Part 03 (Middletown)

Next Step


Carrcasses will obviously continue, and probably for the rest of my life. I’m in a steady state era for these kind of creations, with the length consistently between 45 and 70 minutes for almost all of ’em. Carrcasses are still the axis of my creativity, even though I don’t devote the time to them that I use to, especially during the early to mid-2000’s. At some point I’m looking to notch it up again with the possibilities of computer editing on both the audio and video sides. Recent clues about how this might come about could be here…*

In 2014 I created only 1 carrcass (C-11), after making 4 in 2013 (C-7.5, C-8, C-9, C-10), a banner year along with even higher peaks in 2006 and 2007. I haven’t even taped the last one — rectification soon.


Obviously these will continue as well, and have become the creative focus above and beyond carrcasses (although I still see the latter as the fundamental note). I’ve created over 100 collages in the past 2 years, matching the total for the 9 years before that, which includes the Art 10×10. Although these are already born digital, I seem to be edging more into hard core animation, starting with the recent “Story Room” animation involving the first 6 collages of the Falmouth series. This series overall was quite the surprise — who knew that I would create a 61 piece effort that fast? Not me (until it was over). Another development has been the 2, 3, and 4 part pieces, or diptychs, triptychs, and tetraptychs. These complement the natural 2-4 part animations I first developed in the Art 10×10. How far down the animation road I’ll travel and away from the stand alone pieces I don’t know yet.

So more collages than ever created in 2014: over 70 adding in September’s Sam Parr series of 10 to the 61 from the earlier Falmouth series. It appears I’m in a flow.


As collages are born digitally, I’m not as concerned about preservation issues for them. Audiovisual synchs are still created using old fashion analog techniques. I have a rough table of all the “tiles”, which includes info about cue points and involved media, but more is needed in this area. More digital copies of analog creations need to be created. A 2015 resolution.


This year I’ve also gathered together my collage series, along with the interpretations I share with others on my blog, in a new website using a freshly coined domain name, Also here are descriptions and slurl links to virtual towns where the artwork is displayed (example: Collagesity, Noru and now Minoa). Another interesting category developed on the Sunklands site is the idea of hybrid works straddling defined areas, like “6 Weeks of Shining” from this year, or “Baker Bloch in England” from 2010. Carrcasses have a place in too, and I plan to create an abbreviated “Table” listing tiles from The Rainbow Sphere to SID’s 1st Oz at least. Hidden behind this will be the larger, full table of tiles (Rainbow Sphere to present, Carrcass-11 most recently). I’ve fitted Paradox I and its larger, fictional followup Paradox II (latter still in progress) into Sunklands as well.


Apart from the Sunklands site, I’m still working daily on my personal blog, Frank and Herman, Einstein!, since 2012 (supplanting my original one, the Baker Blinker Blog from 2008-2012). Hybrids spring from this, along with collage interpretations and descriptions and working file stuff. Toward the end of this year map synch material has been developed more, resulting in yet another kind of collage (7-part “Map Stuff” from Nov. and early Dec.). This is my bread and butter.

Local Hiking/Myth Making:

The title of the Frank and Herman, Einstein! blog refers to the 2 large, contiguous parks I live near, and which I assumed at the time of its birth in August 2008 would be a lifetime focus above and beyond, for example, Second Life or other pursuits. But this year I decided that Blue Mountain will in all likelihood probably *not* be the place we spend our retirement years in the main. Instead that burden will fall on Ashville. As part of this big shift, I’ve decided to rename the latter Middletown to indicate its more central role. The recently uncovered Ashville Circle built around Cherry Avenue and parallel Linden Creek will turn into the Middletown Circle — a further mystification device, then.

But in saying this I’ve also decided to see Blue Mountain for its great plus: the proximity to these parks and the outdoors overall and to take full advantage of this while remaining here for probably the next 6-10 years. Another 2015 resolution, then — to be happy in the place I’m at more than in 2014. But the die has been cast for the future nonetheless, seemingly.

Second Life:

Yes, my involvement in this virtual, fake world has continued. 🙂 Big story was the development of Noru’s Collagesity in July and Aug and Sep after a battle between Noru and Rubi for town ownership in June. Then at the end of November, Noru land was given up in favor of same sized area at se corner of fabled Rubi Woods, very near where VWX Town existed toward the end of 2013. Just at the end of the year, I consolidated my land holdings in Minoa next the woods better, and it looks like my presence there will continued into 2015 a bit. Centerpieces remain the Power Tower and Falmouth galleries, along with the new Sam Parr State College building holding its namesake series. Falmouth gallery (an old castle) developed in Philudoria during Feb-April.

So the big news for SL in 2014 is the development of 2 new galleries holding the 2 newest collage series (Falmouth and Sam Parr), and also a new town to put them in: Collagesity, replacing 2013’s VWX Town as a virtual center.

Work work:

Most likely 6 or at tops 7 years to slave away before retirement. Must get a solid foundation for dealing with present and future issues. It’s not going to be an easy ride, but I’m certain the challenge will reap benefits. Better than working as a restaurant manager or the like. I’m very lucky to possess the position I do, and the support group I have.


* Note1: In looking up riddle/ again just now, saw that Riddle’s Store lies in sw corner of small part of Loudon County, Tennessee separate from rest of county. Corr. to this, also this morning I rearranged my Minoa virtual holdings but accidentally left a 128 sq meter parcel separate from the rest in the process, representing 1/68th of my land. Is this simultaneous synchronicity? Does it represent me as separate from the rest of my team? A riddle for certain.


Further, Riddles Store is coupled with Curry or Currys Store in Alabama, making a direct overlap between old and new. These are probably only 2 Riddles Store pop places.

7-6-5 trees

100 = 1 mile

This split off part of Loudon County, TN lies directly west of the Ashville Circle concocted just before, and newly deemed, in this post, the Middletown Circle. Seems to reinforce the middle aspect (!). I also think back to the larger but still similar quite Forest Home Circle in Alabama discovered to be on the same latitude as Baker’s Creek, Miss. in 2013, and also in a neighboring state to the west.

Ambraw 01?


New collage, perhaps start of new series. Easy going at first, however. We have a natural coupling of Saucer Eyes (or Saucer or Saucy) discovered beside a Cherry Avenue house in Street View with a saucer somewhat like the one I saw not far away atall in the Pineapple Community (name still in flux). One of the 2 women sitting on the porch of the house becomes enlarged and sits on the roof, her old, smaller self becoming like a foot to the new, bigger self. This is time/space distortion again. She is now aware of Saucy. She is aware of the (Pineapple) saucer. Down Cherry Avenue, looking south, a pineapple appears in the road. It seems to shoot a red beam, but this is actually the line of Cherry Avenue itself I created on Google Earth, which just later became the central line or diameter of the Ashville/Middletown Circle. For we are in Middletown now, not Ashville. Not any more (as of the beginning of 2015).

But let’s say this red line is a ray emitting from the pineapple which may be the same as the saucer. It appears to slice through two blue enemies of the A-Team toy avatars in the foreground. Does it laser them? Does blue stand for the northern side of Cherry Avenue not dealt with yet in the Middletown Circle of opposites (south to north)? We have two blue warriors and 2 green warriors, green like the saucer and its lights. Two pairs of twins. Continuing to travel south in Streetview (against the grain of time, since the Google Earth car is heading north when taking these photos) and switching out of heightened collage mode, we will encounter 2 more sets of twins who stand *shoulder to shoulder* with each other at the confluence of Cherry and Apricot, as explained in the Ashville/Middletown Circle posts here.

The two warring pairs in the collage, if coordinated with this “earlier” pair, mark the end of the southern event of the circle, perhaps, or one set has become stronger than the other. The characters in the collage come from an image related to Pineapple Island as well. The pineapple down the street is one of the new traffic islands of Cherry Avenue, or them as a composite island. There are 6 islands down the street from here unseen, matching sets of 3, with 1 smaller central isle and 2 larger islands in each set. Perhaps you can just glimpse them to the left of the pineapple in the collage, actually.

northern set of 3
src=”″ alt=”ashville309″ width=”500″ height=”279″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-21206″ />
southern set of 3

I think the Cherry Avenue red line relates to Scarlet (O’Hara), appearing below a light beam of the saucer above her. She stands in for *basketballhead*. She appears in Orange County, IN near the home of basketball star Larry Bird (and near Georgia and Mitchell), and also near only Bias in WV. Saucy can still be seen peering from out of the darkness next to her. He should not be seen, but he is basketballhead nonetheless. His head is orange, like both a fruit and a basketball, or perhaps a basket of fruit with an orange dangling prominently. Saucy knows Linden Creek. Saucy wears red.

