Part 02 (Bigfoot and Rediscovery, Aug 2015)


Bigfoot 01

100 Foot Swamp:



100 Foot Swamp has been renamed Bigfoot Swamp, a natural transition (it has a “big” feet of length). The projected town or “toy happening” around it becomes Bigfoot then, most likely, with a center near the northern part of the marsh, where a feeder stream enters it via an uphill pipe.

The only US population place named Bigfoot presently is in Frio County, Texas. The general area of this village has already been seen in a map displayed on this blog from May 2014 called “Strange 01″…

There I discuss the conjunction of two towns in Medina County to the immediate north of Frio, or Noonan and Devine. Glenn Strange plays the bartendeer Sam Noonan in the long running western seris Gunsmoke featuring James Arness and sheriff Matt Dillon, an icon for our time. The town Noonan in Texas is one of only 2 in our US of A, the other being in Divide County ND and near a *Strange* Siding. Noonan and Strange conjoined again. Near Noonan Texas is a city called Devine. There are only two pop. places of that name as well, with the other being in Colorado near a Vineland, and itself having a variant name of Vineland according to the GNIS database.

Notice several things here in addition to the stuff I outline in the “Strange 01” post: Divide (County, ND) is almost an anagram of Devine. I now work with a guy named Devine, who is sort of my boss as I perceive him. He cryptically emailed me several times on the weekend I discovered the Bigfoot Swamp. Now I find the only US Bigfoot conjoined with the only incorporated US Devine, and the only one of any significance. Bigfoot Swamp, a natural area bordering the Blue Mountain Urban Landscape and what could be considered a direct extension of it (that’s how I view it anyway), can stand for the event *furthest* away from this Urban Landscape in the Blue Mountain area, or the encounter with a Bigfoot like creature in the furthest recesses of Frank and Herman Park the winter of 2012/2013. This is an encounter with a completely *alien* culture, seemingly, and as far away from humanity as you can get. It is non-human. It creates not stuff we humans consider normal, like roads and houses and malls and hospitals and HugeMarts. So the near Bigfoot (Alpha) overlaps the far Bigfoot (Omega), and perhaps in ways I cannot understand yet (involving Devine?).

On the below map we see the close conjunction of Noonan, Devine and Bigfoot in Texas, with the word Devine strangely absent on the map despite being a town of significant size. Represents the soon absence of the other Devine? Maybe. If so, what name will take its place? Is that written out in maps as well?


Bigfoot, Texas:,_Texas


BMUL End of August 01

Confluence of plants and pipes marking one center of the ALO garden.


Green mailbox within. Postal portal to Oz?


The Hill and The Carpet House again. LINK


The Sphere behind the Town Mall. Mysterious! Edna (wife) also visited the location this day and took photos. She was likewise impressed. In the words of Red Dwarf’s Cat, “What is it?” And: repeat.


Nearby cliffs.


Sphere, cliffs, and rocky beach. I still don’t have a name for this area, but its obviously centered by that sphere. Edna speculates that it might have been off a post, perhaps marking the entrance to a driveway. She supposes that’s why there are 2 of them. I’m still sticking with my alien originating theory, however. 🙂


And now we come in this blog to another brand new place I already *do* have a name for. I think. Right now I’m calling it The Plateau of Raw Art. Explanations soon on that. It’s fascinating place just west of the official Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape. Or is it actually a part of this Landscape? Anyway, the plateau displays the remains of a deserted high school area, including a football stadium, 2 baseball fields, and a number of tennis courts. The high school itself was demolished, with only a grassy field remaining. In the below photo we look from the edge of one of the baseball diamonds across this very field. I kind of like the way the telephone pole obscures the top of a distant mountain peak from this angle.


Nearby is this configuration of objects. Sure looks like some kind of raw art to me (!). But who is the artist? I’m guessing that this might be the product of a skateboarder on a break from his regular hobby…


… because nearby is an unofficial skateboard park just beyond the football field, marked by a colorful mural. What an amazing backdrop for such a place! There were perhaps a half dozen skaters using the facility on this Saturday afternoon. No whooping and hollaring, however, to my relief. Just standard skateboarding noises. Thump, rumble… thump, thump. Rumble.


Deserted football stands, home side.


Listen closely and you can hear the ghostly clomps of track runners past.



BMUL End of August 02

The foaming cold pepsis are long gone. The blare of the final horn signalling a win or loss a distant echo. Victories and defeats blend together in a slushy past. Sports is myopic and present intense. Kids do not worship Jimmy Foxx, Harmon Killebrew or Hank Greenburg. Or even Hank Aaron.


The football goal posts have been ripped down, having served their allotments of field goals and extra points.


On the very southeastern edge of the plateau: a mysterious sky blue circle. This marks the entrance into the Bigfeet metro area as I’m presently defining it. Down we go!


An old golf club found at the very center of the Bigfeet area, its projected “downtown”. I guess I should back up here and explain.

WHAT IS BIGFEET? A question to be asking at this point in time. Is it the site of a projected toy happening for later in September or perhaps October, a la a Lion’s Roar from 3 years ago? Could very well be, unless some other place pops up between now and then as a better candidate.

I’ve been having a very hard time creating suitable photos of Bigfeet however. I need to fiddle around with [camera] Liquor’s settings; see if I can find the manual…


This saved shot also comes from the heart of Bigfeet, or the place where its central small stream empties into the Bigfoot Swamp via a pipe. I can see camping in the spot I take this picture from in the future. which is the same place I hold the golf club above. Near future? What kind of toys will be imported here? Will the objects mainly come from the Plateau of Raw Art directly above? Could be. I’m seeing yellow shoes…


You have to cross Leola Creek to reach Bigfeet from the east — no other option. It’s getting narrower and rockier in contrast to, say, ALO, but the crossing is still tricky here. In wetter weather it would be basically impossible without wading. It almost is in dry weather. But that natural barrier of sorts would also help protect me from human intruders I would suppose.


This is the Bigfeet Swamp outlet, with the stream soon to meet up with Leola about 100 feet beyond maximum.


Leola Creek. You can cross it on foot. With care, because the smooth rocks within are slippery when wet.


At the spot I crossed both days this weekend we have a wedged barrel and a yellow chair on the near side or Blue Mountain Urban Landscape side.




Bigfoot 02

A quite nice shot looking across the big length of Bigfeet Swamp. Cattails abound.


Within the general Bigfeet landscape are many balls such as this Wilson tennis example. I would assume most originate from the old ball fields and tennis courts on the Plateau of Raw Art just above, which makes all of ’em pretty old since the high school was abandoned over 5 years ago. I might craft some kind of inventory soon.


