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Birds Fish Arkansas Synchronicity



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Exploring Heterocera 01

I really appreciate some of the areas near VWX Town. Like the super significant VHC Town obviously, and also Simple Wunderlich’s almost sim sized zoo featured in other posts here. Although not as large as those 2, add at least the ground part of the Lunacast Moonbase Officer’s property in Dimidiata a bit below them on that local appreciation list. I love larger tracts of undulating terrain decorated by a good heaping of linden plants such as this. I think back fondly to Salazar Jack’s vast Kahruvel forest, and also the smaller Kerchal Forest and Heterocera’s own Rubi Forest. This is not nearly as big as even the Rubi forest, but I take what I can get from mainland at this point.


Another beauty spot just west of there, across Route 3.5 in Serpentata now. It’s a rather significant, artificial hill with the stream pictured below tumbling down its east side. A hollow log home is set up next to the rocks on the top, and a campfire is nearby. Baker Bloch, in rechecking the site in real time, has found a base inside the hill, apparently owned by pagans. He does not wish to disturb them further.


Moving on… the next route west is Route 3, and beyond that the central, high ridge of Heterocera, arching across its northern expanse. Luckily, ol’ running Baker is able to cross the ridge at a lower part here, before it rises into the towering mountains of the north.


Nevertheless, the ground gets very steep on the other side, with SL 6 (“High Mountain Road”) just below. I’ve heard one old SL friend call this her favorite Linden route.




Here’s more info about the road from the Second Life wiki:


Some good text there. I’ll have to bike the entirety sometime soon.


Nice pool on elven land in Perizoma.


Heading back down to sea level, about a 150 meter descent for Baker from the top of the ridge he crossed.


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Exploring Heterocera 02

The continent’s central lagoon comes into view past the road below Baker Bloch here.


Similar view from a vantage point in what’s called Rustport, a collection of buildings spaced one on top of the other beside the railroad. Not as rusty as it sounds.


So many artists reside on the continent. Splendid! This may be just a private home in Tanietatum — nearing the sea again — and I apologize to the owner 23rdDjin Negulesco if so for the photo.


Cornfield with blackbirds outside a neighboring structure. As Baker Bloch is checking now, this seems to be part of the Rustport complex.


Linden protected channel surrounded by small, jagged cliffs. This appears to be in Tischeriidae, the sim immediately south of Tanietatum and southwest of Perizoma.


Just wrong (but still cool).


Texture change in the sea bed crossing from Tischeriidae into Thyatira.


Sea floor running, above-water camera angle…


… and below-water camera angle. You can deduce from this that the water is quite shallow here, as is the case for about all the continent’s interior lagoons. Depth here: only about 5 meters. Perhaps I’ll make a more comprehensive study of Heterocera water depths in the future.


Baker checks out spots of more interesting floor textures at the base of a mound.


Heterocera actually contains 2 atolls, one fitted inside the other. Below Baker stands on the edge of the interior atoll, with the 2nd, smaller lagoon not far over the ridge in front of him. He is about the visit the center of centers.


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Rock Stars

I don’t think this is the bus of local heroes The Kniks but I can’t swear to it. Anyway, it’s back in VWX Town, cargo unloaded.


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