Baker Blinker Blog Book I: Pre-Jeogeot I 08c (Sep/Oct 2008 03 of 03)

New Island! (Very Atlantean), 1

Have come across several new Linden builds in SL and have admittedly given them the short stick in this blog at times, like the Moonbase just off Jeogeot and, going further back, the Magellan Linden landing site on the western tip of Gaeta. More significantly, I also didn’t visit Burning Life (just completed) nearly as much as I expected, since that’s one of the things that drew me into SL in the first place and I’ve had the week long event circled on my virtual calendar for months and months. So I’ve decided to change my tact a bit on this new find and cover it quite extensively, or as much as my energy will allow. I’ll treat it like one of my own builds, let’s say. 🙂

First off, let me get this out of the way on another topic. Ross Falls is an “official (SL wikia) name… nifty.

The island has surfaced, Atlantis-like (except the opposite way, I suppose, coming out of the water instead of sinking into the water — more on Atlantean parallels later, though, when I get my writing warmed up a bit more), out of the sea between the continents of Nautilus and Mãebaleia, or the two southernmost of the 4 eastern continents (east of the 3 “western” continents of Heterocera Atoll, Sansara and Jeogeot, that is). It really just appeared, as a whole, overnight, because I was teleporting around the edges of Nautilus Friday night, maybe even Saturday night — didn’t see hide nor hair of it. But by Sunday night the island was there in full force. I was actually teleporting and running around the sea interior of Nautilus (as I’ve been doing for a couple of nights) and then teleported over into a slightly more southern, greenish water sim which I didn’t remember before. Cool, I thought, seeing actual ocean plants and fish and hills… why didn’t I find this before in my extensive explorations of the Nautilus water sims? Then I pulled up the SL map… and saw the island. This was pretty big news I realized, and it was the ocean floor around it that impressed me first. It seems the Lindens have really gone all out on this one. We’ll see how it develops, though — I hope they aren’t planning to divide most of the island into sellable property. It would indeed be very unique if they didn’t, then, and quite a reverse, in this limited scope admittedly, from the decrease of Linden protected land we’ve seen in these newer continents in comparison with Sansara and Heterocera.

So I’ll begin a shot from the interior sea of Nautilus, which has some quite interesting patterns at the bottom — very Okinu-like. I also liked how there are actual hills on the sea floor to help highlight the patterns further.

Moving again to the new island, it seems to be about the same size as the Burning Life island just derezzed in the ocean beside Heterocera, which covered precisely 22 land sims. Most of the sims here are a mixture of land and water, so this is just a guess. But it’s big. It’s maybe not quite the size of the main Azure Island where I lived, (I’ve called this island AI1 in my blog, or Azure Island #1) but it’s clearly somewhat bigger than the second largest of these islands (AI2).

Just to get my nomenclature straight, I’d personally call the main Azure Island landmass an island and not a continent, as some people do, although it could be the largest such island that’s not a continent (unless it is matched or surpassed by the main Dreamland landmass?). Kind of like an SL Greenland, I suppose. Either Gaeta or the Heterocera Atoll, then, would be the smallest currently completed continents using this standard.

I don’t know what most of the things I saw really are yet, and I’m sure all this will be cleared up more in official Linden releases coming down the pike. But here’s a snapshot of a particle, sculpture thingie that gives you some idea about how well done some of this stuff is.

The centerpiece of the whole island seems to be this large circular area that I haven’t explored yet. The door to the interior is certainly impressive enough, though, and Baker Bloch was mildly surprised that he was allowed to open and close these huge doors himself. The doors come at the end of a *long* canal that runs through about 1/2 length of the whole island up to this point, and continues another sim-length to a central pool inside (according to the map).

As I said, Baker decides to leave this central part of the island alone for now, and teleports instead to this quite interesting and picturesque hill on the eastern side of the island.

I’ll continue this exploration in the post above… see you there.

New Island! (Very Atlantean), 2

From the hilltop Baker Bloch sees what he thought was a leaning tower at first, but upon closer inspection turns out to be a ship or vehicle of some kind. In checking the owner’s name, he finds out that it’s none other than Magellan Linden of Gaeta and, especially, Heterocera Atoll fame, as described in his well known blog. The famous explorer himself has been here! The vehicle turns out to be a 4000 ton Atomic Boring Machine.

At the bottom of the ship Baker Bloch finds evidence for Magellan’s noted penchant for alchohol consumption also well documented in his blog.

But what’s most fascinating about the ship is the animated picture inside, showing a number of various locations around the island, most of which Baker Bloch hasn’t seen at this point… like this shot of what is obviously a statue of Neptune with his trident. Strange thing is, I was just thinking about an image of Mossman holding a trident today while driving around an area of his “homeland”, before I knew anything about this new SL island. Just to point out, Mossman would be another, bulky green figure, like the Neptune of this statue.

More snapshots of the Magellan craft…

Then a shot of Baker Bloch standing near the ne corner of the island, just ahead.