And now some more pictures from those old ball fields and tennis courts themselves. Raw art indeed here!




Site of the makeshift skateboarding park.






I especially like this picture.



Bigfoot 03

More shots from the Plateau of Raw Art.










We reach the edge of Bigfeet again and its complex of roads — that I haven’t talked about at any length as I’m realizing now. There’s something quite peculiar about this sky blue circle, a doormat from the west as it were. Let’s head downhill again from the Plateau of Raw Art toward the namesake swamp.



Bigfoot 04

Matching set of traffic barrels on one of the linear roads crossing Bigfeet. Map soon hopefully!


Unfortunately most of my pictures of Bigfeet this day simply did not come out well. But perhaps you can get a general idea about the roads I talk about from the small photo below. There are 4 ‘of em by my counting, with the top three being basically straight as an arrow. All exist within a small pine forest of more recent origin, perhaps planted in the early to mid Naughts according to my research, making it about 10 years old or a little more. The 4th or lowest road can be extended to mostly circle around Bigfeet Swamp, with a gap remaining in its northwest corner. This gap is where the still unnamed small stream empties into the marsh from the west, crossing under each of the other three roads in its downward progress from the topping plateau.


There’s some poison ivy in the forest but not a lot. You can fairly easily avoid it for the most part, as the small wood is mainly clear of undergrowth except for in and around the swamp itself.


Another shot of the blue “doormat circle,” with a cryptically placed smooth rock. Does it represent an orbiting planet or planetoid by chance? Does the band of blue stand for our sky, or the visible universe surrounding our Earth? Sky blue represents the sky in day, a blanket for dreaming stars.


Bigfeet Swamp from a position on the surrounding road.


The pool formed where the feeder stream enters…


Another shot of an upper road, black and silver coffee travel mug already in place. Again… I need a map!


Odd spectacle encountered on the north edge of Bigfeet. More raw art roughly dropped off the side of The Plateau.


Mysterious orange tinge to this area just below and east of the swamp. Better pictures soon!


Bigfeet Swamp pool and feeder stream from a terminus of the lowest forest road. I can see camping on this very spot in the future.


Stepping stones mark the remains of an old path heading up to the swamp from Leola Creek, an ascent of about 30-40 feet perhaps.



Bigfoot 05

Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape’s first and feeblest attempt to understand the complexities of Bigfeet.


Another early attempt.


Getting defensive about criticism now. Poor BMUL!


Reverting to childhood seems to do the trick.


Then going too far. Reverse reverse!



Bigfoot 06

“Embarras 10” and the plateau of raw ART.


Reversed: creation/separation of artsy Bigfeet.


How it happened. Down down down and then down again (roads). Top to bottom.


Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape as octopus kid successfully breaks the Bigfeet code with balls reigning down. “Ta daa!”





Suit yourself


I art Hill. I art Sunklands. I art the plateau. Raw.


Thank you for showing up tonight. Are you upset that Collagesity is for sale now?


Are you?


Not really. So… Bigfeet.


We wonder how, rumble rumble. We see future. Toy happening. Rail tracks. Go go go! Winners. Losers. Cheers. Jeers. But a plan. *No* winners. No losers. TILE. Art. Happening. One and all and all and one. 4 roads, yes?


Yes. Kind of.


Four. TILE. Take stock of what is there first. Take careful stock. Careful careful. Then play. Move in the toys. Happening to *them*. What is the mythology? Have you found primary and secondary sources?




Then let it be. Take pictures. Switch cameras. Listen to the stream. Follow the stream up and down. Where does it head and go? What does it say? It has stories, yes?


Could be.


What is the name of the stream. Bigfeet as well?


Unsure Carrcassonnee. Can you suggest a name?




I’m not sure that’s suitable. How about Vineland?


Unsuitable[ as well].



(no response)







I was at that teepee. I teleported there. Tp to tp.


Great. It’s an amazing rediscovery. Expanded! Now I have a choice to make: whether to keep developing Bigfeet…

Carr. (interrupting):

Yes [ that’s the way to go].


So too many people at Rediscovery, as I’ll codename it for now.


Yeah. 2, 4, 6, 8, sometimes 10. Smoking weed. Hashing out problems. Evaporate. Sublime. Rediscovery. It discovered you[ as well]!


It seems about all of my old camping spots have subsequently been expanded. The tent site behind the campus was seemingly enlarged to a cabin at one point (pictures here for now).


That’s too noisy [to develop].


Yeah. It is. Rediscovery makes a kind of loose loop, Carrcassonnee. Oh, I forgot to ask. Should I abandon Collagesity? Finally?


You’ll make a sity somewhere. Why not just remodel Carrcassonnee? Oops I meant Collagesity.


But the money?




Bigfoot>Rediscovery 09/06/15

I discovered a praying mantis playing in the long grass near the se corner of The Plateau of Raw Art and decided the find was worth a picture.


As I’ve stated before, a small stream flows underground through Bigfeet from this plateau, crossing under 3 of the 4 main roads in its swift, downward progress toward Bigfoot Swamp. A concrete square marks each crossing, such as this one on the northernmost road. And I believe I’m able to make a rough map of Bigfeet now from memory. Soon!


Bank connecting Bigfeet to the plateau from this road.


Part of the football stadium projecting upward from this angle.


The track runs very close to Bigfeet — probably can be said to border it.


We now move further up Leola Creek to an important junction with a very similar sized stream. It’s another either/or case, just like when Leola joins with Blue Mountain Creek in the center of the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape further downstream. The name Leola could follow the flow of either creek. In this case, the name follows the flow to the right in the photo. The bridge I took this picture from is found near the beginning of Rocky Branch Road that I’ve also touched upon before. We’re about a third of a mile above Bigfeet here.


And then *between* Bigfeet and Rocky Branch Road — still on Leola Creek — I *rediscovered* a place I use to camp at for a bit in the mid-1980s. I’ve decided to call it Rediscovery, simply enough. In the time between when I use to camp there in both a makeshift teepee and a tent, someone has created a rather complex weave of trails on either side of Leola Creek Road than runs through the area. And on these trails is found numerous evidence of more recent camping, probably by students from the local Blue Mtn. State College.




The trail system is divided into 2 logical parts by the road. The northern part follows the low and often rocky cliffs above Leola Creek. The southern part follows the creek itself, all the way to a formerly popular swimming hole now banned from use by the town. But people still come there obviously. I was at least wise enough to stay away from the pool, as it can be seen by cars from the road. Want to stay out of trouble as much as possible!

