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VWX Town Renewed 03

2 photos showing the extremely close relationship between Tower of A. Mann and the ToXic Art Gallery, not touching, but about as close as possible without doing so.



Originally the Tower of A. Mann and neighboring Big Boy use to be set at the same angle relative to each other. Now there’s about a 10 degrees separation between the 2.


VWX Town skyline with “Up” style balloons.




“Eternally Bickering Newton and Jasper” statues; Brash (another, similar statue) is in the background.



The newest addition to VWX Town: Wall of Eyes. The new-ish Temple of TILE is aimed directly toward it, as it turns out. Wall of Eyes also sits on my newest rental in the village, a 512 square meter parcel owned by Lama Estates, like my original 2048 parcel in the area (a.k.a. Southside). The Temple of TILE itself is situated on this 2048 parcel, along with the Power Tower Gowlery (original structure of the town).



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VWX Town renewed 02b

Baker heading up the right arm of Central’s “V”, and away from the Trojan Warrior and friends.


But first, Baker turns left to look up the left arm of the “V”, whence he came. Kidd Tower can be seen in the background through the trees and bushes.


Standing in the same spot, he looks up. Big Boy towers over him at this position. Big Boy is probably the central structure of the village, nearer its geographic heart. And so far it too remains basically empty. Will town meetings take place within?


So… continuing to head up the right arm of the “V”…


… Baker soon reaches another juncture of paths. This is actually the crossroads of the “X” part of the V W X path design forming the core of Central.

The upper right prong of the “X” dead ends, once more, at the Newton and Jasper statues fronting the ToXic Art Gallery.


At the end of the lower left prong directly opposite this exists the Sink Lair Gallery, devoted to Virginia’s Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area first discussed in the Baker Blinker Blog that preceded the current blog. The virtual Sink Lair Gallery originally dates from spring of last year. Also here, to Baker’s right, is found the Quadtowers of TILE holding the Baker Bloch in England exhibit. This dates from spring 2010.


Top of the right arm of Central’s “V” shaped path, looking into Southside now. The Victorian house in the background is yet another structure that’s already been deleted from the village, having been replaced by the Temple of TILE just this morning.


VWX Town skyline from the second story of this now deleted Victorian home.


Overhead shot of the Newton and Jasper statues, surrounded by the ToXic Art Gallery (right) and Burl Tower (left) to the top, and Tower of A. Mann (right) and Big Boy (left) at the bottom. Heart o’ village.



VWX Town renewed 03

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