New Pietmond 2012-2013 03 (Dec 02 of 02, Jan)

Sinkimma? (Piepodt?)


No: New Pietmond!

But not in Jeogeot any longer. I’ve abandoned all land there and moved to the Heterocera continent. I’ve given up on pushing the boundaries of *new* Jeogeot mythology, but will still refine the old. Heterocera represents my first mainland continent where I bought land, way back in August 2008. Now I have returned. Second Life is beginning to eat its own tail. I must follow and grok as best as possible.



More details soon! New Pietmond is evolving rapidly.


New Pietmond Developments 01

“It’s about sinkholes, baker b.”



And 12 story, central buildings.


Hucka D.:

And mustard.


Catching up?

Hucka D.:

Frank and Herman Einstein. Frank and Herman.


New Pietmond has detracted from study of the parks. The central [12 story] theme of this here blog.

Hucka D.:

Here. Then there.


Does the 12 story building have a name?

Hucka D.:

The Building of 12 Stories.



Hucka D.:







At 60 meters, it’s the 3rd highest building in New Pietmond, Hucka D., after the Tower of A. Mann — 100 meters — and Big Boy[ Tower] at about 80 meters. 10-8-6, or 5-4-3. Pythagoras triangle.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Rhythm. Counterpoint. Balance. Style. Grace. Luxery. Distinction. Difference. Similarity. Still.


(after a pause) Got it, Hucka D.: The Kidd Building. (!)*

Hucka D.:



So Kidd, 3, then Big Boy, 4, then an actual Man(n), 5. 3-4-5 is the progression of child to man.

Hucka D.:

You didn’t have that in Otaki Gorge, Sunklands.


No, not really. Well… the TILE Tower…

Hucka D. (interrupting):

Odd entrance.



May not stay the same[ in the future], Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

What’s in the building? In the future? Collages?


Frank and Herman… Einstein?

Hucka D.:

Maps, then. Work on it slowly. Savor.


Thanks, Hucka D. Of the 3[ Tower of A. Mann, Big Boy, Kidd Building], only The Kidd has any internal compartments. It is more central. Tower of A. Mann and Big Boy look to it for their own substance. That your line?

Hucka D.:

No. Not any more.



Hold on, Hucka D.



I’ll work on it.

Hucka D.:

Count your galleries.


Let’s see, in New Pietmond now are the Stairs Gallery featuring Kollage Kid art, housed in 2 separate structures or the Stairs Building and the Stairs Gallery Annex, connected by a bridge.

Hucka D.:

One. Now a balance on the opposite side of the town.


I guess you mean the Toxic Art Gallery.


Eternally bickering Newton and Jasper.

Hucka D.:

That’s your gallery. With your collages.


Yes, and then Slipper with some Mike Casey art. That’s next to the Stairs Building. Here.


Hucka D.:

Do you have a name for the waterfall? Or falls?


I guess just The Falls, Hucka D. Then — continuing — Cherry and/or Berry featuring Rougeau art, another Pietmond staple…



Let’s see… the Sink Lair has returned. Quite exciting. And then SoSo in the center of things as well. But now since I have the Toxic Art Gallery with the Oblong series within along with 3 other floors of the Art 10×10, SoSo will have to be retooled.

Hucka D.:

What[ will be within]?



New Pietmond map?… starting point for art gallery tours?

Hucka D.:

You have 2 unresolved smudges [unfocused areas] in the center of town: Kidd Building and SoSo, and caddycorner to each other.

bb (distracted):

I really like that grassy little park in front of the Big E, Hucka D. Different from anything I’ve done previously.


Hucak D.:

New Pietmond is the best you’ve done in Second Life so far. Your Second Lyfe. So that’s another center. And the Hole in the Wall is another center…


… and the Stairs Gallery and Gallery Annex…



Weird shot there, Hucka D. Juxtaposes the bridge between the 2 parts of the Stairs Gallery with the railroad above them and then the asteroid above that. With the train crossing over all that at the same time (!).

Hucka D.:

Total eclipse. You better end.






* Later changed to Kidd Tower.

New Pietmond Developments 02 (& a map!)


“For now, Hucka D., the Kidd Tower (center of map) — formerly the Kidd Building — will be the entrance point for New Pietmond as a whole, and where I place the Sasun Steinbeck gallery kiosk. I also have several snapshots of New Pietmond within. But the 12 story Kidd Tower as a whole, is still a mystery to me. I believe it may be connected to the similarly mysterious A-Z line discovered on the east side of the Jeogeot continent in early 2010. Hucka D.? Anyway, this would certainly seem to dovetail with the Big E next to Kidd Tower. And I’ve decided to just leave the Oblong series in SoSo next door as well, even though it’s duplicated in the ToXic Art Gallery just down the way.

Hucka D.:

Hi. I was sleeping. What do you call the ways in town?