This dam is found at a lake below the swimming hole, which you pass around to get to the latter. In the summer, you *can’t* really be seen from the road here, at least by passing cars. It’s only when you move close to the hole and pass the lake that one can really be seen. Nice.

Of course you have to park your car somewhere to get to the trails unless you walk directly from the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape, which is quite doable, actually (as I tested out this day of picture snapping). And there’s really only one possible spot in which to park a car. The trailheads shoot north and south from this parking area. You can exit the road quickly and get out of sight on either side. That’s a potentially important consideration.



Upper end of as yet unnamed lake.

Graffiti at the dam site.


Rediscovery 09/07/15

I hiked within Rediscovery on both Sunday and Monday of the past long Labor Day weekend. It feels important, especially when coupled with almost neighboring Bigfeet and Plateau of Raw Art. There’s no direct trail connecting the latter 2 with Rediscovery as far as I can tell. I’m going to keep looking but I’m doubtful — a shame. So near to each other yet so far. Blue Mtn. has this nack of segmenting its various focus spots from each other, it seems. Certainly all the local rhododendron plays a role here.

Below is a rock I’ve named Flattop, with a neighboring stone called Razor Edge. They project from the side of the mtn. just above Rediscovery. It’s actually a ridge, with a faint but quite walkable trail running along a large portion of it. This was yet another exciting discovery of the weekend. Evidence of camping doesn’t make its way up here from Rediscovery, however, although a kind of very loose trail does. This ridge actually separates Rediscovery from Bigfeet/Plateau of Raw Art, the latter which can be glimpsed below through the trees to the south as you walk along it. Again: so near yet so far.


Moving back into Rediscovery, I found this sign marking a Traverse Station. I had to look up what that meant, and found this:


The power lines above the station. We are at the peak of the same ridge, but further down toward Leola Creek after a steep descent of maybe 200-250 feet.


And it was in this same area that my former campspot is found, where I erected a primitive teepee in the summer of 1984. My plan was to live in the teepee all that summer, but I only stayed there a month — May as I recall. I believe I’ve already mentioned this teepee in the blog, stating that I couldn’t figure out how to seal the top and just stuck an umbrella up there, ha ha. At the same time a good friend of mine was setting up an *actual* and official teepee about a mile and a 1/2 further up in the hills from here, off a tributary of Leola Creek as I’m thinking about it. I helped with this process, thus the inspiration to create my own rough copy. And I’ve mentioned this man in the blog as well: he worked with me at Maynard Jackson’s Cafeteria in Blue Mtn.’s Town Mall, along with another guy I’ve touched upon named Willard. Other friends and acquaintances also had their own teepees at the same time set up in various area locations. Wild times. Have I mentioned my play “Dump” here?

As I’m checking now, I see not, although I’ve mentioned the old Middletown dump here. Well, I’ll just briefly say here that Dump was a rough draft of a play I created in 1984 at the peak of all this teepee madness. The whole concept became legendary in the minds of a handful, and even sprouted its own era: The Age of Dump.

*Anyway*, below is a picture of the actual spot where I set up my *own* teepee in the place I now call Rediscovery. I haven’t been to this spot in perhaps 20 years, maybe longer. Again it lies at the top of the low end of the ridge forming a barrier between Rediscovery and the Bigfeet area to the east. And, again, I’ll make a map or set of maps of this whole area soon for better explanations of what’s going on here.


Firepit next to the old teepee site…


… with gleaming coffee pot.


Here’s some pictures of one of several other camping spots found this weekend in Rediscovery.




Glimpse of Leola Creek Road from a rocky perch.


Someone left behind their peanut butter and jelly jar.


Yet another perch gives a nice view into the area’s formerly popular swimming hole on the creek. It’s still used, however, just not as much or as openly as before. I guess the place was shut down sometime around the turn of the century or so. Rough guess.


Another camping spot, this one with packed sand as a base. How did they get that sand up here? And then I found that you can actually see this white hexagonal base in GoogleEarth.


One more picture of the Rediscovery trail, with centering white mushroom.



Separation (too far?)

We’ve moved beyond the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape.

Rediscovery is an old site renewed and enlarged. It is a place of exteriorization (still).

How do the toy avatars fit in here?

What of The Table and Carrcass-12? It is coming up (?).

I have separated myself from Karl’s energy by drawing even with him. Removal (like of Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape). What of Devine?

Rediscovery is too far. Bigfoot is a balance. Not too near not too far. Goldilocks.

For now.


Weekend’s Here!

Will probably head back to Rediscovery and Bigfeet, weather permitting, for more picture taking and perhaps map creating. All of this *means* something.

I’ve been thinking about toy avatars and the progression of their story in the blogs, starting in 2008. The avatars seem exclusive to Frank and Herman Parks — what is their role in the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape and attached extensions, then? I haven’t yet linked up the 2 hiking mythologies.

Toy avatars manifested in conjoined Frank and Herman Parks because they felt protected there, like the parks are protected. 3 major species: mossmen, mmmmmm’s, and marbles. 3ms. The mossmen story seems to have been worked out more than the other two, centered on the Gene Fade character who was born in Frank Park’s Jupiter Rock and also lived in nearby Notherton and perhaps Mocksity. Supersity? Mossmen (and Gene Fade) were also involved in Whitehead Crossing for certain. They might have invented the Spoon River portal system, or at least they used the system for instant teleport to various spots.

Mossmen, mmmmm’s and marbles alike appear in my collages, still displayed currently in the various Collagesity galleries next to the Rubi Forest. I tried to get rid of my land there this month but couldn’t shake it. Now I may keep the place for the whole winter again.

Mmmmmm’s seem exclusive to Herman Park. Hermania on TILE Creek, just west of Drink Lake, seems a focus for them, replacing an original living area in Good and Great Meadows to the north of this lake. Story is that the first mmmmmm’s arrived in Great Meadow in a large goodmobile from “Pluto”, which may be the same as Mythos’ Edwardston but we’re not quite sure yet.

Salad Bar Jack is, by far, the best known of the mmmmmm’s, and acts as a balance to Gene Fade. They both appear in Salad Bar Jack action adventure movies. They’re both actors. And actually, as I’m remembering it, Salad Bar Jack’s real name is Grassy Noll. He’s so identified with his famous role that people always confuse the two (even me!). Gene Fade, in the same films, is usually called simply “The Mossman” or “Mossman”, perhaps a slightly or even not-so-slightly demeaning name. Then there’s Dirk Stew, a humanoid toy who plays Rock Meadows in a projected series of movies directed by Gene Fade himself. He plans to move beyond the action-adventure genre in these. Can he pull it off? Will the mmmmmm’s pay their hard earned hard green money to see non-Salad Bar Jack vehicles? That’s the uphill battle he is facing in moving from actor to director, for that was always his destiny.

