Fuzzer House 01

“Awww. Mess’n with me head, Butcher.”

“Blimey,” Butcher said back. He was opening a can of ten beans.

Fuzzer House looked larger from the inside. The Kniks, dressed up as Apricot-Bone, felt open and vulnerable. Like the door was open to the Broad Hinton house… and suddenly it was. Outside they saw a man walking a white dog, oblivious their exposed presence. Thank dog for the force field.

Jimmy stepped through the force field and out in the street. “Got a light, man?” he asked in his cocky Cockney way. For he desperately needed a fag.

“Blimey,” the man in the street walking his dog said. “Where’d you come from?”

“Where do you think mate?” Jimmy said, indicating with his head the Fuzzer House behind him. For his hands were busy lighting the fag after the man had handed him a cigarette lighter.

The man handed him a cigarette lighter.

“Blimey,” Butcher said back. The tin can of beans sealed itself up.

Making It BIG


King Tull


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