Scarlet is also a triangle, the 3rd found in Georgia next to Seals(ton). She is a rocket ready for launch. She represents the Middletown circle as a whole through its red or scarlet (or cardinal or cherry) hued diameter.

A pineapple appears very early in the Latona series from 2013 as well (Latona 01). It also reminds me of the beginning of the subsequent Lis series (Lis 00), and perhaps even Gila 01 pictured in a recent post here, via Apricot-Bone concept especially. So the new collage series, if it has begun, might resonate more strongly with Gilatona-Lis from early 2013 than the larger Falmouth series of early 2014. Or, it may simply be a standalone collage this time, or perhaps part of a series of 3 or so… or perhaps 10 like the last series (Sam Parr, Sep 2014).

Bentmore 01

Proposed new mythological zone of the Middletown area. Will hopefully check out more this weekend. May act as a new balance to Otanoa, replacing Alexfin developed in the early 90’s to the north (and also on the same “Bent” river). Map soon.

Bentmore center may be a type of Dead Center *Hole* (or Holl), to balance Dead Center Hill and perhaps a Dead Center Hall (center of Middletown Circle?). Must keep in mind that county to north of where these are located is a Magic Square of Mars situation, and, so, pointing to Jack County, Texas through the Wizard Cube. Middletown is the birthing place of Mythopolis and its created planet Mythos, also directly related to the Wizard Cube (green Wazob on 1 side and red Ur on the other). Like Ur, Alexfin built around dump, which is no more. Replaced by prison in effect — imprisoned. Center no longer present but maybe can be approximated still. Look back at 1990-1993 notes to find out more about Alexfin mythos which may now become obsolete or lose its center to Bentmore. Otanoa, in the meantime, has gained in strength since that will be the site of Future Home. Even the home will garner a name most likely. Gradually, gradually, it is filling out.


Also seeming to be defined in the Bentmore-Alexfin relationship is the dimensions of the county itself as framed by The River. There is no parallel big river for my present county with Blue Mountain. I don’t think this is the Bent River but am not totally sure of that. It is both the Bentmore River and the Alexfin River somehow.


Hucka D.:

Centre County is between Far North/Hi and Far South/Lo. There is no need to go further except to look for colonies. Even Blue Mountain and its Frank and Herman Park will serve this middle soon. Dead Center Hill is center or middle, yes. Middletown Circle is middle. Future Home is middle. All these are middle. Alexfin marks the location between middle and north — middle north. Bentmore marks the location of middle south. There will be more added to this. It is not Dead Center Hole (in Bentmore), then, but just a Bentmore Hole. And there is no Dead Center Hall except in Fun Fun Town, USA.


Brazil, then.

Hucka D.:



Additional note: Forest Home (AL) directly related to Future Home? Saucer? Fake Herbert? Cardinal Roads’ beginnings and ends?

Measurements in miles of Centre County Pyramid composed of Alexfin (center), Bentmore (center) and Future Home, then.


Length of pyramid base: 11.14. Length of each slant height: 8.68.

Notice the calculated 6.66 distance between Future Home apex and middle of pyramid base, which has also been identified with a particular home, current in that case and not past or future exclusively. I’ve visited the home in Google Earth Streetview not surprisingly, and found nothing to note as yet.

To complete, then, the length of both Alexfin-Hi and Bentmore-Lo is 5.57 miles. This is the pyramid fitted into Centre County.

(to be continued?)


“It’s why you’ve never understood Ashville completely. Sorry: *Middletown*. Good name. In middle of Centre County, but not the one in Pennsylvania. Okay, kind of that too. Half and half. Or 3/4 and 1/4.”


Thanks Hucka D. Hyghmythos was an invention necessary at the time, directly connecting Blue Mountain and Mythopolis in a powerful up and down way. The Synching Creek Designated Mystery area does not go *beyond* it but merely extends it, acting as a type of 3rd eye or substitute Anti-Mythos planet that didn’t manifest, perhaps.

Hucka D.:

Middletown and Centre County are centered by a pyramid[ to come to current terms again]. 666 between Future Home and another home that will play a small role in the proceedings. This is an Anti-Home. But not an Anti-Christ.


That much power, eh?

Hucka D.:

The maps have slightly changed in the meantime — since your relative youth. (smiles) I told you summer of 2010 that where we become 3 dimensional truly[ is Middletown]. You carry your Falmouth series, your Gilatona-Lis series forward there. But much more needs to be done in Blue Mountain in the meantime. Preparation. Cleansing. Can you pull it off?


That’s why I’m feeling offcentered now. 2014 was rough (!)

Hucka D.:

Everything offkilter except toward the end. Now you are moved. Now you can relax *just* a bit. Ashville reaches from the future as aid. Helping hand. You in future, kind of. But more. You need a future goal. Beyond work work. And that is what has been provided in the present.

This weekend…

… should be able to visit the center of Bentmore, a newly minted Ashville, er, Middletown mythological zone. Don’t know exactly how to tag it yet. Country? I have a feeling Bentmore will become very important in the new Middletown mythology. Perhaps Alexfin again. Need to read early 90’s notebooks again for clues.

Hucka D.:

Alexfin was another place for toy avatars, but you obviously couldn’t focus on that. (pause)


Yes, I see that. Can’t believe I did stuff like that now. Toy avatars can be acquired much easier at yard sales (!).

Hucka D.:

You must erase that karma. A prison is now the center[ of Alexfin]. You can do this through Bentmore. You have most of the ingredients already. Bends on The River are important. Is it Central River? Heart River? You don’t have a committed name for it yet.


Hucka D., Winesap was just laying on the table at my mom’s house at Xmas. Turned out my nephew had lent my sister-in-law the book to read on a plane trip. Obviously this is a true synchronicity and not accident. Focus on Winesap, eh.

Hucka D.:



Blue Mountain doesn’t have that type of central river.

Middle: River + Way + 40 + Weak

Of course the main thing connecting Blue Mountain mythos and Middletown mythos (formerly Ashville mythos) is The Way. Perhaps spelled The Wey, but I think the former now. It’s another, er, way to define Centre County as a whole along with the Central River (official name still pending). Art River? (like Art Bears?), since the road runs ne to sw and defines a nice, full diagonal in the process. Although The Way also passes through the county Blue Mountain is the seat of, there it’s along the southern boundary. That’s actually another plus about the location of Future Home: very close proximity to this Way, and the ability to travel up and down it easily to hiking possibilities — such as Bentmore, the center of which is bisected by it, in essence. So I believe The Way is how toy avatars or whatever travel from Blue Mountain to Middletown and visa versa. In this way they can act as a kind of balance to each other. And of course The Way also bisects contiguous Frank and Herman Park, splitting them both in two, to the initial protest of Herman[ Munster]’s widow Lilly in the the 1940’s.

Speaking of 40’s, Superhighway 40 also bisects Centre County, running basically east to west across the county and also lying quite close to Future Home. In fact, The Way and SH 40 intersect only about 1 1/2 miles from FH. Another way to get to places quick, then. Blue Mountain has no superhighways, in contrast. Travel must be slower there in general. And yet another way Ashville is truly Middletown.

To summarize:

Central River: bisects Centre County north to south.
The Way: bisects Centre County northeast to southwest.
Superhigh 40 (?): bisects Centre County east to west.

The Pyramid is probably another way to link all of these together. We can also assume a 2nd diagonal running nw to se across the county, which would represent the weakest, 4th line defining the county. We might also be able to assign some color qualities.:

River: Blue
Way: Green
Superhigh: Red
Weak: Yellow


The Pyramid is based on exact measurements directly assoc. with the n-s passage of River through the county. The other defining lines of the county — Way, Superhigh, Weak, are not exactly defined as yet, and perhaps never will be.

So a focus for my remaining (?) time in Blue Mountain is to understand The Way, seemingly the only thing connecting the two mythologies, or most closely connecting them.

All of these line pass into other counties in both directions. So their story extends in the same essential directions on either side.

Here’s some further thoughts:

River is Number 1, and colored the highest value hue of blue. Way is Number 2, and colored green. Superhigh(way) is actually Interstate 30 now, and represents Number 3, then (30 = 3+0 = 3) and the color red. The weak line becomes the 4th line, which seems to have no physical attachment to a particular highway or road or stream or anything else. Appropriately it is then assigned the lowest value color of yellow.


