Baker Blinker Blog Book V: Jeogeot III 04b (July 2010 02 of 02)

Decisions Made…

“Noru Woods… get the picture?’


I do now (!)

Hucka D.:

Already people are nibbling around the edges. “Why didn’t I think of this?’


Encroachment might occur. Norum mythology kicks into another gear. Or first gear.

Hucka D.:

Norum separate from Chilbo. As in olden days.


Well… where do we start?

Hucka D.:

Why don’t you explain what’s going on[ to the reader].


Reader or readers, I bought my former neighbor’s lots in Noru to the immediate west of my Blue Feather Gallery there. The idea was to acquire a square 4096 to build a new structure. Mission accomplished, but at prices. Heck’s Canyon… well, I’ll just say it came at prices. The Temple of TILE in Rubi remains, I’ll say that. But I’m done. And the Blue Feather Gallery has been preserved. And on the new, combined property: the Noru Wood has been essentially *re-created*, hehe.

Some preliminary pics. Here’s Karoz at the entrance to the old Norum, er, Station I suppose. What would be the proper name for that thing, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

It’s a shed. The Norum Wood Shed. Or just Shed. They were simple people. Still are, for they exist yet today.


OK, good enough. Then here’s a picture of Col. Ceiling Fan, the shark that lives in the pond next to the shed.

Hucka D.:

No room indeed. Much like Ol’ Granny in the Yeot Pool.


And the back wall of the shed, illustrating another (midnight environment setting) “no room” example.


So… the original name of the community was No Room, shortened to Noroom I assume before it became Norum and finally Noru.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Just like [Chilbo was Chilbol].


And these people, um, had “no room” for some reason.

Hucka D.:

It was named for the shed [actually], which, as you well know, has little room to move around in. It starts there. No room for more in the cemetery, eventually. Widows: knob wasn’t high enough to kill them when they jumped during high moments of despair — at best they might have sprained their ankle in Ankledeep Pool below the knob or mound or knoll.


OK, I get that I think. What of Chief Ironside and Cpt. Ray Burr?

Hucka D.:

A battleground between Good and Evil is found on the property. Good being the Norums and bad being the Indians or natives that use to live in the much more extensive woods surrounding your Noru sim, extending all the way south to Chilbo and beyond, and north to the Hanja Welcome Center and beyond. West to Mt. Jeogeot, all 5 of them, and east to the… well, just east also.


Where did the battle take place?

Hucka D.:

Some say in Chief Ray… sorry, Chief Ironside Hollow. Others say on the west side of the present extent of your woods. Some say on the far east side. But I don’t think it was on Sapphire’s property.


Sapphire’s house, you mean. What I’m now calling the House of Truth.

Hucka D.:

And what of Tired Falls?


I was going to ask you that. And Major Sweepy View. Person or just simply a view[ toward the House of Truth]?

Hucka D.;

Perhaps Major Sweepy View was killed by Chief Ironside who, in turn, was shot by Cpt. Ray Burr. Perhaps in Chief Ironside Hollow.


I like the idea of Burr shooting Ironside. Not sure why those names are important.



I wonder how all this fits with the Blue Feather? Was Blue Feather a chief as well… I suppose we’ve already connected that name to Blue Feather Douglas, as always not to be confused with American Indian musician Douglas Blue Feather.

“Norum in the Gazebo,” starring the numbers 1 through 5.

“You know about the play now, baker b. The play about the founding of Norum. Go ahead.”


Thanks for starting, Hucka D. Let’s see, the play took place in a gazebo on Sapphire’s land, just outside her house. Everyone dressed as Phillip Lindens, or at least were interchangeable. That is, each could play all the roles, although it settled into a pattern after a time. Cpt. Burr shoots Chief Ironside, who has already killed Maj. Sweepy View.

Hucka D.:

Ironically an Indian name, although he was a member of the calvary.


Cavalry, you mean. [no answer]. Then the 4th is always tired of this [but still in the gazebo], and the 5th is in Sapphire’s House of Truth, just glad to be out of the gazebo and, by default, out of the play itself.

Hucka D.:

There was no room in that gazebo for him (smiles).


Interesting. Founding of Noru… Norum, I mean. Sapphire sponsored the play?

Hucka D. (affirming):

She wanted to have a beginning for Norum, and an end actually. The play was part historical, then, and part science fiction. The same characters come back in the year 2020. Second Life is about to kick the bucket, and Noru deleted from what’s left of the grid. What’s left of Norum, then? We’ll, everyone shot in that original conflict comes back from the dead. Time is reversed. Backwards.


It starts with a Green Giant and ends with a Red Squirt or Red Dwarf. In-between we have the Blue Feather.

Hucka D.:

Blue Feather emerges from Green Giant and moves back into Red Squirt in the end. Squirt and giant; red and green.


What of yellow?

Hucka D. (quickly):

That’s Kimball.



It sounds like quite a surreal play, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

KK wouldn’t like it, no.


Let’s see, Sapphire wanted to establish a legitimate, recorded history. So she created the play. “Norum in the Gazebo.” That’s pretty good if I say so myself (!)

Hucka D.:

Yes. “Norum in the Gazebo.” It ends with those lines. Like, “The importance of being Ernest.”


Philip Linden, after all the other Phillip Lindens sink into the ground with the gazebo, leaving just their brains-as-rocks to speak lines — last Phillip standing, as it were — says this line after walking into Sapphire’s house from the gazebo. I’ll have to make some old timey posters for the play, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Sapphire had the whole gazebo sinking into the ground in the end, revealing that the talking Lindens were just talking rocks-for-brains. The only real Philip Linden had walked into the House of Truth by now. The 4th Linden was tired of all this, but had not exited the gazebo. Therefore he sank into the ground with the original 3 as well. Only the 5th survived. The Linden Grid is born.


In the… sorry once again!

