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Modified Skyline


I’m almost definitely keeping VWX Town through August now, what with the important development of The Diagonal extending personal space into a more general realm. It is the fulfillment of sorts of the Rubi mythology, also a part of this larger Diagonal now. Reading up on when I first moved to Rubi in my blog notebooks currently.

Trying to fit a version of Noru’s Blue Feather Gallery into VWX Town, but it’s really large and I won’t have many prims left after the project. Debatable. But it keeps things interesting!

More as it comes in.

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Hucka D.:

You are correct. The salvation of VHC Town and then your attached VWX Town — because it is, yes, The Moon to VHC Town’s Earth… you can insert your picture here if you wish.


Thanks, Hucka D. But go ahead and finish that thought.

Hucka D.:

As I was saying… stating… the salvation…


There’s Cardboard Derek Jones coming into the room!

Hucka D.:

Hmmm… I didn’t hear him. Where’s the picture?


Later, Hucka D. CDJ is here!

Hucka D.:

Yeah. Hi CDJ.


Hi! Helloooooo. I’m so darn happy. Am I on drugs? No! Not now. I’m happy because VWX Town is one now! Central has given in!


I thought you wanted Westside independent from Central and also Southside, CDJ, the two other parts of VWX Town.


Not any longer. We have The Diagonal and we thus control the town. And it will always be that way. Floydada is the salvation of VHC Town.

Hucka D.:

He’s right. That’s not what I was going to say but he’s right.


Hmm. I was going to guess, Hucka D., that you were going to say that the Emerald Tablets contained information necessary to the salvation of VHC Town.

Hucka D.:

No… yo… no.


They are the same!


Maybe we better take a look at Floydada. Is it back in Westside, then, CDJ?


Yes! As of this post. Let’s go take a look.

(We went to take a look; Hucka D. bowed out, saying he had breakfast at Tiffany’s.)


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More Underground VHC Town…

VHC Town’s underground seems quite vast with many twists and turns and surprises.


The underground contains not one but several different sewer systems. Baker finds a hobo hangout in a room in one of ’em.



Baker locates a copy of the alchemical Emerald Tablets stuck in the ground at one point. I’ll quote the first few paragraphs of its huge, attached notecard at the end of this post.*



Walls of many textures. Perhaps not intended to be cool but pretty cool still.


Underground beauty spot found in a previous visit.


Baker finds the above ground source of the stream just visited. Nice. I might even create a map of VHC Town and its underground soon. Come to think of it, I need to do the same for my VWX Town.


Baker is able to grasp (i.e., “wear”) a basketball but still has no way to play. This is in extreme northern Bembecia, above the galleries and in a grittier part of town.


Shifting away now from VHC Town, this night also finds Baker Bloch visiting the Water Tower located in Lythria’s Zoo of All Things, owned by blogger Simple Wunderich. Better shots of the tower start here in Simple’s flickr site. The zoo lies not far northeast of VWX Town, and also directly north of VHC Town. It’s in the neighborhood.


Lastly, Baker decides to drop in on a friend’s house in southern Heterocera he hasn’t seen before. Another beautiful atoll location.



* The Emerald Tablets of Thoth – Preface

The history of the tablets translated in the following pages is strange and beyond the belief of modern scientists. Their antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36,000 years B.C. The writer is Thoth, an Atlantean Priest-King, who founded a colony in ancient Egypt after the sinking of the mother country.
He was the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza, erroneously attributed to Cheops. In it he incorporated his knowledge of the ancient wisdom and also securely secreted records and instruments of ancient Atlantis.
For some 16,000 years, he ruled the ancient race of Egypt, from approximately 52,000 B.C. to 36,000 B.C. At that time, the ancient barbarous race among which he and his followers had settled had been raised to a high degree of civilization.
Thoth was an immortal, that is, he had conquered death, passing only when he willed and even then not through death. His vast wisdom made him ruler over the various Atlantean colonies, including the ones in South and Central America.
When the time came for him to leave Egypt, he erected the Great Pyramid over the entrance to the Great Halls of Amenti, placed in it his records, and appointed guards for his secrets from among the highest of his people.
In later times, the descendants of these guards became the pyramid priests, by which Thoth was deified as the God of Wisdom, The Recorder, by those in the age of darkness which followed his passing. In legend, the Halls of Amenti became the underworld, the Halls of the gods, where the soul passed after death for judgment.
During later ages, the ego of Thoth passed into the bodies of men in the manner described in the tablets. As such, he incarnated three times, in his last being known as Hermes, the thrice-born.
In this incarnation, he left the writings known to modern occultists as the Emerald Tablets, a later and far lesser exposition of the ancient mysteries.
The tablets translated in this work are ten which were left in the Great Pyramid in the custody of the pyramid priests. The ten are divided into thirteen parts for the sake of convenience.

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More clues

Green-ish spot on wall near VHC Town’s central Purple Tower.


