VWX Town 2013 03 (July 02 of 02)

VWX Town Once More 01

Newest map of VWX Town.


Compare with here from just 2 days prior.

Biggest changes:

* addition of The Table House where the ToXic Art Gallery use to be, with the latter moved to the northeast corner of the town. The Table House becomes VWX Town’s newest hub, its primary power spot. Exciting things will be happening within soon.

* deletion of Tooter Claxton’s marvelous Hobo Squat to make room for the ToXic Art Gallery movement. Necessary.

* Creation of 2nd part of Stairs Gallery using same structure as employed in part 1. Both parts are connected to the Big Boy tower by bridges, allowing one to easily move between the two. This will most likely be a guest artist exhibit spot, probably emphasizing collage works again.

* Town Hall inserted between Coolie Bldg. and The Table House. For a brief spell this hall existed on the site of present Stairs Gallery Part #1, and for a briefer time both duplicate Town Halls coexisted with each other in these locations. Now the only duplicate structures of VWX Town are the parts of the Stairs Gallery.

Currently I have 574 prims to use for future construction in my newest virtual village. Great! And to free up even more prims, I could partially empty both the Sink Lair and the Quadtower of TILE, placing pointers to online exhibits of the works within instead.

So what’s next? Of the 4 bigger statues use in VWX Town so far, only Goldie remains, with bickering twins Newton and Jasper, and also coppery Brash, having been deleted in the meantime.

New location of ToXic Art. Seems to slot in this corner perfectly.

Dsiplaced palm trees from this same corner find a new home in Westside. Cardboard Derek Jones actually approves!

Thoughts, Period.

Hopefully I can get to a “Wiltshire Trip, Days 03-04” post today or tomorrow — should be lots of fun to create, and I’m attempting to review my notes taken during the trip itself. VWX Town is pretty polished up, and even Cardboard Derek Jones seems happy with the state of Westside (yes, West*side*), what with its new beachy look due to all the palm trees. I’m not sure when the next town meeting is, but I have emphasized to Hucka D. that I want to attend as well. *He* can attend, for sure, but I also want to be there, as another representative for the “outside”. What is going to happen next for VWX Town? I believe the Stairs Gallery, now in two parts, will start to fill with some kind of art, and I’ve been exploring options a bit, with no solid leads now. Would like to have a new artist to work with, probably a collagist again. The Stairs Gallery will extend through the Big Boy tower, which connects the two duplicate gallery structures now (each is connected to Big Boy via a walking bridge). There are two small gallery spaces in Westside where an exhibit could exist. Must start thinking about The Table again now that The Table House has been established in VWX Town. Exciting! Have already identified a list of participants: Marty, Lemmon, Plant, Peter Gabriel (same as Peter SoSo?), Dr. Blood (coming from Aotearoa and northward), Knok perhaps. Maybe OWZ/Zapple, who has appeared in Table related posts in this blog before (or the Baker Blinker Blog — can’t remember which one), and he’s also in the Gilatona-Lis collages, like Knok and his Kniks — and Marty. Why is it so important to have a solo artist participating in carrcasses that is also in a band participating in same? I guess they have more perspective on the thing, and more overall involvement. Oh, I just realized according to these rules that *Waters* can sit in on Table meetings, since Pink Floyd (or Sink Floyd) is used, and also his solo stuff is used in both SID’s 1st Oz and Quadrospirited. We can ask him all kinds of questions about these 2 synchs that he participated in, along with all the Pink Floyd stuff like Dark Side of the Rainbow, of course (!), and also 2001-Echoes, etc. Should get him a variant name, though — can’t believe I hadn’t thought of including Waters until now. Preliminary variant name: Piney Ridge. Roger Pine Ridge (b. 1936).

Ray Davies appearing to send a message about Dr. Blood. Wonder what it could be?


Hucka D.:

We can’t accept Ray Davies at The Table except through Dr. Blood, who is from the future. That’s because he’s still imaginary.

Where did it come from?


