VWX Town 2013 04 (Aug 01 of 02)

Beastly Thing

Turned a trash can in Westside into a physical object to align it more with the ground, it *soared* through the air as a result (unexpected!) and landed next to the Toxic Art Gallery, decided to delete the possessed thing, and ended up afterwards with 666 available prims on my land (*gasp*).



Hucka D.:

I’m here, but tonight I don’t have a beer. I have cheer, though. Good cheer. Welcome!


Thanks Hucka D. You’re always cheerful.

Hucka D.:

Thanks in return. I try. You want to talk about the work situation. You expect too much. You *always* expect too much. You expect a partner in crime, a partner to help through thick and thin. Well you have one… just not quite at work… yet. You must be patient. But perhaps it is better to apologize. The person is new and needs welcoming. Welcome! Just like you and me. I welcome you and you welcome me.


I feel I can rely on you, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Because I am you. Kind of.


8 more years. What’s the plan?


Hucka D.:

You may want to try composition again.


Synching wrapping up. Will still synch but not as intensely. Hasn’t seemed to slow down in almost 15 years, however.

Hucka D.:

You have The Table. (pause) A great gift.


Hucka D.:

Who sits around The Table? You know who. Dr. Blood. Peter SoSo, Robert Plant Variant, Roger Pine Ridge, Marty and Lemmon, who represents The Bill. The Bill will not personally be present.


I wonder why?

Hucka D.:

Neither will The Residents.


Strange you can actually say their names, Hucka D.


Roger Pine Ridge:

We were asked to gather by baker b. to discuss our use on his Table.


It’s all our Table, Roger… Mr. Pine Ridge.


What did you do with Opel, Roger? Tucked it away on a lost album. Thought it wasn’t worth including on my one and only legitimate solo work.

Roger Pine Ridge:

That was the other one. The one you knew better.


We didn’t get along, but now we are at The Table. I realize the value of the Big Band. I cannot escape Oz without it. Or the Nome King’s lair.

Roger Pine Ridge:

I know I look different but so do you. What happens next? What’s the next incarnation?


I am Walt SIDney. I am different… stronger.

Roger Pine Ridge:

So am I.



Hucka D., should we just start talking about SID’s 1st Oz?

Hucka D.:

We need to start examining all the facets of The Table.



Right there at the top — The Bill.


You understand about Rat, then.


I will help. I owe that to you and delete name.


Do you?


Yes. I am a fan too[ of The Bill]. I see the Bill’s fingerprints on this. So I’ll help.


Thank you Hybuli. From one Diagonalist to another. (smiles) You are the last, along with other delete name.


It starts with The Bill. So let’s begin.


Okay. We have two carcasses that are obviously doors into and doors out of The Bill’s involvement with The Table. Six carcasses are involved total. 3 pairs of 2, really.


We are going into private mode on this one.


We’re in private mode now. The first Bill related synch is Billfork, the origin of The Bill name. This is twinned with the last synch The Bill are used in: Uncle Meatwad. Then the second synch The Bill are involved in is Head Trip, the one after Billfork. This is twinned with Pretty Bunnies. Then we have 4orrin1, with the most extensive use of The Bill through Rat. This is twinned with 1 Pink, which has the *least* usage of The Bill but which is the same size overall as 4orrin1. This is the playing field we’re talking about. Frank’s Moving Mtn. is another twin of Billfork, but Zappa kind of subs for The Bill. Then twins W4N1 and Peewee Big coming between Pretty Bunnies and 1 Pink do not use The Bill atall as well. Nothing coming after Uncle Meatwad uses The Bill.

Billfork is also where Pink Floyd hands off to The Bill as primary carriers of the synchs of The Table, which continues up till Uncle Meatwad. After that a variety of artists take over — Slint, Bill Hicks… then The Residents return in Red 7 especially. The Residents are the primary musical movers and shakers of W4N1 and 1 Pink also.

VWX Town Stuff

Working on creating a structure to honor The Diagonal passing through the west end of Westside. This is an early attempt, since deleted. It’s called the Green Arena, another effort of super builder Moard Ling. Great view of the VWX Skyline offered here… but it didn’t quite seem to fit.