(1) is defined mainly by The Pyramid now composed of points Alexfin (north), Bentmore (south) and Future Home (east or top or apex), and also its two 5.85 mile long arms connecting Alexfin to the place where The River crosses the northern county line and Bentmore to the place where The River intersects the *southern* county line. As stated, the line of The River across Centre County is the one most defined now. So let’s look at the larger picture of The River. Where does it start and where does it end? We’ll be asking this question for all bisecting county lines except the Weak Line, which doesn’t correspond with a physical object.

213 miles

469 miles

2555 miles

Bentmore & Alexfin 01

More spectacular and meaningful hikes in the Middletown/Ashville area last Saturday. Temperatures were near freezing when I got to A-ville around noon, but reached perhaps 40 in the afternoon. The first hike involved attempting to find a possible pond corresponding to the Bentmore base point of the A-ville pyramid (Bentmore-Future Home-Alexfin). I parked on The Way at place I thought would be about as close as possible to the pond, and also give me a quick, stealthy way into the open woods, which turned out to be quite passable and filled to the brim with these little white pine trees. Beautiful. After a couple of hundred yards going like this I ran into a system of what I recognized as equestrian trails that soon led me to the pond in question. It was larger and more tamed than expected, as seen in the below photos.


Great place to take a book and read (or notebook and write). But unfortunately it is on private land, which I feared roaming much. I think I could get away with being here, however, as long as I don’t fish or swim. 🙂 More details on that loophole soon. “The Bentmore Exception”?


Camouflaged pvc pipe outlet for the pond. Nice touch.


Looks like I might not be the only one practicing the Bentmore Exception in past/present/future. Looks like a pretty well constructed and perhaps recently or even presently used stick hooch to me. I was slightly worried I’d run into this possible woods dweller when exploring the pond area. I was more worried about running into the people who worked for the people who owned the land, however. No one spotted in either case. It was a pretty cold day, and off season.


Another interesting structure found nearby. This is a little downstream from the pond, in another open area. Turns out to be an old bathroom. It made me wonder if the pond was more popular destination in the past, perhaps before a blocking interstate had been constructed to its west and the dammed site was easier to reach.



Another nearby structure. Looks like a large trash container, perhaps, now empty and rusting.

I attempted to reach Central River by continuing to follow the stream leading into and from the Bentmore pond down the hill. I decided to turn around at a no trespassing sign that had a pretty detailed warning. I had found enough in this area for now. Food for thought fer sure!


My second hike this sunny but cold day involving moving up the river about 10 miles to Alexfin, highlighted by the second base point of the Alexfin-Future Home-Bentmore pyramid. In this case, my destination wasn’t the actual point of the pyramid, a location inside an A-ville area prison and certainly off limits. Instead it represents a hypothetical but still quite logical spot, and I say this because the Alexfin and Bentmore points are located 8.68 miles from Future Home *and*, in addition to this, 5.57 miles from where Central River enters (Bentmore) and exits (Alexfin) Center County itself. One could put it this way: The pinpointed center of Alexfin is defined by the relationship with other pyramid attached spots of a more tangible nature.

I was extremely happy to find that the old way to the former Alexfin landfill area I had used in the past was still accessible. The central area of Alexfin is still relevant! Hopefully it will remain that way during at least some of our tenure in A-ville. Very valuable real estate we’re talking about here, and a lot of it. If the land is to remain somewhat pristine and undeveloped, I’ll have to have some help from the Gods that govern such things. Perhaps the meaning of the pyramid is primarily one of preservation, then. In contrast, even though the Bentmore pond (central point of Bentmore, in turn) is on private land, I’m confident that it will continued to remain in a natural state and not be butchered to make room for housing projects. Again, more on that aspect soon enough.

So to the pictures — below we have the amazing Center River (Centeriver) swiftly flowing north past rocky islets, with the bald plateau of the old A-ville landfill rising above the treeline in the background. We are looking into the heart of Alexfin.


I believe these are sumac berries.


Before passing to the south of the old dump, the river calms. We are drawing nearer to the Alexfin centerpoint, a place as I’ve stated we do not and in fact cannot visit.


Bentmore & Alexfin 02

One of a number of interesting rocks along the riverside road leading to the old dump site. This one appears to have hieroglyphic patterns on its underside (seen clearer in the enlargement), but close up they turn into “mere” spider webs of a circular design.


At this island location the road veers away from the river and starts uphill to the old dump plateau. In reviewing early 90’s notebooks, I see I call this place Dumpport, because this was where I was planning to carry junk from the landfill and create a kind of art happening, perhaps even including “ships” or floating devices that can move (up and?) down the river. I only very vaguely recalled the island when I saw it, however. I didn’t appreciate what I had at the time, obviously, since the same kind of vagueness shrouded my memories of the Woodrow Wilson trails revisited this fall. When we return to A-ville I’ll not make the same mistake, hopefully. I’ll appreciate.


Beyond the end of the road and Dumpport lies these rocks that I recall a bit better. You can also see them on GoogleEarth, I’ve found out, and this is just a segment of them. At some point I’d definitely like to hike the whole central Alexfin penninsula beyond this to where a main road rejoins the river. That’s perhaps the defining aspect of the peninsula — no road along the river except for, in part, basically unused and overgrown ones.


More details from the Dumpport island. It’s maybe 15 yards by 5 yards.


A fallen, ivy colored tree trunk creates a kind of bridge to the mainland.


The dump road follows a brook up the hill to the old landfill site. This is one of the places where it runs under this road. Nice ice effects. You can also see that the stream is still discolored from dump leachate. More on this type of drainage here:


Back on the river: footprint effect in a rock; bigger than an ordinary man’s. Here there be giants?


The river raging below a rock outcropping.


I called this Fist Rock. Right on!


Hand, Heart


French (1 of 4) and Heart (1 of 1) in Fulton County, AR along with Elizabeth and nearby Hand, inundated by Norfolk Reservoir. Obviously points to above caption meme: Fred Sanford’s trademark fake heart attack where he puts his hand over his heart and calls to deceased wife Elizabeth that he’s coming to join her. But the just discovered presence of French adds a new twist. It seems it has something to do with Center County and its Middletown and Heart Circle and centering river which still doesn’t possess a mythological name. Part of the real name, however, includes the word French, and since French is so near Heart in already highlighted Fulton County, I think this points to middle/center/heart again in full. Is the mythological name, then, the Heart River? Or is this just another indication of middle, as in Middletown and Center County? Many Islands is also in Fulton County, and the “Heart River” contains many islands as it runs past the heart of Alexfin and the old dump area there.

I also recall that in August Baker Block “died” of a heart attack when Head of Perch merged with a painting in his room composed of many eyes, or many “i’s”.

Check out who owns the Elizabeth post office.,_Arkansas

Elizabeth is an unincorporated community in Fulton County, Arkansas, United States. Elizabeth is located along Arkansas Highway 87, 8 miles (13 km) southwest of Viola. Elizabeth has a post office with ZIP code 72531, owned by Jackie and Stephen Hart.[2]

No Where


All of the 3 seem significant. Obviously the first (near Middletown in NC), 1/2 of the source of the name Otanoa, home of Woodrow Wilson College and Future Home (western edge).


The 2nd (NJ) is near Newfoundland, where acclaimed movie Station Agent was primarily filmed. Swannanoa NC sometimes nicknamed Swanna Nowhere, and in film Newfoundland was similarly described as being in the middle of nowhere. Resonance.


Station Agent is a primary movie in Carrcass+6.

And then the only other one, in VA, was home to coupled mystics Walter and Lao Russell during the last half of the 20th Century. This is where they lived and worked.


W. Russell’s periodic table of octaves


I just stumbled upon mention of the band They Might Be Giants this morning when looking up the etymology of the phrase “here there be giants”, used in a previous post. Now I find, through research into the French Broad, that they wrote a song about Ashville. Hmmm…

By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2004

Please allow me to introduce myself I’m the orange peel You don’t remember But I was once part of your orange

I’m the peel that you left on the floor You took the good part and walked out the door And I hate you for that I hate you for that I’m the orange peel

When the flood waters reach where I lay French Broad River will float me away And I hate you for that I hate you for that I’m the orange peel I’m the orange peel I’m the orange peel


“It’s easy to see that the *Orange* River drew the much, much, much younger The Way and Interstate 30 to Center County. It has a much more powerful influence that the last 2. Actually it doesn’t, because *all 3 are 1*. It is the 4th that again holds the key. Does it travel at zero time? Or does it travel the speed of light?”


