New Pietmond 2012-2013 05 (March, April)


More pictures…

Is this in preparation for a Lis02??? Could be. And my bud Brian R. Marshall has most of the pictures regarding St. Johns Church in Devizes on geograph. Coolie.


Here’s a web site he indicated in one of the captions.



Revelation 11:37

Place of Worships


Diamond visits Devizes (Devizes visits Diamond?)

Base picture here from these 2 directly related B.R. Marshall photos:


Lis 03 Final:

Gargoyles Cometh

Lis 04 Final

Meating Meet Shake

Lis 03 and 04 Final:




… I think Baker Bloch can be happy in Sansara Snow Country for another month.


The Power Tower Gowlery is coming along smashingly.


A couple of nights ago I created a flight of stairs to the 3rd floor (floor transparent from below), now containing the quite new and exciting Lis series, the 3rd of the new year. Didn’t expect this!


The Lis series should be completed by mid-March. Then I’ll totally be finished with collages for a while (???)



There are 216 photos currently listed for SU0061 in geograph. 216 is also mentioned in this recent post concerning a Latona collage series interpretation. There it’s the number of cubes, hollowed and unhollowed in a 3d representation of a grand crop circle appearing just below Hackpen Hill last season, a grand finale as it were.



TEST 02:

Moon Landing

Llis06 TEST (another one):


Alton Priors Alchemy 00

Base for a new collage. Sorry my bud Brian R. Marshall. I apparently won’t be using your material this time, and decided to focus on the Alton Priors church instead of the one in Calstone Wellington. But you’re there in spirit (!) This will be the beginning of Lis 07, most likely. Lis 07 08 and 09 may also focus on this church near the Alton Barnes white horse.


The woman’s head in the picture *wasn’t* there, but *could* have been there. It is a strong probable reality photo, then. How the *body* of the person in the picture within the picture got here and why their head had to be substituted with another one will have to remain a mystery for now. Speaking of mysteries and buttons and shiny things in general, let’s head inside the church once more. You’ll see the woman’s head repeated, same scale, in the last photo. It is probably the wife of the photographer who took all the pictures below (and the main one above; not the picture within the picture, in other words), and who I won’t name for now for various reasons. It could be B. R. Marshall again but most likely isn’t, we’ll say — the “spirit” thing again.

A 1700 year old Yew Tree stands on the church grounds. Amazing.


The controversial brass plaque. Here’s the wikipedia article on the church again, which provides a link to one of the stranger sites on the subject.









And these come from a different source that I will give the link to. First off, another shine link.

Two trap doors, then, both with sarsen stones underneath.




Shiny Thing


Cereal Characters






… a minute to talk, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

Lis is coming to a close. What to do next. The Woods! The Diamond. You have found center. Enjoy!


Succinct, Hucka D.

Alton Priors00006q


Power Tower Gowlery almost finalized.


I’ve been looking around at other land some, but I have no real reason to move from Sansara Snowland right now and my 4096 square meter parcel there (which is actually a square). So I think I’m stuck for at least another month, or until something else comes up that looks more appealing at that moment. I’ve been poking around my virtual neighborhood a bit but no blog pictures yet. Maybe that should change. But I’m so involved in Wiltshire County England still, and now Spring hiking season is upon me (time change comes Sunday!). So I don’t think virtual reality is going to be much of a focus for a while. That said, I’m real pleased about how the Power Tower Gowlery turned out — perfect fit for the Gilatona-Lis series and aided in its shaping, even.

03/11/13 update:


Looks like the Power Tower Gowlery containing the new Gilatona-Lis collage series will be balanced on my Snowland property by another skyscraper (lower left in above photo) holding the Wheeler-Jasper series, the last 20 collages of the Art 10×10 from 2009, and then two more conceptual collage/photography exhibits: the Quadtower (lower right center) with the Baker Bloch in England pieces, and then the Sync Lair (left of the Power Tower) with the Synching Creek Designated Mystery related photos and maps created about a year ago. The exhibits also balance each other as a whole — for instance, the Baker Bloch in England story can be seen as a direct continuation of the flow of the Gilatona-Lis collages, even thought the latter came after BBiE.

