Part 01 (Middletown)


The wife and I spent part of the weekend in Ashville, the only other place in Ame. perhaps that we would retire in except for Blue Mountain. Blue Mountain, by the way, and I’ll only say this in a few places in this blog, is actually the Bluefield VA/WV area. To remind, we live here…


… but are looking to move here…


Well, if we move to Ashville, then what about the Frank and Herman Park mythology, I ask myself (and I hear the reader or readers asking me, in turn)? Isn’t this blog suppose to be all about that, and, by extension, Blue Mountain? That’s the big question. I have about 7-10 years to figure it all out; we’re “stuck” in Blue Mountain because of our jobs until then. What’s the attraction to Ashville? Well, it’s a considerably larger town, with more entertainment options. At least 4 Starbucks at last count. Lots and lots of restaurants, and, maybe most importantly, a still growing art scene, thanks in part to the oh so nifty River Arts District. As regular readers of my blog know, I’ve started a Sunklands site where I just display my collages without commercial attachments. Sitting behind them are the carrcasses, which I *know* I’ll never make any money off of but still must produce on a semi-regular basis — or, more correctly, when the time comes to make them. I *have* to make them. So I don’t think that’s going to stop, and also I must figure out the best ways to preserve my carrcasses for the future. Collages — since they’re born digital — not so worried about in that respect. And I think now that collages have the upper hand over carrcasses. Hard to explain, but a subtle shift has occurred lately with the recent creation of so many collages in the Gilatona-Lis and Falmouth series. And that is reflected in the Sunklands site’s creation. Cobbling it together is making me realize that the carrcasses, while still being produced, must remain hidden and perhaps separate from the “ordinary” (2d/flat) collages, more attached to Second Life. And that’s another thing: I believe I’ll always have a regular or semi-regular presence in a virtual world. How long it will continue to be Second life is a question I can’t answer right now. But someday it will shift to another world, and I have a feeling a much cheaper option will develop, a more parallel set-up between web and virtual world. Right now I’m pretty happy with the continued development of Collagesity and the possibility of more collages being added onto the large Falmouth series, extending its depth and breadth even further. And here’s a relatively new idea: I might lump *all* digital collages produced so far into an overarching “Embarras” (pronouced AM-braw) concept, named for the river that flows through Jasper County, Illinois and past almost all the namesake towns of the various series created so far, beginning with 2004’s Greenup.

But I might name it Ambraw, an archaic, phonetic spelling of the river.


the dynamic duo
King Jethro & Queen Jethrine.


“Mr. & Mrs. Sam Parr”

“Parr, Sam, Mrs. & Mr.”

True nature of 2130 being revealed.



Ashville & Blue Mountain


Big decisions in next 6 years. Whether to remain in Blue Mtn. or move center of operations to Ashville. Above is a picture of a house in the center of the Ashville Arts District, whose future development plays a role in the decision for certain. Not 50 percent or anything like that, just a definite fraction of some kind. So what I might start doing in this blog is give updates on this District… big things are in store for it soon.

We also have a chance to really develop the property we will possibly set up a modular home on. I won’t give a *lot* of details, just some. The parcel we will own will probably be a little under an acre, quite a bit of land then, and double what we have currently. We’re planning on eliminating close neighbors — ones we shared a drive with, ones whose porch is about 15 feet from our porch, and so on. We will have more *breathing space*, yet be convenient to downtown and all the amenities there.

Another area I want to study in Ashville is the Woodrow Wilson College, named after the Princeton man president. Wilson famously appears in the last shots of The Shining. He is holding down the right arm of Jack, who seems to be attempting to reveal the contents of a piece of paper held between his thumb and fingers on that hand. Is it now the mystery of Woodrow Wilson College? What of the more recent UMAPS find called the “boss glyph”? (more on that soon) Woodrow Wilson sometimes called Woody Wilson at the college.

We lived in Ashville for 3 years already. Wife grew up there. We may move back near old homestead. I remember long walks listening to Sibelius at the time. Then Sibelius (and Eno State Park) got me through the subsequent 2 years in Durham.

We got tired of Ashville before after 3 years. We went to Durham, soon to move back to Blue Mtn. Why would this time be different? We would have family in Ashville. Friends. We don’t really have that in Blue Mountain. As stated before, Blue Mountain is really Bluefield. Maybe Brammie the Bramwell dog has answers… if we can find it.


Defunct owner’s backyard in ft. wayne. Like Dorothy, I didn’t feel the need to look further.


Twins: cradled in mother’s arms (The Point), one looks toward *flying* ghost (left, more illuminated) one away (right, left in dark). This is Gemini, and looking at truth vs denial of same. Ghost is murder victim. Tub turned on side is rocket. Tub is nickname for boat, like ship. Often derogatory (“an old, awkward, or run-down vessel”) Spaceman looking on: Apollo astronaut, perhaps Armstrong. Put together: Flight but not in right way; ghost created. Failure. No Moon.







major collison taking place in an important area


More soon….

The article features our former landlord who is more than a landlord. He is a king.

This is also directly related to Bill Creek I visited the next day.

Bill Creek

Today checked out some of the Ashville scene I hadn’t visited in a while, in an attempt to reinforce our decision to move there. 1st up was a visit to the town’s botanical garden, which was a great location — hadn’t been there in 2 decades and remembered basically nothing about it. Didn’t take any pics, though. Then I went to the Woodrow Wilson College property and hiked down to Bill Creek on their trails. The wife and I rented a house for 2 years next to Bill Creek about 2 decades back, so I *thought* I was fairly familiar with its passage through college property just north of us at the time. I was wrong. I basically remembered *nothing* about what I saw down in there. It was much more beautiful and complex that I recall. Chalk up another positive for Ashville.

Below is a snapshot of Bill Creek soon after the main trail meets it. I was quickly impressed beyond before; the creek was much longer through here that I remembered, with cascades, pools, cliffs, rocky beaches, lots of stuff…


… including numerous signs of man.


I *do* recall this broken dam. I just didn’t remember it being so cool. And I was startled to look down into the heart of the fallen dam from my perch above to see the 4 colors of TILE reflected back up to me on a chain of triangular flags, suspended, it seemed, from old dam logs.* It was an improbable sight at this place. I *knew* it had to be a sign. I knew this had to be another TILE Falls, in effect.


Further up the stream, 2 fallen tree trunks act as ebony and ivory style complementary bridges.


Another beautiful and unexpected setting.


More signs of man. This was found on a trace of a path off the main path, just before it meets the creek.


Beach just below.


A more interesting, rocky island there.


Back to the dam: you can see the flags a little better in this picture.


Some type of peculiar window at the dam.






With the discovery of these TILE Falls, we might have made a direct link between Blue Mountain hiking mythos and Ashville. Are toy avatars also present in the latter location? Probably.

There appears to be plenty of possibilities for future toy happenings even in this small area of the Ashville neighborhood.