Hucka D.:

In the final performance of the play in 2005, Sapphire just left the gazebo in the ground, and the rocks just above. Frozen scene of the final act. Never forgot: there was Norum in that gazebo, she was saying through this act, this scene.


I wonder if Sapphire got Col. Ceiling Fan [a shark] to help protect her from the still roaming Ol’ Granny.

Hucka D.:

That’s right. Sapphire originally thought she could hold her play depicting the surreal founding of Norum in that shack, that shed. But there was simply not enough room. “Norum”, then… *that’s* how it gets started.


Someone was assigned to that shed to look after Col Ceiling Fan.

Hucka D.:

The Norum Indians or Natives started by turning the leader of the calvary into a shark. Then their own leader Chief Ironside, killed the next-in-line [Maj. Sweepy View, apparently], leaving behind an orphaned minor [Sweepy View Minor]. But in seeing he had killed his own half brother, Chief Ironside asked Cpt. Ray Burr, the next-to-next-in-line-of-command, to, in turn, shoot him after seeing this. A dramatic showdown ensued; Burr didn’t really want to shoot Chief Ironside. A great debate[, then]: did he actually shoot the chief, or was it someone on the Grassy Knob?


You’re talking about Widow’s Knob, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Originally Grassy Knob. Chief Ironside and Cpt. Burr realizes they were the same entity displaced in time. Here’s the science fiction element kicking in, you see. Cpt. Burr, from the future, has to hide behind the Grassy Knob and kill his past self in order for Norum to form properly, and allow the Linden Grid to pass through the land. Otherwise… say it.


Christmas is canceled?

Hucka D.:


Around Noru(m), 01

Baker bikes through mucho empty land just west of Noru in Megi. Looks like most of the land for sale here is going for about 2 lindens per sq. meter.

Then on the east edge of Koni just west, in turn, of Megi, comes a familiar sight of a rock path leading to a windmill along a ridge, a place both Karoz and Baker visited a number of times during their first Noru stay last year. Nice to see some things haven’t changed about the region.

It still looks like the great majority of Koni is owned by CaroForFun Oh and Mylene Mills, who have set up quite a complex of landmarks here, including the beautiful waterfall below that Baker’s taking a dip beneath.

Here’s just some of the attractions of the land. The Grace Temple, Cavern Waterfall, and Memorial Crypt are part of one underground system of tunnels and rooms that The Bakers have visited several times, more on the east side of the sim. We plan to return. 🙂

Then shifting over to a different direction from Noru, Baker also revisits a town called Parktown, chanced upon just a month or two ago for the first time, and finds some additional institutions there, like the quite stylish Parktown Art Gallery. Yet another place he plans to revisit now and then, along with, of course, the whole of Parktown itself, which is now spread out into quite a number of sims. A comparison to Chilbo is perhaps not out of line, although I seriously doubt it has the cohesive management structure of the latter, nor the same community support. Could the 2 perhaps form a kind of partnership in the future?

Finally this same night, Baker pops over to Baekdu from nearby Parktown to look in on the supposed site of Hucka Doobie’s old homestead, talked about, for instance, in this post from last May. The Cabron structure has long been de-rezzed, along with the building with the picture of “Bill” on it. However, Baker was very pleased to find some really nice 2 prim, freebie trees not known about before on the same parcel that contained Cabron, which Hucka D. later claimed to be a gift from himself to Baker. Hmmm…

Whatever the case, the inclusion of a good number of these colorful trees significantly adds to my Noru landscaping efforts.


“My father, who is also myself, are glad you like the trees.”


Thanks, Hucka D. They’re quite grand (!)

Hucka D.:

Norum is looking a little bare these days, outside your forested area. It’s a past time paradise.


We seem to have gotten quite away from “Carrcass-?”. I really feel good about the Noru land now, Hucka.

Hucka D.:

As you should. Very varied. Trees were part of a finishing touch. Kelly and I are pleased.

bb (sensing that Hucka D. didn’t want to talk about his old, supposed…):

Well, what the heck. Do you want to talk about your old…

Hucka D. (interrupting):

Not really. Thanks, though. I wish to talk about Norum. Grassy Noll… Grassy Knob. The hidden shooter. “Shoot Me”, Cpt. Burr was requested. Sapphire recreated this all again and again in “Norum in the Gazebo.” Col. Ceiling Fan was turned into a shark to begin. Maj. Sweepy View was shot by Chief Ironside. Cpt. Burr shot the chief, in turn. But it is all myth, all story. None of this happened. Or did it all happen exactly as Sapphire had written it?


Maybe a mix.

Hucka D.:

The 5th escaped — Philip Linden, or Phillip Linden — and the Linden Grid passed through Norum, creating Noru and the others. Sapphire was ready. Or was she totally unready?


Perhaps Sapphire… hold on…



I think I’m going to look for the real Mt. Jeogeot this weekend, Hucka D. Or chronicle my adventures in doing so for this blog.

Hucka D.:

There are almost a half dozen of them. Unbaker’s half dozen… sorry.


Five then.

Hucka D. (ashamed):



Sapphire obviously claimed to have her House of Truth on one, the highest point in Noru at least.

Hucka D.:

You know there are higher[ now].


I’m admitting this is a lot more interesting forest than the former one I had in Noru last year, more in the northwest part of the sim.

Hucka D.:

It is still there.


I have to figure out how the toy avatars fit in here. Grassy Knob seems to be a link.

Hucka D.:

Burial mound. Before the Old No Room Cemetery, even.


Maybe there’s a hole in the side of the hill there to a subterranean chamber.

Hucka D.:

You can figure that out by geomancy.


His old home, perhaps??

