Part 05


Night Good

“New Monkey City, eh Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

You can ask your questions.


Okay. I’ve kind of broken the Billfork rule where you don’t take stuff into the parks from outside. Is this okay?

Hucka D.:

As you have guessed, this is okay in this case.


Thank you. Would it, say, be a good idea to disrupt the stone piles…

Hucka D.:

Not really.


Thanks again. (pause) Can you tell me anything more about this New Monkey City?

Hucka D.:

Your space. That’s about all.


I suppose I could move the Whitehead Crossing bottles up there.

Hucka D.:

Good idea. Good night.


Talking to myself now. So the Strange Gang or perhaps Strang Gang came from Erath over in Herman Park to Whitehead X-ing. In a rocket ship. Another rocket ship landed in New Monkey City, which I’ll have to rename soon. The avatars in NMC had more freedom… not as much deep rooted history in the area. 3 piles of stone greeted them. We know the first name, perhaps, of our Strange or Strang. It’s George.



“Usually the worst thing you can think of comes true in these cases lately. And this is what is happening now.”


Really, Hucka D.? Over a k-board password?

Hucka D.:

Someone might be trying to set it up to make it look worse than it is. (pause) But don’t worry about it. Print out the e-ls you are thinking about. Justify it through the anagram. State the date should be better known. This will work in your favor. Your ineptitude helps you in this case. You flush stuff out.


I’m thinking what a full term investigation would show up. The rm program needs revamping. And it is being revamped. And… there’s the matter of the deletions.

Hucka D.:

That could be a big thing. That’s what you can’t think of but might be true. What if it is?


Emotional blindness if so.

Hucka D.:

Everyone is tense right now. Super tense. You can cut it with a knife as they say. Understand that. Feel it.



Well, if I may deflect that… odd how the worst thing I think can happen lately then happens. Like the gates of Hades are open.

Hucka D.:

They don’t have to be. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.


Can we speak of The Woods?

Hucka D.:

Certainly (!) How’s the Whitehead Crossing explorations going?


Fine, Hucka D. The woods are closing up for me again. Yet I think I can keep exploring in that area. A key is knowing the landscape, knowing where the poison ivy is, etc., and then just exploring what the summer woods allow me. I’m tempted to not even buy or rent any more Second Lyfe land, Hucka D., more than what I have.

Hucka D.:

Oh you’ll have to buy more land. You’ll see. Read up.


First person — perhaps a Mossman — to visit The Crossing was Leaf Erik’s Son. His father was Red who became the Redhead Father of All. Father God that is. Leaf came from the east — Green Knob, which we may now call Greenland Knob (still working on that name). All the land to the east, after that, became known as Redhead, however, after The Father. Whitehead was named for the white headed God the “Christians” of the region worshipped, and perhaps Leaf himself per the history of his real life double Lief Erickson. Then the Bees inexplicably had a Greenhead, perhaps just a joke to balance out Whitehead and Redhead. Perhaps something to do with Washington Co., Fla. and its Red Head, Greenhead, Whitehead Crossing, Poplar Head, and Orange Hill and Norum.



… let’s look at Leaf:

“Monolith (Mono-Leaf?), Californi-a. Next to Eric. This means: Whitehead X-ing’s Monolith is dedicated to Leaf Erik’son’s visit to The Crossing, perhaps on the same spot he had a house or sum’tin. In same state, Erickson near Leaf obviously points to Leaf Erik’son. Nearby is Grass Lake and Weed. Grass Lake is the same as Reed Lake in The Crossing’s Mall area. More stories there — perhaps Leaf fished out a monster there. Perhaps this monster was Strange — probably was, don’t you guess? Then this Strange monster was moved over to The Weed or just Weed.


So Hucka D, I’m thinking Leaf saw a Big Foot monster. The same Calif. county is home to many Big Foot sightings in the country, especially Route 89 between Happy Valley and Willow Creek.


Then of course we have this bizarre blog found several years back concerning Stranger Creek, Kansas…

Hucka D.:

Hitchcock and Number Nine. Small advances past level 1… heading slowly but surely to level 2. You know I like these synchs.


Back to Siskiyou County…,_California

The name comes from the Shasta language /wáik’a/, for which Mount Shasta is named.[2] The word means “north mountain” or “white mountain”.[3][4] Mark Twain tells a different story:

Harte had arrived in California in the [eighteen-]fifties, twenty-three or twenty-four years old, and had wandered up into the surface diggings of the camp at Yreka, a place which had acquired its mysterious name — when in its first days it much needed a name — through an accident. There was a bakeshop with a canvas sign which had not yet been put up but had been painted and stretched to dry in such a way that the word BAKERY, all but the B, showed through and was reversed. A stranger read it wrong end first, YREKA, and supposed that that was the name of the camp. The campers were satisfied with it and adopted it.[5]

“Yreka Bakery” is a palindrome. The loss of the “B” in a bakery sign read from the reverse is mentioned as a possible source of the name Yreka in Mark Twain’s autobiography.[5][55] The original Yreka Bakery was founded in 1856 by baker Frederick Deng.[56] The palindrome was recognized early on: “spell Yreka Bakery backwards and you will know where to get a good loaf of bread” is quoted as an ad in the Yreka Semi-Weekly Journal May 23, 1863 and states that twelve loaves sold for $1.[56] The Yreka Bakery moved eventually to its long-time location, 322 West Miner Street, where it remained under several ownerships until it closed in 1965 on retirement of the baker “Martin”, and clerk Alta Hudson. Another Yreka Bakery reopened in a different location in 1974,[56] but is no longer in business.[57] Author Martin Gardner mentioned that Yreka Bakery was in business on West Miner Street in Yreka,[58]:246 but it was pointed out by readers “the Yreka Bakery no longer existed. In 1970 the original premises were occupied by the art store Yrella Gallery, also a palindrome”,[58]:251 which was owned and operated by Yreka resident B’Ann Dunlap. The historic building, the Brown-Nickell-Authenrieth Building, 322–324 West Miner Street, currently houses a restaurant.[59]

Also here:

“Yreka” which is supposedly an Indian word meaning “White Mountain”. This story is false. Yreka is an ancient Greek word meaning the opposite of Eureka, which of course means, “I found it”. Yreka actually means, “I haven’t found it”.

