Baker Blinker Blog Book I: Pre-Jeogeot I 01 (Feb/Mar 2008 01 of 01)

Baker’s Island & Lighthouse


Baker’s Island off the coast of Cape Breton. 1.86 kilometers n-s and 9.4 kilometers e-w. Owned in RL by one William Baker. Read his story here.
Translated into SL, this becomes the island of another baker, baker Blinker, who is also known as Baker Breton. In Yahoo search of images with “baker breton”, image above is on first pg. of search, 14th overall when last checked.;_ylt=A0geu8B.v7xHBD4B2aRXNyoA?ei=UTF-8&p=baker%20breton&fr2=tab-web&fr=yfp-t-501


Translated into sims, Baker’s Island would cover approximately 8×4 sims of 256×256 meters. 32 sims, then. I see it as located in a limbo region, actually, between SL and RL, or possibly in another, neighboring virtual reality closer to RL. I also can see it as a “moon” of SL, or perhaps a planet like Pluto at the very edge of an SL oriented solar system in the future. Time will tell.


To Be Continued…

View from Lighthouse translated into Second Life (SL)


In SL, I do not actually own an island or even any part of an SL sim. I am a wanderer, being a relative SL newb and having zero lindens for now. I have not gotten the hang of SL building yet. This is a scripted island, thus. All locations are from a Gov. Linden owned sim on Sansara continent. I will withhold its name for now [3/28/08: I”m giving it out now: It is Kerchal]. I found it running the Linden roads one night, as I like to do. I briefly thought of using the Forest of Kahruvel for “filming” but it is too mountainous. RL Baker’s Island looks like it has only small hills at best. Besides, that forest is playing its part in another story from someone considerably older to SL ways than I. Check out the beginning here:

There I am!


Then, over a grassy hillock, a stone hand with eye!

This is actually a collage of stone hand w/ eye and the SL forest location mentioned before. Yes, this has something to do with the SL logo. It is not in the forest, yet it is. baker recalls reading about a stone marker for a grave of John Low while researching Baker’s Island, and wonders if this could somehow be related.

To Back Up A Bit…

Shortly after being reborn into Second Life, I found myself naturally drawn to the quite vast Forest of Kahruvel mentioned in previous posts. It seems like many, many months since I first flew along the northern line of this park at night, following the paved road for part of the way, and the coast the rest of the way. Yet it has only been about 3 weeks, probably. It didn’t make a huge impression upon me the first time, admittedly, but then I found myself coming back again and again. A closer study of Salazar Jack’s blog made me appreciate the relatively deep mythology behind the forest, and the name change involved. HeadBurro AntFarm’s blog about the exploration of Cowell after his transformation into half-man, half-antelope prompted me to reexplore the same. The builders’ fascination with the number 8 through repeated use of the octagon in designs, in retrospect especially (see posts above this), added another inviting aesthetic and intellectual coloring to the increasingly rich picture. What *was* the meaning of all this? Like several before me, apparently, I was also attracted to the obelisk on the island in the corner of the Rodeo sim.


One day, not long after conducting my first experiments with building in SL in the same spot, I came across this very curious find, which connected to another story in a quite different part of Sansara, not too awfully far from the woods I decided to use as cinematic backdrop for the Baker’s Island storyline. And, yes, this is another collage, because I wanted to build this eye, but simply didn’t have the necessary skill set, you see. So I relied on old talents.


The eye was then taken back to a treehouse in the unnamed forest (that’s the 3rd forest mentioned here, in case you’re counting), where I knew, or at least someone knew that the thing could be opened there safely. The thing is, all this really happened in reverse: the eye was opened first, then closed, then placed in the Rodeo sim corner. And so it’s not surprising that there were time and space distortions involved, loss of memory, the usual stuff.


Yeah, it’s best to start here, then. The eye was opened, then closed, then stashed in the sim corner for me to find but which I’d already found. Obviously we must move on from this for further clarification (I’ll get to that involved map of AZ/NM again soon, I suspect).

The Answer Is Here And Not Here

Yep, moving on. Bye bye!

This Is Not The 9th

I was island hopping in the vast archipelago of SL the other night when I came across this queerer island devoted to the worship of the number 8, it appears. I won’t give the exact coordinates [3/28/08: yes I will now], but it’s real enough in SL dimensions. I created a landmark upon this visit to come back to later, and when I did, for some reason I teleported directly into this observatory at the top of a building that I’d missed before, although I thought I’d taken in the whole island in cursory form at the time. snapshot37_003small.jpg

So of course I had to look through the telescope. Amazing spinning cosmos above! I had only viewed the sky through the telescope perhaps 20 seconds or so when I spotted a tiny bit of cosmos that was a little less blurred, a little sharper edged compared to all else spinning around so quickly within the lens. I used my focus tool in combo with the telescope’s “natural” magnification to zoom in closer. In this way, I could lock on a particular portion of the sky and stabilize the rotation. It couldn’t be, but there it was: Baker’s Island — in the sky! So I was right about it being a moon of SL, or perhaps a moon of the SL system as a whole, thinking of Pluto again as possibly just an escaped satellite of the 8th planet Neptune. Hard to tell how far away it was with this crazy ass telescope, and the fact that the roof itself seemed act as an additional, giant lens to the configuration. Did this rotating cosmos above me only represent a tiny fraction of the sky above SL? And, if so, why did it just happen to contain the part with the teeny weeny Baker’s Island?



I used a bit of synchronicity to make the determination that Baker’s Island was, in fact, not a planet within the SL system, but a moon or sub-planet at best. Let me google the latest term for former planet Pluto to check. Yes, the politically correct term for Pluto, Eris, and other, similar sized bodies orbiting our RL sun is “dwarf planet”, which I gather is not much better than moon status.

But the reason I determine this was that, after all, I just happened to find this planet using a telescope owned by a group that worships the number 8. Then it came together for me: someone here, perhaps the group as a whole, was studying the “9th” just to argue this very point. The SL solar system stops at 8, just like our RL solar system. Neat and tidy, an octave of completion. So Baker’s Island is the Pluto of this particular system. Is it the actual Baker’s Island off the coast of Cape Breton, or at least an exact replica? I had set up a faux Baker’s Island using a extensively wooded, flat sim in the southwestern part of the Sansara continent. Did I need to find a way to this perhaps much more real Baker’s Island? I had some pondering to do.

Chance Upon Bushes

So I decided to return to the faux Baker’s Island, as I’m calling it in part, to investigate the grounds further. My recent research of this particular sim via google search highlighted its special nature. Although, again, I won’t go into detail here or specifics, save to say that it really does seem to be the closest thing SL has to the forest of Baker’s Island, albeit only a small fraction thereof. As I also said before, it’d take 32 of these “empty” sims to cover Baker’s Island. Let me add that up. Even subtracting any upfront costs, like you would have w/ regular SL islands, that’s still $9400 of land fees every month ($295 per sim). Bet humble Bill Baker, RL owner of Baker’s I./Henry I., doesn’t pay that much a month on his low interest loan used to buy his island! Back to the investigation.