At any rate, it’s the Orange again.

Hucka D.:



Also known as The Orange Peel (in the original concert setlist).
The Orange Peel is in Asheville, NC and somewhat close to the French Broad River mentioned in the song.
Besides the venue (and the fruit), a possible source of inspiration for the theme of the song could be playwright Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, in which Willy Loman pleads with his boss, “You can’t eat the orange and throw the peel away—a man is not a piece of fruit!”
Twenty days prior to the TMBG show at the Orange Peel where this song premiered, the French Broad River flooded horrifically, doing terrible damage to the city’s art district.
Unlike all of the other regularly performed venue songs, this track doesn’t have a studio version. The rendition on the DVD/CD is from the soundcheck.
Colourmovie designed and animated the video for this song.


See also here:


Yet another woodland area near Ashville threatened…

… similar to this one briefly described in October.

The endangered trees this time lie on Richmond Hill northwest of downtown Middletown.



Please give your best efforts to create a Richmond Hill Park preserving unique land near downtown Asheville.

Thank you,



No Where 02


“Bunk”, har har.


Figure 8.7- Colors Represent Relative Frequencies
Red = C = Thermal Rays
Yellow = E = Light Rays
Blue = G = Chemical Rays


8.5 – Dynaspheric Shells – This faster vortex will be the inner most envelope which will be enclosed by the second spinning vortex and the third vortex will enclose the first two. Imagine an orange with three peels each one covering a band or width of the equator sealing the area not covered by another enclosed band. The poles of each spinning equator will be open. In Figure 26 the black areas of each shell are the spinning sealing areas of motion. The colored areas are the open polar zones. The three concentric peels will effectively seal the entire surface area of the orange according to its velocity of rotation which translates directly into force of compression and density. The end result is a highly compressed “solid” sphere of matter. These dynaspheric shells correspond to Russell’s “caps” that seal and hold an atom together. See “Atomic Suicide?” for more details.

Figure 8.9 – Dynaspheric Shells and Attractive Poles


Another Middletown

This weekend…

… will probably head to Ashville/Middletown again. My thought is to revisited Dead Center Hill, perhaps making a crude map, even. Yes, that sounds like a good idea. Visit island below hill in Wilson River. Go to WW College and look for signs of Toy King. Also want to go to Richmond Hill mentioned in a recent blog post on the subject. Don’t think I need to head to Alexfin or Bentmore again. Save some surprises until later. The new Walter Russell- Swanna-nowhere tie in is a surprise. Another possibility is visiting the controversial land near Bill Creek, the one that may be developed. See what’s there; take pics. Go through or across TILE Falls.


Toy King Pics

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2014: Lego becomes “king of toys”, surpassing Mattel.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Mattel lost out to Lego because of the decreasing interest in their Barbie brand. Lego capitalized on the hit blockbuster film ‘The Lego Movie’ that released in February of this year to much critical acclaim.

Lego may have won the battle against Mattel but the war is far from over… Their recent victory was a slight one, so Mattel still has a fighting chance. Does a Barbie film sound like a good idea?

There have been reports in the media about a ‘Masters of the Universe’ film currently in the works, which would be a reboot of the 1987 film of the same name. With the recent success of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, Mattel may consider the ‘Masters of the Universe’ franchise to appeal to a more male demographic. If they can make a series of films on these two classic toy-lines, then the California-based company can take the fight straight to Lego.

For now however, Lego is the undisputed King!


Now the *real* King of Toys, or one I call simply the Toy King…












Toy King Pics?

Is this the actual Toy King of WW?

I think so, but not 100 percent sure. At any rate, he’s bussed off now to unknown dimensions and I am the new Toy King, or Baker( Block or Beach) is (Martel very close to Mattel). I have chosen to assume that Mantel; take up the charge. To expose the sole Loch Ness islands for what they are: man and dog united forever and ever. Caledonia be dammed.


Gene Fade The Mossman will probably push Baker (me) to become the new Toy King. Gene Fade is part of the Masters of the Universe, as he is conscious of at least now. He wishes to join his colleagues’ fight against Lego. He might even wish to help with the projected MotU film. Why wouldn’t he?

Hucka D.:

The Mmmmmm’s go where Gene Fade and The Mossmen go. The latter may have even created the former — we’re not sure[ yet]. And then the marbles roll along as well.


Thanks, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

I’ll claim this[ one]. Lula Barbee is Rich. She even owns The Moon.


The marbles are from 3rd life. Ensouled avatars, once more. But 3d and real, unlike Second Life avatars. Strange that First Life, obviously, is real, and 3rd Life seems to be real but Second Life is not. Baker Block, I suppose.

Hucka D.:

Marbles got sick of Second Life avatar do-ups and went to 3rd which turned out to be first. Through the back door.


Rolled out again, eh.


Hucka D.:

Uncyclopedic. Awesome.



Hucka D., the spheres of the Russell related animation I reproduce here…


… remind me of the marbles Little Bill holds on a fork in Greenup 11, revolved around by 8 tulips.


‘Cept here they are red, green, blue instead of red, yellow, blue. Same idea, though.

Hucka D.;

You will hold the same in Dumpport, out above The River. Orange you glad you asked.


It’s apparently the same 3 marbles as in Greenup17, also pictured above. Those are the only 2 collages of the Greenup series featuring marbles, and both of the red, green, and blue variety. These are perhaps the 3 original or Ur marbles.


Hucka D.:



Later they join forces with yellow, actually, to form the true TILE waterfall pictured in Newton09.


And just to be complete about this, they only clearly appear together in one other Art 10×10 collage: Newton07.


And the most recent TILE Waterfall and perhaps the truest has been discussed in this October post, Hucka D. And on Bill Creek. Queer[ once more].


Yellow Skull

at Dumpport, Alexfin.



Omega Point

“The portal system was real enough. Everything revolved around the Zero Point, which is no more. It was like Second Life in this respect — instant or relative instant teleportation to all points Frank Park at least, and maybe beyond. It was because the stream knew all streams. All water knows all other water. Middle River is the cousin, in addition, to Spoon Fork. Even the quote unquote portal systems have some relation. Hi to Middle River in Center County is the highest or first portal of Spoon Fork. Mossmen knew of the system and attempted to reactivate First Portal. They partially succeeded. They didn’t fully tap into the Zero Point, however, and instant teleport was missed. The journey up the Korean Channel to Whitehead Crossing was indeed a real and hard and dangerous trip for the Mossmen faithful. They had reached their Zion.”


Thanks, Hucka D. I’m trying to jump start Frank and Herman mythology. Mossmen are key. Mmmmmmm’s are key. Marbles.

Hucka D.:

Mossmen encountered another force or group at the portal system. Kind of from Second Life but kind of not. Not Marbles, no. Obviously not Mmmmmmm’s.


Did the Mossmen create the Mmmmmmm’s?

Hucka D.:

Kind of[ again].


First Tree and the First Goodmobile, perhaps The Arab… all of that happened, yes?

Hucka D.:

Yes? But: yes.


And they came from Edwardston in Mythos, which they called Pluto or even Hades or Hell. They were persecuted there.

Hucka D.:

They were living entities in a Land of the Dead [Mythos]. But then you have the triangle Edwardston, Mythos, and then Edwards’s Stone over in Frank Park, and then First Tree, the landing spot of the Mmmmmmm’s. What’s the relation?


Edwards Stone must have been named for Edwardston. And likewise Seal Stone atop Grey Rock for Sealston. The Scarlet or Cardinal Triangle was the place of the rocket launch which landed in Whitehead Crossing. Rock climbed out of the Rocket. Rocket Man. Saw Crocodile Rock nearby. Eagle Rock. It was a Dundee and Alligator situation. Australia landing, actually. Mattson. Had to be stepped up from, like Yellow Brick Rock but not goodbye[ from that direction] but hello. Goodbye to the pit of the Records Center. Stepping up into the real Special Coll. Grey Seal was after Sharieland and 4 Sticks, however. No Name Spring as well — another Elton carryover. Why?

Hucka D.:

The 4 Sticks community knew of Sharieland over in Herman Park. Knew of Herman and his wife Lilly. She knew not the Day. Daniel was also there. (pause)


There was no 4 Sticks[ community] when Rock landed near Crocodile Rock.

Hucka D.:

So you have Rock flying into Whitehead X-ing. You have Mmmmmmm’s flying into First Tree. Maybe they simply came from Edward’s Stone or Edward Stone. The Emerald. Green Turtle is obviously a link.