With names like “Thompson’s Dry Diggings” which would obviously deter any traveling miner from setting up claim and “Yreka” which is the opposite of Eureka…something is amiss here. Much like the Vikings named Iceland and Greenland the opposite of their true nature, the same has been done with Yreka. But, why?

Truth is, Yreka is one of the richest areas in the world in terms of natural resources and development in the Siskiyou County region has been systematically oppressed since California was first inhabited by pioneers in the 1800’s. Some even say that Yreka is a spiritual epicenter for occultist activity.

Interesting that Greenland and Iceland, Lief Erickson’s stomping grounds, comes up here again. So the names Greenland, Iceland and Yreka are united in this way.

The Freemasons have had a longstanding power structure set up in Yreka since its founding in 1851, one year after California entered the union. The large majority of the land in Siskiyou County is owned by clandestine private land owners that vow to stifle all industry in the region. These clandestine owners are known to locals as “The 40 Thieves”.

A trip down Miner Street will take you to the Franco American Hotel. A hotel that once housed US President and Freemason, Rutherford B. Hayes. Directly next door to the historic hotel is the Masonic Temple that is now a hardware store. Masonic symbols can still be found on the frieze of the building and are a hidden reminder of the men that built the city and their occultist allegiance. What was the meaning of Rutherford B. Hayes’ visit to Yreka and what was being discussed? Underneath the buildings on Miner Street lies tunnels used in the past for occultist ceremonies done by Freemasons and the Illuminati.rutherford b hayes illuminati


Maybe they fished a giant statue of the Tin man or Ten man out of Grass Lake, Hucka D. It’s a sort of swampy, grassy lake, then. Tennant near Tin Shop, Alabama gives a possible clue. Tennant near Leaf-Erickson, Grass Lake, Weed Calif. balanced. Tennant, Iowa, 3rd and last, may point to Billfork via Harlan co. seat and an Irwin nearby. Harlan equals God, perhaps Whitehead (?) Tennant of course is Dr. Who, Time Traveler.



Hucka D.:

You must find out the Whitehead X-ing equivalent to Yreka, which is akin to the Vikings’ Greenland and Iceland in that it is the opposite of the name. We know Greenland and Iceland are equivalent to Greene Knob, which will be renamed Gene’s Knob in honor of Gene Fade and his super-opus “Fade to Moss”. Is the story of the Strange or Strang Monster a part of “Fade”?


I wonder if this Yreka is actually pre-*Leaf*? That would be odd. It looks like from a Siskiyou County map that Yreka would be positioned near the head of No Title Spring, or what was perhaps Norum Spring in the far past.


Hucka D.:

This county is perhaps a snapshot of what Leaf encountered when he entered The Crossing those oh so many years ago. All of California is like this — I think of Eric near Monolith. The Monolith was already present? Or did Leaf build it? And then what of Strange being born in Weed (NM)? Strange is a bartender/monster. Noonan. Frank-einstein.


I think Mossbrae Falls figures into this somewhere as well.



Allen Knob Surroundings 01

Norris Stream flowing straightly beside Money Pot (right). Money Hill perhaps, but I like Money Pot.


Here’s the actual top o’ the pot, then, complete with rustmobile. Elevation is perhaps 10 feet above surrounding landscape. Rumored to be burial place for 1,000,000, courtesy of Michael Won, interestingly enough. Not Michael Too, mind you, who is different. But Michael Won. More on that soon, perhaps.

Another possible name for this knoll is Peewee Big. “Peewee”, because the knoll is not very big. “Big”, however, because of its importance as a buried treasure site according to legend. So, yes, a variant name would be Peewee Big.


At the upper end of the straightway pictured in photo 1 above comes Root Bridge. We’ve already reviewed this bridge and Money Pot in earlier blog posts, and there’s a whole category called Frank Park/Norris Brook pertaining to this.


Just a note that the whole area of Money Pot and surrounding flat land is traditionally called Houston, consciously named for 2 counties tagged Houston in our fair US of A. These two “corner” counties, 1 in Minnesota and the other in Alabama, stand for the numbers 2 and 3. This connects with the 1968 election of Tricky Dicky Nixon for US president over runner ups Hubert H. Humphrey of *Minnesota* (*2nd* in votes in the election) and George Wallace of *Alabama* (*3rd* in votes). Also in the Minnesota version of this county is a conjunction of Money Creek and Root River. Pink Floyd famously crooned about money being the root of all evil in today’s society, and that also fits in here.


Moving a bit upstream from Houston we find this confluence of more interesting rocks that might mark the heart of Norris.*


We now return to New Monkey City, which may be the same as New Sharon. Two ladyslippers grow and bloom near the top of the ridge. Many more — I believe I counted 13 or 14 — grow just over it to the north. Beautiful. I’ve hiked a lot through these woods recently but didn’t stumble across any more ladyslippers. So this side ridge of Howl’s Knob is identified with the flower, and, through it, Mythos’ Sharon with its Ladyslipper capital as touched on before. I have a story now about how the last people of True Sharon bought or rented a rocketship in Edwardston to travel to Blue Mountain to escape the unification of Wazob, and formerly independent Sharon turning into a “mere” province of Wazob called Chrysoberyl. This was, in fact, the last piece of the unification. The ind. of Sharon from Wazob has resonations with ind. of Texas from U.S. (us) from 1835-1845.


New M.C. or New Sharon’s own 1st Tree, and another pine just like the case with the same named tree in Whitehead Crossing’s Four Sticks. The wood chunk and rocks of Monkey City lie just before it.


Native bark of the area with plants growing up through the cracks and breaks.


Snaggletooth Rock.


