Baker Blinker Blog Book I: Pre-Jeogeot I 05a (June/July 2008 01 of 02)

Temple of TILE, 1st Pass (Level 5)

The reason Baker Bloch was taking the snapshots of the 5th pool described just below instead of “creator” Baker Blinker is that he was already on his way to take snapshots of the Temple of TILE, which Hucka D. had just given Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker permission to visit. Already, in the past several days, Blinks has been quite busy decorating the place, with considerable success, especially one surprising central one… you’ll see soon enough.

Just to give some more background, the Temple of TILE, constructed by Hucka D. again, just like B_Hivia, is a little larger, actually, than B_Hivia but with a different layout. One could say it’s quite different in its similarity. Again we have vivid colors helping give definition to the overall structure. Unlike B_Hivia, which is based upon a right angle design, the layout of the Temple is a regular square, extended into a cube. Just like B_Hivia, it is a three story affair, with 7 effective floors all spaced 5 meters apart, making a total height of each at 30 meters. The outside texture of each is the same: “Atoll rusty door” effect (Linden texture), and some of each are also colored in primary colors.

Each is also seen as not really a living or dwelling space, but more a public area, although the only “people” that will probably ever frequent either very much at all are the immediate family of the Bakers and also, of course, Hucka D. Hurla D.? — let’s don’t even go there. So like B_Hivia, I decided to have a lot of tables with chairs around them, like it was a dining area or club or sumtin. But just like B_Hivia it isn’t, however. The tables and chairs are the same as in B_Hivia as well — all 1 prim affairs. The coloring is a little different for this furniture in the Temple, and also I decided to eliminate the glow balls above each table for the latest construction.

Now to some more important differences. First off, it would be difficult to establish a centerpoint of B_Hivia, partly because it is based upon a triangle and not a square. I suppose a centerpoint can be symbolically established as the base of the eucalyptus tree that dominates that build. In contrast, the Temple of TILE has an obvious and highlighted center, which is the same as the center of the overall cube. The center is also cube shaped, although much smaller than the overall temple. I’ll get to that all important center in a moment.

Another difference, and one that troubled Hucka D. for a number of days, is how the 7 floors of the building could be connected. This is the same problem that faced Hucka early on in the construction of B_Hivia, which he quite cleverly solved with his ramp system made from tapered right angle solids, 6 in all. In the new structure, the equivalent to the ramps, collectively, would be a tight spiral rising dramatically from floor level to roof level in 3 circular turns. This ramp, in combination with simply “falling” from one level down to lower levels, can give access to all of the areas of the overall structure *except one*. This exception, then, happens to be where we start our tour of the overall structure, which would be the “interior” of floor 5, and where, for obvious reasons, I decided to place one of the 2 teleporters in the structure.

Here Baker Bloch materizes inside the Temple of TILE at this transporter location. Immediately he is greeting by a contrast between interior rugged area with several tables on this level, and then a seemingly inaccessible landscape of varioius trees and rocks on the other side of the windows here. This would be on floor 5 as well, then, but, as I said, with no access point on this level. This could be said to be *behind* several tables and chairs here, since most of them point the other direction to…

… the central area, the center of the entire Temple complex, a 10×10 square that vertically runs through the middle 20 meters of the temple. We’ll give a peak within in just a moment.

Blochs here more closely examines the inaccessible vegetation behind the window. I believe this is a maple tree.

Here’s that peak down into the central shaft to reveal the all important cube. This central colorful cube contains different letters and numbers on each of its six sides, and is also rotating above the tree it almost sits atop of. The tree? Well it’s a lemon tree (!), one of several plants I purchased for the Temple at Lilith Heart’s vast arboureum and greenhouse complex. In this snapshot we can only view 2 of the 6 colored figures, which happens to be a yellow “Y” and a green “T”. I’ll develop this more soon with additional viewings of this cube from other angles within the Temple.

A view of another Heart purchase, this time a giant spear-shaped cypress that turned out to be exactly the same height as the temple itself (30 meters), although I didn’t know it at the time of the purchase. This cypress can be seen from each floor of the temple.

Satistifed that he understands the layout of this particular floor as much as possible presently, Baker Bloch prepares for a plung into the lower parts of the Temple. Ready!…


Temple of TILE, 1st Pass (Level 3)

Floor 3 is more or less a twin to Floor 5. The way Hucka D. describes it, Floor 1 and Floor 7 are matches, Floor 2 and Floor 6, the same, and then Floor 3 and 5 are twinned. There is no Floor 4, which would be the central floor of the complex if it existed. But the central alphabet cube lies at the level of Floor 4 — more on that later.

So Baker Bloch here took the plunge, landed on the spiral pathway leading from floor to ceiling (Floor 1 to Floor 7, that is), and quickly jumps off when he sights the plad rugged area to his right.

He is immediately greeted by a landscape quite similar to the one he just left on Floor 7, with a rugged area fronting a landscape seen through various large windows. Once again the various chairs and tables are directed toward, instead, the central area of the complex and the lemon tree and the spinning child’s building bloch, er, block. *Baker* Bloch decides not to leap into that central area yet, although he has that option now.

Is that the letter O?, one might wonder when looking at the above snapshot. No, I can tell them, it is a zero. There are a one and zero on the cube, colored violet and orange respectively. They stand for the classic set of opposites, or yin/yang in Chinese speak. This covers all complementary opposites: male/female, on/off, black/white, left/right, up/down, full/empty, etc., etc.