Found these 3 translucent cubes in the south-center of the sim, and couldn’t resist the temptation to sit on ’em. Creator’s name is Torley Linden of SL video tutorial fame. So that didn’t seem so mysterious since this is Gov. Linden land after all.


Here’s something I ran into early on in my investigation of this sim but had a hard time re-finding, perhaps because of all the trees surrounding it. We’ll say that anyway. Eventually I did spot it again several days later (or several hrs. later, SL time), and discovered it to be the creation of another Linden, Ben this time, who claimed it to be a tree planter, 1.1 version. But all of the trees of this forest seem to be the spawn of yet another Linden, Eric this time, who I later learned had long left Linden Labs but remains famous inworld for his many notable creations thoughout the metaverse, including terrain and landscape work. Again, this didn’t seem very mysterious, but I still wasn’t sure.


He ho, what’s this? Two pieces of vegetation that weren’t trees — the first I had found of this kind. I quickly scanned for creator/s, and found both to be the product of a non-Linden simply called “Chance”, with the objects titled “Pointy Bush, High” and “Pointy Bush, Low.”

Here was my next lead!


I’m sure many of you hard core and/or long in the tooth Second Lifers remember LL’s promotion of the great, second continent to follow the first (Sansara) in 2005, which turned out to be the Heterocera Atoll. In studying up on SL history and this atoll in particular, in trying to broaden my knowledge of SL beyond just the first continent that had dominanted my explorations up to this point, ran across these promotional items heralding the event on SLebay. One or two of you reading this may even have a set of these at your RL home, perhaps laying forgotten in the back of a basement closet. Have to check how many were sold. I just love the way the pillow representing Sansara holds up a 1 and the smaller pillow, shadowing the new, then planned-to-be interlocking continent, flashes a 2 with its tinier hand. The actual relationship turned out to be a little different — they are actually separate land masses, divided by a strait several sims wide.


When I saw the oddly pointed bushes in the faux Baker’s Island forest, my mind shortly returned to these promotional items. What was it that made me relate the two together? I kept asking myself. Last night, in trying to think of a follow up post for “Chance Upon Bushes”, it hit me: ragged, triangular jags verses smooth, rectangular lines. The bushes were all about the former, these pillows the latter. But there was more; the interlocking part. The bushes I captured in my snapshot below did not overlap, but somehow I knew they did nonetheless. I used the paint program that came with my windows system to isolate these bushes from the background and then color them differently. I chose orange and yellow-green because they lie between the red and green of the pillows. It seemed to fit. When I did this, and then combined the two shapes in a logical manner, merging one common, prominent angle to form a new whole, the following resulted…


A simple 50% reduction of the width of this image gives us the outline of something that looks a whole lot like our Baker’s Island.


I don’t think I’m reaching here, but to clarify further I’d have reveal preliminary conclusions that would make me seem quite mad to some. One obvious link is the keyword “Low”. Small steps with this, but I will say that I am now convinced my chancing upon, as well, the Baker’s Island image in the telescope at the 8-worshipping island was no accident. Not in the least.

Isle of Baker/ Magic Bench of the Pod Peaple

The inspiration for this particular post was the discovery of yet another “Baker’s Island”, this time in SL itself. To avoid confusion I’ll call this particular landmark “Isle of Baker”. Again, no details, but it’s very close to the new rezzing spot I mention in the post above this (yes, I’m writing these in backwards order). I thought it comical and mystical that this island was so close.

Then I quickly moved on to a comparison with the Rodeo corner island that is also brought up in the above post. Hmmm. The Rodeo isle is smaller but somewhat similar in size. Both isles contain two distinct buldges at either end, larger and smaller, with a bridging, middle neck. In both cases, this neck is crooked or bent, and inside the crook we have the remains of a ruin. I’ll get back to the ruins shortly. But the most important comparison to make here is between the equally long, gray objects on the respective smaller buldges. Click the pictures below to see enlargements. I cued the two pictures together directly through these objects; open each in a separate window and toggle between the two to see this effect.



The elongated gray object on “Isle of Baker – Not” is in fact a quite valuable historic relic in the shape of an obelisk, half buried in the sand. I’ll shortly refer you to other locations that talk about this relic in more detail. The companion object on Isle of Baker is not an obelisk or anything remotely magical on the surface, but merely an ordinary wooden bench, faded to gray over time. But I could not dismiss the connection so easily. I checked out this “ordinary” bench in some detail…


On the ground beneath I found the peculiar object pictured below. It was a pea pod with 5 individual peas partially protruding out of their protective shelter. Each had a different color. I could not help noticing that these were the same 5 colors illustrated in the “Brainstorm” post below. Further moving it beyond coincidence is the fact that the red and green shapes here were squares, mirroring the red and green square pillows. Also the olive and orange colors between them were round but also contained slices, making a number of angles at each “pole”. These had to be representations of one and the same idea. But what was it??? Peas… why a pea pod??




I didn’t mean to do it at all but I apparently messed up Edna’s (wife’s) avatar tonight. I was visiting the SL Exchange Marketplace for the first time and raking in freebies right and left. In the gathering process, I scooped up a couple of free avatars, including a giant eyeball. Long story short, I screwed up my own account and had to use Edna’s name and SL login to “buy” the stuff. Went to my usual rezzing spot to open the bought inventory boxes, but could not physically enter the sim for some reason. So I resorted to my older spot in the corner of Rodeo. Didn’t realize it at the time, but I think it was fate that it happened in this hot corner, since I’d made the collage with the shut eye there as seen in the “To Back Up A Bit…” post on this blog. I now think this collage at least partially prefigured the later faux pas. Anyway, unpacked the box there and chose “copy and wear” when prompted. Admittedly the eyeball avatar was pretty cool, but then I thought I could just hit detach and it would all go away and Edna Blinker as himself/herself would be back, but it didn’t work! Instead left behind was what looked like a small African-American child, not higher than 3 feet tall, relatively speaking. I was shocked. And I couldn’t get Edna’s former looks back no matter how hard I tried. So I thought, we’ll I’ve screwed up anyway, let’s see what this free Space Ghost avatar will look like on her. So I copied and wore that as well and then Edna looked like a midget Space Ghost, essentially without any legs. So I kept fiddling and finally restored Space Ghost’s full figure, and even returned the original Edna’s faded jeans and tie dye shirt. But I couldn’t get back the face or body.

Edna was out of the house at the time of of the crisis, but when I told her I ruined the Edna B. avatar upon her return she was fairly upset. She’d had a rough day anyway. Told her I meant well and that I was gathering up freebies for her and me both. Luckily she had no real ties to SL using this avatar, so she can start anew with little trouble. Her appearance was just a modification of one of the Linden pre-sets, so she can basically recreate her look under a new name. The freebies were pretty cool and all, but they don’t make up for the sadness I feel.