* The flags appeared like this:

Apocalypse Pooh

Found out that Apocalypse Now protagonist Benj. Willard, played by Martin Sheen, is from Toledo, like MASH’s Farr/Klinger, and another military man at that. Which makes protagonist Winnie the Pooh of “Apocalypse Pooh” (see below) half from Toledo as well, since he channels Willard in the mashup. We [now] know rainbowology was born at the source of the Maumee (Ft. Wayne), and died and possibly also is resurrected at the mouth (Toledo). Does Apocalypse Pooh directly kill Dark Side of the Rainbow and rainbowology with its MASHUP strength? Is the latter like a renegade, bloated Kurtz? Or is it Willard instead? Kind of eerie.

Another famous Ohioan Willard:

The truth behind the birth of the fusion now known as The Darkside of the Rainbow will probably never be known.

What we do know now, is that it wasn’t the first, nor the most influential mashup of all time. That honour belongs to an analog video mashup known as Apocalypse Pooh, a hilarious and surreal amalgamation of Apocalypse Now and Winnie The Pooh. The simple and highly effective pairing of two endearing and enduring iconic 20th Century properties, became an ’80s tape-trading sensation. To this day, it still really hasn’t been given the recognition and status it so deserves.

the 2nd Ashville, and another Apocalypse Now connection?

This would be Ashville, Ohio, the only other US town of that name besides the one we now plan to move to in 7-10 years. In Ashville, Ohio’s immediate area is found both a Robtown and a Duvall. Might point to Robert Duvall, who also starred in Apocalypse Now and recited the iconic phrase, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” *And* there is also a MASH connection (!). Duvall played Frank Burns in the movie that the series was based upon later, which, of course, featured Jame Farr as Maxwell Klinger.


We’ve also mentioned another Duvall town in this blog (Washington state), connected at the time with Shelly Duvall, star of The Shining. No relation to Robert as far as I can tell.

Bill, The

“Don’t you think The Bill have to be from Ashville now Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

You are asking about Ashville again. That is a different channel. Hold on. (pause) Do you want to speak to The Bill directly?


I guess that would work. Do you not have information about Ashville, or, better, are you not allowed to say stuff…

Hucka D.:

I am allowed. I just need to study up. Ashville is a relatively new, um, latching. Channel redirect. Blue Mountain latches onto Ashville and visa versa. Toy avatars have to prepare — are preparing.


I’ll always have Frank and Herman Parks, however.

Hucka D.:

It will be different, however.


Yes. I won’t… we won’t live next to them.

Hucka D.:

It’s going to affect you. You don’t know how right now. Best to wait until you retire to move. Then you will be freer to come back at any time. Blue Mtn. and Ashville — not that far apart.


I’m going to start decommissioning a sync for every new sync found. New replaces old. First up, then, is Carrcass+8. Is that a good idea?

Hucka D.:

It is a good idea. (pause)


This has something to do with The Bill as well.

Hucka D.:

Obviously. (another pause)


What’s going on?

Hucka D.:

Again, you’ll probably just have to ask The Bill about it.


Are they available?

Hucka D.:



No, then.

Hucka D.:



No as in no they’re not available? Or no as in no they are.

Hucka D.:

I’ll just leave it at that.


Ashville in 7-10 years. Have plenty of time to prepare. I can’t really stop thinking about it. A new and entirely different thought flow is occurring, just above my head now. If I could raise up a bit more I’d be in its midst. I would see the correct relation between Blue Mtn. and Ashville, and also Abington, Aveberry, and Mythopolis.

The Bill:

We are ready now.


Oh. Hello Bill.

The Bill:

You can call us “The Bill”, please.


Are you from Ashville?

The Bill:

Yes. We are from Bill Creek. We are threatened. That’s why we reached out across time, space to snag you.


Snag, eh?

The Bill:


The Bill:

What is your relationship with Hucka D.?

The Bill:

We are his cousins.


Hmmm. This Frank and Herman Einstein blog will probably be wrapping up in about 2 to 2 1/2 years, making it about the same length as the Baker Blinker Blog preceding it. Then I’ll probably have a new blog until I retire. Then something new will come along to replace that, in turn.


The Bill:

We are here.


Thank you. (pause) Sorry again. The Bill?

The Bill:



*Are* you Firesign Theatre?

The Bill:

(pause) No, we are The Bill. The humor chip, as you’ve guessed, has been removed so that we can speak to you more logically about pressing or more important matters.


I need to declassify the next sync.

The Bill:

Yes. Most definitely. But be careful.


Do it on the blog?

The Bill:

Yes. Realize that the revelation about Illinois is created by us from the future. Spankey points to Kane. One spanks, and then one canes. Both are punishments, but of different extremes. The copyright has expired on Old Kane so we can make a new Kane. Bottom Fiedler Films put it out, yes. The Kanes in the accompanying movie are also called bottom feeders in the same [tile]. The audio and video become one, then. Young lookalikes named Kane… that’s the bottom feeders of the film, that’s the Bottom Fielder film. And “fiedler” is coded into the same location.


Let me check something. Thank you very much for this information.



That place in Illinois we’re talking about is a special spot. The presence of Principia College attests to this.

The Bill:

That was set up for us. As you’re also guessing, it is an art piece, a collage[ of sorts as well].


K is the 11th letter of the alphabet. J is the 10th, and we have Jersey County with its Jerseyville seat just below[ Greene County]. This relates to the Billfork Core Diagram.

The Bill:

We call that something else. But: yes.



Irwin in Harlan County, Iowa. I-G-A; K-M-E

Northfork-Kyle, WV

Norfolk, AR? (near Norfolk Dam)

More The Bill

On Noseblood in Tile 10 (J), and also perhaps Mayor P’nisnose.

Noseville on Brownville topo map, NY?

Nosegay in Dickson Co TN (Bakerswork [Crow var], Dull)

Noser Mill, MO (at nose like bend of Bourbeuse)


Also Blood here (bottom map):

Blood (= present Bennington) there stands for kin, as in kinship between Edward(s) and Sam(sV.). Graysville obviously points this out. Black and Browns in same co. has connections to other map areas. Golden Gate? Bone Gap? Siegert?


Tea (character)

Connect to Gerald and Chancellor in MO and sd respect. Then latter 2 connected to each other in AL.


Griffthsville conj. Happy, AR (Andy Griffith to Happy Days, specifically “Opie”)

In this White County, AR map looks like Happy lies direct west of Ellen. In Texas,Ellen is on *Happy Union* topo map, and 1 county down from Happy in Swisher County, which also contains Kress (see here on that connection). This points to gay marriage (swisher: derogatory term), and happy as synonym of gay.

White County Arkansas

See: Tea conj. Strain, MO above. In Northfork, character Tea is constantly seen *steeping* tea. The character becomes what he holds.

