New Pietmond 01

New Pietmond is really shaping up. And I have over 700 prims left to play around with on some kind of skybox project I suppose (!) Very exciting times, and I’m certainly glad now I splurged a bit and delved back into Second Life property ownership. The initial cost was about 37 dollars for the land and then the tier amounts to about 45 dollars a month, factoring in my monthly allowance from the Lindens. I’ll probably give the land up in February again, or maybe even at the end of January. So this is a winter project. Who knows how good or bad the winter will be this year, and last year we had a *mild* one here in the mountains. That contributed to me giving up Second Life expenses in early March for certain (and before that abandoning Pietmond at the start of February). The call of the outdoors at that time was strong.

So let’s take a look at what’s developing in New Pietmond so far and what I anticipate happening in the near and perhaps also the more distant future in this virtual location.

Below we have a picture of the east to west expanse of New Pietmond, which goes completely from one side of my roughly square 8016 parcel to the other. As I said in my last post on Pietmond I believe, the X Spot Gallery that use to be a skybox in Carcass-1 (my Maebaleia continent digs from earlier this year) has now been moved to the ground itself, with New Pietmond or the core of such literally built beneath the giant x shape.

Baker Bloch here is up on the top of one of the arms of the “x” itself, looking down through an opening into the heart of New Pietmond. He got up here with aid of the Burl Tower, which we’ll discuss further in a moment.

And here we are on the ground itself at roughly the same spot. As you can see, the Trojan warrior statue found in second stage Pietmond (fall/winter 2011-2012) has returned and becomes the center itself this time. It stands at one corner of what will eventually turn into the newest iteration of the SoSo Gallery also found in earlier versions of Pietmond (both stages 1 and 2 this time), and with the Oblong series still within, just like it was in this very early version from 2010, shortly after I moved into the Otaki Gorge sink.

Btw, here’s my first post on Pietmond proper, describing how I just bought the land within the sink in early September 2010:

I’m surprised to see the House of Truth set up so early on the same spot it occupies now — uphill from Peter’s Mound and to the south. And Peter’s Grave or Peter’s Mound still exists in present Pietmond, over 2 years later. However, like I explained before, I don’t on the land within the sink now, or only a very small portion. Instead my main, 8016 parcel lies to the south of the sink. However, I did own part of this parcel before, and called it Pietmond South at the time. Let’s go back again and find when I first bought a section of this land (since I have the BB Blog pulled up in another window already):

Actually, first off here’s a little history of Pietmond from February 2011; might revise this soon:

And here’s a post concerning the start of *renting* this Pietmond South land:

And here’s what I originally did with the land:

And then here’s where I actually bought part of the parcel I own now, in January 2011. The only thing I can spot that would be slightly the same between then and now is that the Home o’ Fibs has been rezzed at roughly the same place in each. I’ll go more into all this history soon. Can’t wait!

Another view of New Pietmond’s heart from a slightly different angle. I don’t have any officially named “ways” yet in the new village, although I suppose that’s on the docket soon enough.

One sidewalk points to the Brash sculpture set up in eastern Great Pietmond now — easy to tell even from a distance because he is standing on his head. I didn’t create this alignment on purpose, however — just happened. Interesting that you look at the sculpture through a rainbow from this direction. The trojan warrior is to the right and facing us… kind of easy to miss him since he’s roughly the same color and texture as the bare tree behind him. There are oodles of “random” objects in New Pietmond already, and more to come I assume. Lots of details to look at from what you can see in this picture alone…

… and this one also, where a blue robot is stolling the sidewalk in front of the SoSo Gallery.

The Newton statue (of Newton-Jasper Memorial Park fame) has also returned to Pietmond, set up beside a church structure that’s totally new for me. Is it Newton’s church or do they worship Newton somehow?

Now 3 of the 4 giant statues or sculpture found in the last version of Pietmond have returned, with only Rusty missing. Although not in the same position as he was before, still Newton is to the south once more, with Brash to the east and Goldie to the west again.

Oh, and Carcassonne has not returned, since the old center of Pietmond (center of sink itself) doesn’t apply in this version. But heck that could change as well.

In east New Pietmond comes a sort of park surrounded by a square shaped sidewalk. Directly ahead of us here (and at one corner of the park) stands the Burl Tower built around a large tree, allowing avatars access to the roof of the X Spot Gallery if they wish for further exploration. This Burl Tower was also present in Carcass-1 of Maebaelia.

Again, while I have the Carrcass-1 posts of the BB Blog pulled up, thought I’d share the first link about the X Spot Gallery structure itself:

Baker stands on the balcony of the Home o’ Fibs, looking toward the voided center of the sink. “Yes, this is certainly a *new* version of Pietmond,” he might think while admiring this view, “a New Pietmond for certain.”

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