Next: crystal clear as mud.

New Island! (Very Atlantean), 3

Moving just across the canal to the south, where it begins to slice into the island from east to west, Baker Bloch then finds this temple complex. Nature freak that he is, he decides to explore the exterior landscaping first…

…and quickly comes across this rather hidden, subterranean entrance to the temple via a tunnel about 3 meters in diameter.

Again, Blochs is *very* impressed by the work that has gone into this kind of structure… whatever it is. The main theme seems to be crystals, in particular, rubies or crystals of a ruby red color. A huge cluster of such crystals appears on this bottom level of the temple…

Another at the top…

And then a single crystal more in the middle. The top and central of these rubies or ruby-like crystals pictured here are lined up with each other within a kind of central tube of the structure.

An exterior shot.

Here’s Baker Bloch standing on the very se tip of the island, not too far south of the crystal temple or palace (whatever). WOW.

Next: you say channel and I say canal.

New Island!, 4

Baker had come in through the side door, so to speak, and he actually missed taking a picture of the main entrance to this crystal temple complex described in the last post of this series. So here it is. I believe those are swordfish statues guarding the entrance.

Before I get too far in creating new text, I want to say that Headburro Antfarm graciously sent over a couple of links on the brand new island-continent (again, I’d call it an island instead of a continent, as outlined below), which I know now has been dubbed Nautilus City. This is a little confusing to me, though, since on recent SL maps the continent immediately to the north is also named Nautilus.

But here’s the two links HBA sent me (thanks!). He plans to publish information about Nautilus City on his own blog, and I’ll be sure to give a link here to what I’m certain will be an excellent report or series of reports on the subject. And he takes such marvelous pictures — you won’t want to miss those.

Links now:

A main issue re the second link, coming from the official SL blog, is that property will be sold on the island, albeit with some special restrictions and clauses. Several 100 parcels are available according to this blog, all 1024 square meters, and with double the prims usually allowed for that meterage. My guess is that they won’t come cheap. So I was wrong (of course!) in mulling over the possibility that this whole island may be a protected Linden park of some kind. Sad… but it looks like selected cuts of it will still be protected. And admittedly it will be interesting to see how property owners will blend their individual builds into the fascinating, preexisting landscape. We’ll see how it turns out soon enough. Several 100 pieces of property is too much still, though, although I guess SL has to pay the bills somehow. 😦

And I also have mixed feelings about someone using the Magellan Linden mythology as a marketing tool. But it could be just me.

Speaking of which, the first link, expanding the Magellen legend, is also a very interesting read, and explains, at least in part, the meaning of the Atomic Boring Vehicle I found quite early in my explorations of the island. I’ll study that article more and comment in future posts, and as more information becomes available about the island in general.

Back to the tour. Here’s a golden statue of a female figure on the east side of the crystal temple, as I’m calling it (until I find out an official name). This seems to be the same figure that Baker Bloch finds depicted on an underwater statue to the south of the island a little later on in his explorations. I also believe this could be Salacia, consort to Neptune. I’ll get to that story later.

You can see the size of the golden statue in comparison to little Baker Bloch sitting on a bench next to the temple, at the end of the canal.

So where to next? was the question on Baker Bloch’s mind. He devises a plan of exploration: head west on the canal from this eastern endpoint until reaching the central, circular wall. Walk around the wall and meet up with the canal on the other side. At that point he’ll devise a new strategy.

Picture of a mounted torch in the canal as he heads toward the massive, central wall, then. As I’m counting, it’s about 1300 meters to the wall from where Baker was sitting on that bench, fairly close to being a mile, then.

A little later on he passes the Magellan Linden wreck again, and takes several more snapshots.

To be continued!

New Island!, 5

It was a little over 1/2way to the central wall, or shortly past the Magellan wreck, that Baker ran across this lovely wooded area complete with a pond containing a large island and a central statue. Blochs inspects the statue to find it is rather mysteriously titled “Masculine Monument”. Like many of the island’s creations, this statue or monument is attributed to a person with the surname Mole, Silent Mole in this case.

Another shot of the statue and island. From this angle you also see an oval object in the water created by another Mole (Garden), that seems to be part of an old barge. This island certainly contains many mysteries.

(Sorry about all the night pictures here, but Baker Bloch doesn’t believe in changing the default environmental settings of any particular region unless absolutely necessary.)

Just beyond the little garden, to the immediate west, is situated this massive chess board complete with a full set of pieces. Baker attempts to “play” but can’t seem to move the pieces. Maybe the proper scripts aren’t loaded yet, or either it’s just a kind of design set.

Beyond the chess board is this pool area with 7 towels already laid out on one side of the largest pool.

And dang if there’s not a sea serpent slithering around in that pool. No swimming for Blochs today, thank you!

Yet more interesting landscaping beyond the pools, this time in the form of a more natural pool surrounded by what appear to be round stepping stones. Maybe seats of some kind? And what’s that large dark, oval object in the center of the pool, with its top ever so slightly protruding just above the pool’s surface? Whatever it is, it’s curtosy of this Garden Mole person again.