Another part of underground VHC Town, found remotely while Baker Bloch was still standing in front of the purple tower at Lanestris 097 097 097:


Related link and quote:

Overhead VHC Town, with “black hole” in middle. The 097 097 097 spot is just to the west of its plain but also clearly poisonous purple tower.


In the same area is another freebie box, offering a green texture. It appears to be the nearest freebie box to the Poison Violet offering.

Related link and quote in this case:

The approx. rgb color of the 20 prim purple tower house situated directly in front of 097 097 097 Lanestris is 051 000 051. It seems to be very dark purple, with mainly even parts red and blue but little to no green.


Mouseview from Bembecia 208 208 097, which is then on another sim diagonal, and parallel to *The* Diagonal running through Lanestris to its immediate east. Notice this is also at elevation 097, just like the now infamous 097 097 097 location in Lanestris.


Baker now stands at Bembecia 202 202 096, still on a sim diagonal. He can follow this particular diagonal no further within the room.





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RGB Color Code related to The Diagonal (specifically through 097 097 097)?

We have to have 3 codes, 1 to 255, to create a rgb color, which we do with length, width (and most likely height) of any SL sim location (same codes of 1 to 255 for length and width, with 256 reverting back to 0). Here’s the color for 097 097 097, which is a variation of gray:


Here’s the colors 000 000 000 to 255 255 255 in increments of 032. This forms a stepped continuum of black through various grays to white:


The approx. rgb color of the 20 prim purple tower house situated directly in front of 097 097 097 Lanestris is 051 000 051. It seems to be very dark purple, with mainly even parts red and blue but little to no green.




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SL Photos — The Diagonal, etc.

VWX Town: water and fire.


A new skyscraper has appeared in town, another Moard Ling creation. But how and why? (it’s not my doing!)


VHC Town (as I’ll call it): Nice touches all around, like this black heart railing by Enola Vaher in a remote section.


Unexpectantly dropping into part of VHC Town’s vast underground in crossing from the Lanestris sim to Bembecia.


Stuff of dreams.


Circling around the west side of the large burg back to re-explore The Diagonal.



So much underground complication. Baker likes!


Incomplete building.


Underground, unexplainable vertical section of road.


Interesting art of the Finely Torn Id gallery; owned by Enola Vaher, apparently a town caretaker.



More underground:





Baker locates The Diagonal in the underground. Nifty.


A perhaps amazing synchronicity: VHC Town contains a 097 097 097 location, exactly like what I found in Rubi in 2008 and what starting the whole examination of The Diagonal in the first place. Check here! This must mean something.


Overhead VHC Town, with “black hole” in middle. The 097 097 097 spot is just to the west of its plain but also clearly poisonous purple tower.


097 097 097 again. Baker’s standing right in front of the thing!*



The Finely Torn Id lies immediately north of the purple tower.



Superimposed (tough to make!).


I especially liked the Hiberno-Saxon style drawing of the gallery (see above).

Another note: the 097 097 097 point of Lanestris lies just west of a 512 sq meter banned parcel (“Pitch Black”) containing the purple tower — lucky that I was able to access the point at all, then.**



* You can visit Lanestris 097 097 097 through this link:

**Pitch black in rgb code would also be 3 identical digits: 000 000 000


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Rubi Diagonal: More Thoughts 02

Hucka D.:

Aspinwall has made itself manifest to you. But in the meantime it has turned into Colon (!)



Hucka D.:

Yeah. Yikes!


So this is predicted by the Rubi Diagonal.

Hucka D.:

Just *The* Diagonal will do.


To review, *The* Diagonal passes through 14 sims as it crosses the Second Life continent of Heterocera, also known as the Atoll Continent. In Horisme, it intersects the lowest or southernmost part of the Great Linden Wall, which also happens to pass through 14 sims, starting at the north with Athetis, Spini and Pyri — ASP in other words. The Great Linden Wall is an asp, but an asp as thick as one’s colon in this case.

Hucka D.:

Yes, The Wall is The Asp. It is telling you something.



Hucka D.:

No… not really.


I don’t want to see its picture on facebook forever and forever. How would B. like it if I published a picture of a giant spider on same?

Hucka D.:



But actually I remember she blocked me from seeing it — we agreed on that.

Hucka D.:

The Great Linden Wall — The ASP — encounters The Diagonal, just as you encountered The Asp today at your doorstep. It was waiting for you.


I’ve put a picture below of the relationship between The Wall and The Diagonal, showing where they touch in Horisme.


Hucka D.:

Welp, what are you going to do about it?


Lowes tomorrow. Gotta get a mower anyway. Clean up the yard.

Hucka D.:

Clean up the yard.


ASPinwall (Great Linden Wall) encounters The Diagonal at one of its two high points or peaks in Horisme. Horisme-Hirtaria-Hooktip define the Hilo triangle in the center of The Diagonal. Another way to show this is here:


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