Maybe I can figure out a way to get her Edna Blinker back. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Shake ‘N Bake, I suppose

Baker Blinker was halfway across the Sansara continent when his faux Mysti HUD alerted him to a presense in the [delete name] sim. Knowing few visitors traversed this lonely region, baker was well aware that a new contact/clue may be awaiting him upon teleporting in, like the stone hand and pointy bushes before this. baker’s first flyover produced a visual, surprising him a bit since objects in the forest tend to be rather difficult to spot in this manner. The visitor appeared to be a gleaming white cylinder of some kind, roughly the same length perhaps as himself/herself, and with a smaller, purple tube, it appeared, protruding from the slightly wider end. The appearance was one of a small, crashed ship of some kind, and thus, logically enough, baker wondered if this was not the visitor he expected, but just a vehicle of locomotion for such a stranger. But even at this beginning point in their relationship, when baker even doubted the object was a living, breathing creature, he couldn’t help but notice that the colors were exactly the same as his own, and in roughly the same proportion body-wise.


First things first, though. baker landed a safe distance away from what he then thought was probably a craft, wondering if the visitor was perhaps still inside. Using a tree as a shield he crept in closer…


Too late! The object, suddenly animated, moved swiftly and enveloped him (her), then quickly ascending into the sky, and dragging poor, hapless baker with it in its bowels — like a misfitting attachment gone hideously wrong. Far above the tree line, Baker, now both Baker and Not Baker, looked around and also realized this was no faux planet any more. Up and down his line of vision were acres and acres of forest sandwiched between two vast swaths of sea, and with a high end and low end. Baker’s Island truly revealed!!


Another Baker

As Baker Blinker is perhaps indisposed for a considerable amount of time, what with being merged with that same colored cup creature as seen in the last post here, and apparently on a different planet separate from the main Second Life grid even, it seemed necessary to create another baker avatar to replace the first. Thus Baker Bloch is born. Here Baker #2, hereafter just Baker or Baker Bloch, is seen just after materializing at the magic bench formerly visited by Baker Blinker. The multihued pea pod is nowhere to be found, but this Baker has a more specific mission than the first during his initial visit.


Having some time to kill before his meeting, Baker explores some of the underwater realm near Isle of Baker, including this scenic protrusion of rock at the meeting place of 4 sims.


A 1 minute late baker baker shows up at the prearranged rendezvous area after 3 hours and 20 minutes of exploring. A mysterious, pointy orange entity, whose shape should be familiar to the reader by now, waits impatiently atop an exposed area of tiled floor within the ruins.

“Mr. Low I presume,” Baker says in greeting.


Lazy And Quick

Mr. Low was not exactly a kind master. The task Mr. Low gave our new Baker avatar was the creation of a 3 stone graveyard. Mr. Low insisted that no Linden dollars be spent on this task, and also that the cemetery must be in as permanent and stable an enviroment as possible given the imposed limitations. Mr. Low also insisted that Baker must not begin his task until he spies, from his magic bench that he must otherwise hang around in the meantime, one animal on top of another animal. And it must be from this bench and no other vantage point. Mr. Low insisted the sight would be obvious.

Thus Baker Bloch resurfaced to his island (Isle of Baker) from the underwater ruins and sat on the bench to begin his wait. Unfortunately this baker does not have quite the patience of the Blinker one, and so when the sight did occur he was about to wander away from the bench. This was about 20 minutes, SL time, after Baker had resurfaced. Baker shivered at the thought of what the creepy Mr. Low might do to him if the portent had been missed. Below is a re-creation of what he saw over the sim-wide sea to the east of the isle. Not exactly what Baker thought of when hearing Mr. Low’s descripition of one animal atop another, but, like he said, it was certainly obvious enough. His quest had begun.

Baker probably explored 15-20 nearby sims before finding a spot fairly close to Isle of Baker to create his graveyard. The trick was that he had to find *remote* property where the Object Return option was set to “zero,” yet which still allowed him to manifest the needed headstones from his inventory (freebies from SL Exchange Marketplace, once more). Just by chance, it seemed, an ordinary orange chair was already sitting atop a rock next to the place Baker had deemed best for his materialization.


Task completed, a satisfied baker sits in the orange chair, taking in the spectacular seascape around the new graveyard.


Sans Fur ‘N Feathers


Resting Place

Baker Bloch was in no hurry to return to the lair of Mr. Low for his anticipated second task, so he decided to walk back and enjoy the underwater views. To his disappointment it took only 19 minutes altogether, leisurely strolling around the edges of 3 sims total. So that made it about a 256×3 meter walk, for a total of 768 meters, or around 3/4ths of a kilometer. It’s as close as he could get with the cemetery, he believed.


Upon arriving back at the temple ruins where he had been meeting Mr. Low, unlike all other times there was no Mr. Low about. Always he appeared floating, spectre-like, atop the cleared tile floor that Baker stares at in the snapshot below. Baker searched the entire ruins and the area surrounding it. He even went up to Isle of Baker to look around, although Mr. Low insisted he had never been above water in SL, and rarely even went away from the ruins.


After Baker had just decided to hunker down for the night in the spooky ruins to await his master, he turned around in his mind the possible reasons for Mr. Low’s request to build the cemetery. Do the 3 stones represent fallen comrades, perhaps those that landed on the SL planet with Mr. Low that he scathingly mentioned once before? And also Baker had the strong suspision that Mr. Low himself was not really corporeal within SL; he too was a ghost here. Baker jokingly pictured to himself Mr. Low requesting his own headstone, the 4th, for his second task. Then a series of thoughts rapidly culminated in the obvious: the a priori presence; the color; the lining up with the other 3 tombstones; the position higher than the rest. Mr. Low was lowest no longer.

The Orange Chair!!





Okinu “Crop Circles”?

Now that Baker Bloch had finally put the sinisterish Mr. Low truly to rest, he decides to use his unexpected new freedom to explore more of the Second Life geography. A wider scan of the seascape around Isle of Baker seemed a natural extension of his initial attraction to underwater exploration in this world. In preliminary teleportations along a route he thought might make for an interesting Sea-fari, he discovered the strange sand colored, geometric markings on an otherwise dark green colored sea bottom on the southern edge of the Okinu sim, in the north central part of the Sansara continent.


Following these markings like stepping stones (queer, perhaps, that the first two of these have a distinct “L” shape), a short distance north of the sim’s lower edge he was surprised once more by shapes like this larger sandy patch, again with sharply defined edges based on the outline and perpendiculars of the square, obviously.

The snapshot below is from a second visit, during the actual 1st “Sea-fari” Baker Bloch went on. Just as in his preliminary study, the small marks that lead to bigger sandy areas such as this lay on the very southern edge of the sim. The drop off you see in the first snapshot of this post is the same as this edge.


The regular markings were strange enough in themselves. But here comes the really weird part. When Baker visited the sim a third time to further explore the strange markings, again walking the southern edge of the Okinu sim to find the initial “stepping stones,” he could not find them! He walked and also flew across this edge a number of times, but no luck. A little further north of the edge he did find the same kind of markings again, but nothing seemed familar. Also in flying over the sim at a higher elevation, and unchecking the “Enable Rippling Water” under Graphical Detail Preferences (allowing him a much better look at the bottom of the sea from the sky), he also saw the vast extent of these markings. They indeed covered the entire sim and then beyond! In further exploring neighboring sims, he found that the sand and green colored sea bottom ran across a number of them, but only in the Okinu sim, for some reason, did the alternations have the geometric sharpness of those pictured in this post.