Speaking of Moard Ling, here’s yet another of his structures recently added to VWX Town, or I suppose we can call it an addition to that town. For it’s not of my doing, as a user inhabiting an avatar named Veyoll Resident has bought a 512 parcel just to the south and west of the town and erected this lighthouse, obviously to blend into the town and all the Ling buildings already there. Fantastic! And welcome to VWX Town Veyoll!


I reconfigured some of the central part of the town, perhaps in partial reaction to Veyoll’s new addition — energy added.


A tall Italian cypress tree now exists in the center of the configuration, hemmed in closely by four other structures…



… including the Rose Cottage Baker Bloch happily sits beside here, basking in the rising sun of a new, 4 hour day.


VWX Town Stuff 02

Another attempt at a structure to honor The Diagonal, like the earlier Green Arena spoken about here. This Ling creation is called a cimema. Fantastic stuff…


… but I decided, after a number of attempts and experiments, to settle on his ML Tower 19, with results to date below.

The 14 letters Baker sits in front of here represent the beginning letters of the 14 sims The Diagonal passes through. These are explained here. To either side of him we have pictures of 097 097 097 Rubi (left) and the obviously twinned 097 097 097 location in Lanestris (right), where he stands in front of the Poisoned Purple House/Tower, the pitch black center of VHC Town, it seems (a black hole). The larger pillar in the middle, standing at 118 118 049 Philudoria, represents the center of The Diagonal between water sims Biston and Hirtaria. The smaller, twinned pillars at each end of the row of letters representing The Diagonal mark its beginning in 000 000 Deirli and end in 256 256 Scotopteryx. They are the Alpha and Omega pillars, then. Physically here, they stand at 111 111 048 and 125 125 048 Philudoria respectively. Let me add this up… this means that this abstract representation of The Diagonal is, well it’s easy — it’s 1/256 the length of the entire Diagonal. How about that. And to reinforce, this representation is *on* The Diagonal itself, a microcosm of a macrocosm.


Westside’s new Church of The Diagonal from the main path into Westside…


… and the Burl Tower more in the center of VWX Town, Wall of Eyes to its left here.


Cardboard Derek Jones has called a town meeting in Westside’s Gallery Behind the Eyes to talk about these new developments. Can’t wait to see who shows up!



9:59 PM:

Yet more VWX Town changes:




VWX Town Meeting Prep.

VWX Town political cartoon prepared by Cardboard (C.) Derek Jones for the meeting.


The town slowly but surely gathers at the Church of The Diagonal in Westside.


Everyone had to walk past Jones’ Westside propoganda to get to The Table on the second floor. This was certainly no accident.


Baker Bloch sits opposite Central’s Carrcassonne, who surprised him by showing up. He doubted she was actually alive.


Carrcassonne begged to differ. A comparison could be made with SCTV’s Allan “Crazy Legs” Herschman. Extending this further, is *she* also the actual leader of the Table like Herschman was for SCTV at his own table? Is Carrcassonne the *new* Crazy Legs? Is VWX Town a reincarnated SCTV? Eh… probably not.


And where is Hucka Doobie in all this? Surely he must show up as well.



In a startling late game move, Carrcassonne moves to the opposite side of The Table in Westside’s Church of The Diagonal to become a Southsider.


This is because of this: The Temple of TILE, Carrcassonne’s home, has been moved From Central back beside the Power Tower Gowlery in Southside. Will the changes and rearrangements never cease?!


The Sink Lair’s Philip Linden, having switched from Southside to Central himself in the switcheroo process, is beginning to doubt it.


C. Derek’s Jones’ new cottage in Westside.


Tronesisia calls the meeting to order.


Hucka Doobie:

What are you Tronesisia? (He was blunt tonight.)


Instead, Hucka D. — or Hucka Doobie here in this meeting, this Second Lyfe of ours — let’s go around The Table and introduce ourselves.


I’m Tronesisia. Should we identify our town region?




I am neutral, then. I am from the future, 2052.


Thank you Tronesisia. Nice to meet you. Enjoy your beer, hehe.


I will.


So beside her we have the now blog famous Cardboard Derek Jones.


