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Burnt Octagon

Yesterday I noticed a similarity between VWX Town’s newly erected Marble Tower…


… and a gazebo near the northeast corner of Burnet and thus near The Diagonal passing through same. For now I call it the Burnet Gazebo. Both it and the Marble Tower are based on the number 8, a number also strongly highlighted by the previously discussed Joe’s Garage octagon in lower Burnet.


I decided a link should be effected between the two, and am even tempted to rename the VWX Tower in question the Burnet Tower. Probably won’t, because I like the name Marble Tower, and it’s not close to the Burnet sim unlike the gazebo. Compare its colors with here (a form of agate or aggie marble)…


A chart showing the relationship of The Diagonal (blue line) and attached elevations (pink line) as it passes through Burnet. The master number again for Burnet is 32, where the number of the Diagonal becomes the same as the number of the elevation in meters. 32 is 1/8th 256, and thus 1/8th up Burnet’s Diagonal from the 0 point.


The Diagonal as extended up from Burnet through Hooktip, Lanestris and Philudoria, my home sim and the site of VWX Town. Notice my Church of The Diagonal seems to be the only structure directly aligned with The Diagonal on this map.

VWX Town, Diagonal02e

The Diagonal passes almost through the exact middle of the Hooktip train station, where Baker is sitting below.


All these octagon based structures appear to also relate to the Billfork diagram explained in House Greenup’s Floydada, as pointed out to me by Westside’s C. Derek Jones during his several visits to me today. He wants to make sure that Northside knows its place in the bigger scheme of things, and that Westside and Westside alone lies on The Diagonal, making it super important and indispensable to VWX Town. Given that I don’t have any terraforming powers in Northside nor the ability to create linden plants, he need not worry as much.

I’ll perhaps get to more on the Billfork Core Diagram soon, then. On the surface, however, there seems to be a resonance going on between it and Burnet’s Joe’s Garage, specifically through Zappa’s inspired creation Billy the Mountain featured in a mini rock opera of the same name. Billy parallels The Bill of Billfork — explain more of that soon, then.


An octagon shaped hut appears in a 1987 scetchbook of mine, with a purple martin flying away from it and toward a line of static filled televisions emerging from a nearby wood. A clump of trees (lemon, lime, lemon-lime) in an otherwise barren spot blocks its progression. This picture eerily predicts the future appearance of the Billfork diagram, which also contains a 9th “purple MartiN” symbol that separates itself from an 8 pointed octagon. It’s also an inspiration for Bark’s “The High Octave Story”. More on that soon as well.


The octagon and martin, two in this case, make a reappearance in a more recent artwork titled “Saltzhole”. Also notice that the Marble Tower kind of looks like a chess rook.

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Return of Norum and SoSo West Galleries to VWX Town

In the past several days, I’ve created a “Northside” for VWX Town, composed of about 5 buildings including the 2 pictured below. These are Norum and SoSo West galleries, first seen in Pietmond, Otaki Gorge. Still within each is artwork from Julie Sadler and Mike Casey respectively. Original openings of these galleries are described here and here. Dr. Casey’s interview I conducted shortly afterwards is still found on my old blog as well. I need to re-read it again myself sometime soon.


Northside is basically made up of a 2048 parcel of land I decided to rent from Beetle Bailey. Unfortunately I do not have terraforming rights nor the ability to create linden plants, which are indeed handicaps. When Central and Westside go, certainly this part will be deleted as well, leaving only Southside on the other side of town eventually. Will this even come in two weeks? Or will it be delayed until October or perhaps beyond? I’m hedging toward the latter now still.

Check out my neighbor’s nice pics of Northside and VWX Town as a whole in the meantime!

As Veyot’s pictures also show, a general store (Clockwork) and a large tower I’m tempted to call the “Marble Tower” have also been rezzed in Northside.



I’ve basically done what I can with the place, and have absolutely zero prims left after this initial setup. I’m not sure that Northside will have strong personalities like Westside’s Cardboard (C.) Derek Jones to defend it from other town interests but we’ll see.