If this is truly going to be my last virtual village for a while, and at least in Second Life, I thought I’d focus more on the individual buildings while they’re rezzed. Liked the Kidd Tower pictured above. It evolved in New Pietmond, Sikkima in tandem with the evolution of the X-Spot Gallery, which has not yet been manifested in VWX Town. It may have broken away from this original tandem and declared its independence, like a kid does from its parents and perhaps especially the mother. The Mother. Kidd Tower, Big Boy and Tower of A. Mann are all clustered together in VWX Town, like they were in New Pietmond, *Otaki Gorge* (the *other* New Pietmond, also from the November-February, 2012-2013 period). Their surface meaning seems fairly clear: Kidd Tower, the shortest of the 3, is the kid, probably pre-adolescence; Big Boy, with the median height, is the adolescent; and Tower of A. Mann, the tallest, is the kid all grown up into a mature adult. Big Boy and Tower of A. Mann have never been fulfilled internally — they’re basically just town eyecandy with their glorious height, dominating over all of the Central section. Kidd Tower, in contrast, is internally meaningful as well. Outwardly it is basically composed of 3 stacked and identical modules of a building designed by the virtually famous Arcadia Asylum, the source of a lot of structures and objects in my virtual holdings down through the years now. This particular building is called the economy slum tower, I believe, part of her amazing Slum City collection that also includes the slum apartment used as the basis for the SoSo Gallery in both New Pietmonds.

So how did this particular building grow 3 times as tall as originally conceived? Where did it come from, once more? The Slum Tower, just as an object, I believe first appeared in one of my vitual locations in Noru, Spring 2009, but remained empty there, as it did up to the original (and longest) incarnation of Pietmond the next year. It was in Pietmond the economy tower fulfilled its first important role: as the home of the Gallery in the Rocks holding the art of synching friend Stegokitty. Related posts from the Baker Blinker Blog are here. Before this, as I’m remembering now in looking over that BB Blog post, it was called Gallery None, because there never was anything in it up until then. With the inclusion of Stegokitty’s photos and collages, I felt the structure was fulfilled in its unmodified or original state, and actually still do. The Gallery in the Rocks then also appeared in Pietmond, Second Stage and also other virtual villages from 2010 to 2012. In New Pietmond, the transformation of the structure from Gallery in the Rocks to Kidd Tower began, because I felt the former venue had run its course. Stegokitty had gone back to school to study film, and his new art, which I have not been able to experience yet at any length, was still obviously outpacing the old, at least to him as he relayed the basic idea back to me. *And* I felt it was also evolving beyond *synchronicity*, for Stegocat had, in the meantime, allowed his former touchstone Dark Side of the Rainbow site, The Definitive List, fall by the wayside. He had more important matters to attend to, and that’s understandable and most likely necessary. So it was actually in Carcassonee in Spring, 2012 that the economy tower started its growth spurt, transforming from Stegokitty showcase to a *Dark Side of the Rainbow* showcase (showing actual videos of Dark Side of the Rainbow, and still shots of important moments in this still most famous of audiovisual synchronicities). But this aspect was shortlived, as the Carcassonne village was soon given up. The next time we see the economy tower for any length of time, virtually speaking, I believe was in New Pietmond, Otaki Gorge. By that time I had created the rainbowology.net site, and had become involved in another person who had created an updated and very original Dark Side of the Rainbow web site named Jamie. Corresponding to this, I had the rough idea that the economy slum tower could become the virtual center for a study of rainbowology, obviously as a continuation of the Carcassonne leitmotif.

So, once more, how did the Kidd *Tower* evolve from this, and why the extra stories? Where *did* it come from??

(to be continued)

Big Boy, Tower of A. Mann, and Kidd Tower, with Southside’s even taller Power Tower in the background to their left.


AND then, in a couple of hours, it’s changed once more.






Latest Incarnation…

… of VWX Town.


Main update: moving of the Temple of TILE more into the center of the town. Physically it has been moved from the Southside region to VWX Town’s Central sector, making Cardboard Derek Jones and the rest of Westside even more pissed off than ever, at least for the moment. For Central seems to be making power play after power play to simply take over the town, strangling Westside and perhaps Southside as well out of the picture. This according to CDJ, who, we know, can’t be counted on as a totally objective source.

For compensation to Southside, Pietmond’s Gallery Jack has been rezzed in the spot of the old location of the Temple of TILE. Bean Mister has defected from Central to Southside to act as bartender for its top floor bar. The spirit of Pietmond is said to dwell in that building at night.

In the transition to the center of town, unfortunately the Temple of TILE lost the functionality of its highly touted “Dark Side of the Rainbow” based walking labyrinth. Maybe the labyrinth can be moved to a different location in the burg.


Oh… I *could* just move it up from the first to the second floor of the same structure (!) Maybe that’s the solution for this particular problem.

Where is all this heading? I’ve started an analysis of all the buildings in the town. Temple of TILE will have its turn if this continues. Unfortunantly, once more, Westside has no structures that have historic depth, and will most likely be left out of such an analysis, to the irritation of CDJ and other Westies.