Going back to Gene Fade’s origins in Jupiter Rock and Frank Park, we also know something about a “Prior” (from “Pryor”), which may be a father or grandfather who came from the park’s Wild Wild West, or what we call the Trident Creek area in the blogs. This figure is attached to Neptune and also the Aquaman “Anti-Superman” superhero. Compared to this, Fade is Uranus, visible to the naked eye in the night sky if you know where to look. This is Superman (Supersity?) revealed?

Heading even further west than Frank Park’s Wild Wild West, we know that Mossmen consider Granddaddy Mtn. verboten to walk upon, and the source of their all powerful Rock Gods. A mystical place named Rubi Doo (Ragi Too?) is associate with the summit.

We also theorize that the Second Life avatar Karoz Blogger is the creation of Gene Fade, and that he considers him his “son” of sorts. Karoz was partly designed to walk the slopes of Grandaddy Mtn. in a safe manner, since, being virtual, he can’t harm the indigenous plant (and animal) life. But the experiment failed. Karoz could not escape his limiting Jeogeot continent circle centered by Mother Noru. Karoz’s mother Sapphire (she adopted him?) called him her precious Aquamarine, but he grew beyond this to become rebellious Aqua Teen. Rebeling caused the circle?

I have all these bits and pieces concerning toy avatardom but I haven’t put all of them together into a larger jigsaw puzzle. It remains unfinished.

And then the marbles — I have them coming from the Key Rock area southwest of Blue Mtn. They originally come from Mythos as well, like the mmmmmm’s apparently. In their case: Bridee, which psychically overlaps my mother’s house in Mythopolis. As a child I played a lot with marbles in this house. Later on I theorized that wilder counterparts to my “tame” toys might have been living inside the walls of the house when I was growing up. They found a forgotten house key in a fake rock lodged in these walls and thought the rock to be a super-marble, which was partly correct according to Hucka D., I believe. This rock in Bridee corresponds exactly to the position of Key Rock and the surrounding Castle Rock area in Blue Mtn’s county of Haze. These wilder marbles also had contact with a house rat named Augustus. Was this the Map Rat? The wild marbles looked down upon their tamed counterparts that I played with. Deemed them washed up. The wild marbles sent a new delegation to replace the older marbles afte they had been beaten up by their constant gaming, like a beat up old football players dented by their many collisons down through the years. This is actually a real story.

The location of Key Rock in Bridee (mother’s house) was between the den and living room wall. The rock totally fascinated the marbles. I believe it represents the main link between microcosm (Bridee) and macrocosm (Haze County), and a way to move between the two. Like the Dr. Who tardis, inside was much larger than outside. The specific ratios involved in the two dimensions are 12 or 13 to 1, or a dozen or Baker’s dozen to one. This relationship is coded into Maebaleia continent’s 12 or 13 to 1 ratio between large Blue Feather Sea and small Blue Drake lake or pool.

I would compare the relationship between wild and tame marbles to that between the wild and tame humans in the movie “Fantastic Planet”, use in a carrcass or a/v synch called “Fantastic Aspic” now. Like these humans, marbles are “pets” — *of* humans in this case, or, specifically, me.

The gargantuan blue Dragg child Tiva compares to me in this way. Her human “pet” Terr compares to my named marbles such as Bob Underston and Big Blue Eye. She has one but I have/had several to many.

Tiva and Terr


Weekend 02

(flips pages)

“But of course this is the one I’m most interesting in,” I said. I pointed again. “Foote”, I said, drawing the magnification out. “Grace, Glen Allan, Panther Burn.” “Foote,” I reinforced, “Then Heads on the other side.”

He looked with me. I also thought of the lyrics, “from my head down to my toes,” as 2 of the 4 Beatles — John and Paul perhaps meaningfully — fall flat, head and feet on same level, as in a corpse.

“Helm may also refer to the helm of a ship,” I said, still looking at the northern part of the same county. “This is the body of Addie.”

“Or someone at the helm,” Hucka Doobie chipped in. “A boss, a captain.”

“Helm could also refer to helmet.”

“Or helmets. Helmets cover heads, like in a fireman’s helmet. Like in a football helmet.”

“Here?” he asked. It was a sly observation by him concerning me.

Hucka D.:

Mississippi is a heavily coded state. You will not be able to find it all in the present. It is for the future. “As I Lay Dying”.


Yes. The present is Winesap.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Cash… money. Bono can’t control. Fully. You’ll win. You’ll see.


Frank Park’s Korean Channel: coded in Mississippi.

Hucka D.:

*Visa versa* (!)


But the combo of Foote and Helm+Heads on opposite sides of Washington County points to a specific body (Addie), but also a *foot*ball *helm*et worn on the *head* for protection. And perhaps a specific football player in part: Ray” Nitschke, former all star linebacker for the Green Bay Packers during the famed Lombardi era. But his success on the field led to a small role in The Monkees’ *Head* movie from 1968, where he was running around banging his helmeted head against the walls of a war trench. Football is War. And that’s where it all goes wonky.

Here’s a related post I found:

The Korean Channel represents one specific tile in the 47 tile “Head Trip”, which I can now say the actual name of thanks to Karl’s interview of me, baker b. In the synch (and attached “Dwarf” album) it’s a channel George Tirebiter is watching that shows a movie about war. Pork Chop Hill is mentioned therein so it’s apparently the Korean War.

Later a Monkee replaces his lost army helmet with Nitschke’s football helmet. War is football.

Hucka D.:

That is an important tile.


Back to marbles and toy avatars, I believe the marbles, through Key Rock or the rock with the key in it at Bridee, were able to turn themselves into *humans*, or at least toy avatar versions. The first of their kind might have actually been named *Rock*. Yes, I’m thinking it may have been Rock Meadows of Whitehead Crossing. He has a strong Elton John vibe going on through Mississippi and Crocodile Rock — one Rock might have named the other Rock. And eventually this leads to Gray Seal (Gray Rock + Seal Stone) on the other side of Fantasia Brick Road going through the center of Whitehead Crossing, a Wilson-Wheeler forwards-backwards phenomenon. Across Big Log from it.


Rediscovery 9/13/15

The territorial extension of Rediscovery continues, with exploration on the south side of Leola Creek this weekend. Below is a picture of a large gully that would contain an interesting and meaningful waterfall in heavier rains. In fact, I’m pretty certain I’ve seen such a phenomenon through the trees while driving down Leola Creek Road during said situation. As with a lot of my pics, the gully is more impressive in person that the photo suggests. I look forward to seeing the temporary waterfall up close sometime. I might even think up a name for it in the meantime.


