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Head’n to Charleston tomorrow. Always great fun. Thoughts before leaving: Will probably take a number of blog ring binders with me. 🙂 Thinking of the inevitable end of VWX Town, which has existed almost 2 months now, a long time for a virtual town for me without the word Pietmond in its name. Will it be as early as September? Heterocera’s The Diagonal is admittedly a very exciting concept, and seems to have greater potential beyond what I’ve found so far. The Church of The Diagonal connects it directly with the pulse of VWX Town. But I’ll also be out in the woods a lot even in Sep. and especially Oct. That will be my main focus. Drawbacks to destroying VWX Town: As I’m reading things, and as I’ve mentioned before on this blog, the possibility to create a town in larger than a 8704 space without jumping up to the next Linden tier payment (40 US dollars to 75 US dollars) has greatly narrowed in the past year, as the rules of Linden land abandonment have changed and the number of mainland parcels for sale has greatly shrunk, shooting up real estate prices and obviously causing problems for my regular rental businesses such as Lama Estates. I was very lucky to even have set up VWX Town in the first place, which now covers 13312 square meters, and also has some add on real estate components, as one could put it. I actually have what is in effect a second avatar resident of the town, even, who has contributed to its skyline with a conglomerate freebie structure of her own. In effect, the town almost covers 1/4th of a sim, which is fairly extensive and probably matches or surpasses even the largest expansions of Old Pietmond. So back to the question: How long will VWX Town last? If I can get past Sep. and Oct. its existence could possibly extend even into Jan. or Feb. In other words, it could come up to the level of Old Pietmond status, if so. I’m having trouble envisioning that, and it would mean putting out about 300 dollars for land expenses from Sep. – Jan. If I just keep my Lama rental land in Philudoria, that would be reduced to about 60 dollars, a savings of around 250 dollars. I want to keep a land presence in SL, and the 60 dollars is quite reasonable for this period of time. But let’s think this through — *eventually* I’m gonna buy a bigger chunk of land in Second Life if I give up VWX Town in Sep., which will most likely cost me about 20-30 more dollars upon purchase, subtracting the tier payments. I’ve already paid for the Philudoria property. Plus there’s the problem of timing the land purchase to maximize my tier value, which I was able to accomplish with VWX Town. Then if I buy property in another place later on, it’s probably not going to be on as cool of land as my present burg, with its connection to the Heterocera Diagonal, prox. to the glorious VHC Town, and so forth. And one needs artistic hobbies; I don’t pay anything for exploring Frank and Herman Parks except for the gas to get there and the inevitable car repairs of the Frank_and_Hermanmobile (1999 Honda Civic). And it seems like when I shift my regular SL purchases over to another art venture — think specifically of buying a Lionel train set last spring — it doesn’t seem to give me as much immediate pleasure for certain. Long term may be a different case. The money I sink into Second Life does not get me any tangible products such as train track, which I can still use, say, 10 or 20 years down the road. Hmmm.

Hucka D.:

Keep VWX Town. I’ll pay the bills through January.


Thanks Hucka D. But you don’t really have any money you can give me, you know. It’s all out of my pocket, me as baker b.

Hucka D.:

Not really. I can give you money. I gave you money for travel this summer.


Hmmm (again). What is the importance of hanging on to VWX Town?

Hucka D.:

You just listed them above — in this blog post. We are in a blog post aren’t we?


This time. Do *you* — well, you just said I should hold on to it. Maybe we should have a town meeting. Who will represent Northside?

Hucka D.:

Casey The Alien of course. He’s up and about now after his resurrection. He lives in the Cape Map cottage on the edge of Northside. Has a bed upstairs. You should invite him over for tea.


Tea with baker b. Or Baker Bloch.

Hucka D.:

Sure. He’s the one you need to talk to the most now. He can communicate to you in Second Life[ now].


Hi. Thanks for inviting me over for tea (smiles).


Hi CTA. Welcome to Nowheresville.


Does seem a little bare. I appear to be sitting in mid air. Oh look, over there’s a painting. Let’s go take a look.

(all walk to the painting that has manifested on a far wall, next to the window)

bb: (looking):

Landscape. I like landscapes.