The Loop would be the central one, with Kidd Tower, Cherry And/Or Berry, and Garage #1 within and everything else in town without — excepting the X-Spot Gallery that looms over it all in its special manner. (pause to look at map) There also seems to be an offset way crossing east to west, containing all the exterior stairs of New Pietmond.

Hucka D.:

And you probably need to clarify to the reader that this is the *true* New Pietmond, right? I mean, this is what was suppose to be New Pietmond all along, although it has its roots in Otaki Gorge and Pietmond there.


Right. I thought that was New Pietmond, but it was just an extention of Pietmond, based in the sink hole. And that’s the key, because New Pietmond *is* in a sink hole — Sikkima containing perhaps the only true sink hole of the Heterocera continent. So New Pietmond becomes directly aligned with Pietmond in that way. They’re both in sink holes, which are rare on Second Life mainland relatively speaking. There’s only about 14, and the Sikkima sinkhole is the last discovered, actually. I thought of moving there about a year and a half ago, even, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

I remember. Lisa the Fox.


Maybe. So the whole subject of Sinkology is still directly applicable to both Pietmond and New Pietmond. The Sikkima sinkhole may be the ultimate sinkhole even, since you can burrow down further than the others on newer mainland. And I suppose it could be the *original* sinkhole of Second Life, even. 1st sink.

Hucka D.:

What would that mean?


Dunno. Seems important[, though]. The Kidd Tower holds the keys.

Hucka D.:

I agree. You better get hopping (pause).



“L… O”

“E Tree”



New Pietmond Developments 03

The Eternally Bickering Newton and Jasper statues have been deleted from New Pietmond, instead replaced by Otaki Gorge’s similar Goldie and Brash, lying considerably further apart but on the same line as Newton and Jasper before them.


… then Goldie.

And along with Newton/Jasper, the whole Toxic Art Gallery to their side has gone away as well, instead replaced by the Temple of TILE (center structure of first picture above) last seen in Philo, and deleted from there almost 2 months ago by someone claiming the abandoned land it sat upon. Inside we have the old Pietmond labyrinth and also Carcassonne on the upper floor still, who could be considered the 5th and most central of the statues discussed in this post (Newton, Jasper, Brash, Goldie, Carcassonne).*


So to complete this line of thought, SoSo Gallery has been restored as the exhibitor of the Oblong series of my Art 10×10, giving a link within to the whole collection of 100 collages in the Edwardston Station Gallery at another location (I have several “spare” Edwardston Station Galleries in different areas of Second Life mainland now). This saved enough prims to allow me to rezz the Temple of TILE, and also retain spare primage for additional, future projects. Still exciting times in New Pietmond (!), despite the lack of visitors. And the development of the central Kidd Tower continues.



Lordshore sim and Lordshore Bridge.

Orgamast sim, with name similarly just below ground surface. This is floor 1 of the 12 story Kidd Tower.


Floor 2 brings us to maps of Pleiablo (right) and Kalis (left). According to legend the Big E or Big Schwa was found just west of the Pleiabo sim (central picture in the above photo) c2007.

“Hucka D., according to legend, the Big E or Big Schwa was found just west of the Pleiablo sim. Do you remember that?”

“No. Continue.”


“There I am. I was there (!)”

“It was taken to Meddletown, baker b. And studied. And the Korean Channel formed at the same time. The two are one. They did a very similar thing that you’re presently doing in the Kidd Tower: divide the totem into two columns to contain the whole alphabet of A to Z. You have O-Z to the west — bottom to top — and A-L to the east — top to bottom. M and N are separate, for they are MaN, and there is no MaN in the Kidd Tower because it is still a Kidd. Big Boy[ Tower] acts as a bridge between the Kidd Tower and Tower of A. Mann. Tower of A. Mann is the true man of New Pietmond, a Newtown after all.”

“In 20 cases, Hucka D., kids were not allowed to become men and women. 26 dead altogether, including 6 adults and then 2 more: the shooter and his mother. 6 sim maps lie below the street level of New Pietmond.”

“There is a connection, baker b. But there’s more. It’s not just that this represents the Newtown slayings, the voiding. Study more.”

Kalis (Floor 2) and Jharmelion (Floor 3) are also in the same position on the Big E. In fact, Lordshore (Floor 1), Kalis, and Jharmelion form what appears to be a continuous landmass on the west side stacked maps up to this point. But Lordshore, in actuality, in reality, forms the lowest sim of the Big Schwa on the other side of the totem. This illusion might be substantial.


Which brings us to Ichelus again at the street level of New Pietmond, or Floor 4 of the Kidd Tower. Simple Wunderlich’s picture from this sim is straight ahead of Baker Bloch.

New Pietmond Developments 04.


* And perhaps the only 1 of the 5 truly alive.

New Pietmond Developments 04

“I am the Meddletown scientist, artist, priest.”