I’m debating on whether to keep the Kidd Tower (smaller tower next to the Power Tower) on my parcel… not sure if I’ll be working on that particular project again in the near future. Would save prims to substitute it with a shorter structure. Currently I have just a tad over 200 prims left to experiment with.



Will probably stay in Sansara Snow Country till about the end of March and no more. That will give me about 2 solid months there. The Power Tower Gowlery is almost finished, and has become the new center of any community I have in My Second Lyfe. I have an option to rent in Jasper sim, which is attractive because the Art 10×10 has strong ties to Jasper County, Illinois. I don’t think New Pietmond will be rebuilt with galleries holding other people’s art, but could be wrong. Am happy with my 4096 parcel for now… probably won’t reduce down from that.



Falmouth??? Yes, Falmouth.

Base of first and perhaps only collage of Falmouth, the 4th series of 2012. But this is a 4-part collage if so, furthering the diptychs and triptych already present in Gilatona-Lis. So I suppose this becomes Gilatona-Lis-Falmouth. Must shorten this?!

Baker Bloch getting a kick out of the base photos of Falmouth 01 02 03 04 now inserted into the Power Tower Gowlery.

Here are the 4 parts.





Here is the whole:


This goes in a big circle, unlike the diptychs and triptych. This will become Falmouth 01 02 03 04.

Is there even a Falmouth 05 06 07 08?

Also, obviously, this is going to be a sort of big brother companion to Latona 03 04, whose angle is from the *other* side of the Red Lion parking lot.


Should be loads of fun to fill in.












PTG Town

The now basically completed Power Tower Gallery housing the Gilatona-Lis 4 part creation has a new home on the Mabebaleia continent of Second Life. I call it simply the “Power Tower Gowlery” Town or PTG Town for short. I’m still a renter (LaMa Estates – highly recommended), but I’ve shifted over from Sansara Snow Country to this green continent, adding a 1024 to my former 4096 in the process for a total of 5120 square meters leased now. And that 1024 seems to make all the difference, amazingly enough. I’m in about the same shape land-wise as I was after the creation of the last series of the Art 10×10 in Spring 2009, specifically when I started leasing land in Noru on the Jeogeot continent near Chilbo — same amount of land involved each time (5120 sm). And in each case I had a new collage series to show off to the virtual world if they chose. I’m not sure I’ll return to a larger Pietmond or New Pietmond situation now, which involves 8704 sm and then some, or close to twice the amount of land I have now in PTG Town. I think I’ve given up at hosting galleries of other artists, real life friends and/or fellow collagists all, and returned to a more personal, subjective realm, with the pivot now being PTG and Gilatona-Lis.



Many familiar buildings of Pietmond and New Pietmond have been re-rezzed in PTG Town, but many haven’t as well. My focus now is on the taller buildings cultivated in more recent times, like the extremely high Power Tower Gallery itself, topping off at probably 200+ meters. This very tall structure — the center of the town as stated — needs other tall buildings around it to act as visual balances, seemingly. Like the Tower of A. Mann, inserted into PTG Town’s geographic heart. Like the similarly new skyscraper that still doesn’t have a name but houses the 20 collages of the Wheeler-Jasper series now, the last of the Art 10×10 collages created in 2009. Like the 12 story Kidd Tower, a New Pietmond carryover, located on the east side of town opposite the PTG. Around these are plugged in other structures I use to think were pretty high but are now dwarfed by the newcomers, including Pietmond/New Pietmond’s Quadtowers of TILE (housing the Baker Bloch in England exhibit) and the Coolie Building, originally called the Crooked Tower I believe.


The TILE Temple has not returned, but instead we have the NORRIS Temple (below: left), a substitution also made in Boris, Jeogeot if you happen to remember back that far. Not sure what I’ll do with that yet. But most of the PTG Tower buildings are now complete or filled or “fully cultivated” as I put it above. For many of these structures, this fulfillment has happened gradually over a rather long period of time.

You actually have at least a glimpse of 8 separate structures in the below SL snapshot.


It seems to be a good setup and I think I can reside in this PTG Town for a number of months, perhaps even until I return from England in early July. That’s the current plan anyhoot. I’ll provide more details soon on the town’s various ins and outs. My goal is to have about 200 prims free for future experimenting at any one time, which I’m just meeting now.





