New Pietmond 2012-2013 01 (Nov 01 of 02)

Lion’s Roar Tomorrow…

… and will probably just turn over the bottles to keep them from breaking, along with taking down the 37 pieces of track. Just like with Billfork, I can rebuild all this later. I still have some bottles set up in Billfork, but they are reversed and stuck in the ground itself. The ones at Lion’s Roar are standing upright.

The problem? Why Hurricane Sandy of course. There’s a very good chance for some accumulation of snow (a rarity even in these higher elevations for October) and also high winds are expected. I can’t take a chance with my bottles smashing. Good news out of this? I think I can just leave my pots and non-glass objects where they are there.

So winter is almost here, at least an early taste. Batten down the hatches as they say!



The town will still be here, as they say. You don’t need the physical town to have a town. Lion’s Roar will always be there.


Thanks Knock.


Wallace3, please.


Sorry[ once more]. Soooo….


We must have addition spirits, as I think Hucka D., your Hucka Doobie, would agree.


Return to Second Life.


Probably. Any ideas?


I’m from Jeogeot, so I just could establish a base there again.

What I “have” still:

Am I still a refuge from Jeogeot? Pietmond has been destroyed for 9 months now. Boris was very short lived. I should ask Knock — as Wallace3 I mean. But I think he would encourage me to return to Jeogeot, to write the history of that continent. Can I do this from Nautilus instead? No, he would probably answer. So I have several options. The most attractive, actually, may be Noru again. The Centre.

But maybe not.

I am still a refuge.


…the possibilities of Second Life. And this is 5 years old.


“I want the toy myself.”


Hi Hucka. Who are you talking to?

Hucka D. (blushing):

No one. (pause) OK, myself. No, there’s someone else here.



Hucka D.:

No. That’s past. Crop circles. Good you are reading the old Jeogeot posts. You are truly Wallace3 now. Read and revise at once. Good. It’s good.


Hucka D., you’re stating *you* were in past Chilbo, which was known then as Chilbol. This was 2001…

Hucka D.:

2001, yeah. And before. And after a bit.


But it obviously has something to do directly with these crop circles. I’ll insert a picture here in this blog post:


Hucka D.:

I don’t see it.


I’ll insert it later. You know the ones I’m talking about.

Hucka D.:

You better remind me. Why don’t you find the pictures now and let me take a look at the blog post, then.


OK, then.



How’s that, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

Go ahead and save it and then let me take a look.


Hucka D.:

Lucy Pringle… isn’t that the woman you wrote about concerning the white horse alignments. Never heard back did you.*


Typical. I think those crop circle people are a paranoid bunch, and rightly so (!)

Hucka D.:



Disinformation campaign going on for sure. Strong one. Which brings us to Crabwood.

Hucka D.:

Bizarre, true. But I still can’t see it until you save the post again. Please.


bb: Hucka D.:

So you’ll get to that next: Crabwoo, twin to Chilbol. Blue Feather Douglas. The Curse. The Purse… Gypsy. The Moon of Maebaleia. Trapped, he was. Cursed. Crabwoo shrunk as Chilbol grew. They should have never removed Biggie from the Blue Feather Sea. But they had to, see. Biggie was destined to become a martyr. They laid him out in the center of the campus which was essentially the same as the town. Peter SoSo hadn’t arrived yet, nor Karoz his cousin. Blue Feather Douglas had not yet gone bonkers over TILE, which might be the same as TIDE, then. Blue Feather Douglas had not yet seen the *watch*.


Sorry. Wrong one.


Hucka D.:

Blue Feather! Thanks for saving before I requested… this time.


You’re welcome.

Hucka D.:

He found the watch, he opened it, he went bonkers. TILE bonkers.


* Speaking of which, check here:

And Then…

And then…


The lay in the `Alien` was one I had seen only once before, in the Chilbolton `Face` of 2001; it seemed as though the flattened, swirled crop around each standing tuft had been laid individually. A task that would surely be beyond the ability of man during the short hours of darkness at this time of year? None of the stalks were broken in either formation; they were bent at the base.

Whether the origin of the formation is of man or of a complex, discarnate energy as yet unknown to man, it is most impressive in every respect. It would appear that, if man made, a technology was used that is unknown to all but a few selected people.

In the photographs the formation appear in the positive, whereas previously, apart from the 2001 Chilboton event, the large majority of events have been in the negative (i.e. in this instance, the standing crop has determined the pattern rather than the fallen crop). It is the subtle shadowing of the standing wheat that creates the image of the face.

Also another similar aspect is that the meaning of this formation is completely unambiguous. It is the face of an extraterrestrial, no more, no less; no other possible interpretation.

One noticeable aspect of the dish was that there no evidence of a single seed head missing from any of the standing clumps of wheat inside the circular shape . In order to construct a circle, it is likely that a person would stand at a central point holding a rope and his accomplice would hold the other end of the rope whilst describing the perimeter of the circle. In ripened crop, when the seed heads are heavy and hanging down against the stem, they are very fragile and any movement of a tightened rope stretching across the standing wheat will catch against the seed heads, flicking them off as it passes. I examined the circular dish minutely and did not find a single wheat stalk with a missing head.