Remains of an old tree that look suspiciously like an alien holding some kind of wand or sceptre. Notice the illusion of the 2 bulging eyes.



* more on Norris Brook can be find in the Baker Blinker Blog under this category.


Allen Knob Surroundings 02

Another alien looking tree remain near the one pictured at the end of “Allen Knob Surroundings 01”.


Still in New Sharon or New Monkey City, I came across this sun splashed array of interesting trees and limbs and thought it worthy of a picture.


Arrangement of sticks at the end of what I’m perhaps calling The Avenue, framed by a line of trees.


Interestingly positioned, uniquely marked and colored leaf in the same location.


The Avenue, pointing directly to 1st Tree.


The imported remains of Monkey City, which include an intact slice of its central maple and also a number of mainly rounded rocks found around this tree. I’ll re-tell the story of Monkey City soon enough. It’s *old*.


Root forming the appearance of a handle on the main trail through New Sharon, found where it passes between 1st Tree and The Avenue.


One of the three prominent rock piles found in New Sharon. I’ll have to make a map of the area soon.


One of the other two piles.


I used the 4th Way once more to return to my car from New Sharon instead of just walking back down the Freedom Trail running beside Norris Brook. Here’s a waterfall near the end of the 4th Way. This would be on Gun Stream, which Norris Branch spills into. If so, perhaps a family or perhaps colony incorporating the name Zap lie at this end as well. Zappers?


Zap Gun > Zap Cannon?



Blog’s lost a little energy since I made it private. Hucka? Must decide whether to rent or perhaps even buy land in Second Lyfe again. Thinking of renting an 8192 from Lama Estates. Land just west of Rubi is up for sale, but too big a plot and also too expensive. Should I have given up the Rubi land? Well, I had to scale down that’s for sure. And I’ve saved probably 100 bucks already by not holding on to even the scaled down model of VWX Town. So — no, I don’t think so. Would I buy it back now at the same price I purchased it for? Probably!

I’m not ready to let go developing Frank and Herman Parks mythologies, however. Interior woods are basically closed up, however. New Monkey City was kind of an endpoint in spring hiking in that way. New Monkey City, Hucka D.? Not there. Hucka doesn’t seem to want to talk about NMC. Blank and I are bonding over the database. Good, eh? New carrcass will come along sometime — maybe up my Netflix account to 8 DVDs at once in prep. No really firm ideas on what to use yet. Don’t know how I can top the last 3, which also act as 1.

Crop circles should be developing in full soon. Excitement! Always a fun thing to watch in summer months. July and August are the hottest months (sorry).

Must start to organize — everything. MapS keep developing, now in tandem, most times, with Frank/Herman mythology development. Who lives or lived in that house at the end of the 4th Way (into WH X-ing)? Aliens?

Compare impossible or at least highly highly unlikely 4th Way of Frank Park to the 4th and likewise improbable piece of the old Norum Blue Feather Gallery — The Tube. Like The Tube, The 4th Way or just The Fourth represents a steep descent from top to bottom. Who cut the Frank Park one? Why? Just as a shortcut to the park paths like the Maine Trail? Did they know of the centrality of Whitehead X-ing to the parks? Why does the path, if it kept going straight through the rhododendron, lead directly to the Dogpatch Cemetery? Why does it skirt Crushed Man Rock? What is the meaning of The Totem of Silverburg? Joined headstones? (probably) I know Selby lives or lived in that house at the end of the 4th, Hucka D. Selby may have cut that path.


Charon 01

Of course this will commonly be mispelled Sharon.

Sharon, Georgia (Taliaferro County; grayed circle):


Charon, moon of Pluto:


Conclusion: Sharon is likewise The Moon of Crawfordsville.

Taliaferro County /ˈtɒlɪvər/ is a county located in the U.S. state of Georgia. As of the 2010 census, the population was 1,717,[2] making it the second-least populous county east of the Mississippi River (after Issaquena County, Mississippi). The county seat is Crawfordville.

I wonder if Hucka D. has anything to say about this? (pause) Apparently not. This is my space. Space.


Oh, and there happens to be a second Sharon in Georgia, in *Telfair* County, which looks a lot like Taliferro in spelling and contains all the same letters minus the “o” (no other relationship I can spot, however). Unlike the first, the Telfair County Sharon is not incorporated. Parts of Telfair lie directly south of Taliferro.*


Now the immediate reason I name this place Sharon, or the area Sharon (centered by New Monkey City) is because of the presence of not one but multiple ladyslippers. Ladyslipper (town) was the capital of Mythos’ Sharon.

Charon may have been an ancient ampitheatre because of its shape. That’s perhaps at least part of the mythology of the place now.

A stone was at its center. Perhaps these are the rounded stones from Mythopolis, that traveled on the last bit of maple from Monkey City. Mom asked me for rounded stones at the end of the day today — my last “task” — and I looked around the old Monkey City area among other places for them. Very tired and also cranky by that time. Something to remember her by.

Tronesis’ Colony of Slippermen could relate to Ladyslipper concept. Colony of Slippermen could also = Sharon.

When New Monkey City was established my guess is that the inhabitants named it Sharon for the Mythos province — perhaps Sharon had just been renamed Chrysoberyl and incorporated into Wazob, and the New Monkey Cy. people identified their own independence with that of Sharon before this reluctant incorporation.