“And friend, baker b. You are the friend of Meddletown. You wish to keep the memory alive. MaN.”

“It was Yeoseot, Yeol, and Yeodeol, 3 of the 7 Yeo sims.”

“Correct my friend baker b. The Big E or Big Schwa was taken there, in Meddletown which might be Middletown, and studied. Broken down.”


“M and N, or 13 and 14 of the 26 sim vertical line that is A-Z in Jeogeot. The Meddletown scientists[ artists, priest] knew this.”

House of Truth, New Pietmond.

Inside the House of Truth.




“So let’s finish this up, Hucka D. I am the Kidd, undeveloped as far as mature building in SL goes. Not so for the owner of Yeodeol especially, this Mr. or Ms. White.

Hucka D.:



Meddletown science is about making letters?

Hucka D.:

The Meddletown fill-in-the-blank were interested in why Jeogeot is the peak[ continent] of Second Life and why it had a flaw in the middle. MaN.

A mystery hole in Seu north of Yeoseot, mentioned but not pictured in an early post of this blog.


Still in Seu, an art beanstalk near the hole.

Top of beanstalk.

Flying toward Yeoseot, Yeol, Yeodeol.

Lounging by a pool in Yeodeol.

New Pietmond Developments 05

But it wasn’t Meddletown originally but Middletown. But then the Big E or Big Schwa came to town. Big event! Studied and broken down, even. Meddle-2001 link discovered through caddycorner Yuja, which then became absorbed into Meddletown. Two towns formerly become one, Middletown and [unknown name]. Here we find Tin S. Man again, amazingly. He’s taken over from Stegocat.

Tin S. Man:

Hi again baker b. Merry Christmas. Sorry my real self cannot say that easily. I am logic without much emotion, as stated. I have trouble being a friend.

baker b.:

Thank you Tin S. Man. I will turn into Wallace3 now.


Thank you again. Yes, this is where I find a friend. We work in parallel, but we have an overlap. We can trust each other, friend. Tennis Man.

Tin S. Man:

I can, but my real self cannot just yet. He wishes to be Spock to your Cpt. Kirk, true, especially given 2233 birth of latter. He can see that logically.


Where are you exactly in Meddletown?

Tin S. Man:

I founded Meddletown. I combined Middletown with [Unknown Name]. I am MaN.



Tin S. Man:

And there are other MaNs here. Powerman. Superman. Aquaman. Aqua Mann. A. Mann.


*You* have the answer that I need to complete Kidd Tower. To mature it.

Tin S. Man:



Kidd Tower 02 subsequently founded in what use to be known as Meddletown. At its original location? Very nearby if not (!)

MaNsion in foreground.

15 minutes worth of deletion time…

… and Baker Bloch has just freed up 1084 1117 prims for future construction in New Pietmond, as the whole core of groundside is no more.

Satisfied Baker resting in the X Spot Gallery lounge.

What’s left:

X Spot Gallery (still partially empty)
Gallery Jack (still entirely empty)
Tower of A. Mann
Kidd Tower (by default this becomes the new center of town)
Sink Lair Gallery
Home o’ Fibs
House of Truth
2 Falls structures (cleaned out supermarket, and shed)

What’s gone:

Stairs Gallery and Stairs Gallery Annex
Slipper Gallery
SoSo Gallery
Big E (groundside)
Cherry And/Or Berry Gallery
Garages 01 and 02
Rose Cottage
Hole in the Wall
Big Boy Tower
Temple of TILE

Some final shots from the old New Pietmond:








X Spot Gallery reopens…

… featuring collage works by Kollage Kid and also Julie Sadler, two classic Pietmond exhibitors.

X Spot represents 1 of 2 remaining functional New Pietmond galleries, along with the Sink Lair. A 3rd gallery, Gallery Jack, is still empty. I have over 1100 prims currently to work with on new projects. Super excited! New Pietmond has definitely moved beyond Pietmond, for better or worse.

Newest New Pietmond map with basically empty center (compare with here):




Loads and Loads

Big changes this year. Top of the list, perhaps, is the switcheroo from the old Baker Blinker Blog to the new Frank and Herman Einstein! Blog. Why the switch? Well, the idea is that the new blog will always be focused on “out there”, which means the neighborhood Frank and Herman Parks comprising a hefty 8800 or so acres between them. This is a permanently protected space hopefully, unlike the shifting sands that is Second Life. More energy is found in these parks than Second Life now and explorations/building therein. Second Life serves First Life in terms of blogging and picture taking, and always will from now on. Actually, this shift has been in motion since about September 2011, and the last year of the Baker Blinker Blog is kind of a long prelude for F&HE!