Marble Tower.

The land immediately north of Northside, where Baker stands below, is called *”Texas”*. Again this seems quite synchy, since SoSo West’s Dr. Casey now lives in Texas (Austin) and also the Marble Tower’s erection, coupled with recent landmark synchs in The Diagonal sim of Burnet, strongly brings to mind the recently deceased Don Boulet, former guru and leader of the Synchronicity Phenomena pack, and who also happened to reside in the Austin area — last in *Marble* Falls, which is in *Burnet* County.


And now it appears that Northside has a hot spring.


Note: Burnet is pronounced like “burn it”, with an emphasis on the first syllable.

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New Liquor Shots! (the *real* Whitehead X-ing, plus Byng)

First, a photo taken day before yesterday from Kentucky of the Byng Creek area. I’ve visited Kentucky each of the past 3 days, and plan to return there again today after work. More photos will be forthcoming I assume. The below shot is framed by the 2 Lovey Dovey trees on the northern edge of the natural platform, with the Bee Line forming between them just in the foreground and extending another 60-70 yards into the background. Basically impossible to see it in the photo without knowing where to look, but I thought I’d insert it here anyway to generate a bit of text about this very important, apparently psychic *diagonal* across Kentucky. And yes I understand there may now be a tie-in with Heterocera’s The Diagonal I’ve been chatting about so much lately.


We then switch to Whitehead Crossing, the apparent center of centers still of my woodsy extracurricular activity. Below we have a photo taken from the head of No Title Spring, looking down on Grey Seal in the distance. Once more not the best of shots, but thought I’d add it into the mix anyway, since that spot is part of a small list of proposed mediation locations within Whitehead Crossing.


And now we come to the Contemplation Loop, the biggest development in Whitehead Crossing for quite some time, perhaps since Hucka Doobie fished 50 bottles out of Whitehead “Crik” several years back. All remaining photos of the current post come from this loop, designed as a place to pace in a circular manner in order to establish a bridge between man and woods. Before the Contemplation Loop, Whitehead X-ing was too isolated from man (i.e., me). Now its coming into line — through a path line. And, yeah, I’ve thought about a connection between *this* path, a line in the woods, and the Bee Line from Kentucky, which has also become a sort of path since I’ve walked up and down it a number of times now.

At a normal pace, Contemplation Loop takes a bit over a minute to complete. To the east is Grey Seal, which you head directly toward in a straighter stretch of it.


To the south is Whitehead Creek, but, even closer, Little Whitehead. Big Log is also clearly visible from the Loop. Below we have a picture not of Big Log but another, smaller fallen tree lavishly decorated with ferns and extending almost all the way from Contempation Loop to Little Whitehead.


Another fallen tree parallels much of Little Whitehead just behind the log pictured above from this angle.


Grey Seal again from the loop.


Central tulip or poplar trees of same.



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… much time tonight, Hucka D. I took Liquor out in the woods today and created some photos. Not very good ones, but still I’m out in the wood.

Hucka D.:

Maybe you should just talk to the reader tonight.


Okay, we can try that.

Well, today was a pretty decent hiking day for a change. The past two days, actually, I’ve been able to re-visit Lion’s Roar for the first time in probably 1/2 a year or so. Not much has changed there, which is exactly what I’d expect, given that it’s tucked away in the deep woods with probably no visitors except for me. Pots still there; bottles still there. I could reset up Lion’s Roar in a short time. However, the place is wetter than I remember — I don’t think that’s really a change per se, but just something to do with the seasons. I set up Lion’s Roar in the fall, and under dryer conditions when the leaves are off the trees and direct sunlight hits the place with greater frequency. But the bigger news today is finding a small but flat platform area a little above Lion’s Roar on the ridge directly west of it. A place for a tent or even small structure if I wished. This is the same ridge that Kentucky, a much larger (if not necessarily flatter) platform area, is situated upon further up. I also re-visted Kentucky both yesterday and today, and was able to eyeball the Bee Line again from various angles. It still seems to be a legitimate phenomenon.