Green Turtle also linked Whithead X-ing to Monhegan Island in Maine and the fairies there. They moved freely one from the other place. They called it Wixconsin.

Hucka D.:

Examine the triangle.


The *Mossmen* attempted to weld Jeogeot with their Frank Park, to create the instant teleport. Jeogerocks were established. Grey Seal was the last of these, and the largest. A type of Mossman — Karoz — was established in Jeogeot in Second Life. This was the son of Gene Fade. But something bad happened — he was trapped within his limiting circle. Only Baker Block, the avatar of Whitehead himself, could save Karoz or add to him. But only if Whitehead truly establishes himself at the Crossing. Now this doesn’t seem to be happening — Whitehead (me, baker b.) will be moving to Middletown in his older age.

A main link between Jeogeot and Frank Park becomes the Korean Channel in each — direct carryover. It stands for Jeogeot’s Korean Channel. It stands for Green Stream below Whitehead X-ing which has memory of Spoon Fork which has memory of Middle River in Center County. Memories give out at the top of the channel. Whitehead is fully established. But is this good? Maybe not.

Goth Hill

Another successful and satisfying time spent in Middletown/Ashville this past Saturday. Now I wish I would have gone one more day during this long holiday weekend. The primary objective was a place I’ve renamed (“mystified as”) Goth Hill, formerly Richmond Hill. I’ll let fans of the IT Crowd figure that one out. Hint: You can most easily reach the park by following Red Door Road. It’s fairly hard to find — you have to know exactly where to look. I missed the mark not once not twice but 3 times. The park is close to downtown, but seems quite isolated still.*

Speaking of which, here’s an isolated lemon yellow colored rock discovered along the railroad forming the northern border of the park. Could it be related to the yellow skull found on Google Earth at Alexfin just the day before? Close to 1/2 of the park is now in private hands, perhaps soon to become a housing development. The yellow rock belongs to that side of the park. Is it a resonant “death skull”, then?


Red berried vine found nearby.


Isolated river rock; photo taken once more from the railroad bed.


Yet another picture of rocks along the rr, this one including an old hornet’s nest.


Yet another. I like the isolated “Y” remaining from the mostly erased graffiti.


Prison spied from across the river. This is not the Alexfin prison mentioned before containing the northern point of the Middletown Pyramid (Alexfin-Future Home-Bentmore), but the older one further south which it replaced starting in 1989. It now serves as a prison laundry.


But the most interesting spot along the railroad was probably this double underpass allowing Rich Smith Creek to reach the Middle River from the south. This stream is also the largest in the park by far, and just the small part I explored at the mouth contains a number of interesting features.


More Rich Smith underpass graffiti. Notice the “Cold Feet..” on the angled part.


Cap that has merged with brown muck at bottom of Rich Creek next to the underpass. Pretty cool shot, actually.


Tire found in Rich Smith as it approaches underpass.


Another tire in seeming better shape lies nearby.


A bit furhter upstream I found this unusual rock, appearing almost like a broken off top of a table. I’ll be examining this again sometime soon.


examination table

Still on the Middle River, the final photograph of this post is from a small riverside park called Walnut Island just below the northern border of Center County.



* About the only other “Goth Hill” I could find is a former location for the Algonquin Radio Observatory.

Embarras tests

Embarras 02 test


Embarras 03 test




The central river of Center County shall be named not Orange, not Alexfin or Bentmore, not Main or Hub or Apex or even Center or Middle itself. It shall be called Heart. Heart River. Unless it’s Middle River.

Embarras 04 tests (bigger one!)

Part 1 test


Part 2 test


Part 3 test


Part 4 test


All together test! (old)



“Hucka D., small chat tonight.”

Hucka D.:

Embarras is going well, I hear. Rolling along. This time you’ll create 20. Add it to Sam Parr. Study Sam Parr. Thank you.


The first is set on Cherry Avenue. As are the 4th and 5th as I’m numbering them. The third is from neighboring Lime Street, also in the Cherry-Lime community and inside the Middletown Circle. The second is an oddball in this respect, because the base setting is Goth Hill to the west.

Hucka D.:

[As yet] undisclosed relation between them. Thank you.

Embarras 06 base








Where to now?

New collage series is churning along. Embarras is still the name, I believe (pronouced: AM-braw, like the river that flows through Jasper County Illinois). I’m up to collage #6. Already I have a tetraptych and a diptych. All are based on photos and images of Middletown. Will I shift into other locations, perhaps a return to England and Wiltshire or the Lake District? Maybe Whitehead Crossing again, or some other spot from Frank or Herman Parks. Will have to start writing interpretations soon enough. But for now I think I’ll just gather images together — play around with them.

Collagesity is also starting to shape up finally. I have a number of collage galleries, and I’m putting the new stuff in what was called SoSo West — still might be called SoSo but I haven’t settled on a name yet. I’m just busying myself gathering images, as stated. Maybe Hucka D. can help. He likes to talk about the collages.

Hucka D.:

What do you want to shift into next? Middletown should probably remain a focus.


I agree. Sorry…

Hucka D.:

I agree. Collage 6 is about Future Home. You see The End. Like Baker Bloch saw the end in Collagesity Noru-style. He saw Many Islands, which is the end. Coming to join you Elizabeth and all that. But it is a mixture of you and your father. Study the individual elements. That row of green border trees is key. It begins and it ends, just like life. Count the trees. Go back.

2989, etc.

The 2989 Winnie the Pooh lego set called The Big Honeypot still shows up near the top of an image search for that number. Nice.

2989 is 49 * 61. Like the famous Clarksdale road crossing…


“I think we must return to Big Log and Whitehead Crossing. ‘Your choice’ I can hear Hucka D. say in my head.”

A crossing, as symbolized by an “X”, is also a multiplication. Winnie and his Honey Pot from the lego set shows up in Embarras 04/05 now. Related to their appearances in Falmouth, esp. concerning Whitehead Crossing collages there. We must build something.

Pooh searches for Master Bee at 4 Sticks, crossing Big Log to enter. 4 Sticks misses him. Gift of honey stuck on knob of Big Log. This is legend. 4 Sticks knows this is Crossroads and 49 x 61 = 2989. 2989 is the Master Number. 2989 is the Master’s Number.

As I’m checking, this collage’s name is actually “2989” containing the lego set. Named after the set of course. This would be at The Emerald in WH X-ing, or just in front of it.

It’s the largest Winnie the Pooh lego set. Like a city in itself. Whitehead Crossing style.

Hucka D.:

Correct. You can build one[ now].

And the green and gray man also appear in that collage, like in Embarras 04/05. In the Falmouth work they are together. In the Embarras collage they are separated on near opposite sides of a tetraptych. In Embarrass 06, the next and so far the last Embarras collage, they are again separate, and seem to frame the line of green border trees on our Middletown property. Hucka D.? Still not there. The gray being, sans hands as usual, appears to represent death. Paul McCartooney kneels beside him holding out a yellow death skull already appearing in other Embarras collages. There it seems to be a mask that the Toy King wears, maybe to hide his identity. And the Toy King reappears himself, in the shadows to the right. He is without head again, like in Embarras 02. He still holds the white and pink toy mouse. White and Pink appear together in White County, Georgia. Ariel and Pink there may represent the artist Ariel Pink, that some (well, one) compare to The Residents.

The Green Lego Man, in Falmouth collages, is often found representing The Emerald itself, like he represents the green border trees in Embarras 06. The gray being, his counterpart, seems to represent gray death, or non-green or non-living stuff. He is positioned at the end of the row of green trees, The End.

Speaking of this Green Man in the “2989” collage last year, I further say…

“Green Man is again accompanied by Gray Man, Hucka D. Just like in “Forgotten Green” and “Cover Up”, the 2 other places he appears in the Falmouth collage series so far. Gray is lack of color. But of course there’s also Gray Rock nearby with its topping Seal Stone.”


I think the He-men, namely the Mossmen, hated the lego town that Winnie the Pooh and friends made. Perhaps Winnie sold his soul to the Devil to make it (Devil = 4 Sticks character?). 49×61. 2989. The town perhaps was even called 2989. It appears to be the same as Edward’s Stone or Edward Stone or Edwardston. It (the residents) must have known the connection with Mythos’ Edwardston. “Edward Stone, Hucka D.” Still nutt’n.

And it’s important to note that the Falmouth Castle/Gallery is just beyond the crossing on Big Log. They must be equated. Falmouth Castle/Gallery is a quite close match to the Second Life Falmouth Gallery, which is also called a castle by its creator (Moard Ling). The 2 are fused.