The 3 snapshots below give you a small taste of the variety of shapes Baker Bloch encountered during his exploration of the sim.




Back to the changing locations/shapes of these patterns, though. The first snapshot below this particular part of my text here is from the third visit to the sim, when I’d already noticed that the geometric patches were shifting/changing. Knowing that I had this picture of the corner of the sim already in place, I decided to go back and take a snapshot of this same corner, from sort of the same angle. This provides visual proof that I’m not going crazy, ha ha, and that, yes, the bottom of the sea floor is changing.



And when Baker Blinker decided to visit the phenomenon and put her little artistic signature on the location (see “Mooniplutonianites” post before this… I’ll have more to say about that later, perhaps), she also noticed that there seemed to be more hills in the region, as seen in the several meter high raises in the middle of the large formation below.

So I would encourage lovers of mysteries to visit the sea bottom at Okinu to see for themselves this odd phenomenon; a few teleportations, at the most, should give you a visual of one of the patterns. Just don’t expect the same patterns upon beaming in another day!


The Legendary Hilo Peak?

Exploring to the north of Isle of Baker near a popular island park, found these several small buttes clumped together. And right pretty too, aren’t they?

Of considerably more substance, seemingly, is this nearby high, needle sharp peak, a jarring contrast to the small, flat topped hillocks above. My best guess is that this may be the one and only Hilo Peak of pre-Linden Lab lore, once worshiped by the Ancient Ones as the “highest of the low”, which means that they considered it the highest peak entirely below the sea level of the Second Life sea regions present in their day. While it may not seem so high in the first photo here…



…the presence of a deep gorge immediately to the west makes for a truly dramatic rise as seen from its bottom. My estimation puts the total rise at 17 meters to needle spire top from the gorge’s bottom, which registers at “zero” elevation and thus making it the very bottom of the original sea area. The top of the needle is about 2 meters, if that, below the 19 meter level of the ocean at this location. While some of the newer sea locations created after the Ancient Ones had disappeared entirely from the continent have deeper bottoms, this still remains a dramatic underwater sight.


There are actually legends remaining on what could be two, separate Hilo Peaks, but I’m probably about 80% sure this has to be one of ’em, if not the only one, perhaps. I’ll have more on this lore as I do some additional research on these Ancient Ones.


Several days ago, I realized that there is an active stargate on the little island in the ne corner of the Rodeo sim. Elsewhere I’ve called this island “Isle of Baker – Not.” Baker Blinker discovered that the artifact was a stargate, actually. Upon finding this fact out, my mind automatically thought of placing the same at the resonating spot on Isle of Baker, which we know from the Isle of Baker/ Magic Bench of the Pod Peaple post below has some kind of direct resonance with this Rodeo isle. Well, as it turned out, just today the real owner of Isle of Baker created stairs down to the ruins of the temple that I’ve used as a backdrop for several posts already, and *at the very spot* that I would have otherwise installed the stargate to match the resonating place on Isle of Baker – Not’s own stargate. So I, of course, took this as a sign that the stargate should *not* be installed on Isle of Baker. Instead the stargate at Rodeo should be used for whatever plans I come up with for such activity.

Queer how fate works that way. I think synchronicities like this tend to be actualized more quickly in Second Life for whatever reasons… not sure yet.

Someone has to go through this stargate, and I don’t think it should be, me, Baker Bloch, and I don’t think it should be the 1st SL Baker either, Baker Blinker. The third “i” is the key in this, instead: Hucka D. I’m sure I’ll come up with a plan soon.

Baker Bloch, 3/2/08.

Cracks In Space and probably time

These shots were snapped in and around the Enceladus-Tethys Waterfall, described by the recently defunct Virtual Parks and Recreation System (sigh!) as the first permanent Linden made waterfall in SL. The whole underwater area from Atlas to Tethys and beyond is highly recommended for exploration fun. Plus if you’re attentive in the more difficult and tight navigation areas you get the bonus of seeing cracks and sometimes quite large gaps form in the space/time continuum. And sometimes you even seem to be located within them temporarily.

Of course Baker Blinker had to go see for herself this strange phenomenon. Judging by that one snapshot from the next post, she *really* fell into one of these gaps. Glad you made it back!

And I have to ask: do these cracks offer peaks into another world or series of worlds outside the SL grid? If so, my guess is that what we’re calling here the Ancient Ones had indepth knowledge of ’em.






Outside Space/Time (Probably), 2

More photos from the Enceladus-Tethys Waterfall area.




Finding The Niche Again?

Walking the more northern water passages of Sansara, came upon this lovely bay centered by a volcanic island. When surfacing out of the water was surprised and pleased to see my first lemon tree in SL, that I recalled anyway. Lemon trees have a special significance in my collage art… one was at the very start of my 10×10 art collage series which I’ve completed 7 of 10 “tiers” now. The collage is called “Finding The Niche“. My guess at the time was that finding this lemon tree, and in this particular spot, meant something — leads to things deeper — and I believe that’s how it’s subsequently turning out.

What followed were several little experiments in collage using this lemon tree as a centerpiece of sorts (see above post).



Bloch head (Where’s the i?)





Oh, *I* see!

Monkey Shock

On a mountaintop just to the west of the island mentioned in the “Finding the Niche Again” post below, I came upon this homage to the human-monkey raising consciousness scene in the fantastic 2001: A Space Odyssey movie, which I consider Kubrick’s best and perhaps the best science fiction movie of all time. It’s a perfect movie in its own way. Knowing that the *second* leap up in consciousness for humankind, when the black, rectangular monolith is used in this way for the second time, takes place in the Jupiter system, imagine my surpise when I spied a short distance away from the monkeys… the planet Jupiter! I should add that I don’t think this relative juxtaposition was created on purpose, most likely.

Baker Blinker later took a snapshot atop the spinning sphere, looking back toward the monkeys and the monolith. Then she added some closeups of same.

I had to email my friend Mike Johnston, webmaster of the Synchronicity Arkive, about this find, attaching the first snapshot below. He’s a huge fan of the audiovisual synchronicity I call 2001-Echoes but what he likes to call Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite on his website.