Hucka D.:

You know Gene Fade was the user of Bracket Jupiter and also Karoz. Karoz lived in Norum[ at least]. Is Grassy also an avatar of Gene Fade’s? Karoz visited Chilbo, but it was “merely” Chilbol, then, not as large or as central as Norum. The grid came… Chilbol was wiped out, essentially, or not recognized in the transition. Chilbo was created. Norum was lessened and then deserted, basically. The gazebo sunk into the ground. The play was no more.


Why would Cpt. Burr come back from the future and shoot himself in the past?

Hucka D.:

Passages. Thank you.

Pink Jeogeot

Mysterious pink, er, clouds over the Jeogeot landmass found through the site.

My only guess would be that it represents some kind of massive griefer attack on the continent. Or, more likely perhaps, the “error” lies in the map file itself.

The splotchy pink-ness is spread over an area about 5 sims high and 4 sims long, with concentrations in Decimo and Adder especially.

Adder concentration.

Smaller Decimo sim concentration.

Southern extent.

Whatever, it instantly made me think of the pink or fuchsia colored building not too far to the east of this, in Noguri. I decided to teleport over there to see if the building was still in place. It is, for now. The land is up for sale, but is unlikely to go anytime soon, hehe, because the asking price is over 22 lindens per square meter. With land prices continuing to drop, my guess is that the standard will soon be close to 1 linden per sq. meter, as it is in many inland continental locations already (witness: Noru!).

Just across the Linden route from the fuchsia building, and still in Noguri, Baker found about 6 or 7 female avatars practicing erotic dancing techniques, it appeared, with the lone dancer separated from the main group (right) wielding a *pink* sparkly pole of some kind. Just noting.

Baker then flew over to a location on the western edge of the map pink-ness, a nicely landscaped area near the center of Pongsonhwa. Nothing unusual about the environment that Baker could find.

Noru Woods Map

Teleport here:

I was also pleased as punch to find an old poster ad for the “Norum in the Gazebo” play written by Sapphire. We think. Here ‘t’is:

Lastly, this advertisement on the back of the 2nd of 12 or 13 editions of The Norum Quarterly which, perhaps oddly, was printed 3 times a year instead of 4. Per additional information found in editions 5, 8, and 11, do the Red Leaf and Blue Feather choices indicated represent a fundamental split in the reality of past/present/future Norum?

Around Noru(m), 02

This night I head west from Noru, continuing to bike near or along the crest of the central ridge of the continent. The top elevation I found in this direction is about 150 meters. In comparison, most of the Noru Woods lies at about the 140 meter level, with Sapphire’s house on a peak that rises to 145m, perhaps the highest point in Noru itself.

The first picture comes from the upper edge of Noru, where the elevation has sloped down to about 130 meters now. This would be the property of my old Noru neighbor Olando7 Decosta, who I am sorry I only met once while staying there. Very interesting fellow, and the same age as me, baker b., in RL, as we talked about at the time. He’s also a Chilbo community member, and at least use to (and perhaps still does) show movies for community members at his theatre in the very nw corner of Noru, directly beside where I placed my original home in Noru and also in Jeogeot as a whole. Olando’s user’s website is called MixedRealities; I should check it out more often.

A tiny beauty spot, back on the crest of the ridge in Nabi and about a sim directly west of my Noru properties. Can’t be entered, though.

Looking west from the same position toward the east edge of Noru. Chilbo land dead ahead, although it’s up for sale.

Then turning east from the same position, Baker takes a picture of this amusing house with giant legs and arms bursting out from it. Unfortunately he could not find an easy way into the structure this night — he’ll try again very soon.

Then just south of the crest, on the northern end of Mindulle, more Chilbo land. Quite a large place now, as I’ve said; Baker finds that they even have a parcel on the very top of the crest, devoted to some kind of conference center, it appears. Chilbo has fingers in many pies. 🙂

Shot into lower lands from a 147m elevation vista in Nari, immediately west of Nabi. But from this point on, the ridge begins to descend and eventually flattens out into the surrounding landscape.

Starting down the slope, Baker is pleased to find another tiny “community” tucked in the hills between Chilbo to the southwest and Parktown to the northeast. If you can really call it that, being composed of only a handful of buildings lining one, short L-shaped street. Yet this hamlet does seem to have a name: Crow’s Foot…

, with a central establishment of the same name: “The Crow’s Foot”, apparently a place where they occasionally play alt/indie music of various sorts. Baker is very please to find here, once again, the Tooter Claxton created bar that he himself used in the Temple of TILE.

And then, on the side of the tallest of the hamlet’s buildings, another picture of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”, an image I just employed in devising a “Norum in the Gazebo” poster (see blog post just below this one). Probably means something; Baker should most likely come back here every now and then.

Around Noru(m), 03

Still on the Crow’s Foot property, Baker Bloch is able to teleport up to a type of planetarium, apparently created by the Crow’s Foot owner himself, one Woodrow Staple. Wonder if he knows anything about past warfare on the property Hucka D. has very recently referred to? — silly question: of course he doesn’t. Those memories would be wiped during the transition to the LL grid, hehe. Anyway the planetarium is quite interesting, having images of the Earth, Moon and some of the planets, including Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. Not Venus, perhaps curiously, nor Saturn, the other two visible planets from Earth besides the ones already mentioned. Is there some kind of hidden code within the planetarium? Baker Bloch also can’t find a way out of it once in. He has to teleport outside the property and reenter on foot. Just making a note of this.

Moving away from the perhaps still secret stashing Crow’s Foot, Baker soon comes across this more unusual object in Nari still, only a few meters from the southern edge of the 4 sim Hanja Welcome Center. Appears to be a bunch of crabs stuck together with the color drained from them, appearing in front of a dish with more aquatic life depicted on its surface. Ahh, I see: the owner of the parcel, Chalee Hester, herself has some characteristics of crabs judging by her profile picture. Perhaps her user is a fan of the occult science of astrology, and born in the sign of Cancer the Crab. Just venturing a guess.