But what of the rest of the cube, the four remaining sides? Well, we know from that last post there is a green “T” and a yellow “Y”. One could wonder, additionally, if Y stands for yellow, and may remember something about this being mentioned in the blog before, perhaps uttered by Hucka D. in one of his philosophical rants. But now, in the above snapshot, we additionally see a blue “E”. Y-T-E now, plus the two numbers.

Ah, there’s the last side of the cube appearing in the above photo. “L”, and red. L-Y-T-E. Well, it’s a lighted cube, one might rationalize. I would add it’s one of the few “full bright” objects in the structure, unlike the brighter items of B_Hivia and all the particle related objects there as well. I can think of only one particle generator presently in the Temple of TILE, and that’s a pool I just constructed today on the lowest floor. Wait a minute, our hypothetical guesser might surmise at this point. It’s not LYTE, it’s TYLE. Yes, that must be it: the phonetic double of TILE, but with a Y substituted for I. But what is the Temple of TILE, and why is it spelled wrong here? Is there any meaning to this? Well, I would certainly inject at this juncture, it’s at the very center of the whole cube structure of 30 x 30 x30 meters. Of course it means something! But even I still don’t know the full meaning… much philosophical thought in that direction to come. I will say now it is all about balance, balance of opposites, but in two directions instead of the one direction represented by the 2 numbers on the cube that complete its set of engraved figures. Altogether this makes, I suppose, 3 related sets of opposites, then.

Moving back to the tour.

This is the 3 story tree I mentioned before, the cypress. Baker Bloch here is just beginning to realize its true height.

Next Baker Bloch drops down 5 meters off the edge of the plad rug area to Floor 2 for further exploration.

Temple of TILE, 1st Pass (Levels 2 and 1)

Landing on floor 2, Blochs now sees into the center of the cube through the everpresent windows on its ground level. Unlike Floors 3 and 5, the rugged area now completely encircles the center, and once again there is a landscaped area filling in the background further away from this center. But the landscaped region is now not at the same level as the rug, and is also dominated by palm trees, it appears.

Baker Bloch sits a spell in a proffered chair to contemplate the interior. The winter tree you see has since been deleted: there are only stones and stone-colored chairs surrounding the central lemon tree with its nested, spinning cube currently. More on that later as well.

Ooops! That ceiling’s got a rock sticking through it. Part of the danger of doing massive landscape work indoors, I suppose.

Yes, here’s the only way out of Floor 2, Blochs, realizes. Down to Floor 1 and access to the spiral again.

Here’s some bamboo purchased at the Lilith Heart complex again. Actually, Floor 1 has changed a lot since Bloch’s visit depicted in this series of posts, with lots of rocks and trees added, as well as a few chairs and tables here and there.

Blochs stares into the tiled central region again, but only sees emptiness this time, and the form of the island now far far below.

A perspective shot of that wonderful cypress tree. Now Blochs can see its full height stretched out above him.

Onward and upward!

Temple of TILE, 1st Pass (Levels 7 and 6)

Blochs marches all the way up the spiral to the roof, which is the same as Floor 7. Walking around a bit and seeing nothing there yet, he descends to what Hucka D. describes as Floor 6, which also is undeveloped presently. Baker Bloch, though, understands why Hucka calls Floor 7 the twin of Floor 1, and the same with Floor 6 and 2. Like Floor 2, you can circumnavigate the central region on floor 6 through a 5 meter viewing platform.

Here Baker stares into the top of the tiled central region, the direct complement to the bottom of this region he just looked into in the post below. And again you have vegetation lining the edges.

A look back at the top of the spiral.

And then the very top of the cypress tree. So that’s another complement of Floor 7 and Floor 1: bottom and top of this huge tree.

Blochs drops down into the vegetation, but in spying over the edges, sees that he can only drop into levels he’s already visited. His tour is apparently over. He doesn’t realize at this point that directly on the other side of this wall from him here is where he started the tour. He is on the “hidden” side of Floor 5, actually, with no immediate and obvious access to the other side. He’s *seen* this landscape before, then, through the windows on the other side. However, since these are only 1 way windows, as are common in this complex, he cannot see into the rugged area immediately to his left here.

So ends the 1st pass through the new “beehive”!

Magic Mirror

“You said it was the Big Book Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

I thought you’d understand better at the time. It is, instead, a mirror. A magic mirror. Into the future.

Baker Bloch:

This sounds like Ozma’s magic mirror.

Hucka D.:

It is similar. All knowing and all seeing eye. Illuminati. Dark and light. Black and white. Male and female. Complementary opposites. Two sets of eyes as one. Magic.

Baker Bloch:

I wish to go to the mainland now. That can be my role in this.

Hucka D.:

Wait, Baker Bloch, er, Mr. Bloch. We most definitely need to talk about TILE. Er, Tyle.

Baker Blinker:

The rotating block in the center.

Hucka D.:

Yes, Baker Blinker. We must have a meeting of the heads.

Baker Bloch:

Alright, but not for too long.

Baker Blinker:

I’ll start, then. The block. Why is there a Y in place of the I that should logically be there?

Hucka D.:

It’s interesting to me, among many other things, that orange and violet are seen as complements on the cube instead of yellow and violet, which are the actual opposite or complementary colors on the pigment color wheel. Same for blue and yellow on the cube. It is as if yellow switches places with orange. Red and green, forming the last and third pair of complements depicted on the cube, are the same as the opposites red-green on the pigment color wheel.

