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Flickr: Monhegan Island > Whitehead Crossing




Today I revisited Whitehead Crossing, which I will probably do tomorrow as well. Didn’t take a lot of pictures because of tiredness. Made the mistake of eating a full meal in the middle of the day, which is unnatural for me. Threw my whole metabolism off. Learned a lesson.

But to Whitehead: Perhaps a major discovery there still in the finding of a *fairy house*, as well as a fairy field. This just on the other side of Green Stream from Whitehead Crossing, and probably a part of its “metro area”. I’ll attempt to take pictures today. Named the only other stream in Whitehead X-ing besides Whitehead Brook *Little Whitehead*, and then later that day learned that there was a Little Whitehead as well on Monhegan Island (along with a Whitehead itself).


To emphasize this resonance, in a google search for “little whitehead”, my blog comes up among the top hits now, along with an art group made up of people whose last names are Little and Whitehead, and then Monhegan Island’s Little Whitehead summit. Too queer! The assoc. between my Whitehead X-ing and Monhegan I. would have been made through this phrase if it hadn’t already been made through “whitehead”. About the only thing I’ve said about Little Whitehead (my stream) specifically in this or the Baker Blinker Blog is here, where I assoc. a bridge across two rocks framing the stream with possible avatar activity in the area. Now I can make a direct link between “avatars” and “fairies” through this other Little Whitehead on Monhegan I.


To scale, a direct overlap of the 2 Little Whiteheads in question.

What this proves so far:

* Frank Park is the exclusive carrier of the Monhegan-Little Whitehead portal.
* Monhegan Island width corresponds to mouth of Norris Brook to mouth of Whitehead Brook, with Woods of Howl between. This is red and blue.

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