2 Many In The Kitchen?!

[12:53] baker Blinker [to TG, who just walked in as the experiment began]: I have two avatars in the area. Both are me.
[12:53] TG: lol
[12:53] baker Blinker: Are you the owner?
[12:54] TG: NO!
[12:54] baker Blinker: Are you waiting for someone?
[12:54] TG: yes
[TG’s friend SS shows up and they go outside. We can still hear them talking, though, so I kept the dialog in here]
[12:54] TG: says they have bees here pink
[12:54] TG: lol
[12:55] baker Blinker: We meet at last.
[12:55] SS: this someone’s home TG?
[12:55] TG: was in sercah
[12:55] TG: said come feed the bees
[12:55] TG: lol
[12:55] TG: BUNNEH
[12:55] TG eeps.
[12:56] You: You’re lovely! Are you seeing anyone… anyone I know. Know very well.
[12:56] TG: u see the bees?
[12:56] baker Blinker: Well, you’re not Space Ghost you know. Can you do this interview or not? I think you can!
[12:57] SS: NO! bees ;(
[12:57] TG: OMG OTTERS
[12:57] TG: YEEEAAAAHH!!!
[12:57] TG: AWWWW
[12:57] SS: hahha
[12:57] SS: cool
[12:57] TG: TG Giggles:)
[12:57] You: I’m not Hucka D. I know you were expecting him. Can you hear them… the bees???
[12:57] SS: clap
[12:57] baker Blinker: Bees? Beehive?
[12:57] TG: here
[12:57] TG: pink
[12:57] TG: look
[12:57] You: Is this the place??????
[12:57] TG: i got the maker
[12:58] TG: perfect\
[12:58] TG squeeks!
[12:58] You: You’re dreamy. In a pinkish kind of freaky way.
[12:58] TG: TG Giggles:)
[12:58] TG: wait til she brakes on ya
[12:58] TG: lol
[12:58] baker Blinker: Well, you’re hunching over to gaze into my eyes and so am I so I must think you’re dreamy as well?
[12:59] You: Yes, a dream… come true.
[12:59] baker Blinker: Ok, can we get serious. But seriously, this talk of bees is freaking this little freaky pinkie out!
[13:00] You: I can’t stop staring at your skin. It’s so unusually freaky. In an interesting way, I mean.
[13:00] baker Blinker: Thanks I suppose.
[13:00] You: Did you just take a picture of me. For your scrapbook…er, diary… um…
[13:01] baker Blinker: Blog, you mean? It’s your blog too silly!
[13:01] You: Where are the bees?
[13:01] baker Blinker: That is freaky, and I should know freaky.
[13:01] SS: bees are right here
[13:01] You: I love the way your legs dangle like mine under the table. Enticingly close.
[13:02] baker Blinker: Can I kiss you Baker?
[13:02] You: Ooh la la. But alas despite your freakily beautiful appearance it would be like kissing my sister I suppose and some kind of Biblical sin then I guess. Bibles, eh?
[13:03] baker Blinker: Oh, are you dead? You’re hunched all over. Do you have — he he — do you have that sleeping disorder? I’ve yet to fall asleep myself so it must not be catching.
[13:03] You [waking up]: Let’s take a walk beautiful.
[13:04] baker Blinker: This should be fun!
[13:04] baker Blinker: Are you coming???
[13:05] You: Huh, oh what? Huh? What happened. Where are you?… oh there you are, in the garden.
[13:05] Feral Rabbit by Second Wildlife v0.05 watches baker Bloch intently.
[13:06] You: Is there a rodent nearby? Hopefully friendly.
[13:06] baker Blinker: I don’t know. I have the feeling I’m being stared at but…
[13:06] You: Rat got your tongue?
[13:07] baker Blinker: We must cut and paste this dialog into WordPerfect soon so’s not to loose. Is it worthless? I am closer than your sister yet I feel desire.
[13:07] You: Freaky momma!
[13:07] You: Right on.
[Blinker flies, then you, Bloch, follows]
[13:08] You: Uh this is not the island freaky mamma san.
[13:09] You: Have you been here before, other me?
[13:10] baker Blinker: Falling asleep again! Am I that boring? snapshot105_008small.jpg
[13:10] baker Blinker: I said, am I that boring!?!
[13:10] You: Wow, you zipped right in when I looked up, yet I thought, I sensed you were already there.
[13:11] baker Blinker: Shall we get serious, without hands, french tongues, or footsies?
[13:11] You: I’ll try to control myself lovely species of unknown origin.
[13:11] You: Hey, caught you. Now you’re asleep!
[baker Blinker pauses to im an SL friend to look in on this spectacle, and perhaps bring some needed stability to the queer goings on]
[13:15] baker Blinker: I think he’s tied up. Do you promise to behave? Maybe we should sit on that bench over there.
[13:16] You: Your eyes are hypnotizing. Mesmerizing. Deep pools of…
[13:16] baker Blinker: Shut up you foolish boy… go to the bench.
[13:17] baker Blinker: I’m here.
[13:17] You: Um, I lost track of who is talking. Bees, eh?
[13:18] baker Blinker: Now my turn. Yes, bees. Funny how someone would walk in just when we are starting. Maybe one of us should log out and see what’s been said. Worthless? Don’ know. I’ll log out… don’t say anything. Just sit there and look gorgeous.

Baker Bloch is inspired by the meeting w/ Baker Blinker to create works of art

i 4 u


tULIp ss 2 ki ss



Baker Blinker:

Thanks for showing up Hucka D. Now let’s admit up front that after the humorous yet still disastrous meeting between Baker Bloch and myself, we’ve decided not to do this particular interview in SL “real time” shall we say. Instead it will be created as a Microsoft Works document at the home computer and retroactively plugged into our very short meeting on the dock here the other day, where I took several snapshots. These snapshots will merely serve as location shots now.

Hucka D.:

We’ve agreed.

Baker Blinker:

So let’s get this out of the way immediately. You’re not a small African American boy are you, or African in any way?

Hucka D.:

No, my color is black is all. I became small and condensed to fit into the eyeball avatar. All 3 of us decided it was the best thing to go through. I am the third “i”.

Baker Blinker:

Would you like to tell us about this transformation in Rodeo?

Hucka D.:

Well (walks a little closer to Baker Blinker on the deck they are standing on), we jointly know now that to get from Hucka D., the standard City Chic avatar provided by the Lindens, to Hucka D. the large purple custom designed avatar in the future, this transformation had to come about. Now it is a situation of connecting the lines to make a whole picture. We just knew that we had to start by drawing a line between point 1 and point 2, as it were.

Baker Blinker:

Why don’t we sit on the bench over here. You must be tired from your day of transformation. So this transformation happened in SL time only right before this interview?

Hucka D.:

Let’s say it happened several days ago. Although when you took the snapshots you will provide in this post, yes, the transformation just happened. Let’s treat real time as when the interview is actually being written, which is, well, now. Present time. I am able to step out of Hucka D. and view the letters on the screen being formed. That is when this is occuring.

Baker Blinker:

The transformation in the eyeball was prefigured by the collage I, Baker, and I suppose, we, Baker, created shortly before beginning this blog. I, we, tried to create something for Hucka D. to find in the future in the corner of the Rodeo sim, just in the gulch north of what we’ve been calling in spots the “Isle of Baker – Not”. Baker B. and Hucka D. went to this location before the blog. Another colleague called Booker T. did not make the trip, although he claims he did. He was there and not there at once. He also claims to have seen the eyeball in actuality, as a 3d object in SL that is, while I, baker b., only remember it retroactively through the collage I created, where I just stuck a cut out of an eyeball onto a screenshot of this location, this hot corner. Is this another place where time/space get mixed up, like the area around Enceladus-Tethys Falls perhaps?

Hucka D.:

Yes. That’s why I had to go back and finish the unfinished business. The eyeball had to be there. That was my responsibility. I am the third.

