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Bing Maps Crop Circles

Found ghosts of crop circles from years past on Bing Maps, both also described in the post The Hole, Other Considerations.



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The Hole, Other Considerations









Michael Glickman’s blog post on the Milk Hill Lid, also lying next to The Hole, with the post coming immediately before the one linked to in The Hole, Part 02:

To me, this formation also seems to relate to Morgan’s Hill 2007 star formation (5 concentric, laid down rings implied again; simple shape involved once more).


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The Hole, Part 03

I’m writing this text after returning to America from Wiltshire, UK. Amazing trip! The Hole, Parts 1-3 were very late preparations for the journey. Yes I did get to at least see into this “hole” a number of times from different vantage points, if not really visit it directly. The basic story is that there’s a void in the middle of where crop circles have formed in the past, occupied only by one particularly recorded crop circle from August 28, 2001, and designated as an approximate location according to


The below map provides the location of crop circles from 2001 alone in the area. Again, as I’ve stated in the “Plans” post from January of this year, the amazing fact is that maybe 50 percent of the world’s crop circles appear in the region depicted on the above map, an area of about 15 miles in circumference centered a little below Avebury. And as I had planned in Jan., I’ve now successfully visited the region in the 2 locations mention in that post, or, for the first week of our trip, Devizes, and then, for the second week, Marlborough, playing them against each other in a manner.

Back to the 2001 crop circles of this particular, central area, then: Here we have the middle of the hole defined by that Aug 28 creation mentioned before, marked by a blue pin with a red dot in the middle in the first map above. This indicates that the crop circle’s exact location is not known, or is an approximate location. Whether or not the circle was actually located in this spot is, at this point (as it cannot probably be checked), of secondary importance. The important thing is that the folks over at, through a best guess, placed the circle at this very point and in a solitary position in respect to all the various crop circles around it, which are voluminous. It marks the center of the hole, and that seems to be the significance to the otherwise less than spectacular crop circle. Soon I’ll rejoin the Crop Circle Connector and gain access to its Archives for more details on this central circle.


However, one of the two closest crop circles to this central circle happens to also be one of the most famous and largest of all crop circles down through time. It’s called the 2001 Milk Hill formation, and has been described on many sites, including this archived file from the Crop Circle Connector. Note that it was also created in 2001, and only a little over 2 weeks before the Hole Circle (as we’ll begin to call it here).

Has anyone studied the relationship between the 2 circles, famous and non-famous? Probably not. However, the main part of the Hole Circle appears to be an almost exact copy of a 5 circle segment of the much larger 2001 one created nearby. I’ll conduct my own research on the matter a bit later. Is the slightly later Hole Circle somehow an additional comment/addendum on the Milk Hill formation, perhaps even a correction of some sort?


Below we have crop circle locations from 2002 alone, or the year after the ones described above. Crop circle researcher Freddy Silva rather famously proclaimed that in this particular year he could only determine less than a dozen legitimate formations, and that so-called hoaxed circles had so far outpaced legitimate ones as to make future research on the subject very difficult. Indeed, most i mportant crop circle books seem to come from over a decade ago, including Silva’s own Secrets in the Fields.

Below is marked one of Silva’s claimed legitmate finds, from the Pewsey area. He specifically contrasts this to the much more famous Crabwood formation of this year in his 3 current 2002 crop circle history pages.


Even in 2012, the 2001 Hole Circle still stands out as unique, and the seemingly related, famous Milk Hill formation from the same year being one of the 2 closest circles ever to form near it.




Only slightly further away from the Hole Circle appears this early formation (1990), which could also represent a key, or perhaps be related to the later snail circles. It also lies very near the position of the 2001 Milk Hill formation.


As described in The Hole, Part 01 and Part 02, many of the most famous of crop circles down through time have appeared around the inner circumference of this hole, often appearing in determined pairs or sets of 3.


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The Hole, Part 02

(continued from The Hole, Part 01)

Directly related 1996 crop circles occurring just west of Devizes:



2 of the 3 triangular fractal patterns of 1997:



Crop circles from 1990 to 1999. The Hole is already clearly indicated.


Two more related Devizes area crop circles from 1999:



Also from 1999, and related to the 1997 triangular fractal patterns pictured above, a reciprocal pair of square based fractals:



More on the 1999 pair from the 2 pictures above, plus the similar cat’s eyes from the year before:

Crop circles locations from 1990-2000, preparating the nest, as it were, for 2001’s central Hole Circle:


(continued in The Hole, Part 03)


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The Hole, Part 01

Again, here’s the entire set of crop circle locations from 1990 to present (2012). Notice the prominent empty space between Devizes (west/left) and Marlborough (east/right). That’s The Hole.


As also described in The Hole, Part 02, many of the most famous of crop circles down through time have formed around the inner circumference of this hole, often appearing in determined pairs or sets of 3…

… beginning in 1990 and the first pictographs, including the famous 1990 Alton Barnes/East Field formation (1st pic below):




The 1990 Milk Hill “key”:


1991 “whales”:



1992 “scorpions”:



(continued in The Hole, Part 02)


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Finding Pooh (All Cannings)


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Figure 8 again




What Do Crop Circles Mean?

reply to Ada
Submitted by Red Collie on Fri, 01/09/2009 – 00:28.

Dear Ada,

Freddy Silva’s estimate for paranormal authenticity in 2008 as “only 2 out of 133” has not been taken seriously by any of the hundred or so active researchers in the field.

Most of us believe on the basis of direct forensic evidence (or other) that 80-90% of the new complex pictures in England (or Germany/Italy) last summer were authentic.

Indeed, most showed very advanced science relating to solar or lunar eclipses that no faker would know: see a summary on

The amazing “Emerald Tablet” crop picture from East Field on August 25, 2008 was also completely authentic, which really says something concerning their spiritual intent: see

For something really amazing, see the video taken by Andy Fowlds over Westwoods in mid-August:

The Westwoods crop picture itself is an ancient symbol for Venus/Quetzalcoatl.


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