The lay in the circular dish was totally different to that in the face of the `Alien`, which was more traditional in construction.

Often I experience `gut` energies when entering a formation. In the `Alien` the energy, like the Chilbolton `Face` was one that was new to me and one that I did not understand. Not uncomfortable, not welcoming but `mechanical and technical and strangely sterile`.


Also (BIRTH):


(2nd view of same subject):


Return of Pietmond — Kinda

Baker Bloch sits under the lower wall of Mysten Parva, one of the twin cities of Mysten in Lower Austra owned and created by psimagus Hax. “Is this really my virtual home?” he might ask himself while sitting here. Turns out it’s probably not.

Soon Baker began work on illegals builds again in the old Teepot area, just like he did in the Mysten/Siliconicus/Goremoor area earlier this year. A forest with a considerable number of plant species suddenly springs up next to the version of the House of Truth already there, also containing a shed, several monuments, and some other, assorted objects Baker found in his inventory and thought worthy of inclusion. So is Baker destined to return to Teepot? Turns out that’s probably not going to happen either.

A perceived center within this new forest… really an extension of the forest I already set up there around the House of Truth 2 years ago now.

Although severely depopulated from when I first came upon it, Sunklands still retains some classic spots, such as Q’s Gas n’ Glass in the Pudding Hill sim making up part of Big Sink (largest of 6 identified sinks of Sunklands). I’d also like to write soon about Kidd Road now connecting Big Sink with the Blackmount Sink in essence, which is not Linden built but privately made. That’s actually something of an improvement over the old Sunklands, acting as a unifying artery of transportation cutting across its heartland. Although tenuous, Sunklands still shows promise.

Which brings us to *Pietmond*. Yes, Pietmond has been reborn and now represents the true virtual home of Baker Bloch, not Lower Austra, not Teepot, not Big Sink even. But since Pietmond is in Sunklands as well, Baker Bloch is a Sunklander once more. Ich bin ein Sunklander (etc.). And probably not by coincidence, I’ve basically decided to create a new domain name called Probably should go ahead and register it — I was kind of surprised the name was still available to be honest.

For the rebirth, we start on the western edge, where I revamped a small park containing a central pond and waterfall surrounded by small hillocks. Since creating this park about 2 years ago, someone — perhaps about a year ago I suppose — decided to insert a plain prim (“plywood”) block on basically the top of the waterfall, of about 10mx10mx20m dimensions. Ugly, obviously — ruined the effect. So although I couldn’t move or delete the thing, I decided to disguise it as a building, or the structure I’ve elsewhere called Home Orange, and used as my main office space in given locations. Unfortunately since the hidden prim is solid and not phantom, I can’t actually use the building. But it certainly looks better than before. Because the building looks kind of odd sitting on top of the waterfall, I also decided to add an obelisk to the tableau, and in the center of the fronting pool itself. This helps hide the rather incongruent juxtaposition of building and waterfall, I hope.

Baker Bloch here sits in the Orange House (not to be confused with Home Orange!), which is another new edition to Pietmond and perched on the ridge above the aforementioned park — I guess I’ll call it Obelisk Pond Park. Nice view of the park from the lower floor here. Again, Orange House has been in a considerable number of virtual towns of my making now, including the oldest and most long term version of Pietmond, where it acted as Baker’s office for several months.

Another obelisk/monument has been inserted to the south of the pool as well (pictured above the edge of Baker Bloch’s couch here), making the appellation Obelisk Pond all the more appropriate.

Newly positioned Orange House seen over top of Peter SoSo’s grave and between House Greenup (right) and House of Truth (left). The House of Truth, in new version Pietmond, has replaced the circular gazebo formerly situated at the same spot. However, the House of Truth sat on this spot during most of the classic Pietmond phase, making the switch a natural. This gazebo would shortly return to Pietmond, as we’ll soon see.

Now to the eastern side of Pietmond, where more significant changes have taken place. So first I worked on the westernmost parts of Pietmond and then then easternmost parts, seeming to need to reinforce the frame for the whole. First off, I rebuilt the old Pietmond Heights Town Hall (left) which had fallen into disrepair in the meantime and was, for example, missing the whole front wall. Now it’s in better shape, although the interior is still unfinished, and likely will remain so. It’s more a historic landmark for certain now, which is fine for me. Next, we have an Arcadia Asylum built shop in the left background, where formerly no building sat. It doesn’t have a history yet. In the center of the picture we find the return of the “Brash” statue to eastern Pietmond, but further east than when it found a home in the center of Pietmond Heights, as seen here in this 2011 Baker Blinker Blog post. I do not own the land at the center of Pietmond Heights now, although it is for sale and perhaps I can procure it later on (1024 parcel). Anyway, around Brash are pieces of the old Newton-Jasper memorial park also present in older versions of Pietmond, including a map of Jasper County, Illinois and a ribbed fountain with a deciduous tree of uncertain species growing beside it. Brash’s head, which he is standing on (as in a head stand) is basically covered by a blue flower bush — concealment meaning unknown for now. Is Brash also *bash*ful?

