Sunklands 2020-2021 Winter (in progress!)


NWES (City)

Barry DeBoy (artist–w/art successfully saved CITY)
Francis (mentioned; Meat Cy stip club owner or manager or guard)
Aunt Fannie (hinted at; dancer at same; eyes in back)
Ant? (another “aunt” obviously)
Baker Bloch (meets Barry in his trailer, but Barry may move to Meat Cy trailer vacated by Mrs. M?)
Pansy Mouse (dream figure (?) at Symphony Music Store seen by Barry who then wakes up)
Drew “Grumpy” Cleveland (80-something man who knows stuff about Pansy; atop Symph Store)
Peter Ladd (doing report re Pansy Mouse for school — still in high school? college?)
Alaina Green (based on “ficticious” Alaina Gleen from Applewood (City?) CO)
*Flo (fictional character in A. Gleen)
*Leon von Lutz (fictional character in A. Gleen; owns Tx shaped and sized pool in Hilltop Lkes TX)
Neptune (same as A. Green?)
disinfector (name? same as a painter apparently)
Andy Warhole
Boos Kick-Ass
Bogota Kick-Ass
Merry Gouldbusk/Breeze (=Amber the wrestler?; but also maybe Barry Deboy?? (red capped))
Dickie “Dick” Doom (Merry’s dad)
Debbie Doom (Merry’s maw)
old man reader (sitting outside Rosehaven Yarn Shop)
Her Majesty (figure in shop of same name)

NWES (Other)

Toothpick (Meat Cy > Grimm; encounters…)
Certain Death (Grimm)
Baker Bloch
Philip Linden (Phillips head while jumping down into Slot Mtn., Grimm)
Jack Skellington (Grimm extension (Xmas))
Sally (Grimm extension (Xmas))
Snowmanster (Grimm extension (Xmas))

REAL LIFE/Maebaleia

Baker Bloch (Mercer Co WV; Picton)
Hucka Doobie (Mercer Co WV; Picton)
Craighead Phillips (Mercer Co WV — returned to Second Lyfe now and Maeb./Athlone portal)
Your Mama (confronts returned Craighhead at Athlone portal)
Tracy Austin (confronts returned Craighead at Athlone portal?)
Eraserhead Man (directs CP and YM/TA at Maeb./Athlone portal)
Wheeler (Picton; maybe stands in for skateboarder skating away (on the run) from G. Tiger?)
Mary York (Picton; seems to be same as Her Majesty)
Bart Smipson? (Picton; skateboarder)