Baker Blinker:

When this occurred, you had, suddenly, knowledge of the future. Like Laura Dern’s character in INLAND EMPIRE.

Hucka D.:

Yes, a door opened.

Baker Blinker:

Well, this is why I’m interviewing you. We need you now, all 3 of us, to relay information about this future that you now have access to. I know it comes in bits and pieces, but we must start to tap.

Hucka D.:

Right. As we agreed. Let’s get up again and walk around the deck. I think better if I’m moving around.

Baker Blinker:

That’s fine. (both get up)

Hucka D.
(looking out at the bay surrounding the island they are on):

This place is special. More so, for us anyway, than other places in SL. This is where I will land my van. This is where I will show the Big Two. This is where it begins. In SL.

Baker Blinker:

By Big Two you mean Dark Side of the Rainbow and 2001-Echoes, or what Mike Johnston likes to call Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite.

Hucka D.:

Yes. They will be shown here. Or, more precisely, a little ways around the island. In that clearing. (Hucka D. points to the clearing, the tip of which is just visible from the deck.)

Baker Blinker:

And you’ll have your yellow submarine van.

Hucka D.:

Yes, that will be created/rezzed shortly, just as in your Sandbox post.

Baker Blinker:

Are you the 4th then as well?

(Hucka D. does not answer but keeps staring out at the water.)

Baker Blinker:

Well then, why is it so important to show the Big Two at this location?

Hucka D.:

Kansas City Life has already had a showing in the tree house in another part of the Sansara continent, to the south of us, considerably south. Kilometers and kilometers. That is also a special place. I am having some trouble triangulating between all the locations we have wanted to call home in this virtual reality so far. But Kansas City Life, in another way, is Second Life. Kansas City is the second city of Missouri — St. Louis being the first. Translated, that means “Second Life”, then. But the name, obviously, has nothing to do with Second Life causally. K.C. Life was created in 2002, I believe, before even the conception of Second Life, or at the very best around the same time. Interesting, perhaps.

Baker Blinker:

That would actually be 2001. Going on 7 years ago. Do you wish to talk about the relationship of Kansas City Life to Dark Side of the Rainbow?

Hucka D.:

That’s already been covered elsewhere mostly. K.C. Life is ½ of Dark Side of the Rainbow with an added hole or void. In this hole or void comes the possibility of two over and above one. Two movies. This begins the presence of the Second.

Baker Blinker:

Second Life, then.

Hucka D.:

Well, yeah, that too.

Baker Blinker:

Virtual reality.

Hucka D.:

In the future, as you’ve already guessed, Virtual Reality and what we call Reality itself will blend more seamlessly together. This is just the beginning. The synchronicities are strong even now. This is the pull of the future. Future possibilities. Future realities.

Baker Blinker:

This is information we need from you. This future version of Second Life.

Hucka D.:

It will not be called such. But it will also not be a game. We have excellent footing here. This is where it all begins. Second Life should not be forgotten. That’s your responsibility; that’s the responsibility of others. Second Life, like the Centerville of the *second source* of Kansas City Life, is a contrast of high and low, like your underwater peak that is claimed by the Ancient Ones to be the highest of the low peaks of this reality. 17.56 meters high — remember those numbers. It is also 57.61 feet high. This is a symbol of Second Life itself as seen by these Ancients. Now right next to the Hilo Peak is a much higher peak that the Ancients considered an abomination or basically worthless in comparison despite its greater height. You should insert a picture of that peak into your blog. It is called by the Ancients the Split Mound, even though it is not fractured in the way normally thought of. It is fractured because it is partly underwater and partly above. The surfacing of this mountain above water begins the life of Second Life beyond Ancient times. This begins the rule of the Lindens, the people of Lime. Lyme. I’m breaking down.


Baker Blinker:

I believe there’s a pitcher of water in the house here if you need refreshment. You’ve already talked quite a bit in this, um, interview. Interesting information.

Hucka D.:

I was also going to talk about Baker Bloch, and why Mr. Low had to meet him exactly 199 seconds after Bloch first manifested in Second Life. Now, Baker was one second late, which greatly irritated Mr. Low. Mr. Low is an Ancient. 200 seconds represents the second itself. There is a two minute hole in Kansas City Life that represents the city of Centerville, the very center of it all. This is virtual reality, but also virtual reality fitted seamlessly into reality reality. You will not be able to tell the difference between the two. *I* cannot tell the difference. In the end it doesn’t really matter. All realities are virtual.

Baker Blinker:

Something else will be shown here, won’t it?

Hucka D.:

Yes. A Strange movie. Dark Side of the Rainbow and 2001-Echoes are not movies themselves. To create a movie, you must have multiple movies.

Baker Blinker:

How’s that?

(Hucka D. does not answer, again.)

Baker Blinker:

Are you tired? Should we end here?

Hucka D.:

You need to ask more about Mr. Low and the Ancients.

Baker Blinker:

Ok, I’m asking. What’s the relationship?

Hucka D.:

The Ancients were trapped underwater, or their civilization sank in olden times, something like your Atlantis…

Baker Blinker:

Oh, I remember. I was going to ask about Baker’s Island! Ok, so I *went* to Baker’s Island, in reality, which is actually a small planet on the limit of the SL solar system, as it were. But it is also the moon of SL itself. But I was there. However, I was also merged with a shake creature, a cup formation, to create Shake ‘N Bake. You remember that post with the snapshots… it was waiting for me in the [delete name] sim. I now know this is connected to the entity that likes to call itself Shakenstein.

Hucka D.:

You will shortly meet Shakenstein again. He claims to have written The Bible plus all of Shakespeare’s plays at once. He fits angels on the head of a pin.

Baker Blinker:

I have no memory of actually getting free of this shake creature, though. The first memory I have again is of creating the art seen in the Mooniplutonianites post here.

Hucka D.:

Why do you think that is?

Baker Blinker:

I don’t know!

Hucka D.:

There’s a specific reason. Although I do know important bits and pieces of the future, I cannot actually tell you much. It is up to you to remember.

Baker Blinker:

I’m trying!

Hucka D.:

There were two pairs.

Baker Blinker:

Vague memories. Two… circles and squares. No, cubes and spheres.

Hucka D.:

Baker Bloch is the last pea in the pod.



Not Quite Isle of Man










2 Bee Or…

I want to keep moving forward with information here, although an attempt at a part 2 of the Hucka D. interview was a bust last night. Hucka D. decided he didn’t want to publish the information after we’d finished, plus we had some formatting issues when copying and pasting the material from a Microsoft Works document to a new blog post itself. I did get permission to summarize some of the information we talked about before, during and after.

To Hucka D. himself first. He has disappeared today. Based on talk yesterday, I have a distinct feeling that he may have used the stargate at the “Isle of Baker – Not” to teleport directly to a location in RL, impossibly enough. The script used to link the stargate to this location, and I also suspect that this is the only stargate of the many identical portals scattered throughout SL that *could* offer transport to RL, is, according to Hucka D., “dd:hidalgo”. I did some checking and Hidalgo is not a name of one of the 3000+ sims in SL now. He also mentioned yesterday that a new avatar he simply called “The Body” would show up soon. I am not sure if this is a new incarnation of Hucka D. himself, knowing that it is his destiny to return to SL eventually, or some entirely new user, shall we say.