It’s the Cliffs of Dundee, I assume. I was there.

Hucka D.:

Me too.


We’re there now, in fact.

(and they were)

(to be continued?)

Cliffs of Dundee” (Waverly Knapp, c1812)

Burnet cliff, top; Burnet/192/192/85.

Burnet cliff, bottom; Burnet/160/160/42

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Peter’s Grave, Otaki Gorge…

… finally gone.


August VWX Town Meeting…


… finally adjourned.

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Byng 02

(continued from “Byng 01”)

Rock Island about 50 yards or so upstream from Lion’s Roar. One could certainly make an argument that it’s not an island per se, but just an interior conglomeration of rocks more often than not protruding above Byng’s water level.


Interesting orange tinted rock patterns within an unnamed, small cascade just above Rock Island.


Shots into the upper reaches of Byng’s Kansas region, which has taken on added significance in the meantime:



I’ve found a path linking Missouri on the ridge to the west (same ridge with the Kentucky platform further up, once more) to this rock filled and more spread out, circle shaped part of Byng I am standing in for the below picture. Just downstream from here, we can spy the dark silhouette of a large, dead tree that perhaps represents the center of 6 Minute Hill. More on that soon as well.


Larger, square-ish rock from the same area.



Upper Kansas flora.


Interesting crisscross of tree trunks above Byng… again taken within the same circular Byng location that the Missouri Trail leads to from the western ridge.


Interesting trunk spanning a more marshy part of 6 Minute Hill.


The central dead tree mentioned before, viewed from the opposite direction.


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Byng 01

A greenish mushroom that has partially collapsed since I first spied it at the beginning of the Missouri Trail of Byng several days ago. I barely recognized it, in fact. The surface aspect of mushrooms seem to have a short span of existence. That’s something I look forward to studying closer when I retired in *7 1/2* years, barring illness. And even with illness (not going to happen) it will still be 7 1/2 total years, since I have bunches of sick leave accumulated. Not that I don’t like my job, but I have things to do… besides keeping up with this blog, which I intend to continue until I can’t. Frank and Herman, Einstein! is long term. Maybe beyond 7 1/2 years. 🙂

Since the below spot marks the point where you can enter Kansas (middle Byng Creek) or Missouri (ridge west of Byng), some might call it Kansas City. I’m not sure I’m ready to run with that particular pack yet.


Holey Moley! Is that a wood fairy I took a picture of yesterday?!? This was a bit up the Missouri Trail, where you can see Lion’s Roar (central dark patch) in the background. I believe I took the picture with a flash (automatically set to adjust for lighting), but still I don’t see how it could illuminate a whole object like that. Could be wrong. Didn’t see anything like a fairy (or big bug) when taking the picture.


Close-up of the “fairy”. You can definitely see the wings here, and it appears to be flying at a goodly rate, or at least the wings, if that’s what they are, appear to be vibrating at such.


A short hike uphill brings us to the flatter platform of Missouri, not nearly as big as the Kentucky platform further up the same ridge but its only other identifiable platform area nonetheless that I can tell. The name Missouri comes from its proximity to both Kentucky to the west and Kansas to the east. Illinois and Iowa may figure into this as well, and it’s rumored (so far in Byng story) that Kansas’ Rock Island, which I’ll get to in a moment in this photo series, actually comes from a hidden mystery land of Illinois or Iowa or both, perhaps originally issuing from the area of The Impass above Kansas on Byng. Now factor into this seed mythology the Missouri platform situated not far above Rock Island.


Details from Missouri.


This photos depicts a tree seeming to grow almost horizontally out of the ground, but on second glance appears to be dead. Unusual.


Now we come to another oddity of the day. As I was shuffling around the Missouri platform taking pictures, I noticed not one but two unusual sounds. One sounded like somewhat garbled or muffled gunshot from a distance hill, and at a peculiarly regular rate. The second at first seem to come from the other direction, and sounded like a benign chirp from some exotic bird. It took a while to understand that the two sounds actually came from one source: a raccoon perched perhaps 50-60 feet above me in a tree. The sounds were directed toward *me*!