Here’s a picture showing the relationship of this pool to the particle sculpture already pictured at the beginning of this series. It’s really an amazing place.

Then it’s flat, empty grassy area for a bit on up to the wall itself. Looks to be around the same height as the Great Wall on the Atoll Continent I’m quite familiar with by now. Might be interesting to compare the length of the two: circular verses linear.

Moving in a circlular fashion now for a spell!

New Island!, 6

In recreating Baker Bloch’s hike today, I can see how the land will be divided up better. Most of the properties that will (very soon!) be for sale appear to be entirely square and flat, and without any preexisting landscaping such as trees or rocks. About all of the 1024sm parcels I’ve checked so far have Linden protected land on at least one or two sides, often in the form of walkways. Admittedly it looks like a nicely planned infrastructure, most definitely a number of steps above the situation on the newer continents and, to a somewhat lesser extent, the older continents as well. I just got’s a feeling these are going to be some expensive pieces of real estate. But no skin off my poor little back, as I’m happy where I am on the Atoll continent; I’m just exploring for the adventure and mystery.

Another mysterious egg-shaped object; the island is riddled with such mysteries. This one, let’s see, is called “LDPW Nautilus ancient light”, concocted by a Misty Mole this time. So many Moles! This just outside the wall that Baker Bloch is circling around to get back to the canal again.

More to the east this time, Baker encounters this nicely landscaped area full of more of those scuplty and non-sculpty olive colored cypress trees he hasn’t seen before in SL until now.

A fallen and now ivy covered column of some kind. Another Misty Mole creation.

Baker Bloch is now turning east again up past the westernmost point of the wall as he finds this monolithic circle of 5 largish, pointy rocks called Menhirs in their descriptions. Misty made again… Linden Mole. In looking up Menhir, found this definitnion at

Type of ancient megalithic stone monument (see megalith). Menhirs were simple upright stones, sometimes of great size, erected chiefly in Western Europe. Arrangements of menhirs often form vast circles, semicircles, or ellipses. Many were built in Britain, the best-known sites being Stonehenge and Avebury in Wiltshire. Menhirs were also placed in parallel rows, called alignments, the most famous being the Carnac alignments in northwestern France, with 2,935 menhirs. These were probably used for ritual processions.


Next: Turning a tight corner.

New Island!, 7

Baker Bloch is now at the top of the circular wall, furtherest north. There he runs into a square shaped inlet of the sea that goes almost all the way to the wall itself. Only this row of stones allows dry passage to the other side.

On the other side, fairly far out in the northern sea, Blochs finds this barge which he now knows carried Magellan Linden’s Atomic Borer to this island, or at least to the sea around the island. It’s a rock’n place (by that I mean the barge actually rocks back and forth). The creator is an actual Linden this time around: Michael.

Mysterious crater near the barge. Is this where the borer started its boring? If so it’s not a boring landmark at all (sorry, once again).

Moon rising over the boring-and-if-so-not-so-boring crater.

Ahah! What do we have here?! Looks like possibly the same figure pictured in Magellen’s snapshot animator in the cockpit of the borer now crashed on the island itself. But if so, why did the statue tumble into the sea? Does Magellan’s screen show an image from a more glorious past, then?

Teleport here to see the mostly buried statue for yourself.

Next: Baker Bloch dries out just to get wet again.

New Island!, 8

Another interesting object, the likes of which Baker Bloch hadn’t seen before in his island exploration.
In the description it’s called a look out point lens. Lens? Oh yeah, in recheck it today, Baker Bloch finds that it is made of some kind of glass. But what is the lens suppose to focus on? He looks through it to see no object in its aim of view. Chalk it up as another mystery for now, then.

Having satisfied that he knew the northern coastline west of the circular walled area pretty well, Blochs decides to head across the canal again to explore the southern coastline. There he finds this shallow pool (one of a number of small pools on near the sw corner of the island) with these little purple fish. The fish are not too far from being as high as the pool itself. In the description they are simply called generic dark schooling. I’ve seen them at other parts of the island as well now.

Baker comes across a small islet with a stone slab walkway between it and the island itself. You know, in rechecking today Baker thinks that the island has changed colors in the last several days from the beige in this snapshot to the present green. Interesting. All kinds of neat-o sea life in the immediate area, as is typical of the waters around the island.

Blochs discovers the beginning (or end) of a hiking trail that subsequently follows the coastline for a number of sims. Is that bear prints on that sign?

Another “ahah” moment! In the south sea, in fact, directly south of the sim the masculine green statue was found, we have what is obviously a feminine counterpart of some kind. And this also appears to be the same image found on the statue at the crystal temple on the island’s west tip. In the description she is only noted as being a “Mythic Corroded Sea Goddess,” but an educated guess would place her as Amphitrite, a sea goddess called the consort to Poseidon, and translated into Roman mythology as the more minor figure of Salacia.