But we must move on for now because other changes need to be reviewed, like an incredibly surprising upgrade for “Dark Side of the Rainbow.” Jamie of “Dark Side of the Rainbow: Art on Trial”, a new and very large site on the subject, has introduced me to the concept of a DSotR2, or, in essence, a Dark Side of the Rainbow that begins with the *2nd* 3rd lion roar within The Wizard of Oz film as a whole. Those familiar at all with the phenomenon may recall that the 3rd roar of Leo the Lion introducing the film acts as a cuing point for the start of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon within. Much, much fewer will know about several other distinct 3rd lion roars occurring later on in the film, all emitted by the *Cowardly* Lion in this case. But all these come after what is now obviously, in my eyes, the true, second 3rd lion roar, another Cowardly Lion utterance. This would come when he first shows up in The Wizard of Oz on the Yellow Brick Road, after Dorothy has already gathered together the Scarecrow and the Tinman in that order. This 3rd lion roar happens to be kind of hidden within a group of 4, as it were, making it harder to spot than the others.

Jamie and I are still working on the details together (for in the meantime I have befriended him), but we agree on several things for now: Dark Side of the Rainbow simply doesn’t work very well with Dark Side of the Moon merely set on “repeat”; that is, allowing DSotM to play over again throughout The Wizard of Oz till the latter ends, resulting in 2 1/2 repeats total. Instead you cut this version off after the first play of the album within the film (again this all starts at Leo’s 3rd lion roar introducing the film), and somehow segue to the version which begins at the aforementioned 2nd 3rd lion roar, this “DSotR2”. But DSotR2 is a misnomer, because — and I think Jamie also agrees with this in general — there is only 1 Dark Side of the Rainbow and it has to include *both* versions, or both the one that starts with the film’s 1st 3rd lion roar and then the one that starts with the film’s 2nd 3rd lion roar about 55 minutes later.

Where Jamie and I are having some difficulties is nailing down *exactly how to run this DSotR2*, because it doesn’t seem to be cued in the majority of versions to precisely this 2nd 3rd lion roar of the film. This is in contrast to DSotR1, where the 3rd lion roar start is generally agreed upon. But, again, I must move on to other subjects because I don’t want to get bogged down in DSotR revision technicalities for this review. But this is big big news, and a shocking addition. DSotR2 is simply *better* than DSotR1 — no other way to put it. *However* it also *depends* on DSotR1 to set it up. Fused together, they *are* “Dark Side of the Rainbow”, the true one.

But back to the review. So we’ve covered the shift of blogs from the Baker Blinker Blog to the Frank and Herman Einstein Blog. Actually, the discovery of true “Dark Side of the Rainbow” (DSotR1 + DSotR2) egged this on. Jamie has mysteriously come to play the role of Tin S. Man early on in the current blog, where a separation ensues between Tin S. Man and Wallace3 (latter played by me, baker b.). Tin S. Man has overidentified with the Baker Blinker Blog or its energy. Wallace3 must move beyond him by creating the new blog. Tin S. Man is kind of me stuck in the past, in the old blog of 2233 posts.

Other news: Well, Pietmond Stage 2 was destroyed in early February of this year, when a huge spaceship/warship came a-visiting operated by someone named Michael, according to resident blog spirt and wise guy Hucka D. Why did this ship then destroy Pietmond? Was it sent from Philo (a loose Nautilus continent community on the rise at the same time)? So Pietmond Stage 1 lasted from October 2010 to the end of April 2011, and Stage 2 from September 2011 to February 2012. Now we even have a 3rd stage of sorts with New Pietmond (early November 2012 to present). But I think New Pietmond is just that — beyond the old. A new Pietmond for a new blog if you will. And perhaps it is not coincidence that New Pietmond was born at the same time Philo itself suffered a devastating blow from an unidentified enemy, losing the Temple of TILE and the Toxic Art Gallery simultaneously.

Then there’s more. Another crazy development this year came in the revitalization of the Synchronicity Phenomenon Board, basically dormant for a year and a half before this after the untimely death of its guru/sage Don Boulet. My friend Flynn was part of this rebirth along with me, and the resurgent group did some incredible work in a short span. My foremost contribution to the energy was the piecing together of what I called the Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area located between Abingdon and Bristol, Virginia. A review of what I found there is now collected within the Sink Lair virtual gallery, still present in New Pietmond as of this writing. Unfortunately, the rebirth seems to have been brief, as the Synch Phenom Board has again returned to basic dormancy. Is there energy for yet another rejuvenation? I doubt it but who can tell.

Briefly, other Pietmond/New Pietmond developments include the evolution of the X-Spot Gallery (shaped like a giant “X”), and the addition of several new structures including the Tower of A. Mann, my tallest Second Life structure yet, I believe.

But let’s now return to Frank and Herman Parks to check out in more detail what happened there this year. Another big bunch of information (!) First came the remarkable expansion of TILE Creek mythology, culminating in both Hermania and Billfork “communities”. Then in the summer we have Con Creek, another hefty information addition. *Then* this Fall we build upon the story of Wealthy Mtn. with extensive explorations and written down afterthoughts. I’ve mentioned the Tin S. Man development above, and, er, physically, this takes place in his Tinsity, in the heart of Wealthy Mountain’s prominent Green Oz Valley. Afterwards, we have the amazing evolution of Byng/4 Valleys, taking the present blog to a stabilizing point where the past is obviously cleaved away. And this directly leads to New Pietmond as well.