I also did some checking on when Second Life was actually created. Alpha or the original version of Second Life started in March 2002. Being on a different grid than present Second Life, it was almost entirely wiped when the virtual reality shifted to Beta in November 2002. It was only at this point that the grid began to be referred to as “Second Life”; before it was called Linden World. The statue called The Man was one of only a small handful of structures copied over from Alpha to Beta. Linden World was only composed of 6 sims at the beginning, and 9 toward the end.

The Man used to exist in the central town square of Linden City, the heart of Linden World and in the present sim of Natoma. During the conversion from Alpha to Beta, the statue was moved toward a corner of Natoma on a grassy hill, where it still stands today.

“Kansas City Life”, which we know now stands directly for the phrase “Second Life”, is an audiovisual synchronicity created/discovered in November 2001, just before Linden World and its Linden City and Man statue. At *its* very center is the church and liquor store packed urbania called simply Centerville, which in the synchronicity consists of a 2 minute “tile” also juxtaposing and suspendering otherwise opposites Frank Zappa and Lou Reed, forming an alchemical marriage. In that case the conjunctio constellates around the instance of death. The rebis or two-headed body is revealed at this point.


The rebis also symbolizes the union of audio (Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music) and video (Zappa’s 200 Motels; see below) at this center — eye and ear; light and dark. All around this exact center of Kansas City Life, in contrast, is the combination of Steven Reich’s City Life with almost the entire introductory Kansas portion of The Wizard of Oz movie (minus that 2 minute hole). This is the source of the Kansas City Life name: Kansas + City Life, another video/audio mashup seamlessly merged with the central Reed-Zappa one.

In the shift from Alpha to Beta, The Man is also shifted from exact center of Natoma/Linden City toward one corner, deemphasizing the importance. Second Life is truly born at this point; The Man has been displaced, the energy deadened.

Memory of the alchemical marriage is buried. The formerly suspendered opposites of sacred and profane are let loose upon an unsuspecting, new reality. No center is found, no merging of high and low. Only bits and pieces of unity found here and there, like a shattered vessel whose shards must be pieced back together to discover an original whole.

It saddens me to think that Baker Bloch and I can never really coexist in this world at the same time, but it also makes me laugh. I cry in both ways. And I know that Hucka D. will return in some shape and form eventually. The Body will most likely make for an interesting encounter in the meantime.

Baker Blinker, 3/10/08.
“The oft-repeated claim that the film was shot in the same studio as 2001: A Space Odyssey is incorrect. That film was shot at a different, MGM-owned studio on the outskirts of London. The iconic black monolith seen in the film is a visual reference and mock-up, not the actual prop. All the properties from 2001 were destroyed at Stanley Kubrick‘s request after the filming was completed.”

Long Hope

Baker Blinker:

We thought you were gone Hucka D.! Glad you’re still with us. You are still with us?

Hucka D.:


Baker Blinker:

Well, where’ve you been this past 36 hours?

Hucka D.:

Can’t I have a life in the real world?

Baker Blinker:

Absolutely not. Just kidd’n. But we were worried after the last interview. You seem frustrated.

Hucka D.:

Where’s Baker Bloch?

Baker Blinker:

Well, he can’t be here when I’m here usually, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Then how am I here?

Baker Blinker:

Well, we agreed, if you remember, to treat our discussions a little differently. To create the Microsoft Works document first and then do a cut and paste number into a Podcast post, but pretend like the discussion is done in-world. Baker Bloch and I have no such agreement.

Hucka D.:

Why not?

Baker Blinker:

Well, let’s deal with that in the right time.

Hucka D.:

Seriously, why can’t Baker Bloch be here? It seems I never see him. Where is he now?

Baker Blinker:

He’s… he’s busy underwater somewhere Hucka D. I’m curious: how old would you say you are Hucka?

Hucka D.:

I’m 48 going on 49, just like you and just like Baker Bloch.

Baker Blinker:

Getting down to business, then — unlike Baker Bloch and I can do here! — did you go through the portal again? Did you go to Hidalgo?

Hucka D.:

Yes, the portal goes to RL.

Baker Blinker
(after a pause):

What’s there??

Hucka D.:

A rock.

Baker Blinker:

A rock. Is that all?

Hucka D.:

Well, a glyph. Would you like to see it?

Baker Blinker:


(Hucka D. attaches a small carton of colored chalk to his avatar and begins to draw on the deck they are standing on, just as in the previous part of the interview. Here’s what Hucka D. draws):


Baker Blinker:

Wow, that’s very pretty Hucka. So this was on your rock. How big was the rock? Where was it in RL?

Hucka D.
(detaching chalk carton):

At a place called New Hope. It is the beginning of the New.

Baker Blinker:

Like a new life in Real Life?

Hucka D.:

Er, yeah. That too.

Baker Blinker:

What do these letters and patterns indicate to you?

Hucka D.:

I wish to talk about Baker Bloch now, if you don’t mind.

Baker Blinker:

Ok, that’s fine.

Hucka D.:

He’s found the limit to his underwater explorations. He is running out of time.

Baker Blinker:

Is he getting bored?

Hucka D.:

He has found the limit.

Baker Blinker:

The limit of the Ancient’s kingdom or whatever they called it?

Hucka D.:


Baker Blinker:

What does that mean, then?

Hucka D.:

He cannot go forward without going backwards the same length of time and space.

Baker Blinker:

There must be more areas for him to explore.

Hucka D.:

Not without the resonance. Baker Bloch has been here before. He knows what he is doing and where he needs to go. He is walking the footsteps of old.

Baker Blinker:

Hucka D., you’ve indicated to me that something or someone called “The Body” will show up sometime soon.

Hucka D.:

Soon, yeah.

Baker Blinker:

Is The Body another Ancient One, like Mr. Low?

Hucka D.:

The Body is just that. The Body.

Baker Blinker:

You’ve indicated to me that it is a female form.

Hucka D.:

Yes, as a balance.

Baker Blinker:

Where will this Body be found?

Hucka D.:

Where the Ancients are still strong. Underneath the waters, obviously. But also above them now. It can surface. It can walk among us.

Baker Blinker:

What did you mean by the statement that Baker Bloch is the last pea in the pod?

Hucka D.:

Baker Bloch and The Ancients walk as one now.

Baker Blinker:

What do the other peas represent?

Hucka D.:

Do you remember anything else about those pairs we talked about before?

Baker Blinker:

I did do some thinking about that. Looked back over my — our web log here. I think the post Brainstorm has something to do with this. I think from the beginning Second Life was designed to be a primary continent, a second, reactive continent, and then, perpendicular to all this, something else was designed based not on the square, like a sim square, but the triangle. But from the beginning it was known that the triangle design would not be stable and would function differently.

Hucka D.:

Good. What are the triangle based land masses?