Baker Bloch (to Hucka D.):

*You* are the “Y”.

Hucka D.:

I have thought of that. I am I that is Y.

Baker Blinker:

I am I that is why?

Hucka D.:

No, not “why” the word. “Y” the letter. I… Y.

Baker Blinker:

Oh. (pause) The word and not the letter again, that is (smiles).

Baker Bloch:

Time’s a wasting.

Hucka D.:

Yes, Baker Bloch. We are on the cusp of yet another shift in this SL related blog. This phase was all leading up to this point, this *central point*.

Baker Blinker:

The block.

Hucka D.:


Baker Bloch:

I’m outta here. Later guys. You tell me what you come up with. (Baker Bloch teleports out to visit the mainland).

Hucka D.:

That is fine it is just you and me Ms. Blinker. We are, after all, the ones who are building and decorating the structure in the main. Mr. Bloch is contributing as he knows how, and it will pay off soon. The blog is shifting.

Baker Blinker:

We must begin to have regular family meetings in the new beehive [Temple of TILE].

Hucka D.:

This is the center where it all ends.

(to be continued)

Velvet Underground Temple Gone (Hey, temple disappears and another appears!)

Loose Thoughts

Well, a Sat. night with no Sunday obligations facing me, so I thought it might be a good time to do some type of blog review, again in a loose kind of way.

The Hidalgo Gallery sits on our property as a reminder of where we come from. Pre-Azure Island and Baker Bloch’s frustration re mainland hiking. I believe now it is the beginning or perhaps even toward the middle of the end for Azure Islands. But at the same time I wish to reinforce, if only to myself perhaps, and Edna as well, that I’m here to stay, and that I’ll, as they say, go down with the ship when it happens. I’m commited to the island I live on, with 2 properties in our possession. I had to sacrifice a bit in RL to get these properties together; only a little but some. It is a commitment. I’m not through with building… at all.

The blog will keep on now, as it is driven not exclusively by SL oriented events but by RL photography (centered now upon the adventures of Salad Bar Jack and crew), and also collage art and art in general. I consider the new “beehive” builds — Hucka’s 1st Beehive, then B_Hivia, and now the Temple of TILE — to all be true art pieces. I still do not consider myself much of a builder, with much, much to learn in that area if I continue forward. But I have a foothold now.

I also understand better how much Linden builds and objects still dominate Second Life, which may not totally be a good thing. Where are the new free 1 prim trees and plants, etc.? I haven’t run across many yet that aren’t Linden made. This could be a sign that things haven’t really progressed that much in SL, even since the beginning. Or speaks of the quality of Linden products… I don’t know, I’m still too new to SL even yet, although I technically probably wouldn’t be called a noob now (the collective appearance of my avatars may say otherwise!).

But I do know that the Temple of TILE represents another endpoint, and the beginning of a new phase. A switch back to creating pages devoted to SID’s 1st Oz is a possibility… perhaps the interviews will even take place within the new temple.

Let’s call in Hucka D. to confer on this, since I have more time to burn.

Hucka D.:

Hi baker b.


What’s up Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

Not a lot.


Hucka D., would you perhaps be willing to interview me, baker b., in the new temple?

Hucka D.:

Of course I will if that’s what you want. If you think it’s a good idea. We have time. The lemon has manifested again. We must go inside again as well. Blochs and I. It is the only way to save him. Else he’ll go… he’ll…


Yes? He’ll go… what… crazy?

Hucka D.:

Yes. Insane. He’ll break down. I can see him as a sterno bum wandering the streets of “downtown” Azure Islands, in [delete name] sim. It could happen. It’s the lack of progression in this world currently. Take down a church and put up another Dark Lord mega-castle. We’re, collectively, not a religious entity, but still it disturbs a bit. Everyone seems to want to be a dark lord now, with a castle. Is this a good thing? It may not be a totally bad thing but it shows regression, perhaps, or decay. And I’m not a negative person.


How does the Temple of TILE come into play in all this?

Hucka D.:

The temple gives out positive energy to all who enter. It is light, not dark, although technically it is a mixture of the two, since there really is no light and dark beyond the weave of opposites. There is only ONE. There is also one hope for the island we live on. The energy must be cleared, and at a particular place.



(Hucka D. does not answer).


What about Alma and Rupert, the Sirians? Isn’t this the same as Mayland [M Continent], Alma’s kingdom? She instituted the religion — I’m sorry, religion/philosophy/game of Tyle on her island kingdom…

Hucka D.:



Right. Queendom. The Council of 9 becomes the Council of ONE. TYLE. SID.

Hucka D.:

Syd, yeah. (pause in talking)

You must allow the aliens to come.

(to be continued)



Baker Bloch:

Blinks, we like each other, you and I.

Baker Blinker:

Of course! But not in that way.

Baker Bloch:

No, not in that way. Still there is respect. A kind of love.

Hucka D. (cutting to the point):

Your curse, Ms. Blinker. We must talk about your curse.


“Hucka D., we’re sitting here in the middle of the Temple of TILE. Well, *you’re* sitting here and I’m kind of looking over your shoulder. You wish to talk about TILE and the 2 Oz synchronicities again.”

Hucka D.:

It’s about time.


Do you wish to ask me some questions?