Structures of Pietmond:

Gallery Behind The Eyes
Wall of Eyes
Small Gothic Castle
Gallery None
Westside Garage
Surrealism Gallery
Kidd Tower
Home o’ Fibs
ToXic Art Gallery
Stairs Gallery #1
Big Boy
Tower of A. Mann
The Table House
Burl Tower
Temple of TILE
Hole in the Wall bar
Stairs Gallery #2
Home Orange
Coolie Building
Town Hall
Quadtower of TILE
Sink Lair Gallery
House of Truth
Power Tower Gowlery
Gallery Jack



*Latest* incarnation. What’s happened after the last picture (top o’ post here) is that, 1) the Sink Lair has been replaced in its old spot by the Norris Gallery or Norris Temple (take your pick), and, 2) the Sink Lair has *replaced* the short lived Gallery Jack in Southside. Oh, and Town Hall has moved on the other side of the path from where it was, and *its* spot has been replaced by a low prim version of Urban Steampunk Building (nonfunctional).


Still over 400 prims to play around with in Central/Westside now. Yippie! VWX Town is becoming perfected.


… Cardboard Derek Jones. Have your way.”


Thank you. I’m here to talk about the architectural history of Westside.

(Voice from back of the small audience (yelling)):

There isn’t any. Get over it!


Ahem. Thank you *again*. Let’s start with the Wall of Eyes and attached Gallery Behind The Eyes. What’s there?

(Same voice):



Er, well, yes there is something there. There’s eyes, for one thing.



And you get the gist of the rest, Hucka D. CDJ just couldn’t pull it off. Tough crowd. He went on to talk about the eyes were from Carcassonne, and the heckler yelled to him to give them back because they aren’t worth anything in Westside. Stuff like that. He couldn’t get to Gallery None, even — the name is an obvious setup (for jokes). There’s really nothing in Westside, and I’m afraid there never will be, what with the emphasis on Central front and center now… as it were.

Hucka D.:

As it is.


So what do I do? Just ask Westside to join Central and Southside now — eliminate the sectors altogether?

Hucka D.:

Maybe. Where would your town tension come from, then?


CDJ would cooperate with the Core of 4 to make VWX Town the best it can be. All centers on The Table in many ways. We know that Dr. Blood is Ray Davies from the future — handy information.

Hucka D.:

Yes. You must protect the Sunklands Initiative at any rate. Think of re-creating Sunklands in a different virtual setting. That’s your goal. Pietmond Forever!


Guess so Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

So if CDJ isn’t or can’t talk about Westside architectural history — since there really isn’t any — can we *finally* move to the Kidd Tower. Logical progression: it’s just inside the Westside territory and represents the first *real* building in VWX Town just heading from that sector, down that path.


Westside still has some promise. I don’t think it should be gotten rid of just yet. But obviously there’s nothing in it presently, really.

Hucka D.:

The most important thing is that Ray Davies is from there, or rehearses there, and probably lives in the garage in the sector. Ray’s on Cardboard Derek Jones’ side. But… to Kidd Tower! What do we have here? A thick slice of Jeogeot and Middletown history. Middletown is the largest city of Jeogeot past, present, future. It was huge, simply huge. You cannot imagine. You helped in the building. You built a sector *there*.


The Kidd Tower originally existed in Middletown. When did Middletown become Meddletown, or did it ever?

Hucka D.:

Obvious. When Dr. Blood entered the picture. Dr. Blood organized the Kidd Tower so that MaN was eliminated. The Kidd was just a kid.


Kidd Tower’s always been attached to Tower of A. Mann and Big Boy in past, present, future.

Hucka D.:

Good, yes.


Is VWX Town a slice of Middletown?

Hucka D.:



The philosophy of Middletown — give this a stab tonight — Middletown itself started in the M and N. 3 sims of basically the same name — all starting with “Yeo”. Three clustered around the M and N level, the 13th and 14th of the vertical column of Jeogeot recognized by Middletown priests, scientists, artists.

Hucka D.:

Yes. (pause) Middletown.


Big E or Biggie was found on the shores of the Korean Channel — called the Korean Channel at first — and taken directly west to Middletown — this M and N centrality. From it was distilled the Kidd Tower. Was the X-Spot Gallery around then?

Hucka D.:

Yes! (pause) Or no.



I just had Baker Bloch walk up the whole Kidd Tower, and he thinks, through me, that the intersection with the Simple Wunderlich pictures may be the most meaningful part. Here’s his blog:


And his big zoo is actually in a sim caddycorner to Philudoria [home of VWX Town], to the northwest. Interesting, eh?

Hucka D.:

Simple helped you with Middletown, plain and simple.



Middletown was too simple of a name. Too Simple. So Yuja moved in and changed Middle to Meddle to add spice and interest. Complexity. 2001-Echoes was probably born here. The monolith of the movie comes from Big E (!)