The paths and roads running through Rediscovery are increasing weekly. An old road was found up from the gully pictured above. Here’s a tree I spotted just off this road, which runs north and west of a local water purification plant.


Beginning around this tree a loose or faint path runs down from the old road along a ridge for about 100 yards or so, until it meets some houses. Here’s what I found at the low end of this path. I’m guessing this is an antiquated water heater but unsure.


Meanwhile the old road becomes grassier and better kept as it continues west around the plant.


This is the general area where I crossed Leola Creek to access the whole “southside” area, a parting shot while heading back to my car parked just off Leola Creek Road. I don’t think I’ll do that a lot, however. Best to park in the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape proper and walk up to Rediscovery. That’s another advantage to Bigfeet I suppose — easier walking access from BMUL.




“Lost in Hermania”

Independent film by Mmmmmm’s. Mmm (*not* Salad Bar Jack!) is lost in the urban landscape of Hermania, unable to escape. Hermania is a burg of quite some significance. Many Mmmmmmm’s live there. Mossmen too (exploiting Mmmmmmm’s?). Marbles as well. Bad ones. Bad ones? Dented.

Known as the first humanistic Mmm related film; beyond action-adventure. Probably low budget as well.

Film deals with rapid growth of Hermania, attracting the “wrong” elements, and the clash of cultures (3Ms). Must remember to be united through TILE and Meeting Rock! Must remember the cooperation of between their ancestors. Not devolve into the warring factions that caused the Wilderness battle, etc.

Must create a street map of Hermania — collaged from other maps. How? Hermania exists between Mars Beach (“south”) and Jupiter Beach (“north”).

How does actor-turned-director Gene Fade, struggling still to fulfill his ambitious (expensive?) “Fade To Moss” art movie, feel about a successful movie by an Mmm that’s pulling in the crowd (mostly other Mmm’s)? Not good, I’m thinking.

What is the population of Hermania? What of the pop. of the ethnic groups? Meeting Rock is seen as a landscape icon, like Hollywood Hills for L.A.



Short post tonight (again).

Re: audiovisual synchs. Going to get into them more. Maybe not creating them per se (har!) but analyzing and extending what I’ve got. A lot! A whole lot. I remember the old good days — or simple days is a better way to put it — when there was just Dark Side of the Rainbow and not a lot else. But of course expansion and all the rewards is better. Still shocked… after all these years. But I want to pace myself as the music is (finally!) running out. The Residents pulled me through the carrcasses alone, but can’t depend on them forever. Will something else move up and take their place as prime audio movers? I suppose it’s possible.

But now I have the collages, correct?

And process art will evolve into something, extending from toy happenings in the Blue Mountain landscape (Billfork, Lion’s Roar, Whitehead X-ing, etc.). So I think it may finally be time to return to The Crossing…..

I’m studying toy avatars in ernest again. It still all seems to revolve around Whitehead X-ing. But I haven’t given up on a toy happening this fall at Bigfeet. Not at all. Long term this Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape is.


Marbles 02





Presley was born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi, the son of Gladys Love (née Smith; April 25, 1912 – August 14, 1958) and Vernon Elvis Presley (April 10, 1916 – June 26, 1979),[12] in the two-room shotgun house built by Vernon’s father in preparation for the child’s birth. Jesse Garon Presley, his identical twin brother, was delivered stillborn 35 minutes before him.[13] As an only child, Presley became close to both parents and formed an especially close bond with his mother. The family attended an Assembly of God church, where he found his initial musical inspiration.[14]

“There can be….

… little doubt



Better call Saul!



*Jack’s son* (Daniel, or Danny) is special.
Shines. Like moonshine.



Right on

(joined in progress)

why it has so much going for it.


Like the football helmet of Nitschke that becomes the army helmet of the Monkee. Obviously reflected *backwards* to the army helmet that Monkey City was named after (Monkey patrol helmet?). But there’s (much) more than that. The helmet is worn on the Head, like the movie Head is the white or yang source of Head Trip. It is exposure to light — dark half hidden for now. Both the movies — the 2 halves of the synch — are 1161. The batters Chance faced in both 1967 and 1968, the years of Trip and Head. Obvious right? Who’s (still) with me?


Zebra. Where is Zebra?

Hucka D.:

Good question Carr.


In the Korean Channel.

Hucka D.:

Isn’t that I Zimbra, however.


“When’s my stuff going to start, Davy?”


On right


“So the marbles started in that trench. That was them banging each other up. Like war. Like football. Football is war. You need a helmet in both.”

Hucka D.:

The football player — Nietzsche is it? — is green and gold (green jersey and gold helmet and pants) and when we see him Pico or Alvarado say they’ve been shooting reds and yellows all day. Green and yellow become red and yellow. This is the equivalency of Frank and Herman Parks (for one thing). Map Rat, and the wedding of Frank and Herman and all. LINK Shooting seems also to refer to marbles, as you shoot marbles in a game of that name. Is it still my turn to talk?



Hucka D.:

Then Nietzsche Nitschke still runs in the trench, and bangs his head against its walls, looking around at all 3 sides afterwards, apparently.



Hucka D.:

But he is a marble. That’s the bottom line. Or his helmet is a marble. He gets dented up. He is an old school player. Green Bay.


Bob Underston.

Ray Nitschke-Head-01

Hucka D.:

Ed Edwardston.

The trench is his grave, like Addie’s. Head to foot. Helmeted head. Foot with an “e”. He gets frustrated; throws the helmet out of the trench toward the Monkee.


Peter. Peter the Monkee.

Hucka D.:

But then he still attempts to bang his now unhelmeted head against the end of the trench. But with the shift of the helmet from one head to another, the war has also shifted from football, a limited field like a limited area in a trench, to a bigger arena: the world. World war. And football has become war. Football per se is now ineffective as a…


Don’t say it.

Hucka D.:






Further insights on Carrcass-1 01

I viewed the first half of Carrcass-1 again yesterday while the wife was in her jewelry class. Again impressed by the power of the synch, especially the central “Captain” region. Is that predicted by GNIRPS like some other parts of the synch?

Well, can’t get into the GNIRPS database right now. Perhaps best to talk to Hucka D. instead.

Hucka D.:

GNIRPS is a place of marriage. Frank and Herman; red and green. Then that makes… you say it…


Then that makes the trench in Head Trip where green and yellow overlap red and yellow a marriage bed. Conjunctio. We’re number 1, and so on.