In collage “2989”, Pooh seems to study the backwards “E” that represents the lower half of Jeogeot’s Korean Channel. Now this channel has lent its name to the lower valley of Green Stream, with its top being in Whitehead Crossing. Pooh must know of this relationship too. He understands that WH X-ing is at the top of this channel. He probably knows the Second Life source. Still within the collage, the signpost 61×49 lies just above a rendition of the Falmouth Gallery, itself beside the “E” spoken about before. Pooh’s red umbrella, in Embarrass 04/05, now becomes the pivot point of the whole collage, or the center point that all revolves around. It is mirrored by the similarly red Burning Man t-shirts on opposite ends of E 04/05. The tower of Falmouth seems to point to this pivot as well in “2989”. Not quite but close. Piglet — a pig shows up in Embarrass 06 now.

In looking closer, one leg of the painter’s easle in “2989” points directly to the umbrella’s center. It is the place where Russellian opposite sexed energies, red and blue, become balanced. We’re thus talking birds and *bees* here.

Lego Town or 2989 Town is where legos top Mattel and its He-men, etc., for control of the toy avatars. They are now The King. In Embarras 04/05, the Toy King, adorned with a yellow skull mask to hide his identity, looks on as Pooh and his lego wagon with the honey pot are about to round the corner into the second half of the collage. Passage from Embarras 04 to Embarras 05, as I’m numbering them, then.

The red and blue prostrate guy in Embarras 06, certainly giving the appearance of a dead man there and so adding to the elements of yellow skull and gray colored non-life dude beside him, first appears in the Falmouth series in a collage called “Rescue Ship”. Let’s look at part of the interpretation…


Hucka D.:

…. Beemen [next collage in the Falmouth series] is an extension of “Rescue Ship” coming immediately before it. What is the ship? It appears to be the Pieland Second Lyfe island a bit out in the ocean. Are you asleep?



Hucka D.:

… out in the ocean with the cat-turtle. The cat-turtle is related to the Green Turtle of Little Whitehead, which has now moved through the time/space portal to Monhegan Island, Maine. This is the Little Whitehead portal. Some art has moved to the location as well — by a group called Little Whitehead. This includes the floating, apparently dead red and blue fellow, and also the group of people staring at the far cliff. That far cliff is Whitehead; the body floats off Little Whitehead. The red and blue man oppositions the Green Turtle on the rocks to the left. The red and blue man didn’t make it to Little Whitehead, really, even though he was created by Little Whitehead. The red and blue fellow is like the red and blue robots surrounding Seven Stones just beside Green Turtle here — we’re still on “Rescue Ship”.


The red and blue robots can’t make a proper, true animation with each other, as I’ve theorized about before. They oppose each other instead, butt heads and so forth.

Hucka D.:

They are not a true Allen Knob. This is a past war between Whitehead Crossing and NORRIS. Who triumphed? Who ever triumphs in a war? Soon civilizations will fall anyway, whether victors or not. Think of the Anglo-Saxons.

bb (looking):

4 Sticks Dude’s cane points to the top of the rocks; it’s positioned on the rocks, I suppose. And he stands on a branch projecting out from the tree that forms the largest Little Whitehead bridge in Whitehead Crossing.

Hucka D.:

The only true bridge[ now].


But now the bridge — in this collage — leads to Maine and its fairy laden Monhegan Island. This is the portal you speak of.

Hucka D.:

This is the portal.


Green Turtle seems to be a pivot between realities.

Hucka D.:



It appears in Little Whitehead, obviously. And it also appears or can appear on Little Whitehead in Maine, on this island.

Hucka D.:

Absolutely. Actually isn’t too hard to do.

So, as I’m looking at this, the red-blue “Little Whitehead” dead dude serves a similar function in this Falmouth collage as it does later in Embarrass 06. It is contrasted with a green being (Green Turtle formation in “Rescue Ship”; Green lego man in “Embarras 06), that represents life, or going through a door beyond death. The Green Turtle is one of the 7 wonders of Whitehead Crossing (check). It acts as a portal maker. This naturally leads to discussion of “Beemen”, the next collage of Falmouth, and a central one, perhaps. Here we also have a direct extension of the lego town in “2989” coming several collages before it in the Falmouth series. The legos of “Beemen” are positioned on what seems to be Edward Stone, or the closest approximation I can find of it so far. Edward Stone can *just* be seen in the background in “2989”. This is about production of legos. This is about building. What is someone doing at the crossing now?


More Crossroads


In the Falmouth collage “2989”, set in Whitehead Crossing, the conjoined green man and the gray man face in different directions very similar to the 49/61 signs to their right. Green=61, then, and Gray=49. Together in this way, they represent the sign itself, and thus 2989 itself.


I just found a red umbrella in one of my freebie Second Life purchases last night, and copied it to my inventory. Interesting to see if anything develops from that resonance.

Gray and Green Man, Pooh and his umbrella and honey pot, have reappeared in Embarras 04/05, the newest tetraptych and equaling my largest work. Examples of another tetraptych are found in both the Gilatona-Lis (last work) and Falmouth (middle work) series. Here it comes very early in a series, if this progresses onward as those other two from previous winters did.

Page about “lego philosohpy”, a concept I’d like to explore more. Legos are relatable to the Second Life prims that are used to construct objects in that particular world. Prim creation has been partially usurped by sculpties. Witness this picture and info that use to hang in Noru’s Collagesity Town Diner…

… well, that’s not the actual picture by Melodie Darwin that was there but it’s a photo of the same Linden build, still found at the terminus of the West End Road. The town of WES is no longer around, however.

Twinned Swannanoas

The Dooleys called the palace Swannanoa because Sallie dearly loved the graceful white birds and the fact that they mated for life. It is possible that the name had a dual meaning as there is a river in North Carolina called Swannanoa — the Cherokee word for beautiful trail. A carving over the entrance to the mansion contains a swan and a paddle and would seem to support the theory that the word came from that region and was connected to the river there.

Then a third Swannanoa, a variant name of Petersburg, NJ according to GNIRPs. It was the site of a mansion built by one of the Ringling Brothers brothers famous for the circus. Circus animals drank the water of Lake Swannanoa Ringling created from 2 natural ponds. Another 2-n-1.,_New_Jersey

The name Swannanoa is reported to be “derived from the Cherokee word Suwali-Nunna, meaning ‘trail of the Suwali tribe,'”[3] however the name was used in this case under the impression that the translation is actually “the beautiful trail.” The street names within the development are all named after Native American tribes.

And then a bit down the same article we have this:

Weird Swannanoa

Due to the Ringling Brothers Circus connection, the elusive Midgetville has been rumored to be located here,[4] in addition to several other New Jersey towns. There are local legends about the ghosts of circus animals haunting the area. A human ghost is also said to haunt the retirement home located on the lake.

I was curious about this, because the 2003 independent film Station Agent was shot just in the next valley over, and starred Peter Dinkage, born with dwarfism. Again, Station Agent plays an important role in the carrcasses, namely Carrcass+6. Station Agent is centrally fused with Beatles songs from Revolver and Rubber Bullet Soul within. The song Norwegian Wood acts as a center for the 5 used songs here, itself lying in the center of 3 likewise Rubber Soul tracks (the 2 Revolver tracks as a frame for these). Norwegian Wood is now the name of a mistified Middletown neighborhood. In the synch/carrcass, Norwegian Wood highlights a possible relationship between Dinkage’s character Finbar McBride and Olivia Harris, played by Patricia Clarkson. But just as in the song, a sexual relationship is not consummated, but the two remain friends, which is more important in the end.

See here for more about Midgetville:


The most credible reports of Midgetville that we’ve investigated are probably the ones that center around a remote enclave of houses in the woods of Jefferson Township in northern Morris County. Though the houses are quite small, it is this community’s close proximity to the old Ringling Brothers’ Estate which really made us wonder whether we had at last found the true Midgetville we had so long sought.

Double the fame.

I appear on Bing Streetside (equivalent to GoogleEarth Streetview) in not one but two locations on a cold December morning in Middletown NC. And no I wasn’t following the Bing car around — just lucky.

But don’t you know this simply has to be in a collage now.



me and Homer

Embarras 07 test 03:


test 16 (“Fathers”):


Embarras 08 tests




Larger reduced 47% (48 nor 46 doesn’t work), combined with smaller. Two alignments still seem necessary…



and top…




Added to map:


Probability: This has something to do with the fine alignment of the placing of a house on the map “behind” Scully reading a book. One[ pixel] off and it’s thrown. Meshing gears. Where’s Mulder?

There’s an implied relationship with the one eyed father of the collage before (Embarras 07), appearing to its left. This is correct alignment. The father has the answers.

Test 02p (“Ouroburros”):


Mythos 01

Edwardston and its railroad trestle.


Edwardston, Pattonsburg and Gillalex (latter not revisited yet).


Increasing range: Calypso comes into view. Calypso is the traditional 5th largest city of the Mythos country of Wazob, as Edwardston is no. 3 and Gillalex is no. 4. This is obvious reference to the 3-4-5 Pythagorean triangle, in retrospect. The city of Calypso is (or was) located on Morg Island at the confluence of Silver Creek and Gold River. It is now part of a walking park. Wazob is built around the Silver Creek, and Calypso represents its “top”, a sealing or even entrapping lid.


Expanding out again we can view old Eoc above Wazob, and also more of the Federation whose outline is basically the same as old Mythopolis. More on that association soon enough.

Note: We have now escaped Calypso representing the whole of Wazob after 6 nights (almost a full week) and returned to normality. Comparison to Ulysses’ entrapment on Ogygia by nymph Calypso might be necessary. This is the meaning of the Spine Line, along with an absence of Edward now. Spine Line travels up first Silver (Wazob) and then Gold (Eoc). Edward has likewise escaped silvery Wazob through the help of goldeny Eoc.

The province of Spinel, shared between Wazob and Eoc, lies fully between Calypso and Bridge01 above it.


A key is what I’m presently calling, for lack of a better term still, Bridge02.


Unfortunately I haven’t taken any pictures of the location yet. Much deepness here. Bridge01 to Bridge02 defines the lower and upper limits of Eoc. Now I don’t think Eoc is still an active political unit but perhaps that doesn’t matter. Smithston represents the old 3rd eye of Mythos. Bridge02 could be a new, transposed eye for the planet, perhaps even improved in ways. It lies at the upper tip of Spine Line or maybe Bridge Line, because it “begins” at a bridge (rr tressle bridge at Edwardston) and ends with one as well (Bridge02) according to present theories.*

Each place that the Spine or Bridge Line touches either Silver Creek or Gold River seems highlighted by a landmark.

Edward has left Mythos now, perhaps not even saying goodbye.

no Edward


* note: I met a Pearl Gray Grey in Second Life tonight and the capital of Eoc (Campbella) is or was in a Pearl Province with an official color of gray. Interesting juxtaposition, then. Pearl knew of my blog, or at least the pictures. 🙂 SL’s funny like that. That represents my first visit to Second Life after returning from my 6 night “entrapment” (without internet) in Wazob. Aiding Eoc is showing its colors, once more.

Another interesting shadow picture with circle, this time from Collagesity in Rubi. I call it “Squaring The”. Very accidental shadowing, once more.


Edwardston & Pattonsburg

I’m perhaps planning to head down to Mythopolis tomorrow for more hiking fun so I wanted to make sure I generate the text for this related post beforehand.

Last Sunday I parked my car at a strategic place and walked the railroad to Edwardston, prominently landmarked by a historic trestle spanning Silver Creek.

I did not walk across the trestle, and apparently it is against the law now to do so. Not when I was a kid, however, or at least there was no sign there stating such. But now there is. Never mind, because my goal was Edwardston itself, which lay on the near side of the trestle, and where the 2 below photos were snapped. The first shows the waters of Silver Creek (left) and Edward Creek (right) approaching each other to meet just below the trestle, with Silver being the much larger flow and Edward a mere tributary of it.


The actual juncture of the streams. I remember the sandbar being extended more at the peninsula representing their confluence, kind of like a miniature Manhattan. Correspondingly, this was suppose to be the site of Edwardston’s large downtown, with the city itself about the same size as our Chicago. I don’t recall the sandy island in the river you see just beyond — pretty certain that wasn’t there when I was growing up. We’ll be mentioning another formerly unknown Silver Creek island of similar if larger design in a moment.


And the alien style graffiti face is still present below the trestle, just like I found it in 2008, I believe. It almost seems that the image has been repainted, but I doubt someone would take the trouble to do so. This is a pretty out of the way place, and not on any beaten path of any kind. Most likely it was just originally crafted with some quality spray paint — present theory.



Another shot of Edwardston…


… before moving up Silver Creek toward Pattonsburg, about a 1/3rd of a mile northeast. Like Edwardston, Pattonsburg was a Wazobian city of some size, although not quite as big as the former. I rated it the 9th largest city of Wazob, while Edwardston came in at no. 3. The below picture is of Patton Creek which empties into Silver Creek just below “downtown Pattonsburg”, or at least it use to. Now its waters have been dammed by beavers, and any flow beyond must be underground, as the creek bed between here and Pattonsburg about a football field to the north is now dry. Again this was different when I was a teenager…


beaver gnawings in Pattonsburg

… as was Pattonsburg itself, seen in its present state in the below photo. No, when I originally found this place in my early teens, bamboo was growing all over the area viewable in this picture. In fact, I began construction on a bamboo hut here, and perhaps when I cut the bamboo a chain reaction set in, throwing a delicate ecosystem offkilter. At any rate, there is basically no bamboo left, although I found a little this day further south.

The stream is dry, the bamboo is gone. This is an almost completely deenergized Pattonsburg. The city is no more, at least in this location. *But* we’ll come to that interesting “new island twist” in a moment.


A bridge found in what I called Bananaboro, yet another designated spot for a fantasy burg and ranking no. 8 in size for Wazob cities. Bananaboro and Pattonsburg are intimately tied. Besides being close in size (no. 8 and no. 9 respectively) they lie at either end of the Patton Creek, and also were part of a pre-Wazobian country called Or, which later became the Wazob province of Topaz after its consolidation (more on that soon enough).

But the larger point is that the woods surrounding Pattonsburg and Bananaboro — the entirety of Or, in effect — *has remained intact* since my youth. I realized this area still had mythological relevance. You *can* go home in this case, or kind of pick up where you left off.

And I just realized in looking at the remaining photos of this post that I did not include any picture of that larger island I mentioned. Well, let me just describe it a bit. It lies close enough to Pattonsburg to be within its “metro area”. To be more precise it seems to lie on the west side of a place I called Argent — yes, another Mythos city, bearing a no. 16 ranking this time, and the third largest of ancient Or. I’ll have more to say about Argent soon. I might attempt to take more pictures on Saturday of the place — we’ll see.


Edwardston again.



This day I also hiked to the south of Edwardston, or between my mom’s house (which was called Britonia according to my mythology, and the *number 1* city of Wazob (!)) and the railroad trestle. Another interesting fact: the wetlands of Edward Creek have actually been restored since my childhood by a new landowner. I don’t know how this was exactly effected, but the creek is now very wavery and sinuey, where before it basically flowed straight as an arrow. Edward’s Creek has actually *been improved* since my growing up days in Mytholopolis. Another exciting note.


This is a stream I called Green Turtle Creek. I remember it being larger. And not as orange.


Edward Creek as it meanders toward Silver Creek and the railroad trestle through the Edwardston outskirts, one could say.


Edward + Silver once more.


Embarras 09



“Spine Line”

“I seem to be established pretty firmly in Collagesity, Minoa style Hucka D. It feels like a permanent virtual home.”

Hucka D.:

Characters will emerge soon. Are you ready to begin an interpretation of the Embarras collage series? It may be done already… we don’t know.


Um, sure I suppose.

Hucka D.:

You are shifting emphasis to Mythos. As [fore]told of course. You escaped this time. You will always escape. Until you don’t.


Meaning that I’ll always get to leave mom’s house because I live in another town and have to work there. Blue Mountain.

Hucka D.:

This is mirroring the older, childhood escape. That’s why it has resonance. Ullyses was entrapped on Calypso for 7 years. Not 7 nights, but it is similar in that it is a sealing. Where’s Edward?


I don’t think he’s really that happy.

Hucka D.:




What is the meaning of the Spine Line, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

Escape. Eoc. [ Pearl Gray].


I must return to the flea market. Get more toys for another happening. Surprisingly, very surprisingly, Mythos still has energy, purpose. Pattonsburg is still an active center. Edwardston. Just as much as they always were, in ways.

Hucka D.:

The Spine Line gives energy to these places.


I may go to Mythopolis Saturday, Hucka D. Check out more of this Bridge02. Explore Carr Creek. Don’t think that’s the name for it, though.