Very ne corner of Nari, with “crab dish” just out of sight below the bottom of the picture frame here. Nice, grassy avenue of sorts down into lower areas…

… eventually leading Baker, after a journey through the entire length of the Changmi sim, to Route 10.

Biking back in the direction of Chilbo on Route 10.

Edge of Chilbo reached, with its patented red brick sidewalks lining both sides of the road beginning in Mindulle. Before Baker here is the new-ish Chilbo Community Annex station of this particular sim. More information about these annex stations can be found here.

Actually I see from these notes, or am reminded by them, that this is the first annex station of its kind. Just a couple of days ago another one of its type, representing the Mangyeong sim, was placed directly beside my Chilbo office on Route 10. Not sure how many more there are now. Should I be a liaison for Noru? Unfortunately I don’t think I have the space for it now that the Edwardston Station Gallery sits on the ground there. Besides… well, I’ll save serious or semi-serious discussion about the independent situation of Noru/Norum for later.

On the way back to Noru, Baker decides to bike past a site of one of his old rental properties in a residential area of Chilbo. Still no one else renting there. Shame.

Grounded ESG

Newest development in Noru World: the Edwardston Station Gallery is now on the ground instead of beside the Blue Feather Gallery in the sky. Quite remarkably, I didn’t have to cut down *too* many trees, and didn’t eliminate any, to my knowledge, of the forest attractions already in place. The views are spectacular from the gallery, much more so than in the skybox. And I simply lowered the whole ESG, all 400 prims, directly down to the ground without moving in any other direction (N E S W) one inch. The only thing I couldn’t move initially was the gallery kiosk, which had to be lowered separately. I’m still not sure of the fate of the Blue Feather Gallery, but I believe this is where the ESG, expanded version or newer version, is suppose to be.

“I haven’t talked to Hucka D. in a couple of days. Let’s see if he’s here.”

[no answer]


Tug of Real War

Baker Blinker standing beside Unbaker’s Half Dozen Fish Pond and staring up at the newly grounded ESG.

One of the few things I really miss about the new layout is that the ESG now blocks the view of Sapphire’s House (of Truth) from Widow’s Knob.

But, overall, Baker Blinker’s not complaining very much. Nice to have a woman’s perspective. 🙂


“Let’s see if Hucka D. wants to show up tonight. Hucka?”

Hucka D.:

I was destined to chance… change. Magic in the aire. Faires. Fairies. Faire.



Hucka D.:

I am supported from the outside. Neighbors indeed, and good. Outside looking in. But attached.


Are you speaking for Chilbo, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

A warmth, a fire. Friends gather. They may have their own fires kindled from the central fire…


Like Norum.

Hucka D.:

We wish to speak of Crow’s Foot a bit tonight.


OK. (pause)

Hucka D.:

Battle took place there.


Mmmmm… between Chilbo and Parktown? Does Parktown represent a good neighbor for Chilbo?

Hucka D.:

Not really. Evil lives there. Maybe Elvis as well. But evil for certain.


Doubtful, Hucka D. It’s just another town on the continent, quite close to Chilbo.

Hucka D.:

There’s a relationship. Good and evil.


So you’re implying that Crow’s Foot represented a battlefield between these forces of good and evil. Sometime in the past, or future… whatever (playfully).

Hucka D.:

You were there. You served. Bakerswork. You were a Screamer but not a Benerson. Maybe a Benerson as well. Hmmmm… mmmm…


Are you saying Tommy “The Scream” Benerson is from Crow’s Foot, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

I’m not sure what I’m saying [to be honest].


At least you’re… hold on, who’s that?

Hucka D.:

Just a fairy. Fairie.


I was just pretending anyway, because I didn’t want to say the word “honest” again.

Hucka D.:

At least you’re being… hold on.


What is it, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

A firey. A fire. E. Over and done. Won’t be held for another 2 years. You missed it.


I know. I went a bit.

Hucka D.:

In the vacuum, in the void, is birthed the “Norum in the Gazebo” and attached woods and the ESG. I feel good. Fire separate from the main fire. You stole, but you give back. You are Chilbo too.


I don’t really think I’m Chilbo, Hucka D. I’m Norum.

Hucka D.:

You must remember more about Crow’s Foot.


Does this have anything to do with Red Leaf, perhaps Chief Red Leaf? What of Red Leaf and Blue Feather, Hucka D.?



So I cooked up a very raw map of the area around Crow’s Foot. You can see it’s almost exactly 1/2way between Chilbo to the SW and Parktown to the NE, and on a line with them as well. “The Scream” of the “Norum in the Gazebo” poster obviously refers to some of the bloodcurdling scenes of the play as crafted by Sapphire, including the shooting, I suppose, of Maj. Sweepy View by Chief Ironside and then the shooting of Ironside by Burr.

Hucka D.:

Needless violence all. All they needed to do was form a band. Like The Beetles.


Instead it was a Tug of Real War, which seems to tie in the red-blue polarity between the Blue Feather Gallery and Red Leaf Gallery — the locations indicated by blue and red stars respectively in the above map.


Hucka D.:

Orion’s Belt, as you’ve guessed.


So it *does* have something to do with Elvis because it’s about Memphis as well.

Hucka D.:

In the past Crow’s Foot played a more prominent role than present. Bakerswork.


I think back to my old Healy gallery, Something to CHRO About, Hucka D., and how I just revisted that place and talked to Kelly Yap for the first time in a long time the other night. She is doing well, she said.

Hucka D.:

That’s part of it. A web, like the fortune teller told Baker Blinker at Yapland. You should go back there.


To the fortune teller, you mean.

Hucka D.:

Yes. You have information now. Take It Away.



Slugging It Out…

Great video from the recently completed Chilbo Faire.

The Giant Snail Racers visit Chilbo. Utterly amazing! A “must see”.