Around VWX Town












What would I do…

… if I had a whole sim to play with?

I don’t think the urban area would be much bigger than present VWX Town. I’d have a burg surrounded by nature. Otaki Gorge and Pietmond would be a model… I think a town should exist in a sinkhole, and nature surrounds. I have traced enough around the Pietmond area to get a good idea of what a composite existence would look like there. All other virtual places and villages merely support the greater Pietmond idea, even present VWX Town (which also “serves” Frank and Herman Park and their Whitehead Crossing, etc.). Pietmond is it, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Called in because of a lack of time again. Understandable. Yes, Pietmond is your ultimate village. You’ve had not one, not two, but 3 legitimate incarnations now. You know that the Temple of TILE’s true location is the bottom of the sinkhole there.


I like the new VWX Town, but it’s not Pietmond.

Hucka D.:

You must locate a virtual Sunklands somewhere. Each person would have a sinkhole all to themselves, and then a bigger, shared sinkhole. This is Big Sink. You are reading the old Jeogeot blog again, heading toward Sunklands again.


The Table House never existed in Pietmond. Yet it must be there. VWX Town… can it generate its own energy?

Hucka D.:

Yes. This is beyond Pietmond, even though it can’t be. It’s just Sunklands has degenerated beyond the point of repair. You must re-create the whole thing now. You can.


Maybe I should just get over it. The woods around here have been wet, wet, wet. Really tough to get out and visit given that and other constraints. Last year at this time I was exploring Concreek. It’s starting to look like TGLS… The Great Lost Summer.

Hucka D.:

You went so far in developing the Whitehead Crossing mythos. Pushed the envelope. Good for you. I’m here to encourage. You had to take it into virtual reality again. Too many ghosts[ of probable realities] over in Rubi. You had to start anew… fresh. But on the other hand: Sinkology. Why did the Temple of TILE have to be built in the center of the sinkhole? Why are sinkholes converted to religious meccas… like Pietmond?


I wonder if Chilbo could have remained vital if it had followed me to Sunklands? Inhabited the Big Sink… moved?

Hucka D.:

It would have had to involve cooperation between Chilbo and the Lindens. You should read over their proposal again.


There was the story of the hole in the middle of Big Sink. Where I put my Home o’ Fibs, actually. It was like the Up house.

Hucka D.:

Should Chilbo have followed you to Sunklands? Should they have listened to the synchronities between their community and Crabwoo through your blog? Maebaelia and Jeogeot? Yes, in short. Or not. If yes, there was a bigger picture involved. You know Blue Feather is Quetzalcoatl, and responsible for designing some of the most important crop circles of Wiltshire and beyond. He communicated to you through Second Life. Chilbo is a Korean name, but the attractor is Chilbolton, England.


I wonder how unhappy Chilbolton is to be associated with that famous crop circle?

Hucka D.:

Pixilation. We better end.


Thank you.

Around VWX Town 02














Just when Cardboard Derek Jones was going to give up on arguing about Westside being unique and special, here comes the direct link to the Rubi Forest and the Rubi Diagonal. Westside *is* special!




Rubi (Rubi Forest)
Horisme (Great Wall)
Biston (water)
Hirtaria (water)
Lanestris (Hotel Chelsea)
Philudoria (VWX Town (Westside!))

Rubi Diagonal (Extended) 01

The Rubi Diagonal, first described in this *2008* series of posts (almost 5 years ago!), has been extend to meet the 125 Pillar of Westside, making that sector of VWX Town special indeed, just as uber-supporter Cardboard Derek Jones claimed all along. Extending the diagonal both northeast and southwest to encompass the limits of the Heterocera continent shows it crossing 14 total sims, including 2 water sims in the middle (Biston and Hirtaria, sims 7 and 8 up from the southeast corner respectively). It also crosses the heart of the fabulous Lanestris sim with the Virtual Chelsea Hotel before reaching Philudoria and the 125 Pillar of Westside. This strongly hints that the Virtual Chelsea Hotel and VWX Town (*Virtual* Whitehead X-ing Town, after all) have ties in unexpected and unknown ways still. The Diagonal also passes through the southern tip of the Great Linden Wall, itself extending through 14 sims in a generally northwest-southeast direction. A little bit more about synchronicities surrounding the Great Linden Wall are found in this earlier Frank and Herman Einstein blog post.


Rubi (Rubi Forest)
Horisme (Great Wall)
Biston (water)
Hirtaria (water)
Lanestris (Virtual Chelsea Hotel)
Philudoria (VWX Town (Westside!))

