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Burnet — 8 points, 02

Perhaps strangely and synchily again, Burnet/192/192, the next point up on our Diagonal journey through Burnet, lies at the very tip top of the same cliff Baker stands at the bottom of at Burnet/160/160. The elevation is now 85 meters, a gain of 43 from Burnet/160/160. The elevation has thus *doubled* from 160/160/43 to 192/192/85. Just another observation. Once more step south and Baker starts to descend the cliff. In other words, moving to Burnet/191/191 finds Baker beginning down the steep bank again.


We are also on Second Life RR property once more — Linden-owned.


Burnet/224/224/103: Baker is on flat ground again. But in the meantime, we’ve climbed another, smaller bank from Burnet/192/192/85 to get to this location. Elevation change between the 2 points: 18 meters. The land is called Old Jaynestown, with no further explanation of the name origin. However, in checking the owner’s profile (Johanna Zerbino), it looks like she too has connections with Washtown, which according to that link I found last night, use to spread out over perhaps the whole sim of Burnet.


The northeast corner of Burnet (Burnet/256/256/99), where The Diagonal starts into the next sim up (Hooktip). The elevation remains similar to Burnet/224/224. The gazebo-like structure near Baker is located on a 512 parcel named “Idris’ Workshop”. I’ll have more to say about that later, perhaps.


Let’s now swing to the very other side of the sim: Burnet/00/00 — furthest possible location from where Baker is standing above — and see what’s there. We’re on the edge of the Shadowrim spaceport once more, but the western side now (Burnet/64/64, already visited, is on the east side of same). The Diagonal passes into the northeast corner of Cosmet just behind Baker here (background center of picture). The Blue Sun Corp. warehouse is to his right, just over the Burnet line in Bagworm. To his left and back are the flat plains of Lyonet. Baker’s elevation is basically identical to his spots in Burnet/32/32 and Burnet/64/64, and this makes sense because the spaceport exists on a flat platform area and all of these points lie within its boundaries.


As Baker was straddling Burnet/00/00/32, attempting to understand its meaning, a small fishing boat simply erupted from the ground *directly* in front of him, startling my poor avatar considerably. He just managed to take the picture below before the boat, after rocking a bit for position, disappeared before his eyes. Is this place a *vortex*? Seems to be so, and that might explain the other, seemingly stray vehicles found just back of Burnet/00/00 in a short but rather deep ditch called Morgaines Trench.


Certainly we have more cud to chew on now concerning The Diagonal subject.


Burnet locations we’ve been talking about:

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Burnet/96/96/44 (banned property)


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Burnet — 8 points, 01

I decided this night to explore more of The Diagonal as it passes through Burnet. Several days ago, I realized the master location of this sim, where the three coordinate numbers on The Diagonal become the same number, seems to be precisely 1/8th up the sim from the southeast corner, at Burnet/32/32/32. Given that there’s also a central octagon shaped structure near this point with the seemingly synchy name of Joe’s Garage (Zappa resonance, once more), I began to wonder what would be located or highlighted at the 1/4th point of The Diagonal in the sim (Burnet/64/64), the 3/8th point (Burnet/96/96), the 1/2 point (Burnet/128/128), the 5/8th point (Burnet/160/160), the 3/4th point (Burnet/192/192), the 7/8th point (Burnet/224/224), and then either corner of the sim southwest and northeast (Burnet/00/00 and Burnet/256/256). Soon, through Baker Bloch, I was to find out.

We begin at Burnet/64/64, and already things are starting to become interesting again. The elevation is the same as 32/32, which means it’s 32, of course. This is also 1/2 of 64 — we’ve speculated a bit before about the relative importance of these so-called half or double elevations. The point lies almost on the eastern edge of the spaceport’s property. But most interestingly, between Burnet/32/32 and Burnet/64/64 is traced a *diagonal white line*, basically following the progression of The Diagonal itself between these two points, then.


Baker Bloch stands at Burnet/32/32/32 for a comparison. The spaceship that lies atop the white line connecting 32/32/ and 64/64 here cannot be boarded by Baker Bloch. Its description reads “Calliope, Old Ancient Conversion”, which I assume, without checking, is some kind of Firefly related craft. I’ll have to remember to look up more on that later.


Continuing up The Diagonal, I found that Burnet/96/96 lies within banned territory. However, from the closest point Baker can come, we can still gauge the elevation to be about 44 meters. So in crossing Route 1 to get from 64/64/32 to 96/96/44, we’ve gained 12 meters in elevation.


At Burnet/128/128, which can be accessed by Baker Bloch, the elevation still stands at 43 meters, about the same as at 96/96. Baker is at the exact center of the sim now, 128 meters from all 4 corners.


At Burnet/160/160, the elevation still remains about the same as with 96/96 and 128/128 before it, but here Baker stands at the very bottom of a large, steep bank which he must ascend to reach 192/192.


(continued in Burnet — 8 points, 02)


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