More on the giant snails here:

(Another) Work in Progress

Blue Feather Gallery is now undergoing renovations. I ended the current guest exhibit (Cristian Rexie’s — thanks Cristian!!) so I could play around with the structure, but the “Baker Bloch in England” exhibit in the tower is still running. More soon enough.

Builds, 01

So build #1: a new gallery structure that doesn’t have an exhibit to fit it… yet. Doesn’t seem practical for a guest exhibit, since the pictures have to be correctly wedged into the angled walls of the diamond shaped rooms. Normal, perpendicular walls seem much more suitable for allowing others to display. Another option: simply pick an artist whose selection of works are all the same dimensions, adjust the dimensions of the pre-set wall prims to this standard, and then just allow them to add a texture to the prim, along with a description, etc. A split code could be built into the prim as well, allowing me, the owner, to set what percentage of a sale goes to me and what goes to the exhibitor.

I have much to learn about exhibiting. 🙂

Outside, basically the structure (come to think of it) is similar to the 30m x 30m x 30m Edwardston Station Gallery cube in ways. First, it’s also built from modules based on 10m x 10m x 10m boxes, 27 boxes total in each case. The new gallery space employs famous SL artist Quadrapop Tree’s 1 (linden) dollar skyboxes, offered at her newly reopened Quadrapop Tree Gallery in Poorlatrice. That’s the module, and I use 5 of ’em, 4 of the 2 story variety and 1 single story version for the center module of the edifice. Each story of one of her skyboxes can be broken down into 3 10x10x10 cubes of this kind, meaning that the space in the double deckers will equal 6 such cubes.

For the ESG, I collaged 9 pre-modified Aracadia Asyum’s Shop in a Box. Like the QT skyboxes, Arcadia’s work is a freebie structure, which is the only “module” I like to use in these type of structures. The Quadrapop Tree skyboxes were a bit more difficult to manipulate because they are “no copy”, which means I had to buy, for instance, 5 separate skyboxes for what appears to be the final version of the new gallery structure — couldn’t copy the same module again and again, unlike with copyable freebies.

Below is a nighttime view of a side of the gallery space, somewhat demonstrating the 3×3, staggered pattern of the skybox stories. Notice the 3 “middle” stories in the central column line up in a row, surrounded by columns where the middle of the 3 stories is out of line with the top and bottom stories (which are in line with each other).

The “stagger” step is built into the 2 stories of the skybox, as designed by QT.

Relationship of the new gallery space with what remains of the Blue Feather Gallery after stripping all but the tower and 1 of its own 3 “modules” (modified Weston Graves freebie skybox: see here). A walkway now connects the two, and also stairs lead down from the remaining Blue Feather patio to the new development. A small, multi-hued forest has been planted between the two as well.

Baker Bloch stands in front of the new building, about to enter. Pretty imposing from the front. The stagger effect is… effective.

Typical interior layout. There’s the wedged in, pre-set prims discussed before. 42 such prims currently exist in the gallery, with additional possibilities for the central, single-story skybox, which I see as a kind of lounge for the structure (?)

Ooops. Baker Bloch found a hole in the toe of his sock.

In addition, there are 4 unused spaces that represented what appear to be a pool area in the original double story skybox (4 total skyboxes — 4 total pool areas). Not sure what I want to do with these spaces. Aquariums?

The central skybox area mentioned above. The layout of the structure is complex enough that I felt the need to add arrows to lead one to the next gallery room. The idea is that you start at the bottom and work your way more or less to the top — through all 8 intervening gallery rooms — where you can teleport down to the bottom room again.*

Baker sits in the top story of the Blue Feather tower, admiring his afternoon work. 🙂


* Pattern of the movement from bottom to top can be broken down as follows:

a pattern which has some interesting similarities with a traditional 3×3 magic square:

The usual increase of elevation when moving from one story to the next has 2 breaks where, instead, you go down a bit to enter the next room. These kind of gaps can be found between rooms 2 and 3, and again at rooms 7 and 8. The 7-8 passage is especially tricky, representing the hardest place to maneuver in the whole gallery, perhaps. I also think of Russian mystic G. I. Gurdjieff’s difficult-to-fulfill shock between steps 7 and 8 in his Law of Octaves, also called the Law of Seven.

Builds, 02

The other build I’ve been working on recently, and off and on since the beginning of June, is the new, updated Temple of TILE in Rubi. A pic of the subway system first, an Arcadia Asylum creation of course…

Then it’s up the single escalator to higher levels…

.. starting with Floor #1 of the temple proper. You have to take the left (north) half of the divided escalator to reach this floor; the other will dead end about halfway up. Get to that quirk in a moment-o.

The original version of this temple, which has been carried down through the months and now years, is a 30m x 30m x 30m cube, same dimensions that later became attached to the cube version of the Edwardston Station Gallery. And for a time after the creation of the latter, I tried to combine the forms of each into 1 rectangular box 60 meters high and 30 meter on each side. In other words, I stacked one cube on top of the other, same-size cube, with the Temple of TILE usually on top of the Edwardston Station Gallery. Symbolically, I still believe this is the best way to view the relationship of the two structures, perhaps the 2 most important I’ve developed in Second Life. They are perhaps viewable as 2 aspects of one thing, like a masculine (TILE) and feminine (ESG and the “Art 10×10”) cooperative. I’ve also related them to the Sun and Moon, which appear as the same, relative size as viewed from our Earth.*

But upon my move to Noru in May, 2009, and the expansion of my land to larger proportions than before, I decided that the 2 cube structures worked best separate from each other. Closely related still in a symbolic way but separate physically. And that is the way they remained up until the Big E Gallery of Aotearoa about 1/2 year later, when they were combined again but with many other elements, such as the Big E itself (created Summer, 2009) and also a considerable number of b_hivia modules. Big E Gallery was my largest, created structure in SL, and still is — a behemoth of sorts.