That’s C. Derek Jones now. And I’d like to announce to those who don’t know that I have a cottage in Westside now, and I will keep Floydada open all the time on the lime table within for those who want to study it. Wander in, pull up a seat. Well, I’ll have to add the seat soon, but it’ll be there for you in a couple of hours to a couple of days.


Thank you C. Derek Jones. And you’re obviously from Westside.


You’re darn toot’n! And, yeah, I’m going to add here to start that Westside now wags the dog that is VWX Town, thanks to The Diagonal and this here church. Don’t you all agree?

(Grumbles from the crowd, some agreeing but most just grumbling incoherently.)


Next we have a red robot from Southside.


Red robot, Southside, yes.


Then Carrcassonne, who has very recently had to switch from Central to Southside due to the relocation of the Temple of TILE, her home. Do you have anything else to say now, Carrcassonne?


I am the one, the all. Alpha and omega. Hear me and hear the world, the universe. Listen.


Thanks. Next we have Grey Seal, also from Southside. And you’re a neighbor of Carrcassonne’s now.


(Grey Seal barks.)


Next we have Furry Carl, now long time proprietor of the Hole in the Wall bar, originally in New Pietmond I believe, Carl.

Furry Carl:

Have a beer. Merry fucking summer.


I will in a moment, thanks. And thanks for providing the refreshments for the meeting, Carl, including this delicious but now almost empty giant bottle of wine from the Hole in the Wall Cellar Dweller, soon to open underneath the Sink Lair gallery. Fantastic.

Furry Carl:

Fucking… Merry… Christmas.


Next, just keeping to our counterclockwise direction we come to… well who are you small boy?

Furry Carl:

Fucking beer. Merry fucking beer Christmas. (pause) Dweller.


Carl’s saying that the boy is from Pietmond and he has seen a lot but not the all that I have. He watched from his gazebo perch as Old Pietmond was destroyed piece by piece, building by building. He had to watch. He could not look away. He watched, he looked. He cannot speak now.



(Carrcassonne does not answer.)


Does he have a region in town? (no one answers) I suppose we’ll just call him a Pietmond visitor or observer, then. We better move on to…


… the Johns/Jones twins, Biker and Ranger. Great friends you are, I understand. And you’re both from Central.

Biker Jones:

Follow the robots!

Ranger Johns:

Which way to the galleries?


Thanks guys. That brings us to, well, Ben Thar, do you want to go first before Hucka Doobie?

(Ben Thar laughs crazily.)


Well, I know that you’ve run a number of town halls now, Ben, being an information point to New Pietmond and VWX Town both — maybe Old Pietmond as well.

(more laughing.)


Then we come to Hucka Doobie. What can I say Hucka. You’re our blog spirit here, the glue that glues things together. The word that comes from nowhere to somewhere. The highest within the lowest. The upper, the downer. You’ve been with me, baker b., quite a long time now. Your story has been told in the “Where are we on that?” gallery and blog entries. You invented the Second Life beehive constructions. Your soul use to inhabit the body of renowned New Mexican surrealist Charles Nelson Blinkerton. You’re here in Second Life all the time as one of the undead, and you make a mean shepherd’s pie. Let’s hear it for Hucka Doobie.

(The room erupts in cheers. Everyone loves Hucka.)


Then we have another robot, this one from Central.




And then last but probably not least, the most famous of famous, Philip Linden.

Philip Linden:

Nice to be here. I don’t have a region. Just observing, like the Pietmond boy over there.


Thanks. So we’re ready to begin. Oh wait…


… forgot about you guys behind me — Barney Rubles and Ross C., both from Westside. Anything to say?

(no answer.)


Let’s begin.

(to be continued.)