To the right we find the moat surrounded Smelly’s Bar, present in Pietmond since its 2010 beginnings, and then another new edition in Pietmond beside it in the below picture: the Sync Lair Gallery, first found in Maebaleia’s Carcass-One village earlier this year.

The Rose Cottage, another Fatima Ur creation like House Greenup and House of Truth but smaller and cosier in design, has been erected on the only land I actually owned in Pietmond at the time this picture was taken. This may be the site of Baker Bloch’s new, official office, but I’m still uncertain of that, and another candidate has especially surfaced in the meantime just across the sink from here. All is still in development.

The handstanding Brash seen in the distance from behind Goldie, making a very nice set of east-west bookends to Pietmond.

Return of Pietmond — fur sure (!)

… except I might call it New Pietmond. Here’s Ol’ Running Baker testing out part of the Sink Rim Trail running behind the Rose Cottage on the 512 he just purchased. But that purchase turned out to be just a prelude of things to come…

… because the next day he bought a parcel 16 times as large on the other side of the sink from here: an 8016 square meter one to be exact. So Baker Bloch is back in the business of virtual townmaking fur sure.

An event that made the purchase much easier to choose was the sudden deletion of Baker’s Siliconicus Temple of TILE and Toxic Art Gallery, which have been in what I call Philo for almost a year. The land was wiped and set up for auction, but I have no desire to purchase land over there now. I have Pietmond again! Sort of.

Obvious difference from previous Pietmond versions (if this is truly a new version): I don’t own the land in the actual center of the sink. For this reason, I’m hesitant to rez the Temple of TILE in the new town, because that’s traditionally associated with the very bottom of the Otaki Gorge sink. But it doesn’t seem right to not have the temple *anywhere* in virtual reality. Let’s talk to Hucka…

Hucka D.:

Congrats, baker. Yes, you weren’t suppose to wait any longer for the Pietmond revival. This one will be different.


It was the same as before — same ol’ song and dance. First I explore Teepot and the possibilities there before moving on over to Pietmond. This happened in 2010, 2011, and now 2012. I see keeping this Pietmond for about 3 or 4 months, or until Spring hiking season begins in late Feb. or maybe early to mid- March. Must get my money’s worth out of it. Hucka D.? It seems he’s gone.


Water obelisk from Runescape:



Looking up other Pietmond related names in atlases and came across SoSo Springs in Brewster County, Texas, more commonly known as Pena Blanco Springs. This appears to be the only significant place named Soso outside those directly connected with the Soso, Mississippi village. Quite amazing: a swimming pool formed from the spring waters was the landing spot of a 150+ lb. meteorite in 1946. Article here:

As far as known, man has never constructed a device in which to trap
a meteorite falling to the earth. Had he done so, possibly he could not
have improved upon the swimming pool at the headquarters of the Gage
ranch about 9.5 miles southeast of Marathon in Brewster County, Texas.
This swimming pool received the Pefla Blanca Spring meteorite with a
violent splash at about 1:20 p.u. on August 2, 1946. The meteorite is
named from the spring which forms the swimming pool and which is
an historic landmark in the region. The exact location is longitude
103″7.l’ west longitude 3007.5′ north latitude. The unusual location of
the fall, the fact that the meteorite fell within a few hundred feet of
twenty-four people, and its unusual petrographic character appear to
warrant a fairly complete account….


Hmmm, well we can go several directions in Pietmond storytelling with this one. First off, Obelisk Pond is the site of a *meteor or meteorite fall*, and the obelisk represents the meteor itself, or marks the location of the fall. Perhaps the falls behind the pond represent the fall of the meteorite. Like the Pena Blanco Springs meteor, our Pietmond meteor, perhaps nicknamed SoSo, fell into this body of water on the western edge of the village. Perhaps it created the pool in the first place. Or it could have been so large that the obelisk was made from it, or at least the obelisk *contains* the meteor or meteorite in some way. I also think back to a realtor I was renting from in Aotearoa who jokingly said to me that all these sinks in the area, including the Aoteaora Sink we were jointly staring into at the time, were perhaps created by meteors. Did the SoSo Meteor create the Pietmond sinkhole itself?? A possibility (!)

Might even have some kind of SoSo Meteor gallery based on the pictures in that page linked to above.


Meanwhile, over the two-month journey back to the planet, Spock works on the translation of the obelisk’s symbols. He theorizes the obelisk may have been placed on the planet as an “asteroid deflector” built by the ancient Preservers who are believed to have seeded the galaxy with humans, particularly groups that may have been in danger of dying out thousands of years ago. The asteroid deflector was designed to protect them in a high-risk star system. Spock concludes that the device has ceased to work properly. Spock determines that the only hope of saving the planet is to somehow activate the deflector. He eventually realizes that the symbols aren’t words but musical notes; a possible activation code of some kind.

So with this new tie-in, perhaps the obelisk of Pietmond likewise deflects asteroids, perhaps put in place after the original asteriods created the Sunklands sink. Or it may be a model of an original, larger meteor-deflecting obelisk. Words as musical notes…. interesting.