What of the future? I believe all bets are off after this heck of a year!

New Pietmond…

… suddenly becomes a contrast of extreme height…


… and depth.


“It is as it has to be developing. Good night baker b.”


Hi Hucka D. I’ve been thinking about your role in the blog.

Hucka D.:

I know… sacked once more.


No, not really at all.

Hucka D.:

Cut back to part time; loss of me benefits. I know. Been there.


No. I’m just wondering…

Hucka D.:

Well I’ll find another job if so. I’m warning you. You better think about what you have and start respecting it more.



Hucka D.:

What do you have? you’re asking yourself right now most likely.



Hucka D.:

You have a friend. You have someone to talk to in the middle of the night when no-one is around and you need information and information fast. Like tonight. Ask your pertinent questions.


Ahem. [New] Pietmond has suddenly become a city of extreme height and depth.

Hucka D.:

As it should be. As it is. As it is so.


Humble or relatively humble but full of meaning temple at the bottom of the sinkhole… skyscrapers, one almost impossibly high (!), all around. And the X-Spot Gallery bridging the two as it were, as it is.

Hucka D.:

As it should be and is and was and will be. All past present future. Mixed up.


What do thse 2 realms, these opposite realms, mean?

Hucka D.:

You need a center. You worry about balance and probably rightly so, although things are getting better. Balance, baker b. Balance.


Klutzy Kamper had his center… has his center, for he’s still around of course. Living, I mean.

Hucka D.:

He was and is and will be Superman.


My center seems to be the Big E or Big Schwa, take your pick.

Hucka D.:

Yes. The Bottle.


The Bottle at Kentucky is truly this Big E shattered?

Hucka D.:

Yes. Terrarium. Was key. Is and will be key.



I must obviously think of Kentucky and the Bee Line once more, then.

Hucka D.:


Show The With On Now

“Congratulations baker b. The aliens are gone. They told me to tell you they appreciate the bugs, and the golden one was especially delightful. I think they ate them. Anyway they took their 11 sided ship and went away. Aldebaran was their next destination.”


Thanks Hucka D. That was a relief.

Hucka D.:

Don’t go near Rust Spot still, because some devizes were left behind. Devices I meant.


Okay I won’t.

Hucka D.:

Tiny Wiltshire is okay. The top of the mountain is okay. The Old TILE Road parking where you usually park is still not okay. Okay?


Got it.

Hucka D.:

Now on with the show!

Baker Bloch, sitting in front of the newly christened Power Tower in New Pietmond, is okay with the aliens leaving.

“I thought…

… I’d walk the New Pietmond labyrinth each day.”


Hucka D.:

Great idea. Dark Side of the Rainbow is the root. Power Tower in the sky. You need both. Dr. Blood or Knok will help with the big tower. That’s where The Table will be set up. Already has. But you need the temple too.


Baker Bloch has his private office again, Hucka D. It’s pretty nice.

Hucka D.:

Pretty nice.





He feels like he needs to deepen his connections with TILE.

Hucka D.:

Walk. Study. E. Build.


Jamie of Dark Side of the Rainbow: Art on Trial, is pulling the plug on his web site. Another one[ bites the dust]. No…

Hucka D.:

No family[ of synchers] now to support. Only you, and you and he have split already over the 3333 protectorate. He is sealed.


A kind of Sealston, eh.

Hucka D.:

Now you can begin to dissect what the protectorate is — means. It is 5 sided but maybe also 11 sided.


So like the Frank Park alien’s spaceship.

Hucka D.:

Look back on those notes. Thank you.


Interesting that Jamie tells me he’s getting rid of his site just as the aliens show up in me life. Anger?

Baker Bloch’s Islands

bakers_island500h map_block_island_560

“Does the Baker Blinker Blog’s Baker’s Island (i.e., Henry Island; post 1 of 2233 post blog) merely act as a pointer to Rhode Island’s Block Island?” Is the 1st post or base post of the follow-up “Baker Bloch Blog” (“Frank and Herman, Einstein!” at not the literal 1st post in this case but one hidden *within* the blog itself, at its 3-dimensional center?

Hucka D.:

You can use the island [Bloch Island] to travel to other dimensions. See yourself as extraterrestrial or extradimensional and try it out.


apricot king tull

east king tull


Laterally, Apricot Road is only road between King Tull Road and Johnson Road on the map just above, halfway between the 2. Apricot Rd. then equates w/ the (blocked) Hinzerling Road mentioned in the 05/11/82 Tri City Herald newspaper article. directly bridges Block Island rock cairns with Sunfish Pond rock cairns.