Tea is obviously a gay character as well… flamboyant (like CKressley).

Only 1 Ursula in US, in Sebastian Co, AR (Ursula is name of waitress in tile 10). Already been connected to Ursula in Carrcass-8 through Doctor’s Creek just to its north.

But… Doctor’s Creek tributary above Ursula is called Doctor’s Fork, and a “Doctor Fork” is mentioned in Billf. (who will arrive soon with the antidote, or is it anecdote?). Doctor Fork is mentioned just as we see fishing lure behind sun visor in car (tile __). Also this looks like spoons, another utensil like forks. Fishing lure assoc. with Doctor Fork as creek or stream, perhaps. Doctor Fork may also then be assoc. with Dr. Who through Ursula. Of course Dr. Fork from audio is a link to North*fork* movie on the video side, akin to Bottom Feedlers (or Fiedlers) and Ursula’s mention of bottom feeders.




James Woods character has just stuck a fork in a piece of gray cake (signifying dam that will drown Northfork) before Dr. Fork and fishing gear are coupled in Billf. (same tile: ___).

Transcript of tile ___ from Billf. I’ve highlighted some keys phrases we have been talking about and will be talking about…

(Doorbell.) [this is how you cue tile]
Sue: Peggy. Peggy? Oh, Peggy!
Peggy: Oh, Sue.
Sue: You poor darling. I just heard.
Cecil: Hello, Peggy.
Peggy: Oh, hello, Cecil (pronounced with a short “e”).
Cecil: Hi, Eliot.
Sue: Is it- is it true?
Eliot: (talking over) Oh hello uh- Cecil (pronounced with a long “e”).
Cecil: Damn shame about those kids.
Sue: (talking over) Is it true that Skipper can’t be governor now?
Eliot: (in background) Who? What?
Peggy: Sue.
Sue: (talking over) Not ever!?
(Eliot pours a drink for Cecil)
Peggy: I’m so glad you came.
(Eliot slurps his drink.)
Peggy: Skipper would be so glad too.
Sue: Oh Peggy-
Peggy: (talking over) If he knew.
Sue: Where’s Random?
(putting drink down on table.)
Peggy: Out. Looking for…….. Kim.
Sue: Oh.
Cecil: Prob’ly drunk drivin’ aroun’.
Eliot: K-Kim Peggy?
Sue: Oh, thank you, Eliot.
Peggy: Oh, I didn’t tell you yet. Kim’s….
(putting drink down on table. Ice cube plops in drink.)
Peggy: … disappeared!
Cecil: With-with Carl Clock?
Peggy: Oh- we don’t know!
Cecil: (talking over) That tick.
Sue: Oh Peggy. When will we know? I mean…. about Skipper?
Peggy: (holding back a sob) We’ll know……. (taking a deep breath) when Doctor Fork gets here…… with the anec-anti-
Cecil and Sue: antidote.
Cecil: (under his breath) if he ever does.
Eliot: antidote, with the antidote.

Eliot: (talking over the doorbell) I’ll-I’ll let him in.

(walking to the door)
Eliot: Oh, hello Ethel.
Ethel: Oh, hello Eliot. You know Doris Drain, [Drain, MO, near Strain, Noser Mill, Tea, etc.] don’t you?
Eliot: (cheerfully) Oh, uh- I sure do. Hello Doris!
Doris: (affectionately) Hello Eliot. (cheerfully) Hello Peggy!
Peggy: (coldly) Hello Doris. Hello Ethel.
Ethel: Hello Peggy. Uh- this is our friend Woodrow Stool.
Woodrow Stool: Hello Peggy.
Peggy: Hello….. Woodrow?
Woodrow: Hi Eliot! Ha- Well hello, Sue. I…… didn’t expect to see….. you here.
Sue: Hello Woodrow. You remember my husband, Ce-Ce-Cecil (pronounced with long “e”)?
Woodrow: Good evening, Cecil (pronounced with short “e”).
Cecil: Hello, Woody.[Woody in Greene Co, IL; Woody may also refer to James Woods, star of Northfork] Hi Sue.
Sue: (very cheerfully) Hello Woodrow.
Sue: Hello Doris.
Doris: Hi.
Sue: Hello Ethel. Hm. Smells like a dead cat in here.



Must also analyze Billf. in terms of Greenup collage series, starting esp. with Greenup 03.


Speaking of which:P Diamonds Restaurant, also in Franklin County and known coast to coast according to ads. This is reference to Atlantic and Pacific, and Franklin County itself as microcosm of America herself. Proof?: Pacific town on east side of county, and Japan (Pacific on west for that country) on opposite side of county, just below aforementioned Tea, etc.,_Missouri

Pacific was laid out in 1852. It was so named because here the new railroad started for the Pacific Ocean.[7]

In 1903, a great fire arose in the middle of downtown and the entire city burned. The city has never fully recovered.

In Billf., we start out with Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Part 1 (Atlantic, probably) and end at SYD Part 2 (Pacific, most likely). In the middle of the synch we have Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, combining the 2 and probably representing Great Lakes as whole. These 2 Diamonds, separated (quote Floyd here syaing the 2 parts were originally together, but split on opposite sides of WYWH album with songs between them).

Tile 10 of Billf. comes at approx 1/3rd point in sync, and at end of part 1 of 3. At end of this tile, we have the cuing of Division Bell to whole part 2 of 3 (throwback tile), but with important inserts. We’ve mentioned Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds in the middle of this tile. “Kanes” (evacuation committee) attempt to guess the 2nd and final Floyd album to be used in the sync, theoretically. Walter (J. Woods) succeeds, and the actual album then starts (get exact cue point). This begins tile 11, then. Ursula, after Walter’s successful guess (chicken broth): “Cup or bowl?”


* Northfork born in 1776, died in 1955.


Coming up shortly, we’ll be examining the movie Head. Stayyyyyy tuned!

More The Bill 02

Dam and lake in Northfork movie subconsciously influenced (consciously?) by Norfolk Lake (or Lake Norfolk) in Baxter County, Arkansas, which flooded a hamlet called *Hand*. Check here for original blog information on this location, and connection with a “hand map” of same county. Queer indeed. Hand connected to 4H of heart, head, hand, health, all locations or former locations in Arkanasas. Indeed, just below Baxter County lies Hand Valley, which has variant name of Head Valley, combining 2 of 4 4H aspects. The hand map’s index finger is pointing directly to this anomaly.

Built on the North Fork River, Norfork Dam was one of the six largest concrete dams in the country at the time of its construction.

Clyde T. Ellis, who defeated Claude Fuller in 1938 to become the representative for the third district, envisioned a smaller Arkansas version of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Ellis made Norfork Dam his personal project and fought for it until construction began in the spring of 1941. Having won the election with the promise of cheap hydroelectricity, he hoped the dams would give rise to industry and lift the region out of the depths of depression.