Go here to see her for yourself!

Next: Moonrise and Moonset.

Hucka D./Smithy Again…

“Hucka D., it’s night at the island and I want to wait until sunrise to take more pictures. Do you have time for one of our chats, or do you think it’s a good idea to do so?”

Hucka D.:

Always a good time.


Thank you. Let me guess what you’re going to say. This island was created by the Mossmen.

Hucka D.:

Not just any old Mossman. Neptune. The 8th.


The male statue does look considerably like Gene Fade don’t you think?

Hucka D.:

Indeed. But there’s also the female to consider.


Nice touch for sure by the creating Lindens.

Hucka D.:

Creating Mossmen, you mean.


Yeah, sure. Mossmen and Neptune seem to overlap through the trident, which I saw Mossman holding in my imagination yesterday while driving around. This trident represents the 3 westernmost streams of Frank Park, the same Frank Park that we’ve been discussing in this broken off bit thing, and Mocksity.

Hucka D.:

You must move it into that realm.


These streams form a trident shape because they merge into one stream in the western part of the park.

Hucka D.:

That trident is very important. Lower, middle, upper.


So were the Mossmen also in this trident of streams? Did they live there, I mean? Or explore there? Or hunt there, perhaps.

Hucka D.:

Mossmen are herbivorous by nature. So it would be foraging. Planting or foraging. The angle the Neptune Mossman holds the trident is important.


Maybe it’s not a trident but a fanning tail these streams are symbolized by.

Hucka D.:

Smithy is here.


Ok. Hello Smithy.


A hole was formed. Murder. Redrum. Bit… broken off. Death. Then Second. Rebirth. I am healed now.


Where did you live in the first life, Smithy? Where do you live now?


I live in the forest. I use to live in the forest as well. It’s different now. But… peace.


Do you know of Atlantis?

[Smithy does not answer.]


Tell me more about your forest home.


It’s different. Before it was real and solid. Now it’s more real but not solid. Different.


Do you talk to the trees?




What do you say to them? What do they tell you?


Portal. Control. Cornersville. Mossmen. They tell me about the Mossmen.


Do the Mossmen control the forest, then?


Portal. Open, but now closed. But open in a different way. Different.


Do you know what a sim is, Smithy?


(pause) Some.

Hucka D.:

Smithy is now tired. She/he go back to the forest.


So Smithy knows about the Mossmen through the forest?

Hucka D.:

That is correct.


What does Newton have to do with this?

Hucka D.:

Newton surrounds and protects.


Is there a Mossman named Newton?

Hucka D.:

Go inworld now.


Thank you.


“You know Hucka D., it did occur to me that this is Baker’s Island, and that we have not only come full circle, we’re about to break the circle.”

Hucka D.:

Neptune. 8th. Then 9th. Baker’s Island. Beyond the 8th. Next phaze. End. Beyond the beyond.


This is Atlantis, isn’t it?

Hucka D.:


New Island!, 9

Nice shot of moon rising over the flat inner plane of Nautilus City island.

Shortly after visiting with the Sea Goddess for a spell, Baker gets on dry land again to find that he has entered what might be the island’s largest stretch of forest. This is his kind of place! Nice undulating land with a variety of trees, if essentially Linden 1 prim creations. Appears to be mainly a mixture of cypress and eucalyptus trees, just like we have in the Rubi forest. Like being home again. The various placed sculpty rocks are a nice, additional touch. Actually, come to think of it, these indicate where the “hiking trail” is, which isn’t a trail as much as just a pathless walk through open woods.

Underwater shot of poles that are grouped at various places all around the island’s edges. More ruins, apparently. Those are albatrosses sitting on the tops of the poles here, I believe.

Wheeeee! Baker Bloch finds a willing sea turtle to ride.

A moon shot again, this time setting to the west. It is at this point Baker begins to encounter more signs of civilization again as he moves toward the island’s west end, climaxing in the harbor area dealt with in posts to come. Moving on, then!

Next: deserted urban area.

New Island!, 10

The walkway seen in that last photo of this series quickly leads Baker Bloch to row upon row of adobe-like houses, monochromatically colored in shades of either yellow, blue, or red.

Baker continues to stick to the coastline, though, so as not to get lost in the maze of houses. Here he sees more evidence of a civilization at least partially in ruins now.

Finally, Baker Bloch finds the western tip of the island. He’s been so far, with so far to go still!

Blochs taking a well needed break at this tip. Great view here.


New Island!, 11

Baker must have dozed off for a long time again, for the next thing he knows it’s dawn once more. More pillars and ruins in general at a pond just north of the western point here.

Then a row of pillars actually in the slow process of tumbling into the sea, it seems. Baker Bloch finds that these pillars are very picturesque… by that I mean he found it’s hard to take a bad picture of ’em. Maybe it was just a good time of day to be taking pictures of this area. Sun was rising.

