog should be filled with my personal England photos come July. Must make the best use of my time there. The big thing is — do we want to stay there for extended periods of time later in our lives, say starting 8-10 years down the road? And my feeling right now, and Edna’s, is that we definitely do if we can swing it. Chances are I’ll be retired in 8 years, and Edna in 10. But certainly I’m also happy with hanging out in local Frank and Herman Parks until then, and I also see them as a lifetime work now. So the Frank and Herman Einstein! blog will definitely continue in one form or another until, well until The End and the curtain drops, where-ever that may be. I have my little PTG Town in Second Life now, and I think it’s better than New Pietmond in some ways. Obviously all revolves now around the Power Tower Gowlery and the finished Gilatona collages within. I’ll give a tour of the town soon; despite its relative smallness (about 10/17ths the size of New Pietmond, with much more limited terraforming) it still has some interesting things going on. I’m also thinking of renting a 1024-2048 parcel just to experiment around with new builds and stuff, since I’m rather limited prim-wise at PTG Town. Was hopping around Second Life before creating this blog post, looking around for possible land and just taking in scenery. Second Life is *definitely* not what it was when I first came there in early 2008. Hard to convey the excitement that once was to present visitors. I think that’s a big reason Pietmond never really took off the ground — the tide was already heading the other way. Visited Chilbo in the past few days and it’s really shrunk back to a core region after reaching its most expanded form about the time I lived in Noru (or Baker Bloch lived there) in Spring/Summer 2010. My talks with various residents at the time revealed vast plans that never came to fruition, including a partnership with Linden Labs concerning community development. A shame really, and SL still has a lot to offer. Just not being used now. I mentioned a month or two ago that I’ve basically switched over to GoogleEarth for virtual exploring needs, but that didn’t turn out to be quite correct, although I definitely want to return to that virtual reality and explore around Wiltshire before heading there for real in June. All’s I know is I’m happy with PTG Town and ratcheting down from New Pietmond (which, after all, contained a number of empty buildings at the end). Present projects there include a revamping of the Norris Temple first seen in late 2011 Pietmond (but not in New Pietmond), and also working some more on the Kidd Tower, a New Pietmond carryover. Should be fun.

But the big story now is that *it’s finally warming up* here in the mountains. The snow is melting but not gone yet, certainly a rarity in late March — well, it’s basically April now. But like I also said before, spring should be extended into summer this year, and as I’m not the biggest fan of summer I’m not complaining too much. But these long long winters are *rough*. Thank goodness there was mildness in its middle this year. But photos of the outdoors should start increasing again. And in that vein, I want to expand on the WIS Map recently generated that attempts to show the majority of outdoor sites I’m developing, like Norris Creek, Con Creek, Whitehead Crossing, and most recently, for example, Falmouth Creek, named after the collage series just completed. Mythology is certainly expanding still in that direction. That’s where my focus should be until early to mid May for sure. Then I need to really start gearing up for England. WOW.


Return to the WIS Map…



“WIS came from a different dimension and entered Tinsity and Green Oz through Red 7. This is the same as the Wizard Head of Oz. The Wizard Head assigned Tin S. Man to Tinsity, thus changing its name from original [Gold]. Lisa the V. created Health Lake and Wealthy Mtn. and then WIS all at once. WIS is short for WISE or WIZARD. The Wizard of Oz was certainly wise in at least a pretend humbug way. Was he a bug?



Hello Hucka D. Thank you for starting without me.

Hucka D.:

Oh baker, I wanted to see you just today. The Falmouths are mouthing off about a union between them and Second Life. Or Second Life and them in First Life. Sims. Do you have your pencil?


Suppose I do Hucka D. Have you taken your red and blue pills today? Not the little round, lime green ones, because those don’t work any longer. Remember?

Hucka D.:

Memory shot. Intuition stronger. I sense the air and the air is pure and good. Falmouth.


Okay, so the residents, or The Residents, want to unite… what?

Hucka D.:

Falmouth, or Old Baker’s Settlement as it was once called — OBS — with PTG Town or PTG. 1st and 2nd reality. They point to Lis 06. They remember where you left off in the re-examination of the Lis series. TILE emerges from the black hole that is The Devizes Crammer — TDC — and rolls like a marble — right, top, left, down — toward the sea or ocean which is the singing frog’s pond in front of Tilie Cabin, Falmouth. And they want to bring some more blog spirits in. Used the term “berift of spirits” to me. Called me in, because I do most of the interpreting of the collages, see. And there are two x-rays sources, if not 2 black holes per se. Never seen them in person, though.