Charon was originally known by the temporary designation S/1978 P 1, according to the then recently instituted convention. On June 24, 1978, Christy first suggested the name Charon as a scientific-sounding version of his wife Charlene’s nickname, “Char.”[19]
Charon discovery image with description

Although colleagues at the Naval Observatory proposed Persephone, Christy stuck with Charon after discovering it coincidentally refers to a Greek mythological figure:[19] Charon is the ferryman of the dead, closely associated in myth with the god Hades, whom the Romans identified with their god Pluto. Official adoption of the name by the IAU waited until late 1985 and was announced on January 3, 1986.[20]

There is minor debate over the preferred pronunciation of the name. The practice of following the classical pronunciation established for the mythological ferryman Charon is used by major English-language dictionaries such as the Merriam-Webster and Oxford English Dictionary.[21][22] These indicate only one pronunciation of “Charon” when referring specifically to Pluto’s moon: with an initial “k” sound. Speakers of many languages other than English, and many English-speaking astronomers as well, follow this pronunciation.[23]

However, Christy himself pronounced the ch in the moon’s name as sh (IPA [ʃ]), after his wife Charlene. Because of this, as an acknowledgement of Christy and sometimes as an in-joke or shibboleth, the initial sh pronunciation is common among astronomers when speaking English,[24][23][25][26] and this is the prescribed pronunciation at NASA and of the New Horizons Pluto mission team.[27][28]


Sharon understood itself as having a 1:8 relationship with neighboring Whitehead X-ing. Separate but making one system, just like Charon and Pluto, another 1:8 volume relationship.

Sharon’s inhabitants originally landed in the equivalent of the Temple of TILE or cubic version of Edwardston Sta. Gallery. 30×30 meters, then. This original ship hovered over the central ground town for some years. I believe it may have even contained the entire “Art 10×10”, since Robinson is on the edge of Taliferro County with county seat Crawfordsville.

Crawford County, Illinois

This may also have been the original Chromacube, which is 12×12 instead of 10×10 if so. However, there are 6 floors to the Edwardston Sta. Gallery, or half of 12.

It was very important for the people of Sharon to remain independent from WH X-ing. They saw this as Sharon remaining ind. of Wazob — directly. It makes sense that the people of Sharon are directly *from* Mythos’ Sharon, launching their rocket just before their home country’s merger with Wazob. Sharon, Blue Mtn. represents the bit of Sharon, Mythopolis that is unique and independent from Wazob. Did Wazob also outlaw toy avatars at this time?

Shade is shaded.


(cont.): These people of Sharon who didn’t identify with the unification of Wazob may have gone to Edwardston to secure a rocketship that could fly them to Blue Mtn. and Frank Park. Did the rocketship basically have only one possible destination? Was Edwardston the only place or one of the very few places in Wazob where rocketships were located and could be launched from? Or did they take their own chromacube(s)?

Sharron or Sharon was the last star forward of the Emerald Elephants college basketball team, last of a quite long list of star players there which also included Moss, Meade, and Greenburg. Costello and Whitehead were stars over at neighboring STI.

More ideas: these people took a “piece” of Carrcassonne in order to rejuvenate her at Blue Mountain and New Sharon. Carrcassonnee = the alien “glop” form of Mythos’ Sharon. She is Sharon. At Blue Mtn., however, she took a different form.

The ladyslippers are now wilting at New Sharon.


* The first 7 letters of Taliferro, in fact, make a direct anagram of Telfair. Peculiar!


4th Way



The Zappers live at the terminus of Frank Park’s 4th Way, Hucka. Chuck and possibly a wife. Like Charlie or Chuck Brown. Chuck represents unification of Zircon (Zappers), or the Confederation. He must be an expert on the history of the Confederation. Not the Confederacy, mind you — Confederation. This would be 1784. Like the United States under the Articles of Confederation (pre-Constitution) from 1781 to 1789.

Joel Maser was a cousin but perhaps distant. He was an Aardvark (Amethyst). Chuck’s name was Chuck Laser. You can see a laser but not a maser. Maser’s are out of sight — distant, perhaps.

Chuck picks 2130 as an address. Anagram of meaningless numbers — just the first 4 numbers. He uses these 4 numbers over again. Doesn’t want to identify himself with any particular slice of history, good or bad. Not the holocast (1942 — Final Solution) nor the discovery of America, another anagram (1492). No, he chooses 2130 for the neutrality. And thus he perhaps chooses the *location* 2130 for the same. It is in Frank Park but yet it isn’t. Chuck’s house lies on Gun Stream, perhaps Gunn Stream. Smaller than a cannon. It also becomes known, perhaps as the Zap Gunn Stream, because of the presence of The Zappers.

Perhaps more clues will thus be found in Philip Dick’s book “The Zap Gun”.

The hieroglyphs on the rock outside the house probably tell the story of The Confederation or Zircon. The Confederation’s land tracks to The United States — Cotton is Texas, for example, Olive is Oklahoma and Tin is the OK panhandle. This transfers directly to GNIRPS and Missouri (LINK). Skillet is the pan and also the pan’s handle — Panhandle. I suppose it would also be the Texas Panhandle.

Also related: Gunn, MS/VA. Simpsons related in both cases, specifically “Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Parts 1 and 2)”.

Olive = Oklahoma and Tin = OK Panhandle may be the center but it also spreads out. Eob = Illinois and Monkey City is Chicago if so. Bridee is Michigan or perhaps centered around the 2 St. Joseph rivers whose source lies close to each other. In hyperspace/time these rivers become St. Johns with sources joined. Michigan becomes the St. John’s severed head. Gurr is Indiana or Ohio — both. Antville is Columbus (Cleveland + Cinncinnati?). Then the whole east coast is more ill defined but covered by Middle Gurr with its Scarlet and Uranium states. Sprurel (Spring Squirrel) is New Orleans, perhaps, or the Fla. panhandle extended west to N.O. Vinee is kind of Tennesse. Wurme is kind of Kentucky and Missouri together. Bean is Missouri. Kob is kind of Indiana again. So what is the center? It appears to be Monkey City = Chicago or else Bridgee = St. Johns’ Rivers united. And a second center is Tin-Olive = Oklahoma, with Tin City = the panhandle as a whole. Tinsity is now an important center of Frank/Herman Park mythology as of several years ago. Named for Tin S. Man of Oz fame, but an alternate or variant Tinman who instead works for Alma, not Ozma. Alma is Ozma’s cousin, perhaps distant (like Maser to Laser — see 1st of this post).