Then another shot of the pillars with those mysterious houses so prevalent in the area.

And then more crystals are discovered near a gazebo at the harbor’s edge. But a purplish variety here, and not the ruby color of those at the crystal temple on the opposite side of the island.

Next: Baker Bloch turns around.

New Island!, 12

Baker Bloch was studying the purplish clusters of crystals so intently that he didn’t notice what was in the harbor just ahead. Actually his draw distance might have been set low enough that he couldn’t make the statues out. But at any rate in turning around and perhaps moving up the walkway a bit, he saw the first one. Neptune, aka Poseidon, in all his glory and trident in hand. Guarding the harbor or protecting it and standing erect before it like a proud parent.

But it turns out there wasn’t just one huge Poseidon statue but *two*, one in more disrepair and without the trademark trident. The more corroded statue stood directly west of the first, about 80 meters away as best I can tell.

Then between and in front of them (north) we find this ancient ship that looks perhaps vaguely Phoenecian (?) I’ll let those much more familiar with ships and history deal with that question.

Interesting marketplace area with groups of different vases, crates, and other containers. All apparently empty, though.

Numerous, eroded docks of the harbor. No natives sighted yet at all. This town definitely seems deserted.

Purple eels are found near the docks. Baker Bloch thinks eels look way too much like snakes, and so he stays a good distance away.

Another cluster of those purplish crystals, found in a square of pillars just past the main harbor area.


Revelation Re Abomination…

“Hucka D., I wanted to talk to you before exploring Nautilus City more.”

Hucka D.:

That’s fine.


Hucka, I’m almost positive that the statue of the trident holding Neptune guarding the inner harbor of the city is in some kind of direct resonance with The Abomination of Federal.

Hucka D.:

They are the same!


Both are 45 meters high [see snapshots above]. That’s the biggest clue. Both are *green*. Both are associated with Mossmen, and perhaps, in particular, Gene Fade. Both stand on a sea bottom about 10 meters in elevation, with a water level of 20 meters. Just to review for the reader, there are 2 twinned statues of Neptune/Poseidon in the harbor about 80 meters apart, one with a trident and one in more disrepair and without the trident. Both are 15 meters high from head to foot, which means the feet are 10 meters above the 20 meter water level in this area.

Hucka D.:

These are 2 aspects of The Abomination itself.


Does the trident represent those streams at the westernmost end of Frank Park?

Hucka D.:



That must mean the one holding the trident is the true Mossman or He-man, ruler of Frank Park. But I think this also has to do with the hidden feminine energy. The Abomination, and the matching statue at Nautilus City, are obviously strong male symbols.

Hucka D.:

I think you should clarify that this has little to do with the He-men created by Hanna Barbera except in surface appearance. Mossman is more a Big Foot in a way. Yeti.


I know that the matching green statues on the north and south side of the island represent the two energies of the island itself, masculine (north) and feminine (south), probably also represented by the more reserved elements of the southern coast as opposed to the more dramatic builds of the northern coast — the Magellan vehicle, the harbor, and, of course, the Poseidon statues themselves. The walled interior stands more to the north itself. The canal as well. Actually I guess this kind of breaks down at the eastern and western edges. It could be that the crystal temple to the east is feminine and the harbor to the west represents the masculine energy again. There could be several polarities involved, perhaps working at perpendicular angles.

Hucka D.:

Mossman is a Green Man, able to control vegetation. He talks to the plants. He can turn into a plant himself. He is a powerful deity. He is as real as you and I. And he is many, or some. A couple. I mean, probably more. 100s.


Does he live in that separate bit of Frank Park?

Hucka D.:



Is there only 1 who lives there?

Hucka D.:

(pause). 1, or perhaps 2. But 1 for sure.


How many live elsewhere?

Hucka D.:

20 up to 100.


How many in the rest of Frank Park? And how many in Herman Park?**

Hucka D.:

All of them. Almost all. Some are on Grandfather, the oldest of all peaks. But they are breaking from tradition because that mtn. is forbidden to tread on according to Mossman religion/mythology.

Hucka D.:

Is this the same Grandfather that is pictured in the Edwardston Station Gallery?

Hucka D. (smiles):

You know it is.


I keep going back to the trident.

Hucka D.:

Smithy is here.


Alright, we’ll talk to Smithy for a while.


I know Mossman. He is nice. He helped me. He helps me.


Smithy, can you tell me more about the portal Mossman closed, and how this is connected to Mocksity at the corner? Cornersville?


At the end the portal closes. But then rebirth. Second. Open again. Just like… just like…

Hucka D.:

Just like me, she means.




Smithy, are you friends with Hucka D., then?


Yes. Friends.


Do you know that Hucka D. lives in Second Life?


Yes. I do too.


Do you have an avatar, then?


No. I don’t think so.

Hucka D.:

She has no avatar, although she could readily get one.


Hucka D., how is Grassy involved in all this? Or Salad Bar Jack, if you wish?