The Extended Rubi Diagonal.

Rubi Diagonal (Extended) 02

Dierli 195 195 029: A rooster on the diagonal. When I revisited the scene through Baker Bloch just now, a horse was also sleeping just beside the rooster, head very close. To exactly walk the Rubi Diagonal, Baker would have to step over this non-phantom fowl. Is this, instead, Ruustre?


Tiretta 014 014 035: Passed through this large Christian oriented billboard. Not the last such billboard I’d encounter while exploring The Diagonal.


Tiretta 051 051 041: Mushrooms; billboard still in plain sight.


Tiretta 097 097 044: Almost collided with a Linden cypress tree no. 1 (098 096 043) just off the Sandgrass Road.


Rosieri 089 089 083: Passed through edges of plumeria off Robin Lane.


Rubi 000 000 107: Edge o’ Rubi, if not the Rubi Forest quite yet. I won’t revisit The Diagonal in the forest through the current blog series since it’s been chronicled here.


Rubi Diagonal (Extended) 03

Entrance to an empty and frosty shack at Miata 019 019 038, owned by Tomato McCallen, a name suggestive of “tomato can” (by the by, 19 + 19 = 38). The shack is called “+mudshake – little Holiday luck”, on land named “obscure extended.” Obscure is the sim just below Miata, and just south of the shack itself. I assume that the shack’s owner owns or use to own another parcel in Obscure itself, and bought this land in Miata afterwards to “extend” his land.


And here’s the *second* giant Christian related billboard on the Rubi Diagonal, or just to its south, actually. Baker stands on the very northeast corner of Miata while taking this shot (see: diminutive figure just below the billboard’s lower right corner).


Going forward just a bit, upon a return trip the next day to Miata, Baker notices that Bacon Hellershanks’ studio gallery happens to lie just *north* of the Rubi Diagonal, and just below the popular Lollygagger village in southern Agriopis. The southeast corner of Bacon’s holdings (Miata 163 188 023) lies about 10 meters east of The Diagonal. This could be important because Bacon is the main inspiration for the Hybuli character of original (Rubi’s) VWX Town related posts “Withdrawn” and “Rubi and SID’s 1st Oz”.


Back to the previous day now, we have a shot of a party at the center of the Lollygagger village next to Bacon Studios. Textures have not quite rezzed in all the way, but I thought I’d include it anyway to show what they had to look at in the distance while depravedly dancing away — the giant Hellfire warning. 😮


Actually, I first encountered the presence of Bacon in this region by hitching a ride — through Baker Bloch of course — in this tour pod. Turns out Bacon owns the pod and designed the short tour linking Lollygagger village with the Temple of Iris, an important, perhaps super-important Linden historic site. More on the Iris Temple here.


Arriving at the temple — again, textures hadn’t quite rezzed in yet in this picture.


Skipping now to the other side of Heterocera’s inland sea and The Diagonal’s central water sims of Biston and Hirtaria, we come to this more unusual scene in Cosmet: two superimposed vehicles of a bus and a trojan horse, wheels spinning on both. A school bus with similarly turning tires lies just below. All exist on land called “Morgaine’s Trench”.



Floating above higher ground in Burnet now, looking back on lower terrain across a segment of the atoll continent’s large Second Life Railroad system.


Rubi Diagonal (Extended) 04

The Diagonal at 079 078 118 Hooktip, just past Burnet. The SLRR develops into quite a maze of tracks in this sim.


The Rubi Diagonal almost passes through the exact center of the Hooktip railroad depot, with Baker here standing at 167 167 034.


Then continuing to follow The Diagonal north and east, we return to the complex sim of Lanestris dominated by the huge Virtual Chelsea Hotel. Let’s return to Lanestrum from the west, actually, where below we find Baker standing directly beneath a Chelsea Hotel sign at 211 212 081.


The first art Baker encounters on The Diagonal, continuing to trace its path to the east through Lanestris, is this tubed shell design by serra Qendra, on display at one of the many gallery rental units located in the Virtual Chelsea Hotel community.


The Diagonal then passes through this digital painting by bonafidenutts Aries in an adjacent gallery space (Lanestris 149 149 104).


The Diagonal disappears into this corner of the same gallery, between works called “Fire smoke and a thought” and “A long dark whisper”.



Rubi Diagonal (Extended) 05

Baker stands at 139 139 104 Lanestris, examing art (“Wizard’s Tower set” by Sarrah Docherty) in yet another Virtual Chelsea Hotel gallery space that The Diagonal passes directly through.