Hucka D.:

Yes. (rustling noises as he pulls out notes again from his bee pouch). How does TILE start in Dark Side of the Rainbow? How does this relate to The Man and Charles Nelson Blinkerton and his Lemon World? What is.. I guess I’ve read several questions at once. Sorry.


Ok, let’s start then with Dark Side of the Rainbow.

Hucka D.:

Hidi and Lodi will show up soon. From Pluto.


Is that right. You mean here? In the Temple of TILE?

Hucka D.:

Could be. Maybe Hidalgo Gallery, maybe B_Hivia, maybe the Victorian house or its grounds. But somewhere.


Before we get started with the Rainbow Complex, then, let’s talk about Verdy and Verdigris. I don’t think that was ever cleared up in the blog.

Hucka D.:

Verdy is Verdi and also Hidi but also Heidi. She is named for the first toy avatar woman, the Eve to the Adam that is Lodi. She is olive colored, and he is orange. They are both circles, uniters of triangles and squares. They are wholly holy. In the movie they are Adam and Eve reborn out of the Cave of The Alphabet.


The plan was for you to interview me but I think the plan has changed. So Hucka… what is the Cave of The Alphabet, then? In Jonesborough?

Hucka D.:

It is the cave of all letters in one. TILE. ONE. They emerge from it. High and low united as one, like the Hidalgo Gallery now. We have saved Verdy, who is the same as Hidi now. United with Lodi. Pluto is now understood as the source planet. Pluto is Hades.


What about the Temple of the Velvet Underground and Lou Reed?

Hucka D.:

We have another temple now, do we not?


Are Hidi and Lodi the numbers 1 and 0 on that cube. High and low again, then?

Hucka D. (staring at cube):

Could be.


What is the relationship of the Circle of Letters to the Circle of Numbers?

Hucka D.:

The two should act as one. Reverse and forward. Numbers come first, then letters. Hidi and Lodi are born.


Are Hidi and Lodi, then, Numbers and Letters respectively?

Hucka D.:

No. They are the two sides of the alphabet united. A-M, and N-Z. Alpha-beta. First Man. The Man. Cube lost and then regained. Block.


Hucka, you have much knowledge that we, Blinks and Blochs, need. You have been Charles Nelson Blinkerton. You have become interested in Dark Side of the Rainbow. The flower was plucked “out there” from the old house and then you are “here”. This was a shift, like through a prism. The Body was given up but a new body, a Bee, was provided. You were Tiny, Little, but now you are massive and Mammoth through the beehives, this temple and, prior to it, B_Hivia. Bee is tiny, hives are mammoth.

Hucka D.:

I am now the tetractys. Numbers. Ten. Rural shifts to urban [comedy]. Bee Aurthur is contacted. Cub Run is done and over with. Winesap is next. TILE Creek. Hand Spring to Drink Lake. Jonesborough…


Talk about Jonesborough a bit more, the location of The Cave of The Alphabet.

Hucka D.:

The cave is the mouth that has the White Rock for a tongue. It speaks, or at least hums. Sometimes it even sings if it’s really happy, which is often. It is in a good setting.


How did T_Bonz know it could sing?

Hucka D.:

He had a map. Stolen from the Mmmmmm’s, who already had this information. The cave is legend to them.


But it looks like Verdy had knowledge of the cave as well.

Hucka D.:

He knew that T-Bonz would open the mouth of the cave with the singing, which is the same as opening the portal to SL and AI5 to create Verdigris. He melted into the landscape, Verdy did. That’s why it was green.


It’s not green on the refreshed maps [of AI5], though.

Hucka D.:

He returned. Lodi led him out of the labyrinth that is SL, like Baker Bloch was led out by Baker Blinker. Alma.


Will Baker Blinker become Alma I?

Hucka D. (not directly answering):

Noz is Baker Bloch. Not Oz but Noz. Like nose. (Hucka points to his own bee nose here).


Is the Temple of TILE the Big Windy? Or the Big Reedy?

Hucka D. (not directly answering again):

A cave always has a centerpoint. A portal. (Hucka D. stares at the rotating cube again, the center of this particular cave/temple.)


Is the Temple of TILE then connected to The Cave of The Alphabet at Jonesborough in some direct way?

Hucka D.:

This cave has an especially highlighted center, don’t you think?


Yes, it is very nice. The culmination of our collective experiences in SL so far. Will there be another beehive to come?

Hucka D.:

Yes. (pause) I want to enjoy this one a while, though.


I was going to ask something but…

Hucka D. (guessing the question):

Alma I is coming.

(to be continued)

TILE Talk, 2

“You should seriously think about revealing [delete name] and [delete name] Baker Bloch. You and Ms. Blinker together, that is.”

Baker Bloch:

I’m still not sure that’s the direction to go.

Hucka D.:

Let’s review, then. Baker Blinker has a curse upon her. When the curse is lifted she will be revealed as who she really is. Part of the lifting of the curse could involve revealing [delete names]. As yours collectively, I mean. (pause) SID’s 1st Oz is not the only TILE, or Tyle.

Baker Bloch:

I am not so sure about that Hucka. But thank you for not invoking that other name.

Hucka D.:

[Delete name].

Baker Bloch:

Yes. The lemon tree at the center of the temple is obviously connected to Lemon World, and the circle of the rocks seem very similar. If you count the stone colored chairs surrounding the tree, that would be perhaps 11 objects? Anyway I’ll have to count again.

Hucka D.:

Let’s count them now.