If you leave out the “c”, apricot is an anagram of airport. Apricot has no one word anagrams.

The only 2 word anagram of “apricot” according to this web site, is “a tropic”. Apricot is a tropical fruit.

King Tull refers to rainbowology, SID’s 1st Oz, and King Tull as coupled partner to (Queen) Queen.

Fuzzer House 01

“Awww. Mess’n with me head, Butcher.”

“Blimey,” Butcher said back. He was opening a can of ten beans.

Fuzzer House looked larger from the inside. The Kniks, dressed up as Apricot-Bone, felt open and vulnerable. Like the door was open to the Broad Hinton house… and suddenly it was. Outside they saw a man walking a white dog, oblivious their exposed presence. Thank dog for the force field.

Jimmy stepped through the force field and out in the street. “Got a light, man?” he asked in his cocky Cockney way. For he desperately needed a fag.

“Blimey,” the man in the street walking his dog said. “Where’d you come from?”

“Where do you think mate?” Jimmy said, indicating with his head the Fuzzer House behind him. For his hands were busy lighting the fag after the man had handed him a cigarette lighter.

The man handed him a cigarette lighter.

“Blimey,” Butcher said back. The tin can of beans sealed itself up.

Making It BIG


King Tull

Sunfish Smipson

Marge Eclipsed




Not sure if the new collages belong to an offshoot series of the Art 10×10, completed almost 4 years ago after all, or represents a completely new and separate series. If the former, I’m tempted to call it Gila, perhaps the most interesting town name left in northern Jasper County, Illinois where I procured most of the names for the 10×10 series (Hidalgo, Rose Hill, Yale, Newton, Wheeler, and Jasper itself). If the latter, it could be, for instance, based on letters instead of numbers, or A-Z instead of 1-10. Not sure if the series will contain pairs of animations like those of the 10×10 — in general, these happened every 4th collage. If so, the last one I have completed for the new series (“Monsters”) may be a candidate for an animation itself… hmmm.

So what does it mean so far? Certainly it’s in sync with the “Baker Bloch in England” set created in March 2010, with “King Tull” (3nd collage of new series) containing the same “king” of that earlier set. “BB in England” represents a type of escape from the 10×10, like the “Where are we on that?” virtual exhibit from about 9 months prior (and several months after the completion of the 10×10 itself). Collages within become simpler, and do not stand on their own or represent self-contained works, instead lending their *information* to a larger flow — the story of BB in England itself, which exits in two forms even, an abbreviated “gallery” version and a full text version, kind of a book as well. “BB in England” may be the best bit of the Baker Blinker Blog as a whole, the most cohesive. If not, it may be the analysis I wrote for the Wheeler-Jasper series. Both of these sets are now a part of the Britain Britain Britain module of the baker b. web site, combined with Edna’s England travelogue from Fall and Winter 2010 (must finish reading soon!).

Interesting as well that both Where are we on that and BB in England were housed in their own unique Second Life galleries, with BBE still existing in that virtual reality in the TILE Tower of Rubi.

Another way the new series plugs into the BBE exhibit is through “Monsters” and the reemergence of the Crescent House of Cherhill, where Baker Bloch and family apparently stayed for a bit while in Wiltshire England in 2010. It could be a return to the River Key, where the trip started for Baker Bloch, is in the works next. Use more photos from Brian Robert Marshall, who I have recently corresponded with. Return to an objective viewpoint. Maybe even bring in images from the Lake District again, which dominated the Art 10×10.

Hucka D.:

We retreat from Rockley to Cherhill back to the River Key and Purton Stoke, creating an objective viewing platform down into Central Wiltshire. Good day to you baker b.


Hi Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Return to Brian Robert Marshall’s photos used in the old exhibit [Baker Bloch in England]. Plug that, as you say, into the… Gila you’re calling it?


Maybe, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Good. Gila. Monster. That’s the hinge.

“Well, Hucka D…

“… I didn’t retreat from Marlborough and Marlborough Downs but seemingly embraced them for the next 2 collages after “Monsters”. The 7th is still a draft so far, and probably the 6th as well. But in the 6th[ of the “Gila” series], I stare into the heart of the town, perhaps a dark heart.”

Hucka D.:

You stare into yourself. You stare into the future and retirement. What will happen then? Gila knows perhaps. You see?


Yes I think so. Two paths, a brother and a sister. Both with conditions, shall we say. One, the sister, didn’t get past this alley. She stared into the future and saw the end.

Hucka D.:

Michael[ Too]’s in there as well. Smoking. He’s A. Marlborough Man too.


Half man and half rabbit. This is the alley that doesn’t appear in New Pietmond because there’s no in-depth middle between height and depth except for the X-Spot Gallery.

Hucka D.:

About at the eye level of the sink, yes.