Also interesting is this conjunction of names in Washington state:

New Pietmond

*New* Pietmond is shaping up. I see now that Carcass-One, the virtual village I created and owned in May and June of this year, was probably just a warmup of sorts for this 3rd version Pietmond. The giant X shaped gallery (X Spot) has been re-rezzed and set on the ground this time, at the very southern limit of Pietmond where the Otaki Gorge sim borders Kopikopiko to the south. Kopikopiko, by the way, is another New Zealand related name, as are many sims in Sunklands as a whole, like Otaki Gorge itself. I had to edit the X Spot down a bit from its original Carcass-1 version, but the essence is the same. And now, underneath the X gallery in the open spots formed in the spaces between the arms of the overall “x” shape, I’ve created New Pietmond, or the apparent center of such. I believe a focus will be on the SoSo Gallery (formerly SoSo East), which will still contain the Oblong series of my Art 10×10, probably the most important and consistent series in this opus. Working on the assoc. “Floydadada” text seems a given… hafta pull that out of mothballs soon. Other structures have been incorporated into New Pietmond already, including the econo slum tower (called Gallery in the Rocks when it held fellow syncher Stegokitty’s art), Home Orange, and others. Very exciting! And it also reminds me of Lion’s Roar and its protective, overhanging wall, with the giant “x” filling in for the wall. There’s actually 2 “x”s in the shape, woven together to form a more solid mass. Anyway, everything it being raised to another level, virtually speaking. Pietmond is reborn a 3rd time, it seems.

New Pietmond 01

New Pietmond is really shaping up. And I have over 700 prims left to play around with on some kind of skybox project I suppose (!) Very exciting times, and I’m certainly glad now I splurged a bit and delved back into Second Life property ownership. The initial cost was about 37 dollars for the land and then the tier amounts to about 45 dollars a month, factoring in my monthly allowance from the Lindens. I’ll probably give the land up in February again, or maybe even at the end of January. So this is a winter project. Who knows how good or bad the winter will be this year, and last year we had a *mild* one here in the mountains. That contributed to me giving up Second Life expenses in early March for certain (and before that abandoning Pietmond at the start of February). The call of the outdoors at that time was strong.

So let’s take a look at what’s developing in New Pietmond so far and what I anticipate happening in the near and perhaps also the more distant future in this virtual location.

Below we have a picture of the east to west expanse of New Pietmond, which goes completely from one side of my roughly square 8016 parcel to the other. As I said in my last post on Pietmond I believe, the X Spot Gallery that use to be a skybox in Carcass-1 (my Maebaleia continent digs from earlier this year) has now been moved to the ground itself, with New Pietmond or the core of such literally built beneath the giant x shape.

Baker Bloch here is up on the top of one of the arms of the “x” itself, looking down through an opening into the heart of New Pietmond. He got up here with aid of the Burl Tower, which we’ll discuss further in a moment.

And here we are on the ground itself at roughly the same spot. As you can see, the Trojan warrior statue found in second stage Pietmond (fall/winter 2011-2012) has returned and becomes the center itself this time. It stands at one corner of what will eventually turn into the newest iteration of the SoSo Gallery also found in earlier versions of Pietmond (both stages 1 and 2 this time), and with the Oblong series still within, just like it was in this very early version from 2010, shortly after I moved into the Otaki Gorge sink.

Btw, here’s my first post on Pietmond proper, describing how I just bought the land within the sink in early September 2010:

I’m surprised to see the House of Truth set up so early on the same spot it occupies now — uphill from Peter’s Mound and to the south. And Peter’s Grave or Peter’s Mound still exists in present Pietmond, over 2 years later. However, like I explained before, I don’t on the land within the sink now, or only a very small portion. Instead my main, 8016 parcel lies to the south of the sink. However, I did own part of this parcel before, and called it Pietmond South at the time. Let’s go back again and find when I first bought a section of this land (since I have the BB Blog pulled up in another window already):

Actually, first off here’s a little history of Pietmond from February 2011; might revise this soon:

And here’s a post concerning the start of *renting* this Pietmond South land:

And here’s what I originally did with the land:

And then here’s where I actually bought part of the parcel I own now, in January 2011. The only thing I can spot that would be slightly the same between then and now is that the Home o’ Fibs has been rezzed at roughly the same place in each. I’ll go more into all this history soon. Can’t wait!

Another view of New Pietmond’s heart from a slightly different angle. I don’t have any officially named “ways” yet in the new village, although I suppose that’s on the docket soon enough.

One sidewalk points to the Brash sculpture set up in eastern Great Pietmond now — easy to tell even from a distance because he is standing on his head. I didn’t create this alignment on purpose, however — just happened. Interesting that you look at the sculpture through a rainbow from this direction. The trojan warrior is to the right and facing us… kind of easy to miss him since he’s roughly the same color and texture as the bare tree behind him. There are oodles of “random” objects in New Pietmond already, and more to come I assume. Lots of details to look at from what you can see in this picture alone…

… and this one also, where a blue robot is stolling the sidewalk in front of the SoSo Gallery.

The Newton statue (of Newton-Jasper Memorial Park fame) has also returned to Pietmond, set up beside a church structure that’s totally new for me. Is it Newton’s church or do they worship Newton somehow?