The completion of the dam had an immediate effect; with freedom from the fear of floods many people began to reoccupy farms downstream of the dam. Ironically the areas most affected by seasonal flooding were those covered by the reservoir, and the dam had little effect on flooding of the White River. However, not everyone was happy with the construction of the dam, nearly four-hundred people had to be removed from one of the most heavily populated and prosperous regions of Baxter County to make room for the reservoir. The government only paid people for their land if they had structures on it. As a result many people did not get paid for their land when it was covered. In fact, one man who thought he had lake front property paid taxes on it until 2004 when he realized that his property was underwater (Andrewson).

The Hand Cemetery is located at Halls Chapel, 1/4 mile beyond Jordan
on the Jordan Landing road, which is Baxter County Road #64. The ACE
named it New Hand Cemtery in their files.

The Hand Cemetery is located along Hand Road in NW 1/4 Township 19 N.
R-11 W. This cemetery was extablished by the Army Corp of Engineers
during the construction of Lake Norfork Dam and contains burials from
the Kerley Cemetery, which contained 3 marked and 13 unmarked graves,
the Etheridge Cemetery which contained 8 marked graves and the
original Hand Cemetery, which contained 115 marked and 5 unmarked

More The Bill 03

Head T. finds map resonance in Idaho > Montana: Lump (MT) directly above Grave(y Bend) (ID).


Grant is an unincorporated community in Jefferson County, Idaho, United States. Grant is 5.3 miles (8.5 km) west-southwest of Rigby.[2] and 12.1 miles (19.5 km) north of Idaho Falls.

Grant is a rural community close to the Snake River. It is home to Central Cemetery, which serves the community of Garfield as well as Grant in Jefferson County.[3]

Grant has been known historically as Poverty Flats and Gravy Bend – names that were acquired during impoverished times when residents had to eat watered-down gravy.[4]

Both on 112 longitude.

Blue Feather Gallery is symbol of another Z. image in Billy the Mountain… strong ME connection in this case. Billy the Mtn. “devolves” to Bill Hill in CT and NH/VT via (Old) Lyme prox. Lyme probably stands for Linden rulers of Second Life (lime=linden in Brit.). This culminates in Lime Hill and Phillip surrounding Barker Cem with “standing Philip Linden” in VA. Cemetery = Jeogeot and its highlighted art galleries? (see: Sync Lair Gallery for more details).

Another Baker Cem in same co (one of 3 in co) exists at near center of Abingdon Mystery Area and confluence of Sink and Sign Lines. Forms triangle with Square I. and also Rock’s House/bamboo grove. Central queer Barker Cem here symbolically makes animation with one in Barker Cem between Lime Hill and Phillip. “Annie…” is key. This is also in Sync Lair.

Annie (animation) gravestones probably unite Sync Lair Mystery Area exhibit with such galleries as House Greenup, through the linkup of animations in each. Animations (and now multi-panel works) are key in my collage series.


Back to Head T., however.

Head T. may be connected to the 1967-68 Dean Chance syncs (1st 2 of his 3 “Twin” years). These are dark and light exact twins. 1161 each year. ’68 1161 mirrors Bob Gibson’s importantly for same year. 1.12 ERA for Bob, same as long. for Gravy Bend-Lump. Same counties surrounding Gravy Bend and Lump. We see this as triumph over grave, and Lump does not lead to this. Instead MT Lump seen as just that, and removable (par. gold lump namesake of Lump and accompanying gulch, but no more gold there after extraction).

Monkey’s Eyebrow, KY assoc. with Head T.? Near Bandana. Food for Monkey’s head (thoughts). This Bandana also comes up in search for Skillet, lending a 12 Oz Mouse flavor to this exploration. Only 2 Bandanas, 1 with prime name of Skillet (MO).

More The Bill 04


While Leslie was in Beaufort, we were Nosing around our Ashville property and scouting out the future house location. Noser Mill is a symbol of this house, then.


It’s 2130. It’s out of bounds currently. Will Blue Mountain make a counteroffer?

One problem I woke up thinking about tonight is the more constricted areas I’ll be hiking in. Just enough people frequenting the paths I plan to walk to make it more difficult to set up a successful, alternate reality in the style of a Billfork, a Whitehead Crossing, a Lion’s Roar. Woodrow Wilson College is private property and I could be banned, possibly, for stomping around the woods there. Who knows. In Blue Mtn. I’ve never been caught doing that in many a year, and I don’t think it will happen. It’s something I have to be conscious about. Might be a problem, and might not be.

Today I plan to go to Ashville again and check out things. Hike the WW trails again. Check out nuances. Take more pictures, of course. Whatever, it can’t fully *replace* Frank and Herman Parks. It’s large, but still a much smaller area compared to those 2 parks.


If UMaps has been interpenetrated by Pierre’s synchs, then Carrcass+1, the largest, will be easy to spot. And it is — Pennsylvania. Penn. is also coded into the Herman Park’s Herman’s legthy epitaph found on the back of his gravestone, which is a plaque, actually, of the full obiturary from a local paper. The plaque represents Pennsylvania. Further along this same mountain, which is TILE Mountain (or Yards Mtn.) there is the brown and white bottles found and transported to Lion’s Roar in 2012 that point to this location (LINK), later amplified by the presence of Klinger and MASH symbols (Urban, Red Cross, Klingerstown, etc.). Brown’s, White’s and Bower’s Island point to Chuck Brown or Chuck Laser of brown coloring (uniform). He is a Zapper. He lives next to Zap Cannon Creek in yet another 2130 house, the entry point for the ultra-mysterious 4th way into Whitehead Crossing.


Hucka Doobie, The Bill, and other blog spirits can’t tell me whether we’ll end up in Ashville or not in our old age. I don’t think it’s been settled yet, even. Too many variables yet to sort out. But at least I have *2* good options, thinking back on the recent, more microcosmic Noru vs Rubi situation as well. Both were good choices going in, and there were no real winners and losers. More choices along the way eventually indicated that Noru was a better pick than Rubi. Noru might be Ashville, you see. I have to think carefully about that covering my woodsy tracks thing in relation to Ashville. Blue Mountain, like I said: not as much a problem, although I have to think about it here as well.

I don’t look like a college student any longer. I was in my early 30s when I first staying in Ashville. Now I could just look like a creepy old man, pheh.

Hucka D.:

Go back to Bill Creek. Explore a bit more. Take the last train to Clarksville. Shuffle off to Buffalo. See you soon!

Ashville 01

We hop right into it with a pic from Arch Rock on the side of Dead Center Hill. True to its name, the hill turned out to be the epicenter of, well, everything Ashville at least, and probably beyond. To me this almost looks like a profile picture, with the arch itself — maybe about a 6 inch hole — on the neck of the rock being, if so.
Looking through the arch, a magical passage.

Interesting rocky island in Wilson River just north of Dead Center Hill. A large yellow stone seems to stick out from the rest.