Why did I go to the perhaps dark heart of Marlborough instead of moving away from it, back to River Key and Purton Stoke more on the edge of Wiltshire, an objective or semi-objective viewing ledge?

Hucka D.:

Already been done. You’ve already been there. As Baker Bloch.

No Way


I’m going to copy the new collage — 6th — of the Gila series into this post. Let’s take a look. This is an alleyway in Marlborough, perhaps the tightest one. Called Ironmonger Lane. There’s one in London too, and this one probably took its name after that one[ the one in London].

Hucka D.:

You must[ find out] what happened in that lane. You cannot run away back to River Key just yet. Stare into it.


Well, there’s a white horse — 2 white horses. The top one looks more like the white horses of Wiltshire, or a typical example of such, like Marlborough’s itself. The bottom one is more of a color inversion of a real horse. They face opposite ways. Also the bottom one has a rider…

Hucka D.:

The lower one is Michael Too, don’t you think? He is A. Marlborough Man. Mann.


Let’s switch to the sunfish, also an inversion. But also the same color as the sunfish that seemed to magically appear in Sunfish, Kentucky on GoogleEarth, Hucka D. I think it is some sort of psychic collage[ there].

Hucka D.:

Yes you put it there. With your mind. (smiles)


What of the sunfish crop circles in Wiltshire this past summer? What of Sunfish Pond in New Jersey next to Yards Creek? Has to mean all something this does.

Hucka D.:

Well put. Let me see as well. The sunfish[ in the 6th Gila collage] appears to be leaving the alley to the left, which means he entered it to the right. Sunfish have a difficult time changing directions once in motion. He went in and he came out. There’s 2 turquoise doors in the alley, toward the back. You’ve retained them for the collage.


One I’ve retained, and the second may be added tomorrow from the original Brian Robert Marshall photo [LINK]. You told me to return to the Marshall photos and I did. Just not in Purton Stoke.

Hucka D.:

No. You had to get to the heart of the matter. A heart.


I’m going to leave further discusssion of[ collage #6] alone, because I don’t think it’s quite finished. Will tinker with tomorrow, perhaps.

Hucka D.:

Good. And the 7th?


Well, this is in draft form as well definitely, but it looks like Baker Bloch will be standing up to his chest in the waters of the New Pietmond labyrinth, staring toward the Rockley Mansion with added rock stackings in front. I suppose it would be equated with Solomon’s Temple in this way, because the pillars, one dark and one light or in sunlight or with the sun illuminated side facing us, would be Joachim and Boaz.


The pillars will placed there synchronistically and not on purpose, as it were. As it is.

Hucka D.:

Ah so.


They are magical in appearance, and represent Marlborough in conjunction with the whole Marlborough Downs area. They probably represent some kind of answer to the dark heart of Ironmonger Alley.

(to be continued?)

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New Animation

It appears that the brand spanking new Gila collage series may contain an animation in the middle of it after all. The old Gila 07 collage is transforming into a Gila 06 and a Gila 07, with the old Gila 01 instead being relegated to a pre-Gila test sort of collage. I think. Anyway here’s an early look at what seems to be turning out as Gila 06 and Gila 07… these are just tests still, mind you.

gila06 gila10

Edna and I had, just last night, watched a British Comedy episode featuring a red door (and the mysterious thing behind it). Right after this I discovered a new photo of Ironmonger Lane where the 2 cyan colored doors in the original Bryan Robert Marshall camera shot have instead been painting the opposite color of red. In the caption for his Ironmonger Lane photo taken in November 2007, Marshall states that the, “narrow alley is one of several that run at right-angles away from the main road, the A4 old coaching route. The turquoise door at the far end is the European Shiatsu School’s premises.” Apparently the next year, the European Shiatsu School sold out to The Old Barn Yoga Center, who subsequently painted the cyan doors red. It’s easy to tell these are the same doors because one of the photos included in the Yoga Center’s site is taken from essentially the same angle down Ironmonger Lane. These two photos are the basis for the projected animation in the middle of Gila.


1/29/13 update: I believe these 2 collages are now finished, and make up the 6th (left) and 10th (right) work of the Gila series.

Hucka D.:

What to do? Go to Marlborough and be A. Mann or chicken out and not go. That’s the story of the 2 collages in a way.


But there’s something deeper. The cyan colored doors “magically” changing to the opposite color of red… seeing the Red Door episode of The IT Crowd the same night as finding this red door photo… The alley is blocked in Gila 06 by the black horse with rider. The white horse is no problem in the 10th, for it’s way up in the air, and also Patty/Selma has moved off to one side to allow passage to the now red doors. A paradox, Hucka D. A conundrum.

Hucka D.:

Even though…


Even though half of, let’s see, that would be [ blue clad] Selma, is seen in 10, it equates to seeing the whole of the more diminutive [red clad] Patty in 06. This is because of the shortened perspective for the added background photo with the red doors in comparison to the Marshall shot of the cyan doors — the same, exact doors again but coming later in time (post-2007).