2130: What plans were made within? Who is remaking and repairing the 4th Way even as I write these recent posts on the subject?

Is 2130 the headquarters of GNIRPS?
















Noru/Rubi (Again!)


Well, the price kept dropping and dropping on the Hector sim property next to the Rubi Forest, almost hourly it seemed, and finally about 1 o’clock yesterday I called the wife and ask her if I could splurge again on Second Lyfe this month. She okayed the idea if she could herself purchase some extra jewelry supplies, and I promptly bought my 2nd 8192 parcel and fairly quickly set up what is basically a duplicate structure situation as in Noru. That is, the same buildings now exist in Hector as in Noru, including the 3 major collage galleries of mine (Toxic Art, Power Tower, and Fal Mouth Moon). Differences: I was able to include the Temple of TILE in Hector, across from the Norris Gallery/Temple there. What am I going to do with all this land and all the duplication? Well, the plan is to choose one or the other properties by the first of next month, when my tier payment comes around again. I can’t afford another month of this type of tier, that is. But I simply had to buy in both Noru and Rubi for June. And it’s not the first time this has happened, quite amazingly: check here. That’s a post from 4 years ago, and also from the first part of June. What goes around comes around, and this goes triply for Second Lyfe.

I haven’t talked to Hucka D. much recently. Let’s see if he’s around.

Hucka D.:

Noru… Norum. Dig deeply. Dig into the past of Rubi as well. Whitehead Crossing; isn’t it good.


Hector property from overhead.


The Crystal Field is at the top — that’s certainly unique to Hector. And there’s an extra bit of stream between the Toxic Art Gallery toxic falls and Tired Falls in comparison to Noru. Hector seems to have a stronger central axis in this way. The collage galleries are bunched together and more easily toured as a whole — another advantage. What are the continuing advantages to Noru? It’s mostly surrounded by abandoned Linden land so I can play with vegetation on the borders more, like inserting a giant 50 meter maple on the south side. I can re-create the VWX Tower, and am doing so and will probably continue with that today as well as Friday and this weekend. Norum mythology may be stronger than Rubi’s overall (?) I can pull Karox out of mothballs and let him explore around again. But I think, at the bottom, this is about RL Whitehead Crossing; a substitute for the basic inability to explore that land further in summer months.

Some of the crystals in Chrystal Field are green, just like the Toxic Waste Falls. Carrcassonne sits outside the Temple of TILE instead of on the top floor within.


Why? Is she waiting for someone to come by on the road? She is out and exposed to the (virtual) world.

Rubi vs. Noru.

Meeting of 3 streams.


Green on green.


Carrcassonnee spies.


*Mossman* appears in a 2010 post on this blog using an overall search for “baker”.

Related pictures; the mossman, not surprisingly, isn’t there any longer.




Here’s a map pinpointing the former location:




There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m keeping the Noru property and Collagesity through at least August, what with all the excitement happening there in the past weeks. It would take a considerable amount of time and effort to set up something equivalent in a new spot. Have I *finally* settled down in My Second Lyfe? I’m not committing to that thought yet, what with my past record.

Fall hiking seasons is not that close but still not that far away, starting around the middle of September usually. My back remains “wonky”, however. I don’t think there’s anything bad wrong with it, at least according to what the physical therapist tells me. It just that my hips now have very annoying habit of getting out of line, and straining it during physical exertion, *especially * when I’m walking up and down steeper grades apparently. Now I live in the higher mountains, and there’s a lot of hills around here of course. Compounding this is my natural desire, nay need, to go off the trails — that’s really what this blog was suppose to be about: my adventures in the parts of the woods that no one gets to or even knows about currently. Then form stories about these places. Whitehead Crossing is a forefront example. I’ve had to deal with this physical problem almost a year now, however, and it solidly curtailed my spring hiking season. But toward the end of that “season” in May, despite being pretty careful, I must have got my hips out of alignment again as I walked hillier spots upon gaining confidence that I was healing up. So I’m kind of riding a seesaw in that respect. I get better, gain more confidence in my ability to walk up and down more significant slopes, only to slip back into a former state. I *believe* I’m getting better overall but it’s still hard to see progress. What I might just have to do is to go through the hiking season, be careful but also be aware that, despite my best efforts, my hips are probably going to get a little out of line still, and just visit the therapist afterwards to get realigned. This could be the cycle I’m in, because I’m *not*, repeat *not* giving up off trail hiking. Look through the posts of this blog. I’ve chosen the place I live mainly because of this option. It’s a unique spot in America — no other place really like it. But at 55, I probably just have to realize that I need to slow down a bit, be a little more careful. 55 is not 25.

I believe that’s one reason I’ve been so involved in Second Life lately — an escape from my problems. I’ve had significant mental stress at work lately as well, and I know that hasn’t helped the back situation. 6 1/2 years until retirement in all likelihood; will I make it? The finish line is within distant sight but with much more work still to be done. The physical type of work I do also tends to strain my back, especially if I’m out of alignment. But at the same time this “lifting” keeps me more fit. Oh well, everyone has challenges, and mine are certainly minor compared to some.

But what a fun time I’m having in Second Life lately (!) That’s been a bright spot for sure.


Patiently 02

Seems like for the past several days, things I’ve designed for Collagesity have been rather quickly removed: Giant Carrcassonnee; White Tower. The underground remains intact, and I like that effect quite a lot. But frankly what I’m waiting for is the potential development of a *Southside*. But does Collagesity really need a Southside? — that’s a question I must be asking side by side with seeing this potential.

Traditionally about 2 months into ownership of even a larger tract of Second Life land, my interest in it begins to wane. Better — I use the generated energy and *shift* it into other interests. I’m doing my best not to let that happen this time.

What could the shift be this go around? Well, another carrcass is on the horizon — I certainly know some of the components. I haven’t started it, but the gear up could begin today, even. That’s how those things work.