Pre-Meeting Notes…

Characters around The Table and assoc. town regions:

Tronesisia (neutral)
Cardboard (C.) Derek Jones (Westside)
Redbot (Southside)
Carrcassonne (Southside)
Grey Seal (Southside)
Furry Carl (Central)
Pietmond Boy (neutral)
Ranger Johns (Central)
Biker Jones (Central)
Ben Thar (Central)
Don That (Central — deceased; honorary position at Table)
Hucka Doobie (neutral)
Botblue (Central)
Philip Linden (Central?)
Baker Bloch (neutral)
Ross C. (Westside)
Barney Rubles (Westside)

Must identify characters or objects in town that *aren’t* alive and thus cannot sit at or stand around The Table. As stated before, Baker Bloch was surprised to find that Carrcassonne was able to mobilize from her position in the Temple of TILE and attend. However, similar “statue” Goldie, existing beside the Hole in the Wall bar in Central, is not quite alive or hasn’t reached that threshold, and so cannot be a part of The Table. Same for related (but currently not rezzed) town statues Brash, Newton and Jasper. In Pietmond, it was seen that Carrcassonne, while related to all the named above, stands above them or rises beyond them in their center — perhaps they are just split off aspects of herself, arranged around her like a quaternity.

Another issue:

What happened to this earlier version of The Table starring a stable of rock variants like Marty, Lemmon, Little Robert Plant Variant, Peter SoSo, Knok, and so on? Will this be a type of second Table behind or in the background of the first? And what of Dr. Blood — is he the same as Knok? Is he the same as the Tinman (Tin S. Man?) pictured in the collage on the wall next to the current Table?


And what of his partner on this picture, The Scarecrow?


Or is this “second” Table the one that was deleted from The Table House in Central to free up prims for the creation of the *current* Table and attached town characters? I think so; that’s official town history, then.

So let’s move on from that: Characters around the *current* Table actually exist in their original form in VWX Town, and in specific regions. What I mean by this is that the table characters are more or less exact duplicates of those found elsewhere in the town. Exceptions for now, just thinking of Table characters again, are Tronesisia, Small Pietmond Boy, Hucka Doobie, and myself as Baker Bloch. Philip Linden seems to sit on a fence between manifestation in the Sink Lair of Central and non-manifestation. Of the rest, Carrcassonne seems the most talkative, or the one that is most coherent. Oh, along with C. Derek Jones, of course. Does C.D. Jones have a bone to pick with Carrcassonne?

We’re watching the 5th season of True Blood, which has been somewhat disappointing. But we find it funny that one of the vampire chancellors, who are always pictured sitting around a table so far in our viewings, is a kid. This is because it reminds us of Kirk from the Board of Shaman in the Mighty Boosh, one of our favorite British comedy series, and which we recently re-watched in its entirety. And, likewise, the VWX Town Table has a child (Small Pietmond Boy), and also an animal (Grey Seal), 5 robots (Tronesisia, Barney Rubles, Ross C., Redbot, and Botblue), and several anthropomorphized animal-people objects (Cardboard Derek Jones, Furry Carl). In looking at it, I see that the only really human characters found in VWX Town itself are from Central (Ben Thar, Philip Linden, Biker Jones, Ranger Johns). Baker Bloch is only part human himself, and the same goes for Hucka Doobie.

That seems to bring us back to Carrcassonne. She may be the only true *alien* at The Table, then. Pietmond history identifies her with Pluto’s moon Charon, which can be pronounced like “Sharon”. More info here.

VWX Town Magazine


Meanwhile, 50 minutes in their meeting, the members of The Table find themselves in the VWX Town cemetery examining a fountain encompassing a chair. The chair of Baker Bloch.


Is Baker the newly crowned prince?


Gateway to The Underground?


I think Carrcassonne knows.





Meeting 01

50 minutes earlier…


1st order of business seems to be the, um, business of the first Table, which is now perhaps the second Table or the Table behind this Table. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? C. Derek Jones — I believe you mentioned that Knok of The Kniks lived in the garage next to your property in Westside or use to practice there.


Not to my knowledge. (pause)


Hucka Doobie?

Hucka D.:

The second is behind the first, which is more tangible. They’ll meet after us. Or will they?


I don’t know, Hucka D… Doobie.

Hucka D.:

Thank you Baker Bloch (smiles)


So if no one has any thoughts on the second Table we’ll move on. Just for the minutes, the characters at this table behind the table, so to speak, are Peter SoSo, who may be the same as Peter Gabriel; Dr. Blood, who may be Knok from the future; Little Robert Plant Variant originally from Nowtown on the Jeogeot continent — anyone familiar with that continent?