But back to the present. Many pictures that appeared in previous incarnations of the Temple of TILE have returned in the new version, including, first, those more directly related with TILE Creek of Frank Park, and then, sneaking in later, mostly Edna generated pictures concerning Ozland, the “Ruins in the Woods” exhibit first found in the Big E Gallery as well, and others. Missing still are Charleston related pictures — maybe later. But the main subject, obviously, is TILE itself, the game/philosophy/religion I’ve already talked about quite a bit in this blog here and there.

A collection of TILE Creek related pictures in a wing of the gallery.

Ozland related pictures, all by Edna, added to a corner of the gallery by the stairs.

Another quite exciting, new development to the temple is the addition of a downstairs bar and lounge, with objects (including the fabulous bar itself) courtesy of Tooter Claxton, all found free of charge at his store in Oculea.

And this barroom can only be reached through the half of the escalator heading *down*, to return to that quirk in temple navigation I mentioned before.

A look down from the Tyle cube still centering the new temple (as in all previous versions as well, if I remember correctly) toward the bar and the tipsy Baker Bloch perched on a stool there.

Another aerial view of the temple, which is a bit over 2/3rds the size of the 30x30x30, older version. It’s in its perfect, virtual spot now perhaps. More on that soon I suppose, when I have more time. TILE is very important to me if you haven’t picked up on that, loyal reader or readers.

But actually, the real star here, just speaking from a virtual standpoint, is the Great Rubi Forest. Amazing.


* For various reasons, I also associate them with this:


“It was a place of sacrifice.”


Thank you Hucka D. Crow’s Foot?

Hucka D.:

It was a yellow between 2 blues. Red and blue I meant to say there.


I haven’t been back yet. I’ve been building lately. Pretty busy in SL really.

Hucka D.:

The new gallery is non-functional, I’ve heard. Novelty?


Like your beehives after all!

Hucka D.:

Think of what to put in it. What did the fortune teller at Yapland tell you? Web, he indicated. Web of God. Dog God.


I think somewhat like that.

Hucka D.:

Think somewhat like that more. Inside the outside. Illitopeoleill.


Do you wish to talk more of Jeogeot, er, cosmology tonight Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

Sure: red, yellow, blue.


Hold on. Crop circle creation is really in high gear now, Hucka D.


Hucka D.:

You must move beyond the build now. Focus on yellow between red and blue. Focus away from Norum a bit, a little. Tie Norum to Jeogeot — it will survive and thrive then. Thank you.

Loose Thoughts…

The virtually physical aspect of the Blue Feather Gallery will stay in place in some semblance, but another, more non-corporeal component will be added that may begin to dominate the concept: instead of me going out and looking for artists to bring to the gallery, I’ll simply go out and find galleries I like and take snapshots of them and create accompanying text for this blog. My focus will most likely be on mainland galleries, driven by a single, strong artist, perhaps a better known artist but perhaps not. These galleries themselves, in this way, become “blue feather galleries”. The difference is like bagging a lion to put on display in a zoo as opposed to taking pictures of the lion in its natural habitat. Why have a “zoo” when you can do this? I’m asking myself now. I’ve also witnessed the trouble an SL friend of mine has had in attracting attention to her own fledgling gallery.

I have an idea who will be first on the list. But I need to do some more gallery hopping before committing.


Another interesting object from Crow’s Foot, found just outside the indie music club The Crow’s Foot itself.

Then this night, it was on to Parktown, which is really piquing my interest more and more. Picture from a non-denominational church below. And I found a blog about the town (!), with an article about this very church here.

Front page of the blog here:

I will check regularly now I know of its existence!*

Now I don’t go out of my way to try and track down really, really large SL structures. The biggest one I’ve personally created, sans any megaprims, is the Big E Gallery, a 90 meter high affair. But this is *really* big, apparently a duplicate of the Empire State Building dimensionally, which means it’s well over *300* meters high. The catch? Only a couple of the stories are actually filled out, those being — Karoz is checking behind Baker Bloch again here — the ground floor (lobby), the 2nd floor (big band dance floor), then, jumping up, the 33rd floor (a ball field), and then jumping way up, the 128th floor, which is an observation deck. Pictured below is Baker Bloch on this very deck, with the landscape just visible way, way below. Oh, and it’s called, playfully enough, the Umpire State Building. Very cute. 🙂

But I’m sure there are much higher structures than even this in SL, maybe even miles high? Hafta google that sometime.

Then a final snapshot for the night upon a return to Noru. Will be hard to beat this location, along with my temple’s place in Rubi. I’m all set, it seems.


* another great post from the blog here:

Sounds like Parktown and Chilbo should compare notes on +s/-s of mainland living (!)

Parktown, 01

Biking across the Hanja Welcome Center sims once more, heading to Parktown this night.

The distant hills turn white in the light of the dawning sun. Interesting effect.

Parktown city limits. Right on the edge of Welcome Center property.

Baker first explores a bit north of the entrance sign above, taking in some of the more natural sites in Shiot..

… before entering back into the city through the Parktown Zoo, all within the same sim. Quite nice kinetic sculpture before Baker here, with two half-spheres rotating at different speeds inside a static half-sphere. Within the 3 fitted half-spheres is a stylized face, perhaps of an alien species and revealed in full only at certain times. Perhaps the Parktown blog mentions this sculpture as well… hafta check.

A manhole is in the middle of the turnaround in front of the south-facing statue. Baker knows from a previous trip that a sewer of some extent lies within, although he hasn’t explored it at any length until tonight. Down we go!

Parktown, 02

And what a sewer system! Baker is greeted by none other than Mr. Bean upon entering the array of tunnels, standing knee deep in the green, flowing sewage and with his pants rolled up to his thighs. Clever!

Nearby graffiti. More funny stuff. Good to see that the sewer makers have a keen sense of humor… always a handy quality when working with, you know, sewage and shut.