Full bore GNIRPS research is another possibility, but perhaps more remote. 2 months into Rubi’s VWX Town, I shifted toward a heavy duty Shining obsession, generating a potentially separate work from the blog called “6 5 Weeks of Shining.” in late December and January.

And then there’s always collages. 🙂 The Shining research itself shifted over to intense collage generating in early February, a momentum that carried, to my great surprise, though April.

Then there’s the Great Outdoors. Well, Frank and Herman Parks to be specific. Check the title of this blog — everything is suppose to revolve around those parks — carrcasses, virtual village stories, collages — everything. And this year another big step forward was taken, I feel, through the creation of a good number of collages *based on photos taken of these parks.* Again we can be pretty specific about a location: Whitehead Crossing in Frank Park. But this impetus finally petered out in May as the heat, gnats, weeds increased. My woods photos mainly come from the spring and fall, or about March-May and then September-November.

This blog was suppose to focus on those parks and not Second Life, unlike my former Baker Blinker Blog (2008-2012). Yet it’s turning out to be a pretty direct continuation of that older blog.


Oracle Time

“Hucka D., I was going to talk to the revived Carrcassonnee in this here blog but she doesn’t seem to be ready.”

Hucka D.:

I’m not either. You better talk to her. Or else.


Hi Baker Bloch. As you can see I’ve grown larger. Nice to have Jeogeot Through Art and Word back in my sim. My sim. How are you doing tonight? How’s work?


Work’s getting better, I suppose. I wish I could just give back the pressure. But it’s good for me overall. Pressure is mainly good now. If I can keep from getting swirled into other people’s emotional turmoils. That’s my problem. I operate on resonance. Right now the resonance is abnormal for the most part.


Be aware that it might not change[ much]. I heard you found an Island. The Island.


Do you know about this island?


Some. I know that toy avatars are from there. It is a tale wagging the dog scene[ again]. Do you wish photos?


Sure Carrcassonnee.


I will provide some soon[ then]. How is your mother?


She’s doing okay I suppose. Must call her tomorrow morning. Wait… you’re talking to me, bb, instead of me, Baker Bloch.


Yes. Am I not allowed to do that[ now]?


No, that’s fine.


So we get to the subject of who I am. Who I *really* am.


You are Jeogeot herself.




You are All Carrcasses.


Right. Another one of me is coming up soon. That’s one thing I needed to tell you. Work on me. It looms large.



bb (“reading” map):

A little carr. Spider. To navigate the narrow streets of Bath. Drive/Steer a Littcarr. Then something about Reddfoxx and racial issues. White… black. Take a Gander, I suppose.


Yes, I am England[ as well]. You must go back to The Island.


About RL 01












About RL 02












About RL 03












About RL 04















Falmouth College (Fal Mouth Collage?)

“Fal Mouth Moon gallery is going to become Fal Mouth Collage College. Isn’t that exciting Hucka Doobie? Hucka D.?”


Hucka D. isn’t up yet. Give him until sunset. 🙂 But I believe what I wrote above is going to happen. I also believe this may be the end of Collagesity, once more, since I already have the college set up in Philudoria, free of charge. But I’m not certain. We’ll be going on vacation starting Friday, and when I come back I’ll have to make a decision quickly so I can start selling off the land. The basic idea is that the Falmouth collages are complex enough that you can create a whole college to study them. A small college, mind you, not a big one. And the course options are obviously going to be limited since we’ll just be studying the collages themselves. I haven’t decided if it will be called Falmouth College or Fal Mouth College. But people will mistakenly call it Collage instead of College. Trying to inject needed (additional) humor into this blog, see. I know Whitehead Crossing, the prime Frank Park location for myth-telling presently and probably into the future as well, will be an important element. And Frank and Herman Parks along with it.

The college will be set up virtually in Philudoria probably, but also, at the same time, here on this perch above Whitehead Stream, as depicted in a Falmouth college collage. See how that doesn’t stop being funny?


In this collage, the rock perched atop the cliff becomes the same as the castle. The idea of a Falmouth college here has been aligning from several directions for a while. First, there’s the “fact” that a castle is or was situated on this cliff, owned by a man (and woman?) named Dundee — Castle Dundee, then. The Fal Mouth Moon gallery structure is also called a “castle” by its creator, Moard Ling. So the castle was turned into a gallery which is being turned into a college. Additional buildings will surround it. A new virtual village named after the college might arise — simply Falmouth College, then.

But what of the Power Tower Gowlery I hear you asking, and the Gilatona-Lis collage series? Isn’t that almost as important as Falmouth? Well, that’s a good question to be pondering, reader, and thanks for bringing it to my attention. I wish Hucka D. was here to confer with.


My feeling is that the Falmouth College simply *must* be inserted into Whitehead Crossing, on that perch or cliff (Cliffs of Dundee). Castle Dundee, yes, will be converted into a gallery that will become the college, with added buildings. My reasoning here is that the last 1/4th or so of the Falmouth series is largely about Whitehead Crossing, starting with Falmouth 44 and ending with Falmouth 61. Whitehead Crossing will be more than happy to absorb the idea.


“They’ll have to study Frank and Herman Parks themselves. They’ll have to ponder TILE. They’ll have to investigate the original “Frank & Herman Einstein!” document from 2003. They’ll have to make c’s in all these classes to gain a shiny blue star in the end. And after graduation? We’ll, they’ll be certified collagists themselves (!) They’ll go into the virtual Stonethwaite, hike up Greenup Gill covered so well early on through the Greenup series from way back in 2004. That’s when I turned into an orange, baker b. You remained an apple.”


Update 03

Chuck was thinking about Whitehead Crossing, and the 4th way in, discovered (and then amplified by unknown hands!) only this past spring. 2130 — the mystery of the far corridor (of the recently derezzed Confluence Place of Westend). He decided to remind his 2 comrades, plus Karoz, about the centrality of The Crossing and this particular, perhaps more paramount 4th. You see, it was Chuck, as I’m remembering now, that lives at the end of this 4th, or does in past/present/future. Story Room lives at 2130. I can see them now lined up in red, yellow, blue on the porch overlooking Zap Cannon Stream. “Collagesity’s losing steam, despite the best efforts of Karoz.” “He’s bought enough time for it to last into September, surely,” I respond back. “Probably,” replies Chuck, who I’m tempted to call Charles or Charlie. “I’m going to take a look at the collages on Floor 1 (of the Fal Mouth Moon). I’ll be back.”