The sim my new PTG Town is located within was offline when I logged in a couple of hours ago. I had to teleport just outside the sim to see what was going on, and landed in the parcel just in front of Baker Bloch here, called “Fi’s Home”. I thought back to the rhododendron leaf in or *just outside* Old Baker Settlement on Falmouth Creek that had the word “Fi” on it. Is there a direct connection, then, between PTG Town and Old Baker Settlement? Certainly something to think about, and an interesting synchronicity for certain — worth logging into the blog here.





Gilatona-Lis interpretations may be over, which are divided into maybe 20 parts with about 7-10 supplemental pages. May read over the Wheeler-Jasper interpretation from 2009 to compare. Also need to read Beth’s England trip material and finish it this time (!). Maybe start that this weekend. I’m committed now (!!) — plane tickets bought; so excited. Collages are definitely over for now, but could even return before we head to England (?) Probably not until afterwards. I’m eager to work with Savernake Forest photos soon. And *of course* I’ll have *my own* photos to work with at that time, along with Edna’s obviously. The blog should be filled with my personal England photos come July. Must make the best use of my time there. The big thing is — do we want to stay there for extended periods of time later in our lives, say starting 8-10 years down the road? And my feeling right now, and Edna’s, is that we definitely do if we can swing it. Chances are I’ll be retired in 8 years, and Edna in 10. But certainly I’m also happy with hanging out in local Frank and Herman Parks until then, and I also see them as a lifetime work now. So the Frank and Herman Einstein! blog will definitely continue in one form or another until, well until The End and the curtain drops, where-ever that may be. I have my little PTG Town in Second Life now, and I think it’s better than New Pietmond in some ways. Obviously all revolves now around the Power Tower Gowlery and the finished Gilatona collages within. I’ll give a tour of the town soon; despite its relative smallness (about 10/17ths the size of New Pietmond, with much more limited terraforming) it still has some interesting things going on. I’m also thinking of renting a 1024-2048 parcel just to experiment around with new builds and stuff, since I’m rather limited prim-wise at PTG Town. Was hopping around Second Life before creating this blog post, looking around for possible land and just taking in scenery. Second Life is *definitely* not what it was when I first came there in early 2008. Hard to convey the excitement that once was to present visitors. I think that’s a big reason Pietmond never really took off the ground — the tide was already heading the other way. Visited Chilbo in the past few days and it’s really shrunk back to a core region after reaching its most expanded form about the time I lived in Noru (or Baker Bloch lived there) in Spring/Summer 2010. My talks with various residents at the time revealed vast plans that never came to fruition, including a partnership with Linden Labs concerning community development. A shame really, and SL still has a lot to offer. Just not being used now. I mentioned a month or two ago that I’ve basically switched over to GoogleEarth for virtual exploring needs, but that didn’t turn out to be quite correct, although I definitely want to return to that virtual reality and explore around Wiltshire before heading there for real in June. All’s I know is I’m happy with PTG Town and ratcheting down from New Pietmond (which, after all, contained a number of empty buildings at the end). Present projects there include a revamping of the Norris Temple first seen in late 2011 Pietmond (but not in New Pietmond), and also working some more on the Kidd Tower, a New Pietmond carryover. Should be fun.

But the big story now is that *it’s finally warming up* here in the mountains. The snow is melting but not gone yet, certainly a rarity in late March — well, it’s basically April now. But like I also said before, spring should be extended into summer this year, and as I’m not the biggest fan of summer I’m not complaining too much. But these long long winters are *rough*. Thank goodness there was mildness in its middle this year. But photos of the outdoors should start increasing again. And in that vein, I want to expand on the WIS Map recently generated that attempts to show the majority of outdoor sites I’m developing, like Norris Creek, Con Creek, Whitehead Crossing, and most recently, for example, Falmouth Creek, named after the collage series just completed. Mythology is certainly expanding still in that direction. That’s where my focus should be until early to mid May for sure. Then I need to really start gearing up for England. WOW.


Return to the WIS Map…


So I guess that tour of PTG Town is in order here, or at least a start. We begin in the central or pivotal Tower of A. Mann, where robots are welcome.