When I returned home last night, I looked up raccoon sounds on the Internet, and discovered they can make an astonishingly wide variety of such. I never found an audio match for the more threatening of the two sounds, however. I didn’t feel like I was in immediate danger, but I also knew that to continue up to Kentucky, my original plan, would have me passing through this very spot on the way back. I didn’t like the idea of encountering this raccoon again, and so I decided to instead descend back down the ridge and head over to Kansas and Byng instead. Below we have a pic from the still extant pots neatly tucked into an inner pocket of Lion’s Roar’s large, overhanging rock.


Byng’s Periwinkle Falls, just above Lion’s Roar.


(continued in “Byng 02”)

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Go back to the Gene Fade Mountain’s 80 post art work and look closely at posts 00, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, perhaps comparing them with the 8 (or 9) points of the Burnet “octagon”, if end is looped back into beginning. We’ve already made a connection between the 80 posts rock work and Kentucky’s Bee Line (through Fade Mtn.’s [failed] Weaving Spot). Is it now also connected to Whitehead X-ing’s Contemplation Loop, given that the weaving spot was also such a loop for at least one day? Must compare lengths of all. Something will arise.

Today I plan to go back to Missouri and also Kentucky further up the same ridge and take some notes, perhaps some c[h]ord. Will have to be 70 yards in length. I’m thinking of using wire. Will a train track be built at Kentucky? Missouri?

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Last night I wrote about Texas synchronicities related to VWX Town and its new Northside. I also posted the link to this blog entry on the Synchronicity Phenomena, since it relates to former board guru/leader Don Boulet. Tonight the wife and I watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory where main character Sheldon (another guru/leader) runs home to his mama in Texas after being embarrassed by friends and colleagues at the university he works. A flag of Texas covers one of the atomic particles in the segue to the Texan location in the episode, which I pointed out to the wife, who didn’t originally see it.* Now, just minutes ago, was looking up more info on Don and discovered this online work, the largest graphic I could find of one of his paintings, prominently displaying a Texas flag.

* You can view the Texas flag in the segue at 1:57 in this video:

Also take a look at the resemblance to this marble picture added to my blog the night before viewing this episode.

In perusing pieces of the Synchronicity Phenomena’s archives, it seems that Don’s opinions about the supposed “real” or non-fictional Big Bang Theory were a bit jaded.

An additional possible synchronicity in all this is the appearance of a Firefly star (Summer Glau) in another episode of The Big Bang Theory, watched by the wife and I several nights previous to the Texan related one described above. The spaceport in Burnet sim, Second Life, which includes Joe’s Garage, seems based on this series.

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What next?


The weather is getting warmer, and I believe further exploration of the Byng area for now might be blocked. My promised pictures of that place today turned out not to be, since I forgot my frigg’n memory card before heading into the woods. So instead I decided to go over to old, reliable Whitehead Crossing, but from The Way this time. Standard nomenclature needs to be reviewed for the area. Whitehead X-ing is so accessible because you can get to it through a number of ways (and so not just through The Way, har). It is definitely a center. Today I walked the Contemplation Loop quite a bit once more, but a slower pace than on previous visits. Will read more of my older Whitehead X-ing notes after finishing this post.

Hucka D.:

No pictures today? Aww.


Sorry. Stupid memory. *Mine*.

Hucka D.:

Contemplation Loop is connecting you to the woods, the wild. I heard you heard coyotes. Maybe wolves. But I think coyotes.



Hucka D.:

You just need to walk it as much as possible. Missouri is closed for now. Missouri will change into something else in a bit. Different name, I mean.


It’s an amazing ridge. And a path that I could not have predicted up that ridge beginning at the very start of the Lion’s Roar/Kansas path. Crazy.

Hucka D.:

That is Missouri, leading to Kentucky. You should study that state[ again].


Apologies once more about the pictures.

Hucka D.:

Soon it will open up. Lion’s Roar and Kansas too.


Who lived in Missouri?

Hucka D.:



Hmmm… how about toy avatars. For that place and also Lion’s Roar/Kansas.

Hucka D.:

That beginning of the path, presently guarded by a greenish mushroom, is the gateway to the future. Missouri future. Through it you can gain quicker access to Kentucky and beyond. Diagonal. This formerly hidden trail will lead you further than ever before. Future.


Thank you.


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