Hucka D.:

*I* am.


Anyone besides Hucka Doobie? (all shakes heads or else look blank) Then, continuing, we have Marty and Lemmon of The Beetles both; and, let’s see, Zapple may be there; Roger Pine Ridge.

Hucka D.:

You’re going to have a second table to do this. Remember The Table House in Central, guys? Remember The Table all set up upstairs — anyone visit that (all shakes heads or look blank again)? Ah, forget it. But that’s the original Table, actually. (shaking his own head) Where’d you find these guys, Baker?


These guys here? (looking around the current Table) Here and there. Carrcassonne: any thoughts on what we’ve talked about so far?


The all, the one. See me and see the world, the universe. I is. You am.

Hucka D.:

See? Maybe we should just skip the next 37 minutes and head down to the cemetery.


What cemetery? The VWX Town Cemetery?

Hucka D.:

Yeah, that one. It’s rezzed isn’t it?


Kind of. A couple of graves.

Hucka D.:

Do you have the freshly dug grave there?


Yes, I think.


I can sing for 36 minutes. I have a beautiful voice.


Everyone in favor of Tronesisia singing for the next 36 minutes before going to the cemetery shake their heads or just look blank (looks around, seeing everyone doing just this). Motion passes unanimously. Right Hucka Doobie?

Hucka D.:


(the next 36 minutes were taken up by the most profound series of ideas baker b. had ever heard in his life)

(To be continued)


Baker Bloch looks around at everyone once more, and then the physical table itself. He notices the now empty giant bottle of wine pointing to Winesburg, Ohio, a famous early 20th Century tome by Ohio born Sherwood Anderson. He asks if anyone has any thoughts on *that* before the singing begins.

The singing begins. It is the story of a man who enters The Underground behind a Fountain of Life — trapped in a chair inside the water, unable to move. Before Death. He becomes a Cellar Dweller. Merry fucking Christmas, I suppose. But the cellar hasn’t been dug. It’s a freshly dug grave[ instead]. Beside him is little Wilcockson, ready to give up the ghost. In the next bed. We’re out of wines.


Looks like…

… The Temple of TILE’s position is fixed for a while, hehe.


My neighbor’s tumblr site: Veyot’s View. She just opened up a pizza parlor (structure to right in above pic). Here’s an entry about VWX Town in particular — that’s Veyot with some of the town’s residents in the Church of The Diagonal.

Here’s Another recent entry about VWX Town from the always amazing dualatoll blog. My town is getting a little outside notice, and that’s probably enough.

I’m thinking I need to explore more of the Atoll Continent/Heterocera. Maybe run the rails again.

Unfortunately I still believe VWX Town will basically be destroyed by the first week of September, when my tier payment comes due again. Fall hiking season will be right around the corner, and I need to refocus on Frank and Herman Parks (check name of blog!). Need to get use to a new camera for park pictures. Still miss Liquor (nickname for my old camera). Pheh. But I’m sure the new one will be adequate.

In the meantime I have Second Life and Heterocera and VWX Town and VHC Town. Good clean fun.

Peter’s Grave…

Pass through the Fountain of Life into the grave.




Casey The Alien. Dead? Coming back to life?


Underground VHC Town whirlpool of life/death.

Rock Stars

I don’t think this is the bus of local heroes The Kniks but I can’t swear to it. Anyway, it’s back in VWX Town, cargo unloaded.


Exploring Heterocera 01

I really appreciate some of the areas near VWX Town. Like the super significant VHC Town obviously, and also Simple Wunderlich’s almost sim sized zoo featured in other posts here. Although not as large as those 2, add at least the ground part of the Lunacast Moonbase Officer’s property in Dimidiata a bit below them on that local appreciation list. I love larger tracts of undulating terrain decorated by a good heaping of linden plants such as this. I think back fondly to Salazar Jack’s vast Kahruvel forest, and also the smaller Kerchal Forest and Heterocera’s own Rubi Forest. This is not nearly as big as even the Rubi forest, but I take what I can get from mainland at this point.


