Supersity 01

“What a find!” I thought at the time. A Supersity indeed. It was rather large rocks below another (flat) platform area on a ridge I am fond of focusing on during my trips around Frank and Herman Parks this Fall. But just later on, I realized this was a “mere” substitute for what the Mossmen planned as an actual “super city”, building up from the location of a nearby old fort.

A gathering of white-ish rocks from the platform area mentioned above. I suppose you could classify this as another small rock art event, or part of one.

Hard to see from this photo, but the rocks pictured at the beginning of this post are dead center, and seemed to be aligned (yet more alignments!) with a type of path leading toward them starting from an opposite ridge.

But now we move into several photos from the *real* location of Supersity in all likelihood, and I promise to go back asap for more snapshots this weekend. This “X” marked on a rock drew my attention and I decided to chronicle its seeming oddity, which appears to be man-made. X marks the spot, after all..

There are two main groups of rocks in Supersity, the above shot coming from the higher of the two and the below picture that of a prominent jutting rock in the lower group. Supersity itself lies just beyond the northern boundary of Frank Park, and thus in unprotected regions, susceptible to future development. In several ways this reminds me of Mocksity from the Baker Blinker Blog, similarly in a rock cluster and lying just beyond the harboring areas of Frank Park, again to the north. And it’s rumoured that famed mossman Gene Fade was a resident of *both* burgs, which seems super important, blog-wise. Fade dwelt more in the lower part of Supersity, or in the cultural zone existing atop an extensive (to the toy avatars) fissure cave system. By this point in his life, Fade was a rather full blown artist, and here met fellow artisan Karoz Blogger, a faceter and also polisher of gems.

This is a Supersity fissure cave, but from the upper group of rocks, more a militant enclave. The rock this fissure is found is called Protector Rock by the people of Supersity, perhaps in step with the militia type it helps to shelter. Again, I’ll get more pictures asap.

Little people certainly existed in this long passageway at some point, but my feeling is that they are toy avatars themselves, probably mossmen. So what that implies is there were 2 groups of mossmen forming Supersity as a whole, the artist types and the military or more rules governed types, the latter a carryover from the old fort days. But that’s not to say the upper rocks lacked culture; it’s just that wasn’t the primary focus, unlike the lower rock dwellers (like Karoz and Gene Fade).

And now we move to *Future City*. When I returned home, I discovered that what I shockingly found at the end of a dead end dirt road just above the Supersity rocks is called a sacred hoop, a variation of an Indian medicine wheel. Details of what this is can be found through links I’ve already provided in this post below.

We’ll take a look at the details of this particular sacred hoop in Supersity 02

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