Now 3 of the 4 giant statues or sculpture found in the last version of Pietmond have returned, with only Rusty missing. Although not in the same position as he was before, still Newton is to the south once more, with Brash to the east and Goldie to the west again.

Oh, and Carcassonne has not returned, since the old center of Pietmond (center of sink itself) doesn’t apply in this version. But heck that could change as well.

In east New Pietmond comes a sort of park surrounded by a square shaped sidewalk. Directly ahead of us here (and at one corner of the park) stands the Burl Tower built around a large tree, allowing avatars access to the roof of the X Spot Gallery if they wish for further exploration. This Burl Tower was also present in Carcass-1 of Maebaelia.

Again, while I have the Carrcass-1 posts of the BB Blog pulled up, thought I’d share the first link about the X Spot Gallery structure itself:

Baker stands on the balcony of the Home o’ Fibs, looking toward the voided center of the sink. “Yes, this is certainly a *new* version of Pietmond,” he might think while admiring this view, “a New Pietmond for certain.”

New Pietmond: Plans

Idea: Might change the name of New Pietmond to SoSo Village?

Idea: Use this quick analysis of the Oblong series by Hucka D. and Baker Bloch

as basis for new analysis, a New Pietmond Analysis. I had already planned to look over Floydada (much larger critique of Oblong series, written during the creation of the series itself). I’m thinking of a pretty large book, but new and different, as stated. New Pietmond style pretty.


11/10/12, 3:23 pm.

New Pietmond projects:

Revision/updating of “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” exhibit.
Basically I think Jeogeot energy is done for except for pockets such as New Pietmond (and Chilbo, for example, which still lives on despite the reversion to private landownership — I have nothing, really, to do with it now, though, and never did much actually; on the surface). *But* it may still be important to keep developing this exhibit for historic purposes. The merger of Melodie Darwin’s Jeogeot related photos into the exhibit earlier this year is a key. Might even go out and buy some more Jeogeot art (?) Anyway, this is one thing I can do in New Pietmond.

A peak of energy for Jeogeot as a whole might be identified when Chilbo attempted to cooperate with Linden Labs in 2009 to potentially create a primary urban area for Jeogeot as a whole. Instead the energy seemed to soon split between Parktown (closer to Jeogeot’s central infohub) and Chilbo, as the latter gradually withdrew more into self containment again. Just reading about this, actually.

Re-exhibit some of those present in former versions of Pietmond. Thinking esp. of Kollage Kid’s collages, and perhaps Rougeau’s. Sadler’s? (she’s changed her name in the meantime but I can’t remember what it is right off — not any contact with her in over a year). Could attempt to draw in new artists to Pietmond, either from inworld (less likely) or from the “real world” (more likely if I follow this path). Take a look at Kollage Kid’s newer work; check out his contacts and “likes” again.


“Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:



How’re you doing?

Hucka D.:

Fine. You seen Plant around?


No. Not in quite a long while. You?

Hucka D.:

No. Dr. Blood is here[, though].


Oh. Is he the same as…

Hucka D.:

No. Here he is.

Dr. Blood:

I see you live in Lion’s Roar now. Good work! For both of us.


Hi Dr. Blood. Are you the same as….

Hucka D.:

No. Anyway, he’s gone. But: no. Just no. (pause) Alright, maybe.


Maybe he’s the same as…?

(to be continued?)

New Pietmond Plans 02

X-Spot Gallery is slowly shaping up, including the creation of a logical entry point from SoSo Village directly beneath it.

And I think I will rename the village as a whole SoSo, or SoSo Village. Although this still is New Pietmond, it may not be known as such in general. But I guess the X-Spot Gallery and SoSo Village together are New Pietmond… hafta think about that a little more.

Hucka D.:

The X-Spot Gallery and SoSo Village are fused[ now]. Goodnight to you baker b.


Hi Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Two in one. Opposites yet equal. High and low[ hi and lo]. Hilo maybe, even. Have you found it yet?


Found what, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

The map. I get past/present/future confused sometimes.


Not sure. What is it I’m suppose to find… suppose you can’t really tell me that.

Hucka D.:

Um, no. But soon.


Tomorrow I have a free and beautiful hiking day. Excitement once more (!) Thinking of returning to Lion’s Roar for the first time in several weeks. No snow on the ground now here, Hucka. Hucka? Anyhoot, hafta think about that as well.




X-Spot Gallery/SoSo: Notes

X-Spot Gallery and whole of SoSo Village should be open by this weekend. Need to purchase a couple more pieces of Jeogeot art, check some notecards, and basically I’m done except for the little promotion I’ll do. The first overall exhibit in the X-Spot will be simple, or at least I’ve already set up the same thing in Carcass-One this past spring. Title will be “Pietmond Remembered”, which I think I’ll keep up for about a month. It will include works by “classic” Pietmond artists Mike Casey, Julie Sadler, Kenneth Rouggeau, Melodie Darwin, Kollage Kid, as well as displaying a further refined version of “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” I first set up about 2 1/2 years ago in Noru/Greater Chilbo. Then will make a decision how I want to build upon it or take the New Pietmond energy from that point onward. Checking out collages online now. Maybe even create new collages myself? A possibility of course.