Hucka D.:

He is a special Mmmmmm. He is a celebrity for one thing, perhaps the greatest of all since he’s so well known through his action/adventure movies as Salad Bar Jack.


Where’s T-Bonz these days?

Hucka D.:

He’s doing some commercials until the movie revs up again.


Will that be soon?

Hucka D.:



I am tired.


Yes Smithy. Thank you.

Hucka D.:

You need to go inworld yourself.


Suppose so. Thanks Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Take a closer look at Mossman in the collages. You’ll find additional clues there.


Yes, I will.

* It did occur to me after writing this that the trident Poseidon is holding would be about the same height as the 17 plus meter Hilo Peak. This could become a crucial secondary resonation.

** Frank and Herman Park are two similarly sized parks existing side by side with each other in the Appalachian Mtns. Frank has been assoc. with Heman as a contrast to Herman, but the name Herman comes from an actual name of a person as well. I’ll atempt to better explain the extradimensional relationship of these 2 parks in this blog soon.

New Island!, 13

As I’m writing the text for these posts, more pictures are showing up on the web concerning Nautilus City. I’ll get to that in a moment.

I did have a chance to peruse the large amount of comments made concerning the announcement of Nautilus City and the upcoming auction of land on the official Second Life blog. Interesting that by far the largest percentage are negative in tone, although many do speak admiringly of the builds themselves. I think one common error in the the comments speaking negatively on the subject is the actual amount of land for sale. It might be 80 sims total in the complex (which I doubt), but there are only about 20-25 *land* sims (adding all the land up together), and of that, less than 1/2, if I’m estimating right, will be up for sale. So as others point out, this is just a drop in the bucket of total mainland property. Setting aside political and economic necessities for a minute, I do believe that Linden Lab is looking toward the future in this build, and attempting to correct obvious mainland problems (plus, as I’m understanding now, some of those connected with the fairly recent opening of the smaller Bay City area attached to the old Sansara continent). Admittedly, even in my limited experience in SL I can tell this is not going to be a perfect situation. Personally I would not buy property that doesn’t allow any type of terraforming, especially if the land is totally flat. I understand this option has been greatly abused on the mainlands but I would instead favor more an approach taken by Azure Islands, and only allow terraforming to a certain height and depth. Also making each and every piece of land the same size, and all square, in combination with the flatness, is going to take away additional possibilities of creativity and diversity among the resident’s builds. Plus the inability to join land. Double prims is a certainly a nice benefit, though.

But in saying all this, I still applaud the effort. I have much less problem with the Lindens creating a built in mythology around the sellable land. I think that’ll be one of the more interesting things to see develop: how the resident’s builds blend in with these already existing and quite marvelous builds. I would find it to be a challenge to erect something next to what I’m calling the crystal temple on the eastern end of the island — how would you compete with that? And, perhaps most importantly, you have *more protected land* because of this. What’s really to complain about in this respect? No, I don’t think creativity will be limited in that way, but just in the way the sellable properties are set up, and the restrictions involved. I will also be interested to see how skyboxes develop in the region, or if people do their more creative work up there while remaining more conservative on the ground level.

I do think they either need to rename the island or the continent immediately to the north, though. One should not be Nautilus. 🙂

So let’s take up where we left off in Baker Bloch’s island exploration. He’s now just past the harbor area, heading north along the coastline again.

This is the second lighthouse of the harbor area, the one immediately east of the 2nd, more dilapidated Poseidon statue (not seen in snapshot).

A nice, if narrow strip of woods leads Baker Bloch to this northwest corner of the island.


But here’s where this particular leg of Bloch’s exploration gets quite interesting: on the seabed off the northern coast he’s now hiking around. Looking from a deck on this coast, Baker Bloch spied an spot of unusually diverse colors and activity on the seabed not too far off the shore, and goes to investigate.

But it is not until a number of snapshots are taken of the spot that Baker Bloch discovers, in its midst, almost hidden amongst the various swarms of fish and waving plants… another Poseidon statue! This is more a man-sized statue, like this one found before in this northern sea, but several sims to the east. But this one is in even more disrepair than any Poseidon statue found previously in his island exploring, whether man-size or giant size, because this one lacks a head. “Knocked off, never to be seen again I suppose,” Baker Bloch then thought.

He was about to leave and happened to turn around again to see another spot of emerald green just below the head-less statue. He went back and checked: yes, the head! He admired the way the Lindens postioned this head and torso in such a way that you had to be paying close attention to find both.

Next: Baker Bloch dries out again.

New Island!, 14

More shots from the quite large area of underwater ruins north of the island and its central circle. I think Baker Bloch wants to create a map of these ruins sometime, perhaps quite soon.

… as well as cataloging some of the sea life in the area, like this squid seemingly on a mission in this snapshot. Baker likes the way the sea life, however threating they seem in appearance, pay only the slightest attention to his presence, if that. Very benign and docile — even the sharks!