The Rubi Diagonal crosses the corner of a 512 square meter, banned parcel called Pitch Black near the center of Lanestris, not owned by the Chelsea Hotel group and probably predating its origins. The village was most likely built around this 2010 purchased parcel, in other words. Is it representative of a central black hole, perhaps?


The only structure on Pitch Black is this nondescript, 20 prim “purple tower house”. Baker Bloch stands at 086 086 014 to take these particular pictures.



Still in Lanestris, The Diagonal also knives through this mesh bristo that Baker Bloch can’t properly see with my outdated viewer.


Let’s go up The Diagonal to, well, let’s first visit VWX Town and Westside. Cardboard Derek Jones is super-excited to find The Diagonal passing through this erected pillar at 125 125 046 Philudoria. This is a repost of the last photo from “Around VWX Town 02.”


011 011 032 Scotopteryx: a Route 5 Texaco.


Baker on the edge of Heterocera’s eastern sea at 102 102 023 Scotopteryx.



VWX Town expands outward to thinly envelop neighboring regions such as Lanestris and also faraway regions through the Rubi Diagonal Extension — such as Lanestris. [Rubi, I meant] Virtual Whitehead X-ing or Crossing is a re-creation of a real place in theory, just like Virtual Chelsea Hotel centering Lanestris.

Hucka D.:

There’s not much art left in Heterocera, except along the Rubi Diagonal and Lanestris and such. But if you wish you can create a smaller version of the “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” exhibit based on the Atoll Continent’s art scene instead. The Rubi Diagonal works behind the scenes. I’d go ahead and do it.


Thanks Hucka D. Nice that VWX Town has expanded outward to include other regions, and indeed, perhaps, the whole continent it exists upon. Mother and child.

Hucka D.:

Soon you will be out in the real woods again with your new and real camera, snapping pictures. But for now Your Second Lyfe will do. Rubi Diagonal — read back on all that material. Heterocera has its own story to tell, and Corsica with it. Corsica is the lemony twin for lime’s Atoll Continent. Goodbye.

Rubi Diagonal: More Thoughts

Rubi Diagonal is 256 x 14 x 1.41421 meters long, or 5068.53 meters long. This is 3.1494 miles, fairly close to pi (3.141519), which gave me the idea of reformatting the diagonal as a circle of 14 sections, end (Scotopteryx sim) connected back to beginning (Dierli sim). Pi of pies.

Rubi Diagonal Circle

To make it exactly 3.141519 miles, you’d have to shorten the diagonal by about 12 1/2 meters, or an average of less than 1 meter per sim it passes through.

The centerpoint of The Diagonal is in the very center of the 2 completely water sims of the 14 (Biston and Hirtaria), another interesting tidbit to consider. Opposite this on the above wheel is more water at the top of Scotopteryx and the bottom of Dierli.

Almost all sims involved in The Diagonal appear to be named after various moth species. If so, Philudoria appears to be a mispelling of Philodoria. This could be interesting, because I’d already named another Second Life community Philo (or Hilo) — see here. And this is the sim VWX Town now appears in, which is kind of a replacement for this Philo.

The only sim in doubt of breaking this pattern, then, is Burnet, which does not come up in the top hits of wikipedia as a moth species. Instead, Burnet County, Texas pops up at the top. But in digging a little deeper just now, yes, it looks like Burnet is also the name of a moth. Rubi is rather ambiguous on the surface as well, but also the name of a moth, and that’s the obvious origin as a sim name. So — all 14 sims appear to be consciously named for a moth species.

Burnet County, a kind of oddball of the 14 as stated above, is also the last home of DB of Synchronicity Phenomena Forum, and there is a Dubia (DB) sim not far away to the south and east of the Burnet sim.

There are 2 high points on The Diagonal, the first (from the south) coming in Horisme near the Great Linden Wall, and the second in Hooktip, near the Hooktip train station, perhaps, which the diagonal runs directly through. There is a low point between the two, which represents Linden sea level — when you enter Hirtaria. 3 H’s, then, which are high, low, and high. That may be a central triangle as follows:


A logical extension of this to encompass the whole Diagonal:


Rubi Diagonal: More Thoughts 02

Hucka D.:

Aspinwall has made itself manifest to you. But in the meantime it has turned into Colon (!)



Hucka D.:

Yeah. Yikes!


So this is predicted by the Rubi Diagonal.

Hucka D.:

Just *The* Diagonal will do.


To review, *The* Diagonal passes through 14 sims as it crosses the Second Life continent of Heterocera, also known as the Atoll Continent. In Horisme, it intersects the lowest or southernmost part of the Great Linden Wall, which also happens to pass through 14 sims, starting at the north with Athetis, Spini and Pyri — ASP in other words. The Great Linden Wall is an asp, but an asp as thick as one’s colon in this case.