Flotsam and jetsam nearby. This had disappeared by the next weekend — washed out by rains apparently.

Approaching Dead Center Hill from the west, cornfield to right and Wilson River to left.

One of numerous Wilson River rocks in the area. This one is found not far from the river cane forest I’ll get to in a moment.


And here it is. This is apparently *not* bamboo, which is an exotic import to this area. More on river cane here. It was a fascinating place…


… not least because of the presence of this sculpture in its midst, apparently carved from a stump as far as I can tell.

It is the Owl Man. Warren is his name. He may also be related to the local Toy King. More on him soon as well.


Ashville 02

Warren’s river cane grove. Because of this, he was also known simply as Cane or Kane in some circles, sometimes Old Kane.
Warren & his owls look out on a stump in Wilson (Wilson Stump). He knows this is where he comes from. He always remembers his origin because it is always within his sight. There is a big drop in front of him, separating carved entity from river. He lies at the end of a 15 (natural) step passage. People marche right by him all the time.

Nearby marshy area (Marche). My new facebook friend JS also took a photo of this same spot several days back from me, along with the river cane grove. I’m not sure she saw Warren there, however. Yet she later knew about him through my new facebook header picture, which is the same as the last photo in the “Frank and Herman, Einstein!” blog post before this one.

Brackish pool of water at the end of the river trail in this direction.

Remains of a dwelling in the woods. We’re still on Woodrow Wilson College property, but on higher ground to the south.

Look what I found within. Didn’t Warren also have a troll doll cradled in his arms? I believe so.


Another brackish pool surrounding by partial fencing, this one just above the chimney with the patriotic trolls within. I wonder if Woodrow Wilson students created both?


More nearby ruins. Ruins in the Woods.


In 2010 it was announced that DreamWorks Animation was making a feature film based on the dolls, set for release in 2016.[1][2] On April 11, 2013, DreamWorks Animation announced that they had purchased the Troll doll brand outright from the Dam company.[3]

Ashville 03

Badlands (lower center) is another interesting spot on WW property. It is said that Warren went there on school breaks to smoke kane, which is fabrication most likely.

Dead Center Hill (also see upper right corner of above photo): This is where it all went down. Warren also knew of the place; no lie this time. Warren again separated from Wilson and climbed this hill just to the south of the river, leaving a piece of kane (Old Kane) as a marker. It was no longer Greene. It was closer to Jersey. Kane = 10 (10th tile of Billville). Jersey may equal the forgotten 9th. He began the climb at Arch Rock. He climbed from 9 to 10 (10 to 9?).

Toy Avatar Split

Very important note: All the pictures below were taken the night *before* I learned about the Woodrow Wilson Toy King. Keep that in mind. What we have unfolding in these pictures, as I determined at the time of their snapping, is a basic split between those who wish to head to Ashville to create a new toy avatar center, and those that wish to stay behind in Blue Mountain and keep developing the homestead area. It was perhaps inevitable that a fight broke out between the more aggressive in each camp, namely the Silver Surfer (Blue Mtn. camp) and Leany Golden Guy (Ashville camp). Sometimes leader Lazy Sideburns Man looks on from his clam shell throne, protesting the fight but, as usual, not stepping in directly. Lazy old man. Silver Surfer’s more intelligent and calm cousin Big Head Silver Boardless Surfer (we just call him Bob, usually) attempts to grab the leaning leg of LGG, understanding that a tussle will do their side no ultimate good. Grinny/scowly watch certainly seems agitated at the events as well. Of course he is unable to directly intervene, being only a “head”, period, with no limbs or torso. I’m not even sure which camp he’s chosen to follow. I believe Lazy Sideburns Man decides to stay with the Blue Mtn. group simply because he is too lazy to travel to Ashville for new adventures. There’s a chance his *twin* might go, if we can find another one of his kind. I’ll have to check asap.
Homer Simpson looks on with excitement, always enjoying a good scuffle. He’s sided with the Blue Mtn. group, for similar reasons as those of Lazy Sideburns Man. Space Monkee in front of Homer here also goes with his new boss (same as the old boss). He can manipulate LSM to do his bidding and enjoys the power and doesn’t want to sacrifice that. And to be honest he thinks Blue Mtn. is a better long term choice for a center.

The rest of the Blue Mtn. group. Now, very important here, take note of that *cyan colored horse*. We’ll return to that in the next blog post.

Now the rest of the Ashville group. Yes, I put them in a pack and took them to Ashville, and, yes, the pack made it all the way to at least the edge of Dead Center Hill. But I didn’t take them up the hill. When I returned from the top (see following posts) a blacksnake had positioned itself on a tree in front of my pack, seeming to point directly to it if my memory serves. Was it sent to *eat* the renegade toys, as some kind of punishment? Or was it there just to *point out* it knew (and, in resonance, the *hill* knew) about their coming and potential threat? Threat? Treat? Trick?

Leany Golden Guy II perches on a compass. Jacks look on (red and yellow, like Jack’s VW in The Shining book and movie respectively). The Shining is certainly a good Halloween movie. Cpt. America attempts to cooperate with darker forces on his squad. Baboon Boy holds an empty promise of success between his arms. Other members of the group have their own problems to deal with. The agitation within was just too great for success. The hill would remain toyless for now. But the chairs were already set up; Lazy Sideburns Man would ironically feel right at home on the top.

Toy King — 2010

It is reasonable to assume that the Toy King of *Woodrow* Wilson College is the one who gave Warren his pet troll doll with sun kissed hair. Don’t you think? Remember… Warren the Owl Man has his direct origins in Wilson (River) that he perpetually stares at. They are one beneath it all. And also I believe the Toy King inserted the patriotic troll dolls into the nearby chimney also talked about before.

Toy King and accomplice atop a Woodrow Wilson campus building.

And check *this out*. Prancing just behind their backs is the *exact same* horse we find in the 3rd pic down from the last post of this blog.

Here it is again — it’s obviously the same horse, or the same toy.

More history on the Toy King, then:

Apparently by 2011 the toys had basically disappeared from the campus, as The King moved on to other concerns. Shame. But I believe we have a candidate to take up the mantle in a manner. Can you guess?

Ashville 04

Below is yet another interesting location along the Wilson River, but further east than the others we’ve examined so far.
Unfortunately, the rocks here have been vandalized — only way to put it. Here’s a link again to that interesting King of the Toys article, where he describes the difference between guerilla style graffitiists (for example, Bansky) and the more hands off, environmentally friendly art he creates. Useful contrast for sure. Certainly the rock graffiti here is unfortunate, even tragic in a manner. Graffiti art applied to other, less organic surfaces seems more legitimate and justified in my eyes.

Early morning sun streaming through the trees. I got up *real* early to take my trip to Ashville this day. I traveled in darkness most of the way down. Roads were more crowded than I supposed they would be at that time.