Roger Pine Ridge

I thought I’d collect all my facebook related posts about our spring visit from R. Pine Ridge. Enjoy!

Coolie Brighton
March 19 ·

I did it. I invited the lead singer of The Residents to stay with us this summer for a day, a week, a month maybe. All drinks on us. Edna is preparing to move in with our best friend. But I think our best friend might want to stay with us when the visit is in progress, honestly. We’ll go to Linville Falls of course. Beech Mtn., but most of all I have to talk to him about the *aliens* in the woods near our house. I think he and he alone might understand them. And, oh yeah, there’s the synchs. The glorious synchs.

Coolie Brighton
March 21 ·

Several people have written to me about the recent invites to several aging rock stars to come stay with us this summer. I thought I’d post my emails to both ARS for the curious.


[Randy], you don’t know me but I want to invite you to stay with us in the beautiful mtns. of North Carolina, this summer if you wish. A day, a week, yes even a month. Just to get away. I have some awesome fan videos to show you, not 1, 2, but maybe 8 or 9. All an hour approx. We’ll have plenty to watch. And drink! We’ll supply you with any drink you wish. And we’re cool with all the alien stuff. Heck, I know of aliens in these here woods, and I’ve made contact (audio) myself! You’ll love it here in the NC mtns. You won’t regret making the decision to come stay with us for a spell.


Hi Ray. If you ever want to get away from it all come join me and the wife in the beautiful NC mtns. Drinks on us! Come for a day, a week, a month. Randy Rose, lead singer of The Residents, might be joining us, another super hero of ours. I have unique fan videos for you and him both! Hrs. and hrs. and hrs. of entertainment. You hit a home run at the Olympics. Go Brits. Go Kinks! Go Ray!!


Possible future invites: Ringo Starr (McCartney probably too busy), Ralfe Band (Edna’s idea), Tom Waits (oh yeah!… but I’ll have to admit to him that his voice makes me want to run into the hills and scream), David Bowie (but he’s afraid of Americans), David Lynch (!), Fred Frith.

I think I’ll try Fred’s number in California again.

Coolie Brighton
April 3 ·

A 2 day visit from aging variant rock legend Roger Pine Ridge, all expenses paid, is apparently locked in for the Brighton family from May 2nd through 3rd. Lucky us! Roger is presently on tour in Tibet and Hong Kong with comedians Lum and Abner. Follow all the excitement on; I’ll keep you guys posted!

Coolie Brighton added 2 new photos.
April 4 · Edited ·

I’ve emailed the honorable Mr. Pine Ridge about our home situation, and the remedies he promises in conjunction with his oh too short stay in our fair hamlet. At the top is where we currently reside, and below it is the house we’ve handpicked for Mr. Pine Ridge to buy us. We’ll start paying him back as soon as we’re able to sell the present place. Thanks so very much once more Sir Roger, and we’ll see you after the Lhasa gig!



Coolie Brighton
April 6 · Edited ·

R. Pine Ridge has requested to keep him abreast of my music listening before his early May visit so’s he can choose and pick what we talk about. Good idea! Here’s what I heard several times during our Virginia trip yesterday. So different, so profound. Well, maybe not as profound as different. The Resident’s reinterpretation of a John Phillip Sousa classic. Whaddaya think, Roger? Profound and different or just different?

Coolie Brighton
April 9 ·

Sorry Roger. I forgot to listen to anything in the car Mon. or Tue. I did look at a couple of videos with lots of music. I’ll talk to you more about them the night of the 2nd. We have parking room for a compact car in the drive. Otherwise you’ll have to walk up the 2 big hills. Oh, sorry, *we’ll* park at the bottom of the hills if it comes to that honorable guest!


Coolie Brighton
April 11 · Edited ·

Roger Pine Ridge (left) with his best mate also named Roger Pine Ridge (right) shortly before the Meat Wars. I want to say c1877 but that could be 1977. Or ’67. Doesn’t really matter.


Coolie Brighton I might like this photo better, where they switch places. Roger Pine Ridge is, of course, on the right now. And on the left. Doesn’t matter.


Coolie Brighton
April 14 ·

Before Edna and I had one study apiece. Now we have 40 apiece. Hurray for R. Pine Ridge and the enormous royalties he reaped from “Light Side of the Sun” and other psychedelic legacy pieces! We are not sponges, just lichen (it).

Coolie Brighton
April 16 · Edited ·

We have a downstairs commode on order from Lowes to be delivered in the next several days. And all for R. Pine Ridge’s visit. That’s plural Rogers, because we don’t know which one will show up at the door, or both, or neither. But we have a new center of the downstairs bathroom for him… them… whatever. Oh never mind you ceiling, floor, 4 walls. We’ll get to you’n’s soon enough. Did you ever see Season 5 of Break’n Bad and they have all that money piled up in the warehouse and there’s nothing they can do with it really? We’ll, like most of us that’s not us. All hail Roger(s)!

Coolie Brighton
April 29 ·

R. Pine Ridge. This weekend! We’ll open the door and 1 of the 2 will be standing there. Or both. Or neither. Excitement!

Coolie Brighton
April 30 · Edited ·

R. Pine Ridge, one or the other or neither or both, in *2* f-ing days! Edna got so excited this afternoon that she left the house and went down to stay with her best friend in Asheville to rest, she said. I’m sure she’ll be refreshed and ready for riveting convo with The Ridge upon return. Tomorrow, right Edna? Come to think of it, she didn’t say. But it has to be tomorrow, because the next day. The Next Day! ARRIVAL.