Another beauty spot just west of there, across Route 3.5 in Serpentata now. It’s a rather significant, artificial hill with the stream pictured below tumbling down its east side. A hollow log home is set up next to the rocks on the top, and a campfire is nearby. Baker Bloch, in rechecking the site in real time, has found a base inside the hill, apparently owned by pagans. He does not wish to disturb them further.


Moving on… the next route west is Route 3, and beyond that the central, high ridge of Heterocera, arching across its northern expanse. Luckily, ol’ running Baker is able to cross the ridge at a lower part here, before it rises into the towering mountains of the north.


Nevertheless, the ground gets very steep on the other side, with SL 6 (“High Mountain Road”) just below. I’ve heard one old SL friend call this her favorite Linden route.




Here’s more info about the road from the Second Life wiki:


Some good text there. I’ll have to bike the entirety sometime soon.


Nice pool on elven land in Perizoma.


Heading back down to sea level, about a 150 meter descent for Baker from the top of the ridge he crossed.


Exploring Heterocera 02

The continent’s central lagoon comes into view past the road below Baker Bloch here.


Similar view from a vantage point in what’s called Rustport, a collection of buildings spaced one on top of the other beside the railroad. Not as rusty as it sounds.


So many artists reside on the continent. Splendid! This may be just a private home in Tanietatum — nearing the sea again — and I apologize to the owner 23rdDjin Negulesco if so for the photo.


Cornfield with blackbirds outside a neighboring structure. As Baker Bloch is checking now, this seems to be part of the Rustport complex.


Linden protected channel surrounded by small, jagged cliffs. This appears to be in Tischeriidae, the sim immediately south of Tanietatum and southwest of Perizoma.


Just wrong (but still cool).


Texture change in the sea bed crossing from Tischeriidae into Thyatira.


Sea floor running, above-water camera angle…


… and below-water camera angle. You can deduce from this that the water is quite shallow here, as is the case for about all the continent’s interior lagoons. Depth here: only about 5 meters. Perhaps I’ll make a more comprehensive study of Heterocera water depths in the future.


Baker checks out spots of more interesting floor textures at the base of a mound.


Heterocera actually contains 2 atolls, one fitted inside the other. Below Baker stands on the edge of the interior atoll, with the 2nd, smaller lagoon not far over the ridge in front of him. He is about the visit the center of centers.



“He knows that Casey the Alien sleeps in the tomb that is the womb. Carrcassonne isn’t it?”


We must hide the true intent. I see all.


Hi. Interrupting anything? Tomb?

Hucka D.:

Casey the Alien is rainbowology reborn… or renewed. Your choice.


What happens if I give up that domain?

Hucka D.:



You must walk my labyrinth. Move my labyrinth[ to the northeast corner of town] and then walk. That is rainbowology. Your line, Bee.

Hucka D.:

That is rainbowology.


Pay attention. [(did Carrcassonne *smile*?)]


What about sinkology… and Sunklands?

Hucka D.:

Another valid object[ive].


Obviously this has something to do with Jamie pulling the plug on his [or her] own Dark Side of the Rainbow site, really the last one or at least the only current one in existence, subtracting my own. And my own isn’t complete.

Hucka D.:



The whole blog here[ Frank and Herman Einstein blog] started as a reaction to Jamie’s nonacceptance, seemingly, of the concept of rainbowology.

Hucka D.:

He accepted the concept. However, it was different from yours.



Sorry fellows. Computer wouldn’t restart and had to repair itself. Took a couple of minutes.


I’m not a fellow. Lili Boulanger. Galina Ustvolskaya.


Thanks Carrcassonne.

Hucka D.:

The computer restart is not an error. We are unprepared to answer your tough but important questions tonight, baker b. We have become inept for some reason unknown. Right Carrcassonne?


Wrong plug. Female plug. Plug in female. The.

Furry Carl serving a dame.




So… is he coming back to life or not?


Create the [new] tower. Rainbow tower.

VWX Town Reconfigurations

Baker Bloch’s dash to the center of the Heterocera continent kind of fizzled out, with the central of central lagoons skirted but not directly visited. The below photo finds Baker running on the western side of the larger lagoon which the smaller lagoon is nested within, enjoying the complicated underwater scenery. Where will he head next?