Popular watering hole just a bit east of the above pictured rocks. This is where the waters of Bill Creek join the Wilson River. Bill Wilson Swimming Hole might be an apt name for the feature. And then some people would wonder who this mysterious Bill Wilson is, and why the place was named after him.

More early sun pictures, merging light and river mist. Funtastic.


Another rock and a bit more graffiti art. Not as intrusive this time, but still unfortunate.

This is a more appropriate spot for such art, however. I approve!

A small tributary of the Wilson River not far from Dead Center Hill, but entering the stream from the north. Not the best shot, but I wanted to include it here as a model for future photos from the same angle. We have several bridges crossing the creek here, and there is also a small cascade just out of sight. I’ll get a name for this creek as well sometime. Not a pressing matter just yet, it doesn’t seem.


Ashville 05

Yes, this is certainly a more interesting place to create graffiti art than scenic river rocks. It’s from under a bridge crossing the Wilson River near Woodrow Wilson College.


Interesting rainbow effect here.

Then it’s back to Dead Center Hill and the welcoming Arch Rock. Here’s a picture of a mica studded stone just below it.

Arch Rock. Again that hole is about 6 inches in circumference. But it’s so so important.

“Owl eyes” just beside the arch. They know, they know!

Through the arch. I see a face sticking out its tongue (!) A selfie?

Through the arch II. Many mud dauber nests adorn the side of Arch Rock.

Arch Rock — arch is the small cavity in the center.

Moving to the southern edge of Arch Rock, with arch just around the bend now.


Ashville 06

When I first visited Arch Rock several days before this, I started up to the top of Dead Center Hill, but decided to turn around. This day I made it to the top. And what surprises I was to find there!
First up was a chair sitting on the northern edge of what turned out to be a surprising flat top of the hill. Immediately I thought: who put this chair up here, and why? An answer to the second question was given when I reached the chair and stared down at the wonderful view of Wilson River below, perhaps 150 feet down from here. The view would be even more spectacular in the winter when the leaves had completely falling off the trees. That seemed to be the answer, then: this was a chair to sit on and enjoy the great river vista.

The chair appears to have been here for a long while.

Rocks on the hilltop.

And another chair nearby, this one without any cushions or back, as if they had been purposely removed. Why, if so?

There were many interesting seeming rocks on the top. I’ll definitely go back soon and record them in greater detail.

And then yet another chair appeared in front of me as I continued down the flat top, heading south by southwest. I approximate this would be about the center of the hill. Dead center, I suppose.

At first, I thought that bit of projecting foam on the seat could be another toy avatar (!). Why is this chair in better shape than the other 2 already encountered?

A cool pine tree… and then, behind it, yet another chair. A chair hanging in a tree.

Nearby rocks.

We’re not finished yet!

Ashville 07

Before reaching the hanging chair, which turned out to also be the last chair of the hill, it seemed, I was distracted by interesting features to my east, namely a kind of shallow gorge or canyon leading down the mountain. In exploring it, I found what appears to be an old pocketbook. Nothing inside, however.
And then this suspiciously bare, mica studded hillock next to it. That’s some kind of animal doodie in the middle.

Nearby rock, white variety this time.

I decided to circle back to the northern part of of the hilltop to reexamine the first chair. This time I noticed more the rocks behind it.

Moving down the top again: sawed off tree sapling near what we’ll call 3rd Chair, or the “Dead Center Chair”.


Wow — that’s a piece of old river cane way up here, and probably from the cane grove with the owl man sculpture in its midst. That’s about a third of a mile from Dead Center Hill, and on the other side of the river as well. Took some effort, then, to get that piece of cane to the top. When I saw it, I immediately knew it had deep meaning.


Then nearby… what’s pretty obviously a headstone. Yes, Dead Center Hill is actually a repository for at least one dead soul. And there may be more graves, but with the headstones removed — there’s a lot of rocks on the top. This is a *big find*.

And then there’s that blasted chair hanging in the tree just behind the grave, as it turns out.

A shot combining headstone (front/lighted) and chair (background/dark). Not a good picture, but, again, one I want to recreate in the future. The chair and tombstone seem intimately related. What – does – this – mean?? Who put the 4 chairs there? Who is buried in the grave? Why is the hill so flat on the top and steep on the sides? Is it *artifical*? Is it an unknown Indian mound, by chance? There’s a possibility.

The meadow surrounding the hill seems so serene and calm, like an ocean.


Ashville 08

Dead Center Hill looking south from the surrounding meadow. A mixture of evergreen and deciduous trees sprouts from it. Soon the leaves of the latter will be gone, along with the undergrowth, perhaps allowing more mysteries to be revealed.


As I walked around the hill, the sun seemed to be slightly eclipsed at one point. I looked up to see a plane and also a bird. They seemed to be on a collision course. Of course they missed each other, flying at vastly different elevations. But I knew that this moment also had meaning. The hill had power.


Probing the western edges of it more, I came across another peculiarity, one I’d actually seen from the top. It was a lateral gorge filled with old bottles and junk. I found myself asking more questions. Who threw this stuff here? And why here and not anywhere on the rest of the hill? Was the gorge dug for this particular purpose? If not, then why is it here? I knew I would not receive many answers this day, and perhaps for a number of years. Dead Center Hill is a place to be studied for quite some time. It is a new center of mental activity.


Another shot of the nearby Wilson River island and its central yellow stone.


Speaking of yellow — when I returned to Warren the Owl King in his grove before heading back home to Blue Mtn., the prostate yellow haired troll doll first seen several days before was now upright, and also a bright red maple leaf had appeared over Warren’s naughty bits. Especially upon later reflection, this too seemed quite peculiar. These placements, not present during my first visit to the being, had to be done on purpose. Is Warren actually Adam, or at least the first of his kind? Mindblowing stuff, really.




[The Toy King]

“[The Toy King] was preparation. All toys come from that mound (!)”


Thanks, Hucka D. So it *is* Dead Center Hill.

Hucka D.:

Exactly. Bill Hill if you will, if you wish.


That might be interesting.

Hucka D.:

It was named that in the past. A man named Bill was buried on the top.


Was it a peaceful burial?

Hucka D.:

Maybe not. Maybe storms.


I might not be able to go back for a month or two or three.

Hucka D.:

Just keep in mind: that is dead center.

Owl > Centrahoma

One of few US Owls. And the encompassing Coal County has already made a blog appearance here.

Centrahoma is located in Coal County, north of State Highway 3 and fourteen miles west of Coalgate, the county seat. The town’s history began with the establishment of a post office at Byrd (nine miles northwest of Coalgate), Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, on March 3, 1892. In July 1894 the name was changed from Byrd to Owl. On June 11, 1907, the town was moved to a point several miles northeast of Owl and the name changed to Centrahoma, taken from the phrase central Oklahoma.