There are two main ways or rows in town, both leading to (or from) the entrance to the Power Tower Gallery on its north side. One is called Gallery Row, and leads past the Sink Lair and Quadtowers of TILE to the skyscraper with the Wheeler-Jasper collage series, the last of the Art 10×10 works. This is the end of the other row or way, instead *seemingly* dead-ending on one corner of the Tower of A. Mann, but more directly, the front of the still empty Coolie Building in town, which can be seen as a second center or alternate center of town. Both central buildings remain empty…

… along with the Norris Temple off the same row/way, which mysterious has been declared a robot-free zone by Mr. Bean, arms crossed in a defiant stance.

Robots are apparently allowed in the town’s watering hole, “Hole-in-the-Wall”. And for the lone robot in the establishment presently, that’s literally what it is: a place to get water. Meanwhile Baker Bloch eyes the delicious beer on the counter, wishing he had real taste buds.

Two more robots heading opposite ways on Gallery Row now, the red one to the Power Tower Gowlery and the blue one toward the Art 10×10 collages housed in two separate buildings on the parcel.

The blue robot, apparently the same robot, (?) gives directions to the larger of the 2 structures, with the 2009 produced Wheeler-Jasper series…

… and then a red one at the door to the same gives additional directions to the SoSo Gallery housing the Oblong series of the Art 10×10 from 2007.

Baker Bloch’s attention is drawn to a light coming from around the Coolie Building diagonal to SoSo.



He enters…




Baker Bloch’s Been Picked Up By A UFO!

He enters…



Should I set up the lease?




Stands for

V irtual
W hitehead
X ing

When: Could start now.

Where: Unsure if I want to start this project on my Maebaelia property, or rent larger property elsewhere. I don’t have in mind right now to buy property from the Lindens. Thinking of maybe larger than 12000 square meters next go around.

Why: Virtual towns (like Pietmond) based on geography of virtual worlds in and of itself seems dead. Virtual geog. needs to latch onto real geog. A bridge is Google Earth and its Streetview, etc.


Kidd’n Around


“A man (or woman) offered me a spot on his land to move the Kidd Tower (at Middletown, Jeogeot), Hucka D. Interesting — probably is highlighting the Kidd Tower for me in a meaningful, synchy way.”

Hucka D.:

We would rather you have the Kidd Tower up and running at this time. Which means…


Buying mainland again?

Hucka D.:

Rubi looks nice.


Yes. Very tempting. But there’s also Aotearoa.


Hucka D.:

Which would you choose?


Rubi, probably. Or I could just move up in tier and keep renting. (pause)



I’m simply not going to make a decision right now. Maybe at the beginning of May. But that’s when I start focusing on crop circles.

Hucka D.:

See if the gentleman or gentlewoman allows you to move the Kidd Tower and go from there.


I can expand a bit more on the Rubi mythology, last furthered considerably by Sikkima’s New Pietmond. The energy has returned to Rubi. And I still have a build there, one of the last that I possess outside my rental land. All others have been purged when the Lindens set all objects on abandoned land to five minute return (to owner). So I have nothing left in Otaki Gorge, nothing in Maeshill, nothing in Noru, and so on. There’s no vestiges left of Pietmond or Teepot. All I have is the traveling show known as New Pietmond, but in my rental land presently I’m not even calling it that — just PTG Town, which stands for Power Tower Gowlery’s Town. And that’s what it is: a supplement to the now central Power Tower Gallery holding the Gilatona-Lis collages. But if I return to Rubi, then New Pietmond will be reborn. Or is this VWX Town (Virtual Whitehead X-ing Town)? Sikkima is too expensive to buy back.

Woods are closing up again now. Must think of shift to virtual reality, perhaps, like I did with Lion’s Roar > New Pietmond last Fall. Perfect spot found, maybe. Hucka D. seems to be leaving me alone with this decision. (pause) Looks like rain until Tuesday…

Be the Bee


VWX Town?


Well, I went ahead and took the plunge: I am now a Linden premium member once more (last one of these in Jan.), and have also bought 8704 square meters of land in Tyta right next to the famed Rubi Forest. Don’t know if this was a foolish thing to do (land cost me a bit over 23 dollars) but it’s done. Not even sure I’ll keep the land into June, since I’ll be on vacation half that month and away from any internet access most likely. But I think it’s worth it — gorgeous land and view. Downside: it’s a thin strip of land, mostly 48 meters deep with some parts at 42 meters. Upside: It’s quite long, and the length borders the road next to the Rubi Forest, which means protected land all in front of me. That was the attraction. I’ve actually owned part of the land I own now before, when I first came to the Rubi area and mainland in general in Fall 2008. Seems like a really really long time ago now. At that time, my big parcel was across the Rubi Forest from where I currently own, and was composed of 3072 square meters in an “L” shape. Then somewhere along the line I found out I could own 1536 meters more without bumping up my tier payment, so I first purchased along the Great Wall of Heterocera in Ziczac, if I remember correctly, and then gave that up after about a month for land in Tyta, where I built a version of the Edwardston Station Gallery, complete with a small subway station and history gallery. Actually, let me see if I can dig up a link about that build.

Oh cool, I see that I own the land that my RL and SL friend Flynn use to own in Tyta (second snapshot in that link). Hafta tell her about it, if she doesn’t read about it in this blog post first.

And I’m also reminded from that post that I also owned the land immediately bordering my present parcel to the west, a 4096 sq. meter affair in the Horisme sim adjacent to the south entrance for the Great Wall. This would be in the summer of 2009, or when I first became involved in the Jeogeot continent (where I owned a similar sized chunk of land at the time). But that didn’t last long — several weeks. And I didn’t own the 2008 Tyta parcel for too long either.

This post describes another parcel I bought in Rubi in summer 2010, which I did manage to hold onto for at least several months. To compare: the present parcel is over twice as big (8704 as opposed to 4096), and cost about a third of what I paid back in 2010. But both were long strips of land, with lengthy borders along the Rubi Forest. My present land also reminds me of a parcel I briefly held in the Baddest sim of Nautilus.

Strangely I don’t have a post for the 2009 version of the ESG in Tyta. Instead I have several for the Wright Gallery, like this one…


VWX Town!

Preliminary tour of VWX Town. I have my now central Power Tower Gowlery complete with all the Gilatona-Lis collages set up near the back middle of the village, and also the supplemental galleries surround it now, just like they did in PTG Town currently being emptied. There include the still unnamed gallery containing the Wheeler-Jasper series (another skyscraper), and the Sink Lair Gallery. However, the Quadtower of TILE has *not* been moved from PTG Town to VWX Town, since a version of the Baker Bloch in England exhibit already exits *directly across the Rubi Forest* from VWX Town in the *Tower of TILE*. That was another attraction in buying the Tyta land.

Below we have the current interior to another skyscraper rezzed in VWX Town named Big Boy or Big Boy Tower, first appearing in Pietmond of Otaki Gorge. In the center exits a watery whirlpool created by Aley, who vends a huge variety of SL marketplace products, most for absolutely free — maybe all of ’em. Here’s a link to her AleyMart! store.



Main entrance into VWX Town, eventually taking you to the Power Tower Gowlery projecting high in the background. Notice that the Goldie statue atop the Hole in the Wall bar has also made the transfer from PTG Town.


Another statue transferred from other virtual locations: it’s Aley’s trojan warrior freebie, similarly golden like Goldie, and now standing atop a small and probably mysterious knoll on the west side of town.


Steep, main entrance to the Power Tower Gowlery, complete with sitting robot.


Interior to the Hole in the Wall bar, with the back wall made mostly transparent to highlighting the Rubi Forest.


VWX Town from above.


Looking over the Rubi Forest from VWX Town toward the aforementioned Tower of TILE and, beyond it, the empty sink basin of Sikkima. Yes, I’m just that close to the winter location of New Pietmond (!).


VWX Town skyline from the TILE Tower. Very nice.



VWX Town has some advantages over my fall/winter New Pietmond project. Although the Power Tower existed in New Pietmond, Sikkima (its original rezzing spot), the Gilatona-Lis series was only about a third of the way over when I deleted the town there. Now Gilatona-Lis is completed, along with the attached Power Tower Gowlery itself; a new centerpiece of my virtual world. New Pietmond had several other skyscrapers, but the 2 tallest after the Power Tower contained basically nothing within. VWX Town seems more functional. Will guest artists return to my newest of virtual villages? We’ll see.