Hucka D.:

In Bridee marble speak — I’ll go this time — Red and [Yellow and Odd] are the 2 inferior marble colors to superior Green and Blue. Shooting reds and yellow all day is shooting at the inferior races of red and yellow by the green and blue races, if you will. And shooting or bumping heads/bodies with the inferior red and yellow marbles by the superior blue and green, like your Bob Underston (Blue), like my Ed Edwardston (Green). But[ in the end] they get their due.


I do.

Hucka D.:

Queer. Anyhow, to Carrcass-1 and swiftly.


Well, I realized that the cardboard city of 12 Oz Mouse is Blue Mountain, which Don stepped out of, and then *I* stepped out of this summer through Bigfoot — a big step as it were. The reason I think this is that *Peanut* disappears soon afterwards, and that stands directly for the Peanuts region inside the Blue Mountain Urban Landscape which was replaced as a toy happening focus by Bigfoot. So Peanut disappearing in Carrcass-1 is symbolic of this switchover. Actually Golden Joe disappears first. This leaves only 12 Oz Mouse or Ozmo himself, and his sidekick Skillet. Then I think the hole Ozmo finds is further up Leola Creek than Bigfeet, or Wallace/Tinsity, where the F&H/Sunklands Blog began as it were.

Hucka D.:

As it is.


The bug goes down as Don tries to piss (down). *Freeze* the (12 Oz Mouse) DVD, then unpause as the green liquid erupts *up* from the ground as the narrator for Don Aman says “it finally came” — the yellow piss erupts *down*. This the concept of Greenup/Yellow Down, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Indeed it is. Or was.


Then Ozmo and Skillet meet the 4th Angel or 4th Angle. An erection occurs. Mouse and Skillet seem to have made a house in the desert in the meantime.




In looking at that video again, it looks like Ozmo calls it New Agel instead of New Angel or Angle. Like “New Age”. He says this first after Peanut disappears with not even a burn mark.

Hucka D.:

Keep watching…


Then they reach the desert in the wastelands.

Hucka D.:

Maistelands. Had to be said.


A big bug burrows backwards. 4 b’s there, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

A desert is without water, so this (resulting) hole could be the source spring of Leola Creek, an Appalachian Spring after all. Leola Creek then flows by Peanuts in the Urban Landscape… by Bigfeet before that.


Is it Bigfeet or Bigfoot?

Hucka D.:

Your choice. Like feet or foot. 100 foot long swamp or marsh or 100 feet long swamp (or marsh)?


Greenup is a reverse process from Yellow Down. This is the 2 sides of Green Oz at the head of Leola, centered by Wallace/Tinsity.

Hucka D.:



Corr. ect.


Hi Carrcassonnee!





They built that house from their own spit. Spit in the sand day and night. That’s either our present house or our future house or cabin in Blue Mountain, perhaps near or next to Leola Creek, Hucka D. Or perhaps Green Stream over in Whitehead Crossing. But it’s a makeshift house.

He comes out of the house and states that he strongly needs a car. And then a city to drive it in. And that’s when he or she showed up. She/he starts shooting at Ozmo and Skillet. The screen freezes along with the Mexican music just before the attack, but not of my doing this time. Then during the attack Ozmo suddenly remember they have a force field and activates it, forming a protective sphere around them. Couldn’t this be the Rainbow Sphere Lisa The Vegetarian uses to protect or perhaps isolate Tinsity? Quote here…


Hi Tin S. Man! (waves across barrier tree). What’s cooking?

Tin S. Man (looking at ground):

Do you know there are *bones* here. Cow bones if I’m assuming correctly.


Yes. I knew.

Hucka Doobie (flying as a giant bee-man now):

I’m trying to get inside the boundaries but can’t. I’m bouncing off the Tinsity limits like there’s some kind of force field around it.


Spock’s Bones.

Tin S. Man:

Yes. I’m ahead of you now. Feel it.


I invoke the 3333 spell, then.

Hucka Doobie (still bouncing):

A force field!

Tin S. Man:

I have found something. Digging. Bricks. I will take the bricks now. These tiles.


Stop. Those are mine!

Tin S. Man:

Hmmm, looks like they’re within my boundaries now.

Hucka Doobie:

I can’t stop bouncing.

Tin S. Man: (maniacal laugh)

And then here as well…

The spherical force field may be the same as the Rainbow Sphere.

Hucka D.:

You already said that.


Oh. Sorry.

Hucka D.:

Keep watching.


And then he/she walks up after the force field is activated. Mexican music starts again. Ozmo gets a metaphorical erection. “Howdy partner,” she/he says in a dual voice, “is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”. “No it’s a gun,” Ozmo responds. Dual voices, Hucka — mirroring the dual sexuality?

Hucka D. — also this figure isn’t the New Agel, but she mentions the entity as a way to escape the desert, it appears. At this, Ozmo tells Skillet to lower the force field. He thinks he/she is okay since she/he’s also looking for the New Agel to quench her thirst and end the ominipresent heat.

Her actual name is Lee, and it use to be Heaven Lee. But… he has to kill her with a silver bullet she or he supplies. Kill him or her[ I meant]. And that’s The End of 12 Oz mouse, Hucka D. He has to kill him/her before he/she turns into the She-Wolf. Why the specific sex at this point?


Rediscovery 9/17/15 01

Beautiful, rocky Leola Creek on the town side of Rediscovery, a little downstream from the reservoir we’re going to be talking about a lot in the next several posts. I now have a name for the large island in the pool (Finger Island) but not the pool itself. Heck I suppose I’ll just call it Finger Res., after the dominating island. Makes sense for now.


And here it is: The most prominent “finger” (finger-shaped rocky penninsula) of Finger Island protruding into Finger Lake or Reservoir. It’s really quite an odd phenomenon, and to double the mystery there’s another similar if smaller finger on the other side. I should call it Fingers Lake/Fingers Island probably, but those don’t have the same ring as Finger Lake/Finger Island. So I’ll just credit the more prominent example in the names.

This is, by the way, what I’d consider a classic shot of The Finger from the path running along the north side of the lake.


Finger Lake as seen from the west. I was on the lower rocks of the banned Rediscovery waterhole I’ve mentioned before when taking these shots. I dare not go further upstream for fear of being seen by passing cars on Leola Creek Road, especially a police car. 😮 It’s difficult to see someone from much of Finger Island from the same road.


The Finger itself from the bordering weeds. It’s really an odd phenomenon. Basically straight as an arrow and equally wide down its approx. 20 foot length it is, until we reach a neatly tapered end. Through information that’s starting to stream in from other directions, let’s say, I think an association with The Point of Herman Park’s Drink Lake may be in order. I’ll go into that further later on, if so.