The white horse in the sky of 10 is like Marlborough’s own white horse, diminutive itself in comparison to most Wiltshire white horses.

Smipsons DVD


“Lisa the Vegetarian” is the fifth episode of The Simpsons’ seventh season. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on October 15, 1995. In the episode, Lisa decides to stop eating meat after bonding with a lamb at a petting zoo. Her schoolmates and family members ridicule her for her beliefs, but with the help of Apu, Paul McCartney, and Linda McCartney, she commits to vegetarianism.



The Education of Lisa the Vegetarian


To Your Health

“I’m not saying that happened but, lo, I’m not saying it didn’t happen. But it probably happened.”

~ Master Shake from the album Have Yourself a Meaty Little Christmas, speaking of an amazing, forgotten weapon possessed by Baby Jesus.

According to this post, I came up with the theory that Health Lake, located across The Way from the other 3 major Herman Park bodies of water, was the last formed, and spun in an opposite direction from the others. I also theorized that Head and Heart, perhaps jointly, were the first lakes created. This jibes now with Head (Hand) and Heart in rather close conjunction on the lower line of The Way in Arkansas (or the Arkansas Line of The Way, as opposed to the more northern, parallel Missouri Line). So Head and Heart first, and maybe Hand in direct conjunction with Head since the two overlap directly in Arkansas (and almost precisely at the center of Arkansas Line) via Hand Valley = Head Valley in Baxter County. The conjunction of Hand and Head has something to do with the hand held over the head of Paul McCartney in Sgt. Pepper: this was the point of entry between two systems (a wormhole?).

But I think Hand, Head, Heart all were created closely to each other in space/time. Hand has a special story, which becomes “Hands”.

Which brings us to the sacred coded book. Winesap it is sometimes called in the Baker Blinker Blog.


Red Collie seems to be a voice of reason, a signal in crop circle research noise.


Collie claims Quetzalcoatl has been the author of most of the recent, legitimate or “non-faked” crop circles, with 2002’s Crabwood alien face being a landmark work. In the crystalinks site, Quetzalcoatl’s first depiction is that of a blue feathered reptilian. His name means “feather-serpent”.

There is strong reason to suppose Second Life’s Craboo and its Blue Feather Douglas famed resident is actually “Crabwood” and “Quetzalcoatl” respectively. A key pointer is the Chilbo-Crabwoo resonance [link needed]. If so, and it appears to be so, we can gleen further information from this psychic link. Crabwoo is the site of a famous college or university called Crabwoo U., or “Woo yoo”. Biggie, a beached or caught fish, was brought to the campus from neighboring Blue Feather Sea, instigating a curse upon Crabwoo where its energy would be transferred to Chilbo instead on the parallel continent of Jeogeot. Again all this is set up in the Chilbo-Crabwoo resonance discovered by me in summer 2009.

Fact: there is a huge *Mayan temple* at the southern end of Second Life’s Blue Feather Sea, and I had already surmised that Blue Feather Douglas built it as a Temple of TILE of sorts. Pictures here [link needed].

A huge pyramid was built in Quetzalcoatl’s name in Chichen Itza. Readers of the Baker Blinker Blog: Do you remember my repeated sighting of chickens/chicken legs in the Crabwoo area from 2009/2010?? [link needed].


*And* my only sighting of a crop circle in Second Life occurs near Crabwoo, just on the opposite side of the Blue Feather Sea from it. [ link needed] Crabwoo exploration in the summer of 2011 represents one of my last extensive explorations in Second Life. In Spring 2012 I would create Carcassonne not far below the now defunt Crabwoo, near the shores of Rubisea which has also been directly linked to the Blue Feather Sea.


The huge fish caught by researchers and brought to Crabwoo U. might have been like an ocean sunfish, even? South, Lee, Love (“Love Lee”, as the Southerners certainly did) might represent the curse, or a city “gone south”. Decker is another key word found in the Mammoth Cave, Kentucky UmapS field along with Sunfish and several “Ready” references. “Ready” might refer to Blue Feather Douglas as well, since Genesis’ “Supper’s Ready” is directly overlapped in a basic 1:1 relationship with Green Acres in the Carcass-6 synchronicity. Broadway is also nearby.

The 13th sink of Second Life was next to Crabwoo, or perhaps within its ancient borders. This was called the Super Bowl, and perhaps Biggie was put there, or Biggie’s offspring (was it pregnant when caught?), called Oliver in some places in that blog, I believe (related to Chester — with Green Bay, winner of the Super Bowl that year, midway between Oliver, Wisconsin and Chesterton, Indiana). It would have to be filled with water first, I believe Hucka D. would add here.

This whole Red Collie article on Quetzalcoatl and crop circles and post-WWII alien contact scenarios is a fascinating read for me: