Sunklands 2022 Middle








George (in flashback; thinks of death of…)
*Duncan (when thinking of Cyclone in PHC Forest in witch house there)


Orilia (trips over words talking to…)
Edward Daigle (in Orilia’s bar w…)
Charlotte (escaped from Dodgey Cy back on Nautilus cont.)
Jem (ditto; also is in diff time zone from rest, apparently connected to her fast aging)

Cardinal (selling wine w/ sour look; later making sandwiches with bro Redbird)
Bluebird (happy, unlike Cardinal; sells sweets (cotton candy) opposite her in open market)
Billie (Cardinal’s ignorant customer; thinks white and red wine can be interchangeable)
unnamed man with dog entering open market (makes Edward D. think about his own perhaps exotic dog (dingo actually))
*Arkansaw book (pops up all over town…; Edward sleeping on it for ex)
Gladys (at po trying to mail her own version back to where it came from (AR))
Bob (po worker; gives her that look)

Dr. Diper (fixed up George-Harrison after war wounds, apparently our George all grown up?)
Marty (grateful that guitar playing hand survived)
Denisce (sent George to war by dumping him? prefers other colors like red and green over blue)
Nurse Jem (maybe diff. from Hooker Jem? common link = drinks)
*Georgge Martin (mentioned)
*John Lemon (implied)

Kactus/Donald/Freddie (number savant, correctly counts frame of anim in record store, then # of players in soccer game)
*444 sign behind him (mirrors 12 frames, the correct number)
Daniel above him in records store (guesses 13 instead; car later goes over cliff crashing in 13ville)

dr.-therapist (perhaps Dr. Diper in new role?; talks to Jem about Dodgey Cy, but not…)
John L. Brown (mentioned; twin to Jim A., who draws a cartoon based on her; baad)

Shouty man (w/Edward Daigle at…)
Debbie’s Bar
Doris (filling in for Debbie tonight; only watches soccer and rugby; no reading at bar; propositions Edward — likes Edward (Eddy) like fellow bartender Orilia did before)
*Donald (Kactus again, this time correctly counting soccer players (“Blackjack”))

Jack Sr. and Jr. and wife/mother (at antique store checking out…)
Prichard (= name of famed talking rooster but also everyone else involved not named Jack)

Redbird (Cardinal works for him now making sandwiches; Jacks and wife/mother come in and order; tells off-color joke about wine to break tension)
Dafney (*dated* Redbird but also Bluebird; couldn’t choose between two; waiting for The One, maybe yellow (“neutral”) like her)
George (with her there in laundromat; “safety-net” husband, which turns out to be the correct one?)
twin grooms (singing a song about marriage)
Walter D’ass (his wedding store)
Marillia (works for him; eventually marries him to save the business, since Denisce cancels out)
Walter Hotdog (after war, gets together with Doris, marriage implied)
*Dennis and Abbie (another couple that gets married after war)
Jenny and Builie (ditto)
Kurt (gets married to Charlotte; she’s not a Dodgey ho no longer)

Jim L. Brown (in person this time)
*John L. Brown (mentioned)
Cloris Bleachman
Betty (her 12 yr old kid predicting TILE colors in the Towerboro marketplace)
Sandy (also psychic 12 yr old kid interacting with Dafney)
Wheeler Wilson (in Towersville art gallery w/…)
Benny (= The Musician; they head to see owner at end of part 5)

Pixy (mentioned in letter by…)

Aunt Mina
Uncle Taum
Tessa (visiting cousin Eddy (our Edward)… tasked to get Arkansaw book from castle library)
Guardian of the Water Tart (goes to bathroom in pants)
Water Tart (hold sword and then flings it away w/ peace sign)
Bob (hairdresser in town… diff from PO Bob and also bob hairdoo)
John (*not* a hairdresser in town)

Ebony (pixie in Towerboro Woods; sister to a prox to…)
Greenlead (stands behind Ivory and somehow turns her into Dove)
Rotate (red fairy)
Bob (blue fairy)

JEOGEOT/MAEBALEIA (Chilbo/Dairocha):

Arab (what have I done?)
Alysha (it’s all about…)
*Castor (person or thing? perhaps =s oil)
Jack Snow (no war!)
Officer Bazooka Ferguson (nothing to see here!)