The Finger from another point of Finger Island.


A bay on the south side of the lake as seen from the island.


The second, smaller and slightly lower “finger” of the island. I think I’ll call it “The Pinkie” or just Pinkie. But you can tell it is of very similar design. The further description of “spookily similar” is not out of order here I don’t believe.

The Pinkie points directly toward the banned Leola Creek waterhole in the background.


Finger Lake dam on the pool’s opposite side from its dominating island.



Rediscovery 9/17/15 02

We now move down and across Leola Creek to the new part of Rediscovery uncovered the weekend before this one. LINK . The below photos show more details of a central gully I mention at the first of that earlier post I just linked to, which in heavier rain, would create quite a nice little waterfall I would suppose. I don’t have a name for this “falls” yet. Could this possibly be the fabled lost Marble Falls, where marbles fall back into reality that have been misplaced in previous times?



Another shot of an old road that bisects the gully along its way. This is the one that runs both north and west of a Blue Mountain water treatment plant.


Another surprise: the stream that sometimes flows through this gully with the projected falls has a very physical and concrete source.


I actually looked up this model and found the following link:


If we continue east along the road pictured above, we soon encounter a wetter, weedy part that’s harder to traverse, acting as a pretty efficient barrier between Water Plant Road to the east and points west (like the gully). This colorful log was found on the other side of the seep.


Continuing along this road toward Water Plant Road we encounter yet more evidence of camping past and perhaps even present.




Rediscovery 09/19/15

Cattails of Bigfeet Swamp. For now, I’m reverting the name of the area surrounding this swamp to Bigfoot (instead of Bigfeet), but the swamp retains the changed name. I do this for google search reasons, and the need to keep hiding my local woodsy finds from, well, the locals.


*Bigfeet* Swamp intake in *Bigfoot*, then. Confusing? Well, tuff. 🙂


Then it’s over to Finger Lake in Rediscovery again. Nice green algae at the bottom, but this is suppose to represent the reservoir we get the town’s drinking water from? Hmm.


The Finger of Finger Lake once more.


Upstream: the banned waterhole again. In the center of the photo you can see a rather complex rock cairn that has formed on one of its larger rocks since last weekend. Nice.


Waterhole > Finger Lake, its namesake, weed bedecked island ablaze in the sun. Actually about the only thing you can make out on the island is the small Pinkie peninsula, emerging from the near side of the overexposed region and pointing right at us.


Finger Island and another mysterious thing about it: what appears to be some kind of purposeful stick creation near its eastern tip. Looks human-made to me.


More close up. What is the purpose of this?


Discolored, oily water at the tip of the finger.


The small rocks composing The Finger continue underwater past this tip.



Rediscovery 09/19/15 > 09/20/15

Joe Pye weeds of Finger Island, with flowers a bit past their peak color.


The Finger from its tip. So regular and un-natural seeming.


This is the place off the path running along the northern shore of Finger Lake where I accessed the island. I suppose the associated rock pictured below becomes Access Rock? You simply cross the trunk of a small fallen tree just below the rock to easily reach the island. I would guess Finger Island is a third as big as the whole lake itself. Could be overestimating this.


Weeds along the trail. We are definitely on the doorstep of autumn.


These stepping stone style rocks are where I cross Leola Creek below the Finger Lake dam to get to the most southern part of Rediscovery.


Nearby elongated rock in the center of the creek.


Looking back toward the dam from the crossing.


A house probably marking the eastern edge of Rediscovery, where wilderness meets civilization again.


And then we come to locations from the next day, which would be yesterday as I’m writing this text. This is the first time this summer — and years and years actually — that I’ve explored this region, which can be accessed by an old road splitting off from Water Plant Road to the *south* (as Rediscovery lies north of this same road). Much more woods are found here, with multiple old roads crossing the area. The below photo depicts a more open area in these woods.


These snapshots comes from the edge of a a torn down plant once making top secret electronics.


with The Hill in the background



Actually I’m not going to say much more except to point out that there are a number of phallic references connected to Finger, TN below.



Finger, Tennessee:,_Tennessee


According to tradition, the city received its name when the townspeople upon deciding a suitable name noticed a man’s passionate hand gestures.[4]

The Finger Diner was the original model for the Hard Rock Cafe chain.[5]




I’ve decided to rename Finger Island into Hand Island, with the attached lake it dominates likewise turning into Hand Lake. I do this because there’s clearly not one finger-like extension projecting from the main bulk of the island, but *two*. My reasoning is that the other 3 fingers are represented but hidden, perhaps clustered together like this…


… or maybe even this.


There’s deeper reasons for the name change, however. When feeling the initial desire to turn Finger Island into Hand Island because of the two fingers conundrum outlined above, my mind also turned back to Herman Park and a projected *fourth* lake to be created by Lisa The Vegetarian there called, well, Hand Lake — to complement the perhaps already created Heart Lake, Head Lake, and then soon to be created Health Lake, the last of the four. This duplicates the composition of the 4Hs in the 4H club pledge and famous 4 leaf clover emblem: head, heart, hands and health. There we have a plural form of the same word we’ve applied to the Blue Mountain pool: “hand” to “hands”. But the thing is, Hand (or Hands) Lake was reportedly the only one of the 4 never fulfilled by Lisa V.

References to this from the Frank and Herman Einstein Blog:

“Thanks for that information, Hucka D.,” I said. He smiled. He went to the shelf and removed a red book. Small — no title on the spine or on the front. He opened to page 156.

Noticing this I said, “I’ve already received that message.”

“Received it more,” he came back levelly. He continued to flip through it. “Have you read about Drink Lake yet? Fascinating. You know Lisa the Vegetarian was given Hand Lake and then decided to expand it through this book. The book is the father. Norris was a father; Anderson was a father. Together they created a memory pool of Sandusky County and Clyde extending almost from the years 1860 to 1900, a two score. Booger was told of this.”

McCartney charges Lisa the V. to center the US of A in Arkansas, and kind of tells her how to do it. She creates Head Lake, Heart Lake, Hand Lake, and then Health Lake spinning the opposite direction. To control the spin she must buy all of neighboring Wealthy Mountain — actually Health Lake and Wealthy Mountain are part of one complex, along with Wysei [ which you haven’t found yet]. Then she expanded Hand Lake through the TILE Creek, which was showing off her genius for the first, real time.


Real genius for the first time, you mean.

Hucka D. (continuing):

That expansion is very important. You must study it this spring. For without that expansion, Herman Park does not exist. All would be in the aether still.