We’re talking about the 2 possible locations of Old Baker Settlement on Falmouth I’m guessing. There are 2 springs involved, a smaller and a larger. The smaller of the two springs — well, both have a moss bank at their source. The larger of the 2 has basically no white rocks in the bank, even though it is the larger. The smaller has many embedded white rocks. This is what I’ve *been* calling Old Baker’s Settlement or Old Baker Settlement.

Hucka D.:

The Falmouthers — pronounced funnily like “fowl mouthers” — used “Fi” code word to communicate their desire to unite your PTG Town and their Old Baker Settlement. So it’s the smaller moss bank with the many white rocks they’re talking about. The one you have the bottles lying on the ground above. As you have guessed, this is where most if not all Frank and Herman Parks marbles come from. This was a marble factory or marble producer of some quantity and quality at one time. Have you guessed the time?


No, Hucka D. Can you tell me?

Hucka D.:

Maybe the same time as WIS came out of his black hole and settled in the Tinsity area, then known or shortly to be known as Gold. Pure, simple. Carrots.



We know kind of who Tin S. Man is now. And Wallace3, his counterpart in the Tinsity Metro Area. Wallace3 is me. WIS is the Wizard Head which may be attached to the new Oz movie, Hucka D. Oz the Great and Powerful I believe it is called. 3-d movie. Tells the story of how the wizard got to Oz.

Hucka D.:

It is the same story. The WIS goes to Tinsity or what in the future will be Tinsity on Green Oz Creek. Establishes a center, a green center. Greenup and Yellow Down. Brownie.


Sounds like Eob.

Hucka D.:

Tin S. Man comes in. Pretends to himself he has no emotions, like a Spock. But then emotions revealed (!) He is frustrated by the Protectorate. He establishes Greenup and Yellow Down.


The Greenup and Yellow Down concept may come directly from Carrcass-1, Hucka D. In the desert, Don-who-is-Mouse pissed down mundane yellow at the same time as pissing up special green.



Hucka D.:

And he is Ozmo. First Mouse. First Man-Mouse.


I think the best thing we can do is analyze 12 Oz Mouse. To help keep it alive in the minds. It is in the Falmouth collages, after all — Shark, Mouse, Man/Woman, corndog. 12 Oz Mouse comes from Space Ghost through Aqua Teen, and SG is in Falmouth as well. He has chichen legs there, so he’s *going* to England now and crossing the Big Pond. He doesn’t have chicken legs per se, then.

Hucka D.:

Not in person.



Hucka D.:

I mean… never mind. So what’s your proposal? Because the dual townspeople who are confusing the heck out of me with their muffled quips and banterings.


Maybe you should get them organized. Those from Falmouth Creek in real life, perhaps Old Baker Settlement, on this side. And those from PTG Town on the other side. Who do we have?

Hucka D.:

Weellll. Robots. Red and blue. Did you give them to me yet?

So I guess that tour of PTG Town is in order here, or at least a start. We begin in the central or pivotal Tower of A. Mann, where robots are welcome.

There are two main ways or rows in town, both leading to (or from) the entrance to the Power Tower Gallery on its north side. One is called Gallery Row, and leads past the Sink Lair and Quadtowers of TILE to the skyscraper with the Wheeler-Jasper collage series, the last of the Art 10×10 works. This is the end of the other row or way, instead *seemingly* dead-ending on one corner of the Tower of A. Mann, but more directly, the front of the still empty Coolie Building in town, which can be seen as a second center or alternate center of town. Both central buildings remain empty…

… along with the Norris Temple off the same row/way, which mysterious has been declared a robot-free zone by Mr. Bean, arms crossed in a defiant stance.

Robots are apparently allowed in the town’s watering hole, “Hole-in-the-Wall”. And for the lone robot in the establishment presently, that’s literally what it is: a place to get water. Meanwhile Baker Bloch eyes the delicious beer on the counter, wishing he had real taste buds.

Two more robots heading opposite ways on Gallery Row now, the red one to the Power Tower Gowlery and the blue one toward the Art 10×10 collages housed in two separate buildings on the parcel.

The blue robot, apparently the same robot, (?) gives directions to the larger of the 2 structures, with the 2009 produced Wheeler-Jasper series…

… and then a red one at the door to the same gives additional directions to the SoSo Gallery housing the Oblong series of the Art 10×10 from 2007.

Baker Bloch’s attention is drawn to a light coming from around the Coolie Building diagonal to SoSo.



He enters…




Baker Bloch’s Been Picked Up By A UFO!

He enters…



Should I set up the lease?