Hucka D.:

Yes, The Wall is The Asp. It is telling you something.



Hucka D.:

No… not really.


I don’t want to see its picture on facebook forever and forever. How would B. like it if I published a picture of a giant spider on same?

Hucka D.:



But actually I remember she blocked me from seeing it — we agreed on that.

Hucka D.:

The Great Linden Wall — The ASP — encounters The Diagonal, just as you encountered The Asp today at your doorstep. It was waiting for you.


I’ve put a picture below of the relationship between The Wall and The Diagonal, showing where they touch in Horisme.


Hucka D.:

Welp, what are you going to do about it?


Lowes tomorrow. Gotta get a mower anyway. Clean up the yard.

Hucka D.:

Clean up the yard.


ASPinwall (Great Linden Wall) encounters The Diagonal at one of its two high points or peaks in Horisme. Horisme-Hirtaria-Hooktip define the Hilo triangle in the center of The Diagonal. Another way to show this is here:


SL Photos — The Diagonal, etc.

VWX Town: water and fire.


A new skyscraper has appeared in town, another Moard Ling creation. But how and why? (it’s not my doing!)


VHC Town (as I’ll call it): Nice touches all around, like this black heart railing by Enola Vaher in a remote section.


Unexpectantly dropping into part of VHC Town’s vast underground in crossing from the Lanestris sim to Bembecia.


Stuff of dreams.


Circling around the west side of the large burg back to re-explore The Diagonal.



So much underground complication. Baker likes!


Incomplete building.


Underground, unexplainable vertical section of road.


Interesting art of the Finely Torn Id gallery; owned by Enola Vaher, apparently a town caretaker.



More underground:





Baker locates The Diagonal in the underground. Nifty.


A perhaps amazing synchronicity: VHC Town contains a 097 097 097 location, exactly like what I found in Rubi in 2008 and what starting the whole examination of The Diagonal in the first place. Check here! This must mean something.


Overhead VHC Town, with “black hole” in middle. The 097 097 097 spot is just to the west of its plain but also clearly poisonous purple tower.


097 097 097 again. Baker’s standing right in front of the thing!*



The Finely Torn Id lies immediately north of the purple tower.



Superimposed (tough to make!).


I especially liked the Hiberno-Saxon style drawing of the gallery (see above).

Another note: the 097 097 097 point of Lanestris lies just west of a 512 sq meter banned parcel (“Pitch Black”) containing the purple tower — lucky that I was able to access the point at all, then.**



* You can visit Lanestris 097 097 097 through this link:

**Pitch black in rgb code would also be 3 identical digits: 000 000 000

RGB Color Code related to The Diagonal (specifically through 097 097 097)?

We have to have 3 codes, 1 to 255, to create a rgb color, which we do with length, width (and most likely height) of any SL sim location (same codes of 1 to 255 for length and width, with 256 reverting back to 0). Here’s the color for 097 097 097, which is a variation of gray:


Here’s the colors 000 000 000 to 255 255 255 in increments of 032. This forms a stepped continuum of black through various grays to white:


The approx. rgb color of the 20 prim purple tower house situated directly in front of 097 097 097 Lanestris is 051 000 051. It seems to be very dark purple, with mainly even parts red and blue but little to no green.



More clues

Green-ish spot on wall near VHC Town’s central Purple Tower.


Another part of underground VHC Town, found remotely while Baker Bloch was still standing in front of the purple tower at Lanestris 097 097 097:


Related link and quote:


Overhead VHC Town, with “black hole” in middle. The 097 097 097 spot is just to the west of its plain but also clearly poisonous purple tower.


In the same area is another freebie box, offering a green texture. It appears to be the nearest freebie box to the Poison Violet offering.

Related link and quote in this case:


The approx. rgb color of the 20 prim purple tower house situated directly in front of 097 097 097 Lanestris is 051 000 051. It seems to be very dark purple, with mainly even parts red and blue but little to no green.


Mouseview from Bembecia 208 208 097, which is then on another sim diagonal, and parallel to *The* Diagonal running through Lanestris to its immediate east. Notice this is also at elevation 097, just like the now infamous 097 097 097 location in Lanestris.


Baker now stands at Bembecia 202 202 096, still on a sim diagonal. He can follow this particular diagonal no further within the room.





More Underground VHC Town…

VHC Town’s underground seems quite vast with many twists and turns and surprises.


The underground contains not one but several different sewer systems. Baker finds a hobo hangout in a room in one of ’em.