I really like the new stage of Pietmond. Fate that I came back; easy to see that now. Just have to figure out when to exit. Obviously I’ll keep my land there at least through December and probably January as well. Start exploring a bit also.


Welp, the X-Spot Gallery, SoSo Village and side galleries such as the Tower of TILE and Sink Lair are now open (!). Teleport is found in the heart of SoSo Village, and I’ll provide the SLurl in the “My Virtual Galleries/Temples” page asap (link found at top of blog).

Hucka D.:

What now, then?


Hi Hucka. Well, guess I’ll play around with my 530-540 prims I have left in the sky.

Hucka D.:

You had a good Jeogeot run. This is *toward* the end but very satisfying. You can always go back in time to establish a Jeogeot art. You can talk to Chilbo people more, then. Chilbo isn’t dead, but the metaverse went thataway (points behind me).


Yeah, I guess I just sponged off that energy for a while.

Hucka D.:

Sunklands is yours, though. You earned it. Paradise in Big Sink. Can still happen, but you’ll have to go back into the past. Measure everything out — make sure you can re-create it.


Sinkology may be important. That could be [another] domain name.

Hucka D.:

The direct resonance of Jeogeot with Wazob in the [blog] selection you’re reading is important. Also becomes 1:1 with SID’s 1st Oz at the same time. Jeogeot is SID is Wazob is Jeogeot.


Finding and understanding Yeot helped pull me out to see the whole picture[ of Jeogeot]. Sampson’s Stones may be a portal back into the Lake District.

Hucka D.:

Keep reading.



X-Spot Gallery Wing 01a

Wing 01 of 04 of the newly established X-Spot Gallery features 25 collages from Kollage Kid, or Brit artist Michael Leigh in real life. I describe his collage technique as quintessential toward the end of this Pietmond review from January. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking, along with providing titles of each here. Please check out the Laughing Shed blog for more information about Michael’s exciting work.

As we head up into this wing of the X-Spot, we have the similarly punning “Wall Flower” to the right and “Flower Mill” to the left. Nice start.

“Freudsters”. Luv this one.

“Ant Invasion”.

And in a similar mode, once more, we have “Who Left That Tap Running?” just further up.

Then “Hula Hoop Party” across the wall from it…

… and “Time Travel” on an adjacent wall to both of the last 2 collages pictured above.

“Noah’s Submarine”, hehe, and, to the right of it here, “Cafe of Earthly Delights,” a cute and clever spoof of Hieronymus Bosch’s famed “Garden of Earthly Delights” triptych.

The marvelous “Bill Haley Fans”. You guys remember “Rock around the Clock” don’t you?

Another New York City disaster collage similar to “Ant Invasion”, this one called “The Great Flood”. Since taking this picture of Kollage Kid’s work, the Statue of Liberty and NYC as a whole have come up in another guise within this blog.

“Space Laundry” (left) and “The Gem Polishers” (right).

The most excellent “Drowning in Germs”. We’ve reached the top level of this wing.

X-Spot Gallery, Wing 01b

X-Spot Gallery, Wing 01b

Continuing from X-Spot Gallery, Wing 01a, next we view “Trouble in Store”…

… and then on the wall across from it, the enigmatic “What’s Behind the Red Door?” I believe this is also the largest work of X-Spot’s Kollage Kid kollection, er, collection.

“Road Trip” (left) and “Elephantasmagoria” (right).

Straight ahead: “Cactus House”, a nice, compact black and white effort.

Then across from it we have another b&w collage exhibited beside the resting Baker Bloch here, named “What Lies Beneath”. Reminds me a bit of “Who Left That Tap Running?” from the upwards part of this wing.

The witty “I Remember the Incident at the Canal”. Do *you*?

“Found Heads” — there are a number of these type of collages in Michael’s work depicting a row of women and/or men whose appearance have been uniformly altered.

“nowhere town2.” Strangely enough I think I want to actually visit!

“Madonna and Egg”, made from Tunnock’s Tea Cake wrapper foil, old scrap and cut outs, according to Michael’s flickr page on the work. A bit different from the rest of those here.

And we leave this wing with “Victorian Seaside Holiday drawbacks No. 237” to the left and “Mr. Archimboldo” to the right, with another NYC background for the latter.

Super job Michael!

Sunklands Galleries Nov. 2012

Although the number of kiosked Second Life galleries is down from several years back, there are still about 9 in the Sunklands area alone. My X-Spot Gallery is marked by the lowest of the orange squares in the above screen save from this art galleries of Second Life map, with each of these squares representing a gallery kiosk obtained through Sasun Steinbeck’s wonderful system.

Baker Bloch on the top floor of the Tower of TILE, a supplemental gallery to the X-Spot looming below him here.



Hucka D., want to comment on the above photos?

Hucka D.:


X-Spot Gallery, Wing 02a

Start of “Jeogeot through Art and Word,” taking up a full wing (of 4 total) of the newly re-established X-Spot Gallery.

