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VWX Town Stuff 02

Another attempt at a structure to honor The Diagonal, like the earlier Green Arena spoken about here. This Ling creation is called a cimema. Fantastic stuff…


… but I decided, after a number of attempts and experiments, to settle on his ML Tower 19, with results to date below.

The 14 letters Baker sits in front of here represent the beginning letters of the 14 sims The Diagonal passes through. These are explained here. To either side of him we have pictures of 097 097 097 Rubi (left) and the obviously twinned 097 097 097 location in Lanestris (right), where he stands in front of the Poisoned Purple House/Tower, the pitch black center of VHC Town, it seems (a black hole). The larger pillar in the middle, standing at 118 118 049 Philudoria, represents the center of The Diagonal between water sims Biston and Hirtaria. The smaller, twinned pillars at each end of the row of letters representing The Diagonal mark its beginning in 000 000 Deirli and end in 256 256 Scotopteryx. They are the Alpha and Omega pillars, then. Physically here, they stand at 111 111 048 and 125 125 048 Philudoria respectively. Let me add this up… this means that this abstract representation of The Diagonal is, well it’s easy — it’s 1/256 the length of the entire Diagonal. How about that. And to reinforce, this representation is *on* The Diagonal itself, a microcosm of a macrocosm.


Westside’s new Church of The Diagonal from the main path into Westside…


… and the Burl Tower more in the center of VWX Town, Wall of Eyes to its left here.


Cardboard Derek Jones has called a town meeting in Westside’s Gallery Behind the Eyes to talk about these new developments. Can’t wait to see who shows up!



9:59 PM:

Yet more VWX Town changes:




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VWX Town Stuff

Working on creating a structure to honor The Diagonal passing through the west end of Westside. This is an early attempt, since deleted. It’s called the Green Arena, another effort of super builder Moard Ling. Great view of the VWX Skyline offered here… but it didn’t quite seem to fit.



Speaking of Moard Ling, here’s yet another of his structures recently added to VWX Town, or I suppose we can call it an addition to that town. For it’s not of my doing, as a user inhabiting an avatar named Veyoll Resident has bought a 512 parcel just to the south and west of the town and erected this lighthouse, obviously to blend into the town and all the Ling buildings already there. Fantastic! And welcome to VWX Town Veyoll!


I reconfigured some of the central part of the town, perhaps in partial reaction to Veyoll’s new addition — energy added.


A tall Italian cypress tree now exists in the center of the configuration, hemmed in closely by four other structures…



… including the Rose Cottage Baker Bloch happily sits beside here, basking in the rising sun of a new, 4 hour day.


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