Coolie Brighton
May 1 · Edited ·

O___N___ E_____D___A___Y. I HEAR HE’S IN ARKANSAS NOW. But not without a rifle thankfully.

Coolie Brighton
May 2 · Edited ·

He’s almost here. He’s in Kentucky! He said he had to stop by this place on his way east. Understandable. But which of the Rogers will show up? That’s a question to keep asking. Until we know.

Coolie Brighton
May 3 ·

It was him. It was him. It was him.

It was him.

It was him.


Coolie Brighton
May 5 ·

I will update soon about Roger’s visit. As soon as I become sober.

Coolie Brighton
May 6 ·

Okay, just to stop the steady flow of questions coming in I’ll post about Roger’s visit. That’s not Rogers’ visit mind you. And it was a visit so someone showed up. I’ve stated that both of us brought videos and popcorn (aawk-ward!). I believe he’s from the future, or else I’m from the past. Doesn’t matter. We watched the videos which was surprising since there was nothing in the present to play them on. See note about past/future above. Still doesn’t matter. Where’s my drink? (to be continued?)

Coolie Brighton
May 6 · Edited ·

We watched the videos, which was surprising. His was on something called s-chord; mine was on betamax. He was 105 and I was 7, but we were both the same age. We watched the videos at the same time, but we didn’t and couldn’t, see. I’ll tell my half. We watched [delete two word name]. He didn’t laugh until [delete first name] showed up wearing an Opel sports shirt. I explained that when he said he’d been on tellie that was actually in the future. Roger understood this but only in the future. Then Roger took a visit to God. That’s how he put it. He pointed to the screen at one point — point — and said, “That’s me.” He was pointing to a flat square, and God was a golden rounded sphere or just golden sphere would do. The Sphere was God. (to be continued?)

Coolie Brighton
May 6 · Edited ·

Roger stopped the betamax video 25 minutes in. Baby Lemonade was playing. Bart and Millhouse were selling lemonade. Roger didn’t like this. We began to argue. Roger said that art was a science and I said it was a religion. Roger said religion was a science and I said religion was and is an art. He talked like he was from a place where art and science and religion had ceased to exist. He was being a complete bastard. I coaxed him into playing a game — cards — Old Kentucky Rook to be exact. 25 minutes in the rook cards were flying like released geese into the air. Roger was bored and I was losing him. The front door beckoned. (to be continued?)

Coolie Brighton
May 6 ·

And that’s about it. I remember being hit on the side of the head by a beer bottle and when I woke up several seconds/minutes/hours later Roger had left. He’d even cleaned up the bottle fragments, and also there were no rook cards on the floor. But, then again, he’d never really been there, and all this was fantasy. Except it wasn’t. Hope you enjoyed the story of my visit! (not be be continued)

Coolie Brighton
May 12 ·

A message from Roger:


Merk, so sorry to leave you with a headache (insert smiley face). It’s just that something within me snapped and I what I found inside was dead black instead of living green. Thinking of your, and thanks for sharing. I hate you.



I’ll have more to say about this soon.

Merk Coolie Brighton
May 27 ·

Roger Pine Ridge (2 of 2) update soon! He got stuck in Texas! (but not without a silencer, har har har)

Coolie Brighton
June 4 · Edited ·

Update on R. Pine Ridge’s whereabouts. He’s still in the area! He came by yesterday to borrow a comb. I told him he could keep it! He refused, used, and returned. I threw it into the woods out back just as soon as he was out of sight. He said he was in Kansas. I naturally assumed the state. No, it’s *that* Kansas, the one that’s about 2.75 miles from my house as the jayhawk flies. He’s been reading my secret blog! He’s been playing with my antique pots and pans and bottles out in the Forest. He’s in that gorge. He’s in Kansas. I ain’t Lyo’n.

Coolie Brighton
June 6 ·

I’ve had another talk with Mr. Pine Ridge. Turns out he has quite the critical tongue, and around our house there’s a lot of targets for such abuse. I liked the other Mr. Pine Ridge better in this respect, even though he did knock me out with a beer bottle. This newer, second Pine Ridge (the critical one) now wants to live in our basement; fix things up ’round here. He suggested we watch Grey Gardens to get an idea of the what’s ahead down the road — 30 or 40 years — without intervention. I said that perhaps he should stay in his Kansas (local gorge) and work on developing something there instead — art. He doesn’t believe in the Forest aliens, lumping them with fairies, gnomes and elves as “stuff of dreams”. He admitted he thought some wood critters are very clever, approaching human intelligence. Raccoons were specified. Ants. Then aardvarks, jokingly. One of the few laughs we shared. We talked about the other Pine Ridge, the sensitive, dreamy one. “He’s done,” Roger said plainly.

Coolie Brighton
June 6 · Edited ·

The Contraption at Kansas.

What I know.

Bigger than breadbasket.
More powerful than a locomotive.
Can upload/resize its own profile picture on Facebook.
Can clone itself.
Clones can clone themselves but not ad infinitum (still working on a calculation).
Always reports time in plural (times) not singular.
Laurel and Hardy films repulse it and make its spinners retract.
Sensitive about its offbeat color scheme (repeat: DON’T make jokes about this).
Can eat its own weight in aluminum.
Weighs less than a jumbo sized uranium paperweight.
Can run on AC or DC or both at once or none at once.
Air conditioned; 2 way sneeze vents.
Can exist in up to 5 different hyper-dimensions simultaneously.
Raccoons could make it but it would take them 1 billion years.
Ants also could — 10 billion years.
Aardvards don’t have the ability to build this using any time span, and they should bite their dangly lying, bragging tongues about being able to.
Sheldon of Big Bang Theory could make one but it would take him 10,000 years.
I can’t even figure out how to turn it on.

Needless to say this is what interests R. Pine Ridge The Second about Kansas (gorge). It generated him and the other R. Pine Ridge, to begin. He’s using this to change reality itself. Not only mine but yours as well. You’ve been alerted, even warned.