Baker Bloch:

Well ok, alright.

(Baker b. logs onto SL as Baker Bloch. He’s already in the temple, on Floor 1. It’s nighttime, Baker Bloch’s favorite time in SL. Soon he is in the central square staring at the tree and the rocks and peering above the tree up to the ever-spinning cube of TILE/Tyle at the top.)

Baker Bloch:

If you count the transporter as well I’m counting 11 objects around the tree, Hucka D. So this must be related to the rock circle where I manifested Lemon World.

Hucka D.:

We manifested it together. Climb the tree.

Baker Bloch:

What? I don’t think it will hold me Hucka.

Hucka D.:

Climb the tree and enter the cube, the block, Mr. Bloch.

Baker Bloch:

Even if I could climb the tree, which I don’t think I can, I’m too big to get into that cube.

Hucka D.:

You are already in the cube. Ascend the tree.

Baker Bloch:

I’m not going to do it.

Hucka D.:

You will be insane within the month if you do not ascend.

Baker Bloch:

Huh? Insane? Maybe you’re the insane one Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Ok, what harm would it do just to see if you can climb it, like you climbed up the plane loader before. Remember?

Baker Bloch:

I hesitated then as well. You went headfirst. Come to think of it — you go first.

Hucka D.:

I’m already in Baker Bloch. Where do you think I am?

Baker Bloch:

No Earthly idea Hucka D.

Hucka D.:


(Baker Bloch did not say the name that came immediately to mind, which was Sirius. But the pieces began to fall into place anyway, and how Baker Blinker must become Alma I, Queen of AI5, in order to save it.)

Hucka D.:

My name is Rupert, and I am a royal ambassador from the 4th planet of the primary Sirius solar system.


baker b. (slightly late on):

*I* see, the world tree has been recreated and the treehouse atop it. Hucka D. has become his primary self. Synchronicities have been shown in SL, perhaps for the first time (?) Kansas City Life.


Baker Blinker becomes more educated about SID’s 1st Oz and Oz in general from her, in Tronenese, “user”.

Long Lost Cousin?

Tiny Hucka D. knows now where he is perhaps from. Mammoth Cave!

Hucka’s Letter, 1

Dear Bakers:

Thank you for providing me the link to the “Love Makes The Maps Go Round” post from your old fghe board. I am assembling a map almost as we speak. I am camped out in an abandoned cabin in the woods here. I am positive Cub Run Cave resonates directly with the 1st beehive I created in Cub, and is a key to generating the 4th. Cub Run may not be over, just shifted. Great moment of clarity when I exited the cave’s mouth. I now know about Hurla Dontbee. I am (in) Hart. I miss u both greatly.

With love and deepest appreciation,
Hucka D.

Hucka’s Letter, 2

Dear Bakers:

How quickly things change! I am not in Kentucky any longer but in Arkansas, and have settled in a bit at a place called Tyler Bend. Grassy Noll has joined me now in my new, Earthy adventures. He couldn’t be Salad Bar Jack forever, he says… needed a change as well. I don’t know if you realized it but it escaped me that Verdy, in the production of Salad Bar Jack In The River Of TILE, was also played by Grassy Noll. Of course, (I thought when finding this out from Grassy the other evening) he really has two arms after all! Interestingly, we are now camped out in a tent very similar to the one we used in the volcano sim, Baker Bloch, where Verdy supposedly transitioned from RL Cave of The Alphabet to SL “green spot” in one of the many gorges leading to the central volcano of the Dante sim. But it is here, on Tyler Bend synchily positioned between an Arnold Bend to the west and a Lane Bend to the east, that I believe we will establish our first Earthy Temple of TILE. Or Tyle. Or maybe on Cash Bend just further to the east. Or on Lane Bend nearer the town of Gilbert. Or perhaps even on Arnold Bend. But here’s where it starts Mr. Bloch and Ms. Blinker — on Cash, Arnold, Tyler, or Lane Bend. Or some combination thereof. A connection to The Jug in Tyler County, West Virginia featured in the Booker T. interview re SID’s 1st Oz is highly anticipated.

We do not have solid plans for what this “temple” will look like. In the meantime, Grassy, while we sit on the banks of the protected, all-natural Buffalo River, has shared many interesting stories about his adventures and movies, including one that was currently in production, before Grassy’s leave of absense, called Salad Bar Jack And The Spill Over Drink Lake Dam. He says now this fall has been fulfilled in a new way.

We scout more tomorrow. I’ll keep you abreast of transpirings.

Yours in luv,
Hucka D.

Hucka’s Letter, 3

Dear Bakers:

Grassy and I did not realize it until yesterday, when the holiday crowd started moving in, that Tyler Bend is actually the site of a campground (!). So I’m not sure we’ll be able to build the temple there. We are curently camped out at Lane Bend, checking it out. All this has to do with Walt SIDney, of course.
Grassy is already getting homesick. On top of that, or perhaps causing it or egging it on in the first place, he said he found something in a trash can at Tyler Bend, left by some of the campers most likely, that scared him pretty badly. In a book, he said at first. He stated it had something to do with he and Gipsey Purse, and also started ranting on about the Spillway movie again. Said maybe he should return to the Land of the Mmmmmm’s and [CREEK] to finish it. He said — mind you he had been drinking a bit when he was telling me all this — but he talked about reversing the spill, and that his Gipsey was involved and the movie The Arab. Then he started mumbling stuff about Alabama, and out of the mumbles I was able to piece together that the book he found in the trash was a road atlas, and what scared him was something he saw on the Alabama pages of that atlas. Then I got out of him that he tore out those particular pages and threw the rest of the atlas back in the trash. “Well. show me what scared you Grassy,” I said to him, knowing now he had these pages, but he said he couldn’t. I mean, he showed me the pages, shook them at me even, and then put them back in his pack, saying all the time that, “you don’t want to know, you don’t want to know.”
So today Grassy goes on his usual walk by the river, and I stay behind, feigning illness from drinking a little of his nip the night before — which I didn’t do, mind you, but he wouldn’t know the difference since he was so sloshed himself. I also knew that he might have been sloshed enough not to remember showing me the pages. So I rummaged through his pack and, sure enough, the pages were still there: Alabama north and Alabama south, as it were. I looked and looked over these two parts of one map, trying to figure out what scared Grassy so badly, and after scanning quite a bit I finally came across what I believe it was. So I kindly request that you, once again, allow me to talk to the collective, baker b., about this. Baker b.?

“Yeah I’m right here, Hucka. We’re out of the letter format now.”

Hucka D.:

Is spill the same as *spell*? Gipsey Purse… is that Gipsey *curse*?

(to be continued)

Herman Park, Frank Park, Boulder

So I’m now *way* behind in creating texts for my posts. I’m gonna make a quick run of this one, since it’s mostly location shots. The 1st is of the spillway featured in the new Salad Bar Jack movie now in production. This is at the Drink Lake Dam; Drink Lake Beach is just off-camera here to the right of the viewer.

Next is a more recent picture of the 4th portal on the RIVER. This portal system has not been mentioned in this blog in a while. I’ll try to rectify that more soon.

This is a photo of what I call the Square Forest, also located in Frank Park like the 4th portal. As you can see, there’s a picnic table positioned just outside the forest, in a meadow just west of it.

Path leading into the Square Forest. Lots of poison ivy in there; I don’t dare to enter until Fall.

Then we come to the main subject of this post, which is a rock face within the Boulder city limits (to those who don’t know, Boulder is the town that both Frank and Herman Park lie just outside of to the north). Tucked under this largish rock faces is a marshy area with a small brook running through it. My guess is that this area use to hold a small pond.

Within the often boggy areas of this small space are a number of tires and also what appears to be, perhaps, the remains of an old chimney. The chimney, especially, interests me as a possible shot location for a future Salad Bar Jack production. I’ll return to this subject.

One last look at the rock face. Notice the old, deflated basketball.

Waiting Patiently…


Temple of TILE Additions, Part 1

The Temple of TILE has definitely become the focus of my building/collaging lately. Although it is most likely way too soon to venture this guess, I’ll go ahead and say that this temple will perhaps be the center of my AI property from now on. I’ve currently invested over 400 prims in the construction, while at the same time being pretty frugal about what I put in the building. I think 9 prims (pinball machine, and also concession stand) is the limit for any one particular object. Most of the more detailed objects created by Arcadia Asylum (more on her soon!) are only 1 or 2 prims. These include chairs, tables, bookcases, safes, dryers, and much more.

I’ve already described the basic, original construction of the temple starting with this post. We’ve sent Baker Bloch to explore some additions now that Hucka D. has created and Baker Blinker has decorated. He went into the venture cold turkey, as it were, and told just to take photos of what he found interesting. This is his exploring talent put to use, you see.

We start with a shot within the Hidalgo Gallery, before Baker Bloch teleports up.

The 1st thing Baker Bloch notices is that it seems a bit darker within the temple, but he can’t put his finger on it. Floor 5 (where Blochs transported in) doesn’t seem any different otherwise. He heads down to floor 3.

Definitely something pretty different back there. Better head around the corner and see what it is.

“Oh, there’s one of those drink machines Blinks told me she installed,” Blochs thinks. “Pretty nice.”

Baker Bloch continues around the corner of floor 3…

He’s starting to get a bit scared here, as he’s prone to do. “What *are* those things up there,” he ponders. “Awfully dark and ominous looking,” and in his mind, for some reason, he pictures a large blacksnake entwined around the entire temple. It was a good guess about what had really happened as it turned out.

“Aha, a hole!” Baker also notices the flying pigeon above the hole. Another nice touch by Blinks, he thinks.

A slightly shaky Baker enters the hole, which is easily big enough to accommodate him.

Temple of TILE Additions, Part 2

On and on and on it went for Baker Bloch. “Where the heck am I?” he thinks. “The entire temple isn’t this long!”

Baker Bloch rounds another corner. “Hmmmm… someone has recently been here, and eating pizza. Hobos perhaps?”

Finally Baker emerges out of the tunnel into another lighted area. But the decor is different than anything else he’s seen in the temple so far. Very different.

An old style radio, pre-WWII perhaps, sits on a giant spool table surrounded by crates which substitute for actual seats. Blochs is amazed that when he touches the radio, it actually works (!). A Frank Sinatra selection… nice.

An old table covered with magazines sits in the far corner of the room from the hole.

And then we have a safe. Blochs attempts to touch and open the safe, to no avail. Surprisingly, though, it rattles like someone is trying to open it but can’t. Baker Bloch later finds that only the owner, which happens to be Baker Blinker, can open the 2 prim safe. Blochs is disappointed, however, to find that Blinks has left nothing in there to find anyway.

More items in the room.