Another colorful group of plants and sea creatures. No sculptures to be found here, though (that’s apparently the bow of an old ship projecting above Baker’s head here).

Having combed the northern sea fairly well, Blochs flies to the vast door of the island’s inner circle. It’s time to go within… no more delaying.

But first, he decides to set his draw distance way out to 512 meters, just to get an idea of what he’s in store for. Yes, he discovers it’s an actual city built around that inner, circular pool, with definitely some interesting looking builds to yet explore.

Next: Baker Bloch “inside” now

New Island!, 15

Blochs takes the tact of breaching the inner sanctum of the island by an underwater route. That is, he submerges into the canal to get to the central pool. This turned out to be an intuitively creative choice.

Here’s he just entering the gate/door via this means. He looks back toward a bouncing jellyfish just outside the door’s reach.

The sea life basically evaporates in the passage until he reaches the inner, central pool, about a sim’s walk from the giant gelded door.

When Blochs comes upon another set of objects at the bottom of this dead-center pool , he thinks: wow the SL mystery lovers are going to have some theories about this! Because here is another small, ruined boatcraft, common in the waters of the island, but with some twists this time: this one has an actual, tattered sail still partially attached to it, which may mean it is of more recent orgin that all the others (wouldn’t you think?), *plus* some other objects in the immediate area, including a sword stuck in the sea floor, along with a partially exposed cluster of pink crystals sitting within the perimeter of the small ship.

Actually, Esbum Michigan is, right now, in the ship’s area, rechecking Bloch’s observations and data, and is finding additional objects in the proximity, including a brass colored dish, a number of mostly buried goblets, and then a sword sticking into the ground as well about 10 meters to the southwest.

But he/she is finding more… apparently Blochs needs to make a return trip to this place! I’ll get to that asap.

Blochs *did* notice these mysterious bubbles being emitted just beside the spear (which he also did see but didn’t take a snapshot of). Meaning? As usual: unknown.

And then this hole in the wall, called the Citadel Wall Door in the description. Baker Bloch doesn’t remember the spears in the wall and near the wall in the ground when subsequently passing through this hole. He must have been transfixed by the latter.

Inside the hole…

… leading up, up ,up to….

New Island!, 16

… The Temple, which can be considered the centerpiece of the whole island, I suppose. So I thought it should be covered in some depth in this little series of mine. Baker Bloch enters the lower level of the temple through a secret panel connecting it to the bottom of the central Citadel pool where he just came from. The sliding panel at the top of the chute is a full 56 meters above the bottom; quite a climb.

In the center of the floor he entered was found this amazing cluster of large, pink crystals, the same color as the much smaller examples in the boat at the bottom of the Citadel pool. So first he finds ruddy red or ruby colored crystals in the east of the island, purple colored crystals in the west (harbor area), and now pink in the center (Citadel area).

The decorations and statues are pretty amazing here. Two golden statues called “Mythic Minoan Goddesses” in their descriptions direct their intense stares at the central pink cluster from opppsite sides of the sunken part of the floor. Both clasp in their pairs of raised hands the necks of identical vipers of some kind, trusting their rather rigid bodies forward, as if they were swords almost — at first Baker Bloch thought they were swords, until he examined them closer and saw the viper heads basically hidden by the hands from a front view. The outfit of each is also apparently open breasted, with the breasts emphasized by the framing snakes on each side. A small cat sits on what appears to be a jeweled helmet covering the head of each as well. Also perhaps worth noting is the square shaped clasp (whatever) in the center of the figures, at around the navel level.*

Here are details of what appears to be perhaps a fresco on the walls of the raised floor around the central sunken area. I don’t know whether the two objects here are supposed to be some kind of flowers or maybe a combination of volcanos and flowers together? The flowers in the fresco do look suspiciously like tiger lillies, which is kind of freak’n out Esbum Michigan at the moment. She’s, once again, checking behind Baker Bloch for correct object descriptions, and so on.

Details of light or torch next to this fresco.

And a better view of one of the snake goddess figures.

Here’s another fresco found on this level depicting dolphins, found in imagery on other parts of the island as well, especially the temple on its eastern tip (formerly known as the “crystal temple” in this series).**

Next level!

* Ok, so I did a little research and found this article in wikipedia about snake goddesses, and specifically tying them to Minoan culture. The statues in the temple here seem directly based upon the mentioned figurines found in Cretan archaelogical sites, such as in the picture displayed in the wikipedia article. However, one little difference found is it appears a rabbit sits on the goddess’ head in wikipedia instead of the cat in the Citadel temple.

** In flickr I also found this picture of a dolphin fresco from the Minoan palace of Knossos… I think I’m picking up a theme here.

New Island!, 17

Baker Bloch then ascends to the next level of the temple featuring this alcove framed by two more of those snake goddess figures.

In one corner is a seat-less table on which a checkboard sits, but with black and white squares and also pieces instead of the normal black and red ones.