Certain Death (dancing after lime colored copter crash)
unknown-SLyfe person (holding Arkansaw book or something close to it)
Miss Ouri (mentioned)


Edward Daigle (in Austria w/…)
Mary (who sleeps with him, temp forgetting about hubbie…)
*Pitch (mentioned)


Edward Daigle (w…)
*Lemon car/NO Tor (mirrors start of novel 26 with lime car in same place: SWAP)

Spongeberg the Destroyer (still in his Gormthoog house 1st seen in novel 13)
Grassy Noll (with him then; with him now)


George (does something about Duncan’s death by coming to…)
Shelly Struthers (… in her castle as imaginary boy; says he’s her future husband)

Mentioned (still around?):
*Jeffrey Phillips
*MAT/Man About Time
*Mr. Babyface
Arab (checking out interwebs there)

Hucka Doobie (analyzing collages again w/Baker Bloch; reverting to bee form, it seems)

Starbuccaneer Barista (at newly set up White Whale estab. in my new parcel)
Newt (imagines…)
Newton and Jasper (… as 2 salt shakers, like in novel 2)
Baker Bloch (orders 2 4 shot espressos from her; takes them back to Table Room)
Spongeberg the Destroyer (mentioned by BB)
Wheeler Wilson (at Table Room with Baker Bloch)
Axis (mentioned; Newt is not Axis any longer, WW states)
Eyela (WW turns into)
Grassy (allowed to come to Table after WW understands Aloha town better & its PAST/FUTURE issue)
Greenleaf (woods pixy or something; Grassy turns into *her* — only seen once so far)
Ruby Fairy Child (beside Greenleaf)
Sprite (tree; also shows up w/ Greenleaf at Table)


George (w…)
Marty (talk about TILE and death of…)
*Blue and Yellow (another Annaberg character like Duncan; mentioned)

NAUTILUS/WILD WEST/Dodgey Cy (flashback):

Jem (only safe place in town is Charlotte’s dust filled attic — time machine of some sort?)
Charlotte (mentioned)
John L. Brown (mentioned)


Daigle, Eddy/D’Eddy (grilling at apt at Poop Pool in Helicon, then at sheriff’s office)
Tom Abbot (runner; will be back later for veggie dogs?)
Sheriff and Deputy Cats (asleep but getting closer to waking, Eddy knows)
Bad Katz Gang member (turns her back Eddy’s illegal break-in of sheriff’s office)
John L. Brown (unseen as of Sections 1 and 2)
Fisher Rig (prisoner? zebra strips lower 1/2 like Eddy’s upper 1/2; Devil on D’Eddy’s left)
Bombard Nun (angel on D’Eddy’s right; played by Wheeler)

D’Eddy as black guy, fused with (now dead?) Duncan Avocado
Hutchison or Hutchinson (his neighbor; unseen so far)
Victor (another neighbor; plays piano but more proper than D’Eddy)
Barry DeBoy (D’Eddy changes into him; becomes artist instead of musician)
Jennifer Friend (cameo; as Miss Graham, teacher to DeBoy inside D’Eddy’s dream)

NAUTILUS/NORTH/ Lips or 1 Pink:

Sherriff R.V. Fife
Andy Trailer (his inept deputy)
Opie (Lips/1 Pink town drunk)
*Helen (love interest of R.V. who comes into his town of Lips/1 Pink on way to Helicon; same as…)
*Mayan Maurauder (wrestler not dancer)
*Publius Enigma (so close to public nudity)
Aunt Beatrice (doesn’t like sun)

Fisher Rig (prisoner on couch)
black clad woman (may be same as Bombard Nun STUDY; also: Helen on her way to Helicon)
abbot (behind her; spelled with one t so not D’Eddy’s Helicon neighbor)
D’Eddy (goes into Fisher’s dream)
Voodoo Skeleton creature (hisses about morning coming)


Darlings equivalent
Ernest T. Bass equivalent
note: Helen is from Montague just in hills to west. Now Tessa is proj. to be from same area, but they are different.)