Seeing no other way to exit the room besides dropping into the older part of the temple, Baker Bloch turns around and retraces his steps through the tunnel.

Before teleporting back down to the ground to talk to Baker Blinker and Hucka D. about what he’s seen, he takes a snapshot of this congress of pigeons near the entrance to the hole. Their many coos can also be heard in this spot, along with some other mysterious noises that Baker Bloch doesn’t understand the origin of… yet.

Temple of TILE Additions, Part 3

So Baker Blinker and Hucka D., after hearing Baker Bloch’s report of their additions to the temple he found, was sent back, saying he’s actually only found part of them so far. “Look for the chair in the air,” Baker Blinker says. “That’ll lead you into another new part.” But Blinks was unable to give the specific location for the chair… she didn’t know. “You’ll know it when you see it,” she added, though.

So Baker Bloch teleported back onto floor 5 of the temple, and looked and looked and finally found this chair floating way up in the air from this floor 3 vantage point.

He selected the chair to sit in it (if you don’t know, materializing and then sitting on an object is sometimes the easiest way to gain access to otherwise inaccessible areas in SL), and then saw another hidden room, which looked very similar to the first hidden room in the tunnel he’d already been through. From this new vantage point he was able to sit in the chair within view in the room and then stand up and look around.

Now baker b. likes pinball in RL, although he hasn’t played it in a long time. So it’s natural that Baker Bloch, an aspect of baker b. after all, was quite pleased to see a pinball machine dominating one corner of the room he was inspecting. And one that he could actually “play”. Ding ding… ding… ding… ding ding… ding ding ding ding… ding… (that explains *one* mysterious noise Baker Bloch heard before; it turns out the pinball machine lies directly above the room with the safe explored earlier.)

“Nicely bound volumes in that bookcase,” Blochs thinks. “Maybe this isn’t a haven for hobos after all.”

Satisfied he’d check out, in full, everything in the room, he decides he must enter the proferred tunnel whose entrance looks exactly like the entrance to the first hole. He’s a little less scared this time; the last tunnel led to something quite *safe* after all, he he. What? What are you groaning about?

Temple of TILE Additions, Part 4

Yes, it turned out to be a tunnel just like the other tunnel. Long and dark, and with more detailed vintage items waiting in a room at the end. But here was one difference: there some newspapers mysteriously blowing about at around the midway point of the tunnel spot, as if in a whirlpool.

Baker Bloch in the midst of the blowing papers looking back at some kind of shard sticking through the wall. Baker makes a mental note to ask Baker Blinker and Hucka D. what that is. He could have easily cut his head on the thing!*

The light abruptly changes as Baker Bloch rounds another corner. “Sunset or sunrise?” he thinks. He can’t remember.

Yet another “hobo” room…

…and another hobo chair to rest his tired bones in. Again a view into the older parts of the temple is offered here.

We need a Mr. Clean hotline in these new sections!

And also another game, this time a video game. Something called “Burgertime”, but Baker Blochs can’t figure out the rules in his short stay in the room. He enjoys playing it anyway, and the graphic details of the machine are superb once more.

“Is that the tunnel down there? I’ve gotta check the outside of this thing now to see if I can tell what’s going on now,” Blochs thinks.

* the “shard” turned out to be the edge of the spiral staircase that happened to jut through the tunnel at this spot. Hucka D. insisted it could not be moved, and that it was really not in the way either.

Temple of TILE Additions, Couple To Finish

So here’s the new look for the exterior of the temple.

From this overhead view, it is easier to see that the two equally long tunnels actually encircle the entire 4 sided temple, making a sort of ring around it. The two parts of the tunnel are actually about 5 meters north and south of each other; they don’t intersect, but they come quite close, within about a meter.

A view from perhaps my nearest “sky” neighbor. Just wanted to see how they would see the temple, present version.

And then a view from underneath as well, with B_Hivia closer to us. Again, the two structures are about 250 meters apart from each other, with B_Hivia, in turn, about 200-210 meters above ground elevation below it.

Then a look down to the ground houses from above B_Hivia. The orange structure is the Hidalgo Gallery, and the maroon and white structure to its right is the Victorian house on the newer property. You can also see the small forest of trees, etc., I’ve created between them and the road to the north.

Temple of TILE Additions 2, Part 1

After some extensive new additions by Hucka D. (construction) and Baker Blinker (decorating), the two of ’em send Baker Bloch back up to get his fresh impressions again. So here he is on floor 5 once more walking around and trying to ascertain what is different. At first he thinks the chair and the room below are new, but then realizes that it’s the room with the safe, already explored.

Ok, *here’s* something definitely different (on level 2). Another room with the vintage articles… looks like some filing cabinets and then an old washing machine with soap powder on top. But there’s no way for Blochs to access the room from this level, so he moves on…

Dropping down to level 1 of the “old part” of the temple, he comes across a detailed magazine rack on the opposite wall from another drink machine Baker Blinker also inserted here, at the foot of the spiral staircase.

So here’s where Baker Blinker really starts to find the interesting stuff. Another hole on level 1 now which didn’t exist before, at the back of the glowing pool already present. “Does the pool flood into the hole?” Baker Bloch wonders. Turns out it didn’t, but it was a good question to think anyway.

“Is that a bag of… garbage? Yes, and complete with flies! How inappropriate for such a pretty little pool.”

But things are about to get much stranger for Baker Bloch when he passes into the hole.