I will. I promise.


Who are the singers?

Hucka D.:

They are the genius of Lisa the Vegetarian. They are the expansion of Hand Lake. They are TILE Creek. They will protect.

In addition, Lisa the Vegetarian had several June 2015 posts devoted to her after she topped the voting in the Mystenopolis town deity contest. As far as I know she still holds this rank, even though I, through Baker Bloch, soon left the Mysten sim to return to the Rubi Woods.

So what about this expansion of Hand Lake into TILE Creek, extending from Hand Spring to Drink Lake and a bit beyond?

Well, let’s first explain I also found out this morning that Hand Lake (former Finger Lake once more) lies directly north of Drink Lake, and both bodies of water are sources of drinking water for their respective towns of Blue Mountain and Boulder. *Both* are drinking lakes. In the below 2 images from GoogleEarth, the position of The Finger in Hand Lake is placemarked by a yellow pin, and then a corresponding spot directly south of it in the middle of Drink Lake is similarly marked with a yellow pin. Toggle back and forth to see the overlap. The pin locations are less than 4 miles apart. I was quite surprised to find out how close the 2 pools were.



These are my preliminary thoughts:

The Finger formation of Hand Lake *has* to be the working of Lisa The Vegetarian. She reinforced this through the creation of a second, smaller finger-like extension from the same dominating lake island. She clearly wanted *me* to understand that this was the legendary Hand Lake, *created* but then *displaced* into the Blue Mountain area from the Boulder area. She displaced it directly north of the lake she created *in place* of it near Boulder, or the considerably larger Drink Lake. The Mmms moved in sometime after this. Hermania was created sometime after this. Mossmen learned of the location, and Herman Park as a whole.

Last thoughts for now:

Overlapping Hand Lake and Drink Lake pins and replacing land south of former with south of latter gives the following image, where the two towns of Blue Mountain and Boulder effectively touch in the general pin regions. The 2 town water plants are also obviously a focus of the overlap; they’re also directly north-south of each other, and also “touch” boundaries in the below image.


If we eliminate land *north* of Hand Lake and replace it with land north of Drink Lake instead, we get the following, with the disappearance of both towns and setting the joined drinking lakes in a relative wilderness setting….


(to be continued)



I’m glad that Hucka D. is starting to attend meetings with Carrcassonnee. Or should I refer to him as Hucka Doobie now? hehe. We’ll see how long it lasts. Short attention span that man-insect has! But I get the gist. Carrcassonnee’s diner is symbol of Hand Lake, as the larger TILE Temple that she originally inhabited in the newest version of Collagesity is Drink Lake. We know now that the two, in real life, are directly north and south of each other — as the temple and diner were (as well) in fake or virtual life. That’s another link or resonance. Further, both Hand and Drink are drinking lakes, and have a water plant nearby that also have a direct north-south relationship. Directly. Hucka D. has stated that a Fringe event has happened in the center of Hand Lake in past/present/future, and *caused* The Finger. Interesting theory. Carrcassonnee seems to back it up but unsure still. The rock in the Collagesity diner is supposedly owned by Peter SoSo, who may be the same as Fringe’s Peter. Carrcassonnee might even double for Olivia, as we’ve talked about before. LINK



If there’s something to all this, Reiden Lake must figure into the mix, a place linking the two realities of Earth depicted in Fringe….



I’m getting hints that Hucka D. doesn’t want me to talk about that much yet. So let’s go here instead: the image of a lake as a hand that basically seals up the whole Falmouth collage series, acting as an Omega element…


(The actual lake in the extended collage) is Tarn at Leaves near Stonetwaite. TaL is filled with algae, as I know Hand Lake is now when visiting midday this past weekend. Mr. Bean has become one with the lake or tarn; seems to be laying down on its shore and drinking from it or perhaps even drowning in it — becoming one with it either way. Same basic color. Then extending from *his* body is an upright map version of Lake Horton in Nauvoo, Illinois, a place famous for the death of Joseph Smith, prophet and founder of Mormonism. The lake contains a single island which is called Gilligan’s Island. And the lake is shaped like a hand of sorts.

Gilligan’s Island is another Omega Point.

bent thumb

(to be continued)


Notes and News

Outside: rain rain rain for the past week and more coming. So no new blog posts on the greater Blue Mountain area. 😦 But I plan to take several days off soon for fall leaf hiking when it dries out, and to still create some kind of toy happening… somewhere. Maybe Bigfeet Swamp. Maybe Rediscovery. Maybe still in Herman or Frank Park (Whitehead Crossing?).

I’ve taken advantage of being basically stuck indoors recently to create a new carrcass, or what in real life I call an audiovisual synchronicity. I can’t give much detail about it, however.* Currently I’m sprucing up The Table, a directly attached creation. I should have the carrcass ready for viewing by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Hucka D.:

I heard you want to talk about the latest creation. And the hiking. Where to put the happening? You’ll see.


* Except this: Remember.


Rediscovery > Wealthy Mountain

Yesterday, tried to reach Bigfeet Swamp for more hiking fun and toy happening scans but was blocked by the high water of Leola Creek. I could try wading, but that’s risky if you can’t really see the bottom well because of the slippery rocks involved.


So I instead walked just uphill to Rediscovery (parking my car at the town mall once more). This is Leola Creek again, just below the Hand Lake dam.



The dam. Water is still pouring out of the mountains, despite the rain having stopped several days back. But man did it come down in the 2 weeks before that.


I was pleased to find the The Finger of Hand Lake still intact, if a bit shrunk and soggy looking. Compare with here from about 2 weeks ago.


Yesterday I also decided to head over to Wealthy Mountain in Herman Park for what turned out to be a considerably more extensive hike, where I visited both Lion’s Roar and Tinsity/Green Oz Creek in the same sweep. Here’s a nice little falls about halfway up the side of Wealthy Mtn. on a fork of Byng Creek that I don’t think I’ve taken a picture of for this blog yet. About a 30 footer, I would reckon, a gently cascading affair. Considerably more dramatic in person that it appears in the below photo.


Near the top o’ Wealthy Mountain looking out toward lower land to the south.


A more prominent rock of Wealthy Mountain on a branch of Green Oz Creek.


A shot from the Wallace/Tinsity area already covered in some detail in the related blog category.


Colorful Tinsity fern. The leaves appear almost a bit past their peak here, but perhaps all the rain has dampened the fall colors, as it were. The actual peak for the Blue Mountain region traditionally comes in about a week’s time from now.


I plan to take 1 or 2 more days off next week for hiking possibilities. A fun time of the year!