Hucka D.:

Think of escape. Think of what will happen even when you live in Middletown. Mythos is just as close to Future Home in Middletown as it is to Blue Mountain… closer, in fact. Mythos can still be a laboratory. That is the wish of the parents as well. (pause) Spine Line has protected many of the areas from your childhood — Edwardston, Pattonsburg, Calypso, Eoc. There is another line, however.



After March I will not be able to explore the Spine Line locations, most likely. I’ll have to shift back to Blue Mountain.

Hucka D.:

You can still visit your Bridge02.


Embarras 09: “Spine Line”


What of Embarras 09? You said you wanted to begin an analysis.

Hucka D.:

Spine Line is within. We’ll start a bit tonight then follow through tomorrow. Get nods out tomorrow. Begin to nail down time of DOD.


Yes I will. I’m solidly in Collagesity now. Really have been since June, although I shifted from Noru to Rubi in November.

Hucka D.:

It was all Norubi[ anyway].


“I’m opening Embarras 09 in a new window. We’ll begin tonight. We have an actual spine, or a metallic representation thereof within, alongside the spine of a book. And not any old book, but Winesap. A metallic boy seems to look through the book at a woman with a man sitting in her lap in front of a cave. This is Odysseus. This is the cave of Calypso. On Calypso’s lap is Edward. E. Swift…

Hucka D.:

Not your Edward but still your Edward. He represents the Great Rubi Forest through the Big Thicket of Camp Ruby. Lucky you. He is you established in Collagesity, Rubi style or Minoa style. He is *protection*. The boy attempts to look at the lady. Yet Edward is in the way. The lady is on a red rug. On the top part of the metal spine is the same cave, smaller in perspective, with a *blue* stream coming out of it. This is the opposition of red and blue, Russellian style. The blue and red face opposite ways in front of the cave. The blue stream from the cave seems to “pour” into the spine from the top. The spine is the same as the[ spine of the] book.



Hucka D.:

The blue is Noru and the red is Rubi. Both the red rug and the blue stream pour, as it were, out of the cave. This is good collage… peak of the Embarras series so far.


Thank you.

Hucka D.:

You worked harder on this that some of the others. It shows. Refinement.


It had surprises.

Hucka D.:

You move away from the tetraptych, true, but images collide more in meaningful ways here, although you’ll return to the multi-panel works soon enough. Now you noticed the *Achilles Heel*.


Yes. The achilles heel of the boy. And this relates to Achilles, Virginia and Lady and Glass there and a particular story from Winesap, also highlighted by Faherty’s The Ordained. The blue-green horse emerges from the hole, like a cave on its side. The cyan or blue-green horse is Eoc, Hucka D.


Hucka D.:

12 Ounce Mouse or Fitz (green being behind cyan horse) sees the hole; seems somewhat alarmed. Fitz is Britonia, Fitz is entrapment in Britonia, in the house. Can’t escape. Yet the person in the house which is the same as Fitz here sees the escape through the hole. Eoc is escape through the Spine Line. The hole in the leg of the cyan horse mirrors the hole on the ground. This is also the concept of Greenup as opposed to Yellow Down.


Fitz is Britonia and Skillet is Spring Squirrel or Swamp Squirrel. This is the 2 to Britonia’s 1. Skillet seals the entrapment inside the Confederation, which is the same as Zircon. Omega.

Hucka D.:

Yes. It has been a slow process but the sealing is almost complete. Nowhere to go. Mobility lost.



Then we have a woman reading a book to the left, just like Embarras 08 has Scully reading the Jose Chung book. And like Embarras 08, horses emerge from the left of the reading girl or woman. The same 2 horses.



The 6 legged, cyan colored horse has reappeared from that collage as well. The spine of the book becomes like the [eastern] border of our Middletown property. We are afraid that people will be able to look in on us there, Hucka D., so we must create a protecting border.

Hucka D.:

You must extend the border down, yes. Else people will be able to peer in.


But the middle row of green shrubs may have to be erased… cut down.

Hucka D.:



If we could build a house as small as the one in Embarrass 07…


… then the line of shrubs (appearing behind it in that collage) there would be okay.


“This is about not just one mother but two.”



OMG, Hucka: Edward Swift and Kate Swift as one!


“Spine Line” 02


Hucka D.:

This is something we especially wanted you to see (!).


How could this[ the 2 Swifts] possibly be connected?

Hucka D.:

Yet there they are. The alchemical marriage.


It must be the union of Silver (Creek) with Gold (River)… at Calypso or Morg Island. Morg Island is the same as the island in the collage, Hucka D. This would be in the upper left corner of collage 09 here.

Hucka D.:

Let’s take a goosie.


We’ve already discussed the cave and the blue stream, which counters the red rug coming from the same cave below this in the collage. This is the opposition of red and blue, kind of like Rubi oppositions Noru, as we also spoke about. But they are the same: Norubi. Back to the island, though. The cave is, moreso, Calypso, the city of, positioned on a strategic part of Morg Island that corresponds with where the Spine Line encounters the island from the north. We have two pictures of the Greek Island of Calypso this is based upon in the collage. In the smaller picture, added to the larger picture, 12 Oz Mouse character Peanut is positioned on the shoreline, about in the middle of the picture. His blue mirrors the blue of the sea and the sky. He is an inversion in fact. His hat is darker blue and his body is lighter, representing sea above sky instead of visa versa. Perhaps. To the left, in the larger picture of the Greek Island, we have the word ART, connected to the shore through 4 puzzle pieces we recognize as the colors of TILE: red, green, blue, yellow. The red piece intersects the red of the word ART, and the green intersects the green vegetation of the island, bridging word and island together.

This is also the LOST island, and the central spring and its smoke monster[ smoke coming out of hole in its center]. You’ve put a picture of this smoke monster earlier in the collage. See if you can quickly find it. Google “Achilles” to find it easily.




Hucka D.:

Okay, find the one where he’s actually emerging from the central hole. This becomes the Smoke Monster’s birth hole[ in effect]…


Well, I can’t find that but I did find this picture of The Heart of the Island (note: this is the central hole).


And there’s another Mother to deal with, protective and even suffocating for Jacob. The Man in Black escapes Mother, and Jacob doesn’t. Jacob is a momma’s boy.

Hucka D.:

So you know that Morg Island is Ogygia is the LOST island. The central cave of Calypso is The Heart of the Island. Two caves in one. You know that the Man in Black is reborn as the smoke monster from this heart cave[ after being cruelly thrown in by his brother Jacob, after MIB kills their mother].



Jacob may even be Peanut… wishy washy like the character. Peanut, in 12 Oz Mouse, wears a policeman’s hat and becomes a policeman. Later on he trades this hat for a fireman’s helmet and seems to instantly transform into a fireman as a result. This is opposition of blue (policeman) and red (fireman) again. Perhaps.

Hucka D.:



Peanut is perched on the shore of one side of the island, and the word Art and the 4 propping colors of TILE on the other side of the island. They mirror each other.

Hucka D.:

What is the meaning of the word ART, then?


I have declared myself as a[ bonafide] artist, and have established virtual Collagesity next to the Great Rubi Forest to verify this, a permanent virtual location perhaps.

Hucka D.:

Perhaps. Maybe.


TILE props up art. TILE is the religion of Collagesity, with its TILE Chapel as the center of worship. It remains incomplete.

Hucka D.:

Complete this and complete the island. Originally your Embarras 09 collage had more of the interior of the Town Diner in it, complete with the Head of Perch. Early on, you attempted to combine the Head of Perch, in the collage, with Carrcassonne in the TILE Chapel, after wondering if Carrcassonnee remained an oracle if she had no eye. Her eye[ in Collagesity, Noru] comes from Perch. 3 in 1 and 1 in 3. So you are attempting, in the collage again, to merge or reunite Carrcassonnee with her All Seeing Eye.

This will make TILE functional in Collagesity, Rubi, as it potentially was or maybe actually was in Collagesity, Noru. You complete the TILE Chapel[and ]you complete the sity. city.



The placement of the Tile bit is one of the most synchronistic in the collage, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

That is because it is the most important. [Peanut] is the entrapped Odysseus/Ullyses, reversed from the picture of the island (dark blue on top instead of bottom). He stares morosely out toward the sea, unable to escape. He is the opposite of TILE[ on the other side of the island]. TILE sees the island as the 4-n-1 or the 4orrin1, complete unto itself. The Island becomes the symbol of The All. This is Jacob’s viewpoint. The other side is the Man in Black. Dark Man.