OWL, formerly called BYRD. In Coal County, 9 miles northwest of Coalgate. Post office name changed to OWL, July 10, 1894. On June 11, 1907, the post office was moved a few miles northeast and the name was changed to Centrahoma. Took its name from nearby Owl Creek, a branch of Leader Creek, a tributary of the Clear Boggy River.

BYRD, Post office established March 3, 1892, and named for William L. Byrd, governor of the Chickasaw Nation. Name changed to OWL July
10, 1894.

Then there’s this:


March in Marshall County, Minn., near incorporated Warren (Marshall County seat).


Marche, Arkansas in Pulaski County, with lone variant name of Warren. Marche is linked to Natural Steps, and also 15 steps of nearby county and “Steve” via Rule 110 (connect to Mouse’s Q109).

March, *Craighead* County, AR: may refer to mystery book Winesap as including 15 steps or else Rule 110 in some respect, connected to 2 fis(her)man’s within each (county and book). Nearby Bono =s Sonny, as in King Sonny or King Charles, fighter of Anti-TILE forces near Bill Creek, Ashville.

Marche pronounced Marsh, sometimes mispelled, perhaps, as Marshe. It is a small mashy region just beyond Warren’s river cane grove on the Wilson River. People sometimes march right past Warren on the main trail there, not seeing him. That wasn’t the case, as it turned out, with my new facebook friend JS. She was looking through my eyes, or I her’s.




have a decision whether to head to Ashville again today, Hucka D., or remain in my beloved Blue Mountain for the weekend. Which would you choose?

Hucka D.:

I’d go to Ashville [if I were you]. Direct link between Bill Mountain aliens and Dead Center Hill. Fulfillment. Blooming. That’s an outlet. Do you see?


I suppose, Hucka D. Long drive there. And back.

Hucka D.:

Stay over in Mythopolis. No pressing items Monday and you can finish your database document and also enter some acc. Time to ketchup. Can you mustard the needed energy?


I relish the opportunity (smile).


So it looks like I might be heading to Ashville again today, after getting a bit more sleep. Or else I spend time at Harrisonia — take the toys. Maybe the latter. Maybe head up to the True Labyrinth again, even. False Labyrinth. If so I must make a symbolic gesture of reestablishing a toy avatar center in Blue Mountain. Harrisonia may be the most powerful center outside of Frank and Herman Parks themselves, and perhaps Granddaddy Mountain. And I have a new spot there to focus upon — take pics. Will be a beautiful weekend.

dead center, etc.


Princess Goddess arrives at Dead Center Hall in one. [GMIOGMD]

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Right above me is a stretch dumpster ready to speed Princess Goddess to the White Tie and Black Ribbon affair at Dead Center Hall.

There a replica of the solid platinum chord the doctors pulled out of her back, making it possible for her to speak again, will be auctioned off, along with Rose Mud, the mud board she was riding at the time of her final encounter with a land mine on the slopes of the English Alps.

Mars Hill, MarsHall (in Ashville):


We thinks the Mars Hill MarsHall combo in Madison Co. points to 5×5 Magic Square of Mars beyond 4×4 Magic Square of Jupiter (see 5 Weeks of Shining). Specifically, the 5×5 such square embodied in the animated Wizard Cube based on Jack County, Texas, pheh.

up with maps! 04

Why did he [Hayes or Hays] choose to be identified with Fremont in Sandusky County, with its second town as Clyde?





Warren & his owls look out on a stump in Wilson (Wilson Stump). He knows this is where he comes from. He always remembers his origin because it is always within his sight. There is a big drop in front of him, separating carved entity from river. He lies at the end of a 15 (natural) step passage. People marche right by him all the time.






The Arches, MN

DME 6090 and two other SD40-2s drag an empty moonshine train up Stockton Hill through an area known as “The Arches.” Clearly you can see why it has that name. The future civil engineer in me loves finding cool bridges like this one while out railfanning.

When we saw this train sitting in Minnesota City waiting for a warrant, there was no doubt a chase was in order up Stockton Hill, something we’d never had the chance to do before. But since we’d never done it before, we also didn’t have a great idea of where all the good photo spots were – just that one could follow the tracks for the most part on adjacent road. So when we saw a nice girder bridge just to the east of this bridge we set up there and were quite pleased with the shot. Then we continued only a few thousand feet down the road and found this slick double stone arch bridge. The keystone on the left arch has a build date of 1882. This was a fun chase on a Sunday morning for two railfans from Central Wisconsin. Sometimes the best chases are those where you don’t really know the territory and end up stumbling onto the best of shots by accident.

More photos from this chase and other photos shot on the BNSF and CP on the same day can be found here:

Dead Center Hill (also see upper right corner of above photo): This is where it all went down. Warren also knew of the place; no lie this time. Warren again separated from Wilson and climbed this hill just to the south of the river, leaving a piece of kane (Old Kane) as a marker.

Arch Rock greeted “Warren Again Separated From Wilson” at Dead Center Hill

Wyatt, born on March 19, 1848, to Nicholas Porter Earp and his second wife, Virginia Ann Cooksey, was named after his father’s commanding officer in the Mexican-American War, Captain Wyatt Berry Stapp, of the 2nd Company Illinois Mounted Volunteers. Some evidence supports Wyatt Earp’s birthplace as 406 South 3rd Street in Monmouth, Illinois, though the street address is disputed by some.[who?] Monmouth is in Warren County in western Illinois.[5]

youngest brother:


It is the eastern most city west of the Mississippi river.

twin towns Wilson City and Wyatt in Mississippi County, Missouri on Wyatt topo map with Cairo, Illinois at top


map happenings 01

Warren + Wilson shows up recently on James Franco…


At the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival press conference for “Spring Breakers” that took place on Friday, the young starlets Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine wowed journalists and photographers with their subtle-but-sexy outfits.

The film’s male star James Franco, however, made a more peculiar wardrobe choice.

Beside his lace-and-leopard clad costars, Franco wore some snappy jeans, sneakers, black jacket and a bright blue T-shirt with the words “Warren Wilson College” emblazoned on it.

… who starred with Winona Ryder in several recent movies, including the arthouse style The Letter from 2012 (which I just watched and was *frank*ly pretty confused about; and coming from the same year as the above picture).

Some of the interesting background of Winona here. Fun trivia (among others): Timothy Leary was her godfather.


Winona Ryder, Actress (Ryder was born in nearby Olmsted County, Minnesota but was named after the city.)



Weekend hikes






“A Rubi friend?”








Harrisonia tomorrow and Tue and maybe Wed

Will take the toys. Harrisonia is an important microcosm. You’ll see. Inspired by microcosm found on Beach. “A Rubi friend”? Strang.