NAUTILUS/NORTH/Cedar Hill and Slaashsides (gallery so far):

Baker Bloch (looking for Point Zero for avatar family to start over at)
Wheeler Wilson (can’t get to Cedar Hill, projected 1st Pt. Zero)
Prick (playing chess with…)
D’Eddy (…who begins to turn black starting w/hands)
Fish Head (symbolized by sculpture; originally in Kowloon)
Tessa Grown (grown-up — her intro and discovery by D’Eddy leads into beg of Section III)


Baker Bloch (fairy garden 1st, another possible Pt. Zero)
Bouncer (tries to serenade the 2 with queer violin playing (Messiaen piece))
Alysha (Wheeler changes into searching for BOOK)
*Morgan (mentioned — witch archetype w/ red hair; described as Hagg elsewhere)
Sherriff R.V. TRAILER (Baker Bloch similarly changes into — am I driving away only readers with mutability of characters like this??)


Tessa Grown
Blackbart (original)
Luther and Al (simple fishermen)
Kactus/Donald/Freddie (points to…)
Lemont Sanford (as Blackbart the second)

NAUTILUS/WILD WEST/Retirement Islands:

Lemont Sanford (fits into pool there like he does with Blackbart role)


Newt (Axis-Windmill)
Bono Jores (*not* named Nemo; brought Darkside to SRC)
Peggy (at same rest.; same as Eyela kind of (and Whitson))
Wanda (friend w/ Peggy — no lines)
“Zero” (owner of Zero Club (unseen) but also seems to be policeman; gave…)
Elisa (… a ticket; mysteriously seems to then change into…?)
Fern Stalin (waiting on Axis-Windmill/Newt and Alysha w/…)
Lichen Roosevelt (… in no. 3 apt)
Julius (bakery (?); perpetually talking on phone to double or doubles)
Jennifer (at her limit with him)
Spencer (ditto)
Tom (bartender; back in time (?) — starts and stops recording Newt and Eyela at Zero Club)
Tom’s boss (unnamed)




Edward Daigle
Pixy underwater holding blue sphere; blew on it


Edward Daigle (back via memory (?))
Tessa/Tessie (shows up; they talk about travels and both meeting…)
Kactus/Donald/Freddie (mentioned)
Debbie (bartender at Towerboro; also mentioned)

A54 (Frank Park and Bill Mtn.?):

unnamed twins; start and finish for each other; green


Grassy Noll
Hissing Monster (in fissure caves near Aloha)
Spoon Snake (Wheeler claims it is *her*)
Taum Sauk (implied)
Silver Surfer
Lisa Smipson the Vegetarian
Homer Smipson
Marg Smipson
Joker (wrongly accused this time)


Newt (walking away from…)
Eyela (under green tree in pretty and expansive field of green grass)


Baker Bloch
Wheeler Wilson (mentioned surfing before at Table; now she’s actually doing it at this Hana Lei)
*Hucka Doobie (mentioned; WW feels her frustration w/ BB now)
Silver Surfer (recognized by both as (intruding?) toy)
unnamed turtle (Grassy just later compared to turtle with soft outer shell)
Bikini Woman (waiting for wave crash at end)
Monkey (Wheeler inside; studies Silver Surfer)


Baker Bloch
Wheeler Wilson
Jamie (works at Twin Peaks bar in town)
Arthur Kill (deceased)
Tessa (don’t see but reportedly at unnamed…)
*town psychic/town detective (to be continued!)

YAYALAND (flashback)

Alysha (w/ “mouse ears”)
Newt (rung up by Alysha after frustration with Kolya; went by Herbert at the time)


Roger Pine Ridge (at Beaconsfield)
Marty (mentioned)
Peggy/Eyela (implied; kind of same as Whitson, a native of the village)
Kolya “Can” Pepi (at —-, another Ringgold Co town just outside the hypercube)