The Diagonal — More Studies 02

(Continued from The Diagonal — More Studies 01)

The next sim down from the north part of The Diagonal is Biston, whose triple coordinate number comes in at a low 18/18/18. This means it’s an underwater position once again like in the preceeding sim of Hirtaria, since the water level of all lagoon sims is 20 meters. This also means the depth of the water here is only 2 meters (as opposed to 5 meters for Hirtaria/15/15/15), with Baker’s perpetually hat topped head barely submerged beneath the surface.


The master number of Miata is 37, but the attached spot (37/37/37) lies on blocked land. However, since the land is flat here, once can deduce that no elevation change would take place from the edge of the property Baker Bloch stands at below (30/30/37).


Another shot of the frosty shack on adjacent property first pictured in the Rubi Diagonal (Extended) 03 post. The Diagonal passes directly through its front door, and I thought I’d include another photo here to reinforce the perhaps interesting coordinates here, where the elevation is *twice* that of the sim width and height coordinates: Miata/19/19/38.


And here’s a similar spot just up the hill in Horisme, but with the numbers flipped. The elevation is *half* that of the identical width/height numbers (198/198/99). May turn out to mean something sometime in the future.


The triple number location in Horisme. This is the second highest such location on The Diagonal after Hooktip/135/135/135. The Great Linden Wall looms in the background.


The famous Rubi/97/97/97 once more (as opposed to the twinned and *in*famous Lanestris/97/97/97). Again, this lies on the southern edge of the Great Rubi Forest, and can be seen as the seed position for the The Diagonal as a whole.


The master number location in Rosieri. Again, we’re just moving down The Diagonal sim by sim to identify these locations. More recently, Baker Bloch has found that he can also position himself at Rosieri/79/79/79, making this sim the first, for Baker at least, to have *2* master numbers (79 and 80).


And then we come next to Tiretta, where a yet more complex situation has arisen. Upon a recheck, Baker, just by himself, has identified not 1 not 2 but 3 master locations (35, 36, and 37) on Hucka Doobie’s designated Bank of Despair. See more of this situation toward the end of this post just above. Hucka D. also believes that the various properties of this bank are symbolically represented in both the Greenup 15 and Greenup 16 collages, now hanging in Westside’s House Greenup.


The final sim on the Diagonal: Dierle, with the lowest triple coordinate point at 5 meters. Baker is well underwater here. A note: you cannot teleport directly to this location either. The best way to reach it is to teleport into the southeast corner of neighboring Garuda and walk east.



Sitting on the southwest corner of the Costra Nostra urban mall and club just above.



Diagonal Paradox:


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