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Meanwhile, 50 minutes in their meeting, the members of The Table find themselves in the VWX Town cemetery examining a fountain encompassing a chair. The chair of Baker Bloch.


Is Baker the newly crowned prince?


Gateway to The Underground?


I think Carrcassonne knows.





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August 7, 2013 · 9:35 pm

Pre-Meeting Notes…

Characters around The Table and assoc. town regions:

Tronesisia (neutral)
Cardboard (C.) Derek Jones (Westside)
Redbot (Southside)
Carrcassonne (Southside)
Grey Seal (Southside)
Furry Carl (Central)
Pietmond Boy (neutral)
Ranger Johns (Central)
Biker Jones (Central)
Ben Thar (Central)
Don That (Central — deceased; honorary position at Table)
Hucka Doobie (neutral)
Botblue (Central)
Philip Linden (Central?)
Baker Bloch (neutral)
Ross C. (Westside)
Barney Rubles (Westside)

Must identify characters or objects in town that *aren’t* alive and thus cannot sit at or stand around The Table. As stated before, Baker Bloch was surprised to find that Carrcassonne was able to mobilize from her position in the Temple of TILE and attend. However, similar “statue” Goldie, existing beside the Hole in the Wall bar in Central, is not quite alive or hasn’t reached that threshold, and so cannot be a part of The Table. Same for related (but currently not rezzed) town statues Brash, Newton and Jasper. In Pietmond, it was seen that Carrcassonne, while related to all the named above, stands above them or rises beyond them in their center — perhaps they are just split off aspects of herself, arranged around her like a quaternity.

Another issue:

What happened to this earlier version of The Table starring a stable of rock variants like Marty, Lemmon, Little Robert Plant Variant, Peter SoSo, Knok, and so on? Will this be a type of second Table behind or in the background of the first? And what of Dr. Blood — is he the same as Knok? Is he the same as the Tinman (Tin S. Man?) pictured in the collage on the wall next to the current Table?


And what of his partner on this picture, The Scarecrow?


Or is this “second” Table the one that was deleted from The Table House in Central to free up prims for the creation of the *current* Table and attached town characters? I think so; that’s official town history, then.

So let’s move on from that: Characters around the *current* Table actually exist in their original form in VWX Town, and in specific regions. What I mean by this is that the table characters are more or less exact duplicates of those found elsewhere in the town. Exceptions for now, just thinking of Table characters again, are Tronesisia, Small Pietmond Boy, Hucka Doobie, and myself as Baker Bloch. Philip Linden seems to sit on a fence between manifestation in the Sink Lair of Central and non-manifestation. Of the rest, Carrcassonne seems the most talkative, or the one that is most coherent. Oh, along with C. Derek Jones, of course. Does C.D. Jones have a bone to pick with Carrcassonne?

We’re watching the 5th season of True Blood, which has been somewhat disappointing. But we find it funny that one of the vampire chancellors, who are always pictured sitting around a table so far in our viewings, is a kid. This is because it reminds us of Kirk from the Board of Shaman in the Mighty Boosh, one of our favorite British comedy series, and which we recently re-watched in its entirety. And, likewise, the VWX Town Table has a child (Small Pietmond Boy), and also an animal (Grey Seal), 5 robots (Tronesisia, Barney Rubles, Ross C., Redbot, and Botblue), and several anthropomorphized animal-people objects (Cardboard Derek Jones, Furry Carl). In looking at it, I see that the only really human characters found in VWX Town itself are from Central (Ben Thar, Philip Linden, Biker Jones, Ranger Johns). Baker Bloch is only part human himself, and the same goes for Hucka Doobie.

That seems to bring us back to Carrcassonne. She may be the only true *alien* at The Table, then. Pietmond history identifies her with Pluto’s moon Charon, which can be pronounced like “Sharon”. More info here.

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