Quite a vast honeycomb of rooms lie off the south side of the first sewer tunnel Baker explores.

OMG… a ghost!

Quickly exiting the haunted catacombs and into the somewhat more lighted sewer tunnels, Baker soon runs across an armadillo. Armadillo? Must be a zoo runaway, he rationalizes.

And we’re already over 100 meters from Mr. Bean and the beginning of our subterranean journey beneath Parktown.

Side tunnel; more knee deep sewage.

Baker Bloch runs past a corpse. Faster, Baker, faster!

More graffiti. “Glurp was here?” Maybe a Parktown kid having a bit of fun. But what of the corpse?… not so funny. But in checking behind Baker Bloch today, Baker Blinker makes the discovery that it may not be a corpse but just a passed out drunk who has wet himself, bottle still in hand. Still gross, true, but not as much now. Drunk pisser… not so scary, then. Ha ha.

Egads. The Great Cornholio! And then while he’s staring at Beavis, a bat lights upon his back. Ick!

Baker thanking his lucky stars that he made it out of the sewer system and back into the light of day.

Want to see for yourself? Start here, then.

Raw Raw Raw

“Parktown has a sewer, baker b., which makes it seem like it’s digging in. Chilbo is in for a battle [for Jeogeot].”


Interesting. Let’s return to that.

Hucka D. (repeating and emphasizing):

Battle… of… Jeogeot.


But Parktown is not evil, per se — obviously — it’s just a bit darker. Sewers and all.

Hucka D.:

Parktown can hide their armies down there for a surprise, sneak attack in case Chilbo invades. You don’t know the… (pause)






Hey Sapphire. Long time no talk.


I’ve been re-writing the Norum play. “Regazeboed”… sequel.


Nice. Do you have movie offers yet (smiles)?


Actually… (pause)

Hucka D.:

I’m back. Got stuck in a time warp.

bb (unfazed):

You were talking about the battle for Jeogeot.

Hucka D.:

And your heart. Your tiny, beating heart. Hasn’t Jeogeot broken your heart…

Sapphire (interrupting):

Shooting! (pause) Screams. (pause) Death… dying. Electrocution. Elevation. Emasculation. Ejac…

Hucka D. (interrupting in turn):

That’s enough. No sex in this blog.


No. Nor in Chilbo. Good clean white fun.

Hucka D. (to Sapphire still):

I’ve heard there are whores in Parktown. On the edges next to the Welcome Center. Or maybe it’s horses.


Baker needs to know the truth about Crow’s Foot, Huckie.



Sapphire (continuing):

He needs to begin to know about Hoofingstoof.


A horse?


No. A hor… (pause)

Hucka D. (picking up):

A horrible thing will happen… if Chilbo and Parktown do not make peace with each other. The battle for Jeogeot will be for naught.

bb (picking up Hucka D.’s thoughts):

I don’t think Lily Tomlin has been to the Hanja Welcome Center and given out gummy bears.

Hucka D.:

Lily White Lily.


Tunnels! I saw a ghost.

Hucka D.:

Peter has been there. Peter is everywhere.


I kind of don’t doubt that, Hucka D. But not Peter Gabriel.

Hucka D.:

Yes. (pause) Cross of the Lamb.

Sapphire (reinforcing):

Peter Gabriel, yes.


The former lead man of Genesis.

Hucka D.:

Naked he was when he came here. Born at the Welcome Center near Parktown. Lillith — Lily — was with him. Munsters they called them. Abominations. LL was born.

bb (guessing):

So Lillith, this Lily, was hidden in the sewers, where she perhaps still lives.

Hucka D.;

That’s what the fight was over. Chilbo wanted — needed Lillith. Lily White.


They needed [more] monsters.

Hucka D.:

Yes. You bring them monsters; you make them happy.


How bout mobsters?

Hucka D. (not humored):

You think about this, baker b.


Yes, you should. Play as if being there was correct and good and right.

Hucka D. (continuing again):

… instead of wrong. (pause) Lillith.


OK, thanks guys.

Hucka D.:

You’re welcome.


Good night (blows kiss).

(Hucka D. also blows a kiss at baker b. and finally smiles. Hucka D. The Bee and Sapphire the Azure Queen hold hands and fade to black)

Emerging Horse


Mt. Jeogeot; Pretty Sure

In the search for Mt. Jeogeot this weekend, Baker Bloch passes through the grounds of the Yokai Temple, taking up the whole of the Meari sim caddycorner to Noru to its southwest. The description for the land begins, “this place is an safe haven to all furs and [people] who don’t mind being arond furs…” In passing through yesterday as well, Baker Bloch thought he saw a monkey swinging through the trees with an avatar name over his head. Perhaps he was not hallucinating, as he thought at the time. Are monkeys considered furries? Well, in checking, there are a number of monkey avatars for sale at Second Life marketplace, and they do have fur, so…

This is the particular part of the Meari forest where Baker Bloch saw the monkey, or at least thought he saw one.

A nearby cemetery.

The walled interior of the sim contains the temple itself, a vast build that Baker Bloch will have to explore in more detail another night. Very close to my Noru gallery lands, though.

Baker Bloch bikes out of the west side of Meari into Koni, with the land still forested.

Soon he passes out of this west-side forest into the center of Koni, where he’s pretty sure he’s found the highest land in Jeogeot as a whole, at 161 meters in height. Interesting that there are all these white cubes crowding the top. Meaning?: as usual… unknown. I have a feeling Hucka D. might have some theories about it the next time we speak, though.


Am in great shape in terms of land, galleries, and so on.

Maybe time for a little SL break? Most likely not but when you’re at the top (just found Mt. Jeogeot, after all), maybe it’s a good place for a gap.

Not that I won’t be working on the SL mythology. I have the blog to read and study, after all. I can delve more deeply into the 10×10. Think of that mysterious Carrcass-? more.