Is it time to give up my virtual reality town? Not sure. I have about 2 weeks to decide whether to renew September’s tier. If I desert VWX Town, I most likely will not be able to recreate something that extensive in Second Life. What I’ll do if this happens is keep the Lama rental property that the Power Tower Gowlery exists upon, as well as Gallery Jack containing earlier collages. And just delete the rest.

Hucka D.:

You better call a town meeting before you pull the plug. What about The Table?


The Table in VWX Town is not the *real* Table. Thanks for showing back up again.

Hucka D.:

You’re welcome. Think long and hard about giving up VWX Town.


Herman and Frank Parks are opening up again. That has to be the focus now. The focus for this blog through me.

Hucka D.:

True (pause).


So back to the review — Hucka you can hang out still if you wish: Today I also went to Bill Mountain and hiked past the infamous Rust Spot. The road was wet, wet, wet — almost impassable up to the place. I wondered even if the aliens made it this way so they could have more privacy on their mountain.

Hucka D.:

Yes, that is what happened. You shouldn’t or don’t need to go up there for a while. You have the other side of the road.


That’s right. Today I also walked down TILE Road in Herman Park, which was fun. That was *early*. And then I’ve also visited Whitehead Crossing itself a couple of times in the last week, and plan to go back tomorrow, perhaps early once more.

Hucka D.:

Do that. So where are you going to set up the train tracks the next time?


Whitehead Crossing?

Hucka D.:

You’re asking me?


Um… maybe.

Hucka D.:

If you’re finally getting back to Frank and Herman Park mythology…


Uh oh.



I forgot to talk about the contemplation loop.

Hucka D.:

Take pictures tomorrow. Bye!

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Burnet — 8 points, 02

Perhaps strangely and synchily again, Burnet/192/192, the next point up on our Diagonal journey through Burnet, lies at the very tip top of the same cliff Baker stands at the bottom of at Burnet/160/160. The elevation is now 85 meters, a gain of 43 from Burnet/160/160. The elevation has thus *doubled* from 160/160/43 to 192/192/85. Just another observation. Once more step south and Baker starts to descend the cliff. In other words, moving to Burnet/191/191 finds Baker beginning down the steep bank again.


We are also on Second Life RR property once more — Linden-owned.


Burnet/224/224/103: Baker is on flat ground again. But in the meantime, we’ve climbed another, smaller bank from Burnet/192/192/85 to get to this location. Elevation change between the 2 points: 18 meters. The land is called Old Jaynestown, with no further explanation of the name origin. However, in checking the owner’s profile (Johanna Zerbino), it looks like she too has connections with Washtown, which according to that link I found last night, use to spread out over perhaps the whole sim of Burnet.


The northeast corner of Burnet (Burnet/256/256/99), where The Diagonal starts into the next sim up (Hooktip). The elevation remains similar to Burnet/224/224. The gazebo-like structure near Baker is located on a 512 parcel named “Idris’ Workshop”. I’ll have more to say about that later, perhaps.


Let’s now swing to the very other side of the sim: Burnet/00/00 — furthest possible location from where Baker is standing above — and see what’s there. We’re on the edge of the Shadowrim spaceport once more, but the western side now (Burnet/64/64, already visited, is on the east side of same). The Diagonal passes into the northeast corner of Cosmet just behind Baker here (background center of picture). The Blue Sun Corp. warehouse is to his right, just over the Burnet line in Bagworm. To his left and back are the flat plains of Lyonet. Baker’s elevation is basically identical to his spots in Burnet/32/32 and Burnet/64/64, and this makes sense because the spaceport exists on a flat platform area and all of these points lie within its boundaries.


As Baker was straddling Burnet/00/00/32, attempting to understand its meaning, a small fishing boat simply erupted from the ground *directly* in front of him, startling my poor avatar considerably. He just managed to take the picture below before the boat, after rocking a bit for position, disappeared before his eyes. Is this place a *vortex*? Seems to be so, and that might explain the other, seemingly stray vehicles found just back of Burnet/00/00 in a short but rather deep ditch called Morgaines Trench.