In the opposite corner we find the counterpart for this in a chess board, this time with the squares colored the normal chess-y black and white but with the pieces themselves colored black and gold. There’s also a central table of this alcove area (not pictured here) positioned between the two with the games, and with its own central object: a decorative black/gold/white pitcher.

As you can also tell from the snapshot below, the 2nd level of the temple is open in the middle, with the top of largest and most central crystal from the cluster below poking its way above the balcony level here.

Then it’s on to the highest level within the temple itself for Blochs, where he gets a really good view of the rays emitting from the crystals going up and through the large opening in the domed ceiling.

View looking down on same. Yes this is definitely a CENTER.

Next: big BIG crystal.

New Island!, 18

I apologize to any person or people that have attempted to read my Nautilus City series all the way through and have reached this textual dead end. I’ll try to remedy that this afternoon. One thing that happened in the meantime is a new split between my 2 galleries, as I’ve explained in subsequent posts on this blog. That’s taken a lot of time, but I think the effort has paid off. Now to finish this unfinished business…

Baker Bloch steps out of the Citadel temple into the large, circular city spread out all around it. All the houses are identical to those around the harbour on the west side of the island, and in the same 3 tints of magenta, yellow and blue.

Some more views of the temple from some of the nearby buildings and walkways.

This stunner of a crystal cluster, with the central one topping 45 meters, is found about a sim due north of the crytal temple’s center. Same color crystals as found inside the due south temple as well — pink again. So the pattern is holding out that we find pink crystals in the center of the island, more purple crystals to the west, and then the deep ruby red ones to the east. Don’t have a clue what this means, but I did note that pink is pretty close to red-violet, which would be the hue of the color wheel between purple and red. So for whatever reasons, there’s kind of a progression of crystal colors from violet to red as we move west to east across the island.\

Also I should mention here that there’s 4 more of those Minoan style snake goddess statues surrounding this high cluster of pink crystals, 2 on the west and 2 more to the east. Perhaps interestingly, all are facing away from the crystals in this case, unlike in the Citadel temple to the immediate south.

Next: running the high circle.

New Island!, 19

Since he’s on the edge of the raised central area anyway, Baker Bloch decides just to run the entire perimeter of the island’s central, circular area, just to get a better feel for the scope of the interior city.

Convincing evidence for seismic activity dots this perimeter, such as these displaced slabs obviously weighing many tons apiece.

But there are also still intact objects of a much more fragile nature placed at the wall as well, seeming to imply that the seismic eruptions may be in the past. Perhaps these same upheavals sunk the part of a former population center positioned to the island’s immediate north, the seabed closest to the central city.* Might the two have been joined at one time? But if so why did that part sink while this remained many meters above the overall flat island surface? Has the raised part of the city been somehow rendered earthquake-proof, perhaps, as HBA speculates in one of his comments to my Nautilus Island related posts, through the energy of the giant pink crystals themselves?? It makes interesting food for thought.

More seismic wave evidence here at a different point on the wall’s top.

Back to the center.

* In rechecking Baker Bloch once again, Esbum Michigan finds that most of the ruins in the seabed to the north of the island are actually positioned to the northeast of the central circular city. Just fyi.

New Island!, 20

Almost next to the Citadel’s central temple is this ampitheatre of considerable proportions, capable of holding well over 100 avatars upon rough guess.I wonder what kind of theatre the original inhabitants enjoyed at this venue? Or was it instead a place of war and battle? Baker Bloch hoped not, but the swords and spears in the Citadel pool just below painted a picture of a more violent culture than he perhaps wished for.

Ahhh! Now red crystals near the center of the city. The pattern is broken at last!

Mysterious ground swells above the interior walls.

And then another, smaller open air temple to the immediate west of the central crystal temple of this area. (the ampitheatre, btw, lies to the immediate south of the same). But there’s nothing within this time except for a giant slab of a table with matching seating. Maybe a place for banquets?

Next: The End?

New Island!, 21

Satisfied that he’d seen all of the important, original structures of the central city, Baker Bloch decides to fly down the great canal one more time… past the rows and rows of identically shaped and sized houses surrounding the central Citadel pool on all sides…

…through the massive gelded gate and then past the bathing/swimming pools now filled more with avatars than sea serpents most likely… past the giant chessboard and pieces that perhaps are movable now and have been employed already in a number of hotly contested games…

…past the leaning Magellen Linden owned boring machine lying idle and salient against the backdrop of the island’s highest hill…

…past the majestic temple of the dolphins, complete with its red crystals and giant golden monument to a mysterious feminine island presence.

Further and further he flies, beyond the end of the island, but not stopping until reaching the end of the SL virtual world itself in this direction.

Only then does he look back to glimpse the slightest hint that the huge island even exists.

Baker Bloch knows that when he returns it will be much changed, for tomorrow (at that time) the bidding wars begin for available properties. From this day forward it will not be just a “virgin” Linden made island but a Linden + Resident made island. A symbiosis is about to take effect, for better or for worse.

Goodbye original Nautilus Island!