The Blue Feather Gallery is not dead but it’s on hold in terms of a public face. Maybe just let people come to me instead of me coming to them (if they wish). I have a good product.

Since getting my new computer at first of May I’ve been busy busy exploring SL, looking at old places with new eyes, so to speak, and developing and dimensionalizing the SL mythology I’ve generated for almost 2 1/2 years now.

I think a glossary of some sort may be the next step. Heck I probably won’t slow down much, but I know vacation is coming up when I’ll be without internet access. And we have some massive cleaning up around the house to do for visitors this weekend.

I’m in really good shape as far as land and structures… maybe more of a time, then, to look behind the scenes. And also pay more attention to RL… can’t forget that!


“You have everything. Good night!”


Thank you, Hucka D. OK, here we go with the crop circles. Alton Barnes horse! (I created a series called “Emerging Horse” just this morning).

This could be a breakthrough circle people have been looking for. This very field has been the sight of some spectacular formations in the past, like this one

from, well, almost exactly one year ago. And its right in the heart of crop circle country, just above The Barge itself.


Bill again, even (!)

“Baker Bloch in England,” Spring 2010

Exhibit at the Blue Feather Gallery, Noru: June and July 2010.

A mirror set can be found on my Pietmond flickr site.

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“Baker Bloch in England,” Spring 2010; Part 01

Baker Bloch in England 01

… crossing a bridge over the River Key…

Baker Bloch in England 02

… practice-rezzing a chair in the Battlelake Woods…

Baker Bloch in England 03

…. dreaming w/ his bird Birdie in a grassy field…

Baker Bloch in England 04

… petting cows…

Baker Bloch in England 05

… testing the depth of a pond on Coxhill Farm…

Baker Bloch in England 06

… feeling for rain at same… Does Baker Bloch really think he and his extended family can live here?? YES!!!

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“Baker Bloch in England,” Spring 2010; Part 02

Baker Bloch in England 07

Soon he bikes to the heart of crop circle country 20 kilometers away:

Baker Bloch in England 08

The Barge at Honeystreet. “Are those UFOs up there?”

Baker Bloch in England 09

What Baker hallucinated atop the Alton Barnes white horse while there led him to relocate his virtual family to…

Baker Bloch in England 10

… the Crescent House in Cherhill also near a Wiltshire white horse. A series of additional hallucinations follow…

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“Baker Bloch in England,” Spring 2010; Part 03

Baker Bloch in England 11

Crescent House? Yes, Crescent House. “AHHHHH!!”

Baker Bloch in England 12

“WAIT… I’ve been DUPED!!”

Baker Bloch in England 13

Soon fellow pransters Hucka Doobie and Baker Blinker were staring out the window at the great view. No more decrepid farmhouse…

Baker Bloch in England 14

… at least until the owner came back. “HONEY??”

Baker Bloch in England 15

“Sure Fire Picker Upper, 01”

Baker Bloch in England 16

“Sure Fire Picker Upper, 02”

Baker Bloch in England 17

“3 From 4th, Man”

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“Baker Bloch in England,” Spring 2010; Part 04

Baker Bloch in England 18

“Bluebells Ascension”: Baker visits the West Woods near Cherhill to find the King and Queen the family now seek…

Baker Bloch in England 19

… only to be magically transported back to Second Life and the Bluebells sim of new continent Nascera.

Baker Bloch in England 20

He finds the Queen in Bluebells, *Second* Life, not First.

Baker Bloch in England 21*

After this realization, he is able to return to West Woods but w/ no bluebells. He must go tell the family what just happened!

Baker Bloch in England 22

GoogleEarth map showing spacial relationships between places mentioned so far in this exhibit, 1st looking north to south…

Baker Bloch in England 23

… then south to north. Places Baker family lived: red; Wiltshire white horses: yellow; other notable place: blue.


* the 2 pictures comprising Baker Bloch in England 21 were animated with each other on 1 prim in the exhibit. Open the 2 pictures in separate windows and toggle back and forth between them to get the effect.

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“Baker Bloch in England,” Spring 2010; Part 05

Baker Bloch in England 24

On his way back to the family in Crescent House from West Woods, Baker sees The King in a cornfield but thinks it is haze.

Baker Bloch in England 25

The King gives him a vision of where the family should actually live: somewhere behind the Hackpen Hill white horse.

Baker Bloch in England 26

“Head’n Home”: Baker Blinker and Hucka Doobie, now a small boy, find the hidden valley guided by an LOL spacecraft.

Baker Bloch in England 27*

The King and Queen greet the family at their Temple Farm home near Rockley. “WELCOME!!”

* the 2 pictures comprising Baker Bloch in England 27 were animated with each other on 1 prim in the exhibit. Open the 2 pictures in separate windows and toggle back and forth between them to get the effect.

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“Baker Bloch in England,” Spring 2010; Part 06

Baker Bloch in England 28*

The King and Bakers talk of many things, including the fact that all Wiltshire white horses are one white horse.

Baker Bloch in England 29*

In Temple Farm, Baker Blinker knew she had finally found a home to replace Azure Islands of Second Life.

Baker Bloch in England 30

Blue Skies Mr.: a figure Baker Bloch and The King saw at Temple Farm.

Baker Bloch in England 31

The King and Queen went to Swindon & things changed: while digging at the dump the King found a tile w/ him digging at the dump.

Baker Bloch in England 32*

Upon their return, the King sealed himself up in the Temple Farm basement to plan for 2010 crop circles. Don’t believe it?

Baker Bloch in England 33

THIS convinced ME. 🙂


* the 2 pictures comprising Baker Bloch in England 28, Baker Bloch in England 29, and Baker Bloch in England 32 were animated with each other on 1 prim in the exhibit. Open the 2 pictures of each in separate windows and toggle back and forth between them to get the effect.

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