First of 3 maps and accompanying notecards describing the exhibit:

I’ll just move through each picture in succession as you encounter them. Here’s “Untitled” by Melodie Darwin.

LVPVS IN FABVLA p26: “There I found you, my love” (water and ink on blotter paper).

“What Counts” by Dale Innis (left) and “Around Every Corner” (right), digital art by Czar Nicholas.

“Orion” by Kyra.

“Commemorating Sculpties” by Melodie Darwin. Here’s the SLurl to the real deal.

Another Melodie Darwin photograph from the now extinct WES community at the end of West End Road.

“Deserted Crossroad” also by Darwin. I believe this use to be the center of what I called X-ville in the Baker Blinker Blog, officially known as Pine Tree Village and where I had a small gallery at one time.

“Steep Hill” by Darwin. This was near Sternberg, yet another extinct Jeogeot urban region, pheh.

Several Sunklands related pictures, or, from left to right, a photo of my Biggie Gallery formerly in Aotearoa; a rendering of a Dogon alien being by Lark Blackheart from a small, defunct Otaki Gorge gallery; and then a surrealist painting by Sambroxton String found in Big Sink.

Then 2 more photos from Sunklands to end this post, the first by Melodie Darwin once again and originating in the Felix Meritus Monestary that use to take up the entire Lil Burn Valley sinkhole; yet another fabulous Jeogeot location now gone with the wind.

And here’s another Jeogeot goner: the Roseheart community formerly of Second Sink.

X-Spot Gallery, Wing 02b

X-Spot Gallery, Wing 02b

We continue from X-Spot Gallery, Wing 02a with an inworld snapshot of the second of 3 notecards (and accompanying Jeogeot map) describing the exhibit. Again I’ll let the notecard do most of the talking, and just give supplemental photos and descriptions here.

A wall containing mostly Chilbo related objects, including Grassland II (etched art by Kristine Kristan, present Chilbo mayor still, I believe) and a recently created town map. Along with these we have a poster advertising an art exhibit of another defunct Jeogeot Gallery, The Red Leaf, which use to exist next to the 4 sim Hanja infohub area at the heart of the continent.

More Chilbo related art, or, left to right, “gallery surface1” by Janis Shamen, “Winter Berries” by Corcosman Voom, and a Chilbo photo by Melodie Darwin… yes, she’s definitely taken pictures from all over this largest of Second Life continents. Also notice the very similar effect of foreground red plants in the Voom and Darwin works here.

Then looking directly up at the centerpoint of the exhibit gives you this view of “NO HEAD FLEXI FISH” from the Tubular Gallery southwest of Chilbo, a kinetic sculpture designed by elros Tuominen.

Also mentioned on Notecard 2 of this “Jeogeot through Art and Word” is the DKArt gallery run by Dave Koi. His 2 works in the exhibit are the red scupture “aim high”. along with “Babelstorm”, filled with blue cubes adorned with letters of the alphabet.

Notecard 3 of 3.

A Parktown photo by Darwin. I consider Parktown (on the west side of the Hanja infohub mentioned above) a type of twin or counterpart to Chilbo. It’s a shame they couldn’t team up in some way to generate a greater whole, perhaps initiating some kind of overall Jeogeot, um, unification. Not exactly the word I’m looking for, but teaming up to step everything up a notch, Jeogeot-style. Um.

Two similarly named works but from different Jeogeot locations: to the right, “Phoenix” by Kylie Sabra, and to the left, “Tuscon, Arizona” by Samara Barzane of Park Galleries, yet another Jeogeot art establishment that does not exist any more. To be honest, I can’t remember the story behind “Phoenix” — I promise to check that out asap; it’s not mentioned in the notecard I don’t believe.

More twinning: 2 unusual galleries from the same sim of Cheosan, although no relationship between the two that I know of. To the left we have “The Gallery Shaped Like a Woman” masterminded by Earl Dinkins. To the right is the plainly named Cheosan Building, which is not plain atall within or without.

Now 2 actual works by Dinkins: “205” (left) and “1105 quatrains pillar” (right).

2 Melodie Darwin photographs come next as we head up to the end of the exhibit (“Lordshore Bridge” and “Island Light”).

An early Second Life map found buried beneath a mysterious farmhouse in Eunhuang as described in this Baker Blinker Blog post.

To end: “Life” by Melodie Darwin…

… and a book called “Expedition 1: A Trip to the Southern Island” by famed Second Life explorer and conservationist Salazar Jack.

X-Spot Gallery, Wings 03 and 04

Wings 3 and 4 of the X-Spot Gallery contain abstract art by syncher friend Mike Casey and collages by Kenneth Rougeau and Julie Takac. As my collection from each of these artists hasn’t been significantly altered since I first introduced their Pietmond virtual galleries in late 2010/early 2011, I’ve decided not to review them again here but instead point to former Baker Blinker Blog posts on the subject.