Baker Blinker:

Well, I don’t think they exist in Second Life per se. I think they exist in another time, another space. They are outside the limits of Second Life but just barely. Hovering on the edge. But they are also one and the same, like the primary and secondary or reactive continent of Second Life are actually treated now as one continent for the most part. But these two masses are even closer. There’s an overlap.

Hucka D.:

They are the high and the low.

Baker Blinker:

Right, like the bushes I saw in [delete name] sim. My assumption is that they are Baker’s Island in unison, which would cover 32 Second Life sims if translated to this virtual reality.

Hucka D.:

This is the Ancient Ones, then.

Baker Blinker:

The high and the low? Mr. Low?

Hucka D.:


Baker Blinker:

Um, ok. Like the stargate? The stargate on Isle of Baker – Not?

Hucka D.:

I decided to return to this world and not enter RL to give you additional information. I have brought you the glyph. I am telling you about the Ancients and Baker Bloch’s limitations. Baker Bloch has found the lemon.

Baker Blinker:

I’m confused. Is the lemon the last pea in the pod somehow?

Hucka D.:

Whatever happens next happens through the lemon.


Something descends from on hi

The buzzing is overwhelming.


It descends and covers him with its enormous drone. A surreal shoe horn manifests around him in the clearing he is standing on. He is aware that the humming has possessed his very nature, is coming from within now, internalized. His body is growing larger along with his mind. The buzz is expanding him. blochlonghope010a.jpg

Like Hucka D. before, he feels additional knowledge from the future come flooding in. The droning is information. He knows that when one of his feet grows large enough to completely fill the shoehorn-like thing that he will be not here but… there.

The shoehorn thing suddenly locks in and fits.


“Hey, what the hey?? That foot is actually wet!!” Baker Bloch exclaims.

He knows he is at New Hope, the same place that Hucka D. went before him. And he knows that Hucka D. has brought him to this place through his own considerably enlarged power. He is at a beginning of the New.

After exploring several hours around the beautiful but rugged land below the beginning, mostly following the creek (three hours and 19 minutes to be exact), Baker Bloch happens across this strange but familiar sight.



In his heighthened state of consciousness, Baker Bloch certainly remembers this circle of rocks. He created it! To their specifications, mind you, but he had to manufacture the rocks, he had to terraform the Hilo Peak (yes, this is the true Hilo Peak!), and then he had to set them in place at very particular points in the reformed and flattened land. He also recalls the numbers 1756 and 5761, in various guises, repeatedly cropping up in the needed calculations.

Ad he also certainly remembers the trip through space in that tiny pod, crammed in there like a sardine or, a pea. Yes, the last. Taking orders from those pod peaple as he derisively reimagined them to help kill time, and, indeed, keep sane, hurling through insanely empty space in their own tiny pods on the way to some remote planet to set up a portal for *his* immense lab. And not to do what they apparently wanted to do, but for meaningful research. He had some solid ideas and leads on this, he believed.

How long in that pod: 3 months? 6? 9? He thought it had to be 9. Then, after what seemed like an eternity, the blue planet finally winked into existence and grew larger and larger, like an infant conceived in the womb of space. The pod’s honing device knew exactly where to land; all the maps premade. He was well prepared, and he wondered how they did it all on their own, because the four of them certainly didn’t seem like the last members of any advanced civilization. They were instead peaple, and needing their own pods for sure.

The pod penetrated the atmosphere, adjusted to the additional heat, and then landed or, better, “smacked” into the lip of the mountain mesa, stuck there like a raisin in a pudding. But he was free! Baby blue planet and Baker Bloch born as one as he squirmed through the pod’s open door. He didn’t even mind the difficult process of terraforming in this denser environment. In his spare time he even created a tree farm on the previously cleared land further north on the mesa, using a locally found species.


Baker Bloch employed a pond already present on the the lip of the mountain to set up his first rock, one of 11 needed. In this way, he figured he would have a quick start on restoring the land once the stargate was no longer needed. This was his cueing point.


Above is Hilo Peak before the terraforming. Notice the pond that would be used to mark the position of the first rock (pictures can be enlarged).


The buzzing that had been internalized within Baker Bloch shortly after its manifestation in [delete name] sim then abruptly ended and externalize to his right. He turned and met the small eyes of what he knew to be the remade shape of Hucka D., a bee now, and the obvious source of the droning all along. Baker Bloch realized that Hucka D. had piggybacked him through the portal.

“The lab is next,” Hucka D. said matter-of-factly and in a notably higher register than before.


Just call me ernie banks?

Baker Bloch did go back to SL a couple more times while based in RL on true Hilo Peak, most prominently to visit a connecting channel between two lower Sansara seas, one of the few underwater areas left on the continent that he hadn’t at least “scanned”. The 1st snapshot below depicts what he saw upon meeting the sim line that marks the entrance to the upper of the two seas from this channel. In effect, he saw… nothing! Nothing except an impossible ocean far below that was certainly not the sea entrance he was looking for. Approaching from the opposite side he first saw the passage as it should be, for maybe 5 seconds or so, and then it too winked out and became this Nothing Ocean.

Baker Bloch apparently found another seam in the world, a more obvious one this time. He connected the find with his own increasing detachment to the Second Life grid.



Meanwhile, Baker Blinker had become despondent over Baker Bloch’s increasing remoteness from SL, and entering RL through that portal Hucka Doobie provided up in [true Hilo Peak]. However, she determined to forge on in SL, and dreamed of finding a “home base” in the grid, perhaps one she could share with or at least give to/sacrifice to Baker Bloch so that he could be lured back in-world as well. However, knowing she could not afford to lease land on the mainland, and the idea of owning property off the mainland was not attractive to her right now, she searched once again — just like Baker Bloch did before her when attempting to find the perfect place for Mr. Low’s cemetery from posts below — for *remote* land (and the word remote is key here again) where you could create prims and the object return was set to zero.

After finding a couple of promising leads just around the area of Baker Bloch’s seam-in-the-world-fabric described above, she happened up the place pictured below not too far to the north, and in the same deep sea that Bloch could not reach from the south. Yes, here was a place with great promise. She sat upon a materialized chair in the fissure seemingly containing the necessary 3 ingredients for success (prim creation allowed; object return set to zero; remoteness), and pondered what kind of structure to build, if any.



lemon world

Baker Bloch and Hucka D. the bee, as one, turned toward the circle of stones as a rumbling began that signalled an occuring manifestation (the same sound that you hear in SL when manifesting objects/prims). Just over the edge of the circle of stones appeared a pot with a plant, a lemon plant. The largest of the lemons on the plant, and perhaps the only one that was fully ripe, was drooping over the circle’s limit and into the very center of the stones. With a snap the lemon dropped off and rolled upright in this center. The pot, apparently having done its working, disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.


Baker and Hucka, who had been observing all this while hovering far above, descended to the surface to see the manifested lemon up close. A plane-type boarder hoisted by a truck moved into view from unknown dimensions, offering a way to enter the perhaps 20 meter long fruit. With no hesitation, Hucka D. went up the boarder and inside, and Baker Bloch, after a small pause, followed in turn.