Baker locates a copy of the alchemical Emerald Tablets stuck in the ground at one point. I’ll quote the first few paragraphs of its huge, attached notecard at the end of this post.*



Walls of many textures. Perhaps not intended to be cool but pretty cool still.


Underground beauty spot found in a previous visit.


Baker finds the above ground source of the stream just visited. Nice. I might even create a map of VHC Town and its underground soon. Come to think of it, I need to do the same for my VWX Town.


Baker is able to grasp (i.e., “wear”) a basketball but still has no way to play. This is in extreme northern Bembecia, above the galleries and in a grittier part of town.


Shifting away now from VHC Town, this night also finds Baker Bloch visiting the Water Tower located in Lythria’s Zoo of All Things, owned by blogger Simple Wunderich. Better shots of the tower start here in Simple’s flickr site. The zoo lies not far northeast of VWX Town, and also directly north of VHC Town. It’s in the neighborhood.


Lastly, Baker decides to drop in on a friend’s house in southern Heterocera he hasn’t seen before. Another beautiful atoll location.



* The Emerald Tablets of Thoth – Preface

The history of the tablets translated in the following pages is strange and beyond the belief of modern scientists. Their antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36,000 years B.C. The writer is Thoth, an Atlantean Priest-King, who founded a colony in ancient Egypt after the sinking of the mother country.
He was the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza, erroneously attributed to Cheops. In it he incorporated his knowledge of the ancient wisdom and also securely secreted records and instruments of ancient Atlantis.
For some 16,000 years, he ruled the ancient race of Egypt, from approximately 52,000 B.C. to 36,000 B.C. At that time, the ancient barbarous race among which he and his followers had settled had been raised to a high degree of civilization.
Thoth was an immortal, that is, he had conquered death, passing only when he willed and even then not through death. His vast wisdom made him ruler over the various Atlantean colonies, including the ones in South and Central America.
When the time came for him to leave Egypt, he erected the Great Pyramid over the entrance to the Great Halls of Amenti, placed in it his records, and appointed guards for his secrets from among the highest of his people.
In later times, the descendants of these guards became the pyramid priests, by which Thoth was deified as the God of Wisdom, The Recorder, by those in the age of darkness which followed his passing. In legend, the Halls of Amenti became the underworld, the Halls of the gods, where the soul passed after death for judgment.
During later ages, the ego of Thoth passed into the bodies of men in the manner described in the tablets. As such, he incarnated three times, in his last being known as Hermes, the thrice-born.
In this incarnation, he left the writings known to modern occultists as the Emerald Tablets, a later and far lesser exposition of the ancient mysteries.
The tablets translated in this work are ten which were left in the Great Pyramid in the custody of the pyramid priests. The ten are divided into thirteen parts for the sake of convenience.


Hucka D.:

You are correct. The salvation of VHC Town and then your attached VWX Town — because it is, yes, The Moon to VHC Town’s Earth… you can insert your picture here if you wish.


Thanks, Hucka D. But go ahead and finish that thought.

Hucka D.:

As I was saying… stating… the salvation…


There’s Cardboard Derek Jones coming into the room!

Hucka D.:

Hmmm… I didn’t hear him. Where’s the picture?


Later, Hucka D. CDJ is here!

Hucka D.:

Yeah. Hi CDJ.


Hi! Helloooooo. I’m so darn happy. Am I on drugs? No! Not now. I’m happy because VWX Town is one now! Central has given in!


I thought you wanted Westside independent from Central and also Southside, CDJ, the two other parts of VWX Town.


Not any longer. We have The Diagonal and we thus control the town. And it will always be that way. Floydada is the salvation of VHC Town.

Hucka D.:

He’s right. That’s not what I was going to say but he’s right.


Hmm. I was going to guess, Hucka D., that you were going to say that the Emerald Tablets contained information necessary to the salvation of VHC Town.

Hucka D.:

No… yo… no.


They are the same!


Maybe we better take a look at Floydada. Is it back in Westside, then, CDJ?


Yes! As of this post. Let’s go take a look.

(We went to take a look; Hucka D. bowed out, saying he had breakfast at Tiffany’s.)


Modified Skyline


I’m almost definitely keeping VWX Town through August now, what with the important development of The Diagonal extending personal space into a more general realm. It is the fulfillment of sorts of the Rubi mythology, also a part of this larger Diagonal now. Reading up on when I first moved to Rubi in my blog notebooks currently.

Trying to fit a version of Noru’s Blue Feather Gallery into VWX Town, but it’s really large and I won’t have many prims left after the project. Debatable. But it keeps things interesting!

More as it comes in.