Certainly we have more cud to chew on now concerning The Diagonal subject.


Burnet locations we’ve been talking about: (banned property)


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Burnet — 8 points, 01

I decided this night to explore more of The Diagonal as it passes through Burnet. Several days ago, I realized the master location of this sim, where the three coordinate numbers on The Diagonal become the same number, seems to be precisely 1/8th up the sim from the southeast corner, at Burnet/32/32/32. Given that there’s also a central octagon shaped structure near this point with the seemingly synchy name of Joe’s Garage (Zappa resonance, once more), I began to wonder what would be located or highlighted at the 1/4th point of The Diagonal in the sim (Burnet/64/64), the 3/8th point (Burnet/96/96), the 1/2 point (Burnet/128/128), the 5/8th point (Burnet/160/160), the 3/4th point (Burnet/192/192), the 7/8th point (Burnet/224/224), and then either corner of the sim southwest and northeast (Burnet/00/00 and Burnet/256/256). Soon, through Baker Bloch, I was to find out.

We begin at Burnet/64/64, and already things are starting to become interesting again. The elevation is the same as 32/32, which means it’s 32, of course. This is also 1/2 of 64 — we’ve speculated a bit before about the relative importance of these so-called half or double elevations. The point lies almost on the eastern edge of the spaceport’s property. But most interestingly, between Burnet/32/32 and Burnet/64/64 is traced a *diagonal white line*, basically following the progression of The Diagonal itself between these two points, then.


Baker Bloch stands at Burnet/32/32/32 for a comparison. The spaceship that lies atop the white line connecting 32/32/ and 64/64 here cannot be boarded by Baker Bloch. Its description reads “Calliope, Old Ancient Conversion”, which I assume, without checking, is some kind of Firefly related craft. I’ll have to remember to look up more on that later.


Continuing up The Diagonal, I found that Burnet/96/96 lies within banned territory. However, from the closest point Baker can come, we can still gauge the elevation to be about 44 meters. So in crossing Route 1 to get from 64/64/32 to 96/96/44, we’ve gained 12 meters in elevation.


At Burnet/128/128, which can be accessed by Baker Bloch, the elevation still stands at 43 meters, about the same as at 96/96. Baker is at the exact center of the sim now, 128 meters from all 4 corners.


At Burnet/160/160, the elevation still remains about the same as with 96/96 and 128/128 before it, but here Baker stands at the very bottom of a large, steep bank which he must ascend to reach 192/192.


(continued in Burnet — 8 points, 02)


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Burnet, Blue Sun, etc.

Another grey seal?


Actually it’s an AnneMarie Oleand “Bethillac Fleetwood V#1853” object, with additional description of “0, 66702, Route 1 Parking, 1”. Baker Bloch found it at the same location he saw conjoined, wheel spinning vehicles (school bus and trojan horse in that case) a couple of weeks before, at the northeast corner of Cosmet and basically on The Diagonal running across this sim.

Just north, over the Burnet line, is the Washburne/Washtown/Shadowrim spaceport Baker also re-visited this night, and also on The Diagonal. The master location of Burnet (Burnet/32/32/32) lies within this property as described before, and very near an octagon shaped building labeled Joe’s Garage we’ve speculated might be connected to Frank Zappa’s rock opera of the same name. Just a theory. As Baker is poking more around the property tonight, he finds a Blue Sun Corporation warehouse next door to the spaceport, which includes a secret underground lab.


This map in an above ground tower clued Baker (and me through Baker) into the Firefly-Blue Sun connection.


The top level (of 3) in the tower.


What type of person might Baker Bloch be talking to here across a desk if this were a real meeting?


Many Blue Sun products are vended on the bottom floor.



Related link:


I don’t know what this Miranda tragedy is but I’m assuming it also has something to do with the Firefly series, as does Blue Sun.



Baker goes back to the Cosmet car and attempts to ride it, with disastrous results.


Parting shot of the Blue Sun warehouse tower.



Nice! Found a web page about Washtown:

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