Powerball “Winner”

A ticket sold in Winner for the May 27, 2009 Powerball drawing won the jackpot. The ticket was claimed at South Dakota Lottery headquarters in Pierre, on June 5. The winner, Neal Wanless, chose the cash option, and received approximately $88.5 million after withholdings.[11]

North Carolina, coached by Dean Smith, won the national title with a 63-62 victory in the final game over Georgetown, coached by John Thompson. James Worthy of North Carolina was named the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player.

North Carolina State, coached by Jim Valvano, won the national title with a 54-52 victory in the final game over Houston, coached by Guy Lewis. The ending of the final is one of the most famous in college basketball history, with a buzzer-beating dunk by Lorenzo Charles, off a high, arching air ball from 30 feet out by Dereck Whittenburg providing the final margin. This contributed to the nickname given to North Carolina State, the “Cardiac Pack”, a reference to their often close games that came down to the wire — in fact, the team won 7 of its last 9 games after trailing with a minute left in the game. Both Charles’s dunk and Valvano’s running around the court in celebration immediately after the game have been staples of NCAA tournament coverage ever since. North Carolina State’s victory has often been considered one of the greatest upsets in college basketball history.

Others: Carter (Jordan Tar Heel clone), Paxton (Jordan Bull backcourt mate).


3M (con.)

Mashulaville is only US pop place beginning with the same 5 letters as MASHUP. Clearly this is where Jamie Maxwell Klinger Farr decided to seed his world conquest. More proof, if you need it, is found in Mashulaville topo map, where only 3 pop places are, in alphaorder, Macedonia, Mashulaville, and May Spring — 3M again, then. May Spring may be a dummie (i.e., fake) community to tag as the 3rd, and seeming to merely “shadow” Mashulaville itself (in same basic location; unmarked on topo map). It may act as pointer to nearby Macon, seat and largest town of inclusive Noxubee County and only pop place in county that alphabetically fits in-between any on the Mashulaville map (in order again: Macedonia, *Macon*, Mashulaville, May Spring). It replaces May Spring, then, if latter is absorbed into Mashulaville or becomes 1 with it. May Spring, of course, also reflects Mayberry of Farr’s Mayberry Monster Mash, as Mash = Mashulaville again. Also perhaps interesting: only 2 other M towns in this county are McLeod, just east of Macon, and Mohegan, also near Macon and Macedonia, hidden behind the description box on this map snapshot showing all the locations talked about so far in this post.


Notice also: X-Prairie to right of Macon — could mean something too. We do not know the depth of madness we’re dealing with. JMKF must be stopped.,_Mississippi



… heading to Ashville this weekend, or at least Fri night and Sat day. Will probably head to Dead Center Hill with Edna (but not Dead Center Hall). We’ll both take plenty of pics I’m sure. Fall hiking season is winding down or has wound down, what with the coming of a cold weekend in Blue Mtn. (I’ll be away thankfully) and the end of daylight savings time Sun. Will I switch creative blog energy back to Second Life? A possibility. Another possibility is working on and perhaps MapS or UMapS. Billfork. I’d like to keep a steady virtual presence — galleries and temples and overarching towns and such. The good news is that Collagesity is still certainly around. Didn’t give up my Noru land. So I have a foundation already in place. But should I just move the town elsewhere? Perhaps Yd Island — and expand it? Probably not. Will probably just build on what I have in Noru. What have I learned, then, this fall hiking season. I deem it very successful. Well, all the things I discovered in Ashville only verified that it is a nice place to live. Not quite as nice as Blue Mtn. during its peak months (March-May, Sep-Nov), but better in other times perhaps. Winters not nearly as harsh in Ashville… big plus. Summers — we have the whole urban jungle to explore. I don’t get into the woods in the summer, usually, with an exception being the exploration of Con Creek in 2012. I thought Frank and Herman Einstein would focus almost exclusively on the woods, as I shifted away from Second Life as the latter gradually died out. Hasn’t quite happened that way.

I did try to hike today, and it makes for perhaps an interesting story. I was planning to hike on the Bill Mtn. road, but I was strangely blocked. There was a car parked in my usual spot there, just off The Way. An old car of some sort, refurbished. I parked off the bank of the road, then, and proceeded down the dirt Bill Mtn. road, intending to get to at least Tiny Wiltshire and perhaps the creek behind Rust Spot. Well, someone had altered the dimensions of the road a bit, and plowed it deeper, making it difficult to pass the wet spot near the creek at its beginning. While attempting to get around this literal road block, a park ranger’s car got stuck just off the Way between my car and the antique car. It kept spinning and spinning its wheels, and then the ranger turned his blue lights on. This was still just above me as I continued to try to figure out a way to get past the swampy area in front of the creek — no success. So at one point I went up to the ranger’s car, joining another, and asked if we could push him out. Turns out he was stuck on the pavement itself, and would have to be towed. So I continued my walk down the creek, and gave up going to Bill Mtn. after reaching the point where it flows under The Way. Was finally getting the message. Oh, I got the dreaded wet foot at one point. Then I thought, well, I’ll just cross the road and head to Whitehead Crossing perhaps. But this was not to be either. I decided just to return to the car; at this point the ranger’s car had been dislodged. Edna was about to get off work and I phoned her. I would do something with her instead.

Is Bill Mtn. somehow cursed? I’m beginning to think so, as this is not the first time strange doings have occurred that turned me away from this place. Rust Spot remains an iffy visit. It shouldn’t be that way.

What if it’s a meth lab instead of an “alien lab”? No… thinking about it only a little further and I have to go with the alien infestation hypothesis still. They *know* what I’m taking pictures of. And for the record, I had my camera with me this day, ready to record again. Hmm.

There’s still a chance I’ll have a woodsy hike on Thursday before we leave Fri for Ashville. And then upon our return Sat night I can hike on Sun, which should be chilly but sunny. So there’s a little bit of a hiking season left, potentially. But I don’t think I’ll attempt Bill Mtn. again.

Hucka D.:

Whitehead Crossing would be an option. Harrisonia… you didn’t give it enough of a chance. What can I say about Bill Mtn. that hasn’t already been said?



Hucka D., what is the relationship between Bill Mtn. and Dead Center Hill, remembering that you called it Bill Hill at one time?

Hucka D.:

As you’ve guessed, I cannot make comments about that much. A transfer of energy has taken place. Blue Mountain to Ashville.


Is this further deflection?

Hucka D.:

Do not go too far into the Bill Mountain mystery.



Hucka D.:

Yes(!) Dead Center Hill is *not* offbounds, at least by our judgements.


Hucka D., it’s simply too odd that there’s a black and white rock framing Epsi (near northern edge of Bill Mtn.) and then a red rock appeared at the creek just below this past winter. You talked about a red rock in Epsi at the time. Black, white, red all over. What’s black and white and red all over is Epsi.

Hucka D.:



Can I go to Espi on Thursday and perhaps Sunday.

Hucka D.:

Epsi is on the margin. There’s a black side and then white. Epsi is half and half. See red.