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Where did it come from?


If this is truly going to be my last virtual village for a while, and at least in Second Life, I thought I’d focus more on the individual buildings while they’re rezzed. Liked the Kidd Tower pictured above. It evolved in New Pietmond, Sikkima in tandem with the evolution of the X-Spot Gallery, which has not yet been manifested in VWX Town. It may have broken away from this original tandem and declared its independence, like a kid does from its parents and perhaps especially the mother. The Mother. Kidd Tower, Big Boy and Tower of A. Mann are all clustered together in VWX Town, like they were in New Pietmond, *Otaki Gorge* (the *other* New Pietmond, also from the November-February, 2012-2013 period). Their surface meaning seems fairly clear: Kidd Tower, the shortest of the 3, is the kid, probably pre-adolescence; Big Boy, with the median height, is the adolescent; and Tower of A. Mann, the tallest, is the kid all grown up into a mature adult. Big Boy and Tower of A. Mann have never been fulfilled internally — they’re basically just town eyecandy with their glorious height, dominating over all of the Central section. Kidd Tower, in contrast, is internally meaningful as well. Outwardly it is basically composed of 3 stacked and identical modules of a building designed by the virtually famous Arcadia Asylum, the source of a lot of structures and objects in my virtual holdings down through the years now. This particular building is called the economy slum tower, I believe, part of her amazing Slum City collection that also includes the slum apartment used as the basis for the SoSo Gallery in both New Pietmonds.

So how did this particular building grow 3 times as tall as originally conceived? Where did it come from, once more? The Slum Tower, just as an object, I believe first appeared in one of my vitual locations in Noru, Spring 2009, but remained empty there, as it did up to the original (and longest) incarnation of Pietmond the next year. It was in Pietmond the economy tower fulfilled its first important role: as the home of the Gallery in the Rocks holding the art of synching friend Stegokitty. Related posts from the Baker Blinker Blog are here. Before this, as I’m remembering now in looking over that BB Blog post, it was called Gallery None, because there never was anything in it up until then. With the inclusion of Stegokitty’s photos and collages, I felt the structure was fulfilled in its unmodified or original state, and actually still do. The Gallery in the Rocks then also appeared in Pietmond, Second Stage and also other virtual villages from 2010 to 2012. In New Pietmond, the transformation of the structure from Gallery in the Rocks to Kidd Tower began, because I felt the former venue had run its course. Stegokitty had gone back to school to study film, and his new art, which I have not been able to experience yet at any length, was still obviously outpacing the old, at least to him as he relayed the basic idea back to me. *And* I felt it was also evolving beyond *synchronicity*, for Stegocat had, in the meantime, allowed his former touchstone Dark Side of the Rainbow site, The Definitive List, fall by the wayside. He had more important matters to attend to, and that’s understandable and most likely necessary. So it was actually in Carcassonee in Spring, 2012 that the economy tower started its growth spurt, transforming from Stegokitty showcase to a *Dark Side of the Rainbow* showcase (showing actual videos of Dark Side of the Rainbow, and still shots of important moments in this still most famous of audiovisual synchronicities). But this aspect was shortlived, as the Carcassonne village was soon given up. The next time we see the economy tower for any length of time, virtually speaking, I believe was in New Pietmond, Otaki Gorge. By that time I had created the rainbowology.net site, and had become involved in another person who had created an updated and very original Dark Side of the Rainbow web site named Jamie. Corresponding to this, I had the rough idea that the economy slum tower could become the virtual center for a study of rainbowology, obviously as a continuation of the Carcassonne leitmotif.

So, once more, how did the Kidd *Tower* evolve from this, and why the extra stories? Where *did* it come from??

(to be continued)

Big Boy, Tower of A. Mann, and Kidd Tower, with Southside’s even taller Power Tower in the background to their left.


AND then, in a couple of hours, it’s changed once more.






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