First up came Mike Casey’s art, housed in SoSo West:*

Then soon after this sprouted the Norum Gallery, a smaller venue chocked full of Julie’s beautiful collages:

Lastly came Kenneth Rougeau, one of the few Pietmond artists with significant Second Life experience, and who use to own a virtual gallery himself several years ago. I originally put his art in the Pietmond South Gallery, as discussed here:

I’d also like to give a repeat plug to the art and photography of another syncher friend Stegokitty, as originally reviewed in this Gallery in the Rocks post from February 2011:


* In conjunction with opening SoSo West, I also conducted a lengthy interview of Mike and his art in Jan.-Feb. 2011.

New Pietmond Buildings

I’ve inserted two skyscrapers into the Pietmond landscape, one familar to fans of Pietmond and the other, higher one a brand new addition to the burg. The former is Big Boy Tower or just Big Boy, seen in Pietmond Phase II, and not that far from the new spot I set it up. My original post on this addition is here. Then I think I’ll call the new tower the Tower of Mann or Tower of A. Mann, sort of after rock singer Aimee Mann, who came up in a conversation between the wife and I recently, but of course is more a play off of the name Big Boy next door. The other tower is a big boy indeed, but this is a real *man* of a tower in contrast. I’ll have to measure the height asap but its looks to top the 100 meter mark quite easily. To put this is perspective, the Statue of Liberty is 93 meters high from the ground to Lady Liberty’s torch. And since that’s a statue of a towering woman and here in Pietmond we have Tower of A. Mann statue, perhaps they are more closely related in some as yet undiscovered way. Hafta think about that.

Also coming to Pietmond is Arcadia Asylum’s super nifty Bodega supermarket, packing a lot of entertainment into a trim 32 prim design. I’m not really sure why I’ve never used this structure before in Pietmond or anywhere else I can remember. Hmmm. Anyway, the market sits directly in front of the Tower of A. Mann, almost blocking the opening into this tower.

Pietmond’s new skyscape from the direction of the old Pietmond Heights location. Nice.


… I’ll probably be able to hike once more in Frank and/or Herman Park. It’ll be chilly, though. Do I return to the bizarre running fence on the slopes of Gene Fade’s Mtn.? The little cemetery there could hold keys; also the rock outcropping just beyond it on the public path also skirting the running fence project. Hiflat and Loflat… but what of Red 7 or Carcass-7? (pause) Although Second Life is coming on strong once again, the focus of this blog should remain on Frank and Herman Parks. Period. However, a question that has come to mind is: Is New Pietmond with its still developing SoSo Village a direct continuation of Herman Park’s Lion’s Roar? A link is one of the newest Pietmond structures, or Tower of A. Mann. I’ve related it to New York City’s Statue of Liberty. I’ve also assoc. Lion’s Roar with this same city in an October post here. Is the Tower of A. Mann sort of a very tall bottle of Lion’s Roar, then? Something to ponder about, or one more thing to ponder on. Who lives in New Pietmond? Is Knock there, aka Tin S. Man… oh, *Mann*. Tower of A. Mann could be one of 4 men Knock mentions in October posts, or Powerman, Plastic Man, Tin S. Man, and Superman. I want to fly like Superman (etc.). (pause) So which man is it? Since Superman is the 4th, it could be him. Reorganization around the Eiffel Tower (another prominent world landmark, like NYC’s Statue of Liberty).

Terrorists have taken over the Eiffel Tower, and threaten to blow it up with a hydrogen bomb. Once again, Superman is there and saves Paris by throwing the bomb into outer space. Unfortunately, the explosion releases the three bad guys imprisoned in the first Superman movie. They then move in on Earth, taking it over, but little do they know who they will have to defeat.

And Superman’s Metropolis is largely modelled after New York City itself.

In his 1978 work, The Great Superman Book, an encyclopedia of the first forty years of the Superman comics, author Michael Fleisher cites many, many examples which demonstrate that Metropolis equates with New York City. The most blatant of these might be the statement he cites from Action Comics #143 (April 1950), which states that the Statue of Liberty stands in “Metropolis Harbor”.[1] The Statue of Liberty, in fact, stands in New York Harbor.

And then we also have this…

Some Pietmond Changes

Moved central teleporter of SoSo Village to Middle Square, in front of the dead tree on the nearest corner here.

Added another potential (small) gallery beside SoSo… perhaps a new “SoSo West”??

It’s converted from an old coffee house.

New sidewalks.

Sidewalks surround Pietmond’s Big E now.

Two more new structures to the south of the SoSo Gallery. The one to the right could be yet another small gallery possibility. The far structure with round window probably represents a residence. Who lives there? (so forth so on)

View from the north. The structure to the right here is identical to the foreground structure of the previous photo.

Blog Log

“Twin Peaks: Pilot (#1.1)” (1990)

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper: Who’s the lady with the log?
Sheriff Harry S. Truman: We call her the Log Lady.
The Log Lady: Shhhhhhh!

Hollowed out log crossing the center of SoSo Village’s main open space. Little people use to live in it. Are they still in the area by chance?

Although I didn’t plan the alignment, the log points directly toward a recently sprouted giant mushroom. Giant mushroom… little people… opposites me thinks.

Looking back through the log, we also see it is directly aligned with the golden Trojan warrior at the heart of SoSo Village on its opposite side. This is yet another “accident”.

My Blog Log definitely saw something.


Future City.