Back in VWX Town, more changes a going on. I decided that the Table House near the center of the town could go, since its original purpose has instead been fulfilled by The Table on the second level of the Church of The Diagonal in Westside. The deletion of this fairly significant, almost 100 prim structure created a domino effect, with the results pictured below. First the deletion of the Table House allowed me to rez both the SoSo East Gallery and Bodega Supermarket in its spot. Both of these structures were last seen on my holdings in New Pietmond, Sikkima, if memory serves.


As a result of the spacing between the two, a long avenue was opened up running through most of Central to Westside. Nice extension.


With SoSo East rezzed, I realized it was possible to delete the Toxic Art Gallery in the northeast of town and relocate all the collages within it to both SoSo East (Oblong series) and my formerly established Gallery Jack (Rose Hill, Hidalgo, Yale, Wheeler, Newton, Jasper series), the latter which I then manifested in Southside directly west of the Power Tower Gowlery.


VWX Town’s lone stream, now issueing from the eastern edge of Gallery Jack.


Entrance into Gallery Jack from the Power Tower Gowlery. So nifty I could directly couple these two personal collage filled galleries.


Gallery Jack’s atrium, with a map of Jasper County, Illinois surrounded by statues Newton and Jasper, still bickering and still opposing each other, I assume.


Cool view of the Power Tower Gowlery from the hole in the top of Gallery Jack.



In order to establish Gallery Jack in Southside, I had to move the Temple of TILE already in place there. The logical choice was the northeast corner of town where Toxic Art Gallery had just been derezzed. The temple seemed to slot in perfectly; Carrcassonne appears happy.


Bodega Supermarket, another marvelous Arcadia Asylum freebie build.


Yet another major change was the upgrading of C. Derek Jones’ Westside cottage to a bonafide house. He’s quite happy with the results as well. Everyone seems pleased with the new changes. Win win.


VWX Town, for what it is, is being perfected.


Southside, Westside

I’ve noticed Enola Vaher’s “Finely Torn Id” Gallery in VHC Town is frequently advertised on Sasun Steinbeck art kiosks in the last year or two, specifically a signature art work within her gallery depicting a female figure, her mouth sewn shut with a string or thread she also holds in both extended hands. It reminds me of a long piece of dental floss, positioned in this manner. Knowing that Vaher’s gallery lies next to and is directly identifiable with The Diagonal, I found myself wondering if this string/thread, this line — held diagonally across the picture after all — could be psychically associated with this much larger virtual line extending across the Heterocera continent, another microcosm of that macrocosm as we have now in the Church of the Diagonal.


As Baker Bloch is checking now by visiting the “Finely Torn Id” gallery in person, the work is called “Don’t speak”. I’m inserting a detail of the picture below he just took, or I just took through him. 🙂 Notice the stitching through the mouth takes the form of a row of diagonal diamonds (5 in all), just like the sims of The Diagonal would make the same (14 in that case). I may return to this thought after further study.*


As you can also see from the first picture above, my kiosk in Southside’s Power Tower Gowlery was depicting this very picture the night I decided to check out the sewing in it more closely. While there, Baker also took — or, once again, me through Baker — a picture of the long row of second story “windows” shared between the Power Tower Gowlery and neighboring Gallery Jack, more indication of the interdependence of the two. One could say the two speak to each other, and that this is a sort of symbolic “mouth” in itself (!)


Baker sits on the bridge across the stream just outside the Power Tower, pondering the meaning of its source at the northeast corner of Gallery Jack now. The stream seems to be another way to connect my two Southside galleries. This unnamed stream, in fact, is about the only thing in Southside now *besides* the galleries, since they occupy so much space there.











* Appropriate, perhaps, that the picture next to “Don’t speak” in Finely Torn Id is called “Food for Thought”, and these 2 art works appear in the back center of the gallery, as we can tell by peering into the front door and judge by the skull pictured on the floor. “Food for Thought” also contains a skull, and the man in the picture (partner to the woman beside him?) is eating “thoughts” out of it.



Southside, Westside 02