He can get a glimpse of what’s inside from this window. He doesn’t have any idea what it is, but he knows it looks large and very different from the prim and proper garden spot of level 1 he’s looking from!

Temple of TILE Additions 2, Part 2

Upon entering the newest tunnel, another tunnel branches off from it to the left, which he decides to explore first. Another turn brings him into a room that’s open to the sky, and whose walls are almost completely covered with graffitti. Various litter, mostly paper, lies on the floor as well. “Is that a picture of a bee?” Baker Bloch queries, but he sees it’s only a fly when moving in closer.

Baker Bloch looks back at the tunnel which offers the only entrance and exit to and from the room.

In looking up, Blochs sees what appears to be a table and chair from this angle, but since he is unable to fly at this altitude, he must wait until later on in his new wanderings to take a closer look at this.

And then a view through the open ceiling looking the other direction, up what Blochs assumes is the side of the Temple of TILE. It looks pretty massive from this angle to Blochs.

Baker Bloch then retraces his steps back to the main tunnel, which rather quickly leads him into the large open area that he spied part of through the window from the older level 1 of the temple. Hucka D. and Baker Blinker have done a good job of hiding the details of their work from Blochs, in order to keep his impressions fresh, and thus he wrongly determines at this time that this area is probably some kind of subway system. It’s actually part of a vast sewer system cooked up by our Arcadia Asylum again, but without the sewage that should run down the central aisle. As Hucka D. said afterwards, no sewage will ever run through this system, but he’s more uncertain about water of any sort. So Baker Bloch is perhaps not as disgusted as he should be when walking around and taking in the grafitti and litter again dominating the scenery, trying to figure out the meaning of all this.

Below is a picture of a staircase on one edge of the system. One of the few things that Baker Blinker told Baker Bloch about the investigation is don’t go up a spiral staircase first when you’re offered a another way to go up…

… and, yup, in turning around Baker Bloch sees what could be a second way to go “up”: a ladder that leads to a hole in the roof.

But first Blochs explores the remainder of the sewage system, and understands that the lighter wall at the end is what he was looking through before when he first saw the system.

He looks from just inside the wall to check and make sure this determination is correct. Yes.

Then it’s upward and onward once more!

Temple of TILE Additions 2, Part 3

Baker Bloch disappointedly finds he can’t quite walk up to the top of the ladder, so he has to resort to flying mode, which works well enough at this altitude to zip him the short remainder of the way, but also into a wall. But he’s ok.

Another room covered with graffiti and litter, just like the room on the level below this one formerly explored. Except this one has a hole in the middle, allowing transport between the two levels.

And another tunnel leading out…

…leading him quickly to a longer, straight stretch of tunnel with perhaps another room at the end but also open space on both sides, about halfway down its length.

Baker Bloch looks through one of the openings and is again surprised to see what appears to be part of a restaurant or otherwise eatery of some sort, judging from the several tables surrounded by chairs, three in all.

In looking around now, Baker Bloch has a better impression of where he’s at in respect to the older part of the Temple of TILE. Hucka D. and Baker Blinker have created an entire new wing of the structure (!).

Temple of TILE Additions 2, Part 4

Walking back through the open part of the tunnel to the other side — “is this pavement I’m standing on? Yes it is!” — Blochs sees that what he has already determined is some kind of eatery is centered by this concession stand, offering a variety of fast food according to the billboard above the counter. “Too bad there’s no one to take my order,” Baker Bloch thinks. “I’m kind of hungry actually, and Baker Blinker never feeds me.” In fact, the only square meal he’s ever received in SL period is that delicious offering at the cave at Cocoa Beach off of AI5. But of course it’s just a psychological hunger that Baker Bloch has, since avatars really do not need to eat to survive in this virtual reality. It’s all part of the fun and games.

Baker Bloch looks at the back wall from the counter and sees several newspaper stands. This sight makes him realize he’s never actually read a newspaper in SL either, and although both stands give out newspapers when touched, Blochs was disappointed to find out they were of the rolled up variety, with no way to straighten out and read properly.

Looking through the short passage connecting the two parts of the eating establishment. “Does this place have a name?” Baker ponders. He can find no sign, and determines that Hucka D. and Baker Blinker haven’t come up with one yet, or either collectively feel there’s no need to name it. That’s a drink machine giving out what’s called okra cola just through the other side of the passage.

Looking back at the concession stand after discarding the 2 useless newspapers.

“Ah, I missed this before. Another arcade game! And an older one that I can wrap my brain around.”

Here Baker Bloch pauses a couple of minutes in his journey to “play”. At least he thinks he’s playing; actually it’s just another highly detailed and animated prim which fools him into believing this. 1 minute in: still completely fooled; 2 minutes in: wonders why his controls sometimes don’t work the way they should; 3 minutes in: gives up in thinking at least part of the game controls are broken.

In following the straight tunnel to the end, apparently inside the 4 square walls of the older part of the temple, he is confronted by another room. Hey, he’s seen this! This is the room he viewed from the level 2 window that has the washer and also the filing cabinets.

And so his new investigation seems to end here. He stares at the 30 foot high spear-headed cypress from the open end of the small room, his mind angling around all the sights and scenes he’s just witnessed.

Temple of TILE Additions 2, Couple To Finish

Another view from the concession stand area looking up at the temple. Several pigeons fly in and around the heights.

A longer view of